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Bringing the Word of Oneness

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Bringing the Word of Oneness'
A Teaching from Songee 30th November 2000


Roberta-Margaret's work while in full trance channelling
The Crystal Light of Love
The different Faiths of the Planet
The Moslem Religion
Symbol of the Moth
The Path of Islam
The Faith of The Christos
Being in service to Oneness
Bringing the Word of Oneness
The State of Human-kind
Free will and coincidence
Who owns the planet
Spiritual connections to the land and others
Letting Go

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- Free Will and Coincidence (16mb)
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- Spiritual Connection to the Land and Others (27mb)
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There are 10 people present this evening at the Pt Chevalier venue. Roberta-Margaret begins this night by explaining on more depth about the work she does when she travels in spirit.

Roberta-Margaret's work while in full trance channelling

Roberta-Margaret: Ok from my perspective is that I talk to everybody a little bit before we go, before I go away. I am here talking to you here now, my ego self, that ego self will go and the Energy of Songee will come and speak and be with you for the night. And my experiences when I am out there are very different and a lot of the stuff that I bring back that we record in our book somewhere, I am usually a bit sort of half pie with it when I came back, that gets recorded down into a book, written down. And what I am attempting to do at the moment, I have not been very diligent about it I have been attending to go through, look through the world news when the newspaper comes in the morning because sometimes two or three days afterwards the events are coming up in the newspaper, in the world news sections. Sometimes it takes longer. I don't read newspapers, I don't watch the news. I'm not saying I don't have it on, sometimes my husband will have the news on and he will be watching it but I'm not be watching it. I will be wandering in and out doing stuff. And occasionally something, I will walk through and I'll see out of the corner of my eyes events or something that I remember that I have been to and I will say - Oh I've been to that. Then I actually will tune in and listen to what they are actually saying about it. And there are often little bits of it that they don't know about that I know that's relating to take particular incident. So there are also little things like that that crop up. And um yeah so - the most striking one was recently was that one with the submarines.

And there were lots of other things that have been happening with the war on, the floods, wars and floods and things like that. When peace is suppose to be happening and peace talks breaking down, very often they have gone wrong before that has actually happened, when that has actually happened. We don't just go over to rescue souls, we very often go over to attempt to change the political situation in countries so that that there will be peace, to change the political climate. So we often do things like that. We often - I am saying we because I am not on my own doing this, we often will go and will rescue animals and we'll do things with crops, we do things with you know the ecology, attempt so sort of help to rectify it and bring it back into balance. There is a lot of world work going on, you know in spirit, and manifesting itself on the Earth. So we do an awful lot of that kind of work.

That's my work that I am doing when I'm not here. So my physical body is occupied doing this my other body is occupied doing that. But my reality when I come back is that, not this. This is all nothing.

Ok Lets do a name round.

(Each introduce themself to the group. Then The Crystal Light of Love is read.)

The Crystal Light of Love

Would you like to uncross your legs please and sit up nice and straight, and close your eyes. I am going to read you these words about the Crystal Light of Love -

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know it's Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The music is played titled 'As One' As One we join with Her our Mother, As One we sing to Her our song, As One we love Her, As One we heal Her ...)

Music: "As One" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: I am here. Greeting to you.


Songee: What have you for I this night?

The different Faiths of the Plane

Songee can I ask your assistance with understanding behind those things I saw last night. Just before I was going to bed I was watching, looking out the window and there was this beautiful moth. And most of the moths we see are sort of more brownish and um I suppose solid looking. This one was very delicate very, and it's wings were out cos I was watching it's wings because I have been observing butterflies for some of the drawings I have been doing, and it was all white and had a purple tinge. And then when I looked out the back window I saw a crescent moon and above that one star. No other stars in the sky that I could see and this star was really shinning about a lot stronger than I normally see stars shine. What was - the feeling I was getting from my people was it was very significant but I didn't understand what was behind it.

Songee: Crescent moon and a single star - what is this for you of the Earth?

I have seen symbols like that in Turkey.

Songee: That is right, symbol of Islam, is it not? Is that right? So you are looking at the rise of Islam.

Oh OK.

Songee: This has been foretold. Did you know this?


Songee: It is already in progress all over your Planet.

I do not even know what the rise of Islam is.

Songee: What do others know about this? And mayhap they like to speak about it. We have big discussion about it. Is that right?

Like um Sai Baba said that like ah Islam would be one religion, I don't know - in the next ten years or something. And the whole world would accept it.

Songee: It is going to be something that the whole world is going to have to recognise and accept, however it is not necessarily that all human life is going to bow down to Islam. Do you understand? However there is certainly this thing that is transpiring on the Earth at this time is the rise of Islam. And the significance of this moon and star coming to the attention will have come to the attention of others also. The strength and the power of the energy behind it at this earth time is going to be very pronounced.

Not all teaching to do with all faiths are sound. There are many aspects of the different faiths, the different Facets of the Diamond, that are peculiar to those facets, you know? And any one of those peculiarities that bring to other human beings, or other living things - constriction, restriction, discounting and oppression, are working energies of the dark, not of the Light, of that faith. Do you understand?

It matters not which facets any one of you elect to follow. The aspects of the facet that you need to take to your heart are those aspects that honour Light, Life, and all manner of things of this nature. Not the oppression and suppression of others.

When you have human-kinds who come together and say this is the right way to believe in the Oneness Power - the Power of God or the Power of Light - it matters not which wording you have for it. When these peoples come together and say, "That this is the only way to follow and I am going to make you follow it by forcing you to do it, by making war upon your country, by making you do certain things and follow certain rules, to make you be bowing down to this faith." You are not then bowing down to Oneness, you are bowing down to the oppression of the few. Do you understand? And this part is a part of the faith of your Planet that you always resist.

Anything that is done in the name of Oneness and Light will not oppress you. It will not subjugate you. It will free you to be yourself.

Here comes Angel child.(Another guest arriving late.) So you know then that this is the way to be.

We already knew you were coming so hurry up.

Songee: Do you have anything you want to ask upon this thing?

The Moslem Religion

The Moslem religion is as I understand it started in 622AD, so was the entity a reincarnation or how did the Mohammad eventuate 600 odd earth years after Christ?

Songee: When you look upon all the different facets of your planet you will find that in all of them there are souls that came to the Earth in order to give birth to that teaching that the peoples of the Earth required at that particular time. For them to grow, to move forward in their understanding of each other and to give them some teaching to govern their lives by. And at the time those teachings were given many of them made very good sense, and still do, however as the time has passed along other peoples have come to make it very fixed, you know? And instead of being open to the Light they say, "You not doing it this way, you not doing it properly." So they say to each other, "How can we make sure that the peoples follow the path? How can we ensure that they are not going to stray away." So then they bring into being their own laws, their own laws of governing and say that if peoples are going to move away from the path that certain direr things are going to be done to them, you know? Right?


Songee: And this is the same with all faiths, strange is it not?

(A number a comments.)

Songee: Very strange. It is the human-kinds that make this laws, not Oneness. Oneness does not make these laws. This is how it is I am come to you in this time of your earth transitions, to bring you this teach. This teach I bring you is to remind you, human-kinds, all the basic teach that has been with you as a people for many, many moons. Do you understand? And in many, many moons to come this is going to be a new way, a new movement of energy for all of you to come back to. The teaching that Songee brings to you encompasses all the Facets of the Diamond - not one, all of them. So it matters not which Facet you belong to you can bring the Light Energy of your learning into this and make it come together - like that. Do you understand? What you will not do is to bring the oppressive, negative side to the Songee Energy because that will not survive, it will not meld, it will not marry together. You understand? It does not do this and in this way you can use the Songee Teach and put it side by side with all the different Facets of the Diamond and you will find that those parts of that facet that are true and the parts that are manmade and therefore subject to transmutation and are untrue, according to Universal Law.

Universal Law, the Law of Light does not say - Chop off the head of somebody who doesn't believe in your faith! It does not say - Beat them until they agree to believe in it! It does not say - Chop off their hand. It does not say - subjugate their woman-kind. It does not say - that only man-kinds are allowed to have power.

The Power of Light and Oneness comes and says - all of you are equal in the eyes of Oneness, mens and woman-kinds alike. You all have power of your own to give. All is valid - mens and women-kinds are valuable. And any facet that follows a path that would take that truth away from you, this you need to challenge. That aspect of it, not the facet, not the whole facet, just that part of it. You say, "Well that's part of what you do is very beautiful however I not so keen on this part of it." You know? And every facet has it's dark side. You know? It is the dark side that you need to resist.

You don't come and say, " Songee Energy is the right one, it is the only one and this is the one we must follow because it is the only one." That is not what Songee is here to do. Songee come to you and say learn the teach, learn the things I am giving you, learn how to be strong in yourself, learn how to be standing up and being counted as a person that is working for the Light, who is give-ed their life to Oneness and going to where Oneness needs them to go. Learn how to change yourself inside for the better. Learn how to be a beautiful Soul all the time shining out for the world to see it. That is what Songee comes to teach you, for you to absorb and take into your life and pass it onto others. And the many way that Songee does this is with the channelling of healing energies to teach you this and coming to bring you teachings with the wordings and to bring you the meditations that you can go on the dream spirals. And also to for the story of the Great She Bear. Is that right?

Have you read the stories of the Great She Bear? There are many lessons involved in that story, beginning right at the beginning time when the Great She Bear wakes up from her long sleep and there with her are the two bear cubs. And the journey they are having at the moment is one that everybody can follow. And within each story there is a lesson for you to learn that you can bring into your own life and have to make your own life a happier place to be.

Is there anything else?

Symbol of the Moth

What was the reason for the symbol and stuff behind the moth and was there a connection?

Songee: The Moth - this creature is a creature of the Light. It contains within it many colours, indeed even those that look to be very plain and ordinary to your eyes, under the night sky and under the Moon they transform into beings of great beauty. They take upon themselves another worldly Light so they are representative of all those things that are hidden and have yet to be revealed. So yet to be revealed to the world is the rise of Islam.

So that is the connection?

Songee: That's right.

What will this mean from the point of view of, I... the feeling was that it was very significant, what will this actually mean, or whatever?

The Path of Islam

Songee: First of all look upon your place of living, look all around you - how many peoples that follow the path of Islam are living now among you compared to before time. The movement began many moons ago and in order to bring this to peoples first of all the peoples have to go our among others to be seen, to be counted. There are more and more and more among you now and there will be more in days to come.

And when the word comes from the central point, those that are following the path of Islam will then stand up and be counted. And then it will be seen that like the spider the web has been caste all over the whole planet.

It could be very scary.

Songee: What would you be scarred of?

Well, I have heard from different people that this going to happen and the sources that said it to me have said that um it would cause a lot of strife to the people that are surrounding them - what's the word I am getting...

Songee: That is quite correct, because sometimes there are, as I say before, some aspects of this that are not given from Oneness they are given from mankind. And it is the aspects that are given from mankind that have to be resisted, not the aspects that are given from Oneness. However the best way to get to know is to learn about it, to go and meet and to embrace some of the concepts for yourself. How do you do that?

I was considering that.

Songee: You talk to them.

The tenants of the Koran are as positive and vibrant and, as the Bible is.

Songee: That's right.

And when you are in Turkey you have, you see Islam one face of Islam - you go to Saudi Arabia and you see a totally different facet of Islam - you go to the north of Pakistan and you see a different facet again. It is as different as the fighting that is Ere and in Northern Ireland where you have Christians killing one another. Totally different people. In Turkey I felt very, very comfortable with Islam because there were a lot of very, very good points. And as far as the women are concerned there are very clear entitlements that women have that are written in the Koran and I don't see quite the same thing in the bible.

Songee: So this is an example of what I am just been saying to you, is it not? That with the wordings that come - the core is sound and then the wordings that come outside of that - "How do we make it so, how do we make it happen, how do we instil this into everybody that they are going to do it."

The Faith of The Christos

Songee: How do people when they are following the faith of Christos for example? Throughout your history there are so many - and I keep coming back to this and I have to keep coming back to this - there are many aspects of this journey are there not? Where the peoples of faith say that unless you follow this faith in a certain way that you were deemed to be evil, or bad or some other such thing. And in order to discover whether you were or not many, many dreadful things were done to human-kinds to find out whether they were true to the faith or not. Is that right? Throw them into deep water and if the float then they are ah not so good and if they sink to the bottom and don't return back to the surface that they float to Oneness. Of course they do because they have gone over to Spirit again. (Songee is laughing.) This is nonsense! Is it not? It is ah man-kind making rules to subjugate others to build on the fear in others and many other such things come into being. You have now have reached an age where you are supposed to be enlightened.

That would be a good testing.

And a good way to start is if you happen to be with them, or talking to them is to talk about food because food's linked in many ways to religious activities and when you talk about food and then you will learn that food is used in certain ways and you learn a little bit about their beliefs. It is a gentle way to start.

I actually, accidently meet a gentleman I took him home one, or I took him to his place he was carrying loads carrots. (Much laughter) And he was really nice man , in his seventies, nice man I saw him struggling so I gave him a lift home.

There is going to be lots and lots more out of Fiji and they even the Hindus are different sects too and you have the sects of Muslins - there are a lot more coming into New Zealand.

Songee: So the answer is get to know the people, get to be acquainted and friendly with the people. Get to know about them. Teach them about you-self so that there becomes some connection between you an understanding.

Was that the reason I meet that man? Probably eh...

There is an Islamic sect that follows the Aga Khan and I was privileged to work with one of these people and he shared with me his life, his religion and his family. And I was also privileged to speak at his funeral and to see the way he was interned and I learnt a lot and I was very grateful for that lesson.

Songee: So it is these other things that you need to resist, not the faith itself. You have no need to fear the faith itself - the core aspect of it. You don't have to fear the core aspect of the Path of the Christos.

The Path of the Christos is very clear, the Christos came to teach you about the love, about loving each other, is that right? And that teach is the same teach that runs through all the other facets, learning to respect each other, earning to respect life - each other's existence, the life of the creatures around you and so on and so forth. Every facet has this truth in it - somewhere. (Long silence)

Is there anybody else?

Being in Service to Oneness

I wonder if you could just very briefly you could tell about the link between God and the Moslem religion? Why I pacifically said the difference in time between Jesus being here and the Moslem religion starting 600 odd years I wondered what the link was, what the delay was - or, could you explain that area to me please?

Songee: Throughout the journey of human-kind on this place of living, on this planet that are now living - there have been among you certain Souls that came to bring you teaching, to assist you to grow and to expand your awareness and take you out beyond you-selves, to teach you how to be powerful in your spirituality and bringing you unity as a people. The Souls that came down to the Earth to do this thing were Souls that have agreed to come to the Earth to do this task. The Souls that came did their task, taught the people, began a new way of living. Sometimes the Souls that came to the Earth were not very successful in making the changes that need to happen. However it was known that they would not be successful, what they came to do was to open the door of the imagination to a different way of being.

So you have Oneness saying to Souls, "I need you to do workings there, in this place. I need you to help for this to transpire." You know? And that is what happens, the Soul it comes to the Earth and this is what transpires. It is not always male souls, sometimes it is female soul that will come to the people of the Earth and bring teaching. Sometimes the souls will begin a new facet among those people, sometimes that facet will be confined only to a certain group of people and will not go out any further. The only way that the facet can go out further is when the peoples themself move from one place of living to another, taking the word of the teaching with them, do you understand? That is how it was done in those time, so the God Energy is not the soul that came to the Earth. Do you understand that? That's what I'm saying, that is the connection. However the God Energy is that same directive force that send this one and send all the others (-?) and so on and so forth. You know? They are not same soul they are different souls, that answer that question that somebody ask. And they came at different times of your evolution to bring enhancement, to move you forward just a little bit further forward in your learning.

When the energy of the Christos was born on the Earth that energy travelled around to all the different places that you have been speaking about, to visit Islam, to visit the teaching of the Buddha, visit the places of the teachings of the Oracle, to visit many other places and to learn all the different facets. And then when this learning was completed that Soul then returned to the home, to the place of origin, and began to teach the peoples more about this Love, this thread of truth the runs through all those different facets.

One came to the Earth to bring about a concept for a group of people to teach them about 'One God'. And that being came to the Earth many moons ago in that land that you know as Egypt and the concept of that 'One God' for those people, was not a very happy one because it challenged all of their greed. You know? Challenged their greed. That Soul was not perfect, was not always the most perfect Soul to have on the Earth and yet the concept of 'One Power', 'One God' in charge of all living things was the thing that was put forward to the people. You know? And that Soul said for those people a new concept in their minds and their hearts and although that soul was not successful in maintaining this concept and having it fulfilled by the people at that time it preparing the way for the concept of 'One God' for all the faiths which is the thing that came with the Christos.


Songee: What else do you want to know about that? I can see that. It certainly has taken a long time.

Songee: It has taken a lot of earth time, not very much for spirit because everything has no time. So a Soul can come to the Earth in one incarnation and live for - how many is it? (Songee seems to be asking spirit) seven tens and five of your earth years and go back home to spirit and that is a very short earth time, is it not? In spirit you are looking at the Soul coming back to the Earth, maybe three, four, five hundred cycles later, or more later, to bring more teach to the people.

And something that everybody does not always acknowledge, and that is that the Soul that comes to do this great thing is not all time born to be a person that is of great wealth and great magnitude. Sometimes they will come back into the Earth and be born into a humble Soul and do much good workings for the peoples of the Earth. And although it may seem that they are, although they are very good, they seem to be confined to one area of their life - they are focused in one area of their life. That is the way that it is most effective.

You want to do something find the thing that you do the best and do it very well - all time. And that will be the focus for your life for Oneness. You don't have to look beyond that. Mayhap you are very good at making foodings for people. Maybe you are very good at this thing, putting the foodings together so other peoples can enjoy this thing. In doing this thing and every time you come to do this thing you enter into this place of this focusing to do this, you say, "Oneness bring your Energy please into this foodings for these peoples to enjoy and to nourish their bodies." And when the life is given and focused in this way then this can go to the peoples and the peoples will enjoy the foodings and will say, "That is beautiful, I have never touched such a thing in the mouth before, a never touched it in the mouth, it is beautiful." It is because there is something else there that has come into the foodings because that one is doing the work of Oneness and doing it very well.

Another person will be called to be very humble and to not have anything of life and to give their life in it's entirety to human-kinds, to go where are the sick and the poor and so on and so forth. And to be with them and to give their life in complete service to humanity in this fashion. And they will go from the beginning of their life to the end of their life and only those that know them very well will recognise them. And then there are others that will do these thing and the whole world will recognise them.

What is the difference? What is the law that says that one that gives themself in service in this way is to be recognised by the world and yet the other that is working with them that is not seen by the world and yet is still doing the same kind of workings, and yet does not receive the accolade.

Is there an intention as far, I understand that they are both doing what is required of them however is there a intention about the way that the energy and the messages are passed on. Some one may have been to be sent to a wider audience and one on a slightly smaller scale.

Songee: That is right. Oneness will send the one that is to be known to the world and that one is the messenger. There are the messengers that come to be born to bring the word to the people, and then there are those that come to just complete and do all of Oneness work quietly and efficiently. They are no less to be recognised than the messenger. Do you understand?

(Many people are saying yes.)

Bringing the Word of Oneness

Songee: And all of you in your own ways will act as a focus to work for Oneness and will be responsible for bringing the word of Oneness to the people. That is the difference that I am attempting to get into your minds and your hearts this night - is that the word of Songee is the word of Oneness not the word of one messenger or another messenger - it is the word of Oneness for all peoples to have, do you understand?

So how are we best to do that?

Songee: Whenever you have the opportunity pass on the word about the messages that you are given, the teach you are given. Show them how to find the Songee Energy, how to come to make contact with it. Show them how to breathe the Breath of Life. Show them how to be at one with each other. Show them how to make for themself their offering of their life to Oneness, to be doing the work of Oneness in all aspects of the life. To know that in doing this thing there is freedom.

Before there was slavery and when you give your life and everything in it to Oneness that is when you will find freedom.

Sometimes the price of freedom may seem on the surface to be burdensome and when peoples first learn about giving themselves to Oneness that is the first thing that they will find for themself. "What are the burdens that I am going to be required to put on the shoulders?" You know? And they will mayhap go about their life like this, (All hunched up with the burdens weighing them down.) "I am working for Oneness, can't you see I have got all the burdens of the world on the shoulders - Look I have this big thing sitting there. Oh this is hard work!"


Sit up straight, stand up straight, raise your arms to the Heavens, breathe and say, "Oneness here am I. I want to do your work, where do you want I to go? What do you want I to say? How do you want I to be? What is your need for this life I am offering you?" And then you just go about it and you Breathe and you look at everything around you and you make for yourself, "Am I going to be happy this day or am I going to be miserable this day? Am I going to let the life go past I by worrying and wondering about this thing and that thing? Am I going to worry about living or dying? And am I going to worry about whether I am going to have this person in the life or that person in the life or so on and so forth!"

You can use up all the days of your life doing this thing for a very long time as long as you like. You have that apparent choice!


When you learn the teach of Songee you will realise you don't all time have choice. The choice you have was before you were born and that you come to see and speak and hear the Energy of Songee and you have come because you have elected to do that and chosen to do that before you were born. You said to yourself, "I am going to come in this life to see the Energy of Songee and learn the teach. And the teach is that I am an emissary of the Light, I am here to work for Oneness and so I am going to do it with good heart and good cheer and enjoy everything that comes upon the life and learn something from it and do all that Oneness requires of I this life."

So you can go to your place of working that everybody can be doing this and doing this and chattering around about you and making this difficult and that difficult and so on and other things difficult - all you have to do is to walk into the middle of it all, take a big breath and say, "Oneness - Peace to all these people please. Peace to them." And you will find that they will suddenly find the solutions to all their difficulties.

When you go to your place of living, smile! Your smile is a beautiful thing. It shows the love of Oneness coming out to people. Let it shine out of your eyes, you know, open your eyes and smile at them even when they are having not so very happy time of their life, still let your Light shine, let it shine out of the eyes. Let them smile with love. You can keep your face so that it is serious for whatever is the situation so you are not making fun of their situation, that would be very wrong however let your love shine out of your eyes to them. Let them feel it coming to them from you, because that love comes from Oneness through you to them. Be a Light that shines in every aspect of your workings, every aspect of your life, you know? That is something that you can do all the time.

When somebody does something not so good to you and you don't like it, again ask Oneness, "Well you gave I this experience how am I best to serve you through this experience? What do I need to learn about it?"

Don't waste earth-time, you don't have very much of it. Don't waste it, having petty squabbles, fighting with each other, pushing each other away and not sharing your love with each other. Do you understand?

(Everyone does.)

Songee: No fighting, no pushing each others away. There is no time left. The earth-time that you have been waiting for is upon you now. It is not coming in days to come. It is not coming in years earth-time to come - It Is Here Right Now!

You have to take action now. (Songee claps the hands to emphasise Her words) Recognise other Souls of Light, embrace each other and give each other love and comfort because you are all doing a very important job. You are all working for the Light in your own way. So give each other the support and recognition for that and say, "Well, what sort of earth-day have you had this day? Oneness has had I doing this thing and that thing and some other thing. What has Oneness had you doing today?" You know? And then you can share it with each other and give other little pats on the back to say, "My word you did do well didn't you."

This is important, give each other the love. This is what it is about - sharing this love, coming together, you know? Not just with each other, share it with the peoples of your life. Peoples everywhere of your life. Smile at people. Some people may not smile back however you need to give smiling at them anyway, they were walking like this with a great grumpy face. (Songee shows what this looks like.) However smile anyway and say to yourself, "Well Oneness that one didn't go down very well."

Most people do smile back.

Songee: Many people's will smile back. And you will find that your smile for that grumpy one will in a little while start to bear fruit for them, you know?

It's the babies I love to smile at.

Songee: Oh the babies are beautiful, because the babies see the aura. They see the Light around you, you know, they are still so close to spirit. And they will look at you and then they will look past you and look at the aura, and they will look at all the spirit people that are with you and then they will laugh at you because they see all the spirit people.

Probably pulling faces.

Songee: That's right. And the fairies of course. Oh the fairies come to see the babies, fairies love babies.

Do you have any other questions or would you like to do some workings?

Can I just ask a quick quick...

Songee: You can ask whatever you need. You don't do workings.

The State of Human-kind

If you look upon mankind's behaviour at the moment, Songee, on the Earth...

Songee: Do I have to!

(People laugh as Songee appears to be looking at humanity.)

It's my question um,I mean - is he improving or is he on a downcline, in many moons and years to come will rise up again in his behaviour will become better. Are we on a slide going down.

Songee: No you are not on this going down. What is happening there is a transitional thing that is happening. Ah there are changes taking place, there are some Souls that are going to have to go back to spirit and come back some more to do some more work, you know? Ah many, many Souls are going back home to spirit just now and many more are going to go in days to come, however they will be reborn and will come back again to continue the workings that are need to be done upon the Earth.

Man-kind, human-kind - not man-kind because mankind makes it sound that only man-kinds and not woman-kinds - is human-kinds, this is man-kind and woman-kind both, are not going down however there is changes in the consciousness that is rising up more and more. The consciousness is now rising and coming up. There are still some that appear to be locked in the lower stratum of understanding and yet even those Souls are becoming enlightened.

You look at many people's - a moment please I have to find this, I have not wordings - Ah lost Souls, I will call them Lost Souls. Souls of human-kinds that - This is beautiful is it not? (Songee is touching the cloth of Roberta-Margaret dress with obvious pleasure.) I am very sorry. These Lost Souls are Souls that have gone against the convened (-?) ways of your tribes. They have rebelled an you like against the tribe. They have been culpable of doing many misdeeds and they show themselves to the world and being very strong, very powerful people and they do this by wearing, they do wear very thick skins on their bodies, on their bodies and their legs and so on - and sometimes they even make lots of pictures out of ah colourings of the plants in their skins, all over the body and the face and so on and so forth. And other peoples looking upon the countenance will go, "Oh they look so fearsome and they look very dangerous and very bad." You know? And many peoples of the tribe will say, "They are as nothing, they are bad, they are wicked, they do all these dreadful things..." And so on and so forth.

And yet even these Souls are not entirely lost because deep within them is a powerful sensitivity for spirituality. A complete contrast to the appearance that they give the world. Not all of them, a great number though. They have within them the capacity for love. They have within them the capacity to recognise and appreciate beauty. And when a Soul has the ability to appreciate beauty and to experience and feel love then there is hope for the Soul. You know? Now that does not mean that you have to ignore the behaviours that are not good. Those behaviours you do not condone. You do not allow into your life, however you do nurture other aspects of the Soul of these ones.

And there are many, many Souls that have been born on the Earth who have come especially in this life to retrieve those Souls back to the Light and they do much workings with these Souls in an effort to bring them back to the Light and for every one that they don't manage to retrieve they will retrieve two, so they are winning, slowly, and certainly they are winning.

Now what was it you wanted to ask?

Free will and coincidence

Just shortly I was wondering earlier, free will and our - I'll say power can change coincidences in our life? Is there any...

Songee: First of all you have to understand there is no such thing as a coincidence!

Oh sure!

Songee: It does not exist.


Songee: It is an illusion. Everything happens as it is meant to happen.


Songee: You go out from this place, you go to another place and you walk into mayhap a place where you go to find your foodings and there is somebody you have not seen for a very long time and that person has been on your mind mayhap. It is not coincidence that they are in that place at the same time as you-self. The Universe - Oneness have said that you will meet this person to give yourself reassurance that this one is well in the life or mayhap it is that they need your help at that moment. So it is arrange-ed that you will come together in this place. You know?

A lot of people they don't see opportunity to do that type of work. It is up to free will or...

Songee: Before you come on the Earth you manage to set down all the things you are going to have your life. And when you come into the life you come into it blind, without knowledge, without knowing. So you have to go through your life, and living it to the best of you ability and finding ways that you can. And you're given opportunities in your life, you give them to yourself before you are born and you have to learn to recognise them when they come along.

Now you will have written into it that you will or will not recognise the opportunity when it is presented to you. The reason for this is perhaps that you are having to learn how to recognise opportunities. So in order to learn to recognise them you have to miss a few. Ha-ha You know? You have to learn by not getting them, by saying, "Oh that is so silly why have I missed this one. I could have done this, I could have done that. Were I to do this..." This is the humankind way of doing things you know. And Songee is coming to say to you that you don't have to do that anymore.

So when you come to this part of your journey you are now reaching the point where you have grown sufficiently to learn the lessons you don't have to follow that path anymore. And this also you will have written into your life. It is not happenstance or coincidence that somebody says to you, "Well I have meet this person, and I would like to do this perhaps you would like to come and do this with I." You know? It is written that you are going to do this thing, that you are going to come to this place.

Sometimes, and this is already happening, Songee is calling peoples from different places around your world to this place so that they will come to the places where people will be that they have come to see to speak with Songee, who will then bring them to see Songee because that is how it is meant to happen. That is what they have written into their life before they came. And slowly all the people that are needing to come are being gathered and brought along. You know? And it doesn't mean that you have to have everybody in the same place at the same time because some peoples will come and listen to Songee Energy and then go away and not come back for many moons. They will come back when Songee calls them to come back again. And they, while they are out in the world they will find the teaching they have absorbed from Songee Energy will come into their life, they will have to use it. They will find that it is needing to be used more and more and more, and then they will reach a point where they are ready to come back. Songee will say - This way, come this way. And they will come back once more. That is how it is.

And sometimes people will go to this place of the planet and that place of the planet, and so on and so forth. Matters not where they go Songee is in all places for all peoples. The Energy is there all around you. It is in the air that you breathe, it is in the sunshine, it is in the breeze that comes across your face, it is in the rivers and the streams, the grass beneath your feet, the creatures that fly in the air around you and the creatures that walk on the Earth itself. The creatures that live in the waters of the deep oceans - all these things and the deep oceans themselves - these are Songee. All of them, for all of you, to have, to touch, to feel to, to become one with it. The great mountains that reach themself up to the sky, the tall standing people that are abundant on your planet - all these things are Songee. And more...

Sorry (Two people were going to speak at once) Thank you.

Songee the people who left the land two thousand years ago have a the right to return to that land, nineteen hundred and forty eight years later, and dispossesses the people who have lived on that land for nineteen hundred earth years?

Who owns the planet

Songee: This is a difficulty that is part of the peoples of your planet, and that is that everybody believes that this piece of land belongs to them and that piece of land belongs to them - it does not! It belongs to Oneness. You are only guardians of the land. You do not own it. No human-kind owns the land - the planet, you are only guardians of it - for yourselves, for your descendants. And this is a message that all the peoples of the Earth need to have, to know, to learn. Many peoples have this lesson and attempt to live it and yet others come along and say, "I want this land on which you live and I am going to take it whether you like it or not." The peoples of this place of which you are speaking have to come to an arrangement whereby they agree that they have to put aside all the things that they believed before about the land and to say to each other, "We will no longer worry about where is this land and which part of the land belongs to who. What we can do now is to start afresh and to say that the peoples of this land would like to have this and the peoples of this land would like to have this, and the place between the two needs to be made a place of unity and gathering for all peoples."

Doesn't quite answer what I had in mind.

Songee: I understand what you are saying - whether the peoples have the right to take this land back that they believe is their own, however you have to go back in history of your Earth planet and to say how was it that these people left their land to begin with. What made these peoples leave their land to begin with?

Well from the perspective that I am looking at, the reason they left is not relevant to the situation now.

Songee: Oh it is very relevant!

From the point of view that the people have lived in that land every since and now simply it appears they can be brushed aside by people who have not been there for so long.

Songee: The peoples that you are speaking about were taken from their land into slavery - in the beginning. So it is very relevant. And because they were taken from their land into slavery that left the land without a guardian, so others came along and took the land for them own self because there were no guardian on the land. Do you understand?


Songee: So it is very relevant.

And then the peoples came out of their slavery and went to a land that had been given to them, and once more even then they were dispossessed of their land. They were dispossessed of them being able to be guardians of that land. They were dispossessed by other greedy peoples. And all through your history of human-kinds you have greedy peoples taking land from other tribes and making it so that they no longer had this land for themself, for their tribes. And then the tribes were dispossessed and have to live somewhere else or live in slavery to the tribe that has conquered them. So is it any wonder that those that are descendants of the first peoples want to regain and retrieve guardianship of the land that once belonged to their people. That is not wrong or bad, what is in question are the methods by which it is done. Is that right? The methods by which it is done, and...

Well not really in the sense that if you are living on a hundred hectares of land and somebody comes along and says I am going to take it back and I am going to negotiate with you. You are negotiating from a position of having nothing to take from others to have for yourself, and I wonder at what point in time you are going to resent what is happening and by force of arms defend yourself.

Songee: This is where you have this in your minds about peoples having to fight, to come to fisticuffs over the land. This is how I am saying to you the land does not belong to individuals, it belongs to all the peoples. And as a group of peoples, as a tribe, you need to be able to share with each other the landings. Somebody comes as you to say, "You have landing that belong to the peoples of this tribe many moons past, we would like to have it back because it was stolen from us, we were stolen away into slavery we could no longer be guardians of it." However those people then have to say and acknowledge that you and your descendants and the descendants of the people that came after, including yourself, have been guardians of that land for many moons. So the land has had a guardian only not the guardian of the people that it was there before. So there needs to then come into discussion between yourselves about what it right and proper to happen and to transpire. It may be that the land does not need to belong to one or the other, however it could belong to all, or to both to different tribes, bring the tribes together, let it belong to both tribes, then everybody work for the common good of the land.

Now that won't work in your minds now because you are fixed in this belongs to I and this belongs to I. You know? So this won't work at the moment however that is what needs to happen, is there needs to be openness and say, "Well I am very sorry that you peoples were taken off the land into slavery however as a descendant of the people that came took guardianship of this land I would like to say that I would like to retain some guardianship of this land. We have worked hard in your absence to take care of the land however we are willing to let you join with us and share in the guardianship of the land now. So that you come together in unity about it. The mentality has to change, the attitude has to change on both sides and that is not happening just yet.

It's a process.

Songee: That's right, it is a process of learning and growing and that is how you have so many messengers coming to the Earth to assist with this process to take place, you know? There are many, many peoples of the Earth that have been dispossessed of their land and places for them to have their dwellings and to live their lives in peace and harmony, to be at one with the land and to husband it as they would want to husband it for themself and their tribe you know. Not yet. It's alright.

Spiritual connections to the land and others

People that have become very strong, I don't understand basically, a very strong spiritual connection, um. I had a friend back in Croatia feel like that. I presume he got a very strong spiritual connection. To hear him talk fills us with energy um, who is she and who are those people who share our lifetimes before with them or um...

Songee: Oh certainly. You come together as friends once more in the life so that you can do the work that needs to be done to spread the word of Light among other human kinds and in other lifetimes mayhap you have living together to do the work of Oneness in different ways. You will have had lifetimes together where you will have been partners of life, and other lifetimes where you have been childrens of each other and so on and so forth. And this lifetime you come together and you have a sensing of the connection of yourselves in spirit. This happens with many souls that come together.

And we have to nurture it, or...

Songee: Oh certainly. It needs to be nurtured and needs to be honoured for the connection and not to making a mistake of it - ah how say I this? Not all connections of earth life are meant to be partners of life. Sometimes they are very good strong friendships that have this very powerful spiritual connection behind them and sometimes upon the Earth these strong spiritual connections can be mistaken to be other things... (Someone offers a word) That is right!

What did you say? I didn't catch what you said.

I said 'understood'. In translation - if you got born someone doesn't have to be your wife or husband you don't have to marry, is that correct?

Songee: That's right.

Thank you.

Songee: Ah, however the connection will still be there. And the most important thing is to honour it. Not to hide it, not to pretend it doesn't exist, and then learn to live with it.

Is that right! It is not that easy sometimes.

Songee: It is not always easy when you suppose it is not going to be easy. When you learn that this is only - not only, that is not quite right - when you learn that this is a spiritual love and a connection because your Souls have been together in another life so the connection has built up and built up then you ...


Songee: ...Once you learn about this and how to do this thing, then it will be easy to do. It is always easy to love somebody, always easy to love somebody when you do this thing this way. What is hard is letting go of the carnal attraction.

What was that word? Carnal Attraction?

Songee: Carnal attraction, animal attraction! That's the hard part, letting go of that part. And when you let go of that part then you are free, to love.


Songee: And then you can become friends. And when you become friends then anything is possible.

Thank you.

Songee: Is that right?

Yes that's right. I have meet a few people they have the same connection but they don't nurture it because there is no animal, if they can't have animal satisfaction they just don't nurture it. And that's life...

Songee: Is very sad.


Songee: It does need to be honoured this attraction, this connection needs to be honoured...

(Words spoken ?)

Songee: That's right and your gift to each other. You have come to bring this love to each other in the life, to give each other support. You know you are all on this grand adventure.

Enjoy it.

Songee: That's right.

And the relationship.

Songee: You need to help each other sometimes on this grand adventure, just to say, "Well I'm not alone here is somebody else that is in the great adventure with I, once more in this great adventure, that's right. (Songee takes a large breath.) Breath of Life.

Do we Songee, do we generally come back to the same land that we left.

Songee: No, no.

I know initially perhaps in our first lives on Earth we may be given an overall experience of different tribes as you say and different countries and then as we progress we don't always come back to the same land?

Songee: No. And don't forget that you will not always come back to the same tribe. You will find that you will have life in some of the other tribes. Sometimes as you progress, as you call it, you will have to go back to some of the tribes that you have, ahhh experienced before time in order to be a voice of Oneness in that tribe to help to bring them forward into another stage of enlightenment, so mayhap you have to go and live with other peoples the natives of the forest again to change their way of being because you have come into the life with a different perspective written into your life and so you will guide them from where they were into a new way of being, and what you teach them will go into their tribe. So the Souls come back in many different ways that are related.

Thank you.

Songee: Don't believe that just because you belong to a certain tribe of people that you are going to be in some way more advanced than others that belong to another tribe of people.

Remember at the beginning when the peoples came from the skies those that were already living here upon the Earth other peoples that you know that were dark of dark skin and dark eyes and dark hair, these people are the true peoples that evolved of this planet. The peoples of other skins come from the stars. And just because your ancestors came from the stars does not make you superior to those that you came to conquer, remember that. Because in coming to this place you had to plan yourselves to become to beings that you are now. And in order to become these beings you have to plan with the peoples of the Earth. The creatures that were here and certainly you shared your intelligence with them and you created new beings by joining with them of whom you are the descendants, however there are elements of those original peoples in all of you no matter what your tribe, no matter what your skin colour, no matter what your faith, no matter what your customs are - you are all one people now... more than you realise.

So the evolvement comes not because of which tribe you belong to, it comes by the amount and the capacity that you have within you to love, to appreciate and know of the beauty around you and your willingness to learn to let go of all the things that hold you back and restrict you. And this is not confined to any one being, of any one particular tribe of people. You are all equal in your opportunities that you set for yourself in this life no matter what your tribe is, no matter what speakings you have. Is that right?

Thank you.

Songee: You are welcome.

Songee can I go back to the, we were taking about the guardianship of the land, what, are there guidelines as far as what um those responsibilities entail?

Songee: Guardianship of the land, is very simple - it is honouring all life. Honouring all life in all it's forms, how it comes together, honouring and respecting it, being at one with it not in opposition to it. Those are the only guidelines you need to have.

(There is a long silence.)

Letting go

Are we keeping you up! (Laughter)

Songee: Do you need to go on the dream spirals.

Yeah. Songee I've been considering like um what you were talking about before the animal, um or whatever you want to call carnal love, but it being most difficult to let go, is um in my instance I find that very hard so therefore um I sort of like to have assistance but also I feel that by slowly withdrawing myself from that...

Songee: Doesn't work! Not are not withdrawing from that, what you are ending up doing is withdrawing from...


Songee: ...love and nurturing that will assist you. You are wasting earth time. You need to open yourself up, you understand?


Songee: Before I have been speaking to you about the difference between a spiritual connection and the earthly connection and how sometimes the spiritual connections does not mean there is necessary going to be an earthly connection. However in this situation that you are speaking about there is an earthly connection as well as a spiritual connection. You cannot separate those two. Do you understand? There is a difference with this thing. Whether you are meant to have an earthly connection as well as the spiritual connection then you will have it. It is will happen, it will be stronger than anything else and it is not just animal passion, it is something that goes beyond it because the spirit is saying, "I see you, I have found you, I have been looking for you for eternity, now I found you I am not going to let you go! I have caught you now! I have been searching the Universe for you and now I have found you. And then this happens I am not going to let you go now." Is that right?


Songee: So you have to acknowledge that and you have to say, "Well I have been well and truly caught." You know? And enjoy being caught and catch back because then it isn't just this, is it?

That's what it feels like.

Songee: That is only because you keep wanting to run away. (Laughter) When you have this and you say, "I have caught you." "Oh that's good I like being caught." Then you have this, is that right? Unity. However you have some workings to do, do you not? You have to master the little green snake.

It's not so little.

Songee: I am being kind.

Oh Thank you.

Songee: The little green snake, you need to master it.


Songee: It does not become a Worker of the Light.


Songee: It is demeaning in a Worker of the Light. Ponder on that and all the other things that you imagine are there. You know?

You bet, I have a good imagination.

Songee: That's right. However your imaginings are being whispering from the Dark Energy to turn you from you course.

Yeah I wondered about that too. I'm not altogether silly.

Songee: Songee not say you silly. (Laughter) Songee not say you silly. That is not, that is not so.

Oh no I just get a bit fed up with myself.

Which part of yourself?

Songee: Well that it very sensible to do that to be fed up with yourself.

(Words spoken ?)

Songee: Start to learn to recognise your strengths, start to learn to recognise where the love is in your life and embrace it. Start to learn to let go of all those aspects of your character that are in direct opposition in the Warrior of the Light. You will know what they are because they will create disharmony in your Soul, in your body and in your relationships.


Songee: That is very simple answer.

Thank you.

Songee: That is the short answer.

I appreciate that.

Songee: (Songee is laughing) You are always welcome.

Earth time?

Nine thirty.

Songee: So it is time now for you to all go, is it not? Back to your dream spirals. So you can travel the dream spirals.

Now, you have all been sitting down on your behind selves and you are probably getting very sore in your behind selves. All the blood goes down to the behind self, does it not? Is that right?


Songee: You need to stand up and dance. Is that a good idea for you, get up and dance yourself and enjoy and share and be one with each other. So mayhap you may like to make the soundings, simple soundings that you can dance with each and Songee will then leave you while you dance. I will dance a little with you, then I will leave you. Are you ready?

Ah The Peoples of the Earth musics. Just put it there and the soundings will come on, and it's going to come...

Are you all ready?

Songee: Everybody. Breathe, get ready to move yourself and... and you move yourself. Where is your sounding?

I don't know!

Songee: Ready dance. Breathe down into your middle self. Arms up to the Heavens, Breathe the beautiful energy of light, to share it with each other, go dance like this...

(There is lots of noise as the music starts.)

Music: "Passage to the Earth Mother" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: ...Close your eyes, and the energy moves from the Heaven down to the Earth to bring healing down... and bring the Light around you...

Songee leaves the Channel and Roberta-Margaret returns.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

Music: "As One" by Denean from the album "Fire Prayer"
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Music: "Passage to the Earth Mother" by Denean from the album "Fire Prayer"
"(c) (p) Denean / Sacred Earth Music, BMI".

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