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Making our Voices Heard

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Making our Voices Heard'
A Teaching from Songee 16th November 2000

Crystal Light of Love
Genetic Modification
What is Natural Time
The Law of Nature
Enough Food to Feed Every Living Thing
How are we Merciful to Ourselves
The Worried Mother
Healing ourself
How do you Levitate
Travelling Through Time
Channelling Healing Energies

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This Gathering was held at Pt Chevalier in Auckland New Zealand with eleven people present.

Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
Only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

(The Music played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.)


Songee: I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Genetic Modification

Songee: So... What have you for I this night?

Songee I’ve got a question – the Government has what’s known as World Commissions and there is a World Commission currently going around the country and the feeling is they have a few representatives and they are asked to go out to the people to find out people’s opinion on a certain subject. Now there is one currently happening on the subject of Genetic Modification and I’m asking... I went to the website and I got all the details and I would like to ask you would you like the opportunity of your voice being heard as far aa a public submission to this Royal Commission?

Songee: You are speaking about something that is to do with the World of Mankind. That is being put forward by the peoples of the Earth, is that right?


Songee: Songee is not of the Earth, so Songee cannot give the wordings to represent this group of peoples, Songee is here to represent all peoples, so any wordings I give you are on behalf of the peoples of the Earth not on behalf of one group of peoples.

The um reference it mentions here is that these people are basically – um the Government asked these people to go out and get the information and the words from the people about yes they like it or no they don’t like this idea and the reasons for, and they compile what’s called a report and from this report they make recommendations to the Government. Now some of this stuff...

Songee: I understand what you are saying and that it is very dear to your heart. And what you are saying is quite correct. So the word of Songee is not to be given to make these changes come to pass in the way you are speaking. Songee’s word goes into your ears, your hearts, your minds and your Souls and it is for you to make your voice heard by these people. Do you understand?


Songee: That is how you need to do this thing. It is not for the Energy of Songee to say this is right, this is wrong, you must do this this way or you must do this that way. This will bring into disrepute the Energy of Songee.

So it is for you to make up your own minds and hearts about this thing. I will certainly give you some information. What you do with this information is your Path in this Life, do you understand?


Songee: And Songee knows that all of you that walk the Path of the Light will find the right answers and the right words to speak when the time comes. The right words to scribings down that you can give to these peoples. Certainly you are hearing the Trumpet Sound. Remember Songee came to you many moons past now and say to you that the Trumpet1 is going to sound and all of those of you that hear the sound of the Trumpet will know that you are being called to account, to account for yourself as humankinds, to account for yourself as brothers and sisters to each other in life and beyond - and your commitment to yourself, to human-kinds, to animal-kinds to all creatures living and all matter in this you will be serving Oneness Energy. And the Trumpet will sound for many. And when the Trumpet sounds ‘Lo’ it creates within the being a great trembling of the Soul. And the trembling of the Soul is something that needs to be mastered because there is a fear of not being able to meet that commitment to humanity, to living things, to matter – so recognise within you when you feel this trembling because it is heralding that you have in your Soul heard the Trumpet call of Oneness calling to you to come and be One who will work in the Light, with conscious knowledge of working in the Light.

When you acknowledge this within youself then the trembling will go away from you and you will be left with only warmth and peace in your Soul. And that is how it is.

So the words I give you I have given to you before time about this thing, is it right, about how you changing things and the blending together two species to make something else is that right? This is not a new thing it has been happening for many moons, nature is doing it all the time however there are certain aspects of that which is happening that is not very good because in doing this thing you are leaving behind all that which nature has put in place. Very soon all the seeds of life that you have and that your ancestors had will no longer exist. In Nature certainly many things no longer exist because they have passed their time of needing to be on the Earth and so they have gone forever and new things have taken their place and this has been the progress. Human-kinds are now attempting to force that progress forward and that is the part that is not so good.

There is much yet that you have not discovered about this thing. Some of it you will come to no harm, indeed you have already been subjected to some of it and for some of you there is no harm however there are many things that you have been subjected to that you have no knowledge of as yet and these things are the things that can do damage to the structure of the physicality to the physical body.

The blending of species is not new. What is new are some of the methods that are being employed at this time of Earth to create some of the new species. There is a great consternation in the hearts of many that are in the World, about - like consuming like – do you know of which I am speaking?

Mmm like men eating men, cannibalism. Cows eating food made up out of other cow’s parts2. That sort of thing.

Songee: That’s right. Do you know these things? Have you knowing of this?

Now. It is not natural for – Welcome... (Someone has just arrived)

It is A she has been and now she is going again.

Songee: Welcome. Come back. This is this something that needed to be done before time, is it not?

Yes she was attempting very quietly come into the room when Roberta was going and you were coming.

Songee: That’s alright I am only making funnies. It is good to have funnies is it not?

Especially with this serious subject.

Songee: So it is not natural for a creature that eats only plants to eat the flesh of itself, unless it is for protection of its new-born. Do you understand?

Like the dogs eat their own placentas...

Songee: However these creatures are not just eating plants they are also eating meat. They are carnivores, they are not...

Cows will eat the placenta.

Songee: That’s right...

They nearly choke to death on it I might add, having pulled the stuff out.

Songee: To protect their young, to make gone the evidence of earth...

So the predators don’t kill them.

Songee: that their young can be protected, you know. So this is the reason they do this thing, it is not natural for them to go further and consume...

Their calf.

Songee: ...Their childrens you know, that is not natural. So...

It is not natural for many creatures to consume their young and yet for some it is. And for some creatures in Nature you have where the male and the females come together to make their babies you know, and the female eats the male, is that right? That is a very real risk that that creature takes with its mate and ah just be very happy for yourselves you not been born in this creature. Is that right?

Human-kinds are the only creatures that set their own rules for how they going to be and how they are going to manage their lives. All the animals, all the little people around you, they come to you to teach you, to teach you how to be in your life, how not to be in your life, to set examples for you. And to bring to you an awareness of yourselves as part of this whole that encompasses animal-kind, plant-kind, insect-kind you know and also rock and earth kind.

So you are part of this cycle of wholeness. You have a responsibility to say ‘No’ to certain thing that come into the life that others would like to force upon you in your life. You have that responsibility to know in your heart which side of the fence you are going to jump down on, so that you are not all time sitting on the fence waiting for everybody else to take the responsibility of it. You as people who have come to answer the Clarion Call of Gabriel will find that you have to come down off the fence one side or another to fight for the rights of living things. You have the power to do this thing. One of you is more powerful than fifty others who do not work for the Light. Do you understand?

You can turn the tide of something, you can make something change, you can bring love, peace, harmony to things where there has not been that there before. You can be a conscience for those that have none. You can be a catalyst so that events can transpire to change. Not always a comfortable place to be to be catalyst you know, because often everybody comes and says, It is all your fault you know that this is coming to pass. What did you do that for, what do you want to change everything for, we were quite happy with the way things were going at this moment in life, and then you come along and every thing is down-side-up, is that right?

You have to take Deep Breath of Life, HAAA, and say, Oneness give I the strength please to master this situation. And Oneness will give you the strength that you need.

So speak out find out all that you can that you are allowed to know by the peoples in the White Coats3 what it is they want you to know and much that they don’t want you to know. There are people who are already doing much workings to find out all the things that the mens in the white coats don’t want you to know, you know. So you’ll find out all these things, you look at them, you listen and you come down off the fence and decide for youself whether you want your World this way or not, whether you want to loose all those things of your Ancestors, or whether you would like to have some left. You would like to have the opportunity to say ‘No’ to these other things and ‘Yes’ to keeping something that has not yet by Nature become lost to you.

When it has become lost to you by Nature that is the way of it. That is how it is meant to be. It is because something has progressed and you have got to move forward you know, it is development and growth and going forward. When you arrange it so, and you force something to take place then you are not following the Laws of Nature and that is when things are going to not be so good for you.

And this is a truth I give you. Always, always never attempt to force anything, let it happen in its natural time. You know.

(long silence)

Songee: What else is there?

What is Natural Time

I wondered if you could tell us what the Natural Time is?

Songee: What is the natural time. Nature’s Time is the natural time – it is allowing the unfolding of something. You begin mayhap with the beginning of a seed being planted whether it is a seed of knowledge or a seed of physicality something you want to grow, you know. This thing that needs to grow you need to allow it to come to its own fruition. Now when you plant a seed of something it needs to be nurtured does it not, it needs to be watered by the rains, it needs to have the sun shining down upon it, to make it warm and warm the Earth so it will grow, is that right. So in all things that are of Nature and that are natural you have to plant the seed and nurture it. You know.

So what is this nurturing – it is Love is it not. You have to give it lots of love. Love without Condition. Love without Condition is Compassion, is that right. And all of you are very good at doing this thing. You have great hearts, beautiful hearts, beautiful Souls. I see your Light shining so brightly. Your physicalities are a little out of sorts however your Souls are very beautiful. And it is the Soul where-in lies your power, draw that power and manifest it in your physicalities, that will make a big difference. Let go of fear – not always easy to do however do your best, let go of it you don’t have need of fear when you are doing the work of Oneness. There is nothing that Oneness will give you that you need to be fearful of. The fear that you feel is the challenge that you are facing within your own being. So as this is a natural thing also it, it to needs too be nurtured and loved so you have to give youself Nurturing and Compassion. Be Compassionate with yourselves not just with everybody else, you know.

Be Compassionate with yourselves.

You are all very quiet this night, you are not even breathing very much.

Before you were talking about the Law of Nature – What’s the Law of Nature?

The Law of Nature

Songee: The Law of Nature. The Law of nature is conception, birth, life, death and then the flesh goes to the Earth and the cycle begins again. That which goes to the Earth nourishes all the things that grow upon the Earth and in the Earth - the creatures, the small creature your small relations they come along and gobble up all the bits that are no longer required, is that right? And that goes to sustain their physicalities which in turn one day will expire and all the goodness that is within them will go into the soil underneath your feets and this will feed the plants and the Standing People4.

This you understand this...


Songee: So every thing is one great unity.

When something comes along, and this something is usually human-kinds, and upsets that balance, then the balance of Nature is affected and this cycle is interrupted. Does that answer your question or do you need more?


Songee: What more do you need?

I suppose it um, understanding this how does it...

Songee: How does it get out of balance - Human-kinds, that how it gets out of balance. Human-kinds do it.

So how is this addressed?

Songee: In the very way that you have been speaking about just before time, where we were saying to you now and you say about asking the peoples of the Planet how they feel about this thing, about the cross culture of species for consuming into the body and this is how you begin to make this change.

You are the voices, you are the people, not all those peoples out there – YOU are the peoples, as well. And there are many others that will join Your voice to say, No this has to stop. So that is how you do it. You make your voice loud and strong.

Does that answer your question?

That way you then can ask this Law of Nature, its not interrupted. Human-kinds for many moons now have been doing battle with the mens in the white coats and greedy peoples all over the Planet to make it possible for the Law of Nature to continue.

When you bring to the Earth your poisons and put them into the soil and all life in that place is then destroyed, it takes many moons for the Law of Nature to re-establish the balance, is that right?

You have responsibility do you not?

This is your Planet, your Home. At the moment you have no other, you must live as though you will never have another. Is that right? Look after what you have. Do you look after what you have now of your piece of this Planet?

How good are you at looking after it? Do you talk to your standing people? Do you talk to your small creatures that come to you? Do you learn how their messages are coming to you? Do you know what are your Totems, your signs of Nature that come to bring you messages – do you know these things?

Do you know when one of your plants or standing people are wanting to tell you something? Wanting to give you a message of life. Some of you do, some of you know very well and yet very often because of your involvement in life and all the vagaries of life you forget, you forget to nurture and love all these things around you. Sometimes you remind yourself of this, and you do make the effort to become reconnected.

How often do you do it?

These are the things you have to ask youself. Do you with every breath acknowledge your connection to Oneness and ask Oneness what would you have for I this day, where can I best be of service to you for human-kind, for all life. Where am I going to be for you this day? How am I going to speak the soundings, the words that need to be heard this day? And while you are in the middle of your day and all your busy-ness around do you stop sometimes and take a breath (Songee takes a deep breath) and remind yourself that all this nonsense that is happening around you does not have to be affecting you at all.

You can be In the World yet not of it.

So that when you need to come and be OF the World for brief moments your power will be felt manyfold all over and then you can return to your place of peace and balance - WALK in peace and balance, WALK in truth, WALK in beauty. Let the beauty of your Soul shine out. Let everybody see it and know of it and always, always have truth, honour and integrity towards each other.

Now being human-kinds you may not manage that all of the time because you are still practicing it however that is the goal for you to strive for, is it not? And when you don’t quite meet that goal don’t beat yourself up with big stick, don’t dig yourself big hole and jump into it will you! And in the event that you forget these words of Songee and you do beat yourself up with big stick and you do dig the hole and jump inside it, know you this - that there is always someone a little bit wiser that you outside that will say, What did you do that for? And put down their hand to you, said Come along you don’t have to be down there anymore. And bring you out of it, help you up the sides of your hole so you can stand on firm ground once more.

Now though I may've seem to have gone away from the, this Nature, the Law of Nature it is not really gone away, it is all part of this whole of these things I have just given to you, these wordings. Is it all part of the Law of Nature.

You have been given the Gift of Knowing. In the beginning you did not have the Gift of Knowing and then came the time when the Gift of Knowing was placed upon you by your Ancestors. And when that Gift of Knowing came down upon your shoulders, your species - human-kind your species - had to start to learn because you have the power to name things, you have the power to un-name things.


Songee: And this is part of what is happening now, you have the power to name a new species of things for you to consume into your bodies of...

(end of side one)

Songee: ...You are sounding very tired Little Shaman. You want to come sit?

We have a stool here.

Songee: Oh no-no-no you do not need to do this thing. (On Songee’s knee and Songee begins to rub his back.)

I felt I would give him an option. (Laughter)

Songee: That is right, that’s the way. Little Shaman you're getting very big, very soon you not be able to sit on this form you are going to be too big. Is that right. That’s right.

Enough Food to Feed Every Living Thing

So... So you have the power to name and to un-name. You have the power to make certain that the names of things that your Ancestors gave you remain with you, you know, and you have the means and the power to loose it, you decide for yourself whether you are going to follow the Law of Nature or the Law of Mankind – the men’s in the white coats and the greedy peoples.

They will say to you that it is because they want to make more foodings for the peoples of the Earth. That there are too many mouths to feed – nonsense. There is enough foodings on this Planet to feed every living thing. What is getting in the way of it is greed. And until your voices are raised in protestation against greed then what you have will continue as it is, you know. Do you understand?

So it is very important that you know what you want in this life for youselves and for all of those that will come after you, all your descendants. Is that right?

Has anybody got anything else they want to know?

How are we Merciful to Ourselves

I suppose its more or less along the (?), its about the word that I asked last week, being Merciful to ourself. I did bring The Book of Words5.

Songee: Very good so you want to do this thing now?

If that’s alright with everybody.

Songee: That’s a very good sensible thing to do now, is that right? Mercy6 we talk about Mercy. What is it?

Dispossession to temper, justice with mildness, forbearance, clemency, compassion and act of clemency, pity of compassion, pardon, forgiveness, control, discretion, liberty to punish or despair. Something to be thankful for and it just goes on to different types of mercies, sisters of mercy...

Songee: So what is it about this word that you want to expound on it?

Well you have suggested that we needed, quite a while ago I can’t remember when, that we needed to be more merciful to ourselves. Because you gave us some kind of description of it, I’m sorry I can’t quite remember when it was, and then you said that mayhap one day you will further elaborate on being merciful to ourselves, instead of just to other people, how are we going to be able to do that?

Songee: So that is very good how are you merciful to yourselves? How are you doing it in your life now? Are you doing it in your life now?

Would you need to start to look after yourself, like food, clothing, sleeping, exercise, water that sort of thing? Would that be a start?

Songee: That is a beginning, that is starting with the physicality, is it not.

Right, the Soul has nowhere to live on this Earth without it.

Songee: That's very, very accurate.

By showing compassion for yourself therefore you would be able to show compassion to others.

Songee: That’s right and then you can show mercy to others. Mercy is a beautiful word.


Songee: So you have some words there that are not so good. However there are some words there that you can follow through and find the other meanings, how they have words to describe them.

What other words? Someone will have put the finger in there for you to open it up.

Thank you they put their finger in the right place.

Control, liberty to punish...

Songee: How do you feel about that – liberty to punish...

Terrible. Its awful. (and other comments)

Songee: Almost is it not. So what else does it say?

Disposition to temper.

I didn’t understand what that mean.

Songee: To...

Like tempering something.

Songee: That’s right, to...

Not being angry...

To make it milder.

Songee: That’s right, to make it more gentle.

That’s about all there is.

Songee: No it is not.

(Comment) I don’t know, what does forbearance mean?

Songee: Look it up. Read the wording? Forbearance... what is the phrasing you have in this World – Lord have Mercy on the Soul. It is often said before you kill somebody, is it not.

(Lots of comments)

Songee: Very often there is somebody that sits in judgement of others and says on you is that right?

Have Mercy on your Soul.

Songee: That’s right, that is it?

Oh yes the Judges say that don’t they.

Songee: Just before they kill somebody. Or give the order for somebody to be killed. Is that right?

Before sentencing.

It doesn’t sound sincere.

Songee: It is wordings that are just being sayed from the mind and not from the heart is that right?

Mercy is a feeling word...

Songee: That is right, it very much comes from the heart. And very often it is not spoken from the heart.

Control is a think word.

Songee: So this is a word that you need to lose is it not.

Forbearance – it says forbear, is to reframe, to abstain from, to hear with, to treat with patience, to reframe or abstain, to be patient, you reframe from feelings of resentment.

Songee: So what is the most powerful word that would describe Forbearance?


Songee: That’s right. Look for the power words. The words that have the feelings and the power behind them.

Words that we have trouble mastering.

Songee: That's so. You take those to your heart and you take those into your life and you practise those in your life every moment of your day. These are the things I’m speaking to you about before time and I say to you that you forget how to be IN the World and not of it. So you forget to practise some of these things many times. You get lost in your own emotions, your own fears, your own doubts which of course you know are fears, and your own angers. This is not wrong or bad to do this thing this is part of your nature only I am coming to say to you be aware upon it, you know, so that it doesn’t last for so very long and make your life so miserable, is that right Little One? You understand what I am saying don’t you?


Songee: That's so.

There is something I have to say to you Little Shaman – don’t be afeared of anything that comes into your path because you have got very strong power, very good energies and a beautiful Soul. And you have the power to master anything that comes into your life no matter how much it may make you feel sad sometimes. You practise this compassion, this love and mercy – you do this thing all the time even though sometimes you are not aware upon it. And you are a very good example for others to follow, you know. You are very strong, very strong. Sometimes you are so strong that other peoples around you forget sometimes that you are still a child. You know. However that’s alright you can be child now that's why you Little Shaman. Very good.

So this Little One you can learn much from you know. All you have to do sometimes is to listen and watch and hear, and the Spirit peoples will speak words of wisdom out of the mouth and the older that this one grows in the life the more the Spirit peoples are going to speak wisdom to the peoples of the Earth, to bring healing to people, do this thing because this is the path of the life.

So Mercy – do you show Mercy to yourselves, very often? Do you be patient with yourselves?



Songee: Sometimes, very good. And what about at the other times?

Sometimes I feel bad.

Songee: Sometimes you feel bad...


Songee: Because you hurt someone?


Songee: What makes you hurt someone?

I feel angry.

Songee: Do you feel angry?


Songee: That’s right and you know the teach don’t you that when you are angry it's because something is happening upon your life that has taken your power away from you. So you have to then employ all the teach that you have been given and get your power back, in a good way.

And one of the best ways of getting your power back is to look at the situation and become a Warrior of the Light in all ways and understand the things that are transpiring under your nose and to have some compassion for those that have stolen your power and have compassion for yourself because you had it stolen from you, you know. And this is a truth for all of you to learn, so that you learn to extend to yourselves this gift of mercy to yourselves. Don’t be impatient, don’t be judgemental about yourselves, be kind to yourselves. Allow yourselves to acknowledge that someone has taken your power from you for the moment however look deeply into how it is that they have seemed to have needed it so badly because then you will discover that as Warriors of the Light you don’t be missing that little bit of power at all and then you find that you can gift it to them in your heart and they no longer have the power to bring hurt to you. Let them have their little victories because they mayhap need of them. Let others be victorious sometimes because they need to be victorious. Mayhap they have not been able to be victorious in their life and as you learn the gift of doing this thing, letting others be victorious, then you will find that instead of being your enemy they will become your friend.

There are exceptions to this rule of course because some human-kinds never learn that lesson, their fear is so great they cannot master it. Usually these peoples are not very well in their minds and their Souls have been damaged, you know. Even more reason to give them Mercy and Compassion.

Always remember your power, your strength, and remember that as a Warrior of the Light and as a Shaman that you have responsibility to set an example for others. It is a big responsibility and one you have to practise – and you won’t get it right all the time, that’s right that’s part of learning. You will get it right by the time you leave this Earth. So don’t get too worried about it.

Anybody got anything else they want to know about this thing or anything else?

The Worried Mother

Could I ask a question Songee its pertaining to that its on a personal level, I’ve been all those words you said like fear and not compassionate. I’ve been dealing, I’ve been that to myself and its all over my son has gone into business, put every thing he has into the business and he’s naturally got these obstacles that come up generally around people trying to push him out of the way or put big hurdles in front of him to stop him doing it, so I consequently lay awake at night full of fear that it’s not going to do well, it will go under, and I get angry and then I can’t sleep and I worry and so I've said of recent to Oneness I said I just can’t deal with this, it is effecting me too much I don’t even want to eat, so I’ve asked Oneness to take it away from me. But I’m not succeeding very well.

Songee: And you want to know how is this?

Well how is it or I suppose I’m also wondering you said the words victorious and I thought perhaps Songee can tell me – Is he going to be victorious in his business, Ha How am I...

Songee: It is the wrong question. What you need to be asking is is he going to be victorious in this life and that question I can answer for you it is yes he will be victorious in his life. However you cannot as a parent protect your child from anything that they have set for themself in this life.


Songee: Good or bad you cannot protect them...


Songee: have to let them live it and be in their life and have all their experience for their own self.

Yes I totally agree. He’s unaware that I’m worrying like a stupid mother, totally unaware of it. I wouldn't let him know. I kind of always be bright and breezy when I’m talking to him...

Songee: You are right now to sit down. (Songee is talking to the young boy who has been sitting with her.)

You just say something that is very, very interesting, how it is that you perceive that mothers are stupid?

(Long silence)

Did I actually use that word did I?


Songee: Did anybody else hear this thing?

I’m being stupid, because I shouldn’t...

Shouldn’t naughty...

I realise I’m giving away my power as well...

Songee: That’s right. Listen to you. Listen.

I do every thing wrong, I can’t stop it.

Songee: Listen to your soundings, you are using all the words that telling you your own being is shouting at you. Stop doing this thing. You are beating I up...

Yes I agree.

Songee: ...You are not being kind to I.


Songee: This is a lesson for you. You have reached a point of your life where you must learn this lesson NOW. Do you understand? And the lesson is to let go. You are still Mumma, you will always be Mumma, you know. However you must let the child do what it has set for itself in this life no matter what it is going to do, no matter how it is going to be. Do you understand?

Yes totally.

Songee: And you have to do that within your own being, you have to let go within your own being. You know. It is very good that you are believing that you are not letting your child know of all your worries however childrens are not blind, deaf or dumb and they know when their Mummas are worrying about them, you know. So it is already known that you are worrying about it.

Do you believe that in the event that something is not going to go so well that you are going to have all the truth given to you? Because your fears are going to then enter into the mind and the heart of your child and the child is going to say, I better not tell Mumma about it because it will make her more upset and more worried and fearful. You understand?

And the other aspect of it is that when you are harbouring all these worries and things that are happening you are attracting to the situation the very things that you don’t want to happen.

Yes I agree.

Songee: Now how to reverse it...

Yes thank you.

Songee: ...that is the most important thing is it not, how do you reverse it. Make it go back the other way. Do you know how to be a Channel for Healing Energy?

Well I do, I do do it at times but I can’t do it for myself. I can’t heal myself.

Songee: Nonsense of course you can.

I’ve tried but I...

Healing Ourself

Songee: I’ll show you. I show you how to do this thing. I have shown you many, many times is that right?


Songee: Many times. And the secret is What?


Songee: The Breath.

The Breath of Life.

Songee: The Breath of Life. You begin the process with The Breath of Life. You learn the things I’ve been giving you, I have been bringing and teaching you. You learn them, you practise them in your life and then you will find that all these things will start to leave your life.

You have to practise them. You cannot wave the fairy wand and make it all happen you know, fairies have wands you know they do. So you don’t do this thing, only fairy’s have got them nobody else has got them. You don’t have them so you need to breathe - the Breath of Life – breathing it deep down in through the nose, down into the middle self, breathing deeply in. So that you build this Sun inside you.

Remember The Sun - The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my nourishment.

Just a few little words you can say to yourself in your mind or out loud as you say this thing and then when you have done it you can ‘Haaaaaa’, let it out.

That’s the beginning. And part of that is saying this thing to yourself, building this Sun up and as you feel this Sun beginning to grow and get brighter and brighter inside of you what do you do with it? You use the power of feeling and the power of your wordings and you ask with these two things together for this energy to go out for healing, you know.

And you can ask for this healing for youself, ‘Oneness I would like the healing to go to my child and I would like some also to come and to be for I-self so that I will not be so worry-ed about the child.’

Practise it, practise it. You will not do it until you practise it – this is the lesson you are being given. And you will not be able to let go until you start practising.

Thank you.

Songee: You can’t just sit there and wait for it to happen the next day. You can’t sit there and say, Well I will do it the next day after that.


You know this thing about tomorrow? I have said to you about tomorrow – tomorrow never comes, do it now right this minute. Is that right, do it right this minute. Tomorrow does not exist yet. It is still in your imagination. It is still there in Spirit waiting to happen. It is still part of the plan and part of the Akashic Records, it has not yet manifest on the Earth yet – Tomorrow. Mythical Beasts.


Songee: The only way that you can travel into tomorrow is to leave your bodies and travel in spirit through no-time. That is what Organism is doing is travelling through no-time into your tomorrows and your many tomorrows, only even there when Organism manifest in that tomorrow, that is that place you call tomorrow, it is still NOW!


Songee: Do you understand?

You are the Tomorrow of yourself. When you were small child remember sitting perhaps or standing and talking with peoples and saying about the grownups in your life, that person looks very old, very old, very ancient and mayhap that person that you say is very old and very ancient is how you are now, is that right? So you are your own tomorrows. Know this thing.

So it is very important to practise, practise the breathing. I can’t tell you often enough, practise the breathing, learn how to build the Sun up inside of you, that beautiful Sun that Chi Energy that you can send through your whole body to charge it up, to bring you your strength. You only need a few moments of your Earth to do this thing. To breathe, to bring the Chi Energy and sometimes while you are doing this you mayhap go on a little journey. Not very long or very far however you can become very skilled at it so that you will always return at the right earth-time because you are all governed in your life by time, is that so. So you can go and come back and be back just at the right time, is that it?

Practise the breath, practise no ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’, you know. ‘Shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ are very destructive, they hurt you they are like sticks and stones and boulders and things that you are throwing and hurting yourself with all the time. Imagine a big ‘SHOULD’ in the middle of your Destiny Path and you come along and attempt to kick it out of the way. You would hurt your foots would you not? Not very sensible, don’t put it there in the first place. You don’t need ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ in your life. You don’t need to give them to other peoples either, so don’t give them to other peoples. That is practising - putting into practise - the lesson of Mercy. Is it not? The lesson of patience, of compassion, of love – put it all into practise.

Now there is a great need in this among yourselves for Healing Energies is there not? Would you like to do this thing?

Songee can I ask a question?

Songee: Certainly Little Shaman.

How do you levitate?

How do you Levitate

Songee: How do you levitate! This is something you have to practise is learning to walk on air only you are lifting yourself up. You can use the power of the mind to alter where you are in your Universe, so that you are not govern-ed by the Laws of your Universe. And some peoples learn to master this and some do not. Some have written it into their life path to learn to do this thing. And in days and times to come there will be childrens born on the Earth who will have this gift much more than you have seen. It will become more apparent – these are the Golden Childrens I speak to you about before time – and they will have the gift of moving themself though space, through time in their physicalities.

There are beings who can do this already however they are not of the World, do you understand what I am saying to you? They have no Life in the World, they have given their whole life to learning and practising this art as part of their development of themself. Do you understand? And as such this is their Destiny Path for this life.

Those of you that serve Oneness in the wholeness of life, living and breathing and being together and interacting together and being involved with each other’s emotions and learning about your fears inside yourself and being companions with each other and Partners of Life and so on and so forth, and having childrens, for you this gift will be something that you will not have necessary written into your life because your energies are taken up in other ways and because you are in a physical body you are governed by some of the laws of physicalities.

You can use part of your mind to change many things and you will find that you will master many things however as soon as you start to come together in partnerships everything else gets lost because your physicalities start to take over and it becomes more paramount for you to have your relationships and that’s as it is meant to be for you in this life, that will be what you have written. Were you meant to float through the air you will have written it into your life as part of something that you will do. However you can learn to ‘Walk on Air’7, you can learn to travel between spaces of your physical time. And all of you can learn to do this simple thing without having to move yourself up and down to see just to show somebody how clever you are at moving your body through space, you know. You don’t need to do that.

And for those that master the technique of moving through time very often they will do this thing and nobody else is any the wiser for it. It is very often something that is mastered and not shouted about. It is possible to do it. I tell you this thing and you can talk to each other about it and about learning how to do it. When you master it you don’t shout it to everybody out there – Look what I can do I can do this thing and that thing and so on and so forth. You can tell each other about it because you are all hearing the same teach now, so you can share it together.

Travelling through Time

How do you travel through time? You have to learn first of all about Spirit and how to go from one place to another place and not be governed by time.

Example – the best example I can give you is Organism because Organism does not be governed by earth-time in quite the same manner as youself. Certainly there are some aspects of the earth life that are requiring earth-time to be recognised and acknowledged. However beyond those few moments that are required for the benefit of others who are looking from the outside in there is no need for your time pieces you know that you have on the body, because the body can be in a place and the Soul can travel and come back and be back to the body at the right earth-time. You know.

And you can all do this thing, you can all practise this and do this thing. This is within the bounds of your abilities to learnt to do it and the learning is Practise, know that you can do it, know that it is possible and practise it and it all begins with the breath.

Take in the breath, is that right?

And you have learned to ‘Walk on Air’ have you not...


Songee: Oh you have done it a little bit. And when you do this walking on air this is the beginning of learning to move through time, your earth-time, travel between the threads of it, so that you can go from one place of being to the other place of being in your chariots, is that right. And you can get from this place to that place at the earth-time that you need to be there and sometimes you may have been leaving from your place of living to go to your destination and there is not in truth of earth-time enough to get from there to there. However by learning to travel through time you can get from there to there with your chariot safely without doing anything wrong to break the laws of your Earth and you will find that you will arrive at the right earth-time.

Now just a little aside about this right earth-time, you may say that you have to be there at a certain earth-time, Spirit will say, You don’t need to be there until five or ten of your earth minutes past this time because where you are going to your destination it will not be right for you to be there because you will have to wait for awhile. Is that it?

I like that.

Songee: So what happens is Spirit says to you, It doesn’t matter just get there and you will find that when you get there everything will be as it is meant to be. This is what I am saying to you, you know about your worrying, you know. When you want to do something, you want something to happen just know that everything will be as it is meant to be. Understand?

That way you won’t worry about your child, you know. So...

Are you ready.

Yep I’m ready.

Songee: So this is the time of the Dance, The Dance of Love. Love without condition, the love you share with each other, bringing each other Healing Energies.

Channelling Healing Energies - other Teachings8

(There is noise as the people get ready to channel Healing Energies.)

Songee: So, perhaps it is good for somebody to come and be this one. This right, please have this one come sit here... Who wants to come and sit on these seatings. Greetings, come...

And remember how I say to you this is the Dance of Love. Love which is Compassion, Love unconditional...

And you are all ready? We have the soundings. For those of you who are sitting you have the task to do, your task is to close your eye and to take inside of you the deep Breath of Life into your middle self and this is your opportunity to speak to Oneness and you say to Oneness, Here am I your child, please let I know what I need to know for this life, show I how I can best be your servant in this life to do whatever you need I to do to bring betterment, love, healing and peace to all living things including I-self, because this is what you are here for, is to receive the healing energies of Oneness.

And those of you who are standing your task is very simple – remember the safe touching you have been taught and also too you are going to offer yourselves in service and so you stand back a little way, your hands at your side...

(end of side two - words are lost while the tape is turned over)

Songee: ...And prepare yourself to begin at the Crown of the head always. And when your task is finished and you feel your task is done, you completed that cycle by returning your hands to the Crown Chakra and you say, Oneness thank you for allowing I to be the channel for the Healing Energies this night.

And then you say, So Be It. And you stand back.

And then you must stand next to the person and watch them carefully because they may have gone on a journey and they will need you to be watching and looking after their physicalities until they return. And when they return you give them something, The Waters of Life, please always.

Are we ready?

The same music we had before?

Songee: Oh we need something else do we not. This one it is very nice it has got some beautiful soundings and dancings in it and it is not used all for you to all go to sleep too much...

(The Music that played were tracks from Denean’s CD ‘Thunder’.
(Not all the music was recorded onto the mp3.)

Music: from the album "Thunder" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

(The Channelled Healing continued then Songee spoke again with the music still very loud.)

Songee: ... all the unconditional love... share it together for all the days of your life...

So Be It

So Be It

(Everyone returns. Songee leaves the Channel and White Eagle overshadows for a moment.

Roberta-Margaret then returned to speak of her work while she has been away, helping people with the devastation of hurricanes in various countries around the planet.)


1. Trumpet - The Clarion call of Gabriel’s Trumpet.
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2. Cow's parts - This was recorded about the time ‘Mad Cow Disease’ was beginning in the UK.
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3. Mens in the White Coats – Scientists, any professional person wearing a white coat.
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4. Standing People - Songee’s words the Trees.
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5. Book of Words - Songee’s name for the Dictionary. Sometimes The Bible.
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