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Becoming Saintly

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Becoming Saintly'
Teachings from Songee 23rd March 2000


Crystal Light of Love
Resisting the Journey
Teachings of Jesus
The Power of Darkness
Becoming Saintly
What are we saying?
The Rising Waters
The Dreams
Sister Celestine's Prayer

The aroma oils this night were Patchouli and Neroli.
The introduction music was Gary Stadler's Fairy of the Woods
The Meditation Music was Medwyn Goodall's Medicine Woman
Denean's The Weaving, Dance of the Winged Ones, track five was played while Roberta-Margaret channelled.

Crystal Light of Love

Are we ready to close our eyes on to hear these beautiful word?

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Resisting the Journey

Songee: I am Here. Greetings to you. So did you go on a journey?

Ah ha!

Songee: The wolfs did. (Songee is referring to all the dogs that are present.) What of you? Did you go on a journey with the music? Or did you resist it?

I felt that I did, like the balancing of the Light.

Songee: Did you resist the journey? Or did you go on it?

Another student says - Oh I resisted it. I had every - all sorts of things come through, shame really.

Songee: The reason I am asking you is because when the musics come to you you need to know what it is that you are doing. You need to know whether you are accepting the blessing of the musics or whether you are resisting it. Do you not? All musics will bring for you different feelings. They will raise up inside of you many, many different feelings. And sometimes it is these feeling that come up from inside of you that you don't want to know about. Is that not so? And that is when you get the resistance.

So whenever you find yourself in the situation where, for the most part there is an opportunity to relax your body, your mind and your spirit and just enjoy the blessing of the musics and you find yourself fidgeting your behind self, moving your fingers about, moving your toes about and so, or doing this with your leg and getting very restless - you are experiencing something within your being and you need to recognise this. It means that you are resisting the journey on a conscious and unconscious level, both. The conscious mind will be occupied with many things. For example that the earth time is moving past at a fast rate and when is something going to happen. And other times it will be because you are worrying about all the things of your day. Or mayhap it is going to be because of all the other things that are part of your life.

And then of course is the other situation where those of you that come to sit sometimes will go to sleep. And you stay asleep - sometimes. Now this is the conscious self doing its best to escape. However the subconscious self is not going to do this thing, it is going to stay with whatever is happening. So for the most part those that go to sleep will still absorb the knowledge that is given. Sometimes peoples go to sleep because they are needing the healing energies that are around and about, and so the healing energies will come to them and put them to sleep. However these peoples usually are not aware beforehand that they have gone to sleep and when they wake up they are very surprised and make great apologies to everybody because they fell asleep you know. And they were not - I am going to use your bad word - you were not expecting it! However there are those that will sit and will go to sleep as part of an evasion of whatever it is that is happening. It is not that they say in their minds them self, 'I'm going to go to sleep now, then I don't have to listen to any of this.' Because that is not what is happening. It is the ego self that does not want to face something so it uses this technique to escape whatever it is that it is suppose to be facing. However, as I say before, although they may go to sleep the other part of them will not be asleep so the lesson will go in anyway. So news for you that go to sleep for this reason, you are going to learn anyway.

(Many are smiling.)

Songee: You can't really afford it you know, you are going to earn anyway.

The next part of that though is that when all the information has gone inside, into the subconscious self then it has to be bought out into the openness of the light of your day, you know, so that you can face it properly. And so all manner of things will take place upon your life to poke and prod inside you until you learn to face them, you know. Know this thing, pokes and prods inside - and then you have to face them, these things. There is no avoiding them, no avoiding your growth and progression forward.

It is part of the pattern that you came to the Earth to learn to bring yourself closer to Oneness, part of the greatness of the task of Spirit is to return to the Earth and the learn many things to take them forwards towards unity with Oneness once more.

The Teachings of Jesus

I'm going to draw your attention to something. Little Mother you have wordings from your book of words the Teachings of Jesus that you have before, Ah at your meet with the students.

So it was the one at the last meet?

Songee: That is so. Because now I would like for you to read wordings for this out loud because it is very important, it is part of what I am speaking to you about now. I believe you will find it is number 14 or something like that.

It is (Chapter)114. It's all written in the book here, (Verses) 20 to 38. These are the words.

Songee: You better tell people which is this Book of Words you have.

This book is called The Aquarium Gospel of Jesus the Christ1 and its, to the best of my knowledge it is a channelled book from the Akashic Records and it tells of what is sometimes referred to as the lost years of Jesus' life, I don't believe He lost his years but however. Our knowledge of them was misplaced.

Songee: Before you read it, the lost years were not lost you know. What happen was everything was made down, scribed down you know, very, very diligently just as people now are scribing down the Teachings that come when Songee speak to you, scribing it all down very diligently. What happened was in the years to come the peoples that wanted to have power over the peoples of the Earth took the Teachings and hid them down inside the Earth in great caves you know. Oh this is not right word - vaults, vaults that is the word - thanking you, mens in the white coat give me this word. So all these Teachings were put down in the vaults of a great building that contains many such scribings, you know. And all these Teach were kept hidden from the people and they were kept hidden from the people so that those that would rule them could do so with impunity, you know.

(Someone says something.)

Songee: Do you know what you are speaking?


Songee: No.

No. The peoples of the Church.

Songee: That is right. The peoples that, the ones that purport to follow the life of Jesus took the Teachings and put them into this dark place, into the vaults of this place and only took out what they felt - I am being very polite you know - only took out what they felt was going to work to help them to keep the people under 'control'.

Is this place under the Viaticum? The vaults are under this building called the Viaticum?

Songee: Ah this is it. Big building of many peoples of this. And this is where this knowledge is kept. There are many books, of scribings that are not given to the people to know about. It is kept a secret, you know. Kept secret. However Songee comes to tell you that they are there you know! Not secret anymore. And this Wordings are part of the Wordings that are contained within those scribings, only these Wordings were not taken from those scribings, they were taken from the Hall of Akashic Record which is in Spirit and with Oneness.

Now whether you want to have in your heart believing that it doesn't matter, however listen to the words because they are still very strong and powerful and they tell you a truth that you need to hear.


AQUARIUM GOSPELL Chapter 114 Verses 20 to 38

"20 Has he not brought this sore distress upon these people here: and was it done to punish them for crimes?
2I And we remember well when once a band of earnest Jews from Galilee were in Jerusalem, and at a feast and were, for fancied crimes against the Roman law,
22 Cut down within the very temple court by Pontius Pilate: and their blood became their sacrifice.
23 Did God bring on this slaughter all because these men were doubly vile?
24 And then we bring to mind that once a tower called Siloam, graced the defences of Jerusalem, and, seemingly, without a cause it tottered and it fell to earth and eighteen men were killed.
25 Were these men vile? And were they slain as punishment for some great crime?
25 And Jesus said, We cannot look upon a single span of life and judge of anything.
27 There is a law that men must recognize: Result depends on cause.
28 Men are not motes to float about within the air of one short life, and then be lost in nothingness.
29 They are undying parts of the eternal whole that come and go, lo, many times into the air of earth and of the great beyond, just to unfold the God-like self.
30 A cause may be a part of one brief life; results may not be noted till another life.
3l The cause of your results cannot be found within my life, nor can the cause of my results be found in yours.
32 I cannot reap except I sow and I must reap whate'er I sow,
33 The law of all eternities is known to master minds:
34 Whatever men do unto other men the judge and executioner will do to them.
35 We do not note the execution of this law among the sons of men.
36 We note the weak dishonored, trampled on and slain by those men call the strong.
37 We note that men with woodlike heads are seated in the chairs of state;
38 Are kings and judges, senators and priests, while men with giant intellects are scavengers about the streets."

Songee: Very interesting is it not?

Very interesting. We'll leave it there if you want to see more of it.

Songee: Do you know to what it is referring these wordings? It is referring to two things - first of all it is telling you that your life continues, that you have many life times on the Earth. It is talking about reincarnation. Many things that the peoples of this building that I tell you about don't like to acknowledge and yet they know about it. However they will not pass it on because to do that would be to allow people to look at their lives in a different manner and mayhap then 'control' would not be there as you know. You have to look too at the other part of this that tells you about the Karma of life. That as you sow so shall you reap. That when you are kind and good and considerate then that is what you will get back, you know. You murder somebody in one life time you are going to have someone do you great misdeed of such a nature in another life time, not necessary the one you did unto. It mayhap be somebody else. That is the Law of Karma.

So when you start to look at this things and you start to understand and look deeply, and ask yourself - how is it that all this information was kept from you, how is it was hidden from you, and this and much, much more besides.

The Power of Darkness

There is the matter of the one that you know as the Devil, you know? Peoples say that when you say the name you are going to bring this one to you. Phish posh! The Power of Light is strong enough that this one will be repelled, however you most not ignore the presence of this in your world, to do so is to tread the path of folly, you know. You cannot have the Power of Light and ignore the Power of Darkness. You do so at your own peril you know. Know your enemy, so that you may combat it where ever it raises its little head and peaks at you. Whenever it comes to whisper in your beautiful ear or to put ideas in your mind, demeaning ideas about yourself or other peoples or many other things besides. This little voice will do this thing all the time and will play on your fears, your doubts, your insecurities and now at the moment it is at its most powerful. You need to know this because those of you that work in the Light have to be standing together shoulder to shoulder.

Haha I'll answer that - there are peoples who are part of your ah your church as you have it, this is the group of those that follow the teach of Jesus is it not? And these peoples that are your leaders in this manner come, some of them are aware of the Power of Darkness and they go and work with Souls that are inhabited by one of the Demons you know, and will wrestle with the Demons until they are ousted from that body. And there are certain of these leaders of this church that you know that will go to do this task. They are keep very hidden away from most people. They are not made to be known about to most people because it would frighten people to know that this is part of the journey of knowing, of knowledge and so it was made to be believed that the only sins of your flesh were within your own being and of your own making and doing in this life time. The sins are not just of this life time, to use this word, they are of life times also - this is the Law of Karma. So the misdeeds of another life get visited on the next life, and so on and so forth until all the misdeeds are wiped clean. And these peoples, these leaders of this people of your church will often go to assist and get rid of the negative energies the Demons that are inhabiting individuals. The Demons are not recognised by most people on the Earth that follow this teach. Most people prefer to pretend that they don't exist. You need to know that they do exist. They are just as real as Oneness is real, as Angels are real. You believe in the Power of Light, you believe in the Power of Angels, then you must acknowledge there is a dark side also, that you don't have to follow it however you must learn to know about it be you will encounter it as passes in and out of your life. You know of which I am speaking?

Has anybody got any questions about that first before we go any further with this?

(Long Silence.)

Songee: I come to that in a moment. There is no need for you to be afeared because that will only open the door for the Dark One to whisper in your ear. What you have to do is to be strong in your Light, powerful in your Light and to be sure in your whole being who you serve, and that is not so difficult. However you will encounter people in your life and on your travels that have no knowing about Jesus - believe it or not. They have no feeling or concept for the Power of Oneness. They will say to you words such as, 'I know that there must be something' or 'I feel that there is something greater than I am however I not too sure about it. I don't really know what it is.' And when you ask them about Jesus they will say perhaps that, yes they have heard about Jesus however they don't know anything about it, they don't know anything about the life. How many peoples do you imagine do not understand about the struggle between Light and Darkness in this manner.

Half the world.

Songee: Look a little more closely. It is more like six eights who don't know of the population of your Planet that don't know. The ones that do know - now I am using the word know...

(Someone's phone rang.)

Songee: Oh you have bells. This one has bells you know. Now those that - we wait a moment...

(The person took the call outside, we could hear most of what was said and is now returning noisily to the room!)

Songee: Those that are peoples of the Earth that follow their beliefs in the Power of the Heavens and the Earth, you know - Ah I have not word for this - peoples that revere the Earth Mother, Sky Father and so on and so forth.

The Native people.

Songee: That is so, there are many, many peoples like this also all over your Planet, you know. These people are part of the two eights that have a concept of the struggle between Light and dark, believe it or not. They have a greater understanding and awareness of it because they are close to nature. They see and feel and touch and taste the struggle all around them in their life. They see it in the Nature, all about them. They see it is each other in their Tribe. And they start to look. Their Shaman will come and look at the patterns that are forming within their Tribe and it is the Shaman's job to go and teach the elders of the Tribe to say to them, 'Well you know that this is happening and that is happening and this energy is working and that energy is working and this is how you are getting conflict.' And will then guide them how to help the people to become strong in the Light.

Now each group of peoples, each Tribe will have its own way of doing this and everybody will be different, and you are no exception. You have your own way of managing this knowledge however what of those out in your Planet across the Planet that have not this knowing?

There are many of them to. I mean they are next door and over the road.

Songee: And you are not going to be able to go and say to them, (Songee makes a knocking noise) 'Hello would you like to know about the struggle between Light and Darkness?' They will look at you as though you have lost whatever sense you may have had in your mind and say to you perhaps some not very polite way for you to get away from them. You cannot do this thing. So there has to be another way does there not?

And what is this other way?

While you are practising doing it they could - set an example.

Becoming Saintly

Songee: That is right, by living the life. Have you heard in your world of your day - and these are words I have found in the minds of people that I have encountered - and they say things like, 'Walking the walk and talking the talk!' and they are very, very forthcoming with this phase of wordings and yet they do not do it themselves. You know! The ones that use this phasing the most are the ones that are least using it. Most of the time! There may be one or two exceptions to this and they will know who they are. However most of human-kinds don't you are going to find many peoples that will not have the knowing so you have to give teach by being the living example of it. This does not mean that you are going to be perfect, and it does not mean that you are going to make of yourself to be Angel, because you will not. Ha that is another good, that is very - saint is other word. Saint, you are not going to be Saint!

Those that are saints have come to the Earth, they have already achieved the knowing and the doing before in other lifetimes and they come into this life with already this as part of their being and it is just to live the life to give the demonstration of possibilities to others. And yet there are many peoples that are saintly peoples who have no recognition from those that make the designation of saint upon others. You know! Where upon does this come? This designation of saint?

It was something to do with the church wasn't it? Something about how a person had to do 3 miracles or something where they were awarded this medal of saint.

Like in the way they are going to um, I can't say...

Canonization. She is a good example.

...ah Mother Teresa made miracles which is so good to the young children...


Well Mother Teresa was such a fantastic saviour because of what she achieved building up her nuns and that all throughout the World in New Zealand and everything now, and Australia, and there order was about little babies that were on the street and dying. She had so much love and compassion for um so there weren't miracle...

Songee: Were there not? What I am wanting you to understand is who says this one is Saint?

Oh the Church, yeah.

Songee: However this one was saintly Soul before they came to the Earth, so it was Oneness that opened the door for this Soul to come to the Earth to set an example to the people of the Earth. It was not your Church that did this thing. It is very nice that they mayhap would like to recognise that these Souls have achieved much in the living of the life for the peoples of the Earth, and that is giving Earth recognition for good deeds, for Heavenly Deeds. Do you understand?


Songee: So start to look at these things a little more closely and although you may have these things start to have a greater in depth understanding of what is behind some of these wordings that are part of your life, you know, all of you. You all have heard of these things about Saint, about sinners, about all these other things and you need to have a better understanding of what is behind them so that you get a feel for the energy of Light. Oneness say-ed to the Souls, 'I have work for you to do.' And the Souls said, 'Very well Oneness what would you like I to do?' and Oneness said, 'Well I want you to go down to the Earth and I want you to live a life of great poverty and be a demonstration to others of how to live and to be compassionate and how to manage all these manner of things and work with the sick and the dying and all other things like that.' And the Souls said, 'Very well Oneness I will go and do that.' And so the Soul came to do that work. Sometimes Oneness says, 'I would like you to go and do some work,' to a Soul. And the Soul says, 'Yes Oneness what would you like I to do?' And Oneness says, 'Well I would like you to go and be down on the Earth so you will have to arrange this because I want you to be born into a life where you are going to have a difficult life however towards the end of your life you are going have...

(Someone's phone rings!)

Songee: ...you have bells! Lots of bells this is exciting! Lots of bells all over the place...

And will say to, will say to this Soul, 'That towards the end of your life, although you had all manner of things taking place in your life, the very nature of your living it, and demonstrating how you have managed to rise above the adversities of it, will demonstrate to people that this is possible for them also, and then you will come and bring this teach to other peoples about it.' You know? And the Souls says, 'Very well Oneness I will go and do this thing however don't very much like the idea about it, however I will go because you have asked I to go and do this thing.' And so the Soul will come and do this task. So Oneness will help you, whether you say God or what about all these things will help you.

You say this thing, did you not? You just said, did you not, Gorr - did you not?

Did I?

Songee: You did. You were saying God.

Oh that was before.

Songee: Just letting you know all these little things that slip out of your mouth, you have to be aware of saying these things. I come back to that.

So this Soul says it will go down and do the task and live the life and have all the turmoil and mayhap have the physical disabilities or whatever else is going to be part of the life and to then be a demonstration of how to get above it. And so each Soul can be a saintly Soul, you know.


It's alright I was just running through my mind the prerequisites of being a saintly Soul, you know not swearing, of not doing all these terrible things.

Songee: Oh. The saintly Soul will learn over the course of a lifetime.

Oh to be saintly.

Songee: To be saintly.

Oh wonderful.

Songee: To demonstrate it. Ah! Do you understand? So there are degrees of saintliness of the Soul that is coming to give the demonstration on the Earth and those of the Souls that are in the eyes of human-kinds the 'most' saintly are the ones that get given the title of it by man-kind. Oneness has already given title of it to the Souls that have been sent. The ones that will not ever receive the earth title they already have it, understand? So this title comes from Oneness.

They are recognised before...

Songee: And they are mostly not recognised by the peoples of the Earth.

What are we Saying?

When you are using wordings in your lives like you have been doing just now, when you say wordings such as Jezz - what are you saying? When you say Corr - what are you saying? When you are saying - Ah thanking you that is very good. I will say for this one, it's not my wordings - Gor blimey. Do you know what that is?

No I don't know what that is?

Songee: No - 'God blind me'!

Really. Oh really.

Songee: Not bless. Gor Blimey is God blind me.

What does that mean, so they don't see what that is?

Songee: So it is an expression to say well I don't like what I see.

Oh I see.

Songee: I don't like what is before me, so God blind me so I don't have to see it. So be very careful what you say!

So is that true, would that actually happen?

Songee: And when you have these wordings about not taking name of those in vain, you don't have to be too hard on yourself because you are going to do it from time to time upon your life because you are humans and humans do these things. What you have to do is to change this side if your being, your awareness of how you are saying things. So that when you say, Ho Jezz - know in your mind you are saying Jesus and add the words 'Help me please', just go a little bit further in your mind. 'Please help I with this.' And then you say, 'Oh God, Oh God please help me, I need some help right now.' So go that little bit further, don't just stop at that first bit, and then you are not taking the name in vain you are actually asking and beseeching for an assistance with something of your life. So I am not saying to you to stop saying these things, I am saying for you just to make just a little more, add on a bit more, say the whole thing not the first bit and then you will redeem yourselves. He he you know. (Songee is laughing) You will bring yourself back onto the path. That's how you do it.

That one of we say before, Gor Blimey, you might like to not have this one because you don't really want that. You got any questions? (Long silence)

Are you going to have more ringing bells?

I don't know.

Can't you turn it off?

Turn it off.

She has to be available.

Put it on vibrate. Get it to vibrate and then it doesn't ring.

(Laughter as the conversation goes on and on.)

Ah talking about people of the Earth, Gaia you know, what you were saying before ten percent...

Twenty percent!

...six percent don't know properly another two percent do, and we had a little friend who used to come into the shop and we always talk about don't we K who was one person I put in that category, loved the animals, see everything the Earth, the sky and this lady was bought up in an orphanage she didn't know anything about - she used to be on TV she is only about so high, lovely voice, mother and her got on very well, come into the shop and was a person that taught us a lot while she was here. She died a few years ago and...

She was an unrecognised Saint.

...um she was one of the ones that I would saying my own mind whether the church said anything else as far as I was concerned this lady was one so terrific lady that I looked up to even though she was short you would look up to her. She was lovely.

Songee: There are many such Souls sent to the Earth to live their lives and to show others how to face adversity and how to manage their life in a different way.

So is it time for I to go now? Not really.

Songee: So mayhap you will have to ask I some questions.

Songee I am doing a lot of, because my job is ending next week, um I have been doing a lot of research and moving forward and investigating possibilities etc, is there anything else I need to know as part of this, doing or not doing?

Songee: Not really. You have to keep practicing all the things you have been taught, being diligent with that. It will assist you in the process. There is going to come a moment when you will turn a corner. This is a time of moving forward, of, ah getting yourself into situations where you are with lots of different peoples, you know. Peoples that you don't as yet know very well and don't know you. You may find yourself moving about in your life, not all time being in one place all the time. Ah workings for one peoples then doing workings for another peoples, you know?

Um one of the ideas I sort of contemplated was doing temp work as a graphic designer.

Songee: That is what I am saying, you doing work for one peoples and working for another peoples as this and so on and so forth. And so you are going to have to go and be among them and smile sweetly and be beautiful child of the Light.

Yes Mam.

Songee: And you will find that there will be great, great madness around you and you will still have to let yourself just quietly shine your light, and not take anything into yourself and to not take sides with them so that they will start to feel comfortable around you and then you will move on to somewhere else where your light can shine somewhere else. Now although you will be doing the tasks of the Earth for the coin of life your real job is to be where there is conflict so that your light will shine and their conflict will smooth away just by being there, not by getting involved with their conflict just by being there. By walking in and being the sunshine of their day, you understand? (Songee is smiling)

I do actually I have had late this afternoon was very interesting because where I am currently employed there is a lot of conflict, still a lot of uncertainty and it appears that it's not easing but it was interesting one lady was talking to me about how others were inefficient and not doing their job etc etc etc and I kept saying to this lady to look at what was best for her and I said and I have been saying it several times to her over the last couple of days to stop and meditate and spend the time to see what was best for her. And I have another situation where a lady was coming in and talking about how that she was thrown onto a computer, well not thrown physically but asked to work on a computer where she didn't know or have training on the programmes. I was going on a real high it was really cool because I said to her well you know what you have to do, you got to go and get information and find about the courses, the times, dates. Take this information to the boss and say look I want to do this, this and this and I would like you to please pay for it. So yes I do understand what you saying because it is actually happening now.

Songee: Remember Songee say to you before time that everybody is going to go downside up.



Songee: Are you starting to see it and feel it around you?

Oh yeah.

Songee: Everybody, no exceptions. Everybody is going to go downside up. Now for some people the downside up is going to be very good because they perhaps before time were not so good and so their downside goes up and it's all very good for them, and other peoples it has been very good for them and now it is going to go down and they are going to have it not so good. Tests of, tests of abilities, faiths, beliefs, tests of their own character, their own nature, you know, and everybody is going to have this downside up thing, happening. Only it won't go once staying in one place you know! You can't have that because otherwise you will have stagnation. You have to have this movement happening, you know. The cycle of time, of the seasons, of coming and going and moving and turning - the wheel of fortune - everything turns you know on the wheel. And what was above goes below, what was below goes above and so on and so forth, only now the wheel turns a little faster and it is turning in such a way that it is universal.

Before time there have been situations where you will have been downside up and so on and so forth in your lives and you will all know when these times have taken place and everybody will experience this in some point or another in their life and for the most part everybody goes along like this, they do a downside up and then they go along and do a downside up again and go along and so on.

What I am saying to you that is different at this time of your earth evolvement, everybody on the surface on your planet is having this movement at exactly the same moment. Ah now you are beginning to grasp it. Not this one here, this, this part of your life, not this one there that part of their life and so on and so forth, like little lights going on and off all over the place. Everybody! You could liken it perhaps to Oneness coming and poking your planet and turning it off its axis and moving it into a different way of turning you know. You know what I am speaking about?

Yep. (Everyone agrees.)

Songee: And then you will have some parts of the Earth will go beneath the oceans and some will come up and so on and so forth. And it is the same thing that is happening now only with all of you as human-kinds.

The Rising Waters

Songee talking about the oceans coming up, I have this feeling about this living beside the sea however I am warned by the information that you have given us about the sea levels rising, are you able to give a time frame for that, I mean give or take a few fifty years? (Laughter) Is it going to be in the next thirty odd years?

Songee: You are going to find, indeed you are going to find that the levels of your waters are going to rise all over your planet, a great deal.

I understand that this is going to happen.

Songee: And there is going to be much more water on the Earth than you have at the moment in liquid form.

Is that because the ice is melting.

Songee: That is so. However also to there are going to be movements beneath the Earth and increasing movements where you are going to have, ah the flames spitting out of your mountain tops and the dust of these things will go into your air and change your weather. Where it is going to rain or not rain, whether you are going to have stiff rain or not, you know. Snow!


Songee: That is another part of stiff rain.

(Many discussing about different sorts of rain.)

Songee: That's right. When the water is stiff.

So is there any time frame to this?

Songee: Progressively more over the next, Ah how many can I give you. You will see progression of it over the next one hundred of your earth years so your descendants will see it more and more.

So in the next thirty years I could be relatively safe living by the sea?

Songee: I not going to give you a positive answer on that because you are going to have changes in your weather which are going to make for great storms and so the oceans are going to come up onto the land, so it will be wherever you put your dwelling place you will have to do as all those other peoples of the earth and take a chance.


Unless we go into a safe harbour.

Songee: All you have to remember is that whatever has been decreed is already written.


Water always rises when you are in a harbour.

It will come up even in a safe harbour. Once that wave comes it will go up thirty forty feet.

It's not safe.

Songee: It depends upon where you are going to put your dwelling and whether you have it written inscribed in for your life, that you are going to have this take place you know.


Songee: Nowhere is going to be safe from the waters, not even in the places that you know as deserts. That waters will rise and cover some of the land.

So whatever happens in your life, is what your life is going to be anyway.

It is written.

Songee: That is right, it is already written.

So you can't really worry about it.

Songee: So you don't worry about it, you just do what you feel you need to do for your life. And live your life to its fullest capacity and enjoy the adventure of it. Remember I give you this before time? You are on a great adventure and you arranged it.

That's even worse!

(Much laughter)

Do we get put for insanity or anything?

Maybe we get brownie points.

Songee: What is this?

Well its like when you do something well, you do something really well you get points.

Songee: That is where you are recognised by Oneness you know. It goes towards you being a Saint. You can go to Heaven because you are becoming Saint. Is that right?

The Dreams

I had a dream Songee the other day.

Songee: Oh my goodness not another one. These are getting far too frequent you know.

I enjoy them.

Songee: It could be too dangerous for you to have so many.

Really. (Laughter Songee is teasing.)

Songee: Not really. I meant to have funny with you.

I know you were, I don't mind.

Songee: So what of this dreaming?

It begun with the a being in silver on the outside, white light and that and had this big fat baby, I knew that was meaning a lot of the potential and was sort of round the outside in black and white. Didn't show any features...

Songee: Sounds like something you pop into your mouth to eat.

A jelly baby. (Much laughter)

And then um the next minute there was all this water coming from this mountainside and it was going into manmade reservoir and apparently I got told that this was exchange for these people and these Scottish men in the war so they showed up how to dam the water, you know how they dam the water so it goes into certain areas so you have a water supply, that you have irrigation system and that. And as it was coming - (laughter) you already know there's not much point in telling you.

Songee: They don't know!

That's true. And it looked like plastic bags but I felt it was probably buoys, you know like red orange, it was in chakra colours, red orange yellow coming down the I saw predominately. And then there was this little kitten that was in the middle of this thing, of this (?) all in this dirt, you know a big mound of dirt and it was getting, crumbling away and this little kitten was happy just playing in it. It was grey and white tabby cat. Of course it had the light shining down in it. It was purring away really happy and playing with the light. And I was getting really worried about it. I felt that it was going to drown in the water and I didn't want that to happen. And then that was the end of my dream.

Songee: And have you done anything about it?

Well I have considered it, that is had to do with some of my chakra colours...

Songee: And the mountain.


Songee: And the mountains, water, dam.

I didn't look at that.

Songee: What emotion are you wanting to block off? To Control! And the little pussy cat, what part of you is the little pussy cat?

The playful part.

Songee: That is in danger of drowning behind these dammed up waters. Now when the dam is not there the pussy cat will not drown because the waters will not be so deep. It mayhap to go for a little swimmings however it will not get drown-ed will it?

No, it wasn't too bad, it wasn't like great torrential... I knew I was blocking something but I didn't want to look at it.

Songee: So you have been given the knowing of it. So you have to look closely at what it is you are blocking away, damming up, and look at the word you have used, dam! Not only does a dam keep waters behind it, it is a word that means that...

It is a cursing word...

Songee: You are damming yourself by your action or non-action, and so look at it this way. So what have you to do to set free your dam?

Acknowledge those feelings, and the emotions that I am damming up.

Songee: The mountain? Where was the mountain in your dream?

At the beginning.

Songee: These represent your aspirations, your goals, you are seeking the mountain top.

So the water was coming out from the mountain top to my inspiration.

Songee: The mountain represents your aspirations and the water is the emotions.

The mountain is also a sign is duality isn't because it sits over the two. Does that play a part in this?

Songee: When you look at your IChing you will find that you have the mountain and you come down to the valley. Sometimes it goes into the abyss. So you have to look at where the waters are flowing, are they flowing down into the valley or are they flowing down into an abyss.

It looked like it was a big pool. Like a reservoir.

Songee: So you are putting your water into a great lake. And the great lake has been dammed up so it can only flow at the a very controlled rate, away.


Songee: Because you don't make when you do damming, you don't make for there not to be some escape, do you, of the waters, there needs to be some escape otherwise the waters would go up and over the top.

That's true.

Songee: And the idea is to keep some of it behind just in case you need it for some other time. Look at all this.

I believe I will have to do a lot with my pattern. I was getting an awareness of my patterns that I am repeating.

Songee: That is right, you are repeating patterns and you are doing some more of your running away from (?business.)

It was actually quite good until I realised I was doing it.

Songee: However you have had a great learning about how not to do this anymore. How not to sit upon your fence anymore, like the chook-eds. Is that right? They are sitting on the fence.

Yeah, no I can see that I am doing, I am denying blocking a dam.

Songee: And listen to your wordings when you say, 'Oh damn! I did that. Oh damn.' And you said it, you say it in your life.

I probably do. I haven't really taken any notice.

Songee: Well do!

I will.

Songee: Listen to yourself, listen to your wordings! Your wordings tell you everything about yourself. I am not saying for you to stop saying those wordings - not these wordings anyway, because it will reveal to you much about yourself. When you say - Ah that is very good, thank you, oh that's from little Old lady. (Emily is one of Roberta-Margaret Guides.) She says, 'Sometimes people say, Darn!' This is because they want to patch something up.

Like we do with socks.

Songee: That's right. She has this, ah like mushroom out of wood and inside the soft foot casing and the sewing up a hole. So when you saying that it is a reflection from within you for a desire to repair something. So something goes wrong and you say, 'Oh Darn.' And it means to you, 'I need to fix this and make it, make it whole once more. How am I going to do it.' One little word says all that!

Songee the other afternoon I had a dream about boots. I haven't been able to find much else about it. It started off...

Songee: You have to walk a long way when you have boots because they are made so that you can walk a long way in great comfort. Travelling and moving about all over the world you know, all over the place. Very, very strong foot casings, boots.

They were very nice too, they had little hearts on them. They were leather and, suedey leather and they had little hearts on them. There were a lot of people around me buying boots, they were all my family. My mother was convincing me to change a pair of boots that I already had into something with proper soles on for my father to wear and my sister helping me to select boots for myself because she had some that were absolutely wonderful and I needed to have ones like her.

Songee: So everyone is telling each other the same thing. Time to get moving. You have no time left it is time to get up off your behind selfs and start your journeyings. Start moving! Move! Wake up!

You know I would never have looked at that in that light at all.

Songee: There are many ways of course for you to look at your dreamings however it is good for you to have a different perceptive on them as well as your own. To not dismiss your own ideas. Add them in with everything else, even when somebody else may say to you that this is how they perceive this part of your dreamings, that they have impression about this, about your dreamings. Put it in with everything else. It will start to give you a big picture of what you are being given because your dreamings are the memories that your Soul brings back to the physical body after going on the journeys and because sometimes it is not possible for you to remember exactly what happens on your journeyings your brain, in your physical body gives you symbols by which to know how to remember your journey that you have been on and they knowledge you have been given while you were in spirit. You know? So when you come back to your body, your brain and your Soul get together and whatever can be bought together is bought together very swiftly so that you come back into your body and you wake up with all these strange remembering, all these different symbols. And some of them will be pertaining to the journey and will be real and other parts of them will just be symbols of information to tell you about something you need to know about your own life.

So everything is important. No one goes on a journey just for their own self. Everybody is taken from their bodies at night to do journeys for Oneness. And part of those journeys because you are out of time, it means that you can do much, and achieve much, and it maybe that you go to different places of your planet and visit them and remember them when you come back as part of your other rememberings where you have been given teach, teach about something you need to know for your life, about your emotions, your feelings, about what you are doing in your life, about your character, about your behaviours - all these manner of things you know.

(Long silence)

Songee: That's better. This body was getting a little bit unbalanced. I balanced it again, so.

Now, what of your earth time?

It's a quarter past.

Fifteen more minutes.

Songee: You better be quick.

I had a dream now a while back, Ma actually wrote it down a while back about the one with the explosives, out to this barren land there were explosion like you were saying, mountains blowing up and all that. I was out there and all the land was breaking up and I was told to go to a certain place where I would be safe and there were other people there and I had to take them along with me, to a certain place. There was only about a dozen people or less, maybe less. I had to go and we went to the safe place and we were safe at the time. I don't know what happened after that, I have forgotten the rest there was...

Songee: The part the you have forgotten would have been parts of the things that perhaps you needed to know for your life however this thing that you have was a journeying to a place so you experience something out of time. One of those journeys that Oneness sends the Souls on at night when you sleeping...


Songee: Everybody is taken out of their bodies at night, or every time you go to sleep for a little snoozings, in your chair when you believe nobody is watching you.

(Lots of laughter as the person talking is well known for his little naps.)

If you live in a city of eight million people there is going to be eight million silver threads over that city.

That's right.

Songee: That's right.

So how the hell does it not get all joined up together?

Songee: Because in Spirit that does not happen. It is not part of the physical plane you know. Everything is, it is a different dimension all together, you are not ruled by the laws of Earth as you understand them. It is not, for example when you take a piece of string and it hold it and I hold it and then somebody else has a another piece of they hold it and I hold it and you walk about and it all gets muddled up together. That is what would happen on a physical plane you know, is that right?


Songee: However in Spirit that does not happen. It is as though things can pass through each other and reform again on the other side. There is no disconnection, you know, everything moves like this and can go like this - you know, passes through.

So there is no show of returning to somebody else body.

Songee: No, no! Not by accident. Not by accident. And you have your Doorkeeper and Guardian who are there to stand watch with you, this is what your Doorkeeper does it stands watch over your body while you go away on your journeyings, and your Guardian goes with you on your journeyings, so that nobody can come and take your body from you while you sleep. You have these Souls there for this. Sometimes they swap over, sometimes the Guardian will stay and the Doorkeeper with come with you on journeyings. Always there will be someone will watch your body while you rest, while your sleep. You know? That is what they are there for to do, part of their job.

The Guardian Angels...

Songee: You call them Guardian Angels, you can call them what you want, they are not angels.


Songee: They are not angels.

No it is just a word that come up for us in our faith.

Songee: However they are there to watch over you and keep your safe.

(Songee sighs deeply)

Sister Celestine's Prayer

Songee: That is very pretty, say for I this thing. Sister Celestine says that there is a little prayer that you can say, and children say it. She's saying that the childrens were taught this prayer for going to sleep and it is calling to the Disciples of Jesus - Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

'Bless this bed that I lay on, and if I die before I wake I pray the Lord my Soul to take.'

So that your Soul is protected at all times.

It's a lovely one. We used to say that all the time.

Songee: You know this one. Sister Celestine is the one that is saying this for you.

(There is a lot of discussion in the background.)

Songee: And it does not matter you can all say this thing, can you not? It is not for one it can be for all of you. It is not just for childrens. Who are you, are you not childrens of Oneness. You may be in grown body but you are still childrens of Oneness.

I leave you now. Your bodies are tired, your spirits are strong but your bodies are tired. And the wolf agrees.

So just for a few moments close your eyes and take inside of you the deep Breath of Life,

And ponder for a few moments on all the things that we have talked about, or I have talked about and you have listened to and all the many things that have gone through your mind and the many things that may come up in your being, within your feeling and your emotions.

Ponder on these things for a moment, you may find that you need to ask questions next time you come to speak with Songee.

And as you breathe the Breath of Life deep down into your middle selves and release from yourself all the tensions of your day to prepare yourself for your time of rest,

And I'm going to go now and leave you with the Power, the Power of knowledge, the Power of curiosity to look deeply into yourself and to discover as much as you are able to discover about yourself and your world around you,

And I also leave you with the Power of Light to shine on your life, to lighten your burdens and to give you the strength and power to manage the many changes that are coming into your life just now,


So Be It

And to remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to be bright within your heart, and may the Light of the Oneness strike it and bring forth is brilliant colours of Light to drive away the darkness from your Soul, Be at Peace.

When Roberta-Margaret returned she had been on an ocean cruise. She was very happy, it was as though she had been on a small holiday for a change.


1.'The Aquarium Gospel of Jesus the Christ', a publication Transcribed from the Akashic Records by Levi. This book is published by DeVorss Publications and is available for purchase online. back to transcript

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