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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Down-Side-Up'
A Teaching from Songee 11th May 2000


Crystal Light Of Love
Welcome Prayer for this Place of Sanctity
The Great-She-Bear Stories
The Darkness
Looking at Ourselves
Others Change by our Example
The Hand of Peace
Substances we take into our bodies
Scarring our Auras
Food Sensitivities
Honouring the Food we Eat?
The Body Managing Illnesses
DNA of the Soul
Ecstasy Meditation

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This Gathering was held at the Point Chevalier Community Centre. The moving to this Venue was a special occasion for the group. The large room has a central location in Auckland and gave the opportunity for more members to attend. As the room was used for other activities, on this first night we took great care in cleansing the room using music, prayer and the energies of Earth Fire Water and Air.
Roberta-Margaret explained to the Group the cleansing details. Prior to the cleansing the room felt sad and emotionally dry. After the cleansing it felt as though the room had come alive.
The Essential Oils for the evening were Neroli, Frankincense and Myrrh. This blend of Essential Oils is traditionally associated with Christmas and by Spirit/Songee requesting these indicated how special this evening was going to be.
There were sixteen people present.


Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Music: "Sundancer" from the album "Thunder" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

(The Music continues to play into the next track. The volume is loud as it had not been turned down.)

Welcome Prayer for this Place of Sanctity

Songee: Greetings to you. You have new home.

Songee do you mind if we take this opportunity to enlarge the circle a little bit?

Songee: Are you content? (The music is still very loud making Songee's words very hard to hear.)

Just for a moment you close your eyes. You are also all coming into a new place of being within your own lives.

Many moons past Songee say to you that there were many great changes coming to you that you had to prepare yourselves for them to come. And then not too many moons ago I said to you the times of preparing is passed, that the time of action and deed was now upon you. And that is so. The time of action and deed is upon you. However the transition has not been a simple one for any of you. It has been fraught with many difficulties, many trials of life.

So now for a moment reflect on all of this with your eyes closed. Reflect on the many things that have happened upon your life. Reflect upon all the many things that you know have happened upon the life of others around you that are a similar nature. All the upheavals, all the down-side-ups. And remember I also say to you that although there would be down-side-ups that they would also come down-side-up once more, so you could come into a place of sunlight. This time is now coming. The change is about to occur. It is transition at this time of your Earth.

So while you have your eyes closed now,

I am going to ask for all the Powers of Light to gather around in this place and around all of you, all your Doorkeepers and Guardians, your many peoples in Spirit, all together round and come close for they are part of the transition also -
Open your hearts to the Light, to the Power of Oneness and allow it to enter in and strike the Crystal within your Heart so that it might resonate and sing with the Music of the Spheres and with the Light of the Rainbow.
That it may shine out for all those who have need of it, including youself and all the beings of Light, the Angels, the Cherubim and Seraphim, all the hosts - welcome to this Place of Sanctity no matter what transpires from this day forth in this place, this dwelling, this will always be a Place of Sanctity. And all who enter into this place will receive the Blessing of Light, of Love, of Peace, Harmony and Healing.
So Be It.

Thank you for joining I with this blessing.

Now have you got any questions for I?


You have just blown us all away...

Songee: So you might just like to sit quietly and commune with the Spirit peoples and listen to some musics. I'm sure that you came to do more than that.

The Great She-Bear Stories

May I ask one question?

Songee: I did say did anyone want to ask a question.

Ah Songee... (The rest of the comment could not be heard over background noise)

Songee: Oh, very good I am most pleased about that. How did you find the journey?

It was good, I was driving at the time and listening to your words.

(Lots of laughter.)

One way to go on a journey.

Songee: What a wonderful way to go on a journey.

I was listening to the story.

Songee: So how did you like the story?

It was good. No it was really good. Chapter five was about - just got to work it out...

Songee: For those who are not aware this is the stories of The Great She Bear1 and the two little bear cubs who travelled the dream spirals with the great Shaman White Eagle. Is that so?

They are in the Newsletters.

Songee: Mayhap they are like this little one and do not read it. Each one has got a lesson to it and each one is a lesson that you put for your scribings for the top of it. Something like that.

Will it be a book title or a chapter or a chapter head? It is about the water fall and (?) and finding your own Light.

Songee: That is right. Finding the Light within. So mayhap that is the wordings you need for you scribe down.

This was about a friendly skunk...

(The music is very loud.)

Songee: They can have secrets can become dangerous to you, they don't all time smell very nice.


Seven was about the meeting of the Great Shaman.

Songee: What transpired on this Journey?

These people haven't read this one yet. Don't give too much away.

No they have it was the last one. It was, he was learning about not getting his nose burnt in the fire.

Songee: What else did he learn.

He was learning about people.

Songee: He was learning about the two-legs was he not? And he was transported to meet the Great Shaman in the other world.

This also comes from another side of that from the eagle to.

Songee: That's right. So you are going to have the search for this one, are you not? Have a little read of it and feel it and go on the journey and you will find the answer. It is there for you, right under your nose. Just like the Little Bear Cub found the fire spirits spitting at him. And we won't talk about the next one,

Or the next one.

Songee: ...or the next one...


Songee: ...or the one after that.

So... Do I really have to go fishing?



I have a question but I don't quite know how to put it.

Songee: Do your best.

The child that is not yet born, does it have its own Spirit? Or is born, or can... What I am trying to say is can it...

(There is a loud sound.)

Songee: What are you doing? I understand. What are you doing?

The dog is drinking A's water.

Songee: Well that is alright you won't get anything serious.

Can, can a deceased grab one and become its Spirit?

Songee: No. That is the short answer. I will give you a better answer though because that is not sufficient. You can be your own ancestor in your family however usually there is a lapse of earth-time passing before that occurs. It is not usual for one so close to come to be own grandchild, you know? Each Soul in Spirit arranges their life before they come, they are a Soul unto themselves. So they come to live their life. It is not who they were in another life that is important, just the Soul. You could have been anybody at all in any lifetime. Mayhap you have been in a life time very recently and have returned to Earth to fulfil duties, very quickly, swiftly. However usually you would this and be born into a different family or a different clan from the one that you were in before time. Do you understand?


Songee: What happens is that human-kinds have their wee ones, they see within the child similarities to other peoples in their families and very often they say, 'Oh this one is like Aunt so and so, or Uncle so and so, or brother, or Grandmother, or Grandfather, you know. And to a certain point they are quite correct because you all have - I have not said this to you before - that you are all a reincarnation of your ancestors. Who has heard me give this speaking about this?


Songee: You carry within your blood of your body the memories of your ancestors, do you not? So when a child is born it carries with it the memories of its ancestors and so it will act and behave and have similarities of features that are part of that family or that clan, you know. You all have it. All creatures have it, the plants, the trees, the rocks - it all has it this memory.

However that is not the Spirit, it is not the Soul. Understand? It is the spirit-energy of the ancestors running through the physical body however it is not the Soul of the ancestor in that body necessarily.

Down-side up

Good evening Songee. (Laughs)

Songee: Good evening I have been waiting for you?

Thank you.

Oh really!

Working it out in my mind. Yesterday afternoon about three o'clock I seemed to be facing (?), this afternoon at three o'clock everything was back to where it was before. Between those two times I seem to have gone upside down and round and about and turned around like a ball thrown across a field and now I am standing in exactly the same position that I was standing in before. I'm wondering what my learning needs to be from this temporary acute interesting experience? Whether it was, stick up for yourself and say No, or whether it was everything is impermanent anyway here is a taste of it, whether it was bil-be-bar all of the above?

Songee: It relates exactly to what I was saying at the beginning before I say The Blessing. Everybody is being affected. And there are some of the teachings that you have not been hearing so you are not aware of what Songee have already given to people now, and in moons past I have say that everything is going to down-side-up and so on and so forth. And it will go fast, just like that! Just like that. Very fast.

Like a summersault.

Songee: That is right, and it isn't the first time it is going to happen. Not that same thing perhaps, however the down-side-up thing is going to happen again because this is what I am telling you is going to happen. Be ready for it! It doesn't stop you being human and having to face your fears because this is what you have to do. Face your fears.

It is a test to get you to look at yourself. To look at your values, your attitude, your way of living and perhaps to make changes. And although you may feel as though you are exactly back where you started, you are not.

My cage has been rattled.

Songee: Oh very certainly. And this will be done so again.

(The lady spoke just as Songee was speaking.) Sorry go on.

Songee: This is not to make you feel afeared however in the event you feel afeared ask yourself, How Come! I am only giving to you the truth, and everybody is feeling it, feeling the truth of this.

You said earlier that the there is a period evident now, a permanent dawning, and it was such a huge and hopeful message, if that is a new message to the group tonight or development of the message for the group tonight, could I ask that we talk more about that, or you can talk to us more about that?

Songee: I have sayed in the past for many moons past that you were needing to prepare yourselves for a time to come - can you recall this?


Songee: And I came many times and sayed to all of you, its time, you must prepare yourself. This is your time of preparation. Get ready. Do everything you have to do to sort out your life, to sort out your relationships, to sort out your eggs of your life - your coin-of-life. Do everything you can. Protect yourself. Make certain that everything is on firm ground. See to everything. Make sure that everything is tidy and balanced. Know where everything is, know how everything is because it won't stay that way for very long. It is going to go down-side-up. And when things go down-side-up everything goes up in the air and falls down every which way and you don't know where it was all suppose to be.

Now suppose you have managed to make the balance before this happened, when it goes down-side-up usually the things fall down very close to where they are meant to be. So that all you have to do it pick up the things that you need and put them back where they need to be. And then sometimes it's like - have you seen the man-kinds when they making things and they take thems apart and then they put them back together again and they have something left over.


Songee: They are not sure quite where this is suppose to even go. This thing mayhap, although it was important to this things before, it is not important now, so you put it away. It is this, this thing that happens when you go down-side-up, there is always something that you don't really need anymore and you can put it to one side until you are ready to discard it. Do you understand?

Yes OK.

Songee: And then you put everything back in order again. And this is where the revolution of the wheel turns is part of the turning that helps you to bring it all back together and back into balance, and then it goes down-side-up again.

Now I have been saying to you that this down-side-up business is going to be happening very swiftly and going to be happening, before I came to that I said to you one meet I said, NOW your time of preparing is Over! Finished. From this day forth your time for preparing is No-More. You have no more earth time left for preparing. All of you that are ready to do your work you will called to do your work. Ready or not!

Now, those that are ready, that have managed to balance them and sorted everything out will find that they will go along quite nicely. Those that have not balanced everything out will find that they will have a very bumpy journey. You know! However all of you will eventually be working full time and be fully prepared for all the working that Oneness needs for you to do. You will be doing it as you go however your completion of training will happen as you are passing through this process.

Now the next part was the down-side-up. The down-side-up is to help you to swiftly and rapidly eliminate all the unnecessary clutter of your life that you no longer have need of. Now this does not mean that you have to leave your place of living however there may be aspects of your place of living that do need to be sorted through and certain aspects of it that need to be discarded perhaps ways of using your space of living. Mayhap you have to assemble all your skills, your coin-of-life, your values and set them all out in front of you and examine them closely. To look at them and to ask yourself how do they reflect, you. What are you really doing with your life? How are you really using your life? Is it being used to its best advantage for Oneness? Or are you just frittering it away? Hoping and waiting for the next thing to come along, to be showing you where your path is, where you are going to go etcetera and etceteras. You can wait until you return to the grave and go back Home to Spirit. WAKE UP! You are on your journey Now. You don't waiting for it, you are doing it right now! So stride out with your head held high and with your back straight and breathe deeply and have confidence that you are moving in the direction you are going to move.

I tell this little one just very recently that this one was going to mayhap have to look at the attitude of life and that this one may have to consider even wiping the behind-self of old peoples. Did I not?

Mmm. Which I will be doing next week.

Songee: Because it all comes down to being of service wherever you need to be, everything you do in your life, every little thing, it is for Oneness not for your own gratification, not for your own pleasure entirely although you will get pleasure however when you get pleasure offer some of it to Oneness. Oneness very often gets given all the bad things and never gets given any of the good things. You know!

'Oneness I have got the troubles. I don't know what to do. Oh my heart is breaking. Oh I am so sad. Oh I feel so ill. Oh I have no coin-of-life. Will you help I?'

(Lots of laughter.)

No food.

Songee: That's right. How often do you when you are in your state of joy and ecstasy, in any situation say, 'Oneness wonderful. Thank you for this blessing. Have some, it's wonderful, feels good.'

Yes I do that Songee.

Songee: Remember to do it every time because Oneness rejoices with you. When you rejoice Oneness rejoices and the more you rejoice the more that Oneness can send the Power to you to rejoice some more, even in your times of trial there can be a rejoicing. Perhaps not all the time however there will be little moments of rejoicing in between. How many times do you see somebody who is feeling very, very grieve-ed and sad about something in their life and yet they have the ability that although there may be tears coming out of their eyes and down their face that something comes to them to their hearts that makes them laugh even as they cry because they can see and feel a little absurdity perhaps in something that has either just been sayed or something that has just passed through their own mind so that they will still smile through their tears. This is what I am saying when I say that Oneness can give you the joy back even in your grief and your sadness of your trials. So it is not just about saying No, although that is part of it, standing up for yourself is very important. There mayhap been other things that you needed to face within you, your fears. Is that right? So this is all part of it and what it is that you are having to do.

Now in the days to come, I have sayed to you before, you are now on your journey. Journey well, journey with Love, talk to Oneness all the time talk to Oneness. You don't have to talk out loud otherwise some peoples might look at you and wonder whether or not you have got all your, all your birds flying correctly in your mind. So you mayhap like to just talk to Oneness quietly and talk to Oneness as you would talk to your friend or your lover, you know, your partners of life. Oneness is there to hear whatever you need to say even when you're cross. Ask Oneness about the things that are puzzling you just as you would say to somebody, 'Well I don't quite know is happening here. I have got this happening and that happening, and so and so is happening and so on and so forth. I don't know which one I am going to do. How I am going to do it and I know I am suppose to not worry about it however I am worrying about it. So would you please show I which is the right door and if you can't show I which is the right door just now send me something that will comfort I while I am waiting.' And that is what will happen. You will get something. You will get the comfort while you are waiting to know where it is you are meant to go.

And so you will find that you will go through these little hills and valleys and hills and valleys of emotion over the coming weeks of your earth. And I say weeks because it is only going to be weeks and it is going to be very swift. And then after that it is all going to move very rapidly towards the sun.

There is going to be a time of your Earth, what is your earth months?


Songee: You are going to have a time when the Dark Energies will rise to the surface of the planet in your month, in the middle of your timing of your year. J...


Songee: June.

One month's time.

Songee: That is so. And again in your eight month.


Songee: Eight and nine months you are to have this. And when this comes be aware that you are going to have the down-side-up. That is when your down-side-ups are going to be very powerful. Turn you all the other way. Whatever has been going along smoothly - forget it! It will be as though you have hit a great rock and everything will do this. So don't be surprised, I am giving you preparation for it. Be prepared for it when it happens to you.

The Darkness

Be aware also that it will pass because the Light is dominant, and the Light is going to come up and have Power once more. It is natural in the cycle of things for the Power of Darkness to come up and the Power of Light to have ascendancy and push it back down.

This is the cycle. It is the cycle of nature and you cannot escape it. It is not something that you can say, 'I'm not going to believe in the Dark Force. I'm not going to have anything to do with it. It doesn't exist.' There are many things that Songee hears human-kinds saying and whispering, and attempting to convince themselves that there is no Dark Energy. Sometimes you hear it being sayed that the Dark Energy only lies within the minds and heart of human-kinds.

That's right I have heard that.

Songee: How do you feel about that? How do you feel about it?

I don't feel that's true.

Songee: What about anybody else?

Well how did it get there? Where did it come from to get there?

Songee: The potential is within you. The potential for temptation is within you. You are not inherently Dark beings. You are inherently beings of Light. So when the Darkness comes into you it is there because it has been whispered in your ear into your fears, your insecurities. All those manner of things are where your dark shadow side starts to come into being.

I have speak to you before of one very good example and I am not going to dwell on it very much because I have done it before at another speakings with you. The best example I can give you of the Dark Energy using beings of Light in a destructive fashion, is in your history of your peoples where torture and maiming and destruction is done upon the bodies of other human-kinds in the name of their faith. And it's still...

End of side one


Songee: So, be aware that this part of you is alive and well and living today in each and every one of you. All your fears, all your insecurities, everything. And part of the trials of your life are for to learn how to face them, how to let go of them, how to learn to trust. Sometimes it is difficult to learn to trust at the same time as having to honour something that Oneness wants you to do in another area of your life. Mayhap you have to raise the standard of justice, you know, and fight the good fight of justice. Like Jeanne d'Arc2 did face the justice for the peoples, you know, however that one was also doomed to not being able to complete and be honoured. There was going to be a termination of the life, the earth life that did not match the spirit power and the spirit zeal of fighting for justice. And yet although there may have been doubts and fears and all manner of things about the outcome of the campaign for justice there is no doubt or fear in the Soul regarding the faith and the trust in the process of what is to come.

And this is a duel way of living. It is not an easy way to be and sometimes the Soul can feel as though it is being torn in two. This is also is part of the lessons of life. Part of the demonstrations, sometimes that a Soul will undergo this trial to show others how it's done. Jesus came to show you how it was done. And there are other Souls that have come at the bidding of Oneness and Jesus to show you also how it is done. And these you will encounter in your life.

And do not get lost in the shows of humanity because the people are human. They are going to have the same feelings that you have, the same despairs that you have and yet although that is manifesting on one level, on another level it doesn't exist. There is complete trust, complete faith that everything is going to be as it is meant to be whatever it is. In the event that the life is to be lost, So Be It. In the event that the battle is to be lost, So Be It. In the event that the battle is to be won, So Be It. The faith will not be waivered by it. So you have this duality of things happening. It is easier for those of you that have come with the stars4 to allow for this duality of life.

Is that so Wise One?

That's what happened to me.

Songee: It is easier to be the Magician than to juggle things when you have been given this life. It is not so simple for those who have not got this very strong in their path of their life. It depends on where it is for you in your life. Is that not so? (Silence)

Songee: You know of what I am speaking I am speaking now about the Heavens and about the movement of the Heavenly Bodies.

I would much prefer to be a Scorpion than a Gemini any day. Gemini's have a lot of bother. They drive me crazy.

(Some discussions take place.)

Songee: Mayhap you would like to have a count up among yourselves to who is what and what is so.


Songee: What are you?

A Scorpion.

Songee: What are you?

(Everyone says what their star sign is.)

Songee: Is that not fascinating. Now what else would you like to know? You don't want to know anything mayhap I get you to do some work.

We haven't got the work things here Songee...

Songee: I make for you to do work no matter what! Songee got an inkling that is not needing for this.

Looking at Ourselves

Songee I'm sure that at the beginning you said that we were having times of Light but you talked about the time when the Dark Energy...

Songee: Oh that is right. It is the time of Light, that is so. However the cycles are such that the Darkness will come up to the surface from time to time. However because it is predominantly a time of Light, the Darkness will not stay for very long. This means that your down-side-ups won't last very long because the Light will come and send them back down again.

Are we right in feeling that at the moment it is actually easier to get rid of those little dark bits, by going wheee, rather than battle, battle, battle, battle? It's almost like the path, that is the path of mischief...

Songee: You have to be very sure that when you blow them away you are not blowing away something that you need to find out about yourself. Remember that the shadow side will always come to teach you something. You can use the shadow side to learn something valuable for yourself without becoming dominating by it, without becoming...

Falling in the hole.

Songee: That's right. So use it when someone comes to you and says, 'I'm fed up with the way you do this thing all the time. All time you keep saying these things. You say you are going to do something and then you don't do it. You are not consistent. You are this you are that.' Mayhap you do not know how you are all these things. Mayhap you believe you are absolutely perfect.

(Much laughter.)

Songee: You know? And then suddenly along comes somebody very angry and gives you a piece of their own mind and lets you see a reflection of how they see you and how they experience you. And then you have to say to yourself, 'Well, mayhap there is some truth in this, I had better look at this.'

Now it may be that this person is very angry, and so they have just passed onto you a lot of their anger and their own dissatisfaction with their own being, they're reflected something within themselves to you, and also they are reflecting something of you from within them, they are reflecting it back to you.

So you don't have to say to yourself, 'Well this is terrible. I am so terrible.' You can say to yourself. 'Well mayhap I been very terrible, that's interesting that this person sees I in this light.' And then start to examine all the things that you have done over your life that may have led to this image that this one has of you. And be truthful, be honest because you will find that there will be some truth in it. And then you can say it to whoever it was whether they are with you or whether they speak to them through spirit link, you say 'Well I looked at all that you said and I can see some of the truth of what you said and thank you because it has helped I to see who or what I truly am. Thank you.' And with that you will release yourself and become free from whatever it was that was given to you.

Remember that when this happens there is always something you can learn about yourself. And always remember you are a being of Light and when you are feeling at your most low and you believe that you are abandoned, that you are indeed a terrible person that the Karma you have is so awful for your life that you must have been truly a dreadful Soul to have all these terrible dreadful things happening to you, along will come someone or something that will be like a little ray of sunshine, that will shine on you and say, 'You're beautiful and Oneness loves you exactly as you are with all your faults and failings and you are beautiful and Oneness wants you to still do your work for Him and Her. You know?

Oh yes.

Songee: And it may only be one little thing that someone will say, it mayhap even be one of the creatures that are around you, one of the little people that could come and do this thing for you, bring you some joy.

Everything you do you can do with two feets on the ground, big deep breath (Everyone breathes in then Songee breathes out) and get ready to do your workings. Everything is simple. It just seems very complex sometimes.

Now, have you got any other questions?

Others Change by our Example

Songee there is a lots of fighting and yelling and stuff at my work place at the moment. I have been asking for channelled Healing Energies. Is there anything else that I can do?

Songee: Are you asking before you go?


Songee: And when you get to this place and these shoutings are happening what is happening for this to take place? Is it happening before you get there or happening when you do get there?

Ah I'm not sure. When I get there...

Songee: What you will find there is a lot of anger and resentment and a lot of depowerment happening. And the peoples do not know how to manage this. They do not know how to change it. So you have to start teaching them how to change it. Not by saying do this, do that, do some other thing. Just by being there, being. Be the Light, be the example, speak without using the words that you have been taught. No 'should' 'shouldn't'. Use other words instead of 'think'. Never use 'why'! And you will find that it will begin to change. One will start to become empowered, that one then you can reach and teach about the words. And you can say, 'How does it feel when these words are shouted at you? What does it feel like?' and get them to learn to feel for themselves and to make contact within their being about these things and when you reach one and that one then starts to change and to grow and stop using the words then the ripples will spread. That don't have to give the teach to the other peoples they just live it and be it, and changes will happen around them. You know.

So live it and be it! You have a very silly wordings that says 'walking walk and talking talk'.

It's horrible.

Songee: And everybody is very, very let it trip off the tongue like this, so simply and nobody really does it. Part of the doing is changing yourself. Your own being and being a Beacon of Light for others that need to learn from you.

When you see somebody that looks beautiful, it may be that within your being you don't feel so beautiful. Look at the one that is beautiful and ask yourself, 'What is it about this person that I find so beautiful?' Mayhap it is the eyes, mayhap it is the way they put their locks of hair, mayhap it is the way they are wearing their skins4, you know. Look at this, look at what it is that you like, then look inside and see what it is you like about them inside. And then take the bits that you like the most, that would suit you and copy it! Copy it. This is a Beacon of Light for you. Copy it.

Too often you copy the bad one, you follow that which is not so bright because that is what everybody says it has to be this way, and you don't resonate with it however you do it because everybody else says you have to do it this way. Mayhap you have to wear skins that are very precise, you know, and you can perhaps be told that you have to wear these skins that are very precise however you can find something else that is not so precise, that perhaps reflects who you are, and what you are, and attach it to the skins. You know.


Songee: Or you can change how you wear your locks of hair. You can change your face from being sombre to smiling even when you don't feel like it. Smile, be sweet, smile. Not nasty, not to be nasty, this is to come from the heart. You may not feel like smiling because you are not having a very nice day. Mayhap you have had an argument with Oneness, you know, however you are still doing Oneness work so you have to smile and be loving to human-kinds and at all times.

Songee I am actually getting that a lot. My people telling me just to smile just by the sheer act, well sometimes I get a bit resistant of it but it by sheer act and feeling it changes things.

Songee: And it will help to break down your resistance also.

Yeah that's the one.


Songee: It works miracles. Anything else?

(No one speaks.)

Songee: So do this thing very slowly it will start to change. Just be. Don't attempt to change anything. Don't attempt to change anybody, just be, and it will start to change around you. Just be. Keep asking for healing energies for them and it will go to the one that needs to change first. There will be one that will come to you to change. You know.

Yeah. Thank you Songee.

(There is a silence as though Songee is waiting.)

The Hand of Peace

Songee: Ah. Not very long now. Would you like for the Hand of Peace to be placed over your loved one?

Thank you.

Songee: Because there is a lot of turmoil in the Soul. I will arrange for One to visit in the sleep and to bring a special gift that will bring peace to the Soul. And when this happens this Soul will depart peacefully. There will be a peaceful passing. Not long.

Substances we put in our bodies

I was talking to you just before time about the inhumanity that other human-kinds show to each other and this is the example I was giving to you before time of how the Dark Energies whisper in the Soul and cause those that believe themselves to be doing the work of Oneness, to manifest these dreadful things against other human-kinds. This has happened throughout your history and it is still happening now, so be aware that the Dark Energy does do this thing. It will work through seeming Beings of Light. Anyone who professes to be a Being of Light and yes they indulge in practises that are inherently destructive to themselves and other people, are not following the path of true Light. They are seduced by the Dark Energy whispering in the ear saying, 'It's alright, it's alright to do this thing, it's alright to travel this path. In this way you will gain enlightenment. You will gain more enlightenment than you ever had before.' And in this instance I am talking in particular about the substances of your Earth that you ingest into your body to create changes in your awareness. You know of which I am speaking? They cause damage.

(Some people are puzzled.)

Alcohol, marijuana, drugs...

Songee: Anything at all that you put into your body that is going to change, is going to do damage to you aura. Also to, you are living an illusion of being pure.

Now not everybody is able to shake off the contamination of using these substances of life. Sometimes they require assistance. However the best assistance that they can have is their faith and trust in Oneness. Oneness and their own People in Spirit will guide them, you know. When you offer yourself to be a Being of Light to the Power of Oneness then the Beings of Light that Oneness sends to work with you, your Doorkeeper and Guardian and all the Guides and Helpers that come to live with you, then these ones will assist you to change your habits. You must be open to let it happen. You know.

Now this can happen in a number of ways. However the most effective one is that whenever you use these things that are not good for you, you will become extraordinarily unwell. So unwell that every time you use them you start to eventually get the message - this is not good. And it takes a little while because you are not always very alert you know about this thing, and you have to be taught again and again and again so that each time you go to use these things you become more and more ill, more and more unwell. The more you resist it the more unwell you are going to get, especially when you have dedicated yourself to Oneness, this is the inevitable result. You will not indulge in these practices. Not because someone says to you, 'You are not going to do this anymore.' Or 'You are not allow to do this anymore.' Because as soon as somebody says that to you, you immediately say, 'Of course I am. I am going to do it I don't care what you say.' Is that not so? However this is not how it is. It is a natural progression. You will not be able to use the substances. You will become sick.

Scarring our Auras

How long does it take? Can the aura, can it be repaired? And how long does it take?

Songee: It depends upon how far down into the darkness of using the substances that the Soul has travelled. When the Soul has travelled deeply down into the Pit of Darkness with this then the scarring on the aura is very deep. And this lessens some of the flexibility of it. It doesn't take the aura away of course.

What damage do medical drugs do? I went through a period of my life where because of an illness I had I became a guinea pig for the medical fraternity to actually to give me this drug that drug that drug, supposedly to help me be better, however it didn't. What damage was done to my aura during that time? Or is this a totally different situation?

Songee: It is a little different in so far as the purpose that this was given was for healing not for destruction although there will be some scaring. This is natural because there was not a compatibility between the substance of earth and that which you - that the vibration that your body was in, so there was not a compatibility. So there was conflict. And with this you will get some small scarring in the aura. And usually you get these around the areas of the disturbance that is within the physical body. So supposing it is in the heart then you will have some scarring in the aura around the heart region and so on and so forth.

Can the Dark Energy come through that sort of scarring?

Songee: In that area there is weakness however when the healing energies are channelled to those areas they can be momentarily strengthened. The aura does not completely heal itself until you return to Spirit at the end of the journey of your life.


Songee: It is like your physical body, you travel through your life in your physical body, you get bumps and scrapes and so on and so forth do you not, and they stay on your body, the marks. You know. It is the same with the aura, when you do something that will stay on your aura and as such it is either very thick and so it doesn't let the energies flow very well or it is very thin and other things can get in that you don't want to get in. It is the same, the same truth applies you know to both.

So those that are indulging in these things when you offer yourself to Oneness be aware that the process is to wean you off your addiction.

And it's amazing. Even so called normal things. Tea, coffee...

Songee: And you don't have to plan it. You don't have to work at it.

No. It just happens.

Songee: You just start listening and being truthful to yourself, you know, about the difficulties you are experiencing in your body as a result of your doing these things. You want to reach somebody that is indulging in these things be a Beacon of Light for them and do it without using these substances. You will be surprised at how much enjoyment you can get without the use of these substances. When you are filled with the Ecstasy of Light you don't need any other kind of ecstasy. Do you. You can be filled to over flowing with the joys of life, the joys of the energy of Spirit. And you do it by breathing, by giving yourself to Oneness, by opening yourself up to it, not constricting yourself like this. Is that not right? Not constricting yourself.

I think I am being picked on.

(Much Laughter.)

I went through last year for about 4 months I was different antibiotics cos I had a moment when I hurt my back slightly and I was quite ill for quite awhile and they had to drain it all away. Would that have scarred my aura?

Songee: That is right it does this thing, it leaves a mark in the aura.

What about xrays? Do they do damage?

Songee: Moment please.


Songee: Now I see, I understand. I needed to have a look and see what you are talking about. I not know this thing. That is where you have a light that pass through inside the body and you see all the frame, that right? You see the walking about bits. Bits that join you together. That right?



Songee: The bones. When this light passes through it does not damage the aura because it is on a particular energy, vibration that allows it to pass through matter. So it does not do damage. In the event that this were to be of a prolonged duration and you become irradiated then yes it would definitely scar the aura. However you are subject every moment of your waking life and sleeping to radiation. It is all round you. It is passing through your now, all these energies. So don't be concerned about those.

Food Sensitivities

Songee what about asthma, allergies to things that are generally benign, milk (?). It seem increasingly prevalent that people are saying my being won't tolerate this pollen, this flower, this other entity that we have lived with and coped with for millions of years.

Songee: You have to look deep inside the organism of the one that is speaking these words because you will usually find that there is a disharmony within them that goes deeper than just the reflection of it on the surface.

Its increasing, getting more and more...

Songee: That is right because the peoples are retreating, they are retreating, they are running away from life, running away from the world in which they live in. It is too much for them it goes too fast, it is too loud, it is too busy, it has too much information coming at them all the time and something in the organism breaks down and says, 'I have had enough. I want to get out of this. I want to get out because I don't like that anymore. I want to get out of it because I don't like that anymore.' It is the body and the Soul crying for help.

Even with asthma?

Songee: This one was talking about where Souls are becoming...


Songee: ...intolerant, that is it, of substances of life that ordinary peoples would be able to tolerate...


Intolerant to wheat, everything.

Songee: However you have also got to look at the information that you are being given. This is not new thing. You know. Nothing is new. It is just as more people are getting to know about it and so more people are starting to feel this is a good thing to have, it's a good excuse for I not to do this thing.

I don't think so.

I had some flat mates that were allergic to...

I don't think it is an excuse for anything.

However there is a chosen misaim business as well.

Songee: Moment, moment... Now you are saying you have this thing? Speak about it.

I had a heart attack twelve months ago. I ended up with asthma I suppose it is, and my intolerance to lots of things is quite shocking and I don't enjoy one bit, and I get to the stage where I just cannot breath. And it's not psychosomatic. I lot of times...

Songee: Oh I'm not saying that it is this thing, you know. I am not saying this thing that you have is in your mind. It definitely happening in your body. Your body is reflecting something that your Soul is feeling, that is what I am saying. I not discounting what you have. I am not discounting that you are experiencing these things. That is your truth that is what is happening for your life. However when this happen to you, when you cannot breathe so well and something comes to you, ah and it makes you not be able to breathe so well, what else is happening in your life at that moment perhaps? Just ponder on it for a moment. And say to yourself, 'Am I feeling as though I am being over burdened? I am feeling, I cannot breathe.' Cannot breath is what? Suffocation. Suffocation is what?


Songee: Overwhelmed, smothered, too much of something, you know, this is what I am saying. So there is too much of something happening in your life. Mayhap it is too much grief, mayhap it is too much worry, mayhap it is too much bad food to eat. You know? That's what I am saying. Look at it, look into it a little more deeply when this happens because what is happen now is your body is now giving you an ultimatum. It is saying 'Wake Up! This is happening, you got to listen to I now, once and for all. Time for ignoring I is over. You cannot ignore I anymore. I am not going to let you. Every time you do something I not like I am going to make it so you cannot breathe.' And this is the communication that is unwritten, it is between your Soul, your body and the expression that your body is bringing out.

And that is the same for the people that you are talking about. There is something happening. Talk about this.

I am interested because there are so many people that I know and respect greatly who seem to be travelling, I don't know if I can say they are travelling the same path as me, but whose lives I am holding a lot of respect are developing, or have developed over the past few years, intolerance to dairy foods, intolerance to wheat products and are, I have at some stage felt quite inadequate because I am not intolerant to something. Or that I'm not sensitive in my...


To noticed that in fact I am wheat intolerant, I may well be but I am just not noticing because I am not that aware of my body. I don't know whether they are in fact aware of their bodily functions and are noticing these intolerances and are doing something about them. And I am just sailing on regardless and not actually honouring my own body enough to have noticed that I am intolerant of these things that we ought to be intolerant to. But there is something in me also saying well hang on you have got, the Universe is providing...

End of side two


...I feel about vegetarians sometimes all these people that are standing there...


...Aren't I good enough then, you know I would have done anything for you but I wasn't good enough was I you have to go and have that experience. But that I don't know Songee please shut me up...

Songee: I am going to say to you, what you are saying is a little bit of both. Part of you is yes you are not yet sensitive to your body's needs and requirements, you are not all time listening - that is true.

However these others peoples are also learning to be sensitive to their body's need and are learning about them however you are also correct that there are all these beautiful foods around for you to ingest into your bodies and to feed you and nourish you and you ought to be able to take them into your body in safety. However there is another side to this and that is that human-kinds have been tampering, tampering for many, many, many, many moons and now what you have is not what you had in the beginning. It has been changed, it has been altered and now what you get is not all time pure as it could be. You have substances that are put into substances to make it not do something or to make it do something else, so on and so forth. Those that are consuming - what is this thing - butter, you say butter...

Dairy products, cow's milk products...

Songee: What was the cow eating? What was the cow feed upon? What was the energy of life that was surrounding the cow and nourishing it? Was the man looking after it kind, or was it just a business? You know.

But more so talking about milk, milk has change over the years the way it has been produced...

Songee: That is right.

...It's not milk anymore it is just, I don't know what it is, not milk.

Songee: You want to have the fats to put on your bread of life.

Stops the bread getting soggy.

Songee: What you have to do is to get the milk that is pure and separate it, make it yourself.

We can get organic butter can't we surely.

(There is a lots of people talking amongst themselves.)


Songee: Ponder on this for a moment. Because you have got on your place of living this big, beautiful Planet, you have built great buildings where are contained within it massive energy sources of radiation. The radiation although it is contained has not all time been contained and on occasion it has escape. Now this circulates all around in your atmosphere. Now, I hear being sayed that it disperses and it is not concentrated, that is true, however take for example - remember I tell you about truths, truths stand the tests of time, you can apply them to one thing, to another, to another, to another. Take for example the energies, the vibrational energies of the plants - what you call this Little Mother?


Songee: That's it. This works on the vibrational energy of the plant, of nature, Mother Nature, each of these, growing. And these plants are then prepared and then they are put into a substance and then something is done to them. And one drop5 is taken out and put very carefully into another bit of substance that something else is done to it, and then one drop of that is taken out and put into another bit of substance and so on and so forth. And you get to the last bit and you say, 'My goodness how much of that is actually left in there...'

There is none.

Songee: ...There is nothing left there of the original thing in there.


The energy...

Songee: The energy and that is how it is that the same law applies to the radiation in your atmosphere. Although it has dispersed and gone into a greater space what has happened is the energy of it has got stronger. Not less. Stronger and you are all subject to it. Everything, all life of the Planet is subject to it. Cannot have one law for one thing and not apply to anything else. You know. This is the truth.

So look at this way as well. So there are many truths tied up in what you were saying. So yes you can learn to be more sensitive youself for things of your life however don't beat yourself up and say that you are not any good, because that is not true. Mayhap you need to be sensitive to some other things of your life rather than these things perhaps you need to be more sensitive to substance of life.

What are these people that are living this wonderful life, do they indulge into substances of life? Do they use other substances of life for making themselves happy? They would be better served to be more sensitive to giving those things up and learning to tolerate...

Strengthen the whole system...

Songee: That's right.

... by not poisoning them anymore.

Songee: That's right. It's already been weakened and they are not making it any better by doing these other things. The other things are scarring the body and they are contributing to the intolerance, you know. And you are not responsible for that, they are responsible for that. You will find that where ever these substances are being used there will be an intolerance in the body somewhere. When you take too much of this smokings into your body your, your breathing, you lungs don't work so good. Your heart does not like it. Your stomach does not like it. Your lower stomach does not like it. It might feel good but the body goes yuck. You know. So be sensitive to that rather than worrying about the other things.

And as for the little (?piggies) waiting for you...


Honouring the Food we eat

Oh I do like those pork...


And looks like it has been embalmed. Weird.

It's awful...

Songee: That is right...

If we treat them like that they will treat us badly.

Songee: You need to learn the animals are there to teach you, so you learn to treat them with kindness, with love, with respect, with honour. So that when one is given, given its life for you to be nourishment for you, you say thank you. You honour it.

Just deserts really that if we are dishonouring them that whole process actually dishonours us through the way that we...

Songee: And just remember as I have sayed to you before - those of your that don't like this you might like to put your fingers in your ears like this - that all things have got a Energy of Light attached to them and as such have an understanding of Spirit, not in the same intellectual way that you have, however they do have a connection. If may be more primitive than yours however is still exists. So that when you cut a plant, when you drop into a cabbage, it will scream! That's the truth. So those of you that don't like that put fingers in your ears. It is something you have to learn to get to live with that. You cannot say, 'I not going to eat meat, I only going to eat vegetables because eating meat is bad because you are not suppose to eat flesh.'

When you eat the vegetables you are still eating flesh, a different sort of flesh, not a (?) flesh, you are eating a vegetable flesh. It's still a flesh...

Its alive too.

Songee: And its alive. And it is more alive than when you kill the animal and you eat it. Because when you eat the vegetables very often you eat them straight as they are so you are eating them alive.

Apparently when you break and egg the other eggs in the fridge scream in sympathy.

Songee: That's right.

They are a flock even before they are born.

So we must honour them.

Songee: So you must honour them. Honour them, honour everything whether it is vegetable...

I put the chickens to bed the last couple of nights and as I carried them into their bed - because I am using their eggs - I said thank you very much for your eggs, chickens.

The Body Managing Illnesses

Songee I have noticed in, being in psychiatry, that when a person is unwell, like they may have a physical ailment, what I notice is when you are unwell their metal instability is the one that comes first where as the physical, they don't even notice like say they may even have asthma that doesn't get aspirated when they have a mental illness. Whereas once they become stable then they start getting the asthma. I have notice it.

Songee: What it is you are curious about?

I don't know.

Songee: It is because the psyche can only focus on one trauma at a time. And when the metal instability is at its worst it effects the Soul so deeply that the Soul has to focus all its energies upon that and everything else has to just be put to one side for a while. It is not common for someone to have more than one illness in their body at the same time. It does happen, it's not usual. Usually you have one illness it is predominant and other things will come along after as the one gets better and improves the others will start to come along.

The child that gets sick with the spots on the body, it doesn't get the spots, its gets grumpy. It gets really grumpy and cross, and it gets tired and wants to sleep all the time and has no energy and everything is a great trouble to them. And then they start they can't see properly because their eyes are hurting. And so it goes on for a while and then they start to feel better. Their eyes don't hurt so much, they don't feel so grumpy. In fact they start to get very excited and very full of life and energy and the Mother goes, 'Oh oh my goodness.' And then you look and there are all the spots, all over! You know? And then the spots come out and the child feels wonderful. And then the child starts to itch, like this. And then starts to complain about the itching and scratching and becomes irritable again. So this has to be sorted out. The process goes this way you don't have the one, you don't have the first part and the middle part and the last part all together as one, straight away. Doesn't happen.

You don't usually get a sickness in your liver and at the same time get a cold in your head, and at the same time get a disease in your water works.

The body couldn't survive. It could not maintain homeostasis, and it would become life threatening.

Songee: It would be very sick, very sick indeed were that to happen. So the body has a way of managing this and what it does it says, 'You not so bad you can wait, you not so bad you can wait, you're pretty bad let's get on with it.'

That's the one thing at a time theory. I like that.

Songee: That's right. That's how it is. Does that answer your question?

DNA of the Soul

I have something I don't understand with being away for a couple of weeks. I listened to the tapes and it's about the DNA in the body and what I understood off the tape to be that the Soul also carries its own DNA and You talked at that time about the DNA in the Soul, if I have grasped it correctly, being spheres of Light. Is that, have I grasped that right?

Songee: That is right.


Songee: This is in the body you have spheres of light that you call this the DNA which is the memory of your ancestors of which I speak to you before time.

Ok so you are talking about Physical ancestors, in the physical form so the DNA that the Soul carries I can't get that together with the body. Does it overshadow the DNA in the physical form?

Songee: Oh no, no, no. This is the Light. Everyone of you is made up of Light. Light spheres that move and turn. Were you to look very closely they are all like little suns. You have a name for this on your Earth do you not?


Songee: That's right.

So these at atoms in the Soul itself?

Songee: That is right.

Right OK.

Songee: The same principles that are here are the same as there and it is in another dimension. So you have all these little suns, you know. They make up one big light that is you. And the history, the memory of your Soul that is tied up in the essence of all those Lights is there with you and was part of Oneness when you were one together.

So all those spiritual DNA carry all the knowledge that the Soul has gained throughout its whole destiny up to that point?

Songee: Through all its different life times.

Right now I got it. OK.

Songee: That make sense to you now. Just as your physical body now that is sitting here now in this place of living you have got inside your blood all the memories of all your ancestors riding around inside you.


Luckily we don't know.

Ecstasy Meditation

Songee: What is your earth time?

We got five minutes.

Songee: Just time for some ecstasy. Is that not so?

Now mayhap you would like to make for all these to be gathered up safely and put where it can look beautiful somewhere else.

Maybe on the table.

Songee: So that you have it. You are going to need to make certain that all the things that are around on the floor are all gone. You mayhap have to make sure all your seatings are all gone so you have lots of places. Time for the ecstasy.

What sort of music would you like?

Songee: Oh let us have Peoples of the Earth.

I've got two Peoples of the Earth, which one would you like?

Songee: The blue one.

All right.

Songee: Number twenty. Is that right? Are you ready?

So, oh this is no good. This is no good.

(There is lots of background talking and noise.)

Songee: You can't play when you are holding things in your hand. Everybody journeying, what's happening?

You want to hear it?

Songee: Of course get ready, close your eyes, deep breath of life.

(The Music plays - There is a Dream - track 20 and Passage to The Mother - track 21.)

Music: "There is a Dream" and "Passage to the Mother" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

The group are all standing and moving to the music.

During the second track of music Roberta-Margaret is back with us.

1. The Great-She-Bear. All these stories can be found on www.songee.co.nz in Songee's Chestnuts.
And Book Five - at this link: Finding the Light when walking Dark Paths
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2. Jeanne d'Arc. We must suppose Songee is talking about Joan of Arc. It sounds like Songee says John Dark. In our research we found the pronunciation of d'Arc was often Dark.
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3. Stars in their life. Songee may be meaning the astrological sign we are born under.
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4. Skins - Clothes.
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5. Drop - Songee is explaining the method of Homeopathic succussion. This is how the different potencies are made.
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