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Service to Oneness

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Service to Oneness'
A Teaching from Songee 13th April 2000


Crystal Light Of Love
Offering your life to Oneness
Songee's Name
Is My Cat Sick
The People of this Land
Giving and Receiving
Effect of the alignment of the Planets
The Manifesting of Songee

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The Essential Oil for this night was Rose Geranium. There were fifteen people present. Roberta-Margaret is speaking with the guests who have come to the Gathering this night. A name round was done.



Do you need to explain to S about anything?

I haven't been before.

Roberta-Margaret: I don't know, no that's right. Anything you would like to know, anything about what we are doing.

Have you seen Full Trance Channelling before?

Not really.

Roberta-Margaret: Ok. Um what have you experienced that you...

Have seen you at the Festival.

You have seen the end result, not the beginning.

So I have only got part of...

Roberta-Margaret: Right OK. What happens for me is that my reality leaves this room and goes out into the Universe and is busy doing all sorts of stuff out there. When I come back that is my reality. Anything that has happened here is a total blank. Where I have been most of the time I can usually bring back some of the information about where I have been. Sometimes it is a bit hazy, sometimes it is very clear, depends like... the longer I am back the further away it gets, you know.

Like a dream.

Roberta-Margaret: Like a dream state. A lot of the stuff that I bring back usually I find in the news at some stage somewhere along the line. Not always as great big head line news sometimes...

(Someone arrives late.)

You may need to bring a seat with you sweet.

Roberta-Margaret: ...And I will recognise it, I will feel the energy and I will make the connection and I will know that's where I was, cos the information is all exactly how I remembered it and you know it's not everything that's in the paper it's just little bits, sometimes it is a big head line, and sometimes it isn't.

So I usually discharge that when I come back by talking about it. Christene will usually sit and listen while I talk about it, nobody else has to listen if you are not interested that's fine. You don't have to listen to that but I do need to do that it helps me with my grounding.

Where do you go?

Roberta-Margaret: Anyway, everywhere, anyway. I don't know where I am going to go when I set off, I don't know where I am going to go. I can get an idea of a theme of where I am going sometimes depending upon the kind of music that we get asked to play before I go. I get asked to put on a track of music and I listen to that music and I focus on that and go away. I don't have to have music but I enjoy it. So I use it. When we are in an sort of environment like this or at a venue I always use music however I don't require it. They can highjack me anytime, anyplace.

So anywhere in the Universe.

Roberta-Margaret: Around the world. Mostly around the world. Trouble spots, accidents, emergencies, wars...

Good stuff?

Roberta-Margaret: Not always, not always. Quite often taking Souls back into Spirit, well not taking them all the way in the sense that, I'm not their Doorkeeper or Guardian, what I do is sometimes I have to go and introduce them to their Doorkeeper and Guardian because they don't have any conscious knowledge of them. So I have to reintroduce them when they go back to Spirit. So things like that happen and also there are people that are for example if they're in the middle of the ocean and they are drowning and not quite gone they need some help to make that final transition without fear. So I usually go along like for example one visit that I made with someone I went down under the water with them and I said look it is really easy to breathe water I will show you how. And they believed I was a mermaid so that was ok. So they learned, I showed them how to breathe water because they were going to die, it was their time. So I showed them how to breathe water and as they breathed the water they separated from their body and they had no trauma. And then I took them from there to meet their Doorkeeper and Guardian, to show them and then their Doorkeeper and Guardian took them away.

That's how it works.

I understand that.

Roberta-Margaret: That's usually how it works. So there's lots of stuff like that happening for me. What happens here is a total mystery. So whatever happens and whatever is said to you you need to either tell me what happened rather than say that such and such happen and sort of look for me to give you a response because I can't, in the sense that I can't give you an informed response. You know. I can be happy for you however I can't you know make a comment as such about anything that is said to you. The best bet is to talk to any of the people that are here that have experienced it at the same time you did, like Christene or D or D or someone like that... Hi S...

(Another person has arrived late.)

Roberta-Margaret: Um What else? What we usually do we open the meeting by ready a few words that Songee passed through someone a couple of years ago, several years ago called 'The Crystal Light of Love' and that gets finished off with Remember the Crystal Light, doesn't it at the end of the night?

It depends on what happens.

Roberta-Margaret: Oh well Ok!

It depends on how blown away we are. (Much Laughter)

Roberta-Margaret: Apart from that, anything can happen, anything, can happen!

And it actually does.

Roberta-Margaret: We don't know what is going to happen on Thursday night.

I'm here for the adventure.

Roberta-Margaret: Ok. Is there anything else you need to ask? Do you want to ask me about anything before I go?

Ah well I'm on the brink of looking for somewhere...

Ask Songee.

Oh I see. I thought...

Roberta-Margaret: I meant was there anything you need to know about the process, about myself, about what's happening.

Oh I will go with the flow.

Roberta-Margaret: Right that's fine. That's OK. That's fine.

OK now are we ready, sitting up straight please S, everybody. When we say this prayer it tends to open people's chakras it is a lot easier if you are sitting up straight, without having your arms and legs crossed. So if you would like to close your eyes and I will read this to you.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

The introduction music was Denean's 'There is a Dream' track 21 from her Fire Prayer album.

Music: "There is a Dream" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.


Songee: Now, how many of you truly feel free?

I don't.

Songee: So I say for you now what is the secret do you suppose of feeling free?

No fear!

Songee: No fear, what else?

Let go of control.



Songee: All those things, that is so. And how are you going to do this thing?

How are we going to do this thing?

Songee: How are you going to learn to let go of fear, to learn to trust and to learn to love?



Songee: Practise, believing...

(More words were offered and many people spoke at once.)

Songee: Ah ha! You can do all those things, practising and breathing. That is very important but however practising what?

To (?) your fears.


Offering your life to Oneness

Songee: Practising overcoming your fears and everything. Sometimes that is a very big job. And for the most part it is not easy for you to do this all by your own self, is it? So you need to do something, you know. You need to do something and that is what we are speaking about, Little Mother say it. You give your life to Oneness, all of it. All your hopes, all your dreams, all your fears, all your insecurities - everything.

You say, 'Well Oneness I fed up with this. I don't want to do this anymore, I am going to give it all to you!'

However, do you know your wordings of your life of your peoples that say that you have to pay the piper. Do you know this? You know the story of how you go to sail down the river, across into - from your life into the underworld that you have to go across and you have to pay the one that ferries you across. There is that as well, you have to pay the ferry man, there is that one. And paying the piper is when the man come to free the city of the vermin and the peoples did not pay so the price was all the childrens were lost. You know your stories?

You have to pay, there is a price. However the price of Oneness is easy. It is not a burden such as these stories give you. These stories give you - you might say they demonstrate the law of Karma you know. However when you give your life to Oneness what you get in return is complete unity with Oneness assisting you with your life and all that is in it. And you price is to be servant to Oneness to go where Oneness wills you to go and to be where Oneness wills you to be doing the work of Oneness as you go. And this can be as simple as learning how to be kind to childrens, to peoples in your life and this manner of thing. So it is no great big thing. It is many little things often you know. You understand?

So how does that fit in with your life of everyday and your struggles and the peoples of your life that make demands upon you and all the worries about your coins of life and all manner of other things such as this. This is the biggest concern of all human'kinds.

There is something special that happens when you give your life to Oneness and that is when Oneness takes up the burden, although you have to still fulfil that part of your Destiny Path that is the lessons that you came to learn and your Karma, you still have to fulfil that. The energy will come for you for doing this and the many things that you have upon your life will not be as severe as they would have been.

When you come to this part of your life where you are offered the opportunity to offer yourself to the Power of Light, to the Power of Oneness as a servant to it everything upon your Destiny Path that you have planned becomes raised in vibration and as such for a large part the rules that applied prior to that are softened for you, you understand? Until then most people live their lives with their Destiny Path as they have it, they are going to stub their toe, they stub their toe, going to break an arm they break an arm, going to have argument with their peoples at their place where they are earning their coming of life, they are going to have this argument. Going to have great disappointment of the heart and have to go sit with (?woes) of the life, this will take place.

However when the dedication is given of the Soul to Oneness to be servant to Oneness the opportunity to redeem situations becomes more apparent. So what I am saying for you is, this is an opportunity to turn around and change everything upon your life, everything within your life, everything on your Destiny Path, and the biggest sacrifice you have to make is to give up your control! Because supposing that you have a situation of earth life that seems to be demanding of you that you be in more than one place at the same time. And sometimes this come to you in your life and you worry about where am I going to be. Am I going to be in this place or that place or someplace else.

It's a big worry this being in two places at once.

Songee: However when you give yourself to Oneness and you say, 'Oneness I have been presented with a conundrum and I have an opportunity to be in three places however I am only one person in a physical body I can only be in one you know, so where is it that you need I to be?'


Now you may say to yourself, 'That's all well and good for you to say, you not living earth life!' And I say to you, that is very true. Songee is not living earth life, never has, never will, however I know about you, I have had many, many moons to observe your progress. Suppose one of the places you need to be is with your nearest and dearest at a time of great strife, and another place is to be with somebody else, and another place is to be because your coin of life demands you be at this place.

What decision do you make? Those that have not given their lives to Oneness will be faced with this dilemma, this conundrum, you know. Ha ha. That is always the way. However when you give your life to Oneness you will find that this will all be made the way it is meant to be. If the work for Oneness is more important than the coin'of'life and the loved one, then you will be sent there. If the work for Oneness is with your loved one and the other two are not so important then you will go there. Supposing that your earning of the coin of life and your presence, not just earning the coin of life, however your presence in the environment where you earn your coin'of'life is more important than the other two things because your Energies of Light are required for a healing just by your being there, and your skills and your talents, then that is where you will be.

And the other things will have something given unto you for your peace of mind for those things to be taken care of. Do you understand? And so there needs not be worry. The worry comes about because of the heart and the ego'self living the life of duty. Doing things because it is a duty to do things, doing things because this is how you have been raised by your elders to do these things, it is the duty of you to do these thing. For example - a child being raised by parent that, or loved one that is not the parent, and that one says I will always do my duty by this child, you know. And this happens. That is very damaging for the child to know, to hear, to believe that, because they start to feel as though the only reason that they are having these things done for them is because it is out of duty, not out of - What?


Songee: Love! So this is where is comes back that you are doing things for love, you are doing things for love of Oneness and the love of Oneness extends to the love of humanity, it extends to the love of yourself and your families and your friends and everybody that you bump into over the course of your day and your life. All your Souls have been together in the life before this - in Spirit, and now you all come down together as one and you are living your separate lives, in you separate worlds of awareness and yet look, all of you together now! Is that not wonderful? That is miracle you know, that is miracle of Oneness, how your Souls have arranged to come to be together at this time to share your love with each other. And you don't have to be at - how say I this? Ah You don't have to be having argy bargy with your peoples in your life about you coming to be together like this, because you can make the invitation for them to come also. Is that not so? Even childrens come to see and to be, do they not. They don't always be content to be, is that not so Little Mantis? Sometimes when they are very little they are too active however that is not because they are not welcome that they don't come, it is because Mumma wants to focus on the energies and cannot when little Bubba is awake wanting attentions, is that not so?

That's right.

Songee: However it does not mean the doors are shut, everything is open, all the childrens are welcome to come.

There are going to be times - I am going to digress a little for a moment, there are going to be times in the days to come Songee is going to teach the little childrens about many things. That is yet to come you know. I just letting you know.

Thank you very much. One job at a time Songee.

Songee: There are many, many workings to do. And the workings require many peoples to help you know. Lots of hands, lots of hands to help with the workings and then - not everybody having to give all the earth time to one thing. Some of the workings can be given to other peoples to help and then that makes the workings easier, you know.

So you are all bought together to be given an understanding of what is transpiring at the moment, not just in your own life, in the lives of all those around you and in the Planet and all the peoples on it. I have already given to you that it is time of the Tempest and the time of everything going down side up, you know. Everything that you had before that was one way is going to be the other way, you know. And that is also going to change and is going to go down side up again. And then it will go downside up again and so on and so forth. Each time you will learn something, each time you will gain something, each time you will lose something. However that which you lose will be something that you don't require anymore, you understand? You are going to progress so that some of the things of your life, of your being, of your nature, of your attitude to life to each other etcetera, etcetera are going to drop away when this down side thing happens. So the down side up thing is not something for you to look upon with great trepidation you know, it is going to be certainly exciting, it will not always feel secure however it will have good outcome, you know. It is going to be positive. It cannot be anything else especially, especially when you offer your life and everything in it to Oneness, the downside up will always have a positive result.

How do you do that? Giving yourself to Oneness requires practise! It is one of those - that's alright I was just wanting to look, you can still move if you want to come forwards, you can do that ' however you are going to have to practise because it is not simple thing for you to give up control, you being human'kinds, you know. Some peoples find it easier than others, you know, some are not having great problems with it, they enjoy giving it up, and other peoples they take a very long earth time to do it. They hold onto it like this. (Songee claps the hands together and holds both hands tightly.) They say, 'Oh dear, Oh dear if I let go of this what's going to happen to I. What's going to come next? Where am I going to go? What am I going to do? How am I going to manage? Oh dear if I hold onto this I mighten, I might be able to just manage a little bit more, a little bit longer. Perhaps I can make this happen, perhaps I can make that happen!'

Doesn't work because you are human and you are fallible and you are here to learn and to make mistakes and to learn from your mistake.

When Oneness has a little finger in it, although you may still make mistakes the outcome will not be so severe. You will still learn your lesson, you will still have your realisations, you will still make your connections of yourself with Oneness, you will still learn to change your attitude, your behaviour, to strengthen your character, you know. And in doing that that is when the Light shines so that you can be seen by other human'kinds to be a human being that makes mistakes. Is not always on top of the world, sometimes you have not so good days and yet inside there is still this Light that shines out, that says to the world, 'Well I'm not having a very good day however here's my smile, you're welcome, have it.' And perhaps everything is not going well in your life and you have many deep concerns that you are still hanging onto, like this, as you learn to practise this giving yourself to Oneness this will start to ease and come away.

The One who walked before, Jesus, came to the peoples you know and sayed to them that to follow I you may have to give up all your worldly wealth. When the rich came to him to say, 'Rabboni1 would you please buy us a position in the Heavens?' And Jesus said, 'I cannot buy you position in Heaven you have to do that yourself.' And they said, 'How do I do this thing?' And Jesus said, 'You must give up all your worldly wealth.'

Now this did not sit very well with these people because they had all these many things of life and they were frightened to give them all up. They believed that they had to give them all out to the poor and make themselves poor in the process. Such was the mentality, the understanding, that was where the level was of their understanding, so it was given to them in this way to understand a little. However there are many wisdoms that are locked into the stories of this One, that the wise know and those that are (?ridless) do not. (?ridless) is the word I say, these are the ones that do not have the education, the knowledge, the teaching of these things.

What this One was attempting to share and to say to you, the Truth - and this is what Songee is is The Truth to give you ' not for you to have to give up all the things of your life and make yourself poor of the earth, that is not the meaning. The meaning is what I have just given you, to give up your 'control', to give up your life and all that is in it to Oneness without reservation, to place yourself in Oneness hands, like that, you know. And to say, 'This is all my life, this is I Child of the Universe I give myself to you and I am offering myself to you to be servant on this Earth to you' That is the true meaning of that teach.

Now this does not mean you are going to lose your earthly wealth, or your earthly processions, or anything to do with it. Does not have to be that way. What you are doing is you're giving your Soul back to Oneness with a consciousness, not just unconsciousness and that is the difference.

Have you got any questions about all this? And I don't want to go fishing because your questions are just as important to those who listen, as to those that are not here that listen.

Can I ask something Songee?

Songee: Certainly. Well because I you know I give myself to Oneness every day and stuff, and I have just gone through this hideous conflict now about what to do and da dar da, it's horrible, horrible. And I say I won't do that anymore and I still, I'm having difficulty with it. Yeah and I'm still... like I feel I have found the right option now but the process I had to go through to get to that point... um horrible.

Songee: Because you have not let go.


Songee: You have not let go. And although you are saying the words of dedication it is not yet connected to the heart in its entirety. You know?

Mm But sometimes I truly, totally do feel that connection, you know anytime have definitely felt it.

Songee: And then it passes away.

Yes. (Laughter) So it's got to be like that all the time?

Songee: That's right.

Oh my goodness. Oh OK.

Songee: I give you example. You want to go out with your acquaintances of life and you want to make merry. And this beautiful lady here comes to you and says I need some help with something, you know. And what it is that this beautiful lady needs help with is going to require that you not just give up your time with your friends to making merry but that you are going to have to give part of yourself to her for more than one instant. And then when that passes, this, this man has need of you and your friends say to you when are you going to come and make merry with us? And you say, 'I'm sorry I'm doing Oneness work. I have to be with this Child of the Universe. I have to do this workings. I cannot make merry with you. I am going to do this work.' And your peoples say to you, 'What are you doing? You're not fun anymore. You don't have fun anymore, you don't do things anymore.' And you start to feel something inside and that is where you start to lose it, you know. That is where this feeling starts to get lost. And when you get to that point, you take a deep breath...



Songee:...and you say to them, 'I love you. These people need I very much, if it were you I would be there for you also, for now I must be with them. You go party, you go make merry, you do all the things you want to do, I'm still here. When you want to come find I, here am I.' Your whole life changes when you work for Oneness. And when you want to make merry you make merry with other peoples that are part of the same energy as yourself. So you go and find this beautiful lady and you go and you go and find this wonderful gentleman and you bring them up like this... (lots of laughter It appears the Songee has stood and wrapped the arms around the people.) and you get some musics and you dance together, you know, like this and you dance all together enjoying yourselves. Is that not so?

Beautifully put.

Songee: That is what you do. And you dance and you enjoy each other. And then you can say to your friends, 'Come and join in, come and join this merriment, come and share our merriment, can you not.' And bring them in to share the merriment to.

Go sit down, I borrow your body you know, it very kind for you to let I borrow your body.

And that is what you do. You know?


Songee: Yeah - what is this? What is this doubt?

I haven't been in that situation yet.

Songee: So what is the doubt inside you?


Songee: You still losing that feeling. I giving you example and it is the same...

I know what you are saying.

Songee: ...that truth is just as true when it apply it to yourself as it is when we apply it in this way. So you are this beautiful lady and you are this wonderful gentleman, as well in yourself. You are male and female both inside you, so your conflict comes from forgetting what you are, what you are! And the what is servant to Oneness.


Songee: Now do you understand? Do you - Ha thank you very much - Do you get it? She says do you get it! (Sally is helping Songee with this word.)

Yeah I do.

Songee: Language.

Yeah, yeah because sometimes I go chasing off after these things...

Songee: 'will-o'-the-wisps', they are 'will-o'-the'wisps'2. You don't chase them. What is the other phrase you have - 'jack-o'-lantern','will-o'-the-wisp'. You know? You know Wise One do you not?

What are you going describe it as?

But you don't chase a pumpkin. (Laughter)

Songee: Wise One perhaps you would like to a sometime explain to this Child of the Universe about 'will-o'-the-wisp' and 'jack-o'-lantern'3.

Will-of-the-Wisp is something that lives in the Forest and it leads you astray.

Songee: That's right.

It leads you off...

Songee: 'jack-o'-lantern' does the same thing, just different stories from different peoples on different place of being that is all. Peoples of this land have name also do they not? What is the name of the imp of mischief of this land?

You are not meaning Guy Faux are you? (Lots of laughter.)

Songee: No, I see what you are saying, I see it in your mind and what you are saying, very funny. This land, the peoples of this land...

Well we have a bird that steels things. Is that what you mean?

Songee: No.

You mean like Taniwha4?

Songee: Is that the name you have for this creature of mischief?

They kinda kill people and eat them I don't know if that's mischievous.

Songee: You are looking at a creature that leads others astray and off their path.


Songee: Oh that is coming from another peoples.

(Other words are offered.)

Songee: That is still from another peoples.

It will be Maori.

Songee: That is right, the peoples of this land. The other peoples of another land have it as Coyote.

Yeah that's what I was considering.

Songee: So what do you have in this land? What do the peoples of your land call it?

(Everyone is guessing.)

Songee: You say about Taniwha. Is there another one? There is, is there not?

There is bound to be but I don't know Maori legend.

Songee: Go and research it. Homework! Go and research it. Learn about the peoples of this land. Learn about the history, learn about the stories. Don't just be locked into your own stories. Learn about the stories - I have told you this before time, have I not? I have told you many times to look at the stories of other peoples from other lands because all the stories that are told unto childrens have got a little thread of truth in them, you know. So you have to find that thread of truth and to do that you can find it in the stories given to childrens. Songee tells lots of stories because you are all Songee's childrens, you are all the Childrens of Oneness.

Songee's Name

There are many names that have been given to Songee. Many, many names. This name 'Songee' is the one that I am bringing ' just to answer your question - is bringing now to the peoples of Earth in this time of your growth. There have been many other names given for this, this is the one you are to learn to recognise now in this time of your growth.

Songee means 'Song of the Earth'. Song is the 'Song of the Universe', The Breath of Life. The Breath of Truth.

I come to give you truths, not telling you what you are going to do in your life and telling you how you are going to have great riches of life and so on and so forth. To tell you how you can best manage your life and how you can be true to yourself and true to Oneness and still be harmony with each other.

So every time you start to forget who you are and what you are, remind yourself by taking a deep Breath of Life and saying - 'No More!' Because you have been whispering in your ears, you are being impatient with the impatience of youth to make things happen right this instant and this is the impatience of youth. All youth have this difficulty. It is not until you get to be at least one half century old that you start to realise, (Songee is laughing) that you don't need to be so impatient, is that not so?

However teaching this patience to youth is very important. Teaching how to give the life to Oneness and to not have the burdens in quite the same manner. Don't ever look upon your life and the things you have in it as being of no use, of no service to you. Everything is there because you have arranged it, everything is there for you to learn something to make you a stronger person. And the next question that comes after that is - What do I need to be a stronger person for? And it comes all the way back to the same thing so that you can be a better servant for Oneness.

And grow.

Songee: Growing is part of it. Growing is part of learning to be stronger, more powerful and when you are this way then you are a better servant for Oneness. And because of all the things you have experienced over your life you are then rich, really truly rich. Rich in all the experiences of life, all the bad things that have happened are going to make you rich. Rich in character, rich is your attitude and your personality of yourself. That is your true wealth of life, is it not?

Is that right?


Songee: Anybody got any more questions?

Is my cat sick?

Songee is my cat really sick?

Songee: Oh you have a sick animal.

Is he?

I didn't know anything about it.

Songee: Oh no this one is not sick child. This one has got - ah what did you say...

Fur balls.

Songee: ...that's right. It's got little balls of hair inside, has to come out.

I wondered if it was wool.

Songee: There is some of that too.

I have just wormed her, I believe.

Songee: You need to have this thing...

To get the fur balls out.

Songee: To get it removed.

How do I do this that?

Songee: Oh moment please I ask for you.


Songee: Songee would just go like that. Now, Ah thank you - mens in the white coats say that you can have something to put on the mouth or on this where they go wash themself, on their hands.


On their paws.

Songee: That's right it is something like that. That would be, that would work.

From the sardines.

Songee: That would do very nicely from the fish.

Oh fish, cod oil.

Oil that the sardines are in. They will swallow that, lick it up.

Songee: Put it on here on their hands, the back of their hands because then because you know what pussy cats are like they do this and they do this, you know, and they go like that, do they not? So when you put it on here they are going to do this.

You got to brush them too, regularly so there's no loose hair on them. If you brush them it will stop a lot of that trouble.

Songee: That is right, that is part of loving the creature, is it not, otherwise not sick in the way you are meaning little one.

Now what is your earth time?

We have got three quarters of an hour.

Songee: Very good.

(Laughter, Songee is looking pointedly at someone.)

Oh no.

Songee: What are you sounding like that for?

Sounds interesting.

The Peoples of this Land

Just a question earlier about of what is a mischief maker on this land, could it the divas?

Songee: Oh no. Divas are also something that comes from across the lands and the Divas are the peoples that live in the trees and the plants and they not mischief they are there to look after and to guard and to protect.


Who do you regard the native people of this land to be?


Songee: The peoples that were part of the land before others peoples came and the history of them have passed down through the ages. However the knowledge... (Songee pauses waiting for the background conversation to stop) ...the knowledge of the peoples that were here before are still known. You know? When you begin to look it depends on how - ah how I say this, how picky you going to be. You can go back and back and back and back and you can say that there was nobody on this land until somebody came, and then somebody else came, and then somebody else came. And that is true of all the spaces of your earth. You go back far enough all your earth was all one surface. It did not have separate, separate bits like you have now. It was all one surface. And those peoples that were part of this earth that have evolved were not as you know them now, not as you are now. They did not become as you are now until someone came from somewhere else here to this place. So how far back are you going to go and how picky are you going to be?

More to the point why not come forward and say the people who live on the land are the people of the land?

Songee: I am referring - you are being picky - I am referring to the histories and the stories of people, that is all. Not about who owns the land now and who is living on it now. That is not a dispute. The earth belongs to all peoples, not to one peoples.

I (?concede the) point.

Songee: However I am not talking about owning the earth, I am talking about the stories of the peoples of the earth that's what I am saying. And the peoples of this place have got history of stories that they told childrens about creation, about how they came into being. And these stories carry with them an element of truth and these stories are the ones I am wanting you to look and research and know about. You know about all the ones of your own lands however many of your ancestors, your great grandparents, your (?) came from over the seas to this land after the first people came to this land.

And the first people who came to this land were travellers. They were travellers that came from the stars originally, their descendants became travellers. They went in large - what name have you? - I have standing people - canoe. They have large ship, canoe, you know. They travel. They travelled from one land, to another land, to another land, to another land. Some got lost. They didn't travel just one they travelled many together. A host travelled together. And wherever they went and travelled they left behind some peoples stayed with the peoples of the land that they encountered and gave to that land some of their teachings, some of their knowledge, some of their wealth. And then they travelled around some more and came eventually to this land.

These people that came to this land were not the black skinned people of some of your land masses. They were a lighter skinned people. Their skin was brown and it was, shades between light and dark, you know. Features were very fine features. They were very tall, very elegant peoples, and they brought with them learning and teaching of their history. They made monuments wherever they went. They left totems wherever they went, where they carved in the standing people the stories of their journeys. And these stories were passed down through the generations.

And then another peoples came, a more war like people. These peoples were very peaceful and then the war like people came. They came to this land and subjugated these first people and took into and absorbed all their wealth. And then a third people came, a third people. And the third people came and they landed at many different places and they also were war like and they absorbed many over a long history of this place. They absorbed all the wealth of the second peoples.

Now the memories and the teachings and the peace loving nature of the first peoples did not go away. It remained and became absorbed into the two peoples, you understand, as they moved forward. And for many, many moons all that there were was the third, the third generation of visitors or new inhabitants of this land and the peaceful ones very gradually, their teachings and their way of being went through all the peoples so that eventually the peoples of the land, this land, that they had made their own took to themselves all these teachings. So the peoples of this land that were here when the white skinned people came to this land had already absorbed all the teachings of two other cultures, you know.

So the stories of the people of this land, that they told their childrens, contain all the truths of the other two peoples. Do you understand? Not all the peoples from the first race of people disappeared, some remained.

I was lead to believe that they ah did.

Songee: Some remained. Their descendants became intermingled with the next group of people who came, to a certain degree. However for the most part the peoples considered themselves to be more true descendants of the first people than of the second people. And now the third people are beginning to find within their midst, the roots, the spirituality and the power in their beings in the Souls that have been born now of the first people.

So look into the stories, you will find many interesting and exciting things that you will have there about creation, about the imps of mischief, about the fairy creatures that had not the name of fairy in this land, they would have another name. Is that not so?

So look at it, go and explore, that's all I am saying for you to do, go and explore all these things. Learn about each other. Those of you that know all these stories of the peoples of this land you learn about all the stories of the peoples that came to this land after that now also claim this as their land because it is their land, just as much as it was the first peoples, and the second peoples, and the third peoples. It belongs to all, not to one. However learn about each others' stories, each others' wealth. Share it, learn from each other, give to each other and learn to receive from each other. That's the most important thing, learn to receive. Everybody is very good at giving and not so hot at receiving - are you? So learn to receive.

So that is all I'm saying is to look at the teachings, the stories. I have given you this before and yet do you share it among yourselves, your findings? Do you come to this meet and say, 'Well Songee many moons ago you spoke of this thing and I did this and I found out this. Everybody this is what I discovered.' Does anybody sitting here have knowledge and say, 'Well Songee I know about this story, I would like to tell this story.' Find a story, bring it to the meet, tell everybody - I don't mind I sit and listen too. I like to listen to stories.

Giving and Receiving

So, mayhap you like to do this thing. And share with each other all these wonderful things. It doesn't have to be all about giving your life to Oneness or how to overcome your difficulties. You can have this wonderful time of sharing stories with each other and dancing, and sharing the gift of love and unity with each other. Is that not so? So do it!

Songee how is it that receiving is so much of a bother for a lot of us? Because I know for myself giving is really pretty easy but for, I know I am not the only one but receiving is sometimes a real difficult one to grasp. How come we have so much problem with it? Conditioning isn't it?

Songee: Who besides you have difficulty receiving here? You have difficulty receiving?

The other day I went to a lady I like to teach in the morning and she is very generous, but I, come in with me I have got something for you. And she's got two big chickens and a tray of eggs. B and I, I like to help people but like I feel quite embarrassed when I see all these gifts. It is just an example.

One is a positive action and the other is not. Its positive when you are giving and you are on the defensive when receiving.

Yes that's true, that's true.

I find gift absolutely painful.

Songee: Listen to yourselves. Listen...

I had a friend bring me some precious gifts the other day and amongst all these precious gifts there were three kauri leaves and a little piece of kauri bark and there was kauri gum as well. Those three little leaves were absolutely priceless as far as I am concerned, it was so beautiful.

A lot of effort went into selecting those by the way.

Songee: So what is it that is so difficult about receiving?


I feel poor.

Songee: It make you feel...


Songee: Poor. Is that how you feel? It makes you feel poor. What does that mean to you to be made to feel poor?

Makes you think you can't do anything yourself.

Songee: So it's making you feel as though you can't do anything yourself. Look at this, look at it a little bit closer because these are your fears. These are your doubts about yourself. So when somebody is giving to you it is raising up inside of you all your doubts and all you fears. And the most important thing is it is saying to you - I have an obligation and a responsibility here and I don't want to have that obligation and responsibility.

What about the obligation and responsibility that you are placing onto somebody else with your giving? It is the same as being told that you are being done something for you out of duty, is it not, instead of out of love.

Songee I was given a wonderful gift today. I'm in a transient position and I have nowhere to move to after the weekend and a lady I haven't even meet has offered me her home to live in fully furnished all beautifully set up while I look for somewhere to live. And I said - Thank You to the Universe. It was a wonderful gift.

Songee: That is right.

Oh I was just so excited.

Songee: Remember you were given that you would have something?

I, I was very happy.

Songee: You were told you were going to have something given were you not?

Yes. I have been giving of my heart willingly and something has come back and I absolutely appreciated it.

Songee: That's right.

It's a wonderful feeling.

Songee: And this is the beauty of the giving and receiving when you are working for Oneness.

It is a wonderful feeling.

Songee: That's right. And you can say thank you, thank you so very much. That is beautiful. So that when somebody gifts something to you... (Songee has given something to someone.) And there you are, take it. You say, 'Thank You what a wonderful gift, thank you.' It's yours.

It's very simple, say thank you. Say thank you to Oneness for it as well as the person. And you let them see the love in your eyes, you let them see the love in your heart and you say thank you that's beautiful.

Mother, this morning, came especially with me this morning and threw her arms around and thanked her very much.

Songee: That is the way it is and that is how you manage to come together in love, is it not? So how would you handle the situation where you truly did not want to receive the gift that is being given to you?

Songee: Ah... What is it that would mean that you don't want to receive a gift.

Well perhaps somebody has a spare kitten and want to get rid of it so they want to give it to you and you don't chose to have that kitten.

Songee: You are talking about same thing I am saying to you before, you are being offered something however there is a responsibility in the acceptance and you don't want the responsibility.

This was something you were talking about on other ideas. No it was to P.

Maybe you are the person in the middle that is meant to move it along to the right person.

Songee: Sometimes...

Surely the responsibility is the person that is endeavouring to give it away, it's their responsibility to place it not yours to receive it and place it.

Songee: You are looking at a living creature, you are looking at something that is being unburdened, you are not looking at a gift. There is a difference. When someone is doing something, an act of kindness and they are doing it because they have love of humanity and then someone comes along and says, 'I have not anything else to offer you except this.' And they give you something. They are not going to offer you a small creature like that as an offering in this instance, not usually. In the instance supposing that it was offered then you have a responsibility. You can either refuse the gift and say, 'I'm sorry I cannot take this responsibility however I will help you to find a place of living for this creature and I would like you to give it to somebody else'. And that is alright. So you don't ever refuse the gift, the act of giving, you understand? You don't, don't turn that away. Always accept the act of giving, you don't always necessary need to have the gift if this gift is not for you then you gift it on to somebody else. You know? That is not, that is not breaking faith with the person that has gifted to you, provided when you pass it on you are passing it on in the same heart. You have the same love in your heart as you are passing it on you know. Is that right? Does that answer your question?

Not completely.

Songee: What would?

We are not talking about kittens now we are talking about something else.

Songee: I was talking about kittens. I was talking about anything. You don't refuse the gift. That's my answer - you don't refuse the gift.

I feel responsibility, yes it may be presented as a gift but it is an act of responsibility for the person (?) to sort themselves out not to place the responsibility onto the second party.

Songee: This is where human'kinds get locked in their 'control'. This is a very good example, thank you Wise One, of getting locked in 'control' because when you give yourself to Oneness there is no worryings about where it is going to be. Because you accept the gift, the action of the gift, you don't have to take the gift itself, whether it is a kitten, whether it is a scribings or any other manner of thing. You say, 'Well that is a beautiful gesture, beautiful offering and I am going to say thank you to you for the offering I cannot however accept the responsibility.' Does that answer your question?

Yes, much better.

Songee: That's what I have been saying, that is what I've been saying.

It is not what I have been hearing.

Songee: Ha ha However that is what I have been saying. So that is what you do, you accept the gift, always accept the gift, you know, and then your heart will fill with love to overflowing. And that is when your light shines out, you know, and then sometimes perhaps if you have to say no to the gift itself because you cannot take the burden of the responsibility of it you can help the person, perhaps, to gift it on to somewhere else by giving them the suggestion to gift it to somewhere else where it will be able to have the responsibility taken up. And that will happen when you give your life to Oneness, all those things are not going to be a burden to you because you just say, 'Wonderful, thank you so very much.'

Supposing somebody comes to you (Songee has gone over to someone) and says, 'You are so beautiful.' What do you say?

Thank you.

Songee: Do you mean it?

Yeah. (Very small voice)

Songee: Do you? Do you see yourself as beautiful?


Songee: So you haven't accepted the gift. Do you understand? That is a lesson. You have to accept the gift. The gift of beauty as well as the gift of everything else. Accept it, believe the person that says to you, 'You do look beautiful today.' And say, 'Oh wonderful thank you. That was just what I was hoping to do. I was hoping to look beautiful today, thank you.' And then that will make this little light in you, Crystal Light shine brighter all over brighter you know.

There was a person I knew who said, 'You look lovely today what do you think of me?'

(Lots of laughter.)

Songee: Well the first thing you do that I don't like is you say the word 'think'. I don't 'think' anything of you at all however I feel that you are absolutely wonderful.

So, have you got anymore questions?

What about the people out there?

(Songee seems to be meaning all those people who are not at the gathering.)



Effect of the alignment of the Planets

How do the alignment of the planets affect the Earth?

Songee: Do you want the short answer or the long answer?

The short answer.

Songee: Before I answer that. (Songee gets up and goes to one of the guests) You are beautiful, you are beautiful.

The answer is give me a kiss.

Songee: You are beautiful Souls too. Let it shine.

I will do my best.

Songee: That's right. And you too.

The Planets - everything that is in the Heavens has an effect on your Earth because of the energies of each thing. Everything has energy, everything has sound to it, has music, everything has vibration, everything has colour ' every single thing! So every single thing is going to have an effect on you. Depending upon how far away, or how close, or how many are there in the same togetherment will have a different effect, a different pull on your organism of your body. Do you understand?

That is the short answer.

(Long silence)

Songee: Are you all talked out?


I sort of curious but I know - you know when you say your supposings - I suppose I could look it up in the book of words, you probably going to tell me!

Songee: Supposings?

You know when you say it that the supposing thing, sometimes I wonder whether that actually will come true?


Yes that's exactly what happens to me as well.

Songee: So whose supposing are we supposing about here. Yours or Songee's?

That could be interesting. Well I believe it was yours.

Songee: Sometimes Songee supposings are really truthful things.

Yeah I wondered.

Songee: Sometimes they are given just to joggle you up. And always Songee's supposings have got in them a thread of truth for you - always! Not necessarily that that exact thing is going to happen upon your life however you will find that you will encounter a similar thing at some juncture of your life as you traverse it.

(More Laughter)

Songee: Always!

I will have to ponder on that one.

Songee: The characters in the supposings of Songee maybe different to the ones that you encounter upon your journey because Songee will use the bodies that are available, and the bodies that come into your life that are a part of your journey will not necessarily be these bodies here, you know. However the supposing will be very familiar when you come to it. So that when you come to it you will remember the supposing that Songee have given you and remember the lesson (Songee is laughing) that was given to you and then hopefully you will apply it.

Most of the time it just slides by however the opportunity has been given to you to have it there for your, reference. Thank you that is a very interesting word is it not, reference, something to refer to.


Sometimes I find that when I have spoken to you about things, for example I have spoken to you about going overseas and you have confirmed to me that I am and that you said I was going on a short journey and things, and then I find myself agonising over the details of - well I can't do this because She said that its going to be short and that must mean that this will happen ra ra ra ra and all that crap.

Songee: That is your earthly need to control.

(Everyone is talking at once about these comments and laughing.)

Just learn to go with the flow and trust the Universe.

Yeah I know.

Songee: This is the impatience of youth. Is that not so? Impatience of youth.

And I don't know if I'm going on a short journey or...

(Everyone is still talking.)

So S I have been shown I just have to wait a few days and it will come back, what I have been shown is the necessary, sometimes, because it is so long it's like it's a training, you go on a short journey then more short journeys and then they become longer. It's like it needs to be a training to do this. Because you still have all the things like resistance and control and these types of things going on.

Yep. (Laughs)

You sat there listening you did very well.

(Lots of laughing.)

I know that it's me, I know that it's me but I am just saying how I feel that's all. I'm just simply saying that's how sometimes I am.

Songee: And yet you are also saying that you don't want to be this way. You want to change it.

Yeah because I've had enough at struggle at it kind of rubbish.

Songee: So listen to the teach that this one have just shared with you because there is lots of truth in it.

What H just said?

Songee: That is right. And also to let go. Let go of your control.


(Many people are talking)

It's like I don't know the meaning of the word love.

Songee: What you need to do is let go of your control. Stop worrying about it. Take a deep breath and get on with your life. Live it! Instead of worrying about it. Every day that you live is precious! You will never get it back! This day will be gone, it will never come to you ever again! Ponder on that! Never, not in any lifetime that you may live, this is never going to come back again. This opportunity is never going to come to you again in this life time in just this very way, in just all the vibrational energies that are around at this moment because everything shifts and changes all the time. This life time is the only one you have got - right now. Doesn't matter whether you have got ten thousand yet to come...

Sounds like a Tupperware party. Do you know what Tupperware is?

Songee: No!

It's when you are wanting to sell something and you are doing a real hard sell, this time will never come again, these energies will never be present in this room, buy now!

Songee: That is exactly right, that is so true.

(Lots and lots of laughter)

Songee: So what is this, let me have a look inside you... Ohhh!!! All these little boxes and things. That looks very exciting. Oh no its not made out of things you can throw away. Not so exciting. This is very true however...

You can recycle them, grind them up and recycle them.

Songee: Oh that is very exciting. How do you do that?

I don't know it is on my Tupperware order book.

Songee: Now, this life as Wise One says, this is your box of ware that is tup - yes?

(Lots of laughter, Songee is laughing too.)

Songee: Is that right? Is that right?

Its back to front.



Songee: Very well. This is it, you can't have it again, only time, say it now or forever hold your peace. Most definitely. And that is the truth because you will not have it back again. This Souls that are all here is this body you may meet them in another life time and you will all come together again in another life time, but your bodies are all going to be different. You will have had different life times, you will have had different experiences and for the most part you won't know each other anymore, you have to get to know each other all over again. So enjoy each other now because this is where you are now, is that not so? Make the most of it, everyday is special, everyday is a miracle. Your lives are short, they don't last very long, and they seem to go on and on and on forever to some of you. Especially when you are not feeling very well. You sometimes might wish that your life was not carrying on and on and on. And yet even in those moments remind yourself this life is precious, it will not come back again just like this.

'I need to be with the people I love. I need to be with all the people I resonate with. I need to be around all the colours and lights and sounds of life that bring joy and happiness and fulfilment.'

You can have a life time of sorrow and wallow in it or you can have a life time of enjoyment and love and sharing with each other. And sharing your moments of sadness and grief and not so happy times, sharing it together so that when one of you is not so happy another one can come along and give you arms about the body and say, 'It's alright you are not alone, I'm with you'.

And so this is part of the giving and taking and sharing, is it not? Love each other. You don't have any other lives to do it in just this way, you know? Very special. Don't waste them and don't let them pass away.

Oh there is small creature gone for a little walkings. I see this. It is the little one that has the big eyes like this.


Songee: That's right.

They walk along the fence.

The Manifesting of Songee

Are these young ones today especially the ones that are here have got, have been very lucky to receive these gifts. It was not around when I was a child I never came this far, had these opportunities. I didn't know these opportunities that are here now a day.

Songee: That is the evolvement this planet and the people on it. Such is the energy that is coming now. That is how Songee is here. The Breath of Life, the Breath of Truth to come to the Earth, to the people now.

Many names have I been given, this name I have this millennium for you, for the peoples of the Earth, the truth I bring, it has been given through many peoples, through many mouths, through many of your earth moons ' centuries, that's the word, I'm not giving you right word. Centuries past have I been to this Earth to speak through, however not everybody do I come and speak words like this, only once every turn of the cycles do I come in this way, once every one thousand year. Other times I manifest only through the agency of another, not speaking this way. I will pass message through.

You will hear I voice that you hear now, this voice that I am giving you now, you will hear it is your dreams, you will feel the presence of I any time you need it in your life. You don't have to come into the presence of Organism (Roberta-Margaret) to receive the energy of Songee.

And the energy of Songee is the female half of the male Creative Power of Oneness. I tell you this and I am going to keep telling you, and keep telling you until you begin to understand it. Not believe it, I not telling you word of believe I am saying for you to understand it and the understanding will come in here, in your heart, you will feel it. And you will feel it when you are not here, you will feel it when you are anywhere else as well, when you have a problem and you ask Oneness for help with it and you mayhap are not certain about asking Father God you ask Mother God! Because inside you dwell I, inside you dwells Father as well as Mother, you know. You are both, you have both inside you, all of you. You are all White Light connected to Oneness.

Oneness is male female both.

God is a Woman as well you know. Ponder on it. And the Creative Power of Oneness is a combination of both male and female. It's time for them to come together and present themself to the world in Unity.

In times past there have been much lording of the Male Creative Power. Prior to that there was much lording of the Female Creative Power. For one whole millennium you had the Female Creative Power, for your next millennium you had the Male Creative Power, in this Millennium you are going to have both together. That is what mankind is being offered, the knowing, the feeling, the partnership and the Unity of this together. Because when this is accepted in the hearts, the minds and the Souls, and the consciousness then you will find that your lives will all start to come together better. You will find your partners of life when you are meant to have them, when you need to have them, when you want to have them. Partners of life that resonate with you, that are your counterpart, and I say counterpart because not everybody has the good fortune to have written into their life that they will need their Soul Mate in this life. However you will have written into this life that you have a partner of life that will resonate with you well, and with harmony. So you will have a harmonious counterpart and that union can seem to be as though you are Soul Mates. So it doesn't matter whether you are or you are not, so don't worry your heads about it. Just say, 'Thank you for this gift of each other, to each other.' And enjoy it while you have it because your lives as short. You won't have it for very long because sooner or later one Soul is going to return Home to Spirit before the other and so the cycle will begin again.

(Long silence)

Now what have you?

The time is...


Half past nine.

Songee: Time for I to go from you however in the going I am going to ask you to make for some soundings to dance to, to move your body and to rejoice in each other's company in love and friendship, companionship and sharing. So you have wordings you like to say. I'm going to say for you Little Mother to say your wordings and then I am going to give you farewell after I get you dancing.

What music did you want?

Songee: Ah. The Child of Music where life is dancing forever. Do you know how to finding it?

Music: "Life is Forever" from the album "Simpilicy" by Jeffree Clarkson..
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: Moment please. Little One says you have to go to chariot.

Oh no.

(There is laughter as the CD is obviously in Roberta-Margaret's car.)

Songee: Someone will have to show you how to go to chariot.

Ask Sally is it the one in the box here?

Songee: No. You are going to have to go to chariot.


Songee: And, would you like to know about chariot? Chariot has a place - Wise One will know. Take Wise One.

We have to get the disc out of the disc player in the boot of madam's car.

Oh God, that somebody that can see in the dark.

Songee: You have light. This is very exciting is it not. All the argy bargy about it all. It is wonderful is it not. You listen and then there is all the argy bargy about this thing and that thing and some other thing and all the things that human'kinds get into bothers about.

What's argy bargy?

Songee: Argy Bargy. Everybody making loud soundings to each other and making grumblings about this that and some other thing and then when they finally come to their action of their doing they stop argy bargying and it all goes quiet. Is that not so?

(A word spoken.)

Songee: That is so. In other words, there's lots of word your earth have got and I'm finding some of them very interesting. The old ones are the best ones. Can you imagine some other words for this.

Mucking around.

Songee: Mucking around?

Dilly dallying.


Songee: Hoopla. That is very, very, hoopla, beautiful sound to it. What other ' Garboil. How about garboil?

I have never heard that one.

Songee: Oh you not got old enough, you have to go a lot older that you are to find this word. This garboil. So have you sorted out your garboil?


Songee: That is right.

You got to go out and all sort of things happen.

Songee: You have to have a bit of garboil about all this.

(Everyone is talking at once.)

Songee: That is right. Exactly Little One, that is exactly right. A fuss is another word. We are looking at all the words you can use as well as argy bargee.

Oh I see.

Songee: And we have hoopla and we have, what else was there.

I had a friend that used to use that word hoopla and he's a farmer and we go to be lifting a great big sheep together him and I, this old man and I and he would say hoopla! It was the time to lift it off the ground.

He was Swiss.

Hooray and up she rises.

Songee: This is always exciting is it not? Getting arranged to do all these things.


Songee: Oh you might like to move all these things for everybody so they got lots of space to dance in and putting the arms up and about and everywhere. So you can all have dance of it.

(There's lots of chat in the background and moving about.)

Songee: I see what is happening. What makes you imagine it was not a real thing?

(Everyone is talking.)

Songee: Songee can give anything away you know.

It's wonderful. Thank you.

Songee: And in the event that the gift is not required of yourself then mayhap you can pass it on and gift it with love in your heart to someone who will benefit from it, so the gift is still there, the action of the gift is still there. And it is not lost.

Thank you.

Songee: That is how it is. It happens sometimes like this. Have you finished your garboil?

We are all ready.

Songee: And there is new word for you - garboil.

Ok I will read the words to you...

Songee: Excuse I, I want to give you another word. You know you have your word 'think' and you are not going to use the word 'think' and you want to have another word use the word idea, another word for you instead of idea is coming from the same time of earth that come garboil, and it is called rede5. Was that your rede or somebody else's.

How is it spelt?


Or read?

Songee: R-e-d-e.

Oh. I'm still hung up on 'mote' when you used mote the other night.

Songee: 'So Mote It Be'. So mote it be. Mote is m'o't'e and it means might so or may. So may it be. Mote is the same and 'So May It Be'. It is an old word, Mote.

May is more positive than might.

No not quite.

Songee: I am saying 'So Mote It Be', and mote is same as may or might, either way.

OK. Well we are ten minutes late now. (Laughter)

Songee: Great worries some these thing! We are going to dance.

And I'm going to read these words?

Songee: That is right.

So maybe it's time we closed our eyes and took a deep breath.

(And everyone breaths in.)

Songee: Down into the middle selves.

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

Songee: Now I am going to say for you a blessing of Light and then the music for dancing. The music for dancings is from the Child of Music. And the Child of Music have many special things to offer human'kind. And you will hear it and feel it. It is like Songee, a breath of fresh air. A breath of air coming through your Soul. This is how is the soundings of this Child of Music.

So I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power of Love and Sharing with each other and the Power of knowing each other at this time in your lives.


So Be It

I will wait with you for a few moments and dance with you and then I will leave you slowly.

(The music starts.)

So are you going to sit on your behind selves or are you going to stand up and join in this sharing. You don't have to, you might like to sit. Sharing, sharing to the soundings. Are you ready to begin your journey - sharing with each other. Don't forget to open your eyes sometimes and go and find somebody, and mayhap just dance with them.

(Everyone is dancing together and talking. It sounds like a party. When Roberta-Margaret came back we were all dancing and laughing.)

Roberta-Margaret: Oh Hello! Hello everybody.

We've have you been?

More of the same. More fights, more army Oh...

Where about?

Roberta-Margaret went on to describe unrest in Africa, Japan and Europe. She said there is to be a big plane crash. Plague in India. A big outbreak in England of a disease affecting animals and will disturb the economy of England and Europe. She could not pick up the time frame of this but they had to take a lots of animals and older people and children back to spirit. The skin eruptions that she saw were like Syphilis and this is also happening in South America, as well as the Caribbean Islands being affected by it.

1. Rabboni - means My Great Teacher. John 20:16 Mary Magdalene calls Jesus this name just before the resurrection. Also this term is used in Mark 10:51 by the blind man Bartinaeus.
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2. will-o'-the-wisp' - is a moving light above the ground found over marsh like areas and considered as gas rising from the ground. However in this text it is refer to as a mythological light.
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3. 'jack-o'-lantern' - is a pumpkin that is hollowed and a light placed inside, used at Halloween.
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4. Taniwha - Maori name given to mythological water creatures.
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5. Rede - Council, advice.
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