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Embracing the Hug

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Embracing the Hug'
A Teaching from Songee 9th November 2000

Crystal Light Of Love
Learning to help at Car accidents
Static Electricity
The Dream of isolation
We Are Not Alone
The Many Messages
Thread of Truth
Many Facets of the Diamond
Revisit the Mercy Teaching
Being Truthful to Ourselves
Learning to Help Someone
Hugging each other
Shaking Hands
Use you Aura to Embrace Them
Aura reflecting attitude
Setting the Example
Walking on Air
Completing the Task

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This Gathering was held at the room at Point Chevalier in Auckland New Zealand with nine people present.

Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
Only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

(The Music 'There is a Dream' is played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Greetings Songee.

Songee: So what have you for I this night?

Learning to help at Car Accidents

Songee I've got a question. Last I was shown a vision of a car that was in the process of having an accident and the words that went along with it was that I actually had to help these people get out of the car safely and to be careful because they had some head injuries. And my knowledge of this plane is I don't know how it's safe to do that.

Songee: So this is something that you are being shown about the earth that you need to learn, is that right?

That's the one, so I can do this in a safe manner.

Songee: That's right so you need to go and take lessons.

Oh OK. Alright...

Songee: There is somewhere that you can go for doing this thing.

That's right.

Saint John's ambulance.

I've heard an advert on sometimes on the radio before coming to set this room up and it was about the Red Cross and they were talking about car accidents. So that's probably where I need to go. Thank you.

Static Electricity

Songee my car is I am having a problem with my Chariot! Every time I get out of it and touch something I get an incredible electric shock. And I know I'm very static however I have always had a problem with this car. I attempted to give my electricity, my static-ness to trees and things but it doesn't seem to work so I'm wondering what I can do next?

Songee: Mens in the white coat is saying that you need to have something that goes from this Chariot down to the ground...

I've got one of those but its sitting in the car but not put on it.

Songee: So mayhap that is the reason...

So this is going to help.

Songee: That is right.

Ok Thank you Songee.

Songee: That solved that little problem.

Its devastating actually.

Songee: Oh course, because you are generating a great deal of energy when you are moving a chariot along the ground, is that right?

Mmm. OK.

The Dream of Isolation

I have a reoccurring dream that has been going on for years. I'm always travelling, I'm always going to different countries. I get to my destination and I have a lot of friends and family around me. Always at the end of my holiday I've never ever have recalled any good times except at the end and they all leave and they all leave me alone to clean up the mess. I'm always left alone short of money and I've then had to go on my own, always on my own.

Songee: There are two sides mayhap three to this situation. First of all you need to look into your own life and you need to say to yourself why this thing is coming to pass in your life when you have this dream. Are you entering into a part of your cycle where indeed you are being left to clear up the mess and bear the expense of what is happening whether it be mental, physical or emotional. The other aspect of this is that with many of these things often it is the opposite that applies. So it may be that there are things coming to your life, that abundance is going to come to your life. That instead of being abandoned that you will always have somebody with you. So this is the reverse of this thing that you are looking at. And of course the other aspect of it is that you are going to visit the peoples in the astral plane and they are leaving you to clear up all the mess. (Songee is laughing.) And all three can be correct at the same time.

So you need to say to yourself, What is happening upon the life I am living now? When these things transpire, this dream, what comes into your life at that time – are you finding that you are in need of support and help from family and friends and so on and so forth around you – and there they are waiting for you, to assist you.

Dreams that come back again and again and again are not necessarily bad dreams. Sometimes they are your way of reminding yourself of certain parts of your life, things that you need to remember, things that you need to take notice of. And sometimes it is that you don't take notice the first time so you have to be reminded more and more and more, you know. And what happens then when you learn to take heed is that you start to learn the lessons of the dream you have given yourself, the message contained within the dream, you know.

Yes I have tried to think about it and the message I think it is, is that I have chosen to live simple life, I do not want a partner in my life, I never wanted to remarry and I don't want to live with a person. And to me the dream is saying you will have always had to do everything the hard way because you have chosen to live alone. And there are all your friends and people all happy in their little partnerships and they come and have a good time and they're off and I'm left on my own to clean up. That's what I think it is.

Songee: So perhaps you need to stop 'thinking' about it and start feeling about it. You are very correct that this is part of this thing that is happening for you because otherwise what purpose would there be for you to be alone. There is something else – when you are alone you are not truly alone in life, there is always something or somebody that will come and assist you however you have to be open to it.

Do you understand this? You need to be open to allowing that to come into your life. As long as you hold inflexibility of ideas then you are going to remain in a state of isolation instead of in a state of communion.

There is one thing of life to be living in your own place of dwelling by your own self and living your life in the manner in which you would like to live it and still be part of the communion of others. Then there is living on your own in your dwelling and isolating yourself from the communion of others. And while you hold in your heart certain attitudes then you will be left to pick up everything after everybody else has gone, because You generate that aura of isolation. You create it. And this is not a new thing because this is something that has followed you through your life. Is that right?


Songee: So to find the origins of this you need to go back the first time that you have this dream.

I don't know when years ago...

Songee: When you were young womankind.

I can't place a date, I'm sorry.

Songee: You don't need to place this thing, this date, you don't have to have date. You will be able when you open yourself up, you will be able to discover what you were, what year of your life you were. What, how many summers you have passed when this first occurrence take place because that will give you some idea of what was transpiring within yourself because events that took place about that time are the things that are contributing to this beginning to take place. And your feeling, your Soul has been attempting to remind you ever since that you don't need to isolate yourself - don't isolate yourself, don't shut yourself away from others, don't do this thing – and the beginning of the isolation will be within the feelings, the feelings will have isolated themselves away from the mind so that the mind then begins to rule everything in the life and take 'control' of the life - you know?


Songee: And it may seem to be very satisfactory however it is not really very satisfactory because it will take you away from the communion of others and it is the communion of others that you are most delight in avoiding.

It is, you are very right there.

Songee: So your dream is telling you not to avoid the communion of others. As long as you hold the concepts that lead you to avoid the communion of others you will have this dream come back to you again and again because it is these concepts that are leaving you stranded, leaving – leaving you with everything to ah do for your own self.

Now that does not mean that because this is so that you are not responsible for your own self, of course you are, everybody is responsible for their own self. This is not just because you are by your own self in life, everyone is responsible for them own self. Even the small child is responsible, they have to learn how to be responsible for their own self right from being a small child otherwise they won't know when they become grown.

So look to your past in this life and discover what happened, what transpired to create for you these ideas and energies that have lead you along this journey. It is time now for you to set aside these ideas of separateness. Oh that is a big challenge...

Because I like the way I feel, I am very content and selfish I don't want to share, I don't want to share my bed with anybody, I want to keep it to myself...

Songee: I'm not talking about you sharing your bed or sharing any of your place of living however you are going to need to start learning to share youself, with others. Sharing your life, your your being with others, taking a risk. Do you understand?

Yes I know what you are saying. Thank you.

Songee: Oneness calls peoples to do many deeds of life and Oneness will call and call and call until you respond.

One of the things that everybody needs to know and that is that some of you already know, that many of the things that you need to do in your life for your own growth of your Soul are always the biggest challenges of your life. They challenge you on many different levels. And when you come to listen to the sounding of Songee you are being challenged in a very large manner because you have reached the point where it is time for change, time to get out of your complacency, time to move away from your place of being comfortable, time to reach out and go beyond yourself and to learn how to do that in safety, how to do it with assistance and love and support from others and learning to accept that love and support from others.

We Are Not Alone

You do not be living by your own self, you are all joined together like this... One person knows another person who knows another person who knows another person and so on and so forth. One of you knows many peoples – is that right?

Just for a moment, close your eye and imagine first of all how many people you know in your life, in your family, your friends, the peoples that you encounter in your life where you go to earn your Coin of Life. Now pick one person from where you earn your Coin of Life - somebody that comes instantly to your mind – in your communion with them during the passage of your day and your speakings with each other mayhaps they speak about peoples in their life – just for a moment remember some of the peoples that they are speaking about to you, peoples that they have encountered in their life. And then you go down and you find somebody from that collection of peoples that they have spoken about and find one and look at how many people may be attached that one people.

Do you see?

And this is it you are not alone and that people that belongs to the people that your people's speak about, you know you can cut straight across the energy field to that person. When you are working in the Light you will be able to connect with all peoples, this is how you learn to connect to all peoples.

You are not alone.
You are not unconnected.
You are not an island.

Is that right?

You are living in a vast ocean because even the islands are not disconnected, they may seem to be on the surface, underneath they are all rooted to the earth. Is that right? So they are not truly alone are they, they just seem to be alone because in the sea all the waters around in the sea, in the oceans, it makes them look as though they are isolated – they are not.

So it may seem to you that you are isolated by the emotions in your life and having isolated you, you are not truly isolated you have your roots down in the earth and are also a part of the whole, Do you understand?

Time to start living it.


Songee: That is true, this is A Truth I give you. It is true for everybody.

Everybody else has got something to ask, I don't want to take up all the time...

The Many Messages

No go on.

Since I have something to ask here and I don't know what I believe, I know what I don't believe – if that makes sense. In the last two weeks I can't believe that I am being given messages because I went to buy some food and the man was a Hari Krishna man and he just openly started talking to me about his faith and what he believed in and believed in conspiracies of the earth and powerful men. Then that same day this was last week on my way back I stopped off at another place and a man out of the blue standing beside me at the counter said you are going to get great pleasure out of the chicken sandwich. And I went pardon. He said you are going to get great pleasure because everything you do in your life will give you pleasure and he said have you read Deepak Chopra books. And I said yes I have and he said, 'enjoy' and he went. Today in my place of work a man came in wanting yellow and purple coloured cloth – I have a fabric store – he wanted it so that when the candles drip it wouldn't burn the fabric, he said it was for his altar. He then wanted to look at the patterns so he could buy a big cloak. So I went through and I found a pattern for him. I said to him is this for your church and he said no. He then paid for his fabric, I said are you in the Ku Klux Klan, he said no I am a witch and a witch is the truth and don't believe in religion because religion is not true.

Now why in two weeks have three different people and this this being the fourth, I have been shown so many ways it has never happened in such a short time and I have everyone of them are different. Oh and I had a lady that gave me a blinking Bible.


It doesn't make any sense, four, and I put the Bible away because I don't believe in the Bible, OK I'm very... Something is telling me something isn't it.

Songee: On most defiantly.

It's unbelievable.

(Lots of discussion)

Songee: That's right. Remember I said to you about the many Facets of the Diamond last time we meet?


Thread of Truth

Songee: This is an example, a living, walking, breathing example of the many Facets of the Diamond. You don't turn any away, you don't reject any, you absorb them all and you take the very best of all because there is a Thread of Truth that runs through all of them. There are many things that are surrounding this, these things that ahh – how do I say this thing ah – dressing up in skins you know what is this thing I not have the right word.


Songee: That's right however in the middle there is a Thread of Truth. A golden Thread of Truth that runs through all this and it is this truth that Songee comes to give to you.

Now one of the things that happens when peoples come to visit with Songee Energy is that this thing that you are experiencing will often take place. For some it will take place slowly, for others it will take place very quickly, however the method by which it is reaching you also may be different from person to person depending on what it is they are needing in this life.

The Many Facets of the Diamond

I have just given to you that this is the time of change for you, for you to stop being isolated by yourself and you have now just been saying about the living, breathing example of how you are being told to not isolate yourself that all of you are connected together. All contain an element of truth. Each one that you encounter has got an element of truth in it. It doesn't matter whether the one that you meet first of the Golden Robes is saying that they have this belief and that belief, it doesn't matter whether the next person is saying to you about the belief or that belief, it doesn't matter whether the third person says to you this is the only way to go, this is the right way to go and it doesn't matter whether the fourth person come to you and say this is the only way to go. What you need to do which is the teach that Songee is giving you is to say, I embrace all of you, I embrace all of you with love, I find the goodness in all of you, I finds the truths in all of you and I take them to I self and ask I for Oneness Power to show I how I can best use that in this life I am living now for I-self and for the benefit of other living things.

So those that follow the ancient Path of Wicker this is for those the truth. It is not the truth for the peoples who follow the Path of the Christos in this book you have, ah this Bible you say – it is not the truth for them. So what you have on the physicality is the peoples of the Bibles and the peoples of the Wicker were you put them into same room and tell each other this is what one is and this is what the other is you would have the peoples of the Bibles would be saying that the peoples of the Wicker were evil and following the path of Satan and Lucifer and the Alsibarb(?) and so on and so forth. And the peoples of the Wicker would perhaps saying, Well I don't follow that and I have this concept and so on and so forth. However the most open and the most flexible will most often be those of the Wicker, you know. Because what has transpired over the ages in many of different faiths, the different Facets is that there have become a rigidity and inflexibility that does not allow for those peoples to open their heart to all things.

Now it is not by chance that soundings1 are given to you.


Songee: Is that right? Not by chance the soundings given to you and this is the reason that sounding has been given to you this night because in the heart, you know, you have to open the heart out and in doing so you have to teach all these other peoples how to open their hearts out also.

Now in doing this thing you will discover much grief because you will have to learn how to be strong in your truth and in the truth that Oneness gives to you to pass out to others - The Truth of Love, Love without condition - I am going to Love you and doesn't matter what Facet you belong to I am going to love you even though you may seem to be locked in your idealation of something. That's alright I love you for it because you are a least making some attempt to reach Oneness in the way that you understand you have elected to do it in this life.

The hard part of walking the Path of the Warrior as you are being taught now is that these peoples can not come to your side very easily and you have to accept it and not be angry, not be bitter and to maintain your feeling of love towards them. And that's the hard part.

Do you understand?

That's the part that is saying that you have to come out, now, of the place of comfort and step beyond yourself into this place. You are being shown the work that is there to be done. All these many people that you having encountered this days of your life are showing you what is possible. They are showing you a little bit of an Energy of Oneness that is in 'unity'.

All the things that they gave to you, these gifts of the Earth that they give to you were Energy and Power to show you how the 'Thread of Truth' runs through all these things. They all told you a truth.

There are greedy mens, you will enjoy things in your life, you know. And you will need to learn more about the Law of Wicker, not necessarily to become a Witch yourself however you need to know about everybody's way of practising their Path to Oneness. This is a task for all Warrior of the Light. You belong to none - you belong to all. You may elect to follow some of the principles more of one than another and that is alright and fine for your life, that will be what you have elected to do.

However when you become Warrior of the Light you have no room in your life to make discrimination about others. Doesn't matter that they discriminate against you, you are not allowed to discriminate against them because to do so is to walk the Path of Darkness. (Someone is clapping in agreement of this truth.)

So you have been given a 'gift' this, part of your Earth Life. Embrace it, wait for the rest of it.

Spirit will come to you – your Doorkeeper and Guardian that you have in this life will guide you as soon as you open yourself up they will come and be able to then guide you to the peoples that are going to give the messages that you need to know for your life.

Sometimes when you ask Oneness for an answer to a question – I need, needing answer to question what is the answer to this question... It mayhap be that you don't get answer from Spirit in the manner in which you may be 'expecting' it come, it may be that you will find yourself drawn to hearing a sounding, some words in a sounding that are just going past your ear at that moment. It may be that you will have somebody speak some words in your ear, it may be that you will open up something that is scribed down that there will be the words that you need to know. It may be that you open up something like this and it is, YES which maybe the answer to your question. May be you open it up and you see one that says NO, or STOP, you know. So it doesn't matter how many wordings you see it will be the answer to the question you asking. And it maybe that you ask the question and several days of your life have passed by and you come across somebody that is a complete stranger and they will say to you something as you have experienced out of the blue without any seeming connection and they give you these words. And you say, Well where did that come from. Its in answer to questions you have already asked. You asked these questions – Will I ever be able to ever be able to really enjoy life properly? Can I get pleasure out of the simplest things. Sometimes I feel as though I am not getting pleasure out of the simplest things. What is the purpose of this life...

Always asking that...

Songee: So you are told to enjoy your sandwich.


Songee: Enjoy the small things of life and then you will find that you will enjoy the big things of life. Enjoy everything that comes to you and the not so good things, they have a lesson in them.

Thank you.

Revisit the Mercy Teaching

Songee can I talk about another form of mercy2 you have informed us one time about mercy and you said you were going to explain it in a different way or mayhap or more clearly...

Songee: What are you not clear about?

Oh that's alright, it was mercy we had for ourselves, how to be more merciful to ourselves.

Songee: Merciful! Do you have your Book of Words?

No I don't.

Songee: Next time bring your Book of Words (Dictionary) and the word and we go and do all this thing, is that alright? For us to do this thing because the Book of Words will be very useful. How is it you do not have your Book of Words?

Well we cart so much around with us Songee that the Book of Words is the last straw.

Songee: Mayhap somebody can bring Book of Words. Somebody else take the responsibility, everybody to be responsible for something.

That's a good idea.

Songee: Is that right...

(end of side one)

...that is a different speakings and they like to listen to the soundings of the other speaking before we go to that so that it can be given more upon that speaking, is that right?

Jog our memories.

Songee: That's right.

Thank you.


Things not yet to be spoken of

Songee: I have been waiting for you...

What alchemy um... what do you mean that they have recently discovered the Philosopher's Stone? What is the Philosopher's Stone?

Songee: Ah. I am not allowed to tell you what is the Philosopher's Stone. The Philosopher's Stone is something that is not yet to be spoken about among the peoples of the earth. There is very few things that Songee will not answer question of however sometimes there is occasionally something that Songee will answer question – this is one of those things. I will not answer this. I have given an answer to this however it is not for everyone to have this answer because knowledge can be too much and it can be damaging for those that hear it. So this is something that is not yet to be spoken of, Do you understand?


Songee: However thank you for asking. It shows and demonstrates that you are enquiring in your mind and in your heart of different things and one of the, one of the days to come in your life the answer will be given to you. Do you understand? It will be given to you.

Thank you. How come sometimes (?) make commitment to something and then a while after they stop doing them?

Being Truthful to Ourselves

Songee: You make a commitment to something and then you stop?

Yeah and they stop doing it...

Songee: This is a part of human nature. It is human nature to start off to do something with great enthusiasm and great happiness of heart to do something and then the doing of that thing becomes a burden because the mind the attitude are not in right alignment and so the task becomes a burden and so the person drops it. Also to there are things that you elect to do in your life that you need only do for a short space of your earth time, it depends on what it is that you are letting go. Do you understand?


Songee: Moment please, what is that? Ah... Little One3 is saying to I that every time you start the beginning of your earth cycle everybody makes great promises about doing things for them self or other peoples and so on and so forth. And they make these great promises to do something and they never usually manage to follow it up and finish it. Is that right?

New Year's Resolution.

Songee: Is that what it is. How many times in your days of your life do you say to yourself, Tomorrow I am going to do .... (Songee claps the hands). In a minute I'm going to do .... (Songee claps the hands). Is that right Little One, have you heard your Mumma say this thing? How often does (Songee claps the hands) that happen? Sometimes it will happen and many times it will not.

And what do you have in replacement of it – I couldn't do it because of this, or this. That happened, this happened, something else happened, this person happened and so on and so forth. That right? Every time you say I am going to do this and you don't do it, it is what this Little Shaman was speaking about. Every day of your life some where of your life there is something like that will take place, very often. And mayhap it doesn't be you that is doing it mayhap it is something that is being done to you. Somebody says to you I will give you that in the one minute of your earth time, several moons later you say where is that thing that you say you were going to give I, and one minute of the earth life later, I have been waiting several moons for it now. I have been very patient where is it. Is that right Wise One!

Yes unfortunately.

Songee: So sometimes it is not you doing it to somebody, sometimes it is somebody doing it to you. This is because you have been doing it to others so you are getting it back, you know, that's how it is. Also too it is human nature.

Now you can say to yourself, Well I'm going to be very good about this and I am not going to do it anymore. I am going to make sure that I always honour the things I say I am going to do. What happens? What happens...

Good intensions.

Songee: ...that's right. The same thing happens all over again. And it doesn't happen. Or it will happen for a little while, you know Little Shaman, it will happen for a little while and then all those brilliant and wonderful ideas of doing this thing are lost. The peoples get out of the way of it and don't do it anymore. And you say to them, How is it you don't do that anymore? And they say to you, Well you are quite right you know because I used to do that thing and I used to do it very well, I could do this and I could do that and I could do such thing and so on and so forth and I don't know how it is I don't do it? I don't do it now.

It is because many things come into your life, many things come to create change. Change is part of your living, part of your life. When you are growing you have to have change so it is not good to be inflexible, it is good to be flexible so when sometimes something doesn't always work in this way then you have to be kind and say to yourself, Well I did my very best and it didn't quite manage it, all of it however I got some of it done.

And the other thing is that always to have truthfulness and honesty – I keep telling you this thing - and that is not to make promises to each other that you cannot possibly keep.

Look at the tasks you have of your daily life and be truthful to yourself about whether you are going to be able to manage those tasks for this day of your life. And then tell the peoples that you are going to be bumping along with and intertwining with, what you can do and what you feel that you are not be able to do. Don't make promises. The only promise that you can make in all honesty is to do your best. Is that right?

Now that brings I to another part of that – when you are promising or attempting, seemingly attempting to do something for somebody and you can't do it, it doesn't happen, nothing works it doesn't come together for you to make it happen, there are several things can be taking place - one it is not meant to happen yet it's the wrong time, and the other thing something inside of you – depending on the situation of course – something inside of you doesn't want to do it so you make up excuses for not doing it, I'm too tired, I'm to late, I'm too poor, I'm too sad, I feel too sick, I'm far too happy to focus on doing that...


That doesn't happen very often to me anyway.

Songee: However it does happen, I was so busy enjoying myself I forgot all about it. You have that thing, is that right? You done that thing. (Songee is laughing.) Is that right? You done that thing, far too busy enjoying self I forgot all about it. So, part of it is that in your being you don't really want to do it.

Start learning to be truthful to yourself so that you can be truthful to others. When you really don't want to do something, in the event that you have to stop and ponder on whether you want to do it or not it means you don't. Very simple.

Sometimes it is that you mayhap like to do this thing however the time is wrong, again, it in not meant to be so you have to say, I would like to be however time is not right, No. When everything is right you will feel it, you will know it and you will resonate with it and out will come, Yes I can do that, Yes.

And when you are in your place of workings for your Coin of Life and somebody says to you, Can you achieve this goal for I? You will know whether you can or not and you will be able to say, Certainly. Other times you will look at them and say, I don't want to do that thank you, give it to somebody else. Is that right? Mayhap they say to you, There is nobody there is only you. You can say to that, Well I don't want to do it however because there is nobody else I will do it however I want you to know I don't want to do it. And in saying that you are discharging the emotion and you are letting it go free and you will find then that you will do it with greater happiness than were you to not speak the wording.

Learning to Help Someone

So Songee if say for example you got say an elderly neighbour...

Songee: Not I.


Songee: You I...

I haven't but as an example say you had an elderly neighbour who is lonely and you feel obliged to visit this person to perk up their day and give them a bit of company but you actually don't like visiting them because perhaps they are very boring, perhaps their house is dirty and unkempt, so what should you do, what should a Soul on the earth do? Do you feel for that person or should you say, No I don't enjoy going there, I don't like the condition the person lives in, I don't like them – what do I do please?

Songee: There are two things that you can do – one you can not go and the other thing is you can go and say to the person, I would very much like to come and visit with you however there are certain aspects of coming to visit you (Laughter) that I'm not comfortable about, now I would like to assist you with these things. I see about you that your home looks as though it like to get some assistance, would you mind if I give you some assistance with this. And you set about making that the plans that the environment so it is how they would like it to be. How would you like this environment to be were you fit and well enough to do this for youself what would you like to see happen?

And then you start to talk to them about what they are wanting to do and would like to have or need in their lives instead of sitting there and being a charity to looking after them and just pass the time of day. That is not what they are there for, they are there to help you to learn how to come together.

So you would say to them, Do you like flowers in your house, Do you mind if I just do this little job for you, Do you mind if I just make this a little tidy for you. I would like to do this thing. And you tell I where you would like things to be, how you would like things to be in your house, in your house in your dwelling? What other things would you like to see here in this dwelling? How did you have things in your life when you were able to do it for your own self?


Songee: You will have to be very gentle about it, very gentle however you don't go to see somebody and sit there like this as (laughter) this one is doing this thing. You know.

Ah ha Yes. Thank you. But isn't that acceptance, accepting the way they are, the way they want their house...

Songee: That's right.

...and you should not impose your wishes...

Songee: Please don't use this 'should'4 word any more, Anybody don't use it...

Its very hard...

Songee: I will not have this word because you are using a big cudgel...


Songee: ...and I don't want to have this big cudgel waving about every where because it is not kind, it is, this is the first lesson in kindness to each other. You are sitting and talking about honouring some body's way of wanting to be and needing to be and you are making a big cudgel, shouting and hitting with it. So you have to loose this word.

This is quite right this thing you are saying and this is the other aspect of this thing. There's two things you can do about it and the other side of it is very much being able to go and talk with them. And to go and talk with somebody and bare their environment in which they are – instead of talking about superficial things you learn to get to know the person and as you get to know the person you may well discover that they don't like living the way they are, they just don't have any other way of living because their health may be not good for them to do all their workings of life. It may be that they are too tired, or too ill or too old to take care of their own self as well as they would have done some years passed.

And you won't discover that until you sit down and talk with them and find out about them as a person. You have to get involved. And in the event you don't want to be involved then keep away because sitting there like this is not doing them any goodness of life. You are there under sufferance, not their sufferance, Yours. You know. So you don't do this thing unless you are prepared to spend some of 'your' energy, 'your' time and give it freely with love – then don't do it. Don't even start to do it. Find somebody who is willing to do it. And in the event that you are feeling like this about somebody look to yourself, ask yourself how is it that I am feeling this intolerance towards this person and the way they are. What is it about I that needs to change. Not what is it about them that needs to change but what is it about I that needs to change.

Hugging each other

How do you give each other a hug?

Just do it.

Songee: Do you embrace?


With enthusiasm, I do.

Songee: Or do you not? Is it like this getting ready to push away?

People you don't know very well yes. I only get close, want to get close to those that I truly know and love, and are loving me.

Songee: So this is something I am throwing you a challenge, to take a risk and to start being open to giving your love – unconditional love – out to those that have need of it and in the event that you can put your arms around somebody and channel Healing Energy at the same time this is allowing the unconditional love to go to that person. It will change them like that. (Songee snaps the fingers.) They won't quite understand what has happened to them however something will happen, something will change within them, their speech will change.

Oh when I have a real urge to hug, I hug my daughters and I go very tired afterwards, I'm totally drained and I want to go to sleep.

Songee: So what do you imagine is happening?

I think I am giving them part of my energy, they are getting off on it and I am left at half strength!

Songee: That's right.

Well why don't I get anything back? Why should I be taken from?

Songee: Listen to yourself.

Should, should OK. Why is it take away from me?

Songee: Why, why, why... This is another word – WHY. I got to have an answer, I have to have justification, yes I've got to be, have a justification given to I.

What for would I justify that answer? How often do you ask Oneness to channel Healing Energy through you and put your arms around somebody that is not some one near and dear to you?


Songee: There's your answer.

I would feel stupid if there wasn't anyone else in this room.

I do that to people all the time, I ask for Healing Energies to go to somebody if I see someone that is feeling a little bit stressed, I do it all the time.



Songee: Listen to you, you are learning many lessons this is good. This is a good thing. So now you mayhap like to look at things with a different eye and start looking at how you might be able to change this a little in yourself and then you will find that when you give your embrace to peoples that instead of being left feeling as though you have nothing left you will be left feeling as though you have much.

(Comment unable to be heard)

Songee: Close your eyes. Come. Breathe, feel the love and hold this open - heart to heart hold... (Songee has gone to the person and is hugging them.) There...

That is how you embrace. So that everybody that you touch is embraced within love, the Love of Oneness coming down. Not just coming through yourself, its coming from Oneness and Oneness is Father Mother Energy not just Father Energy. So it is that embrace, not this embrace where somebody is getting ready to push somebody away. It is the love of mother enfolding, taking into herself and when you have that concept in your being and you are asking to be the vessel for that energy that is what will happen. So you do this for everybody, not just for the childrens(daughters) of your life. Is that right?

Songee when you give the hug do you actually have to say the whole prayer or can you just ask for the Healing Energies?

Songee: When you are working as a Warrior of the Light you will be walking each day of your life in the Light. You will have offered yourself at the beginning of the day when you make for the waters on your body you will have given yourself in service to Oneness for the purpose of being a Channel for Healing Energies for anybody that would like to come in to your life, is that right?

When you do that thing at the beginning of your day then you will find people will be bought to you.

They rock up and knock on the door, you fall over them in the street...

Songee: That's right, so all you have to do then is to take a deep breath and embrace you know, is that right. And that will give you what it is that you need to know. What about practicing it?

Sometimes mostly nothing ever happens to me when...

Songee: Oh don't you believe it. Don't you believe it, when you take a deep breath, all you have to do is to take a deep breath and say, Oneness I embrace this Child of the Universe, you know?

Just enough, is that right? Just enough for you to practice. (Songee is counting the people present.)

Hugging each other...

Songee: Most definitely. Find somebody and give each other a big hug, including this one over here. (So every one starts hugging somebody and talking.)

Songee: Big hug, big embrace. Everybody is having big embrace...

(Lots of chatter, grrring and laughing and Songee is talking as well.)

Songee: Arms right around... somebody making happy sounds, and... and feel... your places of working and when you are there you have a friendship with somebody in your place of working and instead of you go to them and you say, Greetings to you, it doesn't have to be a great big hug does it, it can be a short one... and as you do it you breathe, you must breathe very important. Take deep breath down inside and be happy and give them all that love and happiness and even when they come and they say that they are miserable and there's a bad time coming. I'd like to go like this or something or you might like to say, Oh that's not so good, that's not so good and that's the beginning of making contact with each other. And when more peoples begin to come together either its going to be everywhere, is that right? I not say you go and you make this thing with everybody that you (pal?) up with right...

(talk and laughter continue)

Songee: However when you go to a meeting and somebody is there you will learn to sense when you can do this thing and when you cannot.

Songee when I was saying about the hug, you were showing me different ways that are not hugs – one of the things at the end was saying that the hug was not appropriate you can still do it in a way that its done through giving that love and all that stuff you were saying and look in the eyes and be who you are and that's reaching out and giving a hug.

People shake hands.

No no shaking hands is not, look how far some one is when they shake hands and business people do it.

Shaking Hands

Shake my hand – what's happening.


No, no feel what's happening in my hand.

Yeah, No...

Channelling Healing Energies that flow through the chakras in my hand.

A lot of business people do it and it a means of keeping people away and it's the attitude behind it. Because you look at some of them and they are out here. They don't want people in their space.

However we don't work like that.

No I'm talking out there in that world out there.

Not from my experience and I have been out in that world for a long, long time. So its just a way of saying hello to somebody. Sometimes is not appropriate to come closer than arms length, it doesn't mean to say it is any less sincere.

I know but there are also some that operate from that point of view.

Songee: As Warriors of the Light you don't have to be that way, you can be a different way. You can demonstrate how to be different. Is that right? You can set the example. Somebody comes to you that does not want to be embraced-ed and there are some who don't want to be embraced they are fearful of it, they are terrified of being embrace-ed, is that right?

I have been watching D greeting people for the last twelve months when she started midwifery and these people that she hadn't meet before would come in and be very nervous because they were expecting a baby and didn't know how it would be, this lady they hadn't meet before, and the way you greeted them was shaking hands and as soon as you held their hand all that went away, that nervousness and everything and it was like a huge welcome which you gave them and I was very impressed.

Oh Thank you.

Songee: So this thing of holding hands, you have this thing of holding hands, is that right? So come and hold hands with Songee.

(Songee shakes the hand and sweeps the person into a big hug. Much laughing)

Songee: That is where you went wrong. Because you are not just doing this one thing, you want to come, hold hands – Greetings to you! Because what you do, did you notice what being done...

Yes she took a step...

Use you Aura to Embrace Them

Songee: You make a step more within towards them so that instead of being away from here you come towards them. You let your aura embrace them. You don't use your aura to push them away. You use your aura to bring them into you. And were more people to learn how to do this thing you would have less wars, is that right? Instead you have this and this and this and nobody coming in forward together.

So practice this thing coming together in this way so that you can step into somebody's life. You may not always end up in their embrace because they will still be strangers however you will sense that there will be a hesitation where they will feel the need to embrace and no be quite sure whether they are allowed to or not, and with some people you will discover this thing as you practise it more and more.

So what else do I say about that...

(Songee is laughing)

There is not much more to say.

Aura reflecting attitude

About the auras, what is it being moved and reflects all the type of Soul that they have reflects the colour and is that colour interact with some one else though, is it the two... Is some one opposing the other person, did they spark off energy field to gravitate away from each other and some colours move together?

Songee: Not quite, not quite, you have two Souls, the Souls have their own energy and their own light they are around - they have the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body and all these are blending together you know they are not separate as many people are often make pictures for them to be separate as a good way to learn about however they are not separate they all blend together.

Now when somebody have a mental attitude it will reflect in the aura, in the colour, in the energies in the aura, that mental attitude will act as a repellent or an attraction. The same applies to the physicality, to the emotion and to the Soul so all those things blend together and they will act as an attraction or repellent.

Now in the event that you are in a situation where something is happening on an intellectual level and emotionally you don't agree with what is happening and this will happen very often for you in your life, what often happens is that you will sit or stand and you will keep your mouth shut. You won't say anything. And you become more inharmonious so this starts to reflect in colours in your aura and so you start to repel more and more. So you have more repelling happening.

Setting the Example

When you start to learn to walk the Path of the Warrior of the Light you will learn how to recognise this in yourself, and its possibly a little naughty to tell you about this however (laughter) it is a very important part of being a Warrior of the Light, you must set to example. You have to be the grown up because the other is the child, they have not the knowledge that you are being given so you have to set the example and the example is you take inside of you the deep Breath of Life and you ask for Oneness Energy to come and expand your aura to go into all aspects of your being - into you mental, your physical, emotional and your spiritual – and you ask to be given the power and strength to speak the truth, and you wait. And when the moment is right your mouth will open, the truth will come out of what is meant to be and what is not meant to be and at the same time you expand your aura out to surround that person and you expand it with lots of love and healing energies to go around that person and you will find that they will not be able to repel the Light. The Darkness that is working within them will have to recede in (force?) of the Light that has come around and this is a different way to do things.

So instead of getting all tied up inside here and closing your aura off like that, you do the opposite. You breathe and you open up like that and that makes the difference. And you can change something from being a very difficult situation into something that is much more peaceful and possibly then able to find some resolving of situation.

I use that technique quite a lots with cliental that I go out with, there's one who gets herself really wound up poor babe...

Songee: That's right it is the best way to do it is to do this thing. Take a deep breathe and embrace everything. You can do it as Warriors of the Light this is your task, this is your responsibility to set the example to walk the life you are living setting the example. You will have heard very many times the peoples speaking those dreadful words about 'Walking the walk and talking the talk' is that right?

Dreadful wordings I don't like it at all however it is very complacent and it's very depowering to have somebody saying this around and about you however what you are doing is living the example - walking, living, breathing - be the example in your life of what is possible, how to use the power correctly, how to be a Servant for Oneness. When you offer yourself in Service to Oneness all ego has to bow down, you know, it has to bow down to Oneness. As long as you say, I am going to do that out of the goodness of my heart because I am a good person – forget it. You are...

(end of side two)

Songee: ...many peoples of the Earth are using at the moment and it is very much over used – swear word...

No, No


You walk to walk, talk the talk...

You are walking the party line, so you follow the party line you are walking away and you are talking – you are using the expressions or stories that where agreed you were involved in as what you would use and your path is in the way they wish it to do that. So it is all a matter of being seen doing something not a matter of necessarily believe it.


(Other comments)

Songee: That's right and I don't liking these wordings because it is very depowering and it is not this that you are going to be doing it is being a living example – living, breathing example of what Love is, what being in Service to Oneness is and being a Channel for the Healing Energies to go to all living things and all things, not just living things every thing is living – the Earth is living, the rocks and so on and so forth everything is living it has life, it has vibration, it has energy so it is alive. It just has a different vibration. I am not going to get into that this night. Its too big. Too much to talk about that.

So this is it. You are going to be a living and breathing example of a Servant of Oneness. And it doesn't matter what Facet of the Diamond that you elect to use to be in service, as it doesn't matter what your tasks of life are, no matter how grand you may imagine you are, every task that you do you do it for Oneness. And when you do that you will be coming from your heart and not from your head. You will be coming from your Compassion of Unconditional Love. Is that right?

I understand that.

Songee: So... What else have you?

Walking on Air

Songee when I practise 'walking on air'5 am I doing it right because I was doing it in the morning before school?

Songee: Very good. Certainly and this is a good place and opportunity for you to practise it. And how are you doing?

Well I...

Songee: How are you managing?


Songee: And what do you feel inside yourself when you get to your destination?


Songee: What is good?


Songee: What else? What does your body say? What does your spirit say?


Songee: Light. Do you feel as though you are in tune with the Universe?


Songee: That's right. And do peoples see you when you are 'walking on air'? Perhaps I make that a different way – when you are 'walking on air' to your destination do you encounter many people and do they speak to you?

(Comment very soft)

Songee: And do they speak to you? And when they speak to you what happens?

(Comment very soft)

Songee: And are you able to still 'walk on air'?


Songee: Very good. So you are learning to 'walk on air' without being distracted. How long of earth-time do it take for you to get from your home place to your place you've got of learnings?

Ten minutes.

Songee: How long did it take before you started 'walking on air'?

About the same. But it feels like I'm walking faster.

Songee: That's right, that's right because you are moving in a different dimension when you are 'walking on air'.

You must have left. I was there the other day at school it was raining and you, and you... I felt that you were ten minutes early, I couldn't find him, I was going to give you a lift.

Songee: So this one is moving more swiftly than he is aware of. When you learn to 'walk on air' you will be very swift like Windrunner, is that right? Now when you start to go now you can learn to 'run on air' that's the next step. You go from 'walking on air' to 'running on air', and you will become very swift indeed.

Faster than a speeding bullet. (Laughter)

Songee: Oh this is this, the missile that comes out of this firing machine makes a big bang sound, is that right.

And can do a lot of damage.

Songee: Not very nice.

Completing the Task

Songee can I go back track, you know how we were talking about things about how they don't get completed and stuff early this evening, I have actually been doing a lot of looking at this and I understand that you are saying that that if its not meant to happen it won't and it will be stopped however there are some things which I have been considering about – really important things like the big projects cos I watch my energy that peters in and peters out and I struggle to get to the end a lot of the time. And I was watching you know how we had the Olympic Games over in Australia and I was watching how the athletes run their race. They start off at a reasonable sort of pace and at the last part they actually have to go really, really fast to get to the end and there is a lot of training they do to get through that process. So they run their race and they get faster and faster to get to the finish line first which is the aim of the task. And I was looking at that in respect of how can I apply that to my larger tasks that I need to complete and get to the end of, so I was looking at their training and stuff that they do and when I realising that I am petering out how I'm this is the last part of the race I've got to keep going, get my energy up and keep going to get past that finish line and complete the task. So that's just from another point of view cos that's what I was looking at anyway.

Songee: So what do they do to get this last bit of energy, is that right?


Songee: They breathe!

They are starved of oxygen.

Songee: When do you breathe?

When I remember.

Songee: I won't say any more. (Songee is laughing)

So you want to know how to get the last bit of energy – breathe.

When you take the deep Breath of Life and you say, Well Oneness we nearly there – Haaaaa and it maybe Oneness say to you, That's alright you are nearly there, go to sleep. Save your energy, you don't need it all at this minute, go to sleep, have a rest...

Songee... (one of the children spoke to Songee.)

Songee: Moment please... and then when the time is right Oneness will say, Now up, breathe – and away you go. (Songee claps the hands) And you finish your race. What is a race, what is this race? What are you racing against?

Time. (Lots of people said the same word.)

(Songee claps the hands.)

Songee: Haha There you are, you have this racing against time. When you learn to 'walk on air' you no longer have to race time because Time does not have any power over you anymore. You go through time.

There is also another side to a race in the front from the respect of being the competitor and the ideal. Some people compete against others and that's probably not ideal but those that compete against themselves do it in a respect to be the best that they possibly can, to get better at what they have done previously, to make improvement.

Songee: And...

That's the aim, that's being a competitor that's what their aim is to be the best that they possible can.

Songee: So when you are going to be the very best that you can for Oneness are you going to compete with yourself to be the best for Oneness, do you need to do that thing?

Well from the point of view of saying can this be done and can it be done in a better way, can it be improved upon.

Songee: The best way you can improve upon it is to give it to Oneness. Give all of it to Oneness. Say, Oneness I do this for you, show I, give I the energy, show I what you need I to do next. Put the energy there for I to use – and don't fight, don't resist it. Let it come to you, let it be part of you. Breathe it in, don't be afeared of taking the breath in, the breath will bring you the energy, it will bring you alive, will bring you everything that you need. You don't have to compete with yourself to be the best for Oneness. Because what ever you do for Oneness will always be the very best, always. Oneness knows that and has no loss of trust in your abilities to be the very best at all times. Whatever you can offer, whatever you can be Oneness embraces that and you and says, Thank you Child for everything that you are doing.

Do you understand?

So take a breath and accept the Embrace of Oneness in your life.

Is that right?

So when you do this thing everything is the best. And Oneness love comes for everything that you do. Don't ever doubt it. You understand.

I guess it's a (different?) way of looking at it. (The person is very emotional.)

Songee: Yes that's right.

But I still see in the work as to do the best I can and sometimes I feel I've given up and I'll say I'm not doing it but its not. I'm not talking to the point, I know you have spoken about perfection and that however I'm looking at it from the point of view of getting it to a quality that I suppose I perceive as relevant for where it needs to be.

Songee: That is well understood and you're striving for doing these is very much appreciated and its commended for the efforts that you put in to everything that you do – only stop fighting yourself. You are not fighting anybody else only youself. Be assured that everything that you do is going to be exactly how it is meant to be and when something develops it is never at its finished state is it? It has to evolve and develop. And in the ((event?) that you say this is it, it is finished, it is completed – then I say to you that thing will die because there is no growth, there is no movement, there is no room for change – Do you understand?

Yes, so its at that particular point in time its at where it needs to be for it to do the job its meant to do.

Songee: That's exactly right and as you go along your, your power, your strength, your expertise, your precision, your ability to blend things and make things come together in just a certain way will grow...


Songee: Where you are now in your knowing and your learning were you in this same place before you begin your task?


Songee: Did you have the knowledge?


Songee: So you have wrong, you have learnt, you have become more strong, more powerful in your knowledge and as you go forward in the life that is approaching, you will find that will also grow. And some of the things that you have learn-ed now you may not require so they will fall back and new things will come into being. This is what change is all about. This is what growth is about. You watch the plant grow and you say you have watching the peoples that are making of running against time and against themself – it order to achieve that thing they are having to do something which is what you are asking of course and I have already given it to you – I give it to you again. The are breathing, they are looking at where they are at with their expertise, they are applying that expertise, they are looking at their physicality and looking at how they can best improve their physicality so that it can be at the very best when they need to call on its power, you know.

What are you doing to increase the very best of your physicality so that you can call on its power when you need it? What are you doing to increase the very best of your mental peace and stability and focus. What are you doing to enhance and make strong your emotional state? Because those that are making for this runnings and racings against time and themselves have to also look to their emotions. When their emotions are not being managed properly, when they are out of balance they will not be able to race either against themselves, time or other peoples. They will not give their best performance. They must practise all the disciplines. When do you practise your disciplines?

Don't answer – I am giving you this.

You want to know how to improve you way of getting to your goal and that is it, you must practise your Disciplines.


And offering yourself to Oneness at the beginning of your, the start of your day and all the tasks of your life give them all to Oneness and then just do them. You will find that they will go much more smoothly, like this you know, flowing one to the other.

Does that make sense to you now?


Songee: Practise The Disciplines6, you know what they are, do you need I to keep telling you about them?

And then when you are really ready to it you can learn like Little Shaman to 'walk on air'.

Is that not wonderful. Learning to 'walk on air'. Childrens are very good at learning to do this thing. Peoples that have grown away from being childrens forget how to 'walk on air' (?).

Songee once you learn to 'run on air' could you ride a bike on air?

That's a tricky question.

(lots of comments)

Songee: Certainly you can. And then you can learn to drive your chariots on air. Time ceases to have any large meaning when you learn to pass through it. It is a natural progression of things, that is quite right.

I am going to go now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: Before I got I am going to get you to have your sounding for you to listen to the sounding once more for yourselves and we will do the little dancing is that right, and then I will leave you with all that to ponder on. Much to ponder on, much to change in your lives and don't be afeared of the changes. Do the changes slowly. Let them come to you as they are coming to you and embrace the changes. Don't be afeared of them. They won't always be easy changes however remember that you have never arranged anything that is far greater than you are capable of managing – The Foundation Stones. Read The Foundation Stones7.

Are you ready and are you ready for you to dancing. Is that right.

So The Dreaming of the Dream.

Is this the one we had at the beginning?

Songee: That's right that soundings The Dreaming of the Dream.

(Everyone is standing up and moving with the music.)

(The Music 'There is a Dream' begins to play.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: So I am going to go now and I leave you with the Power of your visions of love and freedom,


So Be It

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

(And White Eagle comes to overshadows Roberta-Margaret in preparation for her return.)


1. 'Soundings' - Songee is referring to Denean's 'There is a Dream' played at the beginning of the gathering.
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2. Mercy on yourself - The Earlier Teaching at this link:
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3. Little One - It would appear Songee is talking with Sally who is a spirit guide to Roberta-Margaret.
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4. 'Should' - Links to Songee's Teachings about 'The Words'
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5. 'Walking on air' - This is a reference to the Little-Bear Cub who learnt the lesson of how to 'Walk on air'.
Link to 'Confidence and Trust'
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6. The Disciplines - Link to Songee's teaching about The Disciplines
Link to The Disciplines Practise
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7. The Foundation Stones - at this link
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Music: "There is a Dream" by Denean from the album "Fire Prayer"
"© (p) Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI".

"These words come from Oneness, of Songee to the people of the Earth, for teaching, for people to learn, to grow, to come into the Light. And you desire to tell You friends all about this word, please do so. Please show them the word of Songee. Let them see the word. It may be that you need to copy it or to take a copy to gift to them." SONGEE
Please remember that Songee's words are copyright to The Second Well Trust and the copyright of the music remains with the Artist.
We invite you to download and make copies to share the Songee Teachings with your friends however please do not rewrite or publish Songee Teachings on your own website, magazine or similar without permission from The Second Well Trust.

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