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Being Humble

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Being Humble'
A Teaching from Songee 1st June 2000


Roberta-Margaret Speaking
Crystal Light Of Love
Lessons from Past Lives
The Bermuda Triangle
Unconditional Love
Being Humble
The Songee Energy
Working for Oneness
Meditation - Connection with Oneness
The Insect
Bear Story Drawing
Meditation - Gift from Oneness

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This Gathering was held at the Community Center in Pt Chevalier. The Essential oil was Patchouli. A name round was done so each could introduce themselves to the new people who were present.


Roberta-Margaret speaking

Roberta-Margaret: Have you experienced deep trance channelling before? There two new people actually in the room so I am going to talk to them. The people who come every week they have experienced what happens.

I have.

Roberta-Margaret: Yes. What are your experiences? I need to know from you what your perception is of 'Deep Trance', because every bodies perception is different. Then I will tell you.

My hope would be that it is of the highest and that...

Roberta-Margaret: Do you understand the process of what takes place?

Not that I would have known cos I came to be with somebody else.

Roberta-Margaret: Exactly, right. Very interesting isn't it really.

Yes it is.

Roberta-Margaret: Spirit moves in mysterious ways, you know. And what about you T?

Pretty much the same. I thought it was like a Spirit Guide or something over three years...

Roberta-Margaret: Yes. With a lot of instances with Deep Trance Channelling is where you have a Spirit Guide or a Doorkeeper or Guardian would actually speak through the channel. In this particular instance the Energy that is working through me is the Energy of our Earth Mother and She tells us that She is female half of the Creative God Power. You have Father Power, She is Mother God. This what She has been telling us - repeatedly. She also says that over the course of the many, many years, like centuries She has had many names to many different people, and She's told us that She also has the name of the Holy Breath, the Holy Spirit - She is that part of the Trinity.

Doesn't matter what you care to believe, most important thing is to feel the Energy and get in touch with the Energy rather than worry about the details. But you need to know that this is not a Spirit Person, that is the different of what is happening with the channelling that I am doing, it's not a Spirit Person.

I do channel Spirit People. I have got people in Spirit who work through me. I have a Guardian called White Eagle who comes and speaks to people sometimes. I have a Doorkeeper called Fo Yung, a Chinese boy, OK Japanese boy. We have this debate, his mother was a Chinese and his Father was Japanese and he lived on, in Japan, so he was born in Japan. Anyway! But his name is Chinese so we have this debate he and I. Ah sometimes he will come and speak through but not very often these days because the Energy that is mostly coming to the World at the moment is the Songee Energy, She's coming to talk to people, to help raise the vibrations, bring people back to Oneness, basically.

And the Teachings She brings through are things that we can use in our everyday life and help us you know with our function of our everyday life and our relationships and all our difficulties and things like that. So it is very different in some respects and yet the same in that I am still just the channel. I am still just the channel for it.

My perceptions is that when I leave this place, when I hand over to the Energy my consciousness leaves this place and goes up, or goes away and travels and helps out with many different things in this World. And usually they are futuristic, i.e. they haven't happened yet, they are going to happen. And I will go to many different trouble spots - I will go to things like fires, earthquakes, floods and plane crashes, train crashes and all sorts of things like that where they take me along to help with the recovery of Souls to help them to rehabilitate back to Spirit. It is the transitional phase between Earth and Spirit because they are in shock often. We also go and help the Planet, we help the animals, and we help the flora and fauna and things like that. We do lots of stuff like that. And when I come back that's my reality, I have no concept of anything that has been going on in this room. I don't know anything that you have talked about, complete mystery. The only part I get of the night is this bit that I have with you now and the bit at the end of the night where I get to see you maybe five or ten minutes before you all rush off home.

So it is important that you know that there is a blank in my life for a couple of hours, I actually don't have any awareness at all.

And how do you know that these Presences are using your vehicle to speak through, how are you sure that you are working with Spirit and your...?

Roberta-Margaret: Because I have been working for a life time with my Spirit People. I have been born with knowledge. I came into this life with knowledge, and I was born knowing of my life, this life, I was born knowing of my previous life times - I did not have the veil1 come down. And I know my People. I have been in close contact with them since before I was born.

See them to.

Roberta-Margaret: And I see them too, and I hear them and I talk to them and I have been working with them for years and years and years - and this Energy is very different, very, very different.

I don't mean to be insulting...

Roberta-Margaret: No that's alright, that's...

I have meet many, I don't know whether charlatans is the correct word, but do forgive me but you know I have had much strangeness in my personal life these last few years that I now...

Roberta-Margaret: You are asking questions, you are asking questions and that is good. And that is exactly what I'm saying that Songee says she says, 'Don't believe it because I'm saying it, test it.' But She tells you how to test it. She doesn't just tell you to test it, She will tell you how to test it, how to work it through, how to check it out, you know. So that's why I am saying to you it doesn't really matter, the details are not terribly important at this point. Feeling the Energy and getting in touch with the feel of the Energy is what is important, and it's quite a strong Energy. She is also very gentle, and can be very, very gentle and She can also be very, very strong.

Will I feel comfortable when I leave here tonight?

Roberta-Margaret: I hope so.

I'm sure you will.

Roberta-Margaret: I would hope so. If you are not feeling comfortable for any reason what so ever, come and talk to Christene or Diana or these people that are here that have been, you know have come familiar with the Energy. And they will be able to...

If you are not comfortable at the time when Songee is here, tell her...

Roberta-Margaret: Ask Her! Talk to Her about it.

The only thing is that it has been such a long time since I have been in this type of situation and I was not even, not even a twinkle in my thoughts as I came through tonight because I have another situation I felt I was going to be seeing.

Roberta-Margaret: However I, we are very familiar with this kind of thing. This has been happening a lot since Songee started coming through. She brings people from all over the place and we have people sort of arrive and say, 'I don't know what I am doing here but I am here. I was just told I had to come to this place tonight but I didn't know what I was coming for.' We have had people just arrive and didn't even know there was a meeting, they did not come because there was a meeting they were just told, they had contact with their Spirit People and the Spirit People said you have to be at this place tonight and they had been bought along to the place and sort of said, 'Well I don't know what I am looking for but I am here.'

I thought you worked in Papakura.

Roberta-Margaret: Sorry.

I thought you worked in Papakura.

Roberta-Margaret: I have worked in Papakura, I have worked in Glenfield and...

Te Kuiti, Stratford...

Roberta-Margaret: Te Kuiti, Stratford, Ranui, Wangarei...

I haven't sort of followed it because my mind has not been in that direction for a long time, but now I am being shifted. I know that I am being shifted.

Roberta-Margaret: Right, well in that case this is probably as good you are here because that is what She does She shifts people. She does, very much so.

What we usually do, the format of our night is we open our evening with a little poem that was channelled through from Spirit called 'Crystal Light of Love'. Then we put on a piece of music which I like to listen to, I like to listen to music and I use that as a focus for I go away. I don't have to but I enjoy it, it's nice, its pleasant. And you can join in - sing and dance, whatever you want to so. Sometimes people get up and dance the music is nice and you want to get up and just move, move the bodies you know.

Before you disappear I would like to thank you for being so sweet because I have probably given you a little bit of a hard time and I didn't really mean to do that, my focus was down a very straight path I wasn't looking at the wider horizon.

Roberta-Margaret: No that's alright.

Had to make sure before you disappear...

She'll be back at the end.

Roberta-Margaret: I'll be back at the end. At the end of the night we'll close down, Songee usually says farewell to you and closes down and we have a cup of tea and a bit of toast and chat and that before you jump in your cars. It's always good to get grounded before you take off. We always recommend that you do. There are some people who elect not to do that however we won't be responsible for them on their journey home.

Does anyone go through Avondale when they leave here because your evening sounds as though it will be quite long?

Roberta-Margaret: Half past nine, two hours. We finish at half past nine.

Do you have to catch a bus or something?


I can give you a ride.

Where abouts do you live?

(There is a general discussion about getting this lady home.)

Roberta-Margaret: Alright.

Thank you very much.

Roberta-Margaret: And if you want to come again, you have got the phone number, you can exchange phone numbers here to, if anyone wants to exchange numbers.

I was very interestingly about five minutes before I came, or ten minutes before I came, there appeared in front of my on the bottom of the trolley actually, across the top it had The Awakening.


What an awakening.

I put it in my bag. Across the top I saw The Awakening and I thought how strange.

Roberta-Margaret: Mmm yeah. OK we ready to start? Did you have any questions?

You talked about feeling the Energy of Songee, how do you know what you feel if you haven't...

Roberta-Margaret: You close your eyes, you take a deep breath and you just let yourself open up to it. Ok and you will feel, something, and whatever you feel you know if you want to talk about it and talk to Her about it, or talk to these people about it while it is happening, do so. Some people find it really over whelming and they actually burst into tears. Where are our tissues by the way.

I don't know. No idea.

Do you want some? I have some in my car if you want some.

Roberta-Margaret: That would be a good idea thanks H. We never know when we need them.

(Everyone starts talking.)

Roberta-Margaret: The other thing that happens is that Songee doesn't like my glasses and I take them off before I go away and then She comes through and talk. The other thing I want to tell people...

(Roberta-Margaret goes on to talk about activities of The Second Well Trust and what we had available at that time and not available now.)

Roberta-Margaret: We are ready to start. And we need number twenty and number twenty is Fire Prayer and this one later. Ok. So make yourselves comfortable. Hope it will warm up a bit and you will all be able to take your coats off.

Uncross arms and legs, back straight. Take a deep breath in nice deep breath in down into your abdomen, hold it and out.

And off you go...

OK Close your eyes please -

Roberta-Margaret: On the right the Channelled Healing Book, he just reminded me. This is our book if you want to write anybody's name for Channelled Healing there is our book. Sorry.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Music: "Fire Prayer" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Lessons from Past Lives

Songee: Greetings to you, I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: Welcome to all of you. It is good to see all your beautiful light shining brightly. It is also welcome to you for answering the call to come and be at one with the Power of Light.

So before I begin for the workings for you what would you have asking of I? Anything at all.

Songee I have got a question - last week you were in the process of saying something but got interrupted by a question and it was referring to - you said, that it had been stated that a Soul has to have a hundred and forty thousand lives before it reaches...

Songee: Oh...

...and you were about to say something else what was it that you were going to say?

Songee: Oh that this is something that peoples do believe in. I was not saying that this is so however you may like to consider the possibility of it! (Reincarnation link2.)

Well for earth time it feels like a very long time.

Songee: Because you are looking at the Soul reaching perfection. Is that right?


One life at a time.

Songee: That is right, one life at a time. You don't need to be having too many ah - however we won't go into that, we have already have speakings about that. It is not for the speaking this night. Has already been addressed you know.

So one life at a time. This life that you living now, in this consciousness, with this awareness, is the most important one that you have got. Your other life times are passed, they are gone and they only have a bearing on this life when there is a lesson from that one that you need to remember in this life. And then you can travel back and discover what it is - the lesson that is.

And this is done in two ways - one you can go into Spirit and visit the Akashic Records and read about it with the gentlemens from there who will come and meet with you and take you to where you need to be. No there is not a woman-kinds that are in charge of this library. It is a little man-kinds. Very ancient. This has been the task of this Soul for many, many, many, many moons of your Earth and then more before that.

So the other way of doing for this is to go into the Dream Spirals and to travel the Dream Spirals and go backward along the path of before time to where you need to go to, to discover all the things that you need to know for this life, right now!

Do not live with the illusion that past lives are an essential part of your development, they are not. Only when there is a need to know a lesson from one, otherwise focus your attention on this life. This is where you are now. So this is where you have to put all your energies in, to this life. You have arrange-ed for yourself to come to this life, to bring yourself to a point of connection with Oneness. Depending upon who you are and what lessons you needed to learn, you will have incorporated them into your life path before you came to the Earth. So everything has been arranged and written as it is meant to be.

However you don't all time have to work as though you have got no eyes, as though you cannot see. You are given many, many ideas and visions of how to find your path and how to find your destination and this will come to you in a series of little - how say you for this? Signs, is that right? Signs. Some peoples call it Signs from God. You know. However they are signs that you have arranged to have delivered to you, little messages to say for you this is what you have to do this day. Go do it! Hurry up, don't hang about - is that one of your wordings that you have?


Songee: Hanging about. Very funny.

So you - I learning all these different things you know, Little One (Sally) is teaching I some more things, it's very, very interesting. (Laughter) I'm getting to learn many different things about your speakings, the speakings that you have now are very different from the speakings in times before, you know.

However these signs come to you to tell you to move forward, to do something, to take an action and to bring yourself to a place of development, of expansion, you know, this is what you are coming to do. So focus on this life. There is much to learn in this life.

Do you all know the answers to everything?

When I was a teenager I probably believed it.

Songee: However that is one of the illusions is it not, of growing.


Songee: However there is not such thing as someone who knows everything living in flesh on the earth plane. There are many who live in the flesh on the earth plane who know many, many things, who are very wise and have a lot of information locked in their minds, in their heads however very many sometimes of these peoples they have all this information in their heads and they do not know how to reach their hearts. And Songee is here now, at this time of the development of the peoples of the Planet to bring to you the Teach of how to learn to speak from your heart. How to let your truths inside you come out through your throat chakra into the world and share them with everybody. And how to do this with kindness, with compassion and with love.

Do you have any other questions?


Songee: Greetings Little Shaman.

Bermuda Triangle

You know the Bermuda Triangle how do you get things, die in there?

Songee: Because there is something that happens there that takes away all semblance your natural time, your - the peoples of your Earth, the peoples around you, you all live by time, you know. You have your machines that tell you it is this time, it is so and so time, and so on and so forth time. And in this place of being there is an energy that changes time. So that in effect the peoples that get caught in to this place of different time are in a different space. It is one of those places where, I speak of that dimensions overlap. Like this and overlap. So that at the moment of overlapping this means that when you get caught in it and then when the time, and it shifts again, time passes, it takes with it the matter that was there before time, including the waters, including the airs, including everything. It gets taken.

Does it leave anything?

Songee: It does not leave hole, no, it does not leave a hole.

So where are the people that get, are they just living in a different space now? Is that what the story is?

Songee: They are between. They go into a place between. That is one thing that happens in this place, you understand? One thing that happens in this place.

It is a bit like the Bermuda Triangle.

Songee: That is what is what Little Shaman asked about. Little Shaman asked about the place where the energies take, gobble people up. Is that right? Have to shout you know, they can't hear you.

How do some people when they are in the water that go?

Songee: The water does go, the matter goes with them. It just doesn't go whoosh like that. It is not - Ah it is not being, how you say...

Sucked out.

Songee: That's it. Not having that happening. Just is a transference, a transference like that.

Can they come back here?

Songee: Sometimes they can return only they come back in another time frame from the one that they left. Most of the time they demise in their new existence, because they are lost, and nobody knows they are missing. They cannot be found.

That is one answer.

The other answer are greedy peoples. There are greedy peoples that take advantage of this knowledge and the fears of people and they prey on them and they - how say for this - they do away with them by fowl deeds.

Are you meaning sort of like a pirate type business?

Songee: Pirate...

It is one...

Songee: Oh this is the person that has a great big sword and catch all the arrr - and see it in your head...

And they sail in the seas...

Songee: Big ships with the wings on them, that right.

There are also Pirates in the modern day who do the same thing. They do away with people and steal their, steal their boats...

Songee: They don't have these ships with the big wings.

Not quite this time.

Songee: That's right.

But they do the same thing.

Songee: These are greedy peoples.

Absolutely they are.

Songee: Very greedy peoples. And these peoples will sometimes prey on the innocence.

So you have this happening as well. So it's no wonder that human-kinds is saying to themself, 'Well what am I to believe about this? What is the truth of this?' Both, both. I have sayed this to you before time, do not reject one thing just because it sounds more sensible than the other thing. Look at it because sometimes both are the right answer. Both can be happening at the same time.

Are you saying that someone will take someone that they want to kill to the area of the Bermuda Triangle and say, 'Oh it must have been the Bermuda Triangle?' Is that what you are saying?

Songee: That's right. Sometimes this can be, other times they will just know that these peoples are going on this journey and will intercept them without them knowing. Sometimes they don't even have to take them to this place.

Oh. OK.

Songee: I show you. You standing up. I am going to get you to be the big bad person. Now you going to sally forth and you are going to sally forth like this across this great ocean. And you are going to know this one is sallying forth across the great ocean, and you say, 'A ha, I want what is on that thing, go get it.' And you go get it, I got it, just like that. You are innocent and you did not know about the danger that was going to come a jump out at you.

OK. How does that relate to the Bermuda Triangle?

Songee: Because of the fear that people already have. They put it down to this.

Oh right. I see, I see.

Songee: That's right. And not to the natural things. Thank you for letting I borrow your body. So that is how it is that sometimes people are innocently doing their business of life and this bad person will come along and grab and take what they want for they own self and made for everything to disappear. And because of where it has taken place everybody that is around says, 'Oh it must be this mystery that has done it.' And it is not all time the mystery that has done it. You know. Sometimes it is very more often, it is the greedy peoples. You know. Greedy peoples. So many greedy peoples in your World, you know very greedy.

Unconditional Love

Can I ask a question now then? We are still doing questions are we? I would like to ask about my friend that is down in Christchurch and what's been going on with that. I have spoken about it with C, and um she sees the cycles that are going on, her fear of what do I do and everything. And I mean but she is a dear friend and I don't want to lose her but at the same time it's like well it's going to keep happening isn't it, and... I don't know, I don't really know I wonder in this situation. Because I sort of feel like I can't speak my heart with her anymore because of what, you know how she's behaved and so...

Songee: You are growing up.


That went through my mind!


Songee: You are starting to discover about the fear in the hearts of people. And what fear makes people do, the actions, the word that they speak, the fear in their hearts holds them back. Keeps them from knowing the truth, speaking the truth. It locks them in one place.

Now that is one part of it only. The other part is that this one has come to this life to walk this Destiny Path that they are on, in the way that they are doing it. It is not for you to gain say it. You know? It is not your task to do that. So you have to be the abundance of love that the other cannot be. Understand?

What is being talked about is bigotry. Bigotry! The destroyer of Souls. Bigotry.

Can you please define that word?

Songee: Bigotry?

I have heard it used and I understand that it is not positive but...

Songee: Do you have the Book of Words?

Yes we certainly do.

Songee: Very good. Would you like to make finding of this word?

However Songee if someone has a different opinion it is not necessary bigotry.

Songee: Moment, moment. Let us do one thing at a time. I understand what you are saying Wiseone however let us do this one.

I need some help. How do you spell it?



It's got Bigot, is that all right?

Songee: It will be alright.

Obstinate and intolerant, believer in a religion for local theory etc.

Songee: Now, what happens is this - this is what I am saying to you - that this one has come to be on their Destiny Path and this you do not gain say. It is not for you to do. Where you have bigotry is where that individual, that Soul takes what that have come to be in this life and makes judgement of you based on what they have come to be and to do in this life. They are not practising completely the unconditional love that the Christ Power came to teach. And it's not for you to correct them. They must come to it in the fullness of their own time. Jesus did not come and say - Follow I and decry those that don't.


. Songee: Jesus came to say - Follow I and...

(end of side one)


Songee: ...this is how I say to you that you have to take in to your heart the fullness of Jesus for yourself and be the Love that Jesus wants you to be, that Oneness wants you to be. You have to have the great love so that you can be a demonstration of it and not sit in judgement of the other. This does not mean that you will not feel a sadness in your heart because in part of your growing you are now coming to learn about the fear in others that makes them do and say many things out of their fear. They don't understand your openness to the Power of Light, to the Power of Oneness and to the Power of Jesus. They only are following it like this - a very narrow path. They are not like this - with a full open heart. Were they with a full open heart they would be able to embrace you and say, 'I am so happy for you that you have found something for your life that brings you such deep pleasure and such deep spirituality and brings you so close to Oneness and Jesus in the way that you have come to do it.'

Does that answer your question?

Mainly yes.

Songee: Because this is the important thing that I'm come to say, and that is that if you have in your heart any part of you that does not embrace all other living things, I say to you - How Come?

You say, mayhap peoples you have hearings say, 'I love Jesus, I love Oneness, I love everything around I.' And yet sometimes you go (Songee has stood and moved to pick up one of the little Maltese dogs and gave it to someone.) to give them, a small creature like this, to hold and the peoples will say, 'Oh no, no, no not I. I not like dogs. I not like this creature.' How can they love Jesus, how can they love Oneness, and not love the creature that Jesus and Oneness created with all of you. How can that be? You know! How can they not love the creatures also? And yet there are peoples like this who say, 'I love Oneness unreservedly with everything that Oneness has bought to the Earth' - and yet 'No, no, no, no don't let that creature near I. I don't like it. I am afeared of it.' And that is the secret is it not? The fear, and you know who I am speaking about don't you, somebody you know like this?


Songee: And this is, not meaning that the peoples not have good heart, they do have good heart, they are still beautiful Souls, however they have got fear inside them. And it is the fear that guides them, rules their life when it comes to something at the very critical point of their development. Understand?


Songee: So with this person you have to have a knowing, a knowing in your heart that it is never ever going to be as you have treasured before.

Yeah I understand that.

Songee: Never is it going to be able to go back to that, because this one does not have this openness of heart of which I am speaking. So you have to have it for her.


Songee: To love and to not have the love returned, to be compassionate is a love without condition. You all hear about it don't you, about how you have to have unconditional love, beautiful word is it not? Unconditional love. Nobody gives even a moments consideration to what unconditional love truly is. They speak it with great bravado, they do not feel it in their heart because they are not open. They do not speak from their heart, from their truth of their connection to Oneness and they speak with fear in their heart, and they do not have true compassion. Compassion is a love without condition. That is what unconditional love is - Compassion. So have compassion for your friend because she knows not what she does at the moment. Mayhap in this life she has written for it to come to her at some point where she will find the Light more fully. At the moment she has all that she needs for now.

Yep. What she's got (?) outwardly it seems to be quite good for her.

Songee: And I detect a certain amount of the green eyed dragon rising up there.


Well yeah I'm not going to deny that.

Songee: And this is going to get in your way of opening your heart up. So you have to manage this part of yourself also. Fear, jealousy - all these things are going to get in the way of opening up this (Heart) chakra, you know? And this is the one that contains the Crystal of Light, the one that shines, you know?

Are you lost Little Shaman? What is the problem?

He has a problem, he had it yesterday.

Songee: Talk to I. Oh... Take a deep breath... in here, it that where it is?

(Sounds as though he has lost his voice and Songee is comforting him.)

Songee: Close your eyes, breathe deeply. That's right, we can tune energy into here and let it bring the healing it is meant to do.

(Now he is coughing.)

Songee: So this is how it is that you have to let go of the pains inside of you and let your Crystal Light shine. Let it just shine out. Open your heart, like the soundings say to you. Open your heart to everybody, everything, to the World, to the Universe, to Oneness and let the Light of Oneness shine round and strike the crystal here and burst forth for everybody to feel it. And those that are able will see it as well as feel it inside. Feel it for yourself, feel the Love coming to you from Oneness.

Being Humble

Songee: The Path of Righteousness is a narrow path. It is not an easy path, it is fraught with many difficulties along the way. The Path of (Damnation?) is very wide and it allows for anything to happen in it. It is the illusion of acquisition, it gives the illusion of something being better than somebody else - all illusions, all illusions. The only truth is yourself, your Spirit your Soul inside your physical body, in this life, living it to the best of your ability and following the path you have set for yourself, and mayhap coming to a place on that journey where you give yourself in total to Oneness. And that is true freedom, that is true Soul flight. Because when you let go of all the physicalities of life and give everything to Oneness then Oneness can put you where you need to be, to do the workings that Oneness wants you to do, and needs for you to do. So you have to give yourself in total to Oneness however the path and the journey to this place of giving is the path that I say to you is narrow and is not very smooth. You know? And even when you get there it is not all time smooth, because every now and then you forget what you have learned and you go back to the old ways of doing things. Don't You!


Songee: Never mind Little Angel, its only when you do that that you realise that you have done it and that's when you give yourself a kick in the soft place, saves I coming to do it for you. It's good practice. And also too it keeps you human because you have not to allow yourself to get bigger than your hat, you know. Your head has to stay so that your hat fits it. Suppose your head gets too big and your hat does not fit it any more. You look very silly, don't you? Is that right?

By a big one.

Songee: Buy a bigger one! Oh my, that does not quite the work because even then when you go to put it on your head you find your head is still too big. You never find one big enough.

So it is good to learn how to be humble and sometimes you forget all the beautiful wonderful ways of doing things to be with Spirit so that you can be brought back to Earth and be made to be humble once more in the face of others. So that mayhap although you may be beautiful channel for healing energies and everybody may come to you and say, 'What a wonderful beautiful person you are, that is wonderful you are doing the work of Oneness however will you do your work for Oneness standing in the middle of the field in your undergarments?' Do you still do this, will you do this thing?


How did you get into the field in your undergarments in the first place?

Songee: Ohh it doesn't matter how you get there. I'm just saying to you this is what I am wanting you to look at. Are you so big and so proud that mayhap you need to do this thing. Nobody, no one person of the Earth is so grand that when it comes to doing the work for Oneness they will do it no matter what their garb, whatever skins they have or not have on, and they will do it with love. And they will just answer the call as it comes to them you know. They will just do it.

So you will find that you can meet with these Souls that do these things and they are just like you. They eat, they sleep, they have to relieve their body of these burdens of the things and drinkings just as do you, you know. That is not so strange is it? The most mighty person that you may imagine on your planet, that is flesh, has to take care of bodily functions just as do you, is that right? You can't get anything more humble that can you.

However I hope it would be in more salubrious surroundings.

Songee: Doesn't matter, doesn't matter. Supposing you are all together in the place and you have become stranded there and there is no way for you to be returning to your homes in great hurry, and yet in this place of being because of your connection to Oneness, your love for Oneness you know that you are going to be discovered at some point so you continue with your intermingling with each other and you get on with living and managing as best you may. And you do all the things that need to be done to keep yourself well and healthy and looking after yourself, do you not?

Supposing that in this meet of all of you there are peoples of grand stature in your community. You will discover that they have to do exactly the same things to keep themselves well and healthy and take care of their physicalities as you do, exactly the same. The difference may be in the attitude of mind between you. Some may be very conscious of themselves and having to do these things in company, you know. Not hide it and hide it away. When you go away from the company to disappear into nature everybody says, I know what they are going to do. However nobody really does say that because they know and they don't have to say, they just acknowledge it on a level of awareness that person has left I to take care of bodily functions. You know? And everybody respects each other's privacy, and each other's way of being, is that not so?

That's right.

Songee: This is coming to be humble. This is learning to be humble with each other. And does it matter where, for example Songee may have come and speak with you in the middle of such this thing and say, 'Well I am here!'

That just delights me. (The person is laughing.)

Songee: What matters it?

It doesn't matter really.

Songee: That is it, it matters not. It is not to be so proud that this would be a shameful thing. Shame, feelings of shame inside are coming from yourself. They are coming from your own internal structures of yourself. Your own judgements that you make upon yourself and at others, of your growing, have made upon you. So this is what I am coming to say to you - to love without condition, to be humble, to make no judgements of each other and yet to allow everybody else to be themselves, to live their Destiny Path whomsoever they would do it.

There are many peoples of your planet who come to you and say, 'This is the way to find your way to Oneness. This is the best way to do it. This is the only way to do it.' Songee comes to say to you - all of you, everybody - no matter what facet you belong to, all of you belong to Oneness. All of you have elected, one way or the other, to find your path to Oneness. And all that Songee is here to do is to unite and to bring together those energies. Everything I give to you, of teach, you can take from this place and carry it in your heart into your place of worship, anywhere at all, no matter what facet you belong to. You don't have to say, 'I'm going to abandon this way of worship and follow the teaching of Songee.' Oh No! I not come to ask you to do that. That's not how Songee is. Songee is here to say for you - Feel, feel Oneness, feel it in your heart, feel it in your being and take that feeling, that connected feeling, that unity, that love, take it with you back to the people with whom you worship and share it freely among them. You will be surprised, is that not so, whether you get it back or not because sometimes they are so afeared they will not be able to give it back. However you stay and you keep sharing, you keep giving out this love you keep giving out the Light and you don't sit in judgement of them as they are sitting in judgement of you and mayhap other peoples. That's not what you are here to do, your task is to follow Jesus teachings to the fullest amount that you can do it, and bring yourself to Oneness.

Practise love without condition, practise being humble, allow it to happen when you forget to practise all the good things sometimes you fall back and you get your own kick in the soft place.

Never be too proud.

And let go of fear, let go of fear.

That is the most important thing.

Ah! Now have you got any other questions you want to ask?

The Songee Energy

Yep. Wanting to understand more about the energy of Songee in relationship to the animals and the nature part of it. How do you work, how do you - the word is function, but how does this relationship happen?

Songee: Songee Energy is Oneness Energy, Female half of the Male Creative Power. It permeates everything. It is, IT IS. That's it. And it's within everything, every blade of grass, every tiny little grain of soil and sand, the rocks and plants - everything is Songee Energy you know?


Songee: The animal-kinds and the insect-kinds and the bird-kinds and so on and so forth all have the connection to Songee, they feel it, they feel and sense the vibration around them they are at one with Nature, as you call it. Human-kinds have yet to rediscover completely how to be at one with Nature. This is not an appreciation of Nature.

Being at One with Nature will put you also at One with the Universe. This state of being, Human-kinds can usually only discover when they travel the Dream Spirals. Understand?


Songee: Animals-kinds are already there.

So I know this is sort of words sometimes are not very good at expressing feelings, but how is this expression within them? I guess the point is that I am getting to a Chapter of the Bear Story where I know I need to understand this more. So...

Songee: It is the love they show you without condition. These little ones. (The dogs and cats) I know you've seen this.

I've got him here. And since he's been on my lap the pain that I've had in here all night has gone away.

Songee: Because this is how these childrens bring the healing energies from Oneness to you. You hold them in your arms, you don't have to do anything. They don't have to do anything, they just are. They are Oneness in a little piece of flesh, already. They don't reason out in their minds about, 'I'm not going to let this person touch I, because I don't like them.' Etceteras, etceteras. 'I'm not going to let the energy flow to them because I don't want to tonight, today, this moment.' Etceteras, etceteras.


Songee: They just do it, they just are IT. All living things of this nature are such. Human-kinds have the ability to be this way, you just don't practise it very often and you have forgotten the way of it. (Songee is laughing.) However you can go back to it. And when you practise being channel for healing energy this is just a little moment out of your life that you are giving to this task of doing this job.

Working for Oneness

Songee: And you are saying, 'Well I am having a very busy life, I am doing all these many things of life however I can spare just this amount of time... (Lots of laughter) ...to go and do this task for Oneness.' Is that not so?

I have a friend of mine who says she does spirit work between five and six.

Songee: Oh that's very interesting.

It's beautiful!

Songee: Oneness has 'No Time'. From the moment you wake up in the mornings and come back from your Dream Spirals to the time when you go back and rest your body and your Spirit goes on the Dream Spirals and your Spirit goes out - all of it, is Oneness time of No Time. You are Oneness Child! Oneness vehicle, is that right? I'm learning you know, I am getting better.

Yeah, yeah, better than Chariots.

Songee: It's better than Chariots I suppose. (Lots of talking.) So you are doing different, you are doing this thing. You are this for Oneness. You know. And when you give yourself to Oneness completely without reservation, without making conditions - well I'll do it between this moment and that moment, and I have only this amount of this day free for you. You say, 'Oneness all this day is yours, everything in it. All the business of my day, all the loving part of my day - and so on and so forth. And then you just get on with it. And every task you do, is a task for Oneness. Wash your face, 'I'm washing I face for you Oneness.'

Make it all shiny and bright and smiley.

Songee: That's right. And make it so it is beautiful and shining and has a nice smile for everybody to come and be warmed at the hearth of that smile. Smile is like, is like a fire, a warm fire, and it comes from the heart out to the peoples. Like that. And it comes not just from the mouth, it comes from the eyes also. The eyes shine and speak to people about love, about something that they can't quite grasp, and they want some of it, so they will follow you for a little while until they get to feel some more of it.

Everything in your life, every moment, every second of your life give it to Oneness.

And that will start to give you a little glimmer of the feeling of how it is of the relationship that the creatures of the Planet have with the Songee Energy that is the Mother Energy and is also part of Oneness Energy because it will put you in complete feeling and unity with that Energy also. This is the time of Earth now for the feminine energy to rise up. You can't gainsay it, it's going to happen, it's happening all over the place now, everywhere in your World it is happening now, and the female energy in all of you is going to rise up. Male-kinds and female-kinds.

Meditation - Oneness Connection

To stand in the middle of a field, to hold your hands up to the Heavens, to breathe deep into your middle self, and as you do so to feel as though your feets are going down like roots into the ground.
And your arms stretching up further and higher and higher into the Heavens until you are touching the clouds, and from this place of being you can feel the waters of the Planet moving, you can see the mountains all around the Planet.
You can feel things growing, you can feel the creatures swimming in the Waters of Life, you feel all the creatures of the land walking across, you feel their footsteps.
You feel all the creatures that are burrowing underneath the land, you feel all their little whiskers, all their little feets scratching through everything.
You feel the parts of the Planet that sick, you feel the sore parts, the parts that are not whole anymore. You feel this sickness.
And this is Unity and Oneness. This is your connection.

And then you can bring yourself back from this place of being, back in your finite body from this in-finite place, back into your finite body once more.

And then you can say, 'Oneness now I understand, Oneness I am yours.'

Does that answer your question?

It will probably help me understand a little bit more about what the She-Bear and the Wolf and White Eagle are about, it's about what you have just said isn't it?

Songee: That's right.

It's about the expression of that in the story.

Songee: That's right. That is it.

So, do you have any more questions?

The Insect

Songee can I ask you what a centipede is? I have looked it up.

Songee: What do you know about this creature?

All it said was that it was a many footed wingless bird.

Songee: A many footed...

Wingless bird.

Songee: Centipede!

It's an insect.

Songee: It's an insect, it's not a bird! It is not a bird. It is an insect. It has got many feets and it runs around everywhere with lots of feets underneath it. Sometimes they are very big, sometimes they are little however they all got one thing in common, they got lots of feets. And they run very fast. They like to hide in damp places, in the dark places and hide away. And they eat all the things that are decaying. So they clean up things. They are not destructive because the decay is already there, what they are doing is cleaning up.


Songee: You know.


Songee: So look at little closer into the habits of the creature and that will tell you what it is you need to know for your life. Do you understand?


Songee: Now you don't have any more questions do you?




Songee: You have any more questions? More questions?

Can you read in a dream?

Songee: Read in a dream? Oh course you can, this is the Dream Spirals you can do anything on the Dream Spirals.

(?) said that you couldn't.

Songee: Oh nonsense, course you can read in your Dreams. You can do anything at all on the Dream Spirals. Perhaps with one exception, you can't murder anybody, not when you belong to the Light. Understand?

I had a dream last night I was wondering to get some assistance. M was Tarzan, then I then had the Infant Man. M is part of the...

Songee: No, no, no, what's this other thing.

Tarzan, he's suppose to be an Ape-man.

He was a person who lived with the Apes.

(Lots of explanations.)

Songee: Let me look.

I can show you the pictures of it I have got a book of it.

Songee: That's alright I have it. Ohh I have this picture now.

Quite lovely isn't he?

Songee: I don't know. Continue.

I was just wondering we had a bit of a tiff because something had happened and I went up this escalator and then all these other people were going to go down.

Songee: Moment please.

I am talking about my dream, about Tarzan.

Songee: What's this thing you are saying?

Moving stairs.

Songee: Oh, Moving stairs.

Oh they go up and down.

Songee: Oh I see this now. Go...

Anyway I went up to the top and then I was going to go down and then I saw these people that were going down and it was not sensible to go down because they got hurt, there was no way to go down, they would fall down this big hole. I was going what a waste of time going down there, so I went up. And then I saw this big picture, it was saying, it was M's face, he was Tarzan. It was quite funny.

Songee: What is it you want to know?

Oh, oh I can't understand how come I got this dream of him being Tarzan and the Infant Man, I do and I don't.

Songee: Infinite-Man.

No infant, that mean baby man.

Songee: Oh I understand, boy-child.

Yeah boy-child.

Songee: Alright. So you see him as grown and as boy-child.

I believe so.

Songee: Remember that in your dreamings very often everything in dreamings relates to you.

You Jane.(Lots of laughter.)

Jane is Tarzan's mate.

Songee: Oh I see ah now I understand.

With very few clothes on.

Songee: Oh little skins. (Songee is smiling.)

Little skins.

I didn't show you that, I believe.

But B did.

Songee: Little skins, little skins. Just little bits...

What I was wanting to know how come I've got M up there... relate... I don't understand how come I'm seeing it like that.

Songee: You are not looking for the message that you have gone into spirit to discover. When you go on the Dream Spirals you have to learn to discover the message that you are attempting to bring back with you. The visions you have are only symbols of the journeys that you have been on, and the messages you have been given. You know. So this one is being very strong and masterful, is that right?

I suppose so.

Songee: And you have argumentation...

Of course.

Songee: ...and then you got up the moving stairs to the top and while you are up there you are decrying those that are falling down the hole.

I don't really feel decry, I just felt it was insensible to go back down there because I was going to attempt to go back to M as that was where we were having the argument.

Songee: Where were this where the argument happening, down at the bottoms of the moving stair?

Yeah down the bottom.

Songee: So you not going back down, you going up. What for do you want to go back down?

That's what I felt, why would I want to go back down...

Songee: So where is the mystery? What is it you are telling yourself? Come now you know the answers to this.

I do!

Songee: Like pulling out teeth you know. It's got big roots. You know that you cannot go back.

After it has happened you can only go forward.

Songee: You move forwards, and this one has yet to grow up.

I was hoping you weren't going to say that, I felt that was what was happening. I was having an argumentation with myself...

Songee: You do it very well!

I do.

Lots of practise.

Songee: Lots of practise, you say more, very good. You don't, the problems is you don't take some moments to consider it properly and to scribe it all down.

I did scribe it.

Songee: The message - No!

I must have lost that somewhere.

Songee: You must, when you sit to scribe down your dreams - this is for everybody - scribing down your dreams is only part of the journey. The next part is to unravel for yourself the message that you have bought back. What's the point of having the dreams and remembering it when you don' t, you don't take notice of the message you got? That's not very sensible is it? So start learning to discover the messages that are in your dreams. They are very important, they tell you things about yourself and about your life, about...

(end of side two)


Songee: Go on with your asking...

D Roberta-Margaret wrote a dream that she had last night on one page and on the other page she had all the stuff that she got out of it, all the messages. So you may want to ask her and get her to show you what she did. She read it to us this morning and that will show you how she went about it.

Bear Story Drawing

Songee: Beautiful.

(One of the students had been drawing for the Great-She Bear stories and was showing everyone the drawing.)

I'm not... I that's cool, you got the characteristics of the face...

That Bear has a wicked eye, why is that?

Is she ready for mating is she?

Songee: I am not answering you any of these questions.

How come you picked that up.

I am yet to find out which part of the story this goes to yet.

Mmm compared to...

Songee: You know what my answer is to you, read it. You need to read it.

Has it been or gone? The only thing I've felt about this one was that whoever, I haven't figured out which bear it was, telling the story, which one, has it been given?

Songee: Read it.

Has it been given?

Songee: Read it.

Or is it yet to come?

Songee: I'm not telling you. I not make it too easy otherwise you not learn how to read the story of the Great She Bear.


Songee: The Great She Bear is a beautiful Dream Spiral and there is much to discover on it. So you may have like to read it for yourselves, and don't just read it once, read it more than once. And read it to the childrens and find the messages in the stories.

Meditation - Gift from Oneness

Songee: Now you have a very short moment for some working. We are going to do some working.

There is soundings for you to put... Number one is a very beautiful soundings. What I am going to get for you all to do, before you put the soundings on.

I will get it ready.

Songee: We need to have everything for making the picture. You need to have all these things for yourself. This is for you to work for yourself.

(The paper, crayons and boards are being organised in the background.)

Songee: You can do that and I will take this body and sit it down. All you have to do is have your things ready, don't hold them on yourself, just put them down so you have your hands free because you are going to go on a little journey, on the Dream Spiral for a moment, just a short moment.

You are going to need to do this also.

Wait for Little Shaman. Little Shaman has to come. Hurry up Little Shaman.

(Still lots of chattered and organising.)

Songee: Please put in this down on the ground for you for a minute, put it down on the ground.

Are you able to please put them down on the ground just for a moment, just for a moment and the sounding is going to come for you.

So I want for you now to just close your eye, and take a deep breath inside you, down here, you know. Down in your middle self, deep Breath of Life.

Close your eye and just one sounding for you to listen to. Feel it, go on the Dream Spiral when the music starts and then when it finishes and there is no more sounding, finish what you are doing and slowly bring yourself back and then to draw with the beautiful colours, draw something that you have bought back with you, a Gift that this sounding has given you this night. A Gift from Oneness. Are you ready.

Music: The Music begins to play. 'Sounds of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel.
(The Second Well Trust does not have permission to play this music on our website.
This track of music is available to listen to online from many different sites.)

(When the music stops Songee speaks.)

Silence of the Heart, it does not speak its truth.
Silence of the love, it does not show itself.
I give to you truth, Light and Love this night.
Open your hearts and break the silence.
Open your mouths and speak the truth,
Embrace each other with love.

You are doing the drawing for yourself to take for you this place, this night, this Gift of love, to remind you in days to come of the Love of Oneness.

Mayhap you would like to make for another small soundings that not going to disturb everybody.

The Child of Music has a beautiful one that has the creatures of the ocean, that right.

Music: Jeffree Clarkson's CD 'Infinite Grace' plays in the background.).
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)

You are drawing for yourself of your gift this night. Draw anything you like. Put it down.

Little Shaman go share with this one over here. Would you like to help these people, just to draw something from your heart to take with you for yourself. Oh anything, it can be nothing just lots of colour, it can be a shape, it can be anything. Let it come from your heart. Open your heart, let the Light shine out of your heart and come onto this whatever it is.

I can't draw anything.

Songee: It doesn't matter. You have the soundings. Just draw from your heart.

(One of the dogs needs to go out to the toilet.)

Songee: Oh you are going to take them to nature. You have the soundings?

(Songee has gone over to the new people who don't know what to draw.) Let it come out of here, have the courage, come. It takes courage to let out of your heart and out into the sighting for yourself to see it. Have the courage. This is your heart, your courage, your love, for you to have to take with you.

What are you wanting to do?

I wanted to draw something like...

Songee: There for you... I have a long thing for your journey. No, no, no this white one. How is she? I left the boarder for you. Nothing is too humble for Songee.

(There is lots of laughter and talking.)

It does make a difference.

Songee: Oh it is making many different disappearing. Like this make it bigger. Come do this for yourself. We have to make Songee (?), not too humble to be (?). It is too fast, this is it. And this is your special gift for yourself. Anything. It will remind you when you look at it of this night of your experience of your connection with Oneness with the life energy. Oh little one has woken up from the Dream Spirals.

(One of the children had gone to sleep on the floor.)

That's right.

(Songee is looking at all the drawings.)

Songee: Beautiful. Now comes the Child of Music to play for you. Little Mother would you have The Child of Music with the dancing?

Yes I believe it is this one.

Songee: That's right. This is something very special for you for your life now.

Better to make the soundings a bit smaller. You better put the day this is of your life that you are doing for yourself.

Little Shaman needs the Medicines of Earth. (Songee gives the prescription for the Homeopathic Remedies.)

(Everyone it still drawing.)

Songee: Every time he gets a pain in the middle. This one not tell you about it.

So look at your beautiful pictures now, look at them and just give yourself a moment or so to enjoy what you have done and the journey you have been on, the little journey, that gave you some vision for yourself.

And when you are all finished there is going to be one sounding that you can have and Songee is going to leave you while you listen to your sounding and you can dance and play among yourself.

Breath of Life.


Songee: When I am gone another is going to come and be with you very briefly.


Songee: And each time you look at these beautiful expressions of colour and light feel Oneness coming to you with the healing energies for your life. Whenever you're in doubt about the feelings that you have experienced this night take out your beautiful drawings and look at them and remind yourself. This is a way for you to remind yourself of the Power of Light that has touched you this night.

I am going to go in a moment and when I have gone another is going to come briefly to be with you just for a brief moment of your earth time and then soundings of The Child of Music to dance your way back to your homes after that.

So I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Love of Oneness and ask Jesus to be in your life and in your heart and in your Soul. Embrace it all for yourselves without fear and let your heart open to the Love of Oneness.

And I leave you now with the Power of all this.


So Be It

(Songee departs and the Spirit Person mentioned by Songee comes and overshadows Roberta-Margaret.)

Aho Ana mushtaq
I have come to be and to tell you about your gifts.
Oh Great Spirit thank you for bringing these people to this place of caring and thank you for the gifts for their life that have given of themselves so that the work may continue upon the Earth.
I am speaking about your coins that you have, that you have given.
Oneness blessings for your hearts and of your gifts.
(And the Spirit Person departs.)

Are we ready to dance, are we?

Roberta-Margaret returns and says Hello.

We are going to dance. Are you ready to dance?

Roberta-Margaret says no.

(Jeffree's Music 'Life is Forever' begins to play.)

Music: "Life is Forever" track ten from the album "Simpilicy" by Jeffree Clarkson..
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)

Roberta-Margaret speaks of her experiences in Spirit. And everyone is talking.

1. Veil This is the separation from Spirit, and our Spiritual Knowledge that happens to the majority after we are born.
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2. Go to this link to read more: Reincarnation.
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