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The Vision
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Vision'
A Teaching from Songee 12th October 2000

Crystal Light Of Love
How do I find my new Home
The Second Well Trust Vision
The Earth Vision
The Vision of a hungry body
Finding Contentment
Becoming Truly Content
What is Contentment
Being Content living with Adversity
Inner Peace
Out of the maze
Being Loyal unto yourself
What do I let go of

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This Gathering was held at Pt Chevalier in Auckland New Zealand with nine people present.

Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
Only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

(The Music was from Medwyn Goodall ‘Where Angels Fear to Tread, we do not have permission to play this music on our website however it may be heard at this link:)


Songee: Greetings to you.

Thank you Songee. (And everyone greets Songee.)

Songee: So what have you for I this night?

Songee will there ever be another city like Atlantis?

Songee: Oh no child no never another like this one.

(Long Silence.)

How do I find my new home

I’d like to ask a question please Songee, a personal one. We have a house on the market to sell and we have been looking for three months now for a new home and our minds are very open. We are having a great difficulty in finding a suitable home. Can you give me some form of direction in some way as to where we should look?

Now that is a curly one!

No, no, no it was the ‘should’ that got it.

Oh Sorry.

The question was beautiful, the ‘should’ kills a story.

Songee: It is not so much the where of it so much as the how of it.

The How of it.

Songee: That is right, because the where of it will present itself in the fullness of time. The how of it lies in each of you as the concept that you have within your own being. These concepts are not united you know. You may believe that they are however they are not completely united.

You are all wanting different things and all are looking to achieve different results for youself. When you come to a common place of being between yourselves then the place that is ready for you will come to you. Do you understand?

Yes I understand.

Songee: So mayhap you want something in a particular way for a particular reason and you have vision of this and you share part of this vision with the other peoples, not all of it just part of it, and as you are going about your life and your day other visions come to you about what you would like to do and how you would like to it and so on and so forth. And everybody else is doing the same thing. However you do not come together and say, Oh look I have this vision. Because sometimes you can come together and say, I have this vision. And the other person says, I don’t have that vision I have this vision. You know?

Ah ha that is it. So you have to find a common vision that will meet all your requirements or the most important requirements. Do you understand?


Songee: There is no reason behind you being – greetings to you – being in a place of living where mayhap you would like to be looking at great vistas and looking at oceans and the other peoples are wanting to look at mountains and look at the rivers or mayhap just to be in where all the trees are around and about and not having this, this thing. Sometime it may be that you want to be ah like – how say I this? Like the Toitoi1 you are down on the ground and somebody else might want to be like the monkey up in the trees you know, and so you have this conflict about whether you are going to have house that is down near the ground or house that is up near the sky. And it may be that you don’t want to have house that is both of these things because it is not comfortable for you for some reason or another and so on and so forth, all these things. How do you know unless you are talking about it and sharing your visions and your dreams. How much of sharing are you doing?

We have shared this style of home we would like but we haven’t come to any form of agreement to the area we live in. I’m very open to many but I’m going round and round in circles we seem to be wasting a lot of time.

Songee: Because you are open to too many. You have to settle in yourself on a vision. There needs to be a vision of what you would like to have and it needs to be settled. It is no...

The first vision Songee was too expensive, I kept coming down... (Laughter.)

Songee: It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. It is not the coin of life that will dictate the vision. When you go and you find something that is the sort of thing that you would like your vision to be. You take that then back into your own being and you say, This is the sort of vision that I would have for this dwelling, something like this. With everything about it, the way it is among the trees or so on and so forth. Where it is, mayhap a little peaceful, not too far away from where you can go to find your foodings and things like that or whatever it is, you have to have the vision.

So sometimes you been given a vision of something so that you can you can bring it to youself and then you have to say, This is the vision. And only when you have it and it is like that then you can manifest it. You cannot manifest it while you have a vision maybe this one, maybe that one, maybe that one, what about this one down here, this one looks interesting, and I am open to all of them. You won’t get any!

Do you understand? No one will you get because you are open to too many. You have not settled on one vision. So do some more workings about finding the vision, together.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: You will find it will work it always works does it not Little Mother?

Yes it certainly does.

(Several people speaking at once.)

Someone asks a question...

Songee: You ought to know whether you are going to be rich and travel round the world and help other people, animals – is that your vision? Is that your vision?


Songee: Then it is for you to manifest it, is it not? You have to hold your vision and say, That is the vision, that is where I need to go, help I to achieve that vision. You know.

What are we going to be talking about this night do you suppose?



Songee: Haha Visions. That it right because without having a vision you cannot manifest upon the earth plane. Sometimes the inspiration for the vision will come from Spirit or from Oneness, or through your peoples in Spirit, you know Oneness will give the vision to your peoples in Spirit and say, Pass this on please. You know. And so you are given this vision on what is to be. And in order make it happen, to manifest it then you have to hold true to the vision, it doesn’t matter what the trials and tribulations are surrounding it you must hold true to the vision.

Now this is very true, when that vision is given to you from Oneness, especially true, because when you have a vision that is given to you from Oneness it means that it is very important that it is made manifest. So you are then the Keeper of the Vision and you have a responsibility to look after that vision to do your very best for it, to guard it, to protect it, to ensure that it receives all the nourishment that it needs to come to fruition, do you understand? And your task in this instant is not an easy one, as any of the tasks that are given you from Oneness always are never easy tasks, is that not so Little One? However it is important that you remain true to the vision when it has been given unto you.

Is that how you know it is one from Oneness? It’s a bit more of a challenge.

Songee: That’s right. You said yourself your own challenges of life that is certain however also a part of the Destiny Path it is to receive the visions of Oneness so that you can forward in your life.

The Second Well Trust Vision

At the moment there is transpiring among these peoples of your Trust, there are different things happening you know and at the moment the vision appears to be a little blurred as though it is not quite in focus, is that right? However it is not so much that it is not in focus, the vision is in focus – it is just that events have moved outside of the vision so that other things can transpire so that the vision can be reached. Do you understand?

No you will need to explain that.

Songee: I just did.

Explain a bit more because I’m not quite getting it, what do you mean – I understand you saying things are fuzzy because they are not quite happening but how...

Songee: Oh I did not say that. That is not what I say. The vision is happening, it taking place, it is there however it is not quite in focus. It is a little blurred around the edges. You know? Softened around the edges. You go to look at it and you can’t quite see it as clearly as you would like to see it mayhap, or imagine you would like to see it. And to a certain a point you are having to function as though your eyes don’t work so well.

I was considering as though we were blind, but that’s usual.

What do you mean when you said that it was going outside of something?

Songee: The events that are transpiring at the moment are going outside...

The Vision.

Songee: ...The Vision.

So what do you mean by that?

Songee: The events outside the vision are occurring like this. (Songee demonstrates with big open arms rolling outwards) Outside the Vision. The vision is here and outside there are events taking place. Those events are creating an energy, they are creating a power that is gathering and coming in, and as it come in it is going to support and nourish the Vision.


Songee: The vision cannot receive the nourishment and support without these events transpiring first.

It is so that these events that are transpiring won’t come to fruition for about three years – is that true?

Songee: That is right. Part of the events that are taking place now are part of the process that is going to take three of your earth years. Do you understand?

Yeah I understand.

Songee: Because there is learning, teaching, opening doors and many other things that have to take place with this. It is essential for the vision to come to fruition. This is how it is that the vision is at the moment a little blurred. It has not gone away, it is not ‘not’ there, it is still moving forward, it is still being created. It is still gathering its energies ready for manifestation. Little bits of it are being manifested as it goes along. You know? Like Golden Yods coming from the Heavens and leaving behind their bounty on the Earth. And this is happening already however those of you that are working towards the Vision for a moment you may find it a little obscure.

Just keep on keeping on.

Songee: That’s right.

It’s all we can do.

Songee: Just keep going with what you are doing. You are doing everything right, you doing everything you are supposed to do, you must keep doing it. Without doing it then you will loose the Vision and that will mean starting all over again at the beginning.

No No No I don’t want to run that scenario again, it took five years to get this far and I don’t want to go back and do it again.

Songee: So know that everything is going as it is meant to go, transpiring as it is meant to transpire and there is still work to do out in this part out here. And this part is very important to the Vision.

Is there anything that um, that we can do to assist that other part or do we just focus on...

Songee: You are already doing it. You don’t have to do anymore just do what you are doing.

Oh OK.

Songee: Is that alright.

That’s alright.

Songee: Don’t do anymore you don’t need to do any more just keep doing what you are doing...


Songee: ...and let these events transpire so that they can support and nourish the Vision.


Songee: There are many things taking place at the moment. Much learnings, much discoveries, much changes, all very important to the Vision.

And what is the Vision?

The Earth Vision

The Vision is for the peoples of the Earth to be able to learn how to open their hearts and their minds to each other.

To open their hearts and minds to Oneness, to the Light.

Part of that Vision is for the Word of Songee to come to them to help them to open their hearts and minds to come to that place.

The task is not an easy one, the role of it is not an easy one.

Peoples of the Land, the peoples of the Feathers of the Eagle calling the Red Road, do they not.

The road of blood.

Songee: The Road of Blood, the road of pain and suffering. So with everything that you are doing in your life you need to have a vision, no matter how great or small it is you need to have a vision.

Mayhap you want to make yourself some foodings, what happens when you want to have some foodings?

You got to decide what you going to make don’t you.

The Vision of a hungry body

Songee: First of all that body says – I’m hungry, I want you to feed I. And at the same time it sends down little messages to the mind to give pictures about what it would like to be feed with. And the mind says, That’s not possible or that is possible – and so on and so forth, and begins the conversation with the body. The body then arranges with the mind how its going to get feed and so the mind has to start to create a vision so that the body can say yes I want that or no I don’t want that – is that right? And out of that vison comes the creation and the body’s most grateful for that creation.

Good luck then it doesn’t happen in D house.

Oh what a load of nonsense I made Lasagna, didn’t I.

Songee: What year was that?


It was very good


You’ve forgotten it already.

Songee: It might not have been so memorable for your audience.

(Lots of comments and laughter.)

Songee: I’m sure it was very beautiful. There must be some foodings around otherwise this little cub would not be growing.

He gets taller all the time.

Songee: Is that right? So mayhap you not too, too (?sor) a Mummy...

The fairies did it.

Songee: ...catching enough fish2 from his bear cupboard...

Learning to do it himself.

Songee: ...very resourceful you are learning that you have to have your own vision otherwise your body doesn’t...

(Comments and laughter)


Songee: So... Vision very important. What visions do you have for your life?

Just to be happy.

I feel that as though our vision needs to be a little be more explicate these days.

(Many comments.)

Finding Contentment

Songee: What is the vision of happiness.

(Lots of comments)

Good Partner.





The people around you.

Songee: Whose keeping who contented and happy? You need to be aware of that, that is very true. Love and contentment is very important however you are not responsible for making everybody else around you content. They have to learn to find their own vision, learn to find their own contentment. You are not responsible for making them content.

You can make youself content first.

Songee: However...

You can’t make them contented.

Songee: ...When you make youself content it does not necessarily mean that everybody else around you is going to be content. However in the event that you can be content with your life, with your happenings of your life, and be content to allow others to not be content then you really have achieved contentment. Is that right? Is that right?


That’s really good. Truly inspirational.

Songee: Practicing it is very different. Are you content with your life, are you are content with how things are happening in your life?

There always seems to be one, something missing. It always seem as though missing something.

Songee: And what do you suppose you can do to find the missing something?

Get a vision.

(Lots of comments.)

It is possible to find it here on Earth. I think go and get it. I’m sure.

It’s not possible in this life, in this body you have to leave the body and go into spirit to find true contentment then we will know all the answers perhaps.

Then you know there are people saying some Heaven is on Earth as well.

It was going through my mind I said to A that isn’t it ideal that you be the expression of who you are, giving gifts and I’m coming from my artist point of view. I have these amazing dreams and I use the stuff I want to create and to get out there.

Becoming Truly Content

Songee: What about when you give your physicalities of life and everything in it to Oneness and you remain in your bodies and you are there doing your very best for Oneness and whenever adversity comes to your life, although for a moment you may forget, you remind yourself that you are there to do a task for Oneness therefore this adversity has no power over you. And so you give everything once more and remind yourself by giving it to Oneness again then you are living in your body and yet you are of Spirit living in the world not of it.

And there is nothing missing.

Songee: And therefore there is nothing missing and therefore you will be content because you will truly be in Spirit and of the Earth as well. You know.

Do you able to say to yourself, I love the workings of the life? Do you love the workings of your life?

What workings? It’s a job.

Songee: This that you get your Coin of Life.

Yeah I love it. I love my job.

I love being retired. The Government give me Coin of Life. I’ve been very contented since I have been coming here, all my debts are (?) I live my life now I’ve always loved my life but more now.

Songee: What about everybody else?

If I didn’t love my job I wouldn’t be doing it.

Songee: You are still learning how to find it so you can get your Coin of Life are you not little one? So your contentment is yet to be earned, is that right? Contentment is something that you earn is it not by going through the passage of life, by learning to find your powers, your strengths, learning to find who you are, what you are and where you need to be. And where you need to be where you feel contentment that is where Oneness wants you to be. That is where Oneness needs you to be because you are then doing Oneness work when you are content.

Now that does not mean that although you are content that you are going to be able to go unchallenged in your contentment. You will be challenged in your contentment...

Just to make sure that you are alive.

Songee: make certain that you don’t take it for granted.

Don’t. Take. It. For. Granted.

In a way too it’s sort I suppose keep on your toes to be aware of that happening is the best way to like look your expressions of it and keep looking for the new.

Songee: It is not so much to go looking as to be open to when the new arrives on the doorstep of your contentment. To say, Oh look something else to add to the contentment. It does have that as well.

I had a duck and two babies in my garden, sheltering in my garden, absolutely beautiful.

What is Contentment

Songee: Very beautiful. Contentment – what things could you say are contentment for example – to smell a rose, what else is contentment?

Watching nature.

Watch the birds fly.

Songee: Watch the birds fly.

Breathing the fresh air from the trees.

With me its being with children.

We had a beautiful experience the other week or so ago, we walked along the ocean beach in Gisborne morning and night beautiful walking along there, there was nobody else on the beach. Just the drift wood and the shells.

Songee: And what of you little one what of you?

My friends.

Songee: When you see them do you take a deep breath and say, Ahaaa this is good. Do you do that?

Yes. It makes me happy.

Songee: So that is contentment is it not. And even when you come to fisty cuffs sometimes, sometimes you need to come to fisty cuffs because unless you do, you do not know where lies the Vision, you do not know how to hold onto the Vision, you do not know how to be content.

Being Content living with Adversity

How can you be content in poverty, disease and famine, war?

Your attitude the way you look at it.

With love.

Songee: How can you be content with it, with love. So what would you do Little Shaman? Suppose you are feeling as though you are hungry and there is no foodings coming for you can you be content with no foodings in your tummy? Do you understand? Can you be content with no foodings in your tummy?


Songee: Maybe. What is maybe? How would you be content with no foodings in your tummy.

I wouldn’t.

Songee: You wouldn’t. Now that is a very honest answer because that is the truth for most peoples that they would not feel content because they had no foodings in their insides. Because food is a nourishment are they not? Foodings nourish the body, make it feel as though it is alive, make it feel as though it is loved and wanted and needed. This is what foodings do for you, it nourishes your body and makes it feel good about itself.

So when the body is suffering from lack of nourishment, of foodings, how content can this person be?

There are usually other things going on too, like no parents, no home and so on and death and disease the whole thing comes as a package together. I personally have no concept of that, its very difficult to imagine how I would feel like, and yet you watch these people doing these things on television being in this state and admire their courage and strength because they do it, they survive it they have chosen to have this life, I admire their courage.

Talk about in Africa and places like that or are you talking about the Chinese being in to some food strike?

I talk about what comes into my life.

Songee: So these peoples mayhap contentment alludes them somewhat would you say. So where does the discontent come from? It is from the lack of foodings.

No I believe its from wanting more than what they have got.

Songee: Wanting more than they have got.

By need or just (?)

Strange though when you are really poor having been poor and starving my family when you come from a poor family I explain that somebody that are born and not eating, those ones that are poor and possibly lacking a bit of food and haven’t got like money and things like that people, those people don’t notice it very much.

They are used to it they get used to it.

So it’s a way of life you know and I don’t know how Africans feel when they are starving whether they are sort of being like that on and off for a long time and how much it does affect them but I know myself in this country when you haven’t got it it doesn’t hurt, its not hurting. You don’t want any, you live by means you have got.

You don’t know any difference.

It was the way it was.

Songee: So where do you suppose is contentment in it? Would these people be content to never know anymore or have any better or so on and so forth?

I think! I feel that the content would come through their family, the joys, little joys and little love in their family. That’s where they would be getting it through, like we did with my mother and our joy and memories we’ve got. Not having food or not having good clothes to wear we had it through our love of our mother, brothers and sisters.

Songee: So Love is the part that brings the contentment.

That’s right.

Songee: Now what of the peoples that do not have the love in their life how are they going to get contentment.

That’s a bit tricky


The only thing that is coming to mind is that like through exchange of somebody else who is giving it but even then it would have to be open enough for them to be able receive it.

But to go through that to because...

Because in a lot of those situations and more situations there are a lot of aid people, medical people, even soldiers out there I am hearing on the news of the stories of what the soldiers are doing over in Indonesian part of the World and they are giving these people love. They are giving them love.

Songee: We are getting very close to this, very close, you are getting to close to it. So love is a very important ingredient with contentment because love nourishes.

So we still go back to the peoples that have not these things. They have not the trappings of life, mayhap their home has been destroyed by your machines of war, mayhap they have no foodings because their crops have been blighted. They have no Coin of Life because there is no way for them to earn their Coin of Life and because their place of living has been destroyed. How are they going to find contentment?

Their faith.

Their God.

Songee: That is right. To leave the Earth, to step into Spirit and to give their life and all in it to Oneness...

(end of side one)

Songee: ...were this to take place there would come upon them a calmness within their being, a peace, a surrendering within their being. And with that surrendering will come strength, a strength beyond the Earth, beyond the physicality – that is how so many peoples of the Earth manage to survive many of the different devastations and depravations that they experience as part of their life, whether through Karma or whether by design, it matters not for a reason.

How do they make their connection to it?

Inner Peace

Songee: When everything has been removed and everything has been taken away from you, everything including your dignity, and there is nothing left then there is only one place to turn and that is to the Light or to the Dark. And the Soul will have set that task for themselves in this life – to be challenged, to reach to one or the other for what ever reason they have set it for themself. Doesn’t matter I not going to explore all of that here, that is not important, that is to do with Karma and life choice before you come to the Earth however being in the Earth not having knowledge and not having contentment and then to find contentment, to find peace in the midst of chaos, because contentment when you look at it in your Book of Words3 you will find one of the words that that describe contentment is inner peace. Inner peace is contentment. And anybody, everybody no matter where they are, who they are, or what is happening around them can gain enough peace.

Your inner peace will be challenged all the time by the adversity of life around you. That is the nature of your World, that is the nature of the Power of Darkness that works in your World. It comes to challenge you to test your inner peace, to test your ability to be at One with Oneness.

And the biggest mistake that Human-kinds make is to attempt to reason out the adversities that come to them. This will destroy your contentment, it will destroy your inner peace and as a result it will destroy your Vision and the possibilities of your Vision. Do you understand?

Do you know what I am saying to you?

(There are comments made in agreement.)

I don’t quite know.

What do you mean be reasoning out?

Songee: What you are doing now.


Songee: Attempting to make sense of something that has no sense to it, no Earth sense to it. It is Spiritual, it is God Given, it is Spirit Light Oneness Given, it is Allah Given, it is Buddha Given you know. For some it is Shakti Given... you know?

So when you seek Inner Peace the only way to find inner Peace is through love and offering yourself to Oneness, no matter where you are or what you are doing. When you are finding yourself caught up in the adversities of your life and you are attempting to make reasonings and rationalities about your (?) life and the events of your Earth life, you will get lost in those reasons.

Out of the maze

It is like a maze you know you never know quite which path to take. You may come up against this (Songee puts one hand against the other) you can’t go through so you have to retrace your steps and go find any other path and hope its not going to come to another (One hand against the other) end of this thing you know and lead to no where.

The only way you can find yourself out of this maze is to go outside of it, to go outside and then to look down and then you will get the complete picture. You will then perceive the Vision and you will find the path that leads to the Vision. And this is where I am saying at the moment events are taking place outside of the Vision that I have given to you before time. And those events are like this looking down you know. They are looking down at the bigger picture, and the Vision is unfolding in front of it. So because the Vision seems blurred from where you are it is because you are down in the maze at the moment. Go out side of the Vision, go out to where the other events are transpiring and look inwards and you will find that the clarity that you will have of the Vision will get so much greater from out there than in here...

Can you please...

Songee: the moment.

Sorry can you please explain those steps you would need to do to do what you have just said? How do you go outside of it because I find I get stuck in the mess that its hard to step outside of it.

Songee: Look at all the events that are transpiring, look at all the connections of all the events and how they are happening, look at what is being achieved, what is attempting to be achieved and so on and so forth. Look at the peoples that are part of that achievement, that are part of that movement of happening because they are all part of the Vision. You cannot see it until you go out and look at it.

(Long silence)

Songee: At the moment Organism is outside of the Vision, very much outside of the vision. Organism has to be outside of the Vision because unless that is to transpire then the Vision cannot take place, that is part of the Vision to be outside to look in and see the completing picture, that is unfolding like that, to have the clarity of it. There are events taking place outside of the Vision – little butterfly is outside of the Vision...

You‘re meaning in the work she is doing at the moment.

Songee: That is right and yet it is part of the Vision...


Songee: is essential to the Vision. Without it the Vision will not come to fruition. These events must take place. Do you understand?


Songee: And everybody is involved in it, everybody that comes to Songee that is touched by the Word of Songee no matter where they are, no mater how near, no matter how far, no matter how momentarily they are touched they are becoming part of the Vision. It might only be they are touched once, that once will be enough, it will bear fruit. Do you understand? It will bear fruit.

Those that loose sight of the Vision will find themselves getting locked the maze, you know. Sometimes it is important to let go of things that you no longer require in your life. Things that have bought you to this part of your life that were part of the Vision before and no longer are and they have to be allowed to go free, you know. And this also is part of the Vision the letting go of things you no longer need, that you no longer require in your life.

And everybody that is part to the Vision have to learn this. Everybody, including Wise One4, to let go of the things that seem so important and yet truly are not because their purpose no longer exists. It needs to be allowed to go free now.

And all of you at the moment are being faced with similar things, that you are being faced with the letting go of things in your life that you no longer need, that are no longer required in the life. And you are having difficulties with this because you believe, very erroneously, that you have to hang onto them that you have a responsibility, that you have a loyalty so on and so forth.

Question this, in your life because, when you are beaten into the ground by events and circumstances in your life how long do you permit this to take place before you let go whatever it is that is beating you into the ground. When do you say, Stop no more. And stand up and say, Oneness this life I give to you I no longer feel that I require this in the life, I say thank you for the lessons that it has given I and I say thank you for all I have learnt from it, it is time now for I to move forward in this life and do whatever You need I to do. And you will find that those things will fall away from you and you will be able to go forward then into the Vision.

That is when you will find that the Vision, your Sight into the Vision will open up. You will find that you will suddenly see something and know that is part of the Vision, that is where you must go, that is how you must be and that is your goal for the moment. And that is where you go because you know that this also part of the Vision that you go to this destination.

Roberta said those exact words to me the other day. Well not...

Songee: Where do you suppose the wordings came from?

Yeah I know. It didn’t take much to figure that one out. (Laughter)

Songee: Songee is with all of you all of the time, of your earth time – Songee has no time, no place and is every-where and no-where, you understand. And so Songee Energy can be with you whenever you is needing for you to have it there because Songee is Oneness Energy also.

So let go of the illusions that you have because sometimes being loyal to something or somebody will cause more harm than letting it go. Do you understand? This is not to say you are to stop loving, you can still love however the loyalty is something that is earned is it not? And when some one betrays that loyalty enough times then they are not deserving of it any longer from you, do you understand? And mayhap it is the same for you it is time to let go and move on with your life and let the other person be responsible for their own demons, their own actions, their on Vision or lack of it. You cannot provide the vision for somebody else. They must provide their own Vision for themself. You can share your Visions with each other however you are not responsible for the other person’s Visions only your own.

Do you understand?

Have you got any questions about this?

(Long silence)


Songee: About this word loyalty – this is a very big challenge to you, is it not?

Loyalty – what is it?


I can only speak for myself something that you feel that you’ve made an obligation to sort of, of its like a promise or your word.

...I was going to get to that.

Songee: And is Loyalty an energy that goes only one way?

I hope not.

Songee: Is it?

I don’t believe so.

Songee: No its not is it. Loyal is an energy that goes both ways, from one to another.

Because if there’s not that both ways but one is unloyal and it will break.

Songee: That is right. Very simple is it not? You have an imbalance of power, an imbalance of energies. You have one that is immensely loyal and another that is careless of that loyalty. Is not caring and nurturing of that loyalty. And is constantly betraying that loyalty in some manner or nother, by something that they say, some deed that they do or withholding their love unless it suits them, unless they are going to get something back for it. That is not spiritual love it is carnal love is it not, this giving love in return for something else, is that right?

It’s not easy to tell the difference.

Songee: Is it not.

I don’t feel it is easy to tell the difference.

Not when you are emotionally involved not when I’m emotionally involved...

Songee: When you are in the maze you have to go outside the maze in order to find the path, remember that, not ever forget it. You must go outside the maze. When you find yourself in the middle and you are rubbing your nose on the walls all the time to have to go outside so you must rise up with you spirit power and go up and out of the maze and out of the problem, out of the difficulty and ask yourself, Well just where is the love? Where is the loyalty? Where it is truly? And where is the Vision? And so on and so forth. You ask yourself all these things and then watch and wait and look and you will see and feel and hear the answers that are sent to you.

Somebody that continually does the same thing over and over and over again in a manner that discounts you that creates disharmony within you, dis-ease within you and discountings that creates angers within you and depowerments, this is a breaking of the loyalty, this is breaking of the trust, this is breaking of the love, this is breaking... and you do not call ‘loyalty’ to such a one that is continuously breaking. You can continue to love because love is universal, you must continue to love with the love of Oneness without condition to have compassion. And you can say to this one, Well I’m sorry our paths have to go separate ways however I will still have compassion for you and be a friend for you and you need a friend, you know?

And this it is the most difficult thing for you to do, to know when your paths are to go like this and to acknowledge it, is that right?

Mmm, and you stick with it...

Songee: The most difficult thing to do, to know when the paths are going to go like that, and they do go like that.

Every life, everybody having come to the same relationships in their lives and they are going to have paths that are going to go like this. Sometimes peoples find this happening so painful that they would rather part in anger because then they can manage it better when they feel that they have a reason to be angry with the other people. It is much harder to make a parting because there is no longer anything left between you, there is no longer – what – no longer any loyalty. No loyalty left between you, it has been made void by the betrayals, by the continual disharmonies.

And for one that has receiving all this things at the hands of another, that other would have to work one hundred times harder or more to regain the loyalty back, sometimes (that effort?) is not meant to be. Sometimes it is better for this to take place and this is in any relationship that comes about. Sometimes it is that it is a natural progression of the relationship that you go like this - separate ways because one person’s life goes along a different road to the one that you are on and although you go different roads you will stay friends across the distance. Mayhap you will only stay friends in spirit because you will not be able to come together in the flesh or in any other way. You may become immersed in your life that you have taken, your new life, and just remember that person, occasionally, kindly in your mind and in your heart and you say, Oh I remember that person. They will just come into your mind just like that very briefly and that is because somewhere wherever they are they have had you in their mind and you have resonated with them and so on across the spirals of time it jumps like that, this connecting and so it will always be because you are never truly separate when you go back to spirit. However on the Earth you have to learn the lessons of life, you have to learn the lessons of love and loyalty as well as everything else.

Some peoples are loyal regardless of everything that somebody else in the life gives to them that is not loyal – they continue to be loyal and steadfast and true. And one day after many moons have passed the one that has been doing all the betraying suddenly realises how loyal their partner of life mayhap has been. You know? And so they become very kind and loving and giving and so on and so forth.

And then the one that is loyal suddenly discovers something within themselves that they did not realise was not there – anger, resentment of all the years of life of earth together that their loyalty have gone unrecognised, unacknowledged, discounted - and that then creates inside the being great difficulties that they have to work through and some times they don’t get worked through they just get pushed down and pushed down and pushed down... And what will happen then is you will have body disharmonies occurring. And that is sometimes how it is.

In the age-ed ones that you have many disharmonies occurring in the bodies because they have lost the Vision, the have lost the contentment and they have not challenged when the loyalty was discounted. However you don’t learn to challenge loyalty very easily, human-kinds. For the most part you are inclined to separate in anger rather than to challenge the loyalty and then separate in peace.

I see another side to this, I seem to observed lately when I watch husband and wife of elder couples, its like they are really just tolerating each other. Its like because they are just like flickering and backering between them. I’ve watched some of their conversations and its like they are just like pulling at each other, some of them.

Songee: That can be because the loyalties have been challenged and letting downs have taken place and yet nothing is learned from it and it continues the betrayals continue. And so the one, will always have one that is loyal and one that is disloyal, unless the partnership is equal. In which manner you will find that both will be loyal, not that they won’t have their little disloyalties because that is not human nature however for the most part they are both loyal to the concept of what they are and to a certain degree they will be loyal unto themselves, you know.

Being Loyal unto Yourself

You must be loyal unto yourself as well as loyal to others, being loyal to yourself is more important than being loyal to somebody else, do you understand that? Because sometimes being loyal to youself is the best way that you can be loyal to somebody else and that is a very deep test of relationship to say No, to say, No I’m going to be loyal to I self, you be loyal to yourself whomsoever you need to be, however I have to be loyal to I self. Do you understand?

You must be loyal to youself and do whatever you need to do to strengthen your own loyalty to yourself because when you are loyal to yourself then you will have the power and the strength to do - what?

I do unto others.

Songee: And to go forward into your Vision. To be loyal to others certainly and to love others however you will also be able to go forward into your Vision. And remember the big Vision is made up of lots of little Visions. You know.

Ah thank you that’s very pretty (Songee is speaking with the Spirit people) – like this, this puzzle you have that you put the pieces together...

Jigsaw Puzzle.

Songee: That is right. Each piece is a Vision you know. You all have your own Vision and when you put them all together and you look down on it you start to see the beginning of the picture, you know, and it starts to form in front of you.

That is all for now.

Thank you.

What do I let go of

Songee I don’t know what I have to let go of...

Songee: You don’t know what you have to let go of. Well take deep breath inside of you, close your eye and ponder a little moment upon your life. What in your life at the moment do you feel that you don’t need in your life any longer, that is not serving you any great purpose? It mayhap making you feel sad or unhappy inside. (Silence)

Do you have it?

That is the thing you need to let go, that thing that is making you unhappy and miserable, that does not connect you to Oneness. It keeps you away from connecting to Oneness. That is the thing that you have to let go of. Do you understand?

And if you want to know how to let go of it you have to come and ask Songee another time. Not as difficult as you imagine it to be. Do you understand.


Songee: It will be quite simple. The biggest thing to remember is everything will be alright don’t worry. Do you understand that? Don’t worry.

Is that it? Are you content with that.

(Laughter and comments)

Yeah we are.

Very nice, very nice, very good.

Songee: I will go now then...

Thank you Songee.

Songee: ...because there is much for you to nourish yourself with, in your contentments while you are being loyal to each other, is that right?

Sitting in front of the fire doing my knitting.

Songee: Everybody finds their own way to be loyal to something. The most important loyalty is to youself and to Oneness. You be loyal to those two things and you will find that everything else will fall into it’s pattern where it is meant to be.

And with that I go and I leave you with the power of this knowing, the Power of Light and Love and Truth. Loyalty and the Vision.

So Be It

So Be It

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.


1. Toitoi - A large robust native New Zealand grass with flowing plumed flower heads.
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2. Catching fish from the bear cupboard – reference to the Great She Bear Stories.
At this Link: Journey to Find Food
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3. Book of Words - Songee's word for the Dictionary.
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4. Wise One - Songee's name for one of the Students.
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