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Nourishing Ourselves
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Nourishing Ourselves’
A Teaching from Songee 14th September 2000

Crystal Light Of Love
Looking into the eyes of another
The Apple Tree
Meditation - Energies of Sunlight
Remember to Breathe
Nourishing Ourselves
The Food we Eat
The Flesh of the Animals
The Flesh of the Animals - continues

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This Gathering was held at Point Chevalier in Auckland New Zealand.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
Only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

(The Music was from Denean's track 17 'The Tree'.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: Greetings to you I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Looking into the eyes of another

Songee: Now lessons... Tonight at this meet I am going to give you lesson not just speakings although speakings can come. First of all I would like for you to look at each other. Look each other in the eyes...

(And this is what we all do.)

Songee: What do you see in the eyes of the others.



(Lots of suggestions.)

Songee: When you meet each other for the first time and you greet each other for the first time, depending upon which tribe you come from you will greet each other in a different manner of course and some peoples do not look into the eyes of others.

Hello. (Someone has arrived.)

Songee: Welcome.

Sorry I'm late.

Songee: Oh you don't need to be sorry you are arrive-ed in the chariot safely.

Seatings for you.

Don't worry about that...

Songee: I am asking people to look into each other's eyes - when you are meeting people for the first time depending upon your tribe some people will look into the eyes and some people will not. Some people will look down like this and some people will look like that at you and some people will look away. It depends on what it is in your peoples that is for you to do. However for the purpose of the teach I am giving now I would like you to gaze at each others eyes. I would like you to look just for a moment without looking away, look into each other's eyes, do this thing.

Whose eyes are you looking into.

I'm working on the tears at the moment.

(Lots of comments)

Songee: What do you see? What do you feel when you just look into each others eyes? What does it feel like?


They are looking right into you.

Songee: Is that what you are feeling?


Songee: What happens to you when somebody looks into your eyes. Are you able to hold the gaze or do you look away?

We were told when we were younger that to stare at people was not on we were taught that, yeah.

Makes me feel uncomfortable.

Songee: That is right, and for some peoples this makes them uncomfortable in their middle self because they wonder what you are looking at them for and they become very suspicious of you looking at them, is that right?


Songee: And one of the things that happens when you are learning to develop your talents is that when you are looking into the eyes of another you can usually read in their eyes what is troubling them because you will see around the eyes whether there is worry, whether there is fear, whether there is love, whether there is suspicion, it is reflected in the eyes.

How does this function you ask with those that have no sight, whose eyes are blind? And certainly this is very difficult because you are not making a sight connection with somebody who has no physical sight. So for some that have no eyes of earth, their eyes mayhap be closed to you. It may be that although their eyes are open and you can see the colours of the eyes that there is seeming to be no light behind them, you know.

However you can still learn to look into the eyes. When you look into the eyes of one who does not have physical sight – have you ever done this thing?

Yeah it sort of looks a bit hazy kind of.

There is still expression around the eyes, they still have it like they smiling and all that...

Its more in the lines isn't it...

They sensing that you looking at them...

The ones that have become blind later tend to have that expressions of the eyes where as the ones in my experience that been born blind don't have the expression, its almost like it is learnt.

Songee: That's right.

There is a difference there...

Songee: So you mayhap be able to understand a little of what is closed to you when you cannot see the eyes of others. So what do you do when you cannot see into the eyes of others?

You feel.

Songee: Mayhap you have person that does not like being touch-ed, very difficult for somebody that does not have sight of the earth however...

They may understand just by speaking to them...

Songee: We go through this step by step. So certainly you may speak with them, and what sort of things might you say to them?

I'd say (?)(Laughter) you would, probably say the wrong thing. We used to have a couple of clients in the shop and they had an air of attitude in the way they talked, a very much the same as we would do even though they can't see, they still talk with the same sort of language even though they blind people...

They more in tune than we are.


Songee: Now close your eyes and I am going to touch one of you and I want you to speak, I will tell you what to speak about when I touch you and I want everybody else to listen. And the person that is speaking you keep your eyes closed while you are speaking, you understand? Am I going deaf!

(Comments made)

Songee: So you need to ah just for a moment close your eyes. Listen first of all to all the sounds around you, sounds of your life, sounds of your world, peoples wriggling in their bottom selfs – so on and so forth. Now, (Songee is walking around the group and touches one of the guests) I would like you to talk about an apple tree and how it feels to you and what you like about it and so on and so forth.

The Apple Tree

Well the best thing I like about apple trees is when they are in bloom. I like to see the blooms then they change into fruit. I'm not so keen on them in winter when they are barren and appear abandoned. And I quite like to eat apples. The colour of the, the colour of the blooms is what I like, the subtle colours and the smells. They can be very big trees but I prefer them when they are smaller and stand back and see where they start and where they finish and you feel as though you can touch them whenever you wish to touch them. And of course different apples trees do look a lot different from one another depending on the variety of apple. Some of the bark is greyer and rougher, and some of the bark looks younger and it's smoother, greener, tighter. They all grow in very similar ways, or they ar pruned so they look as though they grow in very similar ways, and they have quite a long life span. And they do seem to grow quite quickly after the first couple of years and I like that because even if they become damaged they have a life of their own. They are limited (?) in the case of commercial orchards for as long as they are viable which in a way is (?) parallel with people. I feel that's all I want to say about apples.

Songee: Thanking you Wise One. That's very good. Now keeping your eyes closed what did you hear when you were listening to this? Everybody say what did you hear?

Yeah I heard what he liked about the apple tree.

I had the feeling that B enjoys the spring time of the tree may be it reflects something inside. May be a spring time person.

Songee: What about everybody did you all go there.

He didn't like the apple tree in the winter when the leaves were not on it, he wasn't happy with that. Also when its growing he likes the smaller tree because (?) .... and the fruit and that when you look down its lovely to look at, where a big tree gets a bit (?).

B was very concerned about the tree when it got old, what was going to happen to it.

Songee: You have not all spoken. You need to all speak about what you hear.

I felt that the tone in his voice (?) especially (?)...

I heard B give his overall impressions of apples, apple trees and to me it sounded like B, full stop.

I was listening to his words and feelings about apple trees which I suppose that was just through his expression.

B used beautiful words of the blossoms of the apple trees which (?).

I felt that he left out that the birds and the bees and the wasps and all those that would come to come to the apple tree and feed off the apple tree.

I felt he got stronger as he got older, more protected.

Songee: So there is much that you have learn-ed from this about the person as well as about the subject, is that right? And what about the tone, what about the voice?

I felt that when B started talking he felt as though he was giving information and then in his head he became more involved with the tree he became sad.

Songee: Did anybody have a clue, quickly say...

He sounded wistful...

Songee: Now, you have not spoken about sounding yet.

No I haven't I didn't think it sounded sad it just sounded speaking in a gentle tone about a gentle tree.

I felt that B was speaking like he usually does exactly the same way as he usually speaks.

I think his voice softened when he was speaking of the tree and the other trees?

Songee: You 'think' he did! That is very good. Now Wise One you have listened then to all these different things how do you interrupt all these things – your eyes are still closed and you are listening, what did you hear with all the things were being sayed?

Well in the case of M comments no I wasn't talking or considering the birds the bees because the tree I had in my mind was a little further away and I was seeing it from a little distance because I wanted to see it in its beauty with the surroundings around it so it was in context with its location, so I didn't mention birds or bees. I feel everybody in the main is probably correct in what that said. As I was talking about this tree I realised that the transient of beauty lasts for such a short time, I did get a little bit sad because I realised that a lovely tree is not going to last forever hence my comment about people. I started to see parallels with people as I was speaking and that's why I stopped.

Songee: Very good. Now still with your eyes closed how did that feel Wise One doing that?

Well talking about the tree was fine just various ideas were running through my head as I was talking because I have seen trees in many countries in many circumstances and many different types of trees and I was endeavouring to focus on a particular tree that was in the back of my mind that has a bloom of a certain shade and shape then as I said I realised that that tree lasts for a certain length of time and as it ages it is still producing. Actually I don't like seeing trees, I don't like seeing fruit trees cut down. I feel that some how or rather they ought to have an honourable retirement and that was why I was running off some what at a tangent. But the comments that people made were quite acuate, I'm not sad I was speaking quietly. As I got towards the end I did realise that I was, what in my mind went beyond, beyond apple trees.

Songee: And so this is something for everybody to learn that you when you are not able to see that you rely on what you can hear. It would be very difficult to do another exercise with you about what it is like not to see and not to hear because not one of you is able to say how it feels not to have your hearing as well to say what it is like to not have your sight. To be without one is difficult, to be without both would be even more difficult. And these Souls that come to the Earth it makes for them much more difficult when they are having to go through their lives not being able to see or not being able to hear.

There Little One tuck yourself up and have a little sleepings, go on the dream spirals. (Songee is commenting to a child who had yawned.)

(end of side one)

Meditation - Energies of Sunlight

(This is a Guided Meditation by Songee.1 The Journey is very deep and consideration may be needed to prepare yourself as you would for any other meditation, then follow along with Songee's words. The Mp3 named 'Meditation - Energies of Sunlight' has only this recorded Meditation on it.)

So keeping your eyes closed now take inside of you big Breath of Life holding it for a moment and releasing it, listening to all the sounds of your life in the world around you. Breathing deeply breathing and being aware of your breath. Each breath that you take in and each breath that you let out.

Bringing yourself not into focus into the center of your being. The center of your being is in your Solar plexus, the place of the Sun and remember that which I give to you before time about the breath, 'The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my Nourishment'2 – you know very simple.

Breathe the breath in and visualise inside you, in your middle self, the Sun such as you have in the Heavens, a warm sunshine beginning to glow in the middle self. See the colour yellow like your daffodils, like your banana. Imagine this colours now getting brighter and brighter in your middle self, so bright that it is almost going to white it is so bright, and feel the warmth every time you take the breath in feel the warmth beginning to build and to grow like a small sunshine building up in your middle self. Feel it growing. Feel it expanding. At the same time as you are focusing this part of you allow yourself the next time you breathe bring your breath in to hold it, hold it and keep holding it until you feel a friction of energy go from the base of your spine all the way up to the crown of your head and then you release the breath.

Keep breathing until you achieve this.

Breathe and bring the Breath of Life all yourself, your middle self up, and as you do this now I would like you to imagine that this warm ball of light is now going to have tendrils like liquid flowing out from the center of it, flowing out all the way down to your feets, all the way down to your finger tips, all the way up to the head the crown of your head, all the way from the center of your being to the outside so that the flesh of your body becomes warm to the touch - warm – I'm going to touch you like this is warm. Warm like this is warm. Warm like this is warm (Songee is touching each of the guests) you feel, warm like this is warm, like this is warm. Let the warmth come out to your skin, like this is warm, like this is warm, like this is warm. Let the warmth come out to you like this is warm. Feel the warmth now going all the way out to your skin, bringing the warmth of the Sun within out to the surface.

Now let that warmth and as a beautiful sunshine that is within go out beyond your physical body. Let it go out further, and as you let it out flow out further beyond your physical body be aware of where it is going. It is moving out now into your aura, spreading out further into your aura and as it spreads out all of your auras are going to slowly expand and grow until your aura touches the aura of the person closest to you. Both sides of you, feel their aura as it comes close to yours. Feel their aura blending with yours are you overlay each other. Let yourself feel the warmth that is in their aura and then feel the warmth that is in yours – don't do anything more than that just feel it, be aware of it.

And now all together extend your awareness out now to the center within this meeting. And in the center of this meeting there is a Tree look at the Tree in your mind, in your heart, in your Soul. Extend yourself out now and feel the Tree, sense the Tree, get a feeling for it. Some of you may be able to see it, some of you may not, does not matter, only that you have a sensing of it somehow, a knowing within your heart of this Tree.

What does this Tree look like to you? What shape is it? Be aware of the texture of the skin as is grows out from the ground. See whether it has big leaves or small leaves? What does this Tree look like?

And if you find yourself loosing the connection Breathe, Breathe. Keep your eyes closed and Breathe.

And the person next to you, you will feel when the one next to you is loosing their connection, lend some of your Light, your Sun to them or take it from you, let them have a little because you can afford to do that, let it go. This energy that you are building is your Chi Energy, your Prana, your physical force that you are building upon. When you build on this physical force you will be able to manage your life much more efficiently. Although you will get tired as you do in life because you exhaust yourselves, because you forget to Breathe – when you do remember to Breathe you will go back into this way of being and will find your energy for life once more so keep breathing and focus on the Tree.

What colour is your Tree?

How does it feel to you?

What shape is it?

How old or young is it?

Does it have fruit or does it not?

Does it have little flowers or not have any little flowers?

Look at this Tree that is growing in the middle of your meet.

Now as you extend this beautiful light of yourself to the Tree let some of the tendrils of this energy go and enter into the Tree. Feel the tendrils now going into the Tree. And as they go into the Tree feel yourself connecting to it. In the Tree the Tree represents all of creation, its feet are down in the Earth and its branches and its top reach up to the Heavens.

Feel your connection with the Mother Earth and with Father Sky. Feel yourself connecting to both – Heaven and Earth. And now in this place of connection look around you at the World, the World of mountains and rivers, of snow and ice, of sunshine, of flowing rivers, or swamps, of oceans and of many different lands. All this is contained in the Tree.

Look deeply, keep your connection by breathing - Breathe - let your sun envelope and go into the Tree, the tendrils of the sun that go up into the Tree, connect yourself to Earth and Heaven and feel the warmth, all the time feel the warmth and know that this warmth is there for all time for you.

And as you are looking now at the World as you see the mountains and the river, now stretch out further with your Light, with your Sun let it stretch out now to the mountains and the rivers, to the snow and ice. Let it touch all of these things, let it touched the trees, the earth, the rock and the plants. Let it touch the creatures that are living around on the earth. Let it touch the oceans and the rivers and the creatures that live within it, speak to the dolphins and the whales, the porpoise, the turtle and the sharks, the big fish, the little fish, the creeping things and the floating things – everything that you can touch with your Light - touch with your Light.

Go down into the depths of the Ocean where there is no sunlight going anymore, so deep, and take your sunlight down to the depths of the ocean. Let your sunlight reach where Earth Light cannot reach. Look down at the ocean floor and see the mountains and valleys beneath the waters. See where the earth comes to meet the waters of the planet, where fire spews forth from within the earth out into the waters.

Go deep now, deep into this place taking your Sun with you, letting it shine on all these wonderous things. And as you touch all of these things with your Sun allow the energies of these things to come to you, the power, the peace, the harmony, the strength, the beauty – allow all these things to come to you.

Coming out of the depths now up towards the blue water, towards the sky and up now up into the sky, high, high up into the clouds and looking down onto the earth below. And up in in the clouds touching where the water is contained in the clouds, feeling everything touching you, feeling as the water comes into your Sun, feel the strength of that and the gentleness in the power of that and the winds around you and the creatures that live on the winds...

The Sun alive, (keeping?) flowing, being charged by taking this Breath of Life. Breathe it.

And now we are going to go higher still, high up through the atmosphere of your planet, high up beyond your planet into the skies, into the void beyond. And in the void beyond you can look down on your planet and see all the shapes of the land and rivers, mountains and as you go higher still and further away and look down you see the beauty that is all of this place on which you live.

Keep your Sun now flowing, breathe, keep breathing and now send your sunlight out to embrace the planet on which you live. Let your sunlight embrace it. Fill it with your sunlight, feel your connection to this place that you call home. This place that you came to so many eons ago, from another place, another star and as you look down imagine what it was like when your people first came from the stars to this beautiful, beautiful place glowing blue and white with bright sunlight. As you look down know that this is your home this is your place of living, this is for you to treasure and nurture.

And as you look now you will see coming up from beneath and above it all around it your Tree. Your Tree encompassing this beautiful place with its roots surrounding it, holding it like fingers, holding a precious jewel to the roots of the Tree holding this beautiful planet like a precious jewel.

And now the Tree reaches up and comes closer to you and the branches reach out and as the branches touch you your Sun and the Sun of the tree join together and become one.

Breathe deeply and be at one with your Earth and with your Universe.

And now it is time to follow yourself now back down the trail of your sunlight that you have stretched out, to very slowly and gently bring your sunlight tendrils back, back down through the Tree, back down through the world around you. Bringing yourself back through the oceans, back down, coming now to the Tree in the centre of your meeting. Bringing yourself back to the Tree in the centre of your meeting.

And slowly bring the tendrils of your sunlight back into your being, know that the energy that you have is exchanged, nothing is lost nothing taken away and part of yourself is also part of the Universe, and the Universe is part of you, bringing it all back with you now, back into the Sun in the centre of your being, feel the sun in the center of your being and let that remain just there now. The Sun in the center of your being stretching out and touching the external part of your bodies - your skin, so that this glowing core, feeling the warmth of the skin.

And breathing deeply...

When you are ready allow yourself, your awareness and your consciousness to come back into your mind and into your body and let you fingers and toes wriggle. Mayhap when you are ready you would like to stand up and stretch your body so that you come straight back into it properly...

Stretch your bodies, wriggle your toes and your fingers. Bring yourself back into your physicality all the way back into your physicality...

You still have your Suns glowing. Your Suns are glowing.

And now bring yourself all the back into your body, keep your Sun glowing and wriggle your fingers and toes and stretch your body.

(end of side two)

Remember to Breathe

Songee: When you are going through your life and you are finding that are not having enough energy for your life it is because you are forgetting to breathe. You are not connecting yourself with the Universe. You are needing for your bodies to have much sleepings because you are not remembering to breathe, not remembering to focus yourselves. It does not take very long of your earth for you to focus yourself, you only need five of your earth minutes which is very small in your life span, to do this thing. And you can do this thing where ever you may be. You can breathe and be aware that with every breath you are breathing into yourself the nourishment of the Universe around you. You will find that you will have more energy for the cells of your body to rejuvenate themselves. You will find that all the worries of your life will be much more readily managed.

You need to breathe. You do not breathe properly, you do not breathe enough.

You seem to believe that you only have to do this breath when you are going to do your spirit work – that is not what I am here to teach you. I come to teach you how to do these things for your life and you must breathe.

It is not called the Breath of Life for nothing you know! It is the nourishment that your body needs to build the energy, the prana, the chi energy, the power within. You will be able to do anything at all when you build this energy inside you – your power will be unlimited when you breathe properly. You will be able to move mountains – Haaaa...

And sometimes mountains are not physical things, sometimes mountains are the obstacles that peoples put in your way of achieving things, you know? It mayhap be there are things that need to happen upon your life in the workings of your life and every time you turn around somebody is putting an obstacle in your way.

Now although there is one way of saying - well perhaps I am not meant to do this thing – that is so. Sometimes you mayhap know that you do need to do this thing, you do need to achieve this thing and yet everything is being put in your way – Breathe. Bring the chi energy in and focus your chi energy. Send the tendrils of Light out into whatever the obstacle is and wait! Because when you do this thing it will make anything that is of Darkness, that is supporting the obstacle to go away. It does not interfere with where there is this right of timing for something to happen because supposing it is not the right time well then it still won't happen however you will not feel so badly about it. You will not worry about it so much. You will accept it more readily because you will feel your connection with it, your unity with it.

Practise it. Keep practising your breathing and you will find what I am saying to you is true. You must practise, you won't find the truth of it unless you practise.

Human-kinds have the ability to run their bodies on very little rest, very little sleepings. It is possible for you to have sleepings for short time of earth and then have as much energy that you require for all the things that you need to do. In the event that you are not it is because you have forgotten the breathe. You have forgotten to do our breathing exercises – now...


What you are saying Songee is while that, I have been having trouble and you know my lungs and that and my specialist sent me to an expert on breathing maybe a physio but specialised a lot of people do it, and its on breathing is its roughly what you have been telling us all along and because breathing is done in little (Sniff sniff) instead of taking it in properly and breathing out the muscles in my lungs were not working properly...

Songee: That's right.

...So I'll just been to a lady a couple of weeks ago and she's helped me with what I have to do each day breathing as you said during the day, I am breathing in through the nose and out you can use the mouth or the nose to breathe out, it must come through the nose to breathe in...

Songee: That's right.

...So I have actually been doing a course on that. It is exactly what you have been telling us the whole time I have been here. I have actually attempted to do this breathing is what the lady told me. (Laughing)

Songee: So now you know.


Songee: Songee is not speaking out through the feets.

I realise that you actually told me that I was not doing it properly.

Songee: That's right and there a few who do not do it properly, there are many that do however there are a few that do not, or do not do it sufficiently often enough. I don't have to tell you who you are, you know who you are.

That's good little ones are doing the spirals now. (The children have gone to sleep.) It's very important otherwise the body does not grow.

And the other one was that you actually said about the animals and that, the woman said to me have you got an animal and I said I have a cat and she said you watch the way they breathe because they breathe properly...

Songee: That's right. They breathe from here, from your middle self, is that not so Little Clam? From here otherwise you get too tired.

I find it a real bother because I also get...

Songee: So you are going to have to learn for it not to be a big bother to breathe.

No I was attempting to say that I get so focused on what I am doing I forget because that's what they are teaching us.

Songee: That's right this is very common, this is something inside that everybody does. Most peoples do this thing and then suddenly they say, Oh I am so tired. Songee say to you – Did you Breathe? No you did not breathe. This is how it is that you are so tired. You can manage on not a great deal of rest for your body when you learn to breathe.

Nourishing Ourselves

In Yoga Songee is it the breathing that actually makes it seem that they need little sleep and little everything and they feel better or is it the actual combination of the exercise and the breathing?

Songee: When you do this exercise you are placing your body in certain positions...


Songee: ...that you are creating a resonance for the body and the breathing is the most important part of it because it connects everything together. It gets the energy flowing along the body. It helps to build the Chi Energy.

When you get very tired in your life with the things you are doing of your life look at what is happening - you worry about this thing, you worry about that thing, you worry about something else. Every time you worry about something you are releasing out of you some of your energy - your Chi Energy. You are putting your Chi Energy into that task of worrying, or the task of focusing, whatever it is for however so long it is going to be you are giving out your Chi Energy. You are not a bottomless pit of energy, you are finite and as finite beings you need to replenish yourselves. And you can replenish yourself by acknowledging that there is a worry, that there is a task that needs to be fulfilled and you then breathe. And as you breathe, the Chi Energy will build up, you will bring the Breath of Life into you being and build that up for yourself. And that will make you ready and prepare-ed for going the next step further and opening yourself to Oneness Energy.

When you are drained of Chi Energy your mind is effected, your brain switches off, you good sense disappears down like this and all that you can focus on is rest, getting away from what you are doing, not being there any more, tired of this thing, don't want to go to this place, don't want to go to that place, don't want to be with this peoples, don't want to be with those peoples so on and so forth. You wake up in the morning for the morning of your day and very often many of you say to yourselves, Oh dear its another day, Oh dear I've got to go to this place of getting the workings and earning the Coins of Life, Oh dear I am going to have to put up with this person making soundings in my ear. Oh dear all these things are going to go wrong this day. Oh dear I wonder what is going to go wrong this day and so on and so on and so forth.

Instead of waking up and opening your eyes and taking a deep Breath of Life and saying to yourself, I take inside of I the Deep Breath of Life, the Breath of Life is my Nourishment, because it is the Sun you know. It is your nourishment. Oneness here am I back in this body ready to do your workings. And breathe in and be wide awake ready for your day and knowing that no matter what happens, or how many things go wrong, or how many peoples make soundings in your ear about this thing and that thing that all you have to do is to open your ears, open your heart and breathe and the answers will be shown for you. You will have the power, the strength, the energy to complete the tasks that need to be completed.

When you get up in the morning of your day to wash your bodies and you say to Oneness –

'Infinite Spirit, Source of all Light and Love,
I give myself to you this day,
Protect I,
Help I to achieve everything that needs to be achieved this day for you.'

And the things that don't need to be achieved, don't worry about them. Oneness will know which needs to be achieved and which does not, what is the most important for this day. You don't have to worry about it so much then.

And in your mind you may be sitting there saying to yourself, Oh everything is important, everything has to be achieved. If I don't have to achieve this thing this day it will never get achieved it will then make everything else get further and further away from being achieved.

Breathe. Take a breath. Take a deep breath. You get to your place of workings and you get into the place of workings and everyone comes to you from this way and that way and every way because they know that you are going to get things done because every time they bring things to you things get done, you know. How do that get to be done because you have the power to do them. When they look at you and they say, How do you manage to do all these things and not get tired, or not to get so tired as everybody else seems to get. You say, I breathe.


Songee: I breathe. That will give them something to wonder about won't it. I am breathing, I am breathing the Breath of Life and it is helping I to do all these things. I can go and sit for five earth minutes and there are many of you sitting having five earth minutes and you are filling up your bodies with this substances that make you want to run backwards and forth very fast – don't do that any more. You can let go of that out of your life and put inside substances that don't contain this thing – do you know of which I am speaking?

The Food We Eat


Songee: Ah this is it. It is not good for your body. What will happen is doesn't matter how much your breathe you will find this thing is like having holes in the bottom of a container of something and as you breathe as fast as you breathe everything is running out the bottom. You know.

What about decaf?

Songee: What is that?

They have caffeinated coffee and then they have the decaf version which is a...

Songee: I get that you something that does not have this in it, if it does not have it in it, it is not the real thing.

Its got about three percent in it.

Songee: So its still got some in it.

Only a little bit.

Songee: Doesn't matter.


Songee: It is only that it is less, it is not that it is not in it at all. You understand? So have something that does not contain this thing for most of the time. Especially when you are needing energy. Don't have this thing when you are needing energy. It is not going to give you energy, it give you false impression of having energy. Teach your body how to live without it and Breathe.

It will be difficult to learn how to live without it to begin with however when you learn you will find that you will be not so tired and your mind will be more alert because then your body's natural mechanism will come and start to work for you instead of going to sleep like this, and someone - wake me up when you do need me won't you.

Have a drink of water.

Songee: That's a good idea, the Waters of Life are very good...

(Conversation about what to drink)

Songee: You can get the plants from the earth and you can put those and have those for yourself, and you can have the leaf of the tree and put the waters that is hot on it and make it into a nice warm drink for your body to nourish it.

What about chocolate drink then are they just as bad?

Songee: Ah this has got this thing in it that you not need. Not saying for you that you cannot have this thing in your life only that when you want to have energy this is not the thing to have to give you energy. It is not the thing to have to help you to have power and strength and calmness in yourself because it will work against you. Have a resting of the body certainly and have something to nourish the body certainly and then nourish it with the Breath, breathe – close your eye and breathe. And when you have learning to do this properly you will find that it will be almost like an instant thing like that (click of the fingers) you will breathe, the sun will come, you will expand out, you will find your Tree, you will join with the Earth and the Heavens, you will go out beyond, you will look down on the Earth, you will become one with the Universe and this will happen like that. (Click of the fingers) And then you will take another breath and bring yourself back and be looking around at everybody and you will feel as though you have got all the energy that you need for everything that you need to have.

Practise and this can be yours to do. Practise it.

You won't have it like that straight away you must practise it. It will help you to focus on what you're doing.

What about things like some of the tablet things like some of teas, some of the energy tablets like Grana and that? Is that an energy thing or is that like...

You need to look at the label.

Songee: There are substances that you have that - I'm seeing now inside you – there have been substances that have been encapsulated by human-kind a way of having these things in your bodies and certainly some of these things will be very useful for your bodies however many of them will not, it will go the opposite way. It will work against you so you need to know when to stop. There is ah times when you will need to have them in your life and other times when you will to stop and then when your body needs then again you will listen to your body. Your body will tell you what it needs. It will learn, you will learn to talk to it and listen to it.

How many of you when you go to get sustenance for our body ask our body what would you like for this day?

All depends what we got in the cupboard.

Songee: Ponder on that answer.

Or you walk past a chocolate bar as you go along and it says grab that give me but I don't usually buy it. Its very temping in a certain way.


Songee: Listen. Because mayhap your body needs something that is contained within that.


Songee: So mayhap...

There is a chocolate eater. (To another in the group)

I am an addict, I know exactly what's in chocolate.

Well I am a demand eater like what I feel like I eat.

Songee: So mayhap you might like one of these lustrous apples off the apple tree. So you have that one.

I know little one they are getting very close. Sit down that's right. (Songee is talking to one of the dogs who has suddenly become restless.) They are getting very close they are telling I it is nearly time for I to go from you – is that right.


It's a long time yet.

Songee: They are coming to tell I I have to go.

Bad timing.

Songee: That's right. So remember that you must listen to your body. Your body says do you have to have to eat the fruit of the tree, so eat the fruit of the tree. You mayhap say to yourself, I'm going to have this and this and this for sustenance this day and you sit and you got to have this and your body says, I don't want that I want something very different. And you say, Well what would you like. I would like this other thing. So you go and have this other thing. It isn't the same that you have this other thing all the time for ever and yet your body might have wanted this other thing for this amount of your earth time. So let your body have it, there will be things in it that your body requires and then your body will come to a point of where it will say one day you go and you get this thing and offer it because it has been having it all this days so your body has been needing it all this days and when this next day you go and take this thing and give it to your body and your body says, What are you giving I this for! I don't want this any more! So you have to find what it is the next thing that the body's wanting to have. This way you will find that your body will teach you what it is you are needing to know about yourself about your foodings.

Is that the same with multi vitamins? You don't take them every day you only take them when you...

Songee: Oh this is a minerals of the earth that have been put together, taken from the substances that have been collected.

Like the theory is that you take one a day, or two a day, or three a day or whatever the packet says or...

Songee: Oh that's so the peoples of the – the greedy peoples get more for themself.

So you just take, so one day you feel like you need three and another day you need for and the next three days you don't need any, is that the best way to take it rather than one each day, is that what you are saying?

Songee: After a fashion, however not quite that way, it is more important that you listen to what your body needs for foodings. When you listen to what your body needs for foodings you will not need to do that thing so very often. You will find that ah the need to have a large amount of this other things will not be there. You will only need the least amount, not the most amount. Do you understand what I am saying to you?

A the body can't absorb more than the recommended dosage, so you are wasting your time taking it.

I haven't taken it I was just wondering as a...

Songee: Less is better than more.


Songee: Use the foodings that are around you to get your nourishment from them. When you are in tune with your bodies you will gain the nourishment from your foodings that you put inside youself and your breathing is a very important part of that.

Songee what about the fact that they say the food because the earth has been depleted of minerals and certain nutrients so the plants are no longer drawing that up from the earth so when we eat the plants we not longer getting those things that we used to that we need.

Songee: That is right that is how I am saying that it is possible that you may require some of these things, these minerals that this other little one is speaking about you know, and so you will have less rather than more. You have what your body tells you that you need to have not necessarily have more. You body will tell you when it is not getting enough of something. When you learn to listen to it, your body will tell you. You don't listen to your bodies enough. You put into your bodies whatever you fancy putting into your bodies and the fancy comes from here, up here (the mind), not what is in here.

Go into your middle self, go and breathe, breathe the Chi Energy out. Remember the Chi Energy is nourishment. The Chi Energy will assist you to know what your body requires for this day that you are living. It will tell you whether you are needing to have yellow foods, red foods, green foods, you know? It will tell you whether you are needing to have white meat or red meat in your bodies.

The Flesh of the Animals

Yes you are able and it is not wrong to put meats into your bodies. Your bodies will designed by Oneness to absorb the proteins from meats, that is the purpose of your bodies that the way they are designed. You were not designed to be cows and eating just the grass. Your bodies do not (metabolise?) what is in the in the flesh of the plants the same way that do cows or rabbits or other vegetable eating creatures. Your are carnivores by nature, nature made you this thing that is what you are. And many of you go against this thing because of many different reasons that you have for going against this thing. This is not right, it is not wrong, it is just something you decide to do for your life however don't delude yourselves. Peoples believe that by having just vegetables they are making themselves more pure because they are not eating the flesh of animals and certainly you are evolving and you are moving forward in your lives however some of your bodies still require the nourishment of the flesh and not just of the vegetables and fruits and nuts.

So before those of you that don't indulge in flesh criticise and make judgement of those who do and so on and so forth the other way, ponder on what I am saying to you. Its not wrong to eat the flesh it is not wrong to not eat the flesh.

You are welcome. (someone has just arrived)


Songee: Greetings. So you are going to sit down and join us now, that is good.

A bit late.

Songee: It is never too late you know.

Thank you.

Songee: So remember about this thing. Some peoples say the don't like the smell of the flesh when it cooks it makes them feel ill inside. How is this do you suppose?

(end of side three)

The Flesh of the Animals - continues

...You have gone past the time of your development where you would go and hunt for you own creatures for your store to feed yourselves and because of this now you are inheriting this new way of obtaining the flesh of your animals for foodings. It is this part of things that many of the peoples of earth do not like and so they decide that they are not going to eat the flesh of animals and support this thing any longer and it becomes something that they are doing because they have this belief. And then they start to make other rationalisations for it. There is one thing to not support something that you perceive to be cruel to another living thing and deluding yourself that you are doing it because your body no longer requires the flesh. There is a difference. Don't delude yourself. Certainly you may want to ensure that the creatures that give their lives for you so you may live, do so with honour and with love. However this does not happen and that part certainly I say to you fight this thing because the creatures do not deserve to be treated as nothing. They need to be treated with respect and for the lives that they have and the life that they are giving to you so that you can continue your life.

From a practical point of view you remove the fat from the meat, you remove the acuminated adrenaline that's built up in the animal by its slaughter. So you take the full fat of plus the, like a membrane just behind the you actually remove the adrenaline.

I'm not really worried about the adrenaline that I am more concerned about the cruelty because they... I have seen abattoirs and I have seen the pigs and (?) and screaming and I think that is done live in places that is quite inhumanly. Also the hens in batteries, also the way they get killed their feet are – they stick their feet through hooks and they go along a line and their feet are dangle from hooks. In many of the batteries that they die in that I know of it is not a dignified way for animals to die.

Songee: This is quite right. And it is the terror that is in the creature that is not acceptable. Not the flesh, not the eating of the flesh, it is the terror that is inflicted on the creature that is not acceptable. Is that right?


Songee: So to manage this situation mayhap you need to have your own creatures and ask them to give their life for you and to say thank you to them with honour and dignity and despatch them from the life swiftly however how many of you would be able to do this thing?

Its hard work.

Songee: And then to consume the flesh of the creature that you have just take the life of? Many of you would not do this, it is much easier for you to go and have this thing from the creature...

An anonymous creature.

Songee: That is right one that you have not met yet, one that you don't know that name of.

People used to say that the butchers oh they are cruel they have the beasts the back of butchers shops never kill (?) they get carcases in after...

Songee: So when you come to this thing about cutting up the creatures what did you do with these creatures, how did you feel about these creatures that you were making for the flesh for peoples to eat?

It was food for the people. You are usually selling, for sale aren't you.

Songee: Did you consider the creature before you gave its life.

Well I had worked on a farm before and I realised what the animals and I know that animals, what you are saying but the beast did go through a lot of cruel especially in the paddocks before they are killed, a lot of... yes I know all that, I realise that and ah but I when I actually had the meat in the shop I it was something I did for years and years, I just cut it up and sold it, many years.

Songee: Now I want you to look back on all those years and look at all those creatures that came through your hands and say to them – I didn't honour you, I saw you only as flesh to be eaten and flesh to be sold, I did not honour you.

I feel very sorry for that.

Songee: So you need to let that know because the spirits of those creatures are still there and you can say to them - I realise now and now I want to say thank you to you for the lives your gave so that others could be nourished by your flesh. And this is something that you can do.

And when you start to look at things in this light you will find that you will be able to do your own honouring so that when you come to find the flesh that has been cut up by others as you say, you can say to that little piece that you have 'Thank You' to the creature, thank you for the nourishment that you are giving I and thank you to the Universe who allowed you to be born on this planet so that you could live and grown and come to I finally to bring nourishment to my body. And you do the honouring in your own way, this way, each time you have this thing that comes to you.

Just some information that many of you people wouldn't have had I spent some time, at some time a stock yards watching stock being handled and I've seen the SPCA officers enforce in most occasions, at least half a dozen of them making sure, policing the situation that the animals were looked after. And I was involved with buying calves, four day old calves and there were a lot of women that worked with the calves and they handled them very gently and very carefully the majority of them did, so not everybody - the worse people that worked with animals were the stock truck, the truck people the men but they would be got after by the people that were there.

I find it difficult to eat the flesh of animals and that from what you were saying but also in one of my past lives the smell of flesh yeah it doesn't give me some pleasant memories, at all, so...

Songee: So there are many things that you need to consider are there not.

So the most important thing for you this night is to remember that your nourishment comes from taking your Breath of Life that's where we begin and that's where we will end. You have to bring your nourishment in by taking the Breath of Life. This will give you the power for all the things that you need to do for your life whatever they are. They will help you to stop worrying about everything. It will give you the power to change the world, to move mountains (laughter) is that right! So when Songee opens Her eyes and looks around and She sees all the mountains moving about She will say, Oh yes the people are learning how to move mountains very good! (Songee is smiling) All learning to be like Songee and move mountains and change rivers and so on and so forth.

You don't want to get wet, you make the waters from the Heavens go away while you are moving about your planet until you get to your place of shelter and then you can say its alright I'm under shelter now the Heavens can come back down, is that right.

Well I did that they last time I went skiing and it didn't work very well.

Songee: Did you breathe?

Yes. I asked with the breath but some how I breathed rain.

Songee: So I will go now...

Thank you Songee.

Songee: And I am going to leave you with the Power of the Breath and the Power of knowing about the Sun and about your connection with the Earth and the Heavens.

I leave you with the power of all these things and mayhap you would like to sing the song about The Tree together.

So Be It

So be it.

(The Music of 'The Tree' is played from Denean's CD Fire Prayer.)

And Roberta-Margaret returns.


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