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Follies of Youth

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Follies of Youth'
A Teaching from Songee 17th August 2000


Dancing the Path of Beauty
Meditation remains unresolved
Parent's destructive nature affecting the child
Blaming Oneness
Follies of Youth
Cosmic Laws
Warrior of Light
Developing our Talents
A Mentally sick person

The Crystal Light of Love was spoken to the Group of 11 people at the Pt Chev venue. The Aroma this night was Rose.

(There are swearing words in this transcript.)

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

Greeting Songee.

Dancing the Path of Beauty

Songee: Before we begin to anything at all, make for soundings louder.

Big breath deep, inside, come, big breath, up more. Come dancing - (The music we were listening to was 'Path of Beauty' and a few of the words were - Mind and hearts wide open ... dancing to the light of Heaven ... lay aside the judgement of each other's duties ... we must walk until we find the path of beauty... we must learn to live in peace ... love is of compassion ... looking only for the goodness in each other's actions ... we will walk the path of beauty time for ever shining ... feeling power of love is flowing ... through the hearts of human kind ...)

Songee: Beautiful. Now your hearts are open to the light, to the healing energies of Oneness and all of you that have been feeling very tired inside, now you will have all the energy that you need, is that right?


Songee: That was what you needed was it not all the energy. Everybody sitting there and all the energy has gone phosh down here, so now you have this big energy, is that right? And this is what you need to do for youselves, in your life when you are feeling most, not wanting to do anything, then you must get for you the soundings and make celebration, dance and celebrate to Oneness all about Life. All about the Beauty that is within. Celebrate and that will bring you back to your Path so that you will be able to do all the other things that you need to do for your life. It does not take very long and you can have much fun doing this thing. Is that right? Celebrate!

Now have you got any questions for I? Now you have all woken up to this big world which you live in.

Oh my everyone knows all the answers!

Meditation remains unresolved

Well we had a meditation last Tuesday night, you know. (Laughter) And some of us are still struggling our way through wondering what on earth it was all about.

(There are a few groans from various people yet they are not ready to talk.)

Songee: So you are having difficulties with you's journeys? Is this right?

The Life situation is, it's um - two meditations in a row. Both of them are similar, the details are different but the actual process is similar. And I'm wondering how, basically what it means. I know what all the details mean but I don't know what the whole picture means.

Songee: Mayhap you not meant to know what is the whole picture yet.

Oh that's alright.

Songee: Sometimes it is much better not to tell anybody what is the whole picture otherwise they make mess of it, you know? They don't, they put that - what you say? Chariot before the horse, is that right?

(Laughter) I don't know how you could say that to me! Yes I do.

Songee: Am I talking to you?

Oh I am just sort of...

Songee: Greetings to you. (Someone had just come into the Group)

Good evening.

Songee: You are welcome. It is good to have males energies to come and to be here at this place. I am bringing greetings to you, I am Songee, the Energy of Songee. Organism has already left this place and gone to other distances away from here. So the Energy that is speaking with you now is Songee. I bring greetings to you. You will meet with Organism when Songee have leave this place and return Organism to her own self.

Have you got any questions you would like to ask? Mayhap you would like everybody to tell each other your names of this life so that you all know who each other is. (Everyone spoke their name. One hesitated and though the name was forgotten.) Oh my goodness.

Sorry I am drawing Bears.

Songee: Thank you Little Shaman, you are very kind.

And you are Songee.

Songee: And I am Songee. So what have you for I now you have all woken up to this world in which you live, apart from this bit you are not allow to see the picture yet. Is that right?

Parent's destructive nature affecting the child

Can I ask you about D, her behaviour has become really shocking lately. When I was having a talk with her the other day and I asked her is Oneness loved her and she said no. And I was wondering if there is anything I could tell her, help her or does she have to go through all this?

Songee: You have already been given all the answers for this. The child is...

Welcome, greetings to you. So you are going to have to tell everybody your name of this life, so everybody knows your name.

S, everybody knows me anyway.

Songee: That is not true. So we continue for a moment. You are just going to have to introduce yourselves to each other - again, is that right?

I didn't realise J was late.

Songee: So you are going to now have to settle yourself.

This child of which you speak you have been given the answer before time about this child. There is no sensibility to keep asking over and over again because the answers have been given. You have to channel energies for this child. The child is not content, you know?

Greetings, come. Welcome. And bring to have sitting downs.

So this child you have to send healing energies. The child is disturbed because the parents are disturbed you know? And because the parents are disturbed, can you make (inscribe?) with the parents - no. Because the parents are not awake to their behaviour. Their consciousness sleeps and does not be aware of itself and the destructive nature of their behaviour on the childrens. And this is because there has to be a path that needs to be honoured. You are not allowed, you are not permit to interfere with the Destiny Path of another. You know this thing, so what you can do is to offer healing energies so that the Soul may absorb the lesson as swiftly as possible so that this time will go more swiftly for them. You understand? And do you very best to give a good example, all the time. You know? Teach the child about values you know, about the right ways to do things, and the wrong ways to do things, the right ways to behave.

Blaming Oneness

Songee: And when somebody, whether it be child or grown person, says to you that they have no knowing about Oneness loving them or caring for them, this will show you how angry and depowered they are because when somebody is angry and depowered and they cannot fight that which is greater than themself, that have create this in the first place - they will then go to the next largest thing that they have no management over and in this instance it is Oneness. It is very safe to blame Oneness for everything, you know! How often do you do it? Everything does not go so well in your life and so you start to ask this question about how is it that Oneness lets for these things to happen upon your life.

What is it that Oneness is doing to allow sickness and disharmonies to be inside people's bodies or inside your own, and so and so forth. And Oneness very often gets blamed for it all. Not very many consider looking to thems own self, you know! And saying to themself, "Well what is it that I have got to learn from this? What is it the lesson of life that I have come to learn?" No it is always, "Oneness you did this. Oneness you did that and I'm very cross with you and I don't love you anymore." And stamp the feet and shout and scream and yell, like spoilt child. Very often this is what happen. However Oneness knows that you are only angry because you don't understand. And so this is how it is that the teaching has been bought to everybody now.

Sometimes peoples will say, "There cannot possibly be a Oneness. For what would Oneness want to inflict a disharmony on I or anybody? What purpose would this be done for?" What they don't understand is that they have elected before they came to the earth to have the disharmony. Whether it is because they are going to pay back karma, or whether it is because they have come to learn the lesson of life and to develop themselves spiritually and go forward more. However when they are able to grasp this concept and take it into their being, then, it will start to make sense. And they will be able then to take the deep Breath of Life and move on with their life. To accept some of the things that come to them. And instead of fighting the infirmity, they learn to embrace it. Not to embrace it to say - oh good, is this not wonderful, because sometimes it is not! However to embrace the lesson that it is bringing and to say - "Well I'm learning much from this and I must be paying back much karma to have these things in I life. And that means that is very good because it means that I don't have to come back and have the karma all over again, because I am learning my lesson now". And when this acceptance happens in the physicality and in the psychic being of the person then they become free of it. It lessens. Sometimes it is going to go away altogether, sometimes it will just lessen so that it is no longer a great, large difficulty in the life. And this is how it is that when the healing energies come to peoples and this acceptance happens, usually on the Soul level, that some sicknesses of your earth will seem to, for a little while recede - and they come back when certain aspects of that lesson are ignored or forgotten or just allowed to slide away. So the lesson needs to be part of the life. Needs to be integrated into the life.

Follies of Youth

Can I just ask a question regards that? Now, is that all right? What you are talking about, like physical things, physical manifestations of something. Um I am attempting to relate that to myself because with my skin that has been there for 14 years and doesn't ever go away no matter what I do for it, then sometimes I have these things where it's like OK I love myself as I am, it does not matter what it looks like on the outside and all that. And its good and it might last a day or half a day or whatever and then I feel really good and I feel that I have freed myself from it but then I start to get this anxiety and that just like comes from here (indicates the feet) and seethes throughout my whole body. Don't allow that to come back, don't allow that to come back. And I really attempt to just not to be that way and to go back to the way I was but then it's like this anxiety of this like consumes me. And it's horrible, and I don't, I really, really attempt to not be that way. At the moment now, the last couple of days ago I was in this beautiful space where I was like loving myself and then I just started to totally started to freak and I have been freaking for a couple of days. And it like, well. AHHH!!!!

Songee: This is because you are not yet full-grown. You have yet to learn the lessons of life, you have not learn-ed them yet.


Songee: And you are still learning them. And while you are still learning them these things are going to come and go and come and go.

Oh OK so it's like a normal thing?

Songee: That is correct.

That all right then because I was sort of saying - what the hell's wrong with you get it together! (Laughs)

Songee: You will find that you will, you will find that as you grow, your learning to accept will also grow. You are still bound by the Folly of Youth as all youth is bound!

So by the folly do you mean the events that lead to this? (This student has strained her ankle and indicates her sore foot which she has up resting on a stool, that had happened while she was dancing.)

Songee: That is not so.

Oh OK.

Songee: All youth is endowed with this gift of folly. (There is some laughter at this concept that Songee is putting forward.) Folly.

I have a folly disease! (Much more laughter.)

I have a frolic disease, I love to frolic with the folly.

But well you know you can't help it. You have to make hay while the sun shines.

Songee: And that is the Folly of Youth. When you get to be rich in your years of the earth you will hopefully become more wise in your ways.

That's my intension, yes, I am hoping to achieve that as well.

When does the folly end?

Maybe there is 20 years folly free in the middle. By the time you get to 60 or 70 you are back in it again!

Oh No!

So in terms of my physical condition, is that, has it persisted for this long because I, I mean is it still going to be there when I'm 40 because of this folly or ...I mean other people don't suffer the same thing but obviously I have chosen it for myself.

Songee: Other peoples do suffer the same thing.

Most other people don't.

Songee: Other peoples suffer the same thing!


Songee: A lot of other peoples suffer the same thing.

Well supposedly I no longer would like to be one of those people, was there anything that I can do about it. I have been told about...

Songee: There is no magic wand to teach you how to grow up!

So that's what this is about?

Songee: Certainly. You cannot have the wisdom of the ages at your age of life, that is not possible.

There are other people who are a bit ditzy too and they don't have funny skin! I don't understand! You know. I don't understand, I'm sorry but I don't.

Songee: They may not have the affliction that you feel you have however they will have other afflictions that you mayhap cannot see.

Oh, OK.

Songee: All youth have this afflictions and every single one believe they are the only one in the world with it and believe that it is larger than they are.


Well actually it sometimes is.

Songee: That is how youth is! It is just the way of it you know? And you cannot learn this knack of growing until you live the life. You live the life, you learn wisdom and you grow. When you are able to say - and mean it, and live it. Not just say it but live it in your life, "Oneness my life is yours to do with as you will". And live it so that you wake up in your morning time and you say, "Oneness well here I am, back in the body once more, what have you got for I this day?" And then you get about your everyday things of your life, you do everything that you are going to do. And then...

And still go out at night time, can we do that? Well I am just wondering, I don't know. This is the conflict that I have.

Songee: Nobody has say-ed to anybody of life, Songee most certainly have never said to anybody of life, don't enjoy your life.

Mmm Ok.

Songee: You have this conflict, it is within your own self. There are certain, laws that you need to obey when you come into the workings of spirit, that you have been taught these laws. And these are things that are very difficult for again, for you to obey. However imagine that you have all manner of skills and energies passing through you and you are undisciplined in your way of living and your way of managing what goes through your mind. So that you very indiscriminately throughout all these things and the energies can hit people and cause them great harm. Sometimes it comes out of the mouth. The brain has not been engaged first and so what comes out of the mouth is not often very sensible or very polite or very nice. Sometimes just the idea will go through the mind, like that - just like that. (Songee snaps the fingers.) Like lightening flashing through the mind. And it mayhap not be a very nice thing that goes through the mind.

Somebody treads upon your toes - "Silly Bitch! Stupid person! Old cow!"

I've not called anyone that!

Songee: I'm not saying that you have.

Some people do.

Songee: I am giving you example.

Oh right. Because I...

Songee: Be silent you talk too much. Listen! So this things often go through the mind, like that. Now with that, that flash through the mind, supposing that you have as beautiful psychic spiritual gift and this comes through the mind and then out goes this energy in an instant, like that! (Songee claps the hands.) And it hits the person like that! (Another sharp clap of the hands.) In their aura and it causes them some disharmony of their life. You have saying, do you not that - ah branches and rocks.

Sticks and stones.

Songee: Is that right? (There is much amusement and chatter about this.)

Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. But they do hurt.

Songee: This thing, is the meaning of this when you have psychic and spiritual energy and something not very polite goes through your mind and you are not trained or disciplined properly you will send that out and it will hurt that person that you have inadvertently sent out to.

So this is part if the folly of youth because you don't discipline your minds.

But that's just how we are though, isn't it really?

Songee: However when you are learning and training to use your psychic and spiritual gifts you have a responsibility to not be that way...

Ok. Which I have been attempting to do.

Songee: ...And because you are youth it is a struggle to maintain it. That's it. That's the end of that lesson because it is a struggle because you are youth and you have to keep practising. Keep practising and keep practising. You never ever stop practising. All the time you do this thing, practise, practice, practice. Use your energies wisely. Use your energies with discretion. Never use your energies to bring harm to somebody and you may say to yourself, "Oh I would never do anything like that" - but you do! Everybody does it - somewhere at some moment of their life. And when you come into working with spirit, with knowledge, then it is even more important that you learn the laws and learn to obey the laws. Because to transgress the laws without knowledge you will be forgiven. To transgress the laws WITH knowledge you will get a very hard swift kick up your behind self because it is not allowed. It is not permit. Anybody, anywhere, no matter what tribe they belong to, that are learning to do this things, whatever manner that tribe dictates is going to be - is the way it is learned. The one that is learning has to learn discipline of the self, has to learn to let go of the carnal self.

Now I have speaking to you about this before, about your carnal self. Carnal self is that part of you that is locked in the Earth, you know? It is also your incarnate self, is both you know? And this part of you has to be disciplined and the one that does it is Youself, you come from your spirit self. Your spirit self that is close to Oneness, that is also in communication with your own high self. You cannot develop until it starts to bring the discipline onto the Earth. It needs to be made manifest on the Earth.

Have you got any questions? There are questions floating about.

Cosmic Laws

Can I make a suggestion Songee, at some point would it be a good idea to get a publication together with all these laws that you talk about so people are more aware of them?

That is an excellent idea. I am a bit vague on the laws to be honest. I know vaguely what they are, but I don't know exactly what they are.

It's easy, there is only one law. 'No hurt or harm by word, thought or deed, to any living thing'. It is in the bible. What else is there!

What about the Ten Commandments? Isn't that relevant?

Songee: All those things are some of the teaching that human kinds have been given down though the ages of your learning, to help peoples to come to some understanding of the laws. There are the laws of the Earth that human kinds have to govern themself on the Earth. The teachings of the right and the wrong way of doing something. You will not steal from somebody and so on and so forth, these are the laws of the Earth. This is how you govern your lives. Somebody transgresses the law and you elect together to punish the one who has transgressed, is that right?

The Laws of the Cosmos are different - nobody, punishes you! Because nobody sits in judgement of you. You - sit in judgement of your own self, because that is the nature of spirit. When you are in spirit you have with you access to pure truth so you have to be truthful to yourself, you know?. You cannot tell yourself lies, in spirit.

You have a little story of your Earth life about a wooden child that is telling lies, every time the lie is spoken the nose gets longer and grows, you know? And everybody can see that this child is telling lies - this is what it is like in spirit. You cannot tell a lie in spirit, you tell a lie everybody looking at you can see that you have told a lie. Imagine that. There are no secrets, nothing is hidden when you are in spirit. All your inequities are there all around you for everybody to see and for you to see everybody else's, because it does not be just one way you know. It is to be one law is the same for all. Not one for one and more for another, and so on and so forth, everybody is bound by the same law. Not like of Earth. Of Earth, human kinds make law, and you have one law in this place, and another law in this place, another law in this place and so on and so forth. And depending upon how clever you have peoples with wordings somebody is escaping their punishment here and somebody is escaping their punishment there and somebody here get five times more their punishment, that they need to have. There is no fairness in it, there is only contrivance and masterminded, you know?

In spirit you don't have this thing. You go back to spirit and you look at your life, you look at all the things that are in the life. You look at what you have learn-ed, and you look at what you have not learn-ed and you have to be honest to yourself and you have to say, "Well I did not do so very good job there. How could I have been better doing it? What else could I have had in that life to assisted? Mayhap I can have better helpings for this in another life." Sometimes you have to repeat your lesson because you didn't learn it very well the first time, you know. And sometimes you will arrange for yourself to learn this lesson many times in one life time just so that you do get it right. And you learn it on different layers, different levels of awareness. Do you understand? If you don't, say so because we have to say it you don't understand it.

So in spirit you have to be truthful. Now what Songee is teaching you is that the Laws of the Cosmos, the Laws of Spirit that you have to obey when you are in spirit you must manifest them for yourself on the Earth. This means that you have a responsibility when you have knowledge of spirit and psychic awareness to take the responsibility to the next level of awareness, do you understand?


No good you saying of your life, "I made this mistake. Woe is me, I didn't know." Because when you have beginning your training to do psychic and spiritual work you have been born into this life with certain talents, you know? Certain talents and you are going to learn how to use those talents. With that comes responsibility, responsibility to use them with discretion, to use them wisely, to use them with gentleness, with kindness, with firmness sometimes. Not with aggression, not with vengeance, not with peevishness, not with accidental anger. Do you understand?

No. What is peevishness?

Songee: Peevishness is when you want to have something, and you can't get your own way, you stamp your food and say, "But I want it and I want it now. Why can't I have it? Why can't I be beautiful? I want to be beautiful. Why can't I be?" It is an attitude and a way of being - is a peevishness. So you have to let go of all this when you start to develop your talents.

Accidental anger that was the one I wondered about.

Songee: Accidental anger is when somebody steps on your toes and you say, Bitch.

Oh I see, right.

Songee: This is what I'm saying. This is when you are saying not nice things to somebody, about somebody because they have done something not nice. You know? You cannot use your energies in this way.

Like the man who stopped on the motorway in front of me I said Twit.

But that was very gentle though.

Songee: However the energy will still go out the same way.

I was annoyed.

Even if it goes through your mind, that energy?


Songee: Exactly the same. There are no excuses. This is one of the Laws that you bring from spirit, the Laws of Spirit you manifest within yourself on the Earth plane. Now those of you that are developing this talents of your life, you are bound by these Laws when everybody else is not and it may seem to you sometimes that it is not fair that you are bound by these laws and other people don't seem to be. The difference is that you are now having knowledge, you have knowledge that you didn't have before time. You have knowledge that somebody else does not have.

The child does not have the knowledge of the grown person so the child behaves like a child. Youth does not have the knowledge that the older people have and so they behave like youth. However when youth is learning to develop it does not excuse them from having to use and abide by the Laws of Spirit, of the Cosmos. You know?

Now there are different degrees of this. When you are at a certain level of your awareness - I don't want you to go 'high'and 'low'with this things or 'better'or 'not so better'with each other. You are all learning so you are all equal however for the nature of this speaking I am giving you I am going to use this soundings, these words for you. When you are learning you develop yourself to a certain point and when you reach that point you are, responsible to a certain level, do you understand? Your level of responsibility is not that same for example as Organisms. Organism (This is Songee's special name for Roberta-Margaret) have the teaching and the Organism break the Law, it is not just a swift kick in the soft place, there is much more serious happenings take place, you know? Because there is in spirit, there is the knowledge, that this Soul knows better, how to behave, and so there is an acceptance in spirit that this Soul will behave in a better manner. Do you understand?


Songee: So when you are learning and you are still in the Folly of Youth you are protected to a certain degree by the level at which you are at however until you reach a certain point of your development where you can say to yourself, "Well I am completely and utterly belonging to Oneness, everything in the life belongs to Oneness, all the Coin of Life, all my everything, everything to do with this life, it belongs to Oneness, I give it all." You don't worry about where it is going to come your next foodings. You don't worry about where is going to come your next Coin of Life for something that you have to make your honouring to somebody for something you have from them. You know, you know without saying, you know without big trumpets and fanfares that you will be taken care of. You - that's very interesting, (Songee is talking to the spirit people) thank you. You relax into it. You allow yourself to just let it be, you know?

Does that mean that you don't get stressed about anything?

Songee: That's right. And that will require of you practice, you know? And sometimes it requires of you a lifetime of practise. You understand?

So the Laws of the Cosmos to write them down for you - this can be done however it would be very difficult for somebody to honour the Laws of the Cosmos in its entirety until they reach the Age of Wisdom. And the Laws of the Cosmos are as Little Mother says to you - not to do anything in your mind, with words, or with deeds that you knowingly, knowingly will bring hurt or harm to any other living thing or inanimate thing. You don't just damage something just because you can. And this includes using your soundings, your words of 'shoulds'and 'shouldn'ts'and so on and so forth. And I know that this is one of Songee's old chestnuts however I have to keep repeating it because many people forget or they don't practice it and so they - so on and so forth, they end up still hurting each other with these wordings.


What about swearing?

Songee: What is this?

Like the word you said, like when people say fuck, fuck, fuck...

Songee: It is not, it is not so much the wording as the energy that is behind it. It is the intent behind it and everybody that uses the word 'should'and 'shouldn't'- the intent behind it is, to dominate, to tell somebody how they must be in their life. You know? And that is without exception. Some peoples have the teach some peoples do not. Some peoples that have the teach make energies to change it, other peoples do not, you know? However, these sounding that you are saying will be use-ed mostly when peoples are expressing something within themself - something that has making them feel very depowered. They use these wordings when they are angry and depowered. The words 'should'and 'shouldn't'are far more destructive because they are being used in everyday life. And they are being used deliberately and beating each other up with them.

The words that you are speaking about are used out of anger because the person has become depowered and they don't know how to get their power back and sometimes by using these wordings they use them to attempt to get their power back for themselves. It also demonstrated where in their being they are, it that right? Is that right?

(One person is laughing and says,)Well people ... I won't explain. (As the other people listening did not realise what was so funny.)

Songee: I know... Because it says for these peoples that they are in a place of being abused or abused themself. That they feel violated in some manner. And so they use this word to express the depth of violation that they are feeling in themself.

So you are saying that it is quite alright. I'm not too sure what, understand what you are saying.

Songee: I am not saying it's alright however I am also not saying that it is all wrong.

It is a realisation.

Songee: It is a knowing within yourself that when you are saying these soundings or somebody else is saying these soundings that you are feeling violated. That the depth of your anger is such - the depth of the event that is taking place to make you feel so very, very insensibly angry have created within you a recognition on some level that you have been violated. Your integrity, your moral values, some part of you has been violated, and so you express it in this way. Do you understand? Does it make sense to you now?

Songee, what if some people just say it for fun?

Songee: They have learn it from this grown people in their life and whether they are conscious about it or not, they will still be using it for same reason because they will have sense on another level that is not spoken, that the adult in their life is saying this word, as a result of their depowerment and the violation that they feel. And because they have learn-ed this in this way - they will, their childrens, will repeat it. Because they are learning not just the spoken behaviour, they learning that which is hidden also. They are learning the pattern of abuse that the parent have absorbed in its lifetime.

And that is how the cycles continue, isn't it?

Songee: That is correct because it is passed on like this - underneath. It is not what is on the surface, all the time, very often it is what is underneath that you cannot see, you cannot touch and yet it is there and it is very powerful and strong, do you understand?

So when you find yourself saying this word remember what Songee have say-ed to you. You know?

It's still... I was just attempting to say that for some of us and I know for myself when I hear someone say it constantly it's just as bruising as should and shouldn't.

Songee: So are you going to now condemn the person that is using it and say, "Oh they are using the bad word. Oh I don't like it, it is not nice. I don't like that feel of it." And so on and so forth. Or are you going to look at them and say, "My goodness, they must be feeling very violated to use that word." And have some compassion for them. Or are you going to retreat into this - "OOU I don't want to touch this, because it might contaminate I!" You have to be very careful, this is a judgement that you make and this is not again something that as Warriors of the Light that you are called to do. You are not here to make judgements on other people. You are there to listen, to observe, to give when you can give when it is the right moment to give. And to receive when it is the right moment to receive. You are there to hold out your hand when it needs to be held out. To withhold it when it needs to be withheld, you know?

Warrior of the Light

All these things you are the instrument of Oneness, you are the Warrior of the Light. And all the Talents that you have are the tools, the weapons that you use to fight the dark energies with, the whisperings in the ear, the things that will make you want to retreat when somebody is using these soundings. Sometimes people use these soundings to make a distance between themself and other people because they have been so badly hurt, they use it as a weapon to force the other peoples away from them. To create a distance between themself and other people. Do you understand?

Songee, if you put a wrong thought out there, can you get it and bring it back, or can you nullify it or... Sorry? Send a whole lot of pink.

Send channelled healing after it!

Songee: You cannot pull it back. Once it I gone it is discharged, it is gone, understand? What you have to do then is to speak to the Soul on a Soul level and make your apologies. You have to say you are sorry. You have to ask them to forgive you your inequities and you at the same time then can forgive others theirs. You know that part of the story? So you do this thing, you make the realisation and you say, "Oh my goodness. Oh dear. I am making this mistake." And then you say to the Soul, "Well I am very sorry, I realise now I have made this mistake. Would you please forgive I for doing this thing." Soul to Soul, it is not always possible to do it person to person, so you have to do it Soul to Soul. And usually the Soul will forgive you. Very rarely will a Soul not forgive you because the Soul has wisdom in the unconsciousness that it does not have in the consciousness. The consciousness might turn round and say, "Certainly not! Go take a run off this thing, and jump into the waters. I am not going to forgive you." However the Soul will say, "Yes I forgive." And you say, "Oh thank you, I'm so relieved." And when somebody says to you, "I am sorry I sent you a bad sounding. I am very sorry for that." You will feel it in yourself and you will say, "That's alright I will forgive you."

And because you are a Warrior of the Light you will walk and demonstrate it in your life. Because although somebody may need to be sometimes disciplined, because it sometimes happens that as a Warrior of the Light you have to be firm using your energy. Not aggressive, just firm to show them the rightness of an action that you need them to take, not the wrongness of one that they have taking. So you will say this firm thing to them and they will have to abide by that because your energy I going to them and saying, "This is the way it is going to be now. The way you were doing it before time was not correct. This is the correct way, this is how you will behave from now on from this time forth." You know? And this is different because they will then have to accept that this is what is happening. However supposing you use your energy unwisely and incorrectly and you do use it in a harsh manner then sometimes you may have to ask them for forgiveness.

Now the Warrior of the Light always walks in the Light. When you learn your lessons of Spirit you become a Warrior of the Light. You are immediately enrolled in the army of the Warriors of the Light, you know? And so you have to abide by the laws and the rules and the things that are governing you from spirit in this matter. So you have to be above other people in your behaviour, in your demeanour, in the way you live your life. You have to demonstrate that you have learn-ed your lesson by living your life in a correct way, do you understand? So when somebody gets angry and looses their temper you don't lose your temper back to them. You wait quietly until they have finished losing their temper and while they are losing it you feel what it is that has caused them to lose their temper. Losing temper is anger, anger is depowerment - you know this thing. So you automatically therefore say this person has been depowered and you listen to what they are saying. Find out what it is that has depowered them and then you mayhap will be able to through discourse to be able to guide them towards re-empowerment. Do not condemn them for using wordings that demonstrate their level of depowerment - understand it.

Would you give an example, a supposing of that situation? So say someone, I'm attempting to understand, how you would actually turn that situation around. What would you say to an individual?

Songee: It may be that this person is not angry or depowered by you. It may be that they are angry or depowered by something else that has happened upon the life and you are just there to be the ears to hear it, you know? So you don't say, "This person saying bad words to I, I don't like this." And you don't let youself become, offended, by it. You sit quietly or stand quietly and listen to them. Let them get it all out of themself because it is better out than in. When it goes inside it becomes an illness, a sickness inside, so let it come out. Let all of these things come out - more, out. And as you listen, you wait. Listen to everything that is being say-ed to them, to you about this thing and then you can say to them whatever you need to say to help them be re-empowered. It may be the little wordings that you using are demonstrating, you say this wording before, demonstrating the depth of violation that they are feeling as a result of the depowerment, you know? It may be that it is something that is not quite so severe as that and yet they need to find their way to re-empower themself.

I guess it is because in a situation from a work point of view, I never know what to say. I am concerned about saying the wrong thing.

Songee: Sometimes you don't need to say anything. You just have to sit and listen and mayhap just let your eyes rest gently on them, channel healing energies to them and mayhap sometimes you can reach out a hand and (pat?). Sometimes you don't have to say anything at all, however you must let your own skills and talents guide you in this.

So the Laws of the Cosmos are those laws that you have been given and to put them down in this way into scribings, will not be very helpful. Because there are different levels of awareness and these levels of awareness are governed in part by the age that the individual is in the life that they are living and also in part upon what they have learn-ed in lives before and where they are with their learning of this life.

For example Little Shaman has come to the life with information of the previous life and so this has made this child receptive to a degree beyond the years - the Earth years, you understand? So this does not mean that because Little Shaman is this Earth years age that he is going to be exempt from obeying the Laws of the Cosmos. He will not be. Because the learning was given in a before life as well and that has been bought into this life to continue the journey.

Some of you have come into this life and you have not had before-life-training. Or some of you have had a little before-life-training and this is now a continuing of that journey. The older you are that you come into it in your life, that means that for you it is possibly more at the beginning part of your journeyings rather that the ending part of your journeys, do you understand?

No. What, the knowledge given?

Songee: That when you are first come to develop your skills, your talents in this way in the life time - when you come into it further along in your Earth life usually it is because you have not had this journey beginning very much in another life. So you coming into this part of your life, you get this later in your life. And the journey will continue for you as long as you need to learn it, you will continue the journey. When you have had a journey of this nature in other life times then you will bring it into the youth of your life, more - like Little Shaman, you know? Now this does not make anybody higher or lower, greater or smaller. There is none of this thing. It just is and as Warriors of the Light, Little Shaman, Little Mother all of you, you are on the path of learning, and you can all help each other. Each one of you have your own talents, each one of you will develop that talent in the best way that you know how. In order to discover your own special talent you need to learn all of them, do you understand? You learn all of them first and then you will find that you will go to one area that you have the most strength.

Developing our Talents

So how long do you keep on battling, attempting to do one? How many years do you do it for?

Songee: I can hear you beating yourself up, already digging yourself a big hole.

That's right I have been doing that for the last 24 hours, so what's new? Was there an answer to it? Or do I just keep on pressing on?

Songee: You are not quite listening to what I am saying because when you learning everything you will find there are somethings that you will not do as well as other things.

I agree with that.

Songee: That is right. And those things that you don't do so well you will find that they will not be the path where Oneness will desire you to do the most work. Oneness will desire you to do the most work in the areas where you are able to use your strengths. It may be that you are in strength a channel for healing energies and this is where your energies will be focussed most. It may be that your energies are best used for healing by using the voice, telling the truth, singing. You know? Not everybody is going to have beautiful voice. Some people sound like frog croaking in the swamp, is that right? However it does not mean that these people have got to stop singing. Even the croaking of the frog in the swamp has a certain sound...

Other frogs like it.

Songee: That is quite correct. So this is it. You will find your special talent however you must learn all of them first, be aware of the knowing and the teaching of all the talents.

Is there another side to this as well where you say you get drawn to the strongest one, maybe is there the possibility by learning a collection of talents come together to make the strength. Like maybe there isn't one that is stronger however it is supported by a couple of others?

Songee: There is always one that is stronger and it is always supported by others. All the other talents will support the strong talent. When you are channel for healing energy and this is where you are going to be using your, your energy, where Oneness wants you to be doing this thing then you will find that sometimes in the process of being a channel for healing energies you may encounter experiences of, of trance work. Or may experience situations where you are, psychometrising the person that is requiring the energies. You may find yourself listening to the soundings that somebody in spirit is saying to you, to give information to this person, that is going to bring healing by way of the voice and words to this person. So all these things come together.

I finding myself able to teach things that I can't do myself, so how valid is that?

Songee: Well that is one of the things that ah, it is that the information comes and then you are able to teach it. (Songee is indicating with the hand, the flowing from the throat to the mouth.) Because you cannot do it yourself does not mean that it is not valid information. Do you understand? So you mayhap you have somebody that is very good at making cake.

I can do that!

You are amazing at heaps of things.

I can do that, I can bake a cake.

You are good at so many things.

Songee: And somebody else would not be very good about it however they will know all about how it is supposed to be done.

Because they are experts at tasting it.

Songee: That's right, that's exactly right. They know what it is suppose to feel like in the mouth. So they will know what they like and they will be able to pass on that knowledge. So this is how it is done - it is done this way, this way, this way. Somebody says, "Oh you know a lot, do you do this all the time?" You say, "No but I know what I like." Is that right?


Songee: So don't beat yourself up because something is not going exactly the way you want it to go. You must let yourself go where Oneness wants you to go. Oneness will employ whatever talent is required at any given point to reach somebody. And your spirit people - your Doorkeeper and Guardian will assist in this process.

Now what is your earth time?

We have half an hour.

A mentally sick person

J wants to speak.

Please I try and make it brief. This is a crisis of my cousins friends that I have forgotten the name, a girl, cousin's friends niece. She is um I think a Maori girl, she is trying to commit suicide they have a daily watch on her and she has a very loving father. Um her aunt, that's right the aunt who is my cousin's friend, um she watches her during the day and um her daughter sleeps in the bed at night beside her in case she gets off and tries to do something. Now this girl is suffering, she has gone um into a complete silence, and will not communicate with anyone. Um my intuition made me ask, I don't know why, is this something to do with her mother? And apparently it turned out that her mother was deaf and dumb but it could be, I am asking you how we could help her, um she has just gone through a miscarriage and about a week before that her boyfriend had left her and then she had the miscarriage, and two years before that, she has a little girl, and two years before that her previous boyfriend was killed in a train accident, that's right and she was grieving and I think she is still grieving for him but she's lost the baby. Is it possible she is in very, very deep grief and this way of not communicating, indicating to people things not speaking with people, is it a mothering thing grief at having lost her baby that she doesn't speak like her mother didn't speak or, how is it we can...

Songee: There is no connection.

How is, be to stop her from committing suicide? She is a the moment gone for psychiatric assessment, hopefully she will get some medication to assist her, I suppose it is a deep depression. Mmm. How can my cousin help her friend deal with this grief of hers?

Songee: Short answer is that you have to channel healing energies, the long answer would be bring the child to see Songee. However this family may not agree to this thing so the only thing you can do now is to channel healing energies. There is deep grief, there is a great deal of anger because of the loss, depowerment, feelings of unworthiness, feelings of being haunted - this is not the correct word - feeling that there is a doppel on this one.

The Tohunga said there was the Devil. (A Tohunga is a Maori elder often a spiritual leader.)

Songee: I will say this with reservation because there is sometimes not correct management of this thing with these peoples in this way, there is a great sickness of the Soul and although everything is being done on the earth, there needs to be a change. There needs to be a speaking to this child. There is much more that is not being say-ed. This is the reason for the demonstration of mute. There is so much more that is not being say-ed. The Soul is demonstrating by living the life and saying, "I have much more inside I that I am not telling you." That is right - little Wolf knows. And this signs are not being read correctly. It is very easy for human kinds to give this medicines to such a one as this, too dull the senses however it does not treat the sickness. The sickness is in the Soul and this is where it needs to be addressed, in the Soul. Mayhap the, spiritual adviser can give this assistance, however in the event of everything this thing that you can do is to channel healing energies to the Soul of this child.

Does one have to be present with...

Songee: No you don't.

Because I don't think that is going to be a possibility for a little while. (Songee sighed very deeply) She keeps running away when people want to help.

Songee: Songee will go and touch and awaken the Soul.

Thank you.


(There is a long silence while we waited for Songee to return.)

Songee: It is done. It is done, the tears will come and there will be release, and the speakings will come.

Thank you very much.

Songee: Now. It is not good to begin something new now. So mayhap I am going to now leave you. And this will be very good opportunity for you to practice your dancing again, that right? That you did not do before, you missed your dancing. (Songee is talking to one person in particular who does not enjoy dancing and the late comers.) Ah Soundings is ah number two.

This one that's on here.

Songee: That is so. When Songee go you can make for your soundings and everybody you dance together and enjoy each other, bring your energies up and as your dance imagine that the energies are moving about and the healing energies are gathering and in your mind and your hearts send those healing energies out to all those Souls that you know need the healing energies. There are peoples on your planet now that are passing over into spirit, send your healing energies to them, to make their passage light. They are Souls that Organism have already been taken over to spirit many moons past of your earth life and they are on their way of their journey now, just now catching up with the events of the telling. So send your love and your healing energies for them and your joys for them as they return home. Don't be sad.

Are you referring to the men who are trapped in that submarine?

Songee: Oh and all the other peoples that are going home at this time.

So I go now and I leave you with the Power of Knowing and the Power of Compassion and love for each other, hold it in your hearts and walk with it in your lives.

In all things
So Be It

So Be It

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
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