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A Group night with Meditation and Psychometry

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'A Group night with Meditation and Psychometry'
Teachings from Songee
A group evening led by Roberta-Margaret on the 5th October 2000


The Aquarian Gospel reading
Deep breath exercise
Bringing in the Colours
The Opening Prayer
Closing Prayer
Bringing back the Colours

On this night, the 5th October 2000 at The Second Well Trust's Class there were 14 people present at the Roberta-Margaret's home in Auckland. Roberta-Margaret was reading from The Aquarian Gospel1 -

The Aquarian Gospel reading

..."For surely in the name of God were no such powers ever given to man. And Jesus and the twelve went to the house and after they had taken of food and been refreshed and the ninth disciple said, "Lord why could we not heal this child? We spoke the word but even that was powerless." Jesus said, "Your great success in all your former work has made you careless and you forgot to recognise the Power of God. Without the spirit of the Word, the Word is like an idle tale and you forgot to pray. There is no faith without the prayer of faith, faith is the wings of prayer, the wings alone fly not. By prayer and faith you can bring down the mountain peaks and cast them in the sea and the little hills will skip about like lambs at your command"...

What happened to the other two? There were thirteen in total so where was the others. There was Jesus and twelve others that have been spoken for, where were the other three?

Roberta-Margaret: Sorry?

Three more.

Roberta-Margaret: There was Peter, James and John - Nine Apostles who went not with Jesus to the mount. Ok Um. There was Peter James, there was Peter who was Simon-Peter, James and John, Judas, um who else was there? I can't remember their names. There is another, I believe there is another Simon there was Simon-Peter but there was another Simon. And there is Luke, Mark, Matthew -these are the people who wrote the books. We got John- not John the Baptist, not that John, it was the other, um I can't remember. I would have to go back through. Those are the ones I can remember.

No, the point I was making - if there were Jesus and the twelve went to the house and after they had taken food and been refreshed the ninth disciple said - I wondered where the other three were. It was just a funny way of expressing it, that nine said something and three didn't.

Maybe they all popped out to the toilet. (Laughter) They just had tea.

Roberta-Margaret: The point of this reading was about talking/praying to Oneness/God to request the healing energies, not just to lay our hands on someone and expect the miracle to occur. Without Oneness healing energies this will not happen. We must honour the Source of Power. While many at the meeting ignored the message or were in denial of it and elected to focus on who was there or not there as though it mattered, it is a good reminder of how arrogant and crass we can be.

Ok, now after that blue ribbon start, you all take a nice deep breath in. Get ready to breathe...

There is a scorpion. I have seen two people with funny heads.(It seems that a student sees this in her mind.)

Roberta-Margaret: They do look like spacemen don't they...

Deep breath exercise

Roberta-Margaret: Ok get ready to breathe. (Everyone breathes out to expel as much air from their lungs as possible.)

Breathe in... in...in... hold... out (This is done to the count of three and the out breath is with mouth wide open and done slowly.) Everybody together - get ready to breathe (And this is repeated three times. This exercise is a common practice as it relaxes and begins to increase the vibration to the chakras.)

Bringing in the Colours

Roberta-Margaret: Now we are going to bring the colours2 from the earth...

Breathe in red - two - three - four... hold... out...rest... (Base Chakra)

(Breathe out through the mouth as though holding a straw between the lips to the count of 4. Then the resting period is also to the count of four. The beat of this count is like that of a heart beat so it is quite fast and takes focus and practice to get the way of it. Holding the wrist pulse gently with the other hand helps to get the feel of the count. This also has the effect of unifying the Group members and brings their heartbeats into synchronisation with each other.)

Roberta-Margaret: Breathe in orange - two - three - four... hold... out...rest... (Sacral Chakra)

Breathe in yellow - two - three - four... hold... out...rest... (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Breathe in green - two - three - four... hold... out...rest... (Heart Chakra)
Breathe in blue - two - three - four... hold... out...rest... (Throat Chakra)
Breathe in indigo - two - three - four... hold... out...rest... (3rd Eye Chakra)
Breathe in purple - two - three - four... hold... out...rest... (Crown Chakra)

Imagine the pure White Light flowing from each and every one of you out through the crown chakra to blend with the other colours in the room.

The Opening Prayer

All together as One we entreat the Creator, the source of all Light Love and Power for Protection Guidance, Harmony and Healing.

The Healing to go to all those people who are present in this room, to go to all the people we have encountered in our daily lives, to go to all the people whose names are written in all the Healing Books, to all the people who are in hospitals, in sick beds, prisons, institutions through the World.

May it go to the countries of the World to help the people to govern wisely and well with humanity and mercy.

May it go to the different countries of the World where people are suffering from floods and famine and man's inhumanity to man.

May it go to all the creatures of the Planet, those that walk on its surface, those that burrow beneath, those that live in and on its waters and fly in its air, from the very largest to the very smallest.

To the trees, plants, rocks, the Earth, to the Planet itself.

And for all of this we say thank you so be it.


Now just keep your eyes closed for a moment, I will put a little bit of music on for you just to relax...

(The music was the Riley Lee's 'Rainforest Reverie'3 - track 1, Morning Rain which played for 15 minutes. The Group slowly returned and wrote down their meditation experience.)

Roberta-Margaret: Mind your eyes (turning the light up). If anything happened to you write it down, because although this piece of music might not resonate with you now but will resonate with you later on each time, it's good to look back. And each time you listen to it, it will be different.

Did you have it on too loud or is the music itself loud?

Roberta-Margaret: It's the music it goes up and down. And also too, he is a master of this, it is a Japanese bamboo flute called a Shakuachi. And there are notes he plays that are so pure, just beautiful. He plays a lot of ancient, very old pieces, Japanese pieces that go back into tradition. On one of his other albums there is one of his more contemporary ones, I would not play that one for you because that would get down and send you deep, but the other one: you have to be ready for that one before you get to there. This is actually quite light.

Oh what is it? It was lovely.

It's the one we had it last night for Channelled Healing.

I know and I went to the same place.

I know, that's right.

Even better.

Did you have that for Channelled Healing?

Yes we had the whole thing on. It is very moving.

Moving was the word. That was not quite what I felt.

Roberta-Margaret: In your system you will find it irritating, if you have stuff down there you don't want to face or look at you will find it irritating. Yep. However you might, the music will still pull it out. You can't resist it, you might believe you are, but it won't work.

I didn't imagine we would get it the next night. I could get the CD myself and listen to it again and again.

Roberta-Margaret: You can always live in hope or expectation.

I took it to Christchurch with me and listened to it each and every night.

Roberta-Margaret: His (Riley Lee) other one 'Breath Sight', that is the ancient Japanese ones that he plays and they are just poignant. Some of those that really sort of get fingers in there you know.

Takes you awhile to get into it though.

Roberta-Margaret: Lovely. Anyone want to talk about that? No.

Mine was only a one liner.

Roberta-Margaret: Gee this sounds bad. Sorry.

No it was alright I enjoyed it. A bit different than what I was feeling to day.

I was in the mountains with a white dove and we fly to an opening in a cave on one of these mountains and there was a glowing light and we walked in and I could feel the earth. It was quite soft and there was an Indian Warrior sitting by this fire but when I looked at him he had no face. I could not see his face. He was drawing over the walls of the cave and he took me through all my worries and concerns while I was away checking out all those and when I came back I was standing outside the opening of the cave and he was walking along the path on the side of the mountain and he just looked back and said there was no (footing?) to it and then he was gone.

Roberta-Margaret: That is beautiful.

Well we had a continuation of last night. However we ended up going, putting a reflective net around a huge rainforest in the middle of South America. The net was, it had all these sort of shine things on it, and it was making the forest invisible. And we were in it and we were shooing to the creatures in the trees and when we fly out of it and looked back the net was reflecting all the barrenness around it where they had chopped down all the other forest. It was very interesting sort of work to do.

What colour did you see?

I didn't see any colour, we were too busy putting the net up. The net was sparkly.

All those areas they cut down are sort of pink colour, brown, violet when you fly over.

Oh cos the ground is pink. I just had this feeling of the barrier being and that this place is going to be safe for awhile.

Roberta-Margaret: That's good.

That's the short version!


(The class then went on to do Psychometry4 readings for each other using colours on a piece of cloth. Each piece had originally been selected by different members of the group before the meeting began and placed on a tray then covered. The other members of the Group would take one piece of the cloth and do a reading for the person who had first handled the cloth as their energies would be on it. The person doing the reading would be assisted by either their Doorkeeper or their Guardian, whoever they had requested to assist them. Most people found it easier to write their reading down so nothing would be forgotten while waiting for their turn to speak their reading. Different aspects of each reading were discussed between the reader and the person receiving it.)

(The readings were very personal to the people who were there at the Class and cannot be transcribed here.)

Roberta-Margaret: Ok Right. We have to ask everybody (Spirit) to come round ok...

Especially when they weren't invited in the first place. She forgot to invite them in the first place.

Didn't you! (Huge laughter. At the beginning before the colours are drawn up the Spirit People are invited to come close and share this time with us. This is what this refers to.) You ought to see your expression. (Roberta-Margaret is overwhelmed with laughter.)

Roberta-Margaret: Let's get serious now. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in... in... in...hold... out.

Closing Prayer

Roberta-Margaret: Well I might not have invited them before but they are all here anyway. They all know the routine so they are all gathering around and getting together -

All together as one we say thank you to the Creator, the Source of all Light Love and Power, for the protection, the guidance ...

We say thank you to everyone for being here with us. I tell you what they have done, they have just rolled in this great golden ball which is absolutely beautiful and it is coming down over the top of us, not squashing us but encompassing us inside it so we are covered in this beautiful golden light, beautiful, transparent very much like little stones that have been hand blown. This gold glow all round us.

That's the colour I saw last night.

Roberta-Margaret: So we say thank you, all together as one we say thank you again for the love, the peace, the harmony. May the healing continue to go to all the people that are in physical pain, all the creatures, to go to all the people whose names are in all the healing books, may the residue go into the Universe. For all that we have shared, the laughter, the tears, the ideas, the companionship and love we say thank you, So be it.

Bringing back the Colours

Roberta-Margaret: OK now to bring the colours back in -
The last is first, the white light - allow it to flow back in through the crown chakra back into the body, the Pure White Light flowing back in, back home to where it belongs, filling all the nooks and crannies so there are no empty spaces, everything is filled with the Pure White Light where it belongs.
Now the reverse of the colours - The Purple colour gathering and flowing in through the Crown Chakra, flowing down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, on down to the feet and back out into the Earth.
And Indigo, gathering and flowing into the crown Chakra like liquid silk and flowing down leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, to the feet and back into the Earth.
Now Blue, gathering into the Crown Chakra like liquid silk, flowing down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes and down to the feet and back into the Earth.
The colour green, now flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk leaving a little of itself behind as it goes on down to the feet and back out into the Earth.
The colour Yellow, now gathering in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk, down through the body, leaving a little of itself behind as it goes down to the feet and back out into the Earth.
As we come to the last colours the Chakras begin to slow down, as the colour Orange gathers and flows in down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes on down to the feet and back out into the Earth.
As we come to the last colour the chakras will slow down to a vibration that is comfortable for you at this time of your day, the colour Red now gathering, flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk spiralling down to each of the chakras in turn, leaving a little of itself behind as it goes on down to the feet and back out into the Earth so completing the cycle.
Once more for all that we have shared we say Thank You.

So Be It

(And the Class was completed.)

Roberta-Margaret was saying: I wonder what the protection is for, it must be for a reason. Very similar to the colour of that stone I had. It was a great big ball like they rolled it. That they rolled it, it must have been solid on their side, sort of like surrounded us. They (Spirit) haven't gone away they are still with us. They did that once before, remember? I wasn't allow to send them away.

For a long time.

That was awhile ago.

Roberta-Margaret: It went on for ages, didn't it? I wasn't allowed to ask them to leave. I asked them to step back while I bought the colours in but they were not allowed to leave us. Anyway I suppose we need them at the moment for some reason. (Then Roberta-Margaret let all the dogs in - nine Maltese and a Rough Coated Collie!)


1 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, Channelled by Levi H Dowling (1920)
This book is available on-line through many different sources and is a transcript from The Akashic Records. This book was always used for readings to guide the students of our Classes and Groups.

2 Colours of the Earth - these refer to the Chakra Colours which are the colours of the rainbow. Each colour of the rainbow is breathed in by 4 count method beginning with red - the base chakra. The colours pass up from the Earth bringing healing energies and resonating with each chakra by activating, bringing balance and increased vibration to each one, it then fountains out through the crown chakra. The colours all blend within the aura. It is an opening up to the spiritual aspect in preparation to do whatever work is to take place within the Group whether it be Meditation, Psychometry, working with Spirit, listening to Songee and so on. The bringing back of these colours needs to follow the end of each the session.

3 Music: Riley Lee's music is available on his website. And at various other sites.

4 Psychometry was practised frequently in group often using pieces of nature for readings - leaves stones etc were selected by the Group before the Group began. Personal items or pieces of jewellery were never used as the Group members may have recognised who the owner was.

The formats followed in The Second Well Trust Classes have been gifted to us from Songee who patiently taught these to us over a number of years. This process has been the ongoing basis for all our Class Meetings and in the training of Teachers of The Second Well Trust, and used by many of the students in their own homes for their personal spiritual work.

Roberta-Margaret was very particular about following the Disciplines and forgetting a portion of them was most unlike her. The reason became apparent at the Closing down. The person who noticed this was another Teacher of The Second Well Trust and would have been listening intently to learn all they could by experiencing Roberta-Margaret leading the Group. Often it is like Spirit wipes the memory from the mind - it just isn't there at that moment when there are matters of import taking place beyond us.

Reference no 20001005


© 2013 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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