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The Next Step
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Next Step'
A Teaching from Songee 7th September 2000


Crystal Light Of Love
Meditation - The Mighty Oak Tree
How does Karma Begin
Soul's Spiritual Knowledge
Accessing the Soul's Memories

How Songee overshadows Roberta-Margaret
Slowing the Corruption of the Body
The Word of Songee - The Word of Jesus
What other Lifetimes did Jesus have
Golden Child
Words of Power
Protection from a Psychic Attack

Channelling Healing Energy Subconsciously
Breaking A Karmic Pattern and taking the next step
The Secrets

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This Gathering was held at Pt Chevalier in Auckland New Zealand with eleven people present.


Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

The Music was from Denean's CD Fire Prayer Tracks 20 and 16 "There is a Dream" and "The Tree".

(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: I am here however make the soundings...

(The Group meditates to the Denean's music of the Great Oak Tree.)

The Mighty Oak Tree - Meditation

Songee: Greetings to you. I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: Did you let your heart dance to that sounding? This is one sounding that you have very often to listen to is it not? And it is important for you to listen with your heart with some of the soundings that you have.

Now what have you for I?

How does Karma Begin

I have a question. What happens say for example if you come into this world and as a young child and your murdered, ok and your life is finished here. Now I know about karma ok but karma has to start some where but if your plan isn't that and it was suppose to go further what happens because there is all these other things isn't there after that, what happens?

Songee: What makes you believe that it was meant to go further?

Well that's what I'm saying karma has to start some where ok so what I'm asking is everything that happens now at this time...

Songee: So you want to know how do karma come to start in the beginning place?

Basically I guess yeah, yeah.

Songee: Very simple you all begin as pure Spirit and then when come the time of The 'Split'1 and you loose some of the peoples in spirit that you were joined with, join-ed to and they have to be found and be bought back to the Light. And in order to achieve that thing you have to come down to an incarnation and a ah - I have sayed to you many times before this that you have to view this life of yours, every single one, not only as the only life you have, also view it as a great adventure. And when you go on your great adventure there are very often there are dangers that you must face as a part of that journey, and adventure and one of the inescapable dangers of a life incarnate is that you are subject to earth laws also you are subject to the laws of those that rule this Planet.

And the one that have dominion over the Earth and the Flesh is the Dark One. So when you enter into flesh you are entering into the domain of the Dark One, so you are a Being of Light entering into the flesh which is easily corrupted, you know. And it is the ease with which the flesh is corrupted that leads to the transgressions that begin the Karmic Cycle.

Simple. That's how it begins. It is inescapable, you cannot escape it. It is one of the things that the Soul acknowledges before it comes to the Earth, to the physicality, it knows that in order to do the work of Oneness that there are going to be certain dangers on the journey.

Haa Thanking you that's very interesting - where did you find me these things - Oh the moving pictures. There is many of those, ah thanking you. Ah Mans in the white coat say to I that you have moving pictures that tell you of many adventures of peoples, and one of these adventures that the peoples have is when they are working for ah - what is this thing? Ah the peoples who govern your countries - is that right? And they go and they are very hiding away to find out things and sometimes to rescue people from ah other peoples that are governing countries then...

A spy.

Songee: Is that what it is, I not know this thing. I'm giving you the picture that...

Sounds like espionage.

Songee: That, that is ah that is a little bit of how it is, when you are coming you are working for Oneness and Oneness says, There is a Soul there that need to be retrieved. And you have to go and retrieve that Soul. However in the process there are going to be adventures and there will be many dangers. We will protect you to the very best that can be done however you have to do something also, you have to remain true and loyal to yourself and to Oneness. And though the path of Light, no matter what it is put in front of you, and of course this does not happen because part of when you come to the Earth you are born to the Earth without knowledge so you are working without knowing this thing which makes it very difficult - what is this thing? you say you have, what is it? What is odds stacked against you...

Its just when you've got certain things piled up against you basically...

Songee: Oh its not a hay stack...

No, no its not hay stack. (laughter) It actually could be like one couldn't it, its like a needle in a hay stack when you looking for something and hope...

Songee: And this is how you come to the Earth to learn ah, because the cycle begins many, many moons past the cycle begins with the first Souls who came to help those to come back from the Dark Place. And in that process, ah a little bit loose themselves in the process and become corrupted and then they go back to Spirit and are told, Oh my goodness look what you did, you forgot yourself, you forgot who you were, you forgot you were, ah from the Light and you became lost for a little while to the Light and now you have made yourself some debts to pay. You are going to have to pay it you know. And so you begin and all the time you, you keep working towards bringing peoples back into Spirit.

Now there came to the Earth many times different voices to speak to the peoples of the Earth, to guide them in the right way so that they would avoid falling down these holes, you know, of corruption so that they would reduce the amount of Karma that they would have to come back to pay. However human-kinds being ever as they are very wilful, ah elected not to listen much of your time and so the Karmic Cycle became more rather than less.

Now you have opportunity once more, it is being bought to you on the Earth to now to change your ways again, to take all of the other voices have bought to you and to embrace them into your lives in what ever manner that you need to embrace them, you know. So that You then begin to change your life so that you learn how to break the Cycle of Karma.

And you break the Cycle of Karma by forgiving from the heart. And you forgive from the heart by saying 'Thank You' from the heart for the lessons that this has taught I. And when you truly do this - it is having a name you have name for this ah ah - redemption. It is redemption, you redeem yourself in the eyes of Oneness and so you break the Law of Karma.

Remember the words that were spoken many moons ago by Jesús2, 'I am the way, the truth and Light.' Remember those words. And what was it that Jesús was saying to the peoples of the Earth?

To emulate how He acted and behaved and then you will find God through that behaviour.

Songee: And to learn the lessons that were being taught. The lessons of being honourable, of being truthful, of giving your life to Oneness. And that is all that you are being given now is the same teaching only now it is coming again in another way to the peoples of the Earth.

You speaking about You coming?

Songee: That is right.

It's not exactly an international phenomenon though. I'm just asking because sometimes I wonder you know like about it like there is a whole world of people out there...

Songee: That is right and look at the way that most of human-kinds conduct themself in their life and in the way that they are in their life. Look at the way they belittle each other. Look at the way over eons of time since Jesús walked the Planet that this words have been corrupted by people who say they are following these words, the people that say they are following these words who have - I have give you this speakings many times - about the killings and the maimings and the destroyings of the human bodies.

Soul's Spiritual Knowledge

Just coming back to the very original question, when the Soul arrived it has no knowledge of its previous lives but is it bringing its Karma but the Karma - its not aware of the Karma because it has no knowledge of its previous lives.

Songee: That is right...

So that enters a child which is manifested as a human being, so the manifestation isn't aware of what the Souls has bought with him, but unbeknown to its Soul.

Songee: That is right.

It doesn't seem a good deal!

Songee: No it does not! However I also say to you and it something you have not yet repeated back to I and that is that the teachings of the many who came to speak over the eons of time to bring the teachings to the people of the Earth to show them the way so that they would be able to set aside the Law of Karma and because human-kinds are wilful they elected not to listen to it much of the time.

A small baby or a small child would not have learnt those words.

Songee: It will have learned them in previous incarnations.

Only at Soul level.

Songee: There is no 'only' about it. The Souls level is the part of you that contains the knowledge that you require and you can be taught to find how you can reach into yourself, even the small child. Remember you are looking at this as though small child have...

Is pure.

Songee: Ah...

That there's not - to use a simple wording - educated.

Songee: Change how you see this thing. The small child that is born, to you it is a small child it is innocence, it has not blemish in it. The Soul that comes into that flesh is not a child. Most often it is a full grown Soul.

But it has no memory of its previous lives.

Songee: The child that is born before it learns to speak has contact with Spirit - I have given you this many times - it does not remember past lives however it can see Spirit, it can speak with Spirit. It returns to Spirit regularly and communicates in Spirit with those that it needs to speak with. When it returns to the physicality it lacks the 'equipment' - I like that word - to communicate what it knows. And it grows and becomes more able to speak words, to make known what is happening inside itself so the connection between the waking and Spirit begins to become clouded, in the consciousness not in the unconscientiousness, in the consciousness it becomes clouded. And the reason for this is because when you come into the flesh, because the life is very often a great journey a great adventure with many dangers to face, many human-kinds were they to know of what they have leaving behind would not want to stay - they would want to return immediately. This is a difficulty that the Souls that come when they are born and there is no veil coming between them and Spirit, it is something that they have to battle with. They have to learnt to live in the world with the knowledge of the before life and of the place in Spirit and have to learn to live this way with all its difficulties and adventures.

Accessing the Soul Memories

So where is the memory held? In the case of regression or hypnotism or anything else if you theoretically have a conscious, a conscious and a super conscious mind, so where is the repository of knowledge? Is there a repository of knowledge in a manifested person?

Songee: In the life, in the Soul - the Soul that is incarnate in the flesh - the part of you that goes and ah visits Spirit and goes about its own business when the body is asleep, ah when you got to do your mediations you are able to get into that place of your memories where is the main(?) all the knowledge of you other times.

But is there another level above that again? That's, I would call that your unconscious. Is there a super conscious above that again, is there three levels or only two levels?

Songee: The part where you are going into your own Soul is a state of awareness rather than a level of something. It is a state of awareness within youself. When you are conscious as you are now, speaking, this is your conscious mind and your intellect involved in everything that is taking place. The next level is when you are unconscious and you go to sleep and you have the dream spirals and you bring back from your memories of Earth - in your mind, the physical mind - you will bring back certain memories in a certain fashion, mayhap they will be happy memories sometimes they are not so happy memories and sometimes the mind jumbles them all up into a great ah heap of things.

Then you have the awareness where you are working consciously to leave your body and to return through the realms of Spirit and you taking youself on a Soul Journey. And when you are in this place of awareness then you are in that place that you are calling you super-consciousness. Do you understand?

Is there another level of consciousness above that again?

Songee: I have given you this. Conscious, unconscious, super-conscious - I have given you them...

Right three levels.

Songee: This is it. I have given you these three things. And this is it they are not levels they are states of awareness. They do not go one above the other like this. Because you can be in your conscious-self and use your ability to be in the state of awareness of your super-consciousness and travel even while you are awake. So it is not going in levels as you saying this thing, it is a state of awareness.

Well is the conscious level an illusion?

Songee: Because you are in the flesh of this life it is for you in the flesh of this life, it is a form of reality. The true reality is when you leave the flesh and return to Spirit. Spirit is the true reality not the flesh. The flesh is finite and the flesh is corruptible and will die. Spirit will not die, it continues and that is the reality and yet you must not deny your consciousness in the flesh, because you are here to learn things and to ah live your life and to help as much as you can and do the work of Oneness. Do you understand?


Songee: Many peoples of the Earth view this thing about conscious and unconscious and super-conscious in the same way that you have expressed it as being in different levels and that is easy for them to do this thing and so this is how they manage it in their minds, to put it into little boxes so they can understand it.

It is not so ridged as that. It is far more flexible than that.

There is more movement in it than having just one level and another level and so on and so forth. Because also to you come to speaking about the low, the middle and the high self and then people start to become very conflicted about which is which. And there really does not need to be any conflict. It is very interesting to have the answers to all these things however the most important thing that you need to remember that you as human-kinds do not do and that is that your lives, when you cease to worry about being in control of your lives and offer your life to Oneness then there is opportunity for movement to take place. Not only movement in regards to your own plan for your life there is also movement there then for Oneness to intervene and to take up the opportunity of your life. When you completely dedicate your life to Oneness in all areas of your life then everything can open up for you, everything.

Well my confusion is that if the Soul arrives with no knowledge yet there is a higher self or some super area that has that knowledge then the Soul has actually bought its knowledge with it...

Songee: That's right...

It didn't get left behind at all, it actually bought it with it.

Songee: I haven't said it got left behind. I did not say it was left behind.

You said the Soul had no knowledge of its...

A child doesn't.

Songee: The consciousness, the consciousness does not have access to the knowledge. It does not mean that it does not be able to have access to the knowledge when it is growing. Do you understand?


Songee: The knowledge comes with the Soul through the different life-times. All the experiences of all the life-times come each time with the Soul. It is not lost or left behind or so on and so forth. It is not accessible to the small child unless that Soul has arranged in its plan of life for it to have access to that knowledge and in order to do that it has to pass certain tests in other life-times in order to bring that forth in this life, the child very often does not have that knowledge.

I have been saying to you many times that there are more childrens now coming to your Earth, I have been calling them for you the Golden Childs you know, the ones that are coming now to the Earth to bring the lessons of Spirit to you. And they may only come and be with you for a short while to bring you the lessons. Ah what I mean by this is that they may only come in and touch your life briefly before they are moving away into somebody else's life.

So when you get to be an adult then you have, in your higher self and whatever term you wish to call it, the accumulated memories of your previous life, now how does that get access?

Songee: Through learning how to do your things that you have been taught, your mediations, opening yourself to Oneness, opening yourself to Spirit. Learning about the peoples in Spirit that are coming to work with you. All of this is part of opening youself. There is going to come a time on the Earth where the childrens that are being born now, the Golden Childs, are going to be bringing to the Earth teaching by being alive, the very fact of their existence and their abilities and their presence on the Earth is going to create change, you know.

Can the higher self then be accessed by hypnotic trance?

Songee: It can be however it will not be accessed supposing the Soul has elected for it not to be so in this life-time. It will only be reached when the Soul has arranged for itself for this part of itself to be reached in a given life-time.

Remember the Law of the Foundation Stone3.

Certainly it can be found in this way.

Mmm so here we are all sitting here all knowing everything that's ever happened in goodness knows how many different life-times and we can't access it.

Songee: That's right, that's right. Not because you 'cannot' access it because you have not yet required the knowledge of doing it. Many of you here are learning how to access this information and you are getting little bits here and little bits there as much as you are able to manage.

However we have also been taught that we only access that that's going to help us in our lives right now...

Songee: That's right.

...otherwise there's no point in having the knowledge.

Songee: That is exactly right. You need to be able to use the information that you gather from yourself and from beyond yourself because remember that your Spirit belongs in Spirit and you can go back and look through the Akashic records and you can find anything you want.

But do you actually go back and look through the records or are you retrieving that from your own higher self?

Songee: Both. They're different, different things. When you go to Akashic Records you can look in advance of yourself. You cannot look in advance of yourself from your spirit, for your spirit memories.

Well of course there is no-time in Spirit memories is there so your present, past and future would be as one would it not?

Songee: You just ARE. You are in one, one state of being, it is an awareness. Is it a state of awareness when you go onto Spirit.

You cannot look at things of Spirit with your finite mind. You can do your best to do that however there are somethings that you need to accept on trust and faith. There are some things that you need to do this thing and that is one of the teach Jesús came to say to you that you need to accept things, somethings on trust and faith.

And Songee have come to say to you that although you will do this thing, accept things on trust and faith when I give you a truth, the truth is measurable. It is something that will stand the test of time because it will be just as true now when I am speaking to you as it will be in days to come, and it will be that it was just as true in days past. And this is the 'yard stick' by which you measure truth. It will stand the test of time.

Personal truths do not stand the test of time because they are forever changing. So when you want to know the truth of something - certainly you enquire and you seek answers, and sometimes although you may not fully understand the answers sometimes you need to accept them as they have been given and wait and watch and apply the theory to other things in your life you will find that they will be just as true in the time to come as they were the time you asked the question and would have been true before you asked the question.

Thank you for those answers.

Is it right Songee that maybe there is that, you know peoples who can access their past lives and that part of like a journey that you can't go from kindergarten to high school which is like an unlearning you have to go through all the stages and be ready for it when you access into the - or not?

Songee: You have to learn, definitely you have to develop youself and go from the beginning lessons through. You cannot go straight to the lessons of advancement in your consciousness because your awareness, your consciousness will not accept it.


Some human-kinds have a great difficulty in understanding the concept of infinity. To take your conscious awareness from this place where you are now and to extend it consciously through into infinity, most of your minds when your minds touch infinity they retreat, they retreat from the vastness of the concept of infinity.

Is that because we are not used to it? We live in this world on a finite...

Songee: You are living in a finite world and infinity is - make you very frightened when you touch it with your mind and with your vision. Yes when you develop youself and develop your awareness you will be able to step into that awareness where you can touch infinity and not lose your earth mind. Usually you can only step into infinity when you are in Spirit because you are not coming back into the physical body with the knowledge of infinity. Do you understand?

Some things in Spirit would not be acceptable to the finite earth mind. It will make it insane. The mind would not be able to manage the information and the sensing that would come to it. So there needs to be prepared a vessel that will receive these things without going insane. In order to do that there has to be born of the flesh a child that will be able to receive this information.

(end of side one)


...the young children talk about things as things as being angels things like that.

Songee: That's right. However even the Golden Children have got some of their Karma to pay and some things they need to learn and so there will be a time of their life where they will not use their gift, ah very openly. It will ah - how I say this - go to sleep for a little while. This is to protect the mind, their physical mind.


How Songee overshadows Roberta-Margaret

Another question - and that's um directly relating to you Songee. You say you have never ever lived on this earth plane.

Songee: Not in the flesh.

Right. So when you use the vessel you are using right now, to see an over shadowing its not a human form as such it is?

Songee: There is not a human form that's had a flesh however Songee creates a form that will fit this form that I can then inhabit. For I to inhabit the flesh without the ah without the other form would be damaging to the flesh.

So you are filling all the lines but the features are like there's age there isn't there?

Songee: There is age, there is youth, there is all things.

Yeah its like the facets of the diamond you can see it can't you. Well I can see it.

Songee: I'm not looking at this form (Roberta-Margaret's body) you are looking at it.

Yeah, yeah.

Songee: However the creation of the form that fits the flesh is one that Songee have create for the purpose of coming to the people.

Yeah. No it's just the first time I have really seen it and its just... I have been watching it for some time now and its quite interesting to see.

Songee: And sometimes peoples will see young face. Some peoples will see an age-ed face...


Songee: Some peoples will not see face at all they will only see eyes. The other peoples will see mountains and rivers with the eyes ought to be and other peoples will not see the form at all they will see only a beautiful age-ed tree.

It's quite interesting.

Songee: Sometimes Songee say that to reach people's awareness Songee have to send a vision and sometimes the vision has to be something they're going to be able to accept because it is like infinity the mind is very delicate. You cannot bring something to the mind that is going to create a schism in the brain or in the mind.


Songee: You know what is a schism?


Songee: It is a rift, a tear - it cannot be done. This is very wrong and it is something that must be managed very delicately, so that when the vision is sent Songee only touches very, very lightly - like the butterfly - you know just very lightly like that. And to say into each of the mind this is the vision I send you, come I want you to come, I have words to speak to you.


Songee: I have been doing this with different peoples.

It may seem to you that there are only one or two or so peoples that are hearing the wordings, that is so. However there is movement happening, you know how when a river is running deeply, it looks very smooth on the surface and yet underneath there are currents moving and stirring you know and this is how it is at the moment. Everything looks very small and calm on the surface, there is not seeming to be great movement or great turbulence or so on and so forth and underneath there is much happening. It is beginning to happen and it will happen even more in days to come. There is a transition that is needing to take place. It cannot take place yet.

You measure your lives because there finite. And you measure them, in time, do you not? So when I say to you something is going to happen 'soon' (laughter) you looking for something to happen in soon days to come. Soon the peoples of the lands will know more about Songee and Songee saw this through your earth years.

Five years is what I have always considered it to be.

Songee: So you have to change how you are looking at the many different things.

So what does happen quickly mean?



Songee: When I say to you - You are in it now! Then you know you are in it now, the very moment of being speaking.

Songee is going to many lands. It doesn't have to actually be in Auckland or something it could be America or Europe...

Songee: The Energy of Songee is all around. It's every where however the Energy of Songee that is speak with you is this much and will only speak this much this way and so that it is a finite earth time for this speakings to come to the earth. And this is the part of you that is becoming very concerned because of the finite aspect of your living, of how you see your life.

Slowing the Corruption of the Body

What you do not see and perhaps are not yet aware of is that when the Soul touches Infinite it brings back with it the ability to stretch time. And in order to stretch time it then makes it possible for the finite to have a little bit of Infinite so that where the cells of the body may be subject to corruption they will cease to be subject to corruption at the same rate that were happening before time. Do you understand?

The process of corruption will slow down so that will then extend the earth life so that the task that needs to be done can be done.

How do you imagine that many moons past that peoples managed to live to three hundred of your earth years?

Actually I was wondering about that.

Songee: That was something that took place. You have lost the ability to live this now. How do you imagine that came to pass?

Total love, no worry.

Na, of knowledge.

Songee: Many, many things. The most important thing is that the peoples of that time have the ability to use that part - as I say to you before time - of the brain that is able to touch Infinite Space conception in the consciousness and to bring that back into the flesh and to holt the corruption of the body.

And you all have the ability to do this thing however as this little one says, you have to do it in stages because unless you do it in stages, and learning in stages of development then your finite brain is going to go flkkk like that. You know? And it will become ah like the egg that is broken.

And leak out the cracks.

The manifested body can rebuild itself also. Some of those people we know for several hundred odd years.

Songee: That's right.

So the body repairs itself.

Songee: That's right. You can grow back the hairs on your head.

I'd like... (Laughter)

Songee: That would bring you much coin of life.

I won't tell anybody.

It can be a secret.

Songee: It is possible to do this things. It is the ability as well as the genetic structure that enables some creatures to regrow some of their limbs. They have the genetic structure in memory in their bodies, in the cells of their bodies, and what they do is they switch a little something in themself that enables them to reform from their memories of the cells, the memory within the cells, to regrow the limb they have lost.


Songee: And creatures can do this thing. They know how to touch infinity. Animals, I say this to you many times before, animals are not beneath you. Peoples believe, human-kinds believe animals to be beneath them because they do not function in the same fashion as human-kinds and of goodness and the oneness, that they do not.

When they hunt to eat they eat each other certainly however they do because they need to eat...

Humans used to be that too.

Songee: That is not the case now. There is much cruelty by human-kinds to animal-kinds and bird-kinds so on and so forth. However you look at the history of human-kinds and how cruel they have been to each other and still are being cruel to each other and you look at the minds of the peoples that are behind that cruelty the minds have been corrupted by the Dark Energy because they are in the flesh. It does not mean that they cannot be redeem-ed. They are there, this is your task to redeem them.

The Word of Songee The Word of Jesus

When the flesh of this body becomes corrupted eventually has to return to the earths from which it came the words of Songee will continue just as the word of Jesús continued. Jesús did not bring the teachings to all of the Planet when Jesús was alive - ponder on that.

It was the Disciples that came after that took the word to the peoples, that taught the peoples the lessons, brought them the teachings, that shared them among the peoples of the Planet. And it was not an easy task or an easy journey for them to make. They were persecuted, they were taken and killed because people were afeared of them.

What other lifetimes did Jesus Soul have

Did the Soul that occupied Jesus's body have other lives prior to?

Songee: Certainly.

Can you tell us what form they...

Songee: I can give you one. The others I will not give you. The one I will give you is one that is very well known and was spoken of by that One when upon the Earth. That One speaking about following the teachings and bringing the teachings to people of the Earth. And there was reference too following the teachings of the Lord Melchizedek.

The Lord Melchizedek was the same Soul in another life time.

So in earth years how far back would that have been?

Songee: Oh many, many moons past. Somewhere you have on your, on your ah scribings you will find it will be some where about the time of Atlantis. And the teachings of Melchizedek were pass down and became the teachings of the Athens. (Long silence) And Jesus was born into a family that came from the Athens.

How many was there in Jesus family was born into was it just Jesus be the only child?

Songee: Oh no. There were other childrens born into that family. He was not the only one. He was the first one, but not the only one. There were other childrens that came afterwards. You have the history of this already written, do you not? That you can go and look.

It doesn't say in the bible anything about any other children.

Songee: Mayhap you are meaning the scribings of ah peoples that only want you to know certain information.

That's why I asked.

In the Aquarium Gospel that mentions about other...


The New Aquarian Gospel...

Songee: There are other childrens that came after. Jesús would have been one that would have been known as a Golden Child. That is just giving you something to give you a concept. I'm not saying that...

Not all Golden Children have the same ability.

Songee: That's right, not all Golden Childrens will be as Jesús. Ah it is just to give you an example of this.

Golden Child

Are you able to, Songee give us the name of one of these Golden Children that are here on the Earth now that has a prominent name that we would all recognise?

Songee: Not all Golden Childrens are going to have names that all the World would recognise.

Yes I realise that.

Songee: The task of the Golden Child is to come and reach the peoples and sometimes it is important to reach the peoples ah while still innocent and seem to be innocent. One of the childrens that may answer this description of which you are speaking would be the one you know as the Dali Lama.

Thank you.

Songee: This Soul come back again and again and again you know, in order to bring the teach. Ah sometimes - ah oh I not go into that this time I speak about that another time...

Do they select a new Dali Lama before the existing one is dead?

Songee: No. They don't do that because the Soul is still incarnate in the body...

That is why I was asking the question.

Songee: they wait until after. They know that this is going to born this child however they have to wait until the Soul have leave the flesh of the, of the one that is there now and they to wait until they find the next one.

If the Dali Lama is not dead they selected somebody who would proceed him.

Yeah but...

(A discussion goes on about this lots of people talking at once.)


Songee: Have you finished.

What do you want to know?

I wondered what happened after all that (?).

Songee: You will have to listen your machine.

Words of Power

A little while ago Songee you gave a teaching about people talking about other people. And I have been reconsidering this teaching lately because I have been working on it with some success and some not success because it's a very difficult thing to master in our lives and I don't know where the fine line is because while people need to say things for themself I don't know where the line is, you know where... So I wanted perhaps if you could help us with this.

Songee: What is your concern?

My concern is that I go over the line and I'm committing some sort of a whatever that ought not to be doing it. Like lets say - the other day the butcher said to me I haven't see Roberta for a long time how is she. And I said she is very well. What's she doing I haven't seen her for a long time. I said Oh well she has a job and she's working - and so it goes on. Now from the teaching that we've had before maybe what I ought to have said here's here telephone number ring her up and ask her, but that's not an appropriate situation with the butcher down the road and I often wonder well here I am discussing Roberta's business with some person who actually quite cares for her and has known her for a long, long time but was it right, was it wrong, what's the situation...

Butchers are nosey.

Yes I know butchers are nosey and they love to gossip.

(Big discussion among the guests.)

Its still her business and her place.

But Roberta would not mind you doing that.

She a very nice woman that's why he was asking because she's caring...

But however it is still talking about somebody else.

It may be a breach of confidence.

I don't know, I am asking this questions. (laughter)


It could be something mean.

You wait till Roberta gets back I'm telling on you.

I believe I have actually told her about this.

Songee: Are you ready to listen to answer now!

(Much laughter.)

Songee: When you are, as you are working in the Light and you are becoming Warriors of the Light you are walking to the beat of a different drum to that of others so you have to abide by the laws that govern your particular army, you know. You are belonging to that of the Earth that is known as The Brotherhood Of Light. No its not the Spirit - The Brotherhood of Light belongs of the Earth not just of Spirit. You are spiritually connected however you are in the flesh so you are belonging to The Brotherhood of Light.

When you start to do your development to become One with your Spirit with Yourself, with the Spirit People with Oneness and so on and so forth you have a certain energy, the ability to tune into the Energy of Light, the Energy of Oneness which is beyond yourself. And the difference between you and somebody who is doing this that ah is just very nice to be around and is not aware of anything at all - is just that. You are learning to do it with your consciousness, with conscious direction, conscious discipline. You understand?

And part of the journey of this learning is learning about how words and so on and so forth can cause harm. And I have given you the beginning teaching of the Words about the 'should' 'shouldn't' and so on and 'think' 'why' - you know all these things.

And you have to learn to master those things. And you have to learn to master them because the words are power.

In the beginning was the WORD. And The Word was spoken and Planets were born, and creatures were created on those Planets and so life came because of The Word.

In the beginning was The Word. Word is power.

So, every time you use words you are using power. In the World of Wicker the Witches will perform certain rituals and ceremonies to create power - and these are called Spells. You know.

In your Christian Faith you have Words and Ceremonies to create Spells...

It's just called sometime else.

Songee: You can call it whatever you like it's the same truth, its not a different truth it is exactly the same truth.

This is A Truth I give you!

It's just as true now it will be in time to come, it was in time past. This is A Truth I give you.

Every Tribe that practises Spirit Ceremonies are practising Power Words, Power Ceremonies with Words and creating Spells. So don't say because you belong to one Tribe and you follow one particular Facet of the Diamond, Oh I'm not doing that, they are bad and I am good. You know? So don't fall into that hole because that's not true. If you belong to a place of worship you are casting Spells the same as anybody in any other Tribe, just the same. It just that you have a different view of it. Now I am giving you another view of it.

So Words are Power. They have the power to lift up, they have a power to cast down. They have a power to hurt and harm and damage the psyche of another. And that is the same of all things.

This is A Truth I give you.

You say harsh and unkind words to any living thing and it will absorb the power behind those words and will not flourish.


Songee: Will not flourish. However you say the words of kindness, of love, of beauty, of caring and then they will flourish.

Now because this is A truth I give you you can apply this Truth to everything in your life and that includes this that you speak about.


Songee: When somebody say to you how is this person in your life I've not seen them for a long time. You can use the Words of Power and say the truth - all is well, all is good and so on and so forth. Or you can say the truth is that all is not well, all is not good and your kind considerations will be most welcome were you to extend them out to that person. And when somebody is asking out of interest, of kindness then that is what they will do. They will then go that little step further and it will go through the mind - oh I like that person that is very sad I hope things go better for them.

There is the prayer - simple, and so the deed is done.

The energy has been passed on and Words of Power have been passed on even though they might only just flicked through the mind of the other person, doesn't matter - the deed is done.

So no harm will come from the speaking about each other. When you speak with kindness it doesn't matter supposing the person asks you out of being nosey. They want to know answered to something because they are nosey about it and yet when you answer with truth and you answer with love, what ever their intent, your love will be greater than any negative intent and it will cancel it out.

Now because you are also Warriors of Light and belong to the Brotherhood of Life you also must be aware of every emotion that you are feeling within your body, and that is part of your learning, because when you have an emotion in your body of jealousy because somebody has something that you would have liked for youself no matter how momentarily that is, that will go out like lightening to the person that is in your mind. And that lightening bolt of psychic energy can cause harm.

How do we protect ourselves from this Songee?

Songee: You ask your Spirit People and Oneness to assist you to discipline yourself to be calm, grateful and thankful for the life that you live no matter what is its seeming deficiencies. (Laughter) And not to have any feelings of disharmony towards others that seem to have more than you because sometimes that is an illusion. They may seem to have more and yet they may have acquired more at a price. There is usually for things of Earth there is usually a price to be paid.

Protection From a Psychic Attack

Songee if I understand you right when you say, and I have heard it said before, that if you think bad of someone it goes to that person. That seems to be so completely unfair if, if for example you got a beautiful person here, they are a lovely person, so several people are jealous of that person, why should that beautiful person be affected by other people's jealousy?

Songee: When you are working in the Light you have to learn to put aside all those feelings of jealousy. The peoples that are not working in the Light it is often much harder for the psychic energy to get through because they do not have the power in the same way that you have it. When you are working consciously your power is great. It is much greater than when you don't have the consciousness.

You also have peoples that use their consciousness in a negative way to deliberately to hurt other peoples. And this is where as Warriors of the Light you will find your tasks coming to you so that you become between the innocent and the one that is sending out the negative energy. So that you then do battle for the innocent. This is what being a Spirit Warrior is about. Do you understand?

No I'm so sorry Songee I don't. Um...

I'm sure you won't be affected by it though.

But I thought the person was affected.

(Songee is rearranging some of the people in the Group.)

Songee: Now. You stand here you will be the innocent person and you can be the big bad nasty person and you are going to pretending to send nasty things to this person. Get ready.

Aim, fire!

(Laughter as the person tries.)

That will do it.

So what do you mean though.

Songee: The Warrior of the Light stands between the danger and the innocent party.

The Warrior of the Light.

Songee: The Warrior of the Light stand between danger and the innocent. So when somebody comes into your life and says to you, I have all these dreadful things happening to I. I don't know what's happening, it is as though I am curse-ed, I don't know what to do and I'm so worried and so upset that everything in my life is falling apart etcetera etcetera etceteras.

And as a Warrior of the Light you say, Ah that seems to be something not quite right here. So you then project yourself and you have a look to see. And you find it. It is this person over here that is saying, Oh they got something I want and I want more of that and they're not to have it and I'm going to have this and I don't want to have that, I don't want them to have that because I want it.

So on and so forth.

This is all coming you know like this.

So the Warrior of the Light intercepts...

Songee: Intercepts inside like this and stops it coming you know...

Can I please ask like you are physically placing yourself in front of someone or is it like a subconscious thing?

Songee: It can be everything on all levels. It can be physical, it can be mental, it can be emotional, spiritual - all levels. It may be that you are in a situation where there is somebody come physical. You be physical you stop them from coming and hurting that person.

That does not answer your question because if there isn't a handy Warrior of the Light around its not going to, you pacifically said that you are not, but that if you look at somebody and have a bad thought about...

Or even if we are on the other side of the World...

But you have already done it when you've said that's not fair to them - you have already done the job you have already gone in their and stepped into their path by saying that's not fair. You've already done that if doesn't matter whether they are here in this room with you or over the other side of Auckland, Australia or where ever you have done it. You have already gone in there.

Songee: That's right because what goes through your mind and your saying this thing, the word is power. The Word is Power. This is not right, that is not fair. Stop...

But I'm thinking...

So I'm thinking bad...

Yes but hang on a minute...

Whose going to, the Warrior of the Light will intercept so that she doesn't receive those bad feelings of mine?

Songee: The Warrior of the Light however because you are here you are learning this… You are The Warrior of the Light.

We are taking a situation where this lady, her original question was if she looks at somebody and has a very bad, considers something very, very bad about them what happens - that was your original question wasn't it?


So there's no Warriors allowed...

Well anyone...

Well lets take that specific case Ok. So there is no Warriors available so the person that you've had this bad, have projected this bad image to is going to receive it right - what do we do then?

Why should they receive it? I find that...

That's the basic question.

Songee: Turn around this way, you go that way there, just there, this way here. Ok. What have you got here?

A young man and lady.

A Guardian.

Songee: Well done Little Shaman. Well done. A Guardian.

They will protect you.

Songee: When its not the child...

Who is they?

Your Doorkeeper and Guardian.

(Everyone is talking at once!)

Exactly your Guardian and your Doorkeeper, that's what I needed to know.

Songee: The Doorkeeper and Guardian, one of them usually will then if it is a continuing happening thing your Doorkeeper or Guardian particularly will guide you to somebody who will be a Warrior of the Light.

And even if you don't follow the Light as such they, everybody will say that all the time things like God Help me or God I need a bit of help at the moment, yeah...

Why should you worry about someone's nasty thoughts that supposedly shoots out. Why worry about it then...

(end of side two)


Songee: ...coming to you because when you are Warrior of the Light you will have gained knowledge to a degree where you then are protected.


Songee: You have a certain protection there. It is more than I'm saying to you this night in relation to what was being speaking before and that what are you are giving out youself. So you need to know all your emotions in your body, and whence do they come and sometimes you can find this thing 'jealousy' will pop up and bite on the nose and you didn't even know it was there. Is that right?

However this was a psychic attack to somebody who wasn't aware of their Guardian and their Doorkeeper they would receive that a psychic injury.

They would still be protected though because their Doorkeeper and Guardian would still be looking after them or I don't know...

Songee: Some people are, ah let me come now with this part of what you are saying, there are people around you and about you who have got an awareness, who have no training, no tuition and these people have an energy that they can call on the same as you do however they have no tuition ah they are wild card, you know this, this is something I am been given to you to say this wild card.

There is no being able to say then they will be a certain way of so on and so forth, and they miss-use their power. For the most part there are two sides of this - there are those that misuse their power without knowing it, they have this great power, this great ability no discipline, no training and they use their power in a negative way and they hurt people with it. There is damage taking place within like um ah like being struck by a weapon in the aura. And the peoples have said too, often will feel it as a physical blow or it will feel sick or ill or so on and so forth, because they have their the integrity of their psyche is disturbed by the energy that is directed at them.

Then you have the peoples that have all this energy that are not, again not trained and not disciplined, and yet they deliberately with consciousness send that energy out to hurt somebody.

Channelling Healing Energy subconsciously

Can I please ask? OK at my work there are about fifty of us all sitting in the room and what if someone is someone over here is like having bad thoughts about somebody else ra ra ra or something, is my Soul did-da, does it jump away while I'm talking on the telephone or something and stand in front of the energy. I'm curious because I don't know, like I'm meant to be a Warrior of the Light illegally and...

Songee: You will be guided to the ones that you need to be standing in front of.

Oh cool. So I will consciousness know. For example last night I gave my friend some channelled healing physicality while she was on a journey I went to some other people and gave them some Channelled Healing as well in spirit and I like, but I mentally knew that they needed it but I found myself giving them it anyway but its like do I help people that I am not consciousness aware of that need help as well or not? Or am I not really help anyone?

Songee: When are you are doing this thing unconsciously you don't know you are doing it.

So that's what I mean am I or if I'm not aware of it...

Songee: Everybody will be doing this when they are not aware of it.

Oh OK its good to know because I was wondering like I am doing jack without thinking...

Songee: What is this.


I suppose I do...

Songee: What is this sound you are making? It is sounding very complex. It is not really very complex. It is very difficult to explain something that in your finite world happens like that (Songee clicks the fingers) without ah, without you having to use your processes of your brain to make it happen. You know. All you have to do is when you come to hear of many peoples ah or somebody that is having many different bad things happening to them and you say, Well something very usual here, how is that so many bad things are happening to this person.

Now, first of all there is your first clue - how is it that you came to hear about it? You came to hear about it because Oneness wanted you to know that this person needs somebody to intercede for them and you have been selected to do it, you volunteered to do it. Because when you got up in the morning you said to Oneness, Here I am here's(?) the day show where I am going to go and do your work this day - and so you get shown and told about all these different things.

However as a Warrior of the Light you have a very big responsibility to know what is happening inside of yourself, to know when you are feel these things of unhappiness about many different things and to understand wherefore they are there and how they came to be there. And then to be very sure that you don't let any of this squeeze out and go where you don't want it to go because this ah thing is one of the things that will occur Karma for you.

That's right that was basically what I was being concerned about.

(Much laughter.)


However, I'm sorry J you have a go...

What animals they come to live do they have their life?

Songee: No not in the way that you are planning your life. The creatures of your world, of the planet come to teach you lessons so they come to live, to breath, to be - just to be and to teach you things by their very existence. So it isn't so much the same way that you are planning your life. Their involvement eventually is far greater than yours from spirit. Their lives are less selfish than yours or self centred I ought to say for you. That is it.

What were you going to say?

I was going to say C how comfortable would you have been saying to the butcher that Roberta has a job and she's very busy but she also had a leg off the other day and doesn't know when she is going to be able to keep the job. How comfortable would you be at that point?

I don't know I'm not sure however I would have to provide more knowledge then that I could say that now. I could say that she's had her leg off now and that would be a breach...

That would be a breach of confidence, i.e. what right have you got to hand that information?

I was concerned about what right did I have to tell another person of somebody else's business in the first place.

It depends what's business and what goes beyond...

This is the question that I...

Sorry I just raise that question because of what you said Songee it would seem that anything could be said.

As long as it was said in the right way.

With kindness.

Songee: I said with kindness and with love in the heart.

However I would regard that as not being your right to hand that on.

But she's not saying in a derogatory...

It doesn't matter how you saying it, its none of anybody else's business.

Isn't that being a bit pedantic.

Not necessarily.

No its not. There are certain things that I could say tonight but I wont because it would be offensive but I'm sure there are things in your life that you wouldn't want another party to, or any of our lives that you wouldn't want handed on to other party.

Songee: You have to look at this discernment and discretion and you are looking, remember I am giving you this truth before about honesty and integrity and as Warriors of the Light you must always have honesty and integrity. And that is part of learning how to be a good Warrior of the Light.

So you have love and you have kindness. You have honesty and you have integrity and so you have to feel what is the right thing and what is not and...

Some people would not know what is the right thing or not.

Songee: ...when you know somebody well, then you will know in your heart whether you can speak the words or whether you need to keep your council.

You are not working from the same perspective as somebody who knows nothing. You are now learning to work from the perspective of Warriors of the Light where you now have teaching to live by and to follow.

Breaking a Karmic Pattern and taking the next step

I well I just follow a scenario through where one evening I started to feel ill and when I woke in the morning I felt even iller and during that morning I came by information that was given to me where I had been discussed with another person who possibly may have had quite strong negative ideas about me and quite critical things. And having that knowledge gave me the idea of how come I felt so ill and then I was able to actually do something about it. And I'm just sitting here considering that then the next step is because I don't want to pay back Karma if a Karmic situation occurred during this. I don't want to continue the cycle of Karma so forgiveness, thanking them for the situation would that break that Karmic...

Songee: That is right because then you have learned something from this situation.

Definitely, oh definitely.

The Secrets

Songee: Now the next step forward from that is not to have anything that you don't want anybody else to know. When you have secrets in your life and things in your life that you don't want anybody else to know then you are putting power into the hands of other people.

When you are able to be speaking out about youself, not other peoples, about youself then it doesn't matter whether somebody else wants to speaking about you because you have already been speaking about youself.

That's right. That wasn't what I was meaning.

Songee: I know that.

Oh right.

Songee: I am taking it now to the next place of being.

Now, you have been - you have to watch your earth time - you have been learning before time about the parts of you that you let others know. You have parts of you that you keep hidden inside. Is that right?


Songee: There are occasions when there're parts of you that are hidden inside that you would not reveal because it is not the right time or the right place or the right situation for you to reveal those things however you don't not reveal them because you cannot speak the words because they are too sensitive for you to speak, you don't speak them because you are sensitive to the needs of other people. You are being kind to other people by not speaking those things. There is a difference between that and speak what is hidden.

For example supposing that you have been rape-ed. You would not go and tell everybody I have been rape-ed, would you? I mean it is not necessary for you to say that, however it may be that in a certain situation - and there might be more that one peoples there around and about you that one person in that meeting needs to hear that you have been rape-ed because the lesson of your life and the way you have managed to bring yourself through your life and how you have made yourself strong and powerful and not a victim will be useful for that person to see how a living, breathing, walking example of what is possible, you know. And you have to be able to say this thing from inside you at the right moment when it is needing to be heard without worrying about whether all the other people around are going to want going to hide in their holes, you know. You have to be able to speak about youself, about anything that is down inside of you and let it out into the world for the world to know, if necessary, so it is not a big dark secret. You know.

And when it is not a deep dark secret wonderful things happen. It ceases to have power, it ceases to be a pain any longer inside the body causing disruption and disharmony in the body and in the psyche. It changes into Power and becomes a Light that goes out to other people.

So look at yourselves, look at all the things that are secret inside of you that you may have say to yourself, How an I possibly say that to somebody, I couldn't possibly tell anybody about that part of I life. And so you have secrets inside you. There is the opportunity for something or someone else to have power over you in any given situation. And part to the learning as Warrior of the Light is to free yourself up of all these inhibitions. Not to cease being circumspect, not to cease being considerate, only to free your internal self of the burdens that you carry.

And I'm going to stop there now because it is time for I to leave you. You have enough to absorb into your knowing and we can continue when we need to at another time of your Earth.

I go not and I leave you with the Power of all this knowing and to take it with you in your days.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: SO BE IT

So Be It

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.


1. The Split - was when the Souls fell from the Grace of Oneness during the time of Chaos when the Dark Angel attempted to take over the Oneness Energy.
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2. Jesús - This is the Word Songee uses for Jesus. Songee pronounces it 'heh-soos'.
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3. The Foundation Stones - At this link:
The Foundation Stones
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