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The Base Emotions

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Base Emotions'.
A Teaching from Songee, 28th September 2000.


Living in the Different Dimensions
Spirit touching the physical body
Transcending the Base Emotions
People's questions
Atlantis Meditation
Channeled Healing

This public meeting was held at Pt Chev in Auckland with 10 people present.

Songee: I am here, greetings to you.

Good evening Songee.

Songee: So what have you for I this night? Where would you like to begin?

Who has got their lists?

Living in the Different Dimensions

I have a question, thank you Songee. It is actually with my daughter. She went to a management, business meeting that was motivational, like a motivational business meeting and the gentleman that was taking the course was also I suppose of a spiritual nature and he was picking up people's auras, in the audience. And he picked out her and told her the colour of her aura and then he said to her that she was from the fifth dimension. And I wondered if you could explain that, what he meant ... and is it as simple as what he ...

Songee: I have already given speaking about the dimensions and it is a very long speaking.

Well I don't want you to explain it to any great extent. It is just so I can give her some form of a simple answer.

Songee: The simple answer is that there are seven dimensions and the Soul progresses through to be on the different dimensions and then has life on the earth to bring knowledge and teachings to the peoples of the earth. And the peoples can come from third, forth, sixth, seventh dimension.

So what does the fifth mean in regards to, is it a development, the dimension - each dimension is a higher development is it, for each of us? I don't know about dimensions ...

Songee: It is a different state of awareness.

State of awareness?

Songee: That is right. The Soul has to learn through the lessons of life, the lessons of Karma, the lessons that it sets for itself in the life, you know?


Songee: And when this do happen, the Soul evolves, you understand? And it evolves through different states of awareness, awareness in this world that you know as your physical plane. For the people of the third or fourth dimension, they cannot go to the fifth dimension, they can only come from the forth down to the third. And the fifth cannot go up to the sixth or the seventh, they can only come down in awareness and mix with the Souls of the awareness of those different dimensions. So they can reincarnate in any of the worlds that are part of those dimensions. However when they have evolved, the Soul has evolved to an awareness of the fifth dimension, usually they are beginning to start to travel and become emissaries of spirit in the flesh - back in the flesh body of your incarnation of this dimension that you are now, that you call - you call it your third dimension, do you not? However in the dimension that I'm speaking of, this is the second one, not the third one!

Your peoples in the white coats (Songee is speaking about our scientists) talk about this place on which you're living as being the third dimension, do you understand?


Songee: That is true for their concept however I am saying to you that in the concept of evolvement it is only the second dimension, do you understand?


Songee: So when somebody for the fifth dimension it means that they are from a different energy. So that the worlds of that dimension are just as solid to those people of that dimension as your world is to you here.

Thank you.

Songee: However for you to attempt to go to the fifth dimension you could not do it because you are vibrating too slowly. So it is that the fifth dimension is vibrating at a certain resonance in its fleshly state. And Souls of people that have evolved to the level of the vibration that enables them to live in the fleshly state of the fifth dimension don't usually stay there all the time. Often they will come into the other dimensions to bring teach so that they can assist other Souls to come further into the new dimensions, you know? And there will always be a need for this earth dimension.

That's fine. Thank you.

Songee: You understand?

Yes. Thank you Songee.

Songee: That is the simple answer.

The short answer.

Songee: The short answer, that's right.

Spirit touching the physical body

So has anybody got anything else that they want to say to I?

Songee for a couple of weeks now I have felt this (Songee looks at this person with a disbelief expression on the face) I will take it back!

I have felt as though I've had this pressure on my left shoulder blade and I don't know what it is. Would you tell me what it is? ... Not all the time, just occasionally. (Much laughter, Songee looks as though She can't believe that this person would ask Her this.)

Songee: How much pressure would you like.

No more than what it is. I would like some understanding as to what's happening ... please!

Songee: And do you feel as though somebody perhaps is poking you in the back?

I feel as though somebody is doing something to me however I don't know who it is and I don't know what reason it's for. Supposing I knew for what reason I may be able to oblige you know or be a bit more helpful.

Songee: It is not necessary for peoples to know about what is happening for things to be working for you from spirit. When something is being adjusted for you because it is out of alignment, then it can be done for you without you having to do anything special.

Oh OK. I didn't know whether I was being pushed in some direction or ... I didn't know what was happening. Particularly when that shoulder is very sore and this arm keeps going numb and I keep dropping things.

Songee: Is that because you have something that is not right in here, so it is being move-ed you know.

Oh right OK. That's all right, it's OK. I just felt well I'm walking round the house and I feel this pressure I'm wondering well do I need to act, am I being steered some direction I need to go in for some purpose whatever, see. Obviously it is not.

Nothing to do with the fact you have shifted and lifted all your boxes and goodness knows what.

Well my back's been fixed since then, crunch.

Songee: However there is still things there that have to be adjusted.

OK I asked so I suppose. OK thank you very much.

Songee: You are most welcome.

I wish I could afford to go to an osteopath.

Songee: Do you need to go?

No probably not but they do tend to get things FIXED! Immediately.

Songee: Oh ... Could it perhaps be that there is an impatience ...

Oh definitely.

Songee: And perhaps the body is saying, Enough, you need to rest. And you are not heeding it.

That's true.

Songee: Ahh

So ... Have you anything else? (Songee looks at everyone with the eyes wide open, usually She has them closed.)

They don't dare after that Songee!

Songee: After what?

That look.

Songee: Would you prefer I look at you like this? (Songee closes the eyes.) Is that easier for you. I can see so much more this way.

It was A that said the other day that you haven't been looking at us very often much lately with your eyes open, because you probably don't like the look of us. (Much laughter.) That's what you said, didn't you?

No. She said Herself that She likes us better with Her eyes closed.

Songee: Oh you are taking the words in vain. I am saying that I like to look at you with this physical eye closed because I can see all your beautiful light.

That's right. We knew what you meant.

Songee: And when you look and YOU look with your eyes close-ed and you open your spirit eyes then you will be able to see in the same way.

Transcending the Base Emotions

I am going to give you little speakings because it is very important that this speakings is given. While you are living upon the earth plane you are presented with many, many different tests and different challenges in your life. Now the task of your life is to learn the best way to meet those tests and those challenges. And as Warriors of the Light you have responsibility and that responsibility transcends all earthly matters. And by which of this I'm saying to you is, it transcends all fleshly matters. So that no matter what is the test you need to know how to transcend the trials of your life. You know?

You have to take yourself beyond the flesh. The greater the challenge, the greater the achievement when you master this thing. Until you master this thing then you will not progress onto the next part of your journey. So in order to progress on your journey you must transcend whatever matters and difficulties that you are facing in your life now. These things must be resolve-ed first before you can move forward.

(Long, long silence.)

One of the ways in which you can transcend these things of the flesh are to keep reminding yourself that you are a Warrior of the Light. That you are here to perform certain duties for Oneness. That there is no room in your being, not your life - in your being for base emotions or base conduct.

What is base emotion and base conduct you ask? (There is laughter as Songee looks at the foot She is holding up) There's bells!

That's right - on both feet.

Songee: Oh. It's very pretty. (Songee is making the bells ring, they are ankle bracelets of bells that Roberta-Margaret is wearing for the first time when she is channeling Songee.) Does they dance, they are dancing.

If the body is up to it, it does.

Songee: Mayhap I had to give it a little bit of energy, is that right? Very good, I like this. What is this skins? (Songee moves Her attention to the clothes Roberta-Margaret is wearing.) Oh it is very, very soft. Very beautiful skins, I like these skins, I have some more of these skins. Is that right. (Songee is attempting to rearrange the sari over the shoulder.) I had better go back to what I am saying ...


Songee: What about that? (There is much laughter.)

You were talking about base emotions and lust would be one of them wouldn't it.

Songee: I not say that word. That is a word you say, not word I say. No I did not say this word.

No, no you were asking about base emotions, and that is a base emotion.

Songee: I am very polite. Base emotions - this is something that is certainly base emotions and greed is base emotion. Jealousy is base emotion. Avaricious ...


Songee: Avaricious is a base emotion.

What does it mean, sorry.

Is it greedy?

Well no, it's sort of wanting something that someone else is got. Is that it?

Songee: That's right. So it is more than just greed. Greed is wanting more, more, more and avaricious is wanting something that somebody else has got. And so for you - I am so sad to tell you, (Songee says this in such a way that tells us She is not sad at all. Everyone laughs.) that this things are not to be part of who you are, so they are things that you have to learn to do without. They will only bring you sadness and disharmony in your life. They will not bring you pleasure, they will not bring you happiness. You understand?

So you must learn to know yourself, to know when these things are creeping into your life, so that you can learn to face them. They are the demons of your Soul of which is spoken in the wordings that you have before time - the demons in your Soul. Your mind will tell you lies. It will tell you all manner of things that it is perhaps fine and correct for you to have certain ideas and certain beliefs. You are not allowed, as Warriors of the Light to entertain these ideas and beliefs. However how do you stop them from coming up from down within? You cannot. You are not meant to stop them from coming up from down within. The whole purpose of the experience that makes these things come up from down within has happened to make you aware of them, to make you face them, to make you look at these things inside yourself, to help you to exorcise your demons, you know? These are the demons of your Soul, from deep within yourself. And every single one of you will be challenged with these things. There are no exceptions! You know? No exceptions - all will be challenged within. And just when you believe that you have mastered them something else will come along and challenge you and you will find that there is still something down in there that you have not quite dealt with - not quite faced yet - and so you have to face it. Is that not right? (Songee looks at one of the students.)

So the council I'm giving you is to proceed slowly with your eyes and your heart open and to let go of ambition. Do you understand what I am saying? This is not to say that you have not to strive for the very best in your life. I am saying that the ambition that I am speaking about is that which you seek and strive for - that is not worthy of you. Do you understand now? That ambition, you don't strive for that ambition - the things that you would be best to leave alone.

When you are in doubt put whatever it is that you are in doubt about - measure it against the example of integrity. What is integrity? What is your personal integrity? Do you believe in this - all right and fine, to do something because you want to do it, or you need to do it, or you feel a compulsion to do it, for whatever reason your mind gives you, or whatever reason your body gives you - just because it has given you that reason, that emotion, that feeling. Or do you measure it against the yardstick of integrity that says - "Is this right and fine? Am I breaking Cosmic Law? Am I breaking earth law?" You know?

So you need to know, within your being, what it is you are doing. And to do that you need to know about youself, is that right? Have you got any questions about this? ... No questions! So you are all going to be - Oh this is beautiful. (Songee is touching the fabric of Roberta-Margaret's sari she is wearing.) You are all going to be saints, is that right!!

And be tempted by things every step of the way.

Songee: So you are not going to be saints!

It's very hard to judge yourself sometimes.

We have given up, give up judging yourself.

Songee: You need to know yourself, you need to know what is happening within your being. You need to know what is happening in your mind, in your heart, in your emotions, in your Soul - you need to know because how you are is how you will be with others. You will want others to behave the same way to you and when they do not behave the same way to you sometimes you will become very disappointed and very hurt. You need to know that others will not behave the same way to you. You need to know sometimes that although you may have a base desire for something that you cannot have that mayhap you have to accept that.

Some peoples have great desire to be rich with the coin of life. They desire to have much of this coin of life and when it does not come easily or readily to them they become very upset and very angry and very jealous of those that do and so sometimes it leads this Souls into other realms of tragedy. They then learn how to cheat and how to steal, how to deceive and so on and so forth. And this is not untrue of other areas of your lives - ponder on it.

You want something of the flesh that you cannot have or that somebody else has and you do not - do you get tempted to cheat or to steal? So it is not just the coin of life is it?


Songee: Ponder on it. Have you go any questions about it? ... (There was no answer.) You are all very wise! Is that right?

People's questions

It seems I am to go fishing. (Songee has been waiting for the next question however no one has spoken, so it seems that Songee will search in people's minds for the questions.) Is that right?

Is that better? Somebody was wanting to know a little bit about seeing the aura - so the aura has been charged now for you to see. All you have to do is learn to see, and let your own glow at the same time.

Loved ones - wanting to know about loved ones ... (Songee sighs a big breath out as She seems to be looking into someone head to see what it is that they are not able to speak out loud.) That's all right you can come a little closer. (Speaking to Spirit.) I have to tell you that there is coming forward, because there is desire in the heart of someone here, to know about a young man that has deceased - has gone back into spirit. And the young man is a little bit shy. He's very hesitant to come forward. Very well I will tell them. It may be that you are going to have to let somebody know about this young man. His name is James and he has very dark hair and very pale skin. He is a young man he passed into spirit not too long ago. And he would like his family to know that he is well, that he does not have any suffering. And this is because when Spirit goes back home in this separating from its flesh body, so it has not connection to the pain any longer. This Soul has moved on into Spirit. It was one of the very many that has been commended into the Light, very recently. So those of you that know this young man, you will have to tell the Mama that this young man is well and is getting ready to move on, you know?

What is that? ... No, no I don't want to do that. (Songee is speaking with spirit people.) They wanted to talk about the silver fish. No we don't want to talk about the silver fish. I'm sorry I have to, I have to apologise to you. When peoples are speaking from Spirit to Songee, it is very difficult because I have to understand what it is they are wanting to do and whether or not it is suitable to what we are suppose to be doing this night. (Songee is laughing and we have no idea what this was that was being suggested from Spirit for us to do!) And that is not to talk about silver fish. (Songee is rearranging the sari, She is fascinated by the feel of it and how it goes. She puts the sari over the top of the head) It needs to go like this. To hide and to run away and hide mayhap, so.

Now back to business. Have you question?

Everyone is very silent. Mayhap it's time to do some workings. So perhaps you don't have any more questions for I, it's time for you to do workings. Would you like to do that?

We have nice music tonight.

Songee: It's always nice!

Songee where was your talk going? It seemed to be left in the air.

Songee: I have finished saying all that I was going to say about it. I was giving messages for certain peoples that need to hear speakings about something and it was to do with how you are going to master baser instincts, you know? I have said it! What is it you are not sure about?

I believed that you were going to go further than that.

Songee: How much further?

I don't know. I was waiting for it to be revealed.

You can't trick him!

Songee: So there is not much further to go other than to learn not to give in to the baser instincts. Is that right? And to learn how to walk as Warriors of the Light. Learning to meet the challenges that come. Learning to measure things against the yard-stick of integrity, you know? That is it!

I feel somewhat let down, I really felt you were going to go further.


Songee: So mayhap I need to say to you - are you being challenged by the baser instinct of life?

Me, personally, no.

Songee: So mayhap the speaking was not meant for you. However for the ones that it has been spoken for all has been say-ed, all has been revealed as is meant to be revealed at this time, understand? (Songee is smiling)

MM So its, there is more chapters to come?

Songee: Ahhh that, is really not for certain, when somebody learns the lesson then often there is not needing for anymore. You know! (Songee is laughing) The lesson is learned and then there is no need for any more of this thing. So ...

They out grow the talk.

Songee: However it is still important to know it because it may be that it has to be passed on - this teach. It is possible that you may need to exercise patience. So that you - as I say before, to go slowly forward. Not to go forward in great leaps and bounds. To go slowly forward. Let go of everything in the path first, and you may decide for your own self whether this is for you, this speaking, or not. I know who it is for and which peoples need to hear this speaking. However you may keep it for your own self, you don't have to tell everybody do you? Is that right?

No one can answer because you have given permission that they can keep it to themselves.

Songee: What would you like to do?

Channeled Healing.


I'd like to hear something about Atlantis, if you haven't already spoken on this subject.

Atlantis Meditation

Songee: Atlantis. What would you like to know about this?

I know very little about it so I would like to hear from you what you are able to tell me.

Songee: Atlantis is not just a concept or a great civilization, it was also a state of awareness. It is now in your (many?) people's it has put to the realms of mystery, put to the realms almost of fairy, you know? And is a time beyond time. And the time before time. The people's of the land that was - the land was not as you know it now, it was different.

To begin we must go back many, many moons, mayhap you would like to close your eye and take inside of you deep breath, and I will take you on a journey to Atlantis for you to know for yourself of this place.

So close your eyes and take a deep Breath of Life, and come with my now on the dream's spirals. You are going to travel the dream's spirals through the stars, moving ever backwards through the spirals to the time before when looking down from outside of your planet, you look down onto the beautiful planet beneath you and all the land is one. It is whole and all about it is a great ocean.

As you look upon this land beneath you, you will see that everything looks a little different to how you know it now. Not only is the ocean bigger, not only is the land mass all one land mass, even the position of the stars look to be different. Even the way the planet seems to turn seems to be different, it seems to be different.

And as you go down now onto this great land mass you will see that there are all manner of different creatures wandering about. Quite a large number of very large creatures and also little creatures, all different and strange. And great beasts that fly in the sky. And all these creatures are all living together on this land mass.

And as you look now from the height with which you are looking at this, there comes from the Heavens a large, very large rook. It strikes down onto the planet beneath you and as it does so everything is sent into chaos. And when the dust clears away some of the land mass have broken away and now there is a larger portion broken away from the main part of the land mass.

And now as you gaze down upon this beautiful planet beneath you there come from the skies large objects flying through the stars and they come down now, down upon the Earth. They are so large that they would encompass one whole of one of your large cities of the planet now. Very big, these are the dwelling places that fly through the skies, through the void, through the stars.

Now down on the Earth on this beautiful planet there the creatures that did not survive when the lands was moved and the Earth moved are gone forever. In the time between other creatures have sprung up and come into being. Among them are a two leg-ed creature, one that walks on its hind legs. It is covered in a lot of dark hair. It has very dark skin and this creature is learning many things for itself. Learning how to hunt, learning how to make fire, learning how to make tools, learning how to develop into a community.

And when the peoples that come from the stars land there are these creatures who are living, and the peoples from the stars come out of their dwelling and begin to create a great city. They use all the tools and all the knowledge of their peoples. They have great powers of their mind and can move many things using the power of their minds. They have great knowing of this thing that you call machines. They are very, very, very god-like. The creatures that walk upright on this Earth view these creatures that come from the stars as gods. And they begin to revere them as gods. The Strange Ones, The Light Skinned Ones, The Gods of the Golden Hair, The Gods of the Golden Skin, The Gods of the Cat Eyes, and so on and so forth. There they are altogether.

And over many, many moons the peoples that come from the stars mix with the peoples of the Earth and create a new race of beings. The new race of being are endowed with the gifts of spirit, the gifts of enlightenment by their genetic changes that have been made unto them.

And time passes and the city is built. It is a city of great magnitude, of great glory, of much learning and teaching. And the society in this city grows so that in among the peoples there comes to be known about the Brotherhood of Light. The Brotherhood of Light are all the males that belong to the leading families of the society and the childrens, the male childrens are taken into the Temple to be taught in the ways of the Light and in the ways of Spirit and in the ways of Psychic Abilities.

For many, many eons this city develops and very slowly the peoples are gathered together and they are set out across the land, across the land mass, to find other places where are people that need to have the teach, that need to be brought into this Golden Light of Knowing, of Awareness. And the journeys of these peoples can be found even now in the histories of your peoples, your here and now. The journeys of these people are told in the stories of the peoples of the Earth, no matter where is their tribe, not matter where is their land now - the stories will contain the stories of the journeys of the people that came from the great city, or who came from the star people. It will all be there in the stories of your people.

And now look down on this great city, this great Golden City, teeming with life. Everybody busy going about doing their business. The peoples in the Temples learning all that they need to learn, finding out how to move structures using the power of the mind. Learning about alchemy, learning about this thing you know as science, learning about machines - all this things are happening in this city. Great libraries of great learning.

All around the city and within the city there are, places where foodings are made, are collected, are grown, are brought to the people. Everything is there that is needed.

The peoples from the stars brought with them the knowledge of how to change waste products into fresh and useable things so that nothing is wasted, everything has a purpose in this city.

And then slowly there comes into the city a Seed of Darkness. When you look at the city you may see the golden glow of it beginning to get a little tarnished. And this tarnishment is coming from within one of the peoples. And as you look at the aura of this city you will see that this tarnishment is growing. And yet inside the Temple there is a great powerful Golden Light. And this Golden Light belongs to a being that has come to the Earth to be among the people, a Soul that has come because it knows what is the destiny of this people. And so this Soul then begins to gather around all those that will follow Him and gathers them together in the great hall. And before anything can come to pass this great Soul says to the people, "Close your eyes, take inside of you the deep Breath of Life, breathe and I will take you on the dream spirals, and I will show you what is to come. I will show you the progress of the peoples of the Earth, for our time on this Earth is coming to a close now, and as Souls you are going to have to return through the eons to come, to guide the path of the people back to the Light."

And all those Souls, all those sons who were the Brotherhood of Light went with this one on the dream spirals. And when they came back they all looked at this Soul and knew what their task was to be. And then this one looked at one of the sons and said to him, "You will come back many times, you will perform many deeds and you will lead the way and open the way so that I may come again. In many life times you will be reviled and in other life times you will be ignored and yet your presence on the Earth will make a change. And so it will be." And so it has been from that day.

And then came the darkness, the tarnishing came and it spread and the powers of the people that followed the darkness rent asunder the Power and the Light of this great city. It was the battle between light and dark that created a great cataclysm that resulted in the Earth splitting asunder and the oceans coming in and swallowing all the land, and the city sunk beneath the waves. And all that remains now of this beautiful city are the memories in the minds and the hearts of mankind. The Soul memories which you now have the knowledge.

The peoples that were set out by the Temple, out across the land before to join with the peoples of the land and to take the teachings, all those people from that great city went, they did not return to the city, they went and formed new communities. And the Souls of those that fought have been returning ever since to guide humanity and mankind and womankind forward into the Light once more.

All the knowledge and all the teaching of that time was forbidden, to you because when this great land split asunder and this great city went beneath the waves, all the people that were left were left with only stories and over the eons of time the stories became myths and legends, and the ability to use the gifts became lost. And the decent into darkness occurred. And now humankind is climbing back out of the darkness into the Light. That is the reason that this great city of Atlantis is so bright in the hearts, the minds and the Soul memories of so many. It is a symbol of hope, a symbol of what is possible for the human race. What was before can be again. However in order to achieve it you need to learn your lessons of life. You need to learn how not to use the powers for your own personal gain. You need to learn how to use the powers to assist humanity, and animal-kind, and plant-kind, and earth rock-kind. How to respect and honor all these things.

So when you look now down at the great city remember it as it used to be in all its glory, with its golden light shining around it, the Golden City of Light, for in spirit it still is so. It has not been lost and any time that you want to visit the great City of Atlantis all you have to do is travel the dream spirals and go to this wondrous place.

So look now once more at this Golden City, and ask yourself - what part did you play in this life of this city, what were you in this city, what did you do in this city. Not everybody was a Brotherhood of Light in the Temples, there needed to be Mummas and Pappas you know so that the peoples could go to the Temples. There needed to be people who could make the foodings, and so on and so forth. Everything was of value, nothing was beneath or humble, no-one was greater. So when you look at the great city ask yourself that question - "What part did I play in this. Was I one of the people that went out of the city to other lands to take the wording out. Did I go to help found new civilizations." Feel and you will find the answer for yourselves.

And I am going to let you now come back out up into the skies above the great city. And just for a moment as you look down you will see that as the great city goes beneath the water that this great cataclysm has created now shifts and movements in all the surface of the planet and now the land masses are beginning to move and drift about like boats on an ocean. And as you watch now you will see the land masses beginning to take shape into the ones that you know now, in your life now. You may also see that the axis of the planet has changed from before and that some of the land masses now have got white at the top and the bottom where it is very cold. And you will see that there are great fires down below inside the Earth. And you will also see as you go further out still that the shape of this beautiful Planet is now also changed. It is not round like it used to be, it now has a part of itself that seems to be flat on one side.

And as you go further out still and this beautiful, beautiful planet begins to recede a little in the distance, step once more onto the dream spirals and come with I on the dream spirals forward now, forward in your time to where you are now in your here and now.

(Long silence while the people return from their meditation.)

Songee: Did you all have a nice sleep?

(Muttered replies.)

Are you ready to do workings now? Mayhap you do just a little bit of workings. That be right, a little bit of workings?

Channeled Healing

I'm ready. (The seats were placed out for Channeled Healing.)

Songee: Ahhhhh So you will mayhap like to have the soundings of the Angels in the city, is that right. So who is going to put their behind self down?

Would you two like to sit down? (Other comments not easily understood.)

Songee: You have to do it with your behind self down.

Well I will sit down. (There is a lot of background noise of people moving around and talking.)

You coming to join us H?

Do you mind if I carry on drawing, please?

Songee: There is going to be somebody will not have anyone working with them.

That's OK I just sit here and go to sleep.

Songee: So what about the Angels? Do you have the Angels?

Just make them go, that one. (Someone makes the music play.)

Songee: This is about the city of the Angels. Oh this is beautiful, I like this, this is very nice.

Close your eyes, take a big Breath of Life. Stand back, those of you standing you know what to do, you wait a moment. Those of you sitting are going to be receiving the Love of Oneness, the Channeled Healing. Those that are standing - "Infinate Spirit source of all Light and Love I offer myself to you in service to be a channel for the Healing Energies for this Child of the Universe, I ask that nothing of I go to them and nothing of them comes to I, So Be it."
Those receiving just breath and talk to Oneness about what you ... And enjoy.

(Channeled Healing continues for some time.)

Please continue with the work you are doing. I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the power of all that you have learned this night, and the power of the love that you have shared amongst yourselves while you were being channels for Healing Energies and while the Healing Energy was being channeled to you.


(Songee fades from the channel and it appears that White Eagle comes to over shadow Roberta-Margaret in preparation for her return. And Roberta-Margaret returns.)

Reference no 20000928


© 2009 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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