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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Dimensions'.
A Teaching from Songee 25th May 2000


Dancing the Healing Energies
Earth Changes
Different Dimensions
Dimension of Fairy
Being Strong in our Power
The Dimensional Yous
Evolved Souls in the 7th Dimension
Is visualisation the same as Meditation
Do Angels have Souls?
In the Beginning...

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The aromas for this evening were oil of Clary Sage with Sandalwood incense. The meeting was held at the Pt Chevalier venue in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Songee had encouraged the guests present to say their name and what did they learn this week. Many of the answers were very personal and were not recorded at the time. The Poem of The Crystal Light of Love was spoken to the gathering.

Someone asked Songee a question about what was the reason a bee had been bothering them -

Songee: When they come and fly so close to you like you have say-ed then it is because you are not listening to what they are saying to you. You have to stand still and you have to say, "Little ones what is the message that you have for I?" And wait for the answer. It is something very important or they would not be willing to give up their lives so readily for it, would they? Is that right? So take a lesson from this you know.

What else is there, anything else? I am not going to go fishing.

I have a question - I went to drop of a camera back to my brother today and he'd...

Songee: Moment...

The camera - we are filming last night's class, but...

Songee: Oh, moving pictures. I am getting good at this.

That's the one. And I went to drop the camera back to my brother's place because we'd loaned it from him and he had this situation where one of his dogs had been sick throughout his house. Now I mentioned to C about this and she said that something else was happening other than what he perceived was happening and I was wondering as I did not quite understand it, um what was actually going on there?

Songee: The Creature have eating something inside that is not good. Um... How say I this? Too rich.

Too retch?

No the food was too rich.

Songee: Too rich to take inside for this creature.

Oh OK.

Songee: And also too disharmonies around.

Within that environment?

Songee: That's right.

Is there anything I can do in this situation because I have a feeling I don't really like being there anyway. When I have been there I have and a lot of, I really have to focus to hold my own energy, to hold it strong and to do my best to channel in it. What can I do to assist them?

Songee: First of all - and this is truth for everybody, when you go anywhere to do anything you don't go like this, you don't even go like this, (Songee is holding the arms folded over the chest and the body in a closed manner) you go like this (now Songee has the body and arms open) and your heart, your soul, everything like this. Feel it. Stand up, up to your feet! Hands down your side. What you doing putting this like this, oh look at this, oh not good.

Come. So first of all close your eyes, and you put your head down a little bit and bring your hands and you are like this (Body is now in a closed position) - now feel what it is like, feel the energies. Now keeping your head down, putting your hands like that and feel it, the energies. Feel it? Now keep your eyes closed and lift your chin up and open up and lift you head up to the heavens. Feel it. Feel it as it moves around. Can you feel it? Different is it not?

(Everyone is standing up doing as Songee requests. Someone made some comment unheard on the tape but everyone including Songee laughed.)

Songee: You can come back. Everybody do this thing. Be like this first of all, feel it this way, feel how closed you are even though you are channelling energies, feel it. And then put your hands down by your side and feel that. And now for this. Feel it?

(Many comments are made as the guests all posture and laugh.)

Songee: Feel it big stretchings, feel that beautiful energy flow, that's the attitude that you need to have when you go to this place, before you even go there...


Songee: ...Do this thing. Feel it. Is it not beautiful. Wonderful. And this is how you can do your dancing. You can dance to your soundings like that.

Would you like some soundings?

Dancing the Healing Energies

Songee: Oh yes, let's have some soundings, very good. Oh beautiful. (As the music begins to play)

Songee is talking but it's hard to hear Her over the music - Hold it high and feel it.

And contemplate one person that you know who needs the healing energy ... and as you do so let them flow down to that person... carry them up ... let your imagination ... and send it out over the Universe ... and to that person ... and those who require the light ... beautiful ... dance ... and let your heart sing ... and send the light to all the souls wherever they are ... and all those who have gone beyond into spirit ... they are all here all the very many that have gone before you, all dancing with you ... enjoy ... and give your love and your energies ... and angel's wings ... So Be It

So you night like to sit down and have a little rest after all the giving out. Did you feel it? The giving out?


Songee: How did you feel?

Wonderful, I felt as though I was making connections to the person I was remembering in my heart, on the earth, and the person in spirit that I was also remembering - and these two people were a pair and they were separated and I could feel them coming together.

Songee: Beautiful. What about anybody else? What did you feel? Because this is about feeling you know, not about 'thinking'. It's about what's in your heart. Feel it.

I felt love. And I felt more connected to myself.

I have had good feelings all day. It was B's birthday. During the morning we went to an old ladies place and another lady was sick lovely people and we went out for lunch and I was holding my grandson, five weeks old while his mother was going around the shop getting stuff. So it was wonderful energy all afternoon and tonight we come here to do this and we held hands and danced and I can feel the love carrying me and the people I asked for was in other lands and I felt love going out to them.

I felt the energy and I saw grey and white moving around.

Songee: Very good. Has anyone got any questions about it?

When you are in your own place of living find yourself a beautiful sounding that makes you feel alive inside yourself. Get the sounding and make it loud so it resonates through all the cells of your body, you know? So that every cell of your body starts to vibrate and when you do this then you open yourself up in this way and you dance.

When can you do this? Anytime at all. You must learn to do it when you are celebrating certainly however you need to also learn to do it when you are in grief, when you are feeling lost and abandoned because this is going to help you to find yourself once more. To find your spiritual power and strength that lies deep within you, that for a moment you have lost touch with. You have not lost it, it has not gone away you, it is just that you have forgotten to look into it and to allow it to come out and blossom forth. So when you are feeling as though the bottom has fall out of your world, that it the most important time to remember to dance. It maybe that to begin with you will only close the eyes and just move the body like this, and as you move your body so you are going to move all the emotions that are inside it. They will begin to shift and turn until they come out, and that is when you need the help of the soft standing people, is that not right? (Songee is talking about tissues made from the trees.) The soft standing people to soak up where you leaking from here.

Oh you talking about Snowtex.

Snowtex and tears. I knew exactly what you were talking about.

Songee: The soft standing people. That's right, they are made out of the standing people and they are soft.

I was having all sorts of visions.

Songee: So you wave this with this and you keep dancing and you keep letting yourself, all this come out. And then slowly you will find that your arms will start to rise to the heavens and you will start to feel the power of light flowing through you. And then you breathe - I keep telling you this. (Songee is laughing) Breathe. Deep Breath of Life into here you know? Breathe deep, into here and then after a short moment or so then you can let it out. Haaaaa. Is that not so? And you will find that will then dry up all your tears, ah so, for that moment. Because don't imagine that it is going to, 'fix' everything in one go because it does not. You have to have more than one go at it. However that is one way you can do it.

Mayhap you have a small child that has got problems inside themself and they don't know how to say what is hurting them inside. Teach them how to dance this way. Find the soundings that they like and teach them to dance. It will take a few turns because childrens are innocence and they don't understand that they are going to be moving emotions inside, however you do, so you can watch and wait because when they dance this way they mayhap go to their sleep time and in their sleep time they will release themselves out of their bodies and go into spirit for a little while to journey on the dream spirals, and while they are there they will have to face their peers. So they mayhap wake up crying and upset because they have encountered the memory of something on the dream spirals. Does that answer your question?

So the childrens you know, are going to innocently find their absolution to their difficulties. You have to be wise because you are grown now and you have to be ready to put your arms around them and bring them comfort and love. Even childrens this big need love and arms around to hold them you know? And even childrens this big need them, is that not so? And even childrens this big.

We need lots of it.

Songee: Lots of it, much of it, that's right. All childrens of Oneness you all need this love around you, do you not? To enfold you and hold you close. Is that right? Don't forget Mumma. Even the big childrens need it.


What if they wake up screaming like from nightmares, you just hold them...

Songee: Hold them close. Let them talk about what it is they've seen on the dream spirals.

What if they can't explain it?

Songee: Then you just give them something else. You sing to them. Sing to them. Whatever comes from your heart, whatever song comes from your soul, sing to them. Soft, gentle, hold them, rock them, keep them safe. Show them that they are safe. And that is true of all childrens - small ones and big ones and in between ones - they need to have singing to them. And this rocking like this, is that not so?

Earth Changes

OH that's a long way from here. I have been giving it to you many moons past that there was going to be, Songee bring to the surface a new land, remember? That is how you are beginning to see this transpiring now. It is only just a baby, a small child being born on the surface and Songee give you this many, many moons past. Mayhap you will remember it. (No-one had spoken so it seems that Songee must have found this question.)

Well I am attempting.

Songee: Many, many moons past Songee gave this. Also about the planets that would be discovered in your... It was the same time I tell you this, that's right.

I knew there was going to be a planet but...

Songee: And everybody that was at the meet said, No that can't be so we know all the planets in this Universe. And Songee say, do you now? Two to be found yet.

That's right, I do recall that.

Songee: And you have found one, the other is yet to be found. You know?

We were asking questions about where we could go, am I recalling right? That this earth will be dissipated fully.

Songee: You were worried about the lands going beneath the oceans and the lands coming from the oceans up. And I say to you that this is going to be happening very soon. So that was not so many moons past, was it?

Your soon is not somebody else's soon. It is always very different.

Songee: Ah but Songee has no age you know. I have no time. So I am not bound by the laws of your time of earth.

Songee when you are looking at this Solar System and looking at other Solar systems do they ever mix together or do they always stay in their separate sort of space?

Songee: They are in their own separate place of being. They do not come together. Just as the dimensions do not come together they overlap each other however they do not join.

So like you are saying like you get one here and one here, you are saying that the planets of these two can cross within each other's area or bounds of the rotation of their path.

Different Dimensions

Songee: I give you an example. Where you are now, in another Universe - in another place there is another you. (Laughter) You know?

No I am not with you. I am not understanding at all.

Songee: And the other you is not aware of this you.


Songee: That you does not know of you.

Right. Keep going, keep going! Still very lost here. (Much laughter)

Songee: It is another dimension.

Are you meaning another solar system? Another place? Or another...

Songee: It is this place at a different dimension. And just as this happens so the different solar systems also overlap like this.

Its brilliant, fabulous. We got programmes on television that outline this stuff where actors play in...

Songee: Oh that is a bit stolen...

It's a big story but however...

Like Stargate?

Songee: They have taken, I'm looking in your head for this. They have taken a truth and they have twisted information, a story from it. Very clever. But remember...

But it gives an idea of how this thing happens. Because they have the one you moving through different dimensions and landing in the place where the other you is so both the yous are standing together. Talking to each other.

Songee: Except that for this to take place would be an anomaly and would not be able to be countenanced. It would be disrupt the flow of energy that you know as time. And you could not be able to comfortably exist in the same dimension as each other simultaneously. (?This would cause you), there would be conflict.

What do you mean by dimensions? Explain dimension?

Songee: Spirit is a dimension. You cannot see it unless you are in a certain state of awareness from this place, you know? Yet you can leave your body from this place and go out into the Universe and go beyond it into spirit, into no time.

Right. Which is what we do when we go to sleep, right.

Songee: That's right.

And meditation.

Songee: And when you are doing this, meditations ,you travel into that other realm. Songee talks about it - the other realm. The other world, you know? And also to the other world is the place of all things. The place of fairy, that's right - the dragon is a creature of fairy - remember. And so this creature lives in this dimension where is the dimension of fairy.

Dimension of fairy

Now the dimension of fairy is very close to the energy of the earth. And when conditions are correct and when they so desire it they can allow themselves to be seen, by you, on this earth, only they don't let this happen very often because they have been misunderstood in the past of your earth life. Maligned by many, feared by many and therefore maligned, and some have honoured them and yet not been able to show true respect. They get so excited they want to tell everybody and fairy don't like that. That don't like everybody to know all about them.

Somebody actually made a living picture about that, about the sisters and their story. And about how they got a camera and they took photos of it and those photos were used and everyone came to see them and the fairies took off, because of the way that they were being treated.

Songee: Just as the creatures of spirit will come to visit the child. And the child is innocent and open and is able to see and touch, like physical flesh, like this - you can touch the creature of spirit and it is warm and soft and has a heart beating and is alive. And then the grown up comes along and says, "Don't be silly, it's not there at all." And so the creature (Songee clicks the fingers) disappears like that and will not show itself while the non believer is there. Fairy and the creatures of spirit will very often only show themselves to the pure of heart - have you heard this thing? And this is because those that have grown, develop in themselves - doubt, fear. They start to be taught how to use their brains to 'think'. Nothing wrong with that, however when you want to learn how to meet fairy, (Songee laughs) then it is not so good. It gets in the way because you have been disciplined with these 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts' and all the rest of these words - to 'think' about something. And Songee is here to say to you now - It's alright to have those things you must use your intellect in your life, it is important. There is a place in your life to do that thing. However, when you use your intellect put it down in your result of your, cogitations! Put them down into here, your middle self and feel what is your answer - feel what is your truth. And then the next important step, is to speak it. To let it out.

Being strong with our Power

Now this does not mean that you let it out with a great bang! And you hurt somebody. You let it out gently, with kindness, with consideration, with love, with firmness and not aggression. And this is how you learn to speak the truth, the truth that is inside you at that moment. This then teaches you how to learn this steps, you know? It teaches you how to learn to both give and receive from others. It helps you to let down your resistance when you start to learn to speak your truth inside. Does it not?


Songee: You got to let the resistance down, you know? Is that not right? Let the resistance down, don't be so frightened. Start being strong with your power and not with your aggression. Start being strong with your love. That's where you will find that you get better results. And kindness and consideration will go very long way.

What is the story you have for your childrens, about - I say this story for you before time - about the mans walking down the road, you know, going on his busy-ness. And up above is the sun and the wind, and they having this big argumentations about who can make this man take his clothes off. You know the story?

No. (Everyone says no they never heard it before.)

Songee: And the wind blows, the wind says I can do it, I am strong and powerful, I can winding this creature and make him take this skins off. And blows and blows and blows. And the man is walking down the road and says to himself, "My goodness where did this wind come from? It is so cold." And he does this and wraps himself up closer and struggles through the wind. And then the wind stops blowing and says, "Well, I can do it, you certainly can't do it." And the Sun says, "On but I can do much better than that." And with that he steps up and he shines brighter and brighter, hotter and hotter. And the man walking down the road says, "Oh this is just too hot, I have got to take this skins off." And so he takes off the skins.

So anger is the wind mayhap in this story, aggression, resistance - all those manner of things. And love, and openness, firmness, strength, courage are the sunshine that will change something. You know? Uncover it.

Does that mean turning on the heat is going to achieve results? (Laughter as this is a play on words.)

Songee: Not quite the way I am looking inside you for this. Oh that is very naughty. That's too calculating. You have to do it with true heart, you know, then it will work. I know what you are looking at I can see - do it with true heart, it will do much.

What is another saying of wordings that you have of the earth? Faint heart never won fair lady, is that right?

That's right?

Songee: That right? So this is what you have to remember, sunshine in the heart.

(Lots of chatter in the background.)

D said it was before her time.

It was a good saying in the old days.

Songee: Oh... So... Beautiful. And this is one of the things the knights of old used to carry about for them. Is it not? To be champions, look after their ladies...

Sir Lancelot.

Songee: ...to take care of them. However now you have warrior women. You got warrior women now, this one is warrior women you know. This one knows how to, ya this is right, right.

(One of the guests does martial arts and Songee seems to be referring to her.)

Aren't you doing karate?

Songee: A warrior woman! So warrior women is perhaps is not needing all the time for a champion.

Amazon lady.

Songee: Nonsense! Nonsense - of course you do. You need the love, you need affection, and the mans need to be able to give this and know it's going to be received with love. Is that not so? So then there needs to be a balance does there not, between the two. And don't forget that mans also, need, sometimes to not have to be all time the warrior. Sometimes it is good for them to be able to have their woman be warrior for them sometimes. That is good thing. And womans make very good warrior, excellent warrior because you protecting your home, your childrens, your man of your life, your partner of life and so you have this strength like the tiger and you will defend with your life, and you don't do it mayhap exactly the same way as the man-kind do however it does not make you strength any the less. It is just different how you apply it. And sometimes the man-kinds need you to do this thing, do they not? You may not always agree with this however it works between you both ways so that you have balance.

My man always complains.

Songee: About what?

I am too assertive and too masculine, he says I'm too muscular...

Songee: So mayhap you are going to have to learn to balance.


Songee: You see his face. Look at his face. He does not like this balance idea. Oh no.

I learnt a long time ...

Songee: You don't have to give it up.

Feel that's what I feel, you know...

Songee: No you don't have to give up. You can just learn to balance it with softness from moment to moment. You have an excellent example with the Little Shaman, you know? This Little Shaman is beautiful gentle soul.

Oh I know. I wondered how...

(Little Shaman is the son of the person who is talking.)

Songee: When there is something good copy it. Remember I say this to you before, when you see something really excellent copy it, copy the nature. You like mayhap that somebody is very devout in their faith and you wish that you could be so. Find out how they feel about their faith, find out about what it is that makes them feel so joyess and reverent about their faith and then look to yourself and ask yourself - can you copy this for yourself, in your own way? It doesn't matter what Facets of the Diamond you follow, when you look at how some one person is, mayhap you would like it for youself, for the strength it is going to give you. Is that right? And so you copy it. You know, copy it. The good things, not the bad things, not the smart things. Not the things that are going to cause irritation, hurt, aggravation. These things you don't copy. This is not clever, this is very, very dangerous. Not dangerous because you are going to, mayhap bring down the house around your ear. It is going to do a greater damage to you, to your Soul, and to your psyche. Not to anything or anybody else, you are the only one that will be hurt by it. Not anybody else. It that not so? (Songee speaks very softly and with very serious intent. Everyone is very silent) is it not?

I totally agree.

Songee: Now... (Songee takes in a deep breath and breaths it out.)

Children are such wonderful teachers.

Songee: Because they are innocent.

The Dimensional Yous

Can we return to the beginning of the conversation because somewhere along the way I lost the plot. If there is a duplicate H somewhere and what forms the duplicate H?

Songee: In the same form. Just not being seen by your eyes in this Universe.

So is this only come about when H is sleeping and her soul is elsewhere?


Songee: ...important question, certainly. What you will find is that - Ah how can I, how can I give you this? I have it. Where are these things that you put the skins on the feet? I have them.

Ah the socks.

Songee: Very good. This is the Soul you know? This is the soul inside this one. And then in the other Universe the same Soul is able to move the skin of the other one. So in spirit there is this ability to take place. Now this means that you can have happening, different destiny paths (Laughter) for each one.


I'm sorry I'm lost.

What is the purpose?

Songee: The Soul. This dimension you are in now, this body - other dimension; not spirit, other dimension - spirit is a dimension however not spirit - another flesh life another dimension - you can have this and so on and...

Does that have a soul too?

Songee: The soul that is here belongs to all.

So there is one soul that is shared by two...

Physical bodies.

Songee: Many. Many. This is not teach that is given to people's because usually it is something that their minds do not comprehend. However it means that you can have multiple existence in different dimension and you can be honouring and learning and developing yourself through different lifetimes.

Would you pass away, at say in this physical dimension here...

Songee: No. The flesh maybe but the body does not have to - the soul is still inside one of the bodies somewhere, so there is still connection. It is, it is happening in a different time. There is not the same time as here, so you are not looking at time as you know it. You have to put that away from you, completely. I don't want this on now. I give it back to you.

So what is the purpose, what is the purpose if the Soul is doing these different things?

Songee: It helps, it is for the soul to develop itself, to learn many different ways of doing things. Ah that's very good, thank you. I say for this - You have scribings for childrens on your, among your peoples and they are very clever scribings because they tell story and then at a certain point of the story the person reading the story has to decide which pathway they are going to take and depending upon which pathway they take they have a different ending to the story.


Songee: So this is very similar to give you for your finite mind to, to understand it. Very similar to this. However you don't have to be too worrying about it.

That's quite good though, isn't it from my perspective! (Much Laughter) So many views of different dimensions, therefore you don't well, you wouldn't have to come back so many times.

That's what I was thinking.

But I suppose that's all cobwash and you have to come back so many times.

Songee: No. And there are concepts on the earth that say you have to have 140,000 lives.

Sorry does each one have a different, when we come back we learn lessons, so ones the on the dimension are they learning something different?

Songee: That's right. They can be very different things. And they will also be paying back their karma in those life-times and so on and so forth.

But if that's the case and we have an improvement tonight in some way with your masculinity comes into balance is that going to effect the other souls in the other universes?

Songee: No it's not going to affect other souls because there is only one soul that inhabits the first dimension. So it effects the soul and the soul learns the lesson, the soul absorbs it and can carry forward into the next life...

What about the duplicate?

Songee: ...The lesson of it can reach the consciousness, the awareness.

Ah may I borrow this from you for a minute? (A pad of paper.) May I scribings. (The pencil.) Now - what was I going to do?

(Much Laughter)

Songee: That's right. You have down here your first dimension, you understand? (Songee is drawing on the paper) Show you this. Come round and I show everybody. You have all your dimensions like that, and that, and here, you go Heaven, down here you got Hell. You know? Different.

And in here this where is the earth, and the reflection is here and here and here and here and here and here. And each of those have got one of you on it, like that.

So that means the other ones can be like a...

Songee: In that dimension. Know you have yourself is on those. This one here has the soul that goes through, goes through there, goes to that one, goes to that one, goes to that one, goes to that one so on and so forth. And the lessons of all of those go back to this soul down here.

How often?

Songee: In a life time.

(Lots of talking and laughter making the words hard to hear, someone said - like email.)

So it is one soul making seven steps of progression. Not seven individual ones?

Songee: That is something else. That's different. I am not going to confuse you at this moment. I am answering that question you ask, I can show you the next part.

Now there is the soul and this are the different dimensions that that soul has reflection of, and the information is going both ways - like that. So the unconsciousness of each is giving this information and passing it back to the soul.

Now that soul in order to get to here has to... (Long silent pause) go up. Can you see that?

Seven steps.

Songee: That's it. So have to go. (Songee is counting the steps on Her drawing.)

There is actually seven. (And Songee counts them.)

Songee: Now in this part here - see, this. Now this part here you got a little space here you see. This is where you have ah a leak. It is part of this dimension and part this one - a transition between the two. So you can be in the seventh dimension, be ascending to a (? Sounds like sembulance) dimension of awareness - I suppose this dimension ascending - you can be here and come down to any one of these places and not be tied to them. Your soul is transitory, it can be between each of those dimensions.

Are you talking about when the souls, Ok the soul...

Songee: This is where has evolved...

Oh it has evolved?

Songee: ...it has evolved, and it can manifest on those different planes of existence for this.

Now when you get to step six is it correct that you can opt to stay there not progress...

Songee: You can elect to stay at any one of those levels of awareness. No-one is going to make you do more. The difficulty lies with the car that wants to go higher and has not yet learned how to do it. And when that happens, ah this is the... The car!

Which car?

Songee: The car. This is it - the car is the soul! If you look to the peoples that build the pyramids they will tell you about the car. The car is the soul, the immortal soul that moves through everything.

Now although this sounds and looks very complex, it is not really. Because when you are in the spirit realm, which is all of this part here - you see this bit, which is also part of infinity - this bit here all of this is infinity. It has finite because it has a line around it however it is infinity. And when the soul is in infinity it is at One with all of this - simultaneously, at the same moment. So it can, when it returns to spirit - when the soul returns to spirit, it can communicate with all its different selves to bring assistance, to bring learning back to the soul. So that it learning and everything is all still in the soul.

So say your soul um, like you had your life time and the soul goes back, are those other dimension stuff still carrying on? Is this still going on or does it cease when the soul ends this one?

Songee: So when this soul comes back to spirit it will stay in contact with all its other selves, in all these other dimensions and maintain their beings until they are ready to complete their cycle.

OK, so that's still continuously going on?

Songee: That's right.

So is this...

Songee: Remember there is no time. So it can be a flick of your eye, and you can all be back together. Now sometimes you will, you don't have to have a soul with a being on every single dimension. You don't have to do that thing. You know? You can say, "I will have one on this dimension and I will have one on this dimension", and that's all! And you don't want to have any on this dimension, (? Sounds like - get born). So you can do that, you can do whatever you like. It's between you and Oneness what you decide to do and how you manage to learn your lessons and evolve yourself.

So the situation we have here with our people in spirit, our Doorkeeper and Guardian, Guide and Helpers and so forth, do they exist in that other area?

Songee: Your Doorkeepers and Guardians exist in here, and they can manifest themselves to your different beings of the other places.

Are they the Doorkeepers and Guardians of the other beings or have the other beings got their own Doorkeepers and Guardians?

Songee: Not the same ones because they are all working from here.

Right OK.

Songee: And there is no time.

OK so my other question is - do all these different dimensions are they in the - let's start are they in this solar system - are they universal?

Songee: It can be anywhere.

Anywhere right OK...

(Question asked could not be heard.)

Songee: The Soul that is You, is here and the expression on the physicality in this life would look the same in those lives. However when that physicality returns you don't start a new physicality on those other dimensions until you have got all you back together. All of your awareness's back together.

But remember there is no time! No Time! Don't get locked into time. Forget time.

Songee say you got no soul on this physical plane, do people out here...

Songee: You have Soul. You have Soul here...

From what I understand...

Songee: And it is simultaneous.

OK What did you say that you could have one in that one and one in that one and the other one...

Songee: You can have a presence, a physicality presence and the Soul Energy is within each one because it is coming from the spirit energy.

Oh Ok. I must have gone off on a tangent of my own.

Small improvement must be a massive changes is happening.

(Lots of laughter)

Songee: He being very smart.

Oh Songee it's his birthday.

Songee: Oh Oh, So Wise One is getting even more wise! Welcome to wisdom. Is that not so?

So you have to let go of the concept of time, put it away. Otherwise you go like this.

OK Songee So let's look at Roberta-Margaret...

Songee: What for? (Laughter)

She would know, I'm talking about these physicalities, these several physicalities in other places - are you manifesting through each one of them in the various dimensions?

Songee: HA! So when Songee is using this physicality is Songee Ha... Songee can do so...

Are You?

Songee: However at this moment - not on all of them because there is not any essential need at this point. It is going to be taking place. It has taken place in other life times, you know? It has taken place in other life times and this life time is for this dimension, in this millieum, this message of Truth for all of you in this place. It is pointless worrying about all the other things.

Focus on this life. This place and don't worry so much about all the others. What I give you is just information. It does not affect directly what you do now, other than that it can confuse your mind (Songee is smiling) and make it go every which way, so don't get locked into this will you?

One of the things that has always fascinated me is the amount of organisation from spirit just to look after us coming into the arranging our meetings and arranging our lives for what we have chosen to do. Now I have even greater admiration for them for they are doing it on seven different dimensions which is a fantastic piece of organisation.

Songee: That's right. And remember that it is Oneness that is helping to arrange it all.

He must be pretty busy. (Much laughter, totally beyond our comprehension.)

Songee: There is no time. So there is no such thing as (?) because there is no time.

I gotta get rid of the watch!

Songee: Hold the concept of time away from you and then you will be able to appreciate it. You know?

For example - it doesn't matter what expression of life you have got on this earth at this moment. It does not always show the dimension to which the Soul has managed to evolve itself. Now we are not talking about the side by side ones, we are talking about the going up ones. You know?

In the place, the realm, of the 7th dimension, the transitional place between the two, the Soul can have its life on... (Getting out the drawing to show the area Songee is mentioning) On this one here. See this one, so that this part here and this part here are connected together. And then when the Soul has moved from that dimension and gone to that dimension and then gone to that dimension, and they could mayhap have another self down here and here and then it moves to that dimension and so on it evolves. And while it is doing that it is evolving this way, you know? It is evolving this way as well as having may be life in the different dimensions here. This is just taking it a step further. See this?

J needs to see it.

Songee: So. You can have this Soul on this dimension, mayhap will have a life on this one and it mayhap have a life on this one and a life on this one with a Soul is in that dimension. And you have a reflection of itself in these other dimensions. So... You understand that?


Evolved Souls in the 7th Dimension

Songee: Now suppose the Soul has reached this 7th dimension, this 7th dimension can have its life and the planet it has its life in is in the 7th dimension. Maybe totally unheard of in these dimensions here. Not that it doesn't exist, just that this peoples on this dimension have not yet found it.

So you have, for example the Blue Planet here in the 7th dimension, and the beings from the Blue Planet are Blue.

I knew you were going to say that!

Songee: They also, although they are human shape as you are, they are different structure. They have wings, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful wings. The colours of their planet are pink and purple and blue and white and all the colours of the higher spectrum - in the 7th dimension. And when the Soul has learned to live on a planet in the 7th dimension, it is then freed of the ties of this other dimensions. It then returns to spirit and it sits there, you know it sits there. And what happens then is Oneness comes along...

And calls for volunteers.

Songee: I want you! (Laughter) Now! You are going down there. And the Soul says, "Do I have to? I have been a long while getting from there to here." And the Oneness says, "Are you a servant of I or not? Are you a servant of I or not?" says Oneness. And the Soul says, "Very well, what would you like I to do?" And Oneness says, "Well you have to go down to this place you have to pretend that you are not so very good, that you are perhaps not in perfect body, that you are all time very human like everyone else. So good have you to be at it everybody has to know that you are exactly the same as they are." And that is what the Soul does - comes to this place.

And then the Souls says, "Very well I am here, what is my task?" And Oneness says, "To suffer, to show the way, to give a passage of Light for others to follow through this different dimensions." You know?

All the souls need to evolve don't they?

Songee: All the Souls can be bought back from this place...

The place of darkness.

Songee: From here, they have to be bought back, because the souls that are lost down here also have their places, on these different places also. And it becomes the job of these people from this dimension to start coming to retrieve the souls back. And they have simultaneously have reached this transition here.

(The very soft spoken young boy asked another question.)

Songee: Oh I am not allow to tell you anything, I am not allowed to tell you anything like that. You are not allowed to know who these people are. You might be one of these people.

We all know one don't we. Everyone agrees) And that is Jesus Christ.

(Lots of chatter)

People like Mother Teresa.

Just another question - going back to what you were talking about the souls that come from here - where abouts does the soul actually reside? Because we are starting with the ones in the light the soul resides here and it works up right...

Songee: This soul is the same, it comes into the life, and it will come into one or other of the dimensions however if it evolves to here and it is coming from the dark it becomes at one with this and not one with that. If it goes through here without being retrieve-ed then it becomes one with this. And then it becomes a master soul of the dark and then this one has to come and combat the master souls of the dark.

It's like you hear in those books eh!

Songee: What books?

The Science Fiction books. I have read a few of them.

Songee: I don't know about this thing. I not know of these things. You are taking off your skins. The sun is shining very warm (lots of laughing and talking.)This is your sun, so this shows you the power does it not. Remember that this power comes - where from?

The waters.

The Earth.

Songee: It comes from the Earth, it comes from all around you, from Nature - and is harnessed into working for you, is that right?

So, what is your earth time? There is 20 minutes Songee.

Songee: What would you like to do?


Can I ask another question? I have been sort of guided as to time and place when I get another place of living but it is to have the energy of like the moonstone? I've looked up in the book and got a sort of feel for it, and I was wondering what the creation of this place, I was wanting to understand some more about this energy?

Songee: Stone of the moon... I am having a look inside you because there is a complexity that needs to be let go of, released. Stop attempting to make it and to - how say I this? Force it to happen. You cannot so this thing. There is a different between a manifestation and a forcing it. You cannot take the steps in order to manifest when you are working with spirit. When you are working with spirit you open yourself like this. You have a vision of the finished thing and then you wait. You keep hold of the vision. You mayhap know with your mind that certain events that you see need to take place for this vision to be made manifest, however your concept of those steps and the reality from spirit of how you are going to reach that goal, may be very different from the one you imagine in your mind.

In other words I am putting a stop on it?

Songee: That's right. So the moonstone is very special, it has a certain vibrational energies that are very good for protection, they are very good for assisting you to have contact with spirit beings and spirit world and it acts as a doorway for you between the two. So when you look at this, look at it as the new dwelling place being a doorway to spirit. Rather than being fixed in the physicality of the rock. Does not mean you don't have the rock as well. Just don't fix it.

OK, Yep. I was sort of looking at well ok what's suppose to happen and whatever or not...

Songee: And remember that one of youselves will have managed somewhere, mayhap down here will managed to manifest it already so all you have to do is to go through to find which one of your other selves have managed to achieve and bring it back.

Is there a way of doing this, how to do this?

Songee: Meditation.


Songee: Is a very good way of doing it. You use your meditation, this is your communication, line - what is it? Your bells!


Songee: Is your bells to the other dimensions - your meditation. It is also the place you go on the dream spiritual, do you not? And you travel the dream spiral all the way into the centre of silence. And then you step off from this place into the other world...


Songee: ...wherever the other world is that you need to be. Remember - no time! No time.

Do you need to know where you are going? Do you need to know which ones of these or you just feel it, just do it?

Songee: You don't have to have it in your mind, you only have to have it in your heart and a need to have an answer to something and you will be shown it. Everything that you have been taught, everything that you have been given whether by Songee or Organism, have given you the tools to travel the dream spirals and to achieve your goals. And you will find that you will manage to do this when you apply teaching you have been given.

Is visualisation the same as meditation

Is visualisation the same as meditation?

Songee: No! Visualisation is where you have within your heart, hope for something, a desire for something to be a certain way. So you visualise it in a certain way. And you come hoping to make it happen.

What is it that I get... What is that called?

Songee: You can have visions. Visions are different to visualisations. And also to you have to use your power of light to assist you to manifest your visions. Your visions are given to you from Oneness and your peoples in spirit, and when you go to visit the Akashic records to find out about the different possibilities of your life, and what it is you need to know for this life. And then you have your vision brought with you back to your physicality. And then you have the power of light assist you to manifest it on the earth.


To bring from spirit and the other dimensions, the fact of the flesh of it into the life you are living. Have you heard of 'apport'? Apport is where substance is moved from one place to another. You can have apport happen for you in your life, you can assist it by being open to it. And when you learn about apport then you will also learn how to apport yourselves. It is possible. It defies your earth laws. However it is possible. It does not defy the laws of spirit or the laws of the Universe, however it may defy your own finite laws in your mind. This is how you manage to do this thing where you transcend and you become able to do this thing. To manifest, in the flesh while your flesh body is sleeping somewhere, you can take your spirit - your soul body, you can pick up one of these from another dimension and take it and manifest it on anyone of those dimensions in the flesh, and be in two places at once. Not for very long because it can upset the balance. So you can be for a short while then you have to return.

Is that where Roberta-Margaret is at the moment?

Songee: In the flesh? In some places, occasionally in the flesh. That's right.

Is that like when you shown two pictures of doing two things at once? No.

Songee: You are doing two things at once, at the same moment in earth time, is that what you are meaning?

Yeah! In visions lately I have been shown like two TV sets or two different things are going on at one time.

Songee: That is how your consciousness is needing to interrupt it, that is right. And so you can assist in the flesh so that all those that see you in your other form - for want of a better way to give it to you - they see you in whatever form they needing to see you, you know? Sometimes you don't use one of those forms, sometimes you can manifest by yourself. You don't have to use the other form. Sometime you use it, sometimes you don't - you just manifest.

And people, like the child that I speak about at the beginning of your evening, will be able to see, and touch, and feel the warmth of you - just as the child could at the beginning when I speak to you. And when you leave them they will remember you as a living breathing warm, with a heart beat - Being. And they will also often call you 'Angel' because to them you may look like Angel because you light around you is so bright, and it may be that they imagine they can see wings on you. And so they will come into their rest of their life saying they have seen Angel.

Do Angels have Souls?

Songee, um talking about Angels - the other day we were given information that Angels had souls, Ok.

Songee: Who giving you this?

Sally did. And I was, I didn't, hadn't considered this concept - right, so I have now got Angels with souls that don't incarnate at all, so is their soul different from our soul, or I can't quite put the two together.

Songee: They are, for example - fairy has soul, has a soul essence that exists on its dimension, does not come into you dimension and live earth life as human soul, stays as fairy, they are different creatures. Angels are different creatures, they have soul however they are different creatures. They are - have to go all the way to the beginning again and you are running out of earth time.

In the Beginning...

In the beginning - was Oneness! And then part of Oneness became dissatisfied and wanted more. And Oneness was made up of everything, everything that is not and everything that is.

So Oneness 'Breathed Life' - into matter and created Angels. And Angels then went forth at the command of Oneness, and Angels created all the Universe - this different, all over, everything created...


Songee: I'm giving you the short version you know!

So then among the Angels, there come One that wants to have dominion over this manifestations of creation. And Oneness say, "You can't do that, you can't have dominion over all those creations, we are all dominion of these creations. We are - we are the creation. You also are the creation of I". And this One did not like this answer. This One wanted to have their own power.

And so began the battle in Heavens between the power of light and the power of darkness. And then Heaven was split asunder like that. Within the being of the state of Oneness were all the different energies that swirled and moved and were a part of Oneness. All these energies were one within themselves, and one with each other, and one with Oneness. Everything was united until this happened, this split. And then some of them went with the Dark Energy. They felt they would like to have dominion over flesh, over matter - and went with the Dark Energy. And the souls that were left cried out in great despair and Heaven weep, because Soul Mates were lost to the dark and had to be, retrieved. Not all Soul Mates however a large number of them got lost.

So they say-ed to Oneness, "Oneness how can you restore the balance, how can we all come back to be one with you. And Oneness say-ed, "The only way you can retrieve those souls from the dark is to live the life of flesh, to make manifest yourself upon the Earth and the other planets and give your life in flesh. And so bring life to the flesh and transcend it once more back to the Heavens and bring the Souls that have gone to darkness with you.

So this began the cycle of the life times. This began how the souls had to come down. And Oneness say-ed, "Although there are many who will have to go to do this workings and go down the earth, my Angels will not do this thing. They are to remain with I. They are the armies that belong to the Heavens, to protect and guard and keep safe all of creation, in all the different Universe, and all the different dimensions. They hold the souls of Light in their care, in their love for Oneness. They are the messengers between Heaven and the Souls that are in the flesh. And so Mote It Be for all of eternity until all those that have gone to the dark have come back into unity with Oneness - including the lost Angel. Even the lost Angel will return to Oneness in the fullness of eternity."

That's the bit that he doesn't like. Because he does not want to give up his belief, he does not accept - yet - that he doesn't need it. And each of you have within you the potential to be either good or evil in your souls. That was the arrangement, that was the pact that was made that the things of the flesh belong to that Angel of Darkness and things of Heaven and Spirit belong to Oneness and all the Angels. You understand?

So when you are working for the Power of Light and the Angels and Oneness, be assured you have a great, grand army of Angels behind you, assisting you in all that you do, you know.

I am going to go now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: I am going to leave you with the power of knowing and the power of loving, the power of truth and to feel the truth in your souls.

(The young boy yawns) Soon Little Shaman, time for you to go one your dream spirals very soon and to fill your belly first. Is that not right? To fill your belly? Not really. Oh very exciting.

So I leave you with all this power now - rejoice in it, embrace it, have it in your life for it is yours, from Oneness.


So be it.

The closing words of The Crystal Light are spoken -

And remember to allow the light of the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
and may the light of the Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of light,
to drive away the darkness from your Soul,
Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret returns telling us she has been eating pickled onions. She had been on a picnic. Previous to the picnic they were returning souls back. There were convoys of trucks and helicopters...

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