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Wake Up

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Wake Up'.
A Teaching from Songee, 16th March 2000.


Wake up
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Connecting to become an Empath
Mutating Physical properties
Cloning Pigs for Body Parts
Using Psychic Energies

This Meeting of the guests of The Second Well Trust was held at Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland on the 16th March 2000. Roberta-Margaret offers herself as a channel for the Songee Energy.

Songee: I am here.

(The doors to the outside were shut.)

Songee: Did you listen to the words of the Kogi?

I was feeling them.

Songee: And what did you feel?

It was nice and relaxing.

Songee: Did you hear the message that is there within the words that were given?


Songee: Did anybody? Did you hear the message that was in the wordings?

Unfortunately when you listen to the Kogi they speak a different language!

Songee: Ahhh.

We could get the feeling of it.

Songee: You find that a little difficult, do you?


Songee: That is very interesting. The message is (There is a baby at the meeting this night and at this moment he speaks. Everyone laughs. It is as though he is saying what the message is and Songee answers him.) That is right. The little one knows, you know. (The child calls out again.) That's right you tell everybody about it, all about the message of the Kogi. These are people of the Earth and so they have within their being a knowing and a feeling for the Earth beneath their feets, you know. They have a sense of spirituality about themselves and their place in the Universe, you know?

So, the message of the Kogi is to tell you that, same thing that Songee have been telling you. The time is short, it is run out. You have no more time left. Time to wake up and there you go Little Mother, there is some wordings for you for things to come for the days to come.

Wake Up


Wake Up Your Life!


Wake up and come out and stand tall.

So this is going to be the message that you are going to have to give the peoples of the Earth, is it not?

Wake up to what you are doing!
Wake up to what you are saying!
Wake up to how you are behaving!

And then you can start showing each other how to be AWAKE. Ah thanking you, that is very good Little One. (Songee is having a conversation with Sally who is one of Roberta-Margaret's Guides in spirit. They are speaking about Roberta-Margaret.) Where have you taken her? Oh, very good, you make sure she doesn't come back too soon won't you, that very good.

Now, Little One say to I, to tell you....

Sorry Songee. (There was much laughter while Songee had been talking and Songee stopped to hear what was happening.)

Songee: What is this?

I said I wish we could send her away so easily.

Years of practice.

Songee: This is true. You are going to have to say to people what Little One is saying. You have saying among your peoples, the young ones of your time and it is used very, very much by many of you so this one has come to tell I of this and you can say to everybody,


(Much laughter.) Is that not so? Wake Up, get a life.

You are, too long you have been asleep. You are been sleeping. No more sleepings. Everybody is needed now. Your tempest is already upon you, you are in the middle of it. It is happening to you.

People are hurting. They need you now.

Not in many moons time, they need you now!

And you need each other,


So when one is hurting, the other must be strong and then when you get strong, the other is hurting you be strong for them, and so on and so forth, is that not so?

And that is how you need to be. And this is part of the learning that you need to do, only you are going to learn as you go along. Now you have no time left to learn before it is upon you. It is upon you now. There is coming to you now. On this Earth, I have given you this before time that the, you have a namings of this in your book of words about The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This is upon you now!


War, pestilence, famine, all these things. All the things that you can imagine you are going to find happening upon your planet.

Are the four horsemen directed by the dark energy?

Songee: No, they are not. They are come from Oneness as part of the redressing of the balance. It is a beginning. You will find the signs all around you happening and those of you who walk in the Light have got to come now and answer the trumpet call. I have told you this before, many times for many moons that the trumpet is being sounded now. The trumpet of the angels. The trumpet of Michael. Michael is the warrior angel of the heavens and sounds the trumpet, to call all those warriors of Light to attention. And Gabriel comes to shine the Light on you, also to Wake you Up and to call you to account for your self.

Now this does not have to dire and something that you fear because it is only to let you know that you are now going to need to use all the skills and talents that you have been given, the knowledge you have been taught and are going to continue being taught.

There is no time to pretend you have not heard the wordings and put it to one side and say "I'll look at it later." Later is not going to come. Later does not exist. Later is a figment of the imagination of humankinds concerning the future. And when you look at spirit time or the lack of it you are working in NOW!

NOW is what is important!

Not the future, not the past, RIGHT NOW!

So you live each moment Right Now! Don't put things off that you can do right now. Somethings you will find you cannot do right now, because it is the wrong Earth time, so it will just not happen! You know? So you looking at time,

You looking at NOW,

You are looking at everything happening


In front of you.

You know? This is what you are doing, you want to do something. You have an inspired idea comes into your mind and into your body. Don't wait for it, write it, scribe it down and DO something with it. Tell somebody or go and DO an action about it, you know? No more time to wait and put it towards later, doesn't exist.

Do you want to take the little one to sit in Nature, go and do this. (Songee is asking the mother of the young child would she like to take the child outside as he was becoming very noisy and restless.)

So there is all these things. Many, many things to do. This is a time of great movement and when Gabriel blows the trumpet and comes to let you know, it is to say to all the Warriors of Light, "Come, it is time for you to be tested on your skills, on your faith, on your love for Oneness". You know?

And your love for Oneness is the key to everything.

You cannot love humanity an you don't love Oneness.

You cannot love Youself and you don't love Oneness.

This is a truth I give you because when you turn it around the other way it applies just as truly as that way round. It will be just as true now as it will be in the eons to come and has been true in the eons past.

So you can say, that unless you love yourself. Truly, then you cannot say that you love Oneness. And unless you love humanity you cannot say that you love Oneness. They go together, you know? They are like partners of life. (Songee is clapping the hands together to demonstrate the idea.) You know? They don't always agree, they don't always like the same things however they go together.

You cannot say, "I want to be Warrior of Light, I want to work in the Light, I want to be the very best I can be." And then say, "Well I want to do that however, ah I can do it with this person however I can't do it with that person". You can't do that.

One law, one Universal Law is for all.

You cannot have one law for one and one law for something else. Doesn't work, not in the Universal Law of Oneness. So, this little one, there is a message for this little one, bring this one back please. (Songee is asking for the mother and child to be bought back into the group to hear what She is about to say.) There is a message for this one I want to say.

Are you sure you want her back.

Songee: Most definitely. Not for the little one but for the big little one.

For the mother.

Songee: That's right. You have to be here because I have to tell you this. You have to hear this, then you can take little one back out if you want to, be careful there are things out there with lots of teeth to bite you. (Songee is talking about the mosquitoes.) Now I'm just saying that you have to obey the Universal Law. You cannot have one law without you apply it to everything, you understand? You want to work in the Light, you want to be the very best you can, you want to love Oneness, you want to love humanity. You cannot do that and not apply that Law to all creatures around you. You cannot say, "I love this one however I cannot love that one, you understand? And I'm saying to you this is a 'Wake Up Call' for all of you, and that includes you and you, that when you have little ones you must love them all the same, you know? You must love them all the same. They are human beings. They have spirit bodies inside the physical bodies the same as you and that is important, you understand?


Songee: Very good. That's what I wanted to say, that you needed to hear, especially to hear. So you must say when somebody is not especially nice to you, "Well I don't especially like what you doing. I don't especially like how you treated I, however Oneness I am going to be loving this person anyway. I am not going to allow them to discount I, I am not going to push the discounting to one side and pretend it hasn't happened". This is not what Songee is saying.

However you cannot say that you love one and not another. Remember it next time you are feeling very cross with the little ones. You want to be Warrior of Light, that is what you say. You say, "I want to be Warrior of Light. I want to work with people. I want to help people." So help them, help them by loving them equally the same. Oneness does not say of you, "Well I love you however I don't love her so much because she grewed too tall!" (Everyone laughs as the person Songee is looking at is very tall.) You know? Oneness does not say these things. Oneness says, "I love you all. You have all been brought to the Earth and you have grown and been and developed exactly as you have meant to be and so there you are, all of you, in your glory, in front of Oneness."

So this is the time, you know.

This is the time,

Wake Up.

This is not a kick in the soft place. This is a great big kick to send you out to the stars and back, to wake you up properly, all the way up, you know?

Have you got any questions about this? (Everyone laughs as though how could there be any misunderstanding.)

Well mine is not so much a question but a sharing of something of a couple experiences I have been having over this last week which has been definitely interesting in what's been going on because my job comes to an end in a few weeks. (People start to laugh because Songee has been looking behind Herself and found the box of tissues and hold it out to the person speaking as she knows that there is much pain behind the words that are being spoken.)

Songee: Do you need this?


Songee: Very good, I put them there.

Because I had a situation, so this is bringing about a lot of change. I know that my people have been guiding me and I have been focused on, we created a plan and we are actioning it. I know you were talking about actions last week and we are really working on this action stuff. And I got to this point where OK I doing all this action now what do I do. Oh now I've got to wait till this point till this things happen and then I start actioning again.

Songee: That's right.

So all this is going on. But one situation was I was doing some art work for some people and I had a gentleman come in where he give me the art work and he made a rather comment about, he said it was a jest when I spoke to him after about it. It was about you do it right or I kick you in the butt. I really felt it but wasn't quick enough to say hey that's not fair. Well not justified. So I spoke to him, I took enough strength to get myself together to talk to him on the phone about it after and saying Hey I felt really hurt about what you said and I didn't really say much more. And he sort of went on and on about people he dealt with and it was all done in jest etc etc and at the end of it he did apologise, so I just said my piece, which was good. And I had a situation today like where I went back and I had to talk to him again and we had a really good conversation. So it was really positive. And I had another situation with a lady I'd helped them, I had offered to help them for what I believed was the best to train them in some work they were having difficulty with on the computer and I had the situation and they were all very grateful but it sort of backfired a little bit and I had a strange, a really weird conversation today with her and she said, Oh by the way we are having this difficulty, but every statement she made it was where she attempted, oh you are too busy at the moment to call and talk about it, phone me back when you are not busy and I wasn't and I, she sort of ended it. But she said this a couple of times and it threw me. It really did about what was actually going on because when I, I actually need to talk to her again as we are working on this advertising again and getting her approvals of it and she was actually overloaded and so much was happening but she made it as though it was my problem, I was the one who was really busy. It took me a while and I did a lot of work and I was sending her healing, asking for channeled healing to go to her and all this. But I felt I worked through this a lot more than I would have done in the past.

Songee: Very good. And the next time something like that happens and you know that this is because they have these burdens of their own and they needing you to help and they saying your busy you say, "That's interesting how do you know that?"

Because I wasn't. I was standing in the...

Songee: You don't say you are not. Not saying anything about not being busy, just say to them, "That's interesting, how do you know? Am I, am I truly. How do you know? Have you asked I whether I'm busy?"

No it was an assumption. The feeling I got was an...

Songee: And everybody in this place of your living, everybody around you is doing this same things over and over and over again. So Songee is going to come and give them all a kick in the soft place. I not saying when however I am going to be doing this because everybody needs it you know.

They are lost. They are very tentative coming, come sit down. Nobody minds. The peoples in spirit they needed to come in and they are a little bit shy. So right.

So what are some of the things we can do to put a cushion in that soft place so when the kick comes it... (Much laughter.)

Songee: Oh that does not work.

Get on your hands and knees

One thing I have really been aware of in the last... (This person begins to cry as she is talking.)

Songee: Take a breath, take a breath. You are doing very well. Take a breath. That's right and another. Take a breath, that's it and you are doing very well.

In the last couple of days is that we have been so focused like my mind wanders and we do supposings, I suppose is the word, what possible outcomes could be and I know that's not right so we... its like I get back in focus, focus what you're doing on your planning and your actions and that's what we have been doing.

Songee: That is very good because this is the power that you need. I am giving you a - (These words cannot be heard on the tape as the person Songee is talking to is laughing very loudly.) That's alright, there is no need to be hiding because everybody has these pains inside and its not easy to be strong when everything around you is falling downside up you know? And it is affecting your life. Its very hard to kept your spirits up and not let them fall down into the holes that you dig. Its very hard and the best way is the way you are doing it, is to make your actions and do. Make your plans for actions and do. This is what will keep you strong. It does not mean you will not have moments where these feelings of weakness will overwhelm you, like this. That will happen, moment to moment. It is a part of the transition from where you have been, to letting go and coming into the new way of being. It is part of it and this weakness where you feel is momentary fear that makes your eyes leak, this will get less and less and less, the more ... (It was indicated about no more tissues would be needed.)

Songee:... Which is very good you know when you consider the Standing Peoples that have given their life for you for this. Every time you use this thing remember I am saying to you many times that you have this thing which are most beautiful. It is like feathers, so soft and you - like the cloud in the skies, soft. And what you do is you say to the Standing People you say, "Thank you Standing People because you gave your life so that these could be made for I, for softness to absorb my body...


Songee:... Liquids from my eyes. That's right and other parts. So always say thank you to the Standing People when you use these things. Every time you use everything.

Connecting to Become an Empath

Now I am going to touch upon something that I have talked about before however it is time to revise it a little for you for those of you have not heard the speakings about it. And that is about the connection of things. The connection of everything. You hear people say to you that you are connected to the Universe. That you are connected to the tree. To everything, is that right? Have you, have you heard this thing?"



Songee: Now, you have not, there is lots of things, have you heard this thing? That you are connected to everything and everybody says this many things about bring connected to everything and how everybody is connected to everything. And it's all in the mind! They have it in their intellect, they have it in their understanding and occasionally they get little glimmers of feeling, of sensation of it from moment to moment. For the most part they don't feel it in completeness, in their bodies. Somebody kicks you in your shin, would you feel it, in your shin?


Kick him.

Someone kicks me, I wouldn't say...

Songee: Ah. What I'm saying is you poke him in the leg and it hurts. Do you feel that hurt?

Not on a physical level.

Songee: Ah, now what Songee is saying to you is that when you have full connection with the Universe and all beyond and into the Cosmos and beyond that again, then this is how you will feel. You will be at one with everything. At the moment you are only at one at your own discretion when you dain to allow yourselves to be at one with it. Or when you have learned how to be at one with it. And this is all part of being the Warrior of the Spirit, in the physical body. So that you be of the physical body and living in it however you don't be part of the world, you are the world. You understand? Somebody hurts, you hurt.

The beginning of this comes when you start learning to be a channel for the healing energies. You start to get a better glimmer of it because then you start learning to be an empath and some of you will be greater empaths than others. So that you come and you have sore head and the one that is as empath will say, "Somebody's just come and they have got a sore head. Who is it?" You know, and then they might really clever and say, "Ah you've got a sore head. Or you've got a sore head. Or you've got a sore leg." (Songee pokes one of the ladies in the top of her leg and it is obvious by her reaction that it is very sore just at that point.) And so on and this is the beginning of your getting a glimmer of empathing with the person that you are then with them.

Is that like, I don't know when, a while back I used to feel everyone's pain that came in for healing with my Aunt and that. That I feeled the same pain as them, or is that not the same thing. I could feel what was wrong with them cos I had that pain at the time when they were around me, my knee and my back and I could tell...

Songee: That is empathing and it means that at that particular moment, just for that moment you are getting a little glimmer of being in touch with the wholeness of things. So that you are getting in touch with not just the physical body, you are getting in touch with everything that is behind.

So when I was asking please take all this pain away was I not suppose to do that?

Songee: No its not just to take it away. You are being given, knowledge. You are being given a gift, of knowledge. It is one of the many Talents of which I have speaking to you before time. And part of the aspect of channeling healing energies and being a channel for healing energies will open you up to be just this thing, an empath. And those that are strong empaths will be able to seek out sickness in others. So for example, supposing - we do supposings sometimes, it is very healthy sometimes. Supposings that you have somebody whose got their behind self on your seats and you stand there and you're not going to be 'going away' out of your body to let your spirit people work with you. You don't have to go out of your body to be channel for healing energies, you can stay in your body.

Come I have somebody come a sitting. Oh we use this one here. (Songee selects a person from the group and encourages them to sit on a stool.) Somebody come and sit, there. And we put this over here, this is what you do.

I have got lots of pain.

Songee: We move you back over here. And I want you to face this way, face everybody. Now, what are you going to do with this one? What is the very first thing you do?

Ask them. Look at him. Ask him how he is.


Songee: And you said it. You would look at him and you would say to yourself, "What do I see?" Now you are not looking to be critical, you are not looking to say whether this is nice looking person for you to take home! (Much laughter as the young man sitting on the stool is very tall and good-looking.) You are looking to see whether this person had one up, one down. Whether they are looking a little bit unbalanced some way or some manner of things. Whether they have got strainings across the eyes and around the eyes here, you know? Because when somebody in a lot of pain they get a straining here (Songee shows across the eyes, forehead and temples.) And the eyes go like that. (Narrowed and pulled out of shape.) You know? And sometimes when they, stand up. You stand that way. I don't want you to loose the top of your head. (There is a ceiling fan rotating and the young man is very tall.) Come, stand a little here so they can see. We have not got a very good subject, he is very healthy.

I don't feel it.

Songee: Now when you look for this thing.

That shoulder is down.

Songee: That shoulder is down. So we know now that that shoulder is down which means that the spine is out. And when you look, you can stand. Stand and look, turn round this way. Can you see this? Where do the fingers end, where do the fingers end, because the shoulder is dipped down here. So you have hurt your back and when you turning around and you start to look for where it is that these things, its all right we are not going to take that off. You are going to look to see where is this not right. So have a look and see where do you feel it is not right, feel it. Go and have a look. If you want to touch, touch. You don't mind, do you? We will be polite with you. (One person was feeling in the lower back area and another person came and put their finger about shoulder blade level on the right side of the spine.) That's it. Right in there. See it, can you see it?

When I look at it, it is almost as if there is a hole right there.

Songee: Come and have a look, sit up straight. (One of the young people was lounging in a chair.) You are not going to see anything like that, lying down like that. Come over here.

Do you want me to take my shirt off.


Songee: No you don't need to do that unless you are hot. We will put your beautiful hair over here. Now, when you look down and you can see the shoulder is like that, and you start to run your hands down you will feel heat or cold or something and its very hot just there. (Songee is showing the young person how to do this.) IS it not, very hot?


Songee: So the energy, feel it. Feel it?


Songee: And when you come to here, its not so hot. It's still hot because the body is warm however it's not so warm down there and it is here. That is where the mis-alignment is. All right? And that is what is causing this to drop down like that. (Causing the shoulders to be uneven.) See the arms are not so level, see, not level. It's all right.

I also feel, just a moment, that one hip is not even. But I was concerned that maybe stripes in his shirt maybe lops-sided, giving the effect of it.

An illusion.

Songee: (Songee feels to see.) You have the hip bones are there, this is where they go into here at the top of the leg. And they are in the same place. It is from here but this is it. (Songee is indicating the higher point on the back that was established before.) That is where it is coming from. So its all right now you can turn round now and sit down and if you want to take off your clothings, you can take them off now. You don't have to take them all off.

I will actually, but not all the way, not the full Monty.

Songee: Oh I'm very pleased, I know what that is because I have just given picture by Little One (Sally-Roberta-Margaret spirit helper), she is very excited. (Much laughter.)

So this is how you do it. The first thing you do is you look at somebody and then you start the sensing. And then when you start to empath you may find that you feel in your body as though you got something up here in your back that doesn't feel quite right and you will find yourself doing this. (Songee is attempting to wriggle the back.) This one doesn't feel it because they have been living with it for so long they don't know what it feels like anymore. However you do because you don't have it. So you feel it and you can then say, "Oh I know where that is. I can feel it. It is right in there", you know? And then you can say to spirit people, "I know where this is, what you want to do about it?" And then you wait and spirit people will do something about it. You don't have to do anything.

Yeah, but like say the alignment is here but I feel pains in other places, not really...

Songee: Of course you do.

... Not there. I'm not feeling it, just a little twinge kind of come there but I say it does get the hip and perhaps the lower back but not in the middle...

Songee: That is right because it goes all the way down. It refers down into the lower part of you.

The next question is what to do.

Ask Roberta-Margaret to channel for you, that will 'fix it'.

White Eagle.

Songee: You can have the Warrior will 'fix it'.

He will definitely 'fix it'. (We have an in-house joke about things getting 'FIXED' as usually this is never achieved without a lot of personal work and pain by the person concerned, so It is never as easy as just getting 'Fixed'.)

Songee: Now it is this part that I am showing you about empathing, about coming together and about how things vibrate with each other. And it is just as true of all the living things around you. How many of you have growing things in your home? And I do not mean the things that you have left in your cupboard too long. (Laughter.) I know about that.

Yep. (The young man owned up to this.)

You just moved house, too.


Songee: The things you leave in your cupboard too long, that got a peculiar colour, shapes and grow beautiful trees on them.

I have them in the fridge.

Songee: They grow beautiful trees and they are a little world all of their own in there, you know? (Songee says this with great wonder in Her voice.) Now this things I am speaking of that you have in your home that grow, your plants that you have in your home like such in outside, you have inside. (Songee is talking about pot plants.) You know?


Songee: When you have these things and you talk to them and you give them lots of love, they will know that you are giving them lots of love. They will know that you are talking to them. They are sentient, in that sense. Not in the sense of sentient as in having the same expression of reasoning that you have, do you understand? You have a brain that works in a particular manner and you only use a very small portion of it.

Its such a shame.

Songee: However you can learn to use more when you learn to develop your talents. Your Talents are what are going to develop that rest of your brain, you know? Not just exposing yourself to all manner of experiences of life, that will extend some of it and give you knowledge in your mind. It will not utilise all the power in your brain and in your mind. What will do that is the extension of your learning about your Talents.

Now your plants that are in your home and around and about you, they know you, they are connected to you and to your intelligence and your being. And when you feel pain, they feel pain for you. They are concerned for you. They worry for you. Not in the sense of your knowing of worry and concern however they do. You mans in the white coats have made tests of the plants where they have connected to the plants - wires that go to boxes that make scribings on things, you know? And they have measured the reaction of the plant to different things in the life.

Now when everything is going well in your life there is nothing to see. The plant is just a plant living accepting of life, and of the Universe. When you, as its carer come along and you say, "I have had a bad day today." And you tell the plant all about your bad day and all the dreadful things that people have done unto you, then you will find that the scribings will start to go like this. (Songee indicates big wavy lines.) Because the plant picks up your distress and absorbs it from you because it is one with the Universe. It can communicate with you and receive your communications on a level that is beyond your ken, you know?

Beyond your what?

Ken. It is a Scottish word.

Does that mean...

Honouring the Food we Eat

Songee: It has been given to I to give you because it describes exactly what it is you need to know. It is that part of you that is beyond your physical, conscious knowledge and that same Universal connection works whether you are in the room or whether you are away on the other side of your planet. That plant will know when you, on the other side of the planet are having a bad day and will react to it. Ponder on that, because in the event that a plants can respond in such a way what about everything else around you? This is how it is that I say to you when people say, "I don't want to eat meat. I don't want to kill something and eat meat. I want to just eat vegetables. I want to just eat fruits." What's the difference? The flesh of one or the flesh of the other. What is the difference? Be sensible please, be sensible and stop condemning each other for what you eat and do not eat.

The other thing is, the most important thing to remember is not what you eat but how that foodings have been gathered. Has it been gathered with permission or not? That is the secret. That is the secret of all your foodings. Did you ask the plant to give you the foodings? Did you ask the creature to give you its life for you to have foodings from its flesh?

Most of the time it is beyond, beyond our management. So the only way I can deal with it is to give thanks for the fact that the chicken did give its life for me to eat. But I can't do it in the beginning because the chicken not presented to me until it's a frozen thing, dead and gone and featherless.

Songee: Oh yes you can.


Songee: Because this is what I am coming to teach you. Because you are at one with the Universe. You are at one with it so you know that the chicken is going to die for you to have foodings, somewhere, some time, sooner or later...

Oh OK.

Songee: ...however working in now, right now there is a chicken that is dying to be foodings for humanity, somewhere and so you say, "Chicken thank you for being the foodings for humanity, thank you." And then when you get your foodings, you say to what use-to-be the life of that chicken, "I have your flesh here and I honour it. Thank you for the life you have given so that I can live." And that is all that is required of you.

Next time you cut into a cabbage remember it will scream! It will scream. Next time you bite into a fresh piece of fruit, it is going to display feelings of terror before you bite into it.

I'll never eat again, Songee!

Songee: However it will not do that and you say to it...

She's not eating enough food already!

Songee: You got to be sensible and you have to say thank you. You say to the piece of fruit, "You are the most beautiful thing I have seen this day and I'm going to ask you please for your sustenance for my body and I'm going to ask for you let me have your flesh to sustain mine". And as you do that you will feel the life force gather itself and be there for that purpose and the part of it that needs to return to spirit will leave. And then you will be able to have that and consume it and say, "Thank you," when you have consumed it, "Thank you for the gift of that, it was beautiful. You were beautiful."

When I took a meal I have sometimes dozens of different things, you know, fruits and vegetables, meats sometimes. I mean do we ask permission for each different one, is there a way to just kind of ask permission for the whole meal?

Songee: When you... No No. (Much laughter.) When you are getting it from you place of being, where everything is prepared before you get there, then you say thank you to everything. You will be able to know exactly what is in your foodings. You are not silly, you know what is in your foodings. You know whether it is the grain from the grass that grows in the water and you know whether it is a piece of flesh of a chicken or a cow, or a pig or a sheeps or some other thing.

You know what it is because you asked for it, do you not? What you do is you them say to yourself, "I know what this is, it is fish," and you say, "Fish where ever you are thank you very much for you giving your life so that this meal could be prepared for I," in advance and then you say to all the other things, "Thank you, all of you for giving your life for I for sustenance." And you might like to consider then, saying, "And thank you Oneness for giving them life so that I could have mine". So you are then becoming one with the Universe, you know?

There's sort of an image that comes to me, that comes to me quite a lot before now. There's this place, its a beautiful place, don't get me wrong. That it just seems like we are all consuming each other and eating each other and all that sort of stuff but what you're saying, I can understand as well is that to me that once you get past looking at all the pain and all that sort of stuff, once you get past it and get connected you actually start to connect to the spirituality and everything like that then you can understand how come these things happen, how come they don't happen, basically that's, MM...

Songee: And in the event you are considering not eating anything...

I'll have something to eat. (Laughter.) Or drinking it.

Songee: What is this? (Songee is giving this person a glass of water.)

It's the Water of Life.

Songee: What is this?

Its water.

Songee: Drink it.

Its the Water of Life.

Songee: Drink it. So the Water of Life. However that also is connected to you, to him, to him, to her, to her, to them, to him to you. You are all connected to that which she has just taken inside of you.

So is it because of this link of all these lines, that I call the lines, the energy lines?

Songee: No it is beyond that, it is beyond that some more. Beyond it. It has no form, it just is.

Because all the things are part of Oneness, not a-part. Because all things are Oneness, us included, that's the link?

Songee: That's the link, everything, your flesh, your blood, your bones, your sinus, your intellect, your feelings, your emotions everything. Every cell of your body, every atom within those cells and every sub-particle of that is also connected. Everything is connected together.

When the rocks of the Earth are taken from the Earth on one part of the Earth, then they cry in pain. And the rocks of the same nature in another part of the Earth will cry in sympathy. You know? So when you take from the Earth and take things out of the Earth, know that the Earth is going to feel the pain and it will resonate in the same substance in another part of you Planet.

This is the reason that when we walk into one of our very well known rock shops out in the country the whole place is vibrating with pain. The first time Brian went there it effected him very deeply as it did the first time I went there and we just channeled healing energies and it subsided enough so we could remain in the place for a while.

Songee: That's right it is the best thing that you can do. So that gives you some idea, does it not, of what the true meaning of Oneness is. The true meaning of being at one with the Universe.

Is that what that poem meant about the rain, the pain of the rain.

Songee: So when somebody says to you, "Oh yes, we are all one." (Songee says this is a soft, dramatic way and sighs with the eyes closed and the eyebrows raised.) And you say, "Do you know what that really mean?" And they will say, "Oh Yeees. We are all one together. All one". And they will not be able to tell you properly what it truly means. So you'll be able to tell them, properly, what it truly means about 'Being at One'. Not to make yourself look better and smarter than they are, don't do that, otherwise they might punch you on your nose. However they might not like you for telling them in a bad manner, so just when they are ready to hear it, let them know the teach of how it is that you are One with the Universe and how they can learn to empath and be at one with all things.

Now there is a little, teach to this, for those of you who are living in physical bodies and I have to tell you about it otherwise you could all go about attempting to empath with everybody. And that is because you are in physical body there is a limit to how much you can absorb of the Universe. All right?

This is part of the way of living that you must know and accept, and that is that you have a finite body that is going to live a finite length of time on the Earth. It is bound by the physical laws of time, for the most part because your world dictates that it will be so, for the most part. And when you attempt to stretch yourself out beyond that and empath with everything you can get overloaded with all the impressions and feeling of everything and everybody around you and then you might not quite have the same mind that you had before. You may loose it a little.

The same what?

Mind. The same MIND that you had before.

Songee: You might loose it a little. In all that I speak of, this is where you need to be sensible. You need to be sensible and when you are opening yourself to do your work and let yourself be one with the Universe you do that, you open yourself for the purpose of working and being at one with the Universe.

You don't like Blessed Water do you? (Songee speaks to one of the people who takes a drink from her bottle.)

Blessed water.

Oh I didn't even know what it was. (The water that is available for the guests to drink, sits on the table and as the night goes on the water absorbs the healing energies in the room. When the water is drunk the people receive the healing energies.)

Would you like some blessed water? I will get you one.

Songee: It is because of the energies in the room are bringing energies into the waters so you have the Blessed Water, you know?

Would anyone else like one? I would love to pour you out one.

Yes I would, thank you.


Songee: So you need to learn to practice this, to come back to yourself and to put around you and have about you, your skin, which is your aura. You need to let your aura be complete around you and come inwards a little.

Now, when you are at one with the Universe and you are opening for that what happens is that your light, your aura, will go out and it will go out and out and out and out into infinity, you know? You cannot live in a flesh body in infinity. You would go insane in your mind because you are in flesh body, you know? So you do your workings, you stretch out into infinity to do your workings and then after your part has been done in the workings you bring your aura back. Now everybody's aura is different. Can I borrow you? (Songee asks one of the guest to come and sit on a stool.) I only want you to sit. Not going to do anything terrible to you. While this one is sitting the aura is about here around the body. All the way round, all underneath and around and outside, like this. (Songee is indicating an area about 4 inches out from the body.) Now when this one stretches out to do workings, the aura will stretch out also, you know? And then when there is coming back to the self, the aura will come back like so, you know? And will come back to here. (Songee has indicated the aura growing to about 1 meter and then coming back close to the body.)

Some peoples that are sick, frightened, unsure - their aura will be tight around their bodies, all layers of it. Scrut, like this. (Songee is indicating a squeezed, pulled in effect on the aura.) You know? And it will be there. (Songee indicates that the aura would be out about 2 to 4" from the body.) When they receive the healing energies that are channeled the aura will stretch out like this. (Songee now shows the aura to be about 1 meter from the body.) You know? Beyond them, all around and then when the healing energies have completed the aura will come back and it won't come back tight like that. It will come back so that it is out here a little bit and each time that they are receiving the healing energies the aura will stretch out a little bit more and a little bit more, in repose. So you have the aura in repose and you have the aura that is dancing, you know?

Now you can learn to walk your life with your aura in repose, out here. (Songee shows a large size aura.) Imagine that! Because then you imagine when the aura is charged with the light of Oneness... and beyond out... out there and beyond, to infinity...

So you can teach yourself to be this way.

In days, thank you, in days to come there are going to be Souls born on the Earth, more and more who are going to have already born with them the Talents that you are learning now, just now, to get back into your life, to learn, to have back in your life. Some are born now with these Talents and they don't know what to do with them. These people will be born with these Talents and they will need to be taught how to use them well, because their power of using them will be greater than yours are now because they will be working, not with the closed aura but with the open aura, you know? So that when they are in repose their aura may encompass a whole city. One person aura may encompass a whole city! You know? And so you imagine this one person being empathic with a whole city. And imagine having two peoples empathing to the whole city. And then you are going to have people who are going to be born who have the ability to use their power and their Talents to make things rise up and go down, you know, as fanciful as it may seem to your minds perhaps at the moment, and although there are many who do this thing and it is tricks, there will be those who come who will raise this things up and raise them down, by the power of their mind and their abilities. And there will be little ones that will come and move just little bits. Organism can move little things, little ways sometimes. The difficulty is that when you start to do this thing and practice it you get excited and you loose it.

And it falls down. (Much Laughter.)

Mutating Physical Properties

Songee: You loose it. So this is it. Now we get to the connection of things. This thing, what is this thing made of? (Songee is pointing at one of the plastic stools we use for channeled healing.)


Songee: What is that?

Poly Carb.

Petrol, oils.

Songee: And you don't like these things because they are, what?

Not from the earth.

Well they are actually. One of the things I feel about plastic is because its so dense it actually separates me from my surroundings when I sit on it.

Songee: It does not...


Songee: It does not connect with the Earth in the same way as other things because it has had its structure changed. However this is part of your Universe. It is part of your Oneness. It contains life! Believe it or not. It has life in it. It came from the Earth at one point and it has been mutated into something else. When you look at the different things that you have of your life, look at them from the perspective of being natural and of the Earth and mutated and that will give you a great understanding of the energies that are contained within things. When something is mutated it isn't always happy about the mutation, doesn't always like it.

Sometimes it gets very upset about it. And other times it will mutate quite happily.

Now this, were you to put it into the Earth would one day return to the Earth however the length of Earth time that it would take for it to return to its natural state, is much longer than your Earth life. You have mutated it from its natural substance to such a degree away from its natural state that it will take it a long time to revert back to its natural state. So when you look at all these manner of things you have in your life and the things that do revert back quickly, it is because you haven't mutated them so far from their original form. Some you may not have mutated at all, of course.

When you taking these things here, things thing of the standing people. (Songee is holding a box of tissues and touching one of the tissues.) This is of the standing people. This thing that is in this, have it inside, is from the standing people. (The cardboard box.) This thing is not. It is like this thing here, it is not, same sort of thing, its been mutated. Now that has been mutated out of one substance and this has been mutated out of the standing people. It is still a mutation. It has been altered and changed from its natural state and made into something different from other than the way it was meant to be by nature, you know. I am not saying you bad, not saying you good, it just is. So you have to honour it. You have to say thank you to the standing people and when you return this to the Earth then you know that because it came from the standing people it will return to the Earth very swiftly. The difficulty is, that inside this, there are substances that did not come from the standing people.

You mean in the making of the tissue?

Songee: In the making of this thing here, as well.

The Print, the ink.

Songee: That is right. There are other substances there that did not come...

Also in the process of making the cardboard as well they use these chemicals.

Songee: That is right, so those are inside these things. So what do you do to assist this thing to return? Remember that although this is looks to you, there is no life, this is no life. There is life in it! That is part of the standing people and all the standing people outside here will feel the energy of this. So when you say thank you to this thing for being for you, for the comfort of your life, you are saying thank you to all the standing people around you, you know? And then when you want to return this to the standing people, you say to them, "Standing people we are going to return you back now to the flesh of the land and before we do this we are going to purify you. And do you know how you do it?


Songee: Fire, you purify it with fire and then all the ashes you put around the feet of the standing people and the plants. And then it will give nourishment to the soil and for the standing people and the plants.

May I ask another question, what happens to that plastic though?

Songee: You would have to take that away or something because you cannot put that to the fire. Because they are chemicals tapped in this are going to make poison the air you breathe which will poison the standing people.

Because this has been a question that has been going through my mind for a little while now, how do we deal with these plastics to make it not so harmful?

Songee: They need to be buried deep in the Earth and left for eons of time and in the event that this is possible you don't produce any more. That is the answer. It is not necessary one that humanity will like. That is the answer. (The baby starts to cry.) Oh little one is very tired, very tired. Time for sleeping and the angels can't come to the sleepings because the little one is fighting it all the time, is that not so?

So where are you for you Earth time? The little one may need to go to sleep.

Just less than half an hour.

Cloning Pigs for body parts

Songee: So what have you to ask I, anything else.

Yes I have something to ask. Yesterday on television I very unfortunately saw this news item about these people who had cloned these little baby pigs. And the purpose for doing this cloning was to develop tissue, organs and tissue substances so they could then implant into human living bodies. I found this incredibly disturbing. One, the cloning issue is not something that I go along with and the fact that these little pigs will have no Soul and that they are going to be raised in conditions that even anything need not be raised in because they are going to raise them in sterile conditions and separate them from each other, etc. When the time comes, and I would suppose that it will come, when they start to implant these organs from these animals into human beings, how is that going to be managed?

Songee: It is already being done. It has been done for many moons. This is not new. They are just presenting it to you as though it is new.

However has it come from cloned animals before?

Songee: Not from the animals made from the one that was parent, no. No. What you are looking at is the same thing I am talking to you about, about being at one with the Universe, these things are a part of the beginning creature and so they have on the physical plane, they have all those aspects of the physical being that was their parent. However they were not made with the consent of the physical parent...


...When they take the flesh from this creatures that have been isolated, isolated and kept from each other, now hold that in your mind for a moment.

(The baby is crying loudly and his mother says she will take him home.)

Songee: Is very tired. What happens as I say to you, to the plant that has had the wires attached to it. Remember I talked to you just about this. That you have the wires attached to the plant and you be good friends with the plant and you go away. And when you go away somebody that is looking at the wires and the scribings says, "Oh when you have bad day, your plant have bad day." Time is no essence for the plant. It just knows because it is at one with you as it is at one with the Universe.

We are going Songee, thank you.

Songee: We will meet again.

Bye bye.

Bye bye sweetheart.

See you later.

Songee: Blessings on you... Blessings on you. So, you imagine that you have the plant that is reacting to all this from you from a distance. Now you imagine that the flesh of this small creature is put inside someone for making them well. This is not bad thing, remember I say to you animals come to you to bring teach to you and to show you many things of learning. So this is not bad thing. However these particular ones you speak, remember their flesh has been keep isolated. Now in their isolation they are going to feel, alone. They are going to feel, cut off. And although they will know of the existence of others of their kind and they will know existence of the peoples that are minding them, that is all they will know. So their existence is going to be very barren compared to the lives and existence of other creatures, you know. That feeling of barrenness will continue when the flesh is transferred to the human form because you are not separate from each other, you are at one with each other and the flesh will sense the separateness, will sense the aloneness, will have feelings of this and not know from whence they come. And for some it will be very deep and for some it will be on the surface, you know? And those that have it on the surface, they will be able to express their feelings. Those who have it very deep will not be able to express the feelings, they just will just know that they are a certain way of being and don't know how that is so. And this is how it will be transferred from one to the other because you are all one. You are not isolated. You are all at one with each other and the Universe. It is a lesson that human-kind have to learn you know? They will come to it. You cannot do this, you cannot take a living thing and isolate it from another living thing. You are not an island floating in an ocean all by your own self.

So there is no connection of a higher self, no connection of a higher self for these cloned animals?

Songee: There is a high self of the parent that is there however that has to extend itself into the other creatures and as such the little creatures have not spirit of their own. They have not Soul of their own. They are still at one with the high self of the original parent, in that sense, not with Soul of its own. Doesn't mean there isn't intelligence, because there is. There is intelligence in the brain. So there is a light energy in the brain and in the body because it has come from flesh, there is a life force there, however the spark of spirit is not in it.

So when the organ goes into a human body, would the Soul of that human body and the spark of that body then slowly make its way into the donor organ?

Songee: It can absorb it into itself and it knows how to do it. However very often there is a rejection. That is how you have some that are rejected and some that are absorbed. Some will absorb well and some will not.

So what level is it absorbed on, emotional, physical, spiritual...

Songee: It is absorbed first of all on the Universal, according to the Universal law and then it works down through the layers, down to the physicality. And until it reaches the physicality usually human-kinds have to take substances into their bodies to allow their physicality to accept the different flesh that is given unto them.

However I would hope that there is some sort of benefits for people in this. A longer or a better quality life may be.

Songee: That is going to happen because it is already happening, and there is much for human-kinds to debate about, the rights and the wrongs of it. It is all part of your learning and your progression and your moving forward. The most important thing is what I give you before.

What I give you before was the truth and because it was a truth, A Universal Truth it holds just as true for that as it does for your foodings. You want to have this flesh of this creature to benefit another, to go into the body of another, you say, "Small creature," because although it may not have its own Soul it has a connection through to its parent and you say, "Small creature would please give your life so that your flesh can make the life for another." And you must honour it still. You know? Honour everything and then you will find that everything will start to make more sense to you.

Using Psychic Energy

Songee can I ask a question? Today I left my diary at home and I was hoping that what you were saying about some children will come and be able to use what we call kinetic energy, is that what you mean Songee, kinetic energy? And I was hoping I could, materialise my dairy because left it at home. It would be really good if I could do that! Will people have that sort of...

Songee: They will be able to do these things in the days to come. These are the things that are coming to the peoples of the Earth in the days to come, however not yet. You are only going to see little bits showing. There are many peoples that are making for things to happen and they are tricks. They are not truths. They are tricks. There are many peoples who are skilled at the doing of tricks. There are many people who are working and being channels for peoples of spirit and they are doing tricks. And you will find out when they are doing tricks. You will know when they are doing tricks because there will be nothing to give you proof. Nothing to give you true proof - of the absence of the ego, you know? So when you have the absence of the ego there is opportunity of proof to show you and those that need to know and it will manifest in the fullness of time. Not every single thing will manifest in the sense that you will not come to hear, to your ears of every single thing. Some things will happen without your knowledge and you will miss the knowledge of it. However there will be many, many things that will come to your ear and your eye that will confirm for you. You know? So when you do speakings or listenings with many of these, although there are many beautiful truths are being given. Many of them are coming from the intellect and the spirit people, in part and the intellect and the ego of the person that they are working through, in part, bit of both.

How do the spirit people feel when they know that their message is not coming through clearly?

Songee: They are content to a certain point because at least they are getting something through and because the best part of it is being told and the peoples are beginning to hear some more of the best part of the message. The bits that are not of the best parts, that are not coming from spirit, that are coming from the ego self, these things will fall by the wayside.

You know that story, do you not? Of the farmer that is casting the seed along the furrows of the field and as he's casting like this, (Songee indicates the casting of seeds to the ground.) some of the seed falls on the side, onto the ground that is hard. It has not been turned over and this seed does not grow so well as the seed that has been prepared and been planted in the soil that has been prepared for it, you know?

It is the same, the truths that are given you from spirit, they will fall on the ground that has been prepared to receive it and the other parts will fall on the ground that has not been prepared, and so it will fall away. It will not come to anything of great statue.

Just going back to you know you have been talking tonight about empathy, I was just wondering how does one learn this thing. The second issue is you were talking about the Souls coming through will have these skills. So how does one assist them in the training to use these skills wisely?

Songee: Learning to Be Open, to Breathe and to Love. And you can't do one without the others. You have to do all three together,


You must do all three.

One on its own is not enough and the secret of all things connected is Love. That is the secret of connecting everything, is Love. And when you Breathe you are breathing in the Breath of Life and when you open yourself, your aura stretches out, your awareness stretches out, every part of you stretches out and links with the Universe. And for a moment you become one with it and then you can have the sensing that you know as empathy.

That is all I am going to bring for you this night. That is enough for you to absorb. You are all falling asleep on your sit-upons. So I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with this Power of Knowing for you to take into your lives and to use each day of you life. To practice it and to pass it onto others when you can, when it is needed to be passed on, not before, don't force it on anybody.

So I leave you with this Power of Light and Knowing, to bring enlightenment and enhancement to your life and help you to change it, too give you the strength, to be the Warriors of Light that you are needing to be -


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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
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