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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Journey to the Tree'
A Teaching from Songee 23rd June 2000


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This Gathering was held at Roberta-Margaret's home in Auckland. There were fourteen people present. The essential oils were Lavender and Ylang Ylang.

A name round was done. Roberta-Margaret explains her process of channelling to the new comers.

Are you ready to close your eyes. (Many people take a deep breath.)


Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Music: "Ancient Ones" Track nine from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: Greetings to you. I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: So, what have you for I this night?

(Long silence)


Is hypnotism bad or good?

Songee: Would you like to say that again very loudly?

Is hypnotism bad or good?

Songee: Hypnotism? Moment please... Ahh I'm having a look to see this wording for the meaning of it you know. I see now in your mind what it is. It's sending peoples to sleep. Is that right? Is it good or is it bad?

They are not really asleep though are they?

Songee: Oh my you have bells. How do you make these bells?

It's just been cut off.

Songee: Oh so that is how you stop bells. That's very clever. Mayhap we just have to do this all the time and then there are no bells, is that right?

Now about this hypnotism - is it good or is it bad?

Well it is certainly not bad because many good things can come from it. However there is a responsibility of the person that is going to be sending you to sleep. They have to be someone that you can trust with your Soul because when you are in this state of sleeping your Soul is open to many suggestions.

Now, there is among you a belief that as long as the suggestion does not go against anything that is deeply inside your own being that you will not be able to commit any bad deeds. Wrong! Because how this can be is that you have fear inside of you - all of you have different fears - insecurities, feelings of not being worthy and so on and so forth. All these manner of things you have deep inside you.

Now, when you are awake and suppose to be in full management of all your faculties you stubble about your life listening to the whisperings of the Dark One telling you many stories that are bad about you-self and you believe it. 'You are not any good, you have done this wrong', and then come all the nasty, bad, hard words of 'You should have done it this way, you should have done it that way,' and so on and so forth, and you get beaten up. Is that not so? So when you are doing this thing and you are believing all these things, this whisperings are happening in your mind that is a little asleep - your subconscious mind it is being whispered, and all this is coming from partly from your own fears, you own insecurities and sometimes it is coming from the Dark One who is building up your fears and insecurities. So when you are in a state of hypnosis you need to be very sure that you are in capable hands. Hands of one who is going to protect you from the whisperings of the Dark One and the whisperings of your own self that will come and make you feel bad about you-self. In the event that you feel so badly about yourself then the whisperings could become very serious indeed. There are no doubts at all that this way of reaching the unconscious minds and hearts of human-kinds is very effective for helping to bring a healing and usually this is the purpose of doing these things, is that not so Little Shaman? However there are one or two unscrupulous Souls that mayhap be using it for their other desires.

Does that include the people that, there are a group of people that go round and create shows out of this, where they have people up on stage and they put the people into hypnosis and do ridiculous things with them and then bring them out. And there is a big, um but - how do I describe this, a lot of people are not happy about this.

Songee: It is using the gift to - I am going to use a very strong word for you now, to give you a feeling for it - it is a rape of the senses and of the Soul to use it in this manner. Those that allow this to happen to them are allowing themselves to be abused. That tells you something about their own self worth, does it not? They may in their consciousness give a reasonable excuse because the reasonable mind will always find a reasonable excuse you know. And it will say I am doing this for fun. What fun are they having when they are living for however long it may be, mayhap only a short few moments, a delusion, an illusion! It may be very funny for everybody else who is watching, it is not funny for the person that is living it because they truly believe that this is how they are.

And the other part of this is that that Soul that is evolved and is locked in that body have forming all these things one part of them is fully aware of what is happening and yet they are powerless to do anything about it. So they have a residual memory while it's happening. And then as part of this happening they are told to forget about it and certainly they will forget about it in their conscious mind, they do not forget about it in their unconscious mind. It is locked into their unconscious mind and not enough is being done to look at the damage of these things that are taking place, you know. So this is the bad side.

When it is used for bringing healing energies it is very good.

When you go on the Dream Spirals to have your meditation journey this is a form of hypnosis, only it is one that you are participating in with full knowledge that you are going on a journey of self discovery, to know about your own self inside, or to discover something that you need to know for your life now because this is the teach I always give you is it not, that everything you do you must do it because you want to enhance this life you are in now. That is not how many other lives you have got, or how many more you may have yet to come, this is the one you have to focus on. Make this one the very best you can, every minute, every second of it, this is the most important one. Anything else is nonsense.


Songee: So when you go on your Dream Spirals you are using musics, soundings mayhap sometimes not, sometimes you are listening to the birds singing in the sky, or the sounds of the silver birds flying through the sky and all these things you hear, all the noises of your life, and you have to learn to go through the noises of your life and come to the centre of the spiral where there is silence. Not that you are not going to hear everything around you, you will still hear it however it will be 'out there' on the outside of the spiral and you will be in the inner centre of the spiral in the silence. And this is the place of stepping off into the Other World. And the place of the Other World as you know is Spirit and this is where you go to do your journeyings. And in this place at the moment before you step off into the Other World you are in a very light trance, very, very light trance. You understand? And that is how you are, and that is the place where you are most receptive to suggestions that come to you. So it is very similar place to be with hypnosis.

Now you have a very good teacher so when you go on your journeys you can be sure you are going to be safe and be looked after because your teacher is not going to tell you to go murder somebody when you come back, you know. You understand. That is not what is going to happen, you know this is not going to happen. You are going to go to a place of discovery usually somewhere where it is very beautiful, very serene and very pleasant. Sometimes peoples do not go on the journey that is being given when it is a guided journey, and the reason for this is because of the fear of letting go because the subconscious knows it has lots of fears inside it. And it does not sometimes all time trust that they are going to be kept safe...

Where are you going? I am speaking to you, this is your question. Don't go wandering off like that. You will have to wait. (Everyone is laughing. Little Shaman needed a toilet break and was creeping out.) This is your question I am answering you. Cross your legs. We are nearly finished.

When you are looking at this matter of hypnosis you have to find the right person who is going to do the job properly. And in the event that you want to be one of these that takes others into hypnosis then you have to learn to develop your integrity so that it can be measured by the peoples that come to see you so that they know that they can trust you right from the first moment.

Now you can go. No point asking question and then going away is there. Part of the discipline you know Little Shaman, part of the discipline. So...

I come back now to the spiral, the centre of the spiral because when you come to the centre of the spiral that is the place of silence and by the time you get to this place - and I am using your (earth?) word of 'time', actually there is no time. When you come to this place then - is that better, (Little Shaman returns) oh very good - then you are going to wait just for a moment in that place before you step into the Other World - (There is laughter as someone else goes to the toilet) - It must be catching. Is this thing a catching thing.


Songee: Alright well, are you going to go next, this is your turn, what about you?

No I'm OK.

Songee: Would you like to go.

Probably a little later on.

(Lots of chat and laughter. Songee is laughing.)

Songee: Oh that's very good. So mayhap we continue.

The Other World

There are two ways to get from where you are now in your consciousness into the Other World. Now I have very often speaking to you about the Other World, have I not? And in all your different places, your different tribes, your different countries and all the stories, their stories about the Other World. The peoples of the Earth often, oh the ones that are like ah like White Eagle, they have stories about their peoples of how the peoples came from the Other World that was beneath this one and how they came out of a long tunnel and emerged into the light of day, you know. Ah Hopi you know. Ha Hopi, the Hopi Indian speaks of these things how they came out of the Earth. And they are not the only peoples, the only tribe that speaks of this. Some Tribes speak about the Other World as - ah let me have a look - Ah Dreaming. As Dreaming, a Dreaming Time. This place of the Stars, and when you look at the history of the people you will find that in the story, they are telling the stories of how they came from the stars to the Earth and all the different ah adventures of the journey of coming to the Earth. It's all in there, the stories. I tell you about these stories all the time.

Then you have the peoples of the white skins who some of them have the story about the Little People. The Fairies and so on and so forth. And how these Fairies ah could no longer live in the world of human-kind because human-kind made it impossible, they began to get greedy for power and so the Fairies have to go away and disappear. And to do this they went into the Other World. You know. And in every peoples of your planet you have got somewhere are talking about the Other World whether they come from inside, or did they come from the stars, or did they go through something that is just to the side of you, there is this Other World. When you go on the Dream Spirals to do your meditation journey and you come to the center - mayhap you need to lie down and go on the Dream Spirals child (Someone yawned) - then you are going to step off into the Other World, and in this, there is a central core that is the same for all of you. You are going into Spirit.

The Astral Plane

There is, for you, the Earth Plane of your consciousness, there is a Mantle around the Earth and that mantle is a protection and a small dividing thing between the conscious Earth and the next level of awareness. Next level up from that is your Astral Plane where you can go and junket about and do all manner of exciting things. However you need to know that on the Astral Plane you can encounter many, many different things. Those that are not very skilled that go into the Astral Plane, and yet they are sensitive, will often see very strange faces, not necessarily just many different faces, not, not, not many different faces, I am talking about very strange faces. Some may call them evil faces, you know. And what this is are the denizens of the Dark Energy that inhabit the First Mantle. And they can come into the Astral Plane. And when you go into the Astral Plane and you are sensitive and untrained, and your consciousness has great fear in it then you are going to attract to you these denizens of this place. Now this is not to say that all the Astral Plane is inhabited by these beings, that's not so, because the Astral Plane is very busy. It is like the Earth is busy. You have all these Souls that are a sleeping on the Earth, so all their Souls are up and busy travelling about doing all manner of things. I know Wise One, they don't dump into each other and they don't get tangled up.

So, they are doing this thing and they are all moving about being very busy doing everything. Sometimes they may bump into people they don't especially like. Some people you will hear say to you, that on the Astral Plane you will never bump into anybody you don't like - nonsense! Of course you will. What you can do when you are aware and you are sensitive and you know what you are doing you can say before you go to sleep, 'I don't want to bump into anybody I don't like please.' You know. And then your people in spirit will help this not to happen. So, that is something that you can learn to do.

Those that are unconscious of their journeyings very often will very often come back to their bodies in the morning time and will not remember anything about it. You say to them, 'Did you dream?' And they say, 'No I did not dream. I never dream. I don't know what that is, I have never experienced it.' They do dream, it just that they don't remember it, you know. Do you remember your dreams? However it is happening. You are all doing this thing. Everybody is doing this thing.

Songee has given teach to help you to traverse this place, these Astral Planes, to go straight from your consciousness into the beginning of the spiral, and to go through to the center where the silence is and then when you step off you will be in the Other World of Spirit.

(There is whispering in the background.)

Songee: What was that? Ho. I was going to use Angels, oh that's very good. The mans in the white coat is saying you have a machine that you all climb inside and the door closes up around you and you push a button and when you open it, it has gone up and you step out somewhere else, is that right?

(There is talk about what this is.)

A lift. The doors shut you go up, the doors open and you step out.

Songee: So Songee have given you this. Songee have given you how to do this thing. You have the Silver Mist you know. Songee have given this through to the peoples of Spirit. The peoples of Spirit have given it through to teach and it is the Silver Mist. You go into the Silver Mist, it wraps itself all around you like a warm blanket and you can't see out, you can't see back, you can't see forward, sidewise, up, top, down, anywhere. You know. And this is where you are, and then as you begin, listening to all the soundings all around you and you can hear it beginning to fade away, you come swiftly to the center. And as you come to the center then the Silvery Mist opens like that and you step out into the Other World. And you will have transversed through the Earth Mantel and through the Astral Plane to the first level of Spirit. Very simple. Very safe. Very easy. All you have to do is practise it. And when you know this thing in your heart then you will find it easier to learn to trust and to go into this other realm of discovery for yourself.

Is that helpful for you? Is it helpful?

Are you asking me?

Songee: Anybody!

(Everyone speaks up.) Yes that is helpful.

Songee: So that you have the opportunity to bypass this thing. And then when you get very clever you will learn to go into the Other World like that. (Songee claps the hands.) And you will be able to go through the Mantle and the Astral Planes straight to the first level of Spirit and be there.

Very few Earth Souls are unable to go to the First Level of Spirit. Just about all of you, every living one of you can go to this level. It is the ones that are beyond it that make difficult for some to attain. That doesn't matter at this point. In order to achieve that which you need to achieve, the First Level will do it.

Everything that you need to know can be found on this First Level. The Hall of Akashic Records can be found on it. So you don't have to be great master soul to go and find the Hall of Akashic Records. You know how this is on the Earth that it is a prodigious thing for people to be able to say, 'Hey I am a master soul and I can do all these things.' Pish posh! They are not. They can go to the First Level and be all these things, and achieve all these things and so can you. You can do this yourself. And you are safe on the First Level because the Angels come down all the levels. They not just come down one. They come all the way down to be with you. And when you have needing to go beyond it then the Angels will lift you up. You don't go because for you to go by your own self you may not yet be able to able to master this in Spirit yourself yet. It depends on where you are in your development of your Soul, does it not. However this does not preclude that you can go and sit at the feet of Oneness and of Jesus and anybody else that maybe hanging about up there. You know. So you can be up there with all of them, or not. There are many gateways, many gateways, so that when you step out into this Other World there will always be a similarity of something. For example there will be mayhap a small path in front of you that you are going to step on. That path may be at the edge of a great ocean. It maybe that is only the beginning of the path that is going to journey through a forest or some other place of being. However when you get to the place of ascension then there is usually a very special gateway that takes you into the next part of your journey, an ascended path of your journey. You understand? And you can bring the memory of that back with you so that the next time you go on a Dream Spiral you may have go back to the same gateway and walk through it.

Would you like to do it now?


Songee: Then we will have The Child of Music. (Jeffree Clarkson)

(Someone asks a question speaking very softly.)

Songee: Ahhh. As tired as you are when you are wanting to go to your sleeping. There will be some times when you will not recall your dreamings and there will be sometimes when you will have the same dreamings over and over and over again, you know. So!

The one with birds on it.

Beautiful. Ahh. The one with the bird will be very nice because The Child of Music have made something very special on this one. So...

We start at the beginning.

Songee: I ponder a moment whether I sit the body or stand it up. Mayhap I will sit it down.

Are you going to be ready in one moment?


(end of side one)


Songee: You look worried.

I have just got lots on my mind.

Songee: Oh dear all the troubles and woes of the day. Mayhap this will help to change them.

My Work

Songee have you got time for another question?

Songee: While we are waiting.

I was sort of hoping for some assistance. Am I going to carry on like I have at the moment with my job...

Songee: I would hope not.


Songee: I'm hoping it going to get better for you.

So do I.

Songee: So you will find that this is, a this is very important for you just now. You have to go backwards before you can come forwards. And the reason you have to go backwards is been made very obvious to you. And this is part of the learning that you have had undertake for yourself.

Shit it's painful. I was going to ask...

Songee: And this is something as you say that you have arrange-ed for yourself to do this thing. This is not something that anyone has inflicted upon you.

No I know I am aware of that.

Songee: Doesn't make it any easier though does it. No. You can only be doing the very best that you can at any given moment. You cannot, umm, what am I going to say to you now... You have to use the knowledge that you have acquired to this point. You cannot use knowledge that you have not yet acquired. That is so, is it not?

Yeah that's true.

Songee: And part of the learning is to admit to yourself when you don't have the learning that a situation requires of you. You have to say, 'Well I know this much however I don't know this bit so some one else is going to have to do this.' Is that right?

That's right.

Songee: And that's the same for all of you, a truth for all of you.

Meditation - Journey to the Tree

Now are you ready? Settle down. You are going to have sleepings now. Not for a moment they got to go on the Silver Mist yet before poke that thing. (Start the Music.)

So closing your eyes and take in a deep Breath of Life down into your middle self and relax your body. In through here and hold it and then out. (Mouths wide open.) Not a yawnings. Same down here. Do it again for youself, with your eyes closed and just help yourself to relax in your body.

Now listen to all the soundings that are around you, all the rustlings and shufflings and people doing things and so on and so forth, and all the sounds of your life about you. Even your place that you in here is breathing, can you feel it, can you hear it? All very quiet. Listen to all the sounds, and breathe.

Now imagine that you are surrounded by a Silvery Mist. The Silvery Mist is warm like a blanket, holding you safe and comforting you. It holds you gently in its folds. And while you are in its folds ponder for a moment on your life and all that matters of your life and all the things that you would like to know about this life now, for youself.

And know that sometimes when you go on your journey that you have symbols to tell you the meanings of your remembrance. Some will do listening and some will not.

So breathe in deeply now and resting gently in the Silvery Mist. Be prepared in a moment to begin your journey into the Other World. As the music starts the Mist will part and you will begin your journey into the Other World.

Music: "Songbird" Track one from the album "Songbird" by Jeffree Clarkson..
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: All around you the sounds now of the Other World come to you
And a the Mist parts under you there is a little (?) star of dreams
And there is the sound of running water
The warm sunshine coming down through the trees, shinning, like sunshine through the windows of a cathedral.
(?) and the light is around your feet and your body. It dances...
And you step forward now into this dappled light
Around your feet and around your body
And in the sunlight
All are pieces of nature (?) on the trees
So as you walk along all the creatures around you come out to meet you to (?) on your journey
Together ever deeper now into the forest following the birds and the sun
Now we are coming to the edge, a clearing in the forest and here there is a wonderous tree, a beautiful tree shining with a golden light from its golden leaves.
And this golden tree, is a mighty tree, strong, powerful. As you look in amongst the branches are beautiful silver flowers like the stars. The stars shining in daylight among (?) of the tree.
And all about the branches the birds fly and sing.
And now from behind the tree steps someone who has been waiting for you. A very special someone. And you walk towards each other now to take each other by the hands and to embrace with love and come together once more. And you share your knowledge of each other and your (?) and all the things that you need to share. You about your earth life and they about themself. And whisper it like... such a beautiful time to be with each other.(Someone leaves the room and loudly shuts the door, there is ongoing noise in the room.)
And now breathe deeply, breath deep inside you. Take down inside of you the Breath of Life and hold yourself with the containment. Let go of all the cares of the world they are still a long way away. They are not in this space with you. Breathe deeply deep down inside...
Now your companion takes you by the hand and says come with I, I show you a special place.
And together you turn now towards the great tree, walking towards the tree. At the base of it there opens up in the roots a great cavern and you enter into the cavern and go now into you enter into the (?) beneath the tree. And as the roots come together (?) entrance inside of the tree, (?) the beautiful shining place (?) of love...
And then the light fades and the roots of the tree part once more and you step out and now you are in a very different place, and yet the great golden tree is still there with you guiding your way.
With your companion go and explore this new place in which you find yourself...
(The music changes to a brighter more upbeat tune.)

(When Songee speaks again there are many words not heard over the music.)

And bring this knowledge with you
Close together know that you have the beautiful golden light
The beautiful golden light know that you are in the world of green, safe (?) and breathe.
Through the tree roots again and you step once more in to the glade (?) around the tree. All around you are the creatures of the forest waiting to greet you. And the birds flying all around the tree come down and land on your head and your shoulders lightly and gently. And one beautiful white bird flies down and drops into your hands a beautiful white feather a symbol for you to bring back with you to hold in peace and purity to hold in your heart.
So say farewell now to the tree for now and to the people of the forest and bring your memories and your beautiful feather of peace and purity.

You begin your journey back through the forest, back now all the way back to the Silvery Mist.
And there it is waiting for you warm and welcoming. And you step up to it now and all the creatures of the forest wait there and watch you go and your Companion of your journey waves to you a farewell until the next time you meet...

Turning now step into the Silver Mist and let it surround you once more. breathe deeply, and allow yourself now to drift slowly back to the body of your here and now of this life. And as the Silver Mist parts once more you will find yourself sliding back very gently into your body of here and now. Keeping your eyes close-ed for a little moment take inside of you once more the deep Breath of Life and release it. And then you may like to stretch your body as though you have wake-ed up from a long sleep.

Some people are still asleep, it's alright. They will come back in their own manner and their own way. A change for you this journey and did you find somebody nice?


Songee: Oh that's good.

But I didn't have anything on the other side of the tree.

Songee: Ah. Maybe you need to ponder on it. It maybe yet to come you know. It doesn't mean it's not there just means you cannot see it, you know. Is that right.

You, you leaking? You need this, this, this from the tree people. Do you not? Is that right? Would you like some more?

No thank you.

Songee: There is a lot there, you can have as many as you like you know. And then you won't have to leak all over the place. You can leak as much as you like. That's better is it? Do you need some? Would you like some? Anybody like some?

Oh the little one has gone on the Dream Spirals, that is good.

So... Are you content? Would you like to ask I some more questions?

Songee I have got a question. It must have been about a week or so back I was...

Songee: Moment please. We will answer that in a moment. Hold it in the fore front of your mind. We cannot just go from where we have been to this jumping about so far back. We are in a very special place and to disturb it at the moment will not be very comfortable for peoples inside them. So hold it for a moment and we will come to it.

I need to know whether anyone has any questions about their journey. I did not say that, so I am saying now. Anything you want to ask I?

Meditation Questions

Yes I would like to ask a question. When you, when we entered underneath the tree and the roots parted and then we were to go and explore this new land so to speak I tried very hard but I couldn't visualise what this new land looked like.


So I had nothing to explore.

Same. There was like a very light mist and the Companion was there but um couldn't see through, couldn't see through.

I felt I could have been lightened, flying into the skies. Something was stopping me, something was making me say that's just imagination, no that's just imagination you need to wait for something that's real. This is not real. And it was like a voice saying, 'Well you could but that would just be pretending.' That was my experience, so it put me, so it was just all dark, it was just sort of like just inside my eyes and nothing else apart from that. I felt quite miserable actually because I was...

Songee: These are all the things...

I was wanting to see something, asking to see something but there was nothing.

Songee: However these are all the things that are things that are down inside you that get in your way. This is what you have been revealed to you. This is what you need to know for your life now, that you get in your own way, you know. You have to start looking at these journeys for what your life has needing to have knowing of now. Because you cannot see something does not mean that it is not there. And all these feelings that come up inside you are part of this journey. They are telling you something about yourself, about - no, not about lack of imagination, it is about all your insecurities and your fears. Songee take you to this special place because to demonstrate to you how when you are in this state of semi-trance you enter into the Other World and that you can go deeper still into another through a gateway into another World yet again, deeper. And you are going through the layers of your own being as well. So you are learning to find yourself in your Dream Spiral. When you are going in beneath the roots of the great tree as I say to you when you are coming out you are inside the womb of the Mother. So the suggestion of the wordings will go into your being. You will have absorb it and then all the manner of fears that you have will come to the surface for you to look at them. So that you have to face them rather than running away from them all the time. Do you understand?

So look at this, look at how you talk yourself away from things. Look at how you make youself miserable. Understand? Look at what you do to yourselves. This is not just you, this is learning for everybody you know. And you find that you will discover what it is you need to know. You didn't see anything there - how so you didn't see anything there? Ask yourself.

Now prior to that you have been given speakings about where everything was and everything was just so and you could follow the path, is that right? And then you came to a place where there was no wordings to guide you. It was nothing to guide you and you had to find your own way, and that can be a little bit frightening for the Soul. It doesn't quite know what to do. What is it suppose to see - because it is conditioned by Earth that it has to see certain things in a certain way, in a certain manner and so on and so forth. That's not the truth. When you are in Spirit anything can happen, as you say you can fly, you can fly across mountains, you can fly into the Heavens, you can go to other Galaxies. You can do anything at all, in Spirit. It is only you that keeps you locked down.

So I had the option then to go to a place that I knew and I thought that if I if go to a place I knew that's a cop out...

Songee: That's the problem. That's the problem - you 'thought' about it.

Yeah. That's right.

Songee: And this is what happens, your mind tells you lies. How many times do I have to tell you all, your mind lies to you. It will trick you and tell you bad stories about yourself. Listen to this, the feeling in here and in your heart and go with that feeling. And put away the 'thoughts'. Forget that horrible word and find the feeling and then when you go through this place into the next World, the next place you will find something there. You have to let go of 'control', you have to let go of your fears and your distrust and everything that is happening inside of you and there you will find what you are looking for on the other side. Do you understand?

Who did find something on the other side?


Songee: What did you find Little Shaman?

I had been there before but...

Songee: Shout!

I can't hear you J.

I have been there before and sometimes the Dragon takes me there. That time I went through the trees and it was quicker and it's got pink things and I followed through. I wanted a drink and (?) and there is a house there and the person I was with went around...

Songee: Beautiful. And you had some to eat, this child is always hungry you know, got legs with holes in them.

What did you do?

I went on the spiral, then I went into the tree and as you talk, I don't know if I went through a red system or not, but it was like a big cathedral type doors open up with all this white light and I just went... Just got drawn up to it, went up and up. I felt the tree and then I went into. I saw a house and I was talking away to some people and then you said for us to come back and I had my everyday stuff come into it you know get back into it again. And also heard somebody rustling out there so I had to center myself back into the space cos in the end you said to us to come back and I had to come back with my animals and it was very beautiful. And it was really lovely seeing my people running and they would be there holding me where I need that at the moment and yeah...

Songee: Was that before or after you go through to the Other World?

Now that, the butterfly occurs in the late stuff but usually come before and then I go, I went to the door to open, then I went to the house.

Songee: So for you on the other side there was the house? So you see it can be anything at all. You can be Dragons, it can be a house, it can be anything at all. You have to just allow it to be. You have a mastery of this, no one else. And how did you manage with the sounds of life coming and disturbing you. (Someone had gone out of the room and shut the door during the Meditation.)Did you manage...

I went flying up in the air when that happened.

Songee: That's not very fortunate is it. However it was very good discipline to teach you how to bring yourself back to your center to go back into your place of safety.

When you said we would meet somebody that you wanted to meet, can that be family or...

Songee: I didn't say somebody you wanted to meet. How people change things. Listen because this is important. You need to hear yourself. I say for you that somebody would step out from behind the Great Tree, someone that was very pleased to see you. They were waiting for you to come to his place, at this visit. And I did not say who or anything else.

I was wondering if ah...

Songee: Whom did you see?

In my mind it would have to been my boy. One of my boys. Whether I would be bias, I know my...

Songee: Who did you see? You are using your head to reason it all out. Stop! What did you feel.

I thought my son Paul. I felt it was my boys, one on each side.

Songee: And did you see them? Did you feel them?

No, I'm feeling them now.

Songee: That's it. Forget about everything else. You felt the presence.

I felt the whole journey I felt like I have done before and I felt that I with the journey I really felt I was (?). I went into the tree and when you mentioned coming out the other side I didn't quite pick up what you said so come out and I visualised that I was coming out into the same clearing on the other side of the car - of the tree. And I actually after you (?) I felt that I could feel that I was floating and I was getting round and there was a big white bird above me and was flying just above me and then I starting floating up above the trees and that.

Songee: So for you, you went into another aspect of the same place that you went in. Did you hear yourself just now? You talk about the chariot and then you say very quickly, the tree. Did you hear that? Did you hear that? It was the Car which is a chariot is it not, then it got changed to the tree. Look at this because this is the mind. This is the mind slipping in to give an interpretation. You did very well to go back to what it was. This is how your mind comes in all the time and jumps in and gets in your way you know. That was very good.

So when you go on these journeys please be aware of what it is within you that you are needing to find. You know.

Has everybody discharged their emotion about this? Or do you need to speak some more for a moment because I've got to answer a question that the Little Clam ask I.

I would like to ask a question, I needed to know about my job situation. Quite, quite fervently. But when I came out of the tree I was in England in World War Two and I went through the fields and I went towards an aeroplane man and went round the coast line.

It was nice but I don't really know what...

Songee: You need to investigate for yourself what it was about this vision that you were given that is going to help you with this life now. Everything you have in your visions needs to be relating to this life now. You know.

Mmm. Yes...

Songee: Mayhap you need to go and work with this great iron birds, you know.

Don't tell me that! That is even worse for me. I have already gone through enough...

Songee: I said to you I am just given you something to consider you know. You have to consider everything. Immediately up comes - I don't want to do it.

It's not that I don't mind do it it's just seems, I mean I am attempting to keep my feet on the ground with my considerations not go off after crazy ideas about who knows what, aeroplanes and stuff.

Songee: Oh My! Listen you are so limiting yourself.

Well I don't mean to but...

Songee: There are so many things you can look to in this place. Look into everything. Don't limit yourself. What other things can you be doing with this great iron birds?

I could hope on it obviously go somewhere nice, or somewhere.

Or go into travel and tourism.

Songee: That's where you helping other peoples going on the great iron birds is that right?


(end of side two)


...if I am or not, that's the thing. I get to the point where I am so going this way and that way and this way I don't know which is right and which one is wrong...

Songee: Listen, listen, listen all this, all this coming out. Up, up, up, up. It's all coming from here.

I know.

Songee: It's all coming from here. Stop! No more! You have been given a vision. Your task now is to say what is the vision showing I? What, what can I get out of this? How much can I find in this that I can use now in this life? And then when you have got everything like this you have saying about - ah helping people to go on the great iron bird you know. Is that right? Mayhap that is one way that you are going to look at something. And then there may be other things that you can look at.

Ask Wise One he has lots of bright ideas about many different things. Knows all about great iron birds do you not?


Songee: So... (Lots of laughter.) Talk to each other. Share it. That's right isn't it? And then mayhap you will be able to marry it together with something you want to achieve in your life now. The door may open for you on this new vista.


Songee: Is that right?


Songee: Now what were you going to ask? Is it still in the fore front of your mind?

Oh yeah.

Songee: Two weeks passed you say...

Two weeks passed, I was going to...

Songee: Oh that was a long time for Songee. I am very old you know. My memory is not as it used to be.


Other Trance Journeys

What was I, what I was doing, (Distraction as one of the animals walking around.) I was doing some bear drawings, I don't know, I take it what happened was a positive thing but I got so involved and just, Spirit was working so strongly with me, and I really put sort of it was going through my mind where am I? I didn't know where I was. It was like a six, usually I don't so six hours straight stints but it happened several times And I had to really figure it out...

Songee: Oh Wonderful. Let me look. This is wonderful. See this one. (Songee is looking at the drawings the lady is doing. There are a lot of comments about this.) Lots of drawings of the Great She Bear and the Little Bear Cub and the Wolf and White Eagle. You see. Now I tell you because... (Lots of background chat.)

I know you are asleep I know that your Spirit will see it. (Songee is also talking with the child who is still asleep.)

Well it is the same thing that I have been talking to you about all this night, and that is about going into the trance. You get to a place when you are doing this, this thing and you are working with Spirit and you go into The Silence.


Songee: And when you are in The Silence you are totally absorbed in what you are doing. It is like a waking trance. And when you are in this place there is no time. There is no eating, no sleeping no needing this place, you know?


Songee: You body does not require any of these things, and it goes into this place. And although the body is moving, the Spirit is free of the body and can journey and be gone from the body for several earth hours, you know. Ask Organism. Organism is very accustomed to this, having this, this thing you are doing now, this painting and coming back mayhap two days later. You know. And finding there is beautiful picture been made by somebody.

So this is what it is. It is like a little trance, going in, it's like a meditation.


Songee: It's like going on the Dream Spiral. When you sit and you listen to the soundings and you go on this journey and then - oh thank you, that's right I'm forgetting that, You can ah, you have, you have drummings - it that right?


Songee: You can get this. And when you go for this you will start to go into another World, you know. You start to lift out of your body and go into the Other World. And after a little while time passes and you suddenly come back to youself and you find, 'My I have been on a journey!' Is that right?

Hm mm.

Songee: And it is because you have gone with the Spirit of the Drum taking you on a journey. You know. Everything has got a Spirit Energy to it and when you have a sounding, the sounding creates an energy and that energy will take you out on a journey. That's the reason that you have these soundings to listen to, to help you on your journeys. So that is the answer to your question.


Songee: And the more you do it the better this is going to be.


Songee: Because you get out of your own way, is that right?


Songee can I ask a question around the drumming? I, when I'm drumming and I feel it is going really well, I'm just going with the drumming, rather than... I get lost in the drumming I hear voices. I hear really, really wonderful human voices and they singing along and I sing along with them and then they play round. Now there's a whole school of 'thought' that can say that is harmonics, that's the resonance of the drum banging off the walls is creating a sound which is purely mechanical. However I'm singing with these wonderful...

Songee: You just said it.


Songee: It is a way of 'thinking'...

Who are they?

Songee: They are the Spirit people.

Yeah they are really neat.

Songee: These are the Spirit people so forget the 'thinking' part.

So this is confirmed from you that it is...

Songee: What you are saying is quite correct, there is a resonance that takes place however inside the resonance it enables Spirit to manifest. You know. Because everything comes through the sound. There is a Sound of the Earth. The Earth has a sound you know a very special sound. Moment please - what is that? Ah... Very big sound, sound, and that sound is the sound that you hear at the base of your drum.


Songee: And it resonates with the Sound of the Earth. And then - have you heard of the Music of the Spheres?

Yes I have.

Songee: That is very real you know. Everything has a sound does it not Wise One?


Songee: Everything. That is how you get sounds out of crystals you know. Did you not have a machine that have soundings coming through these things?

We are actually doing the opposite we inject sound against the sound. To neutralise sound.

Songee: I am talking about the crystals.

That is a natural sound.

Songee: That's right. And did you not have these crystals using them for enhancing sound, is that right? A machine for doing this, is that right?


Songee: To bring soundings to people's ears, is that right? So you are using something on the Earth that was able to amplify the sound and yet the crystal itself has its own sound. You know.

OK These are, like I'm getting people singing, these are beings and they are singing and sometimes it is strongly Celtic in style and sometimes it's really soulful, its... It's in harmony this is...

Songee: That's right.

...harmony and music. It goes with the music and it's not like the rustling of the leaves, or the dripping of water in the rivers. This is, it's quiet...

Songee: That's right.

...and I'm delighted really. This is the Spirit of the goat skin and I find myself going Maaa. How is it singing with the voice of Spirit? Are these spirit people who love to join in?

Songee: Illumination of the sounds that are made by the drum and everything that is happening it creates a resonance like the crystal it resonates. And then that enables the doorway to open for Spirit to come through. You know. Just as we use the Silver Mist to go through into the Other World you know this is the same thing. You are using the sounding to open the door to the Other World so it can come to you.

That's neat. I have got it now.

Songee: Same thing, you can't have one door for one thing and not have it for everything. Same thing.

So it doesn't have any relevance to the fact that it's an African drum?

Songee: No, no it doesn't matter as long as it is a sounding, and so long as the sounding is the sounding that is of Nature. Everything is of Nature. So...

Are you all sorted out? Oh I am very pleased. Are you feeling better now?


Songee: You are better now. Very Good.

Now I am going to leave you, you know because it is time for I to go from you and for you to have yourselves some happy chattings together and dance.


Songee excuse me may I ask you one personal quick question?

Songee: Certainly. Very quick. I can give you the answer...

That would be right. It is a quick family. I young male family member is in a relationship with a young lady and we are just all just wondering what will become of this relationship, please?

Songee: Does it matter?

Yes it, it does on... It does on a business matter.

Songee: So you are confusing and conflicting the romance with business. Is that right?


Songee: Let me say this that motivation must come from the two parties involved not from outside influences. Whatever have been written for the life path will come to pass whether anybody from outside interferes or not. Do you understand? You need to allow yourself to impart without prejudice to both parties about your feeling. You have to speak your truth, you know. And everybody around has to speak their truth. Once that is done then you have to step back and let the parties take care of themself. You know. Most of the difficulties in most relationships come because people do not speak what is in their hearts. Now, although you may imagine that your truth is up here it is not! Remember this lies to you. Look down in here. And look for the love, look for the love. If there is no love then you will have your answer. Look for the love. Do you understand? Look for the love, not just within you, look for the love between the parties. Look for where the love is. Look for what the love is for and you will have your answer.

Human-kinds love many things and I say 'things' because this is the way of the World. Human-kinds love many things, they very rarely love without condition. True love has no conditions attached to it. It doesn't say - I will love you as long as you are beautiful. It doesn't say - I will love you as long as you are tall or short or have a good learning in your life, or that you come from a good family with many very famous ancestors, you know. It doesn't say this. True love without condition says - I am going to love you when you are sick, when you are infirmed, when you are at your very worst that you can possibly be, I am going to love you through all those things. I am going to love you when you are a little bit not quite right in your head, I am going to love you when you are happy when you are sad, and the true love will respond with true love and it will come together. So look at where the love lies. What manner of love is it, you know. Love of 'things', love of life, love of humanity, love of each other... I love you because you are. You are living, you are in a body, you breathe, you walk, you are a Soul. And I can say that to all of You - I love you all because you are life, life incarnate on the Earth and you are Spirit, Light - that is who you are.

When you start to do this and offer this to each other then you will have begun in earnest your journey towards Oneness. So look for where is love. You know.

I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with this to ponder on, the Power of Love and where it is in your life upholding you and giving you the strength you need, supporting you without condition. Look for where is this love in your life.

So would you like to make for soundings about the Child of Music. The Child of Music that Dances. Have you got this one?

I have got one in there I believe it is it.

Songee: Is that it? Is that the Child of Music that is dancing?


Songee: About your life. So there you are, enjoy yourselves and dance with each other and love each other and be there for each other for as long and for as often as is required of each other.


So be it.

Songee: I leave you with the Power of all this.

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