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The Spirit of Christmas

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Spirit of Christmas'
A Teaching from Songee 14th December 2000

Crystal Light Of Love
Christmas Meditation
Keeping your Council
Making Changes
Giving and Loving
Story of the Wind and the Sun
The Breath of Life is the Sun
The Coming of The Spirit of Light
A Time to Offer Love and Support
Channelling Healing Energies to Little Butterfly
Not fulfilling the Destiny Path
Not fulfilling the Destiny Path - continues
Rewriting the hole in the Destiny Path
How many Earth Years

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This Gathering was held at the room at Point Chevalier in Auckland, New Zealand with ten people present.

Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
Only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

(The Music 'There is a Dream' is played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Greetings Songee.

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

So your time of celebration is almost upon you is it not?

That's right.

Songee: So perhaps for a few moments just for have for you a moment or so of Earth contemplation. Little Mother would you put the sounding on of the Child of Music, number one. Makes it very simple, and for all of you mayhap you make to close your eyes and breath the deep Breath of Life and follow the music on the dream spirals to a place of peace...

Music: "The First Noel" from the album "Peace on Earth" by Jeffree Clarkson.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)

(Songee is speaking to take everybody on a Meditation Journey. The music is too loud to hear all her words.)

Christmas Meditation

Come now and dance with the stars to the place of peace.

A journey to a place of ...

And to accompany you on this journey are the Angels of Light and the Fairies of Greatness.

(The music concludes and slowly everyone returns.)

Songee: Now with your eyes still closed for a moment I am going to come and touch you, and each one of you I would like you to speak some words of a gift that you would like to give to the World.

The families come together at Christmas
Everyone ... peace and love and compassion
... to Light
I'd like to gift the enlightenment to all
World of peace, ... no human ...
...peace of mind
People to have a very merry Christmas

(There were many other words that were softly spoken)

Songee: I ask for a gift of love and peace and Christ Consciousness to enter into all of the hearts of human-kind - So Be It

So Be It

Songee: Remember the gifts that you have offered to the World and be aware that they are gifts that you are offering also to your own-self. Accept the gifts with love, compassion and humility and take them into your life. Blessed be - So Be It

I am going to let you have some more soundings of the Child of Music while you be speaking together.

The Child of Music have very special energies you know, and the soundings that are brought to you will uplift your hearts and bring nourishment to your Souls.

(The music continues to play in the background.)

Songee: So what do you have for I this night?

Keeping your Council

Well I have something Songee, as you well know I can get myself into a ball of a mess lately, and I don't know which way is up, which way is down or left or right, .... I just don't really know what to do anymore.

Songee: Now, that is not strictly correct is it?

Oh I do... Yeah...

Songee: You do know what to do and you do know how to do it, what it is is that you are saying mayhap that you do not have the courage at the moment – is that right?

Yeah I just don't know whether it is time to say anything yet or not.

Songee: Who decides when and when not something is to take place?


Songee: What is your difficulty?

That I have um ...well there is the feeling is that one thing is that the parents are already pretty upset about a lot of stuff at the moment and mum's very upset and I felt by telling her that it would just kind of send her over the railings.

Songee: Is it essential that this take place in this earth-time now?


Songee: Then there is your answer. What would you burden somebody with something for, when there is no need at this point of the earth-time. When you keep your council, and this is different to keeping secrets, - secrets you don't keep no such thing, not permit – you keep council, you respect others integrity however no secrets. So in keeping your council you are learning how to keep the tongue still and not just to let it run away with you, do you understand?


Songee: Sometimes human-kinds have to learn the lesson of ‘Waiting'. This is not all time an easy lesson for you, you know, because it means that you have to be ‘Patient'. You have to learn how to be ‘Still' inside your being. How to allow events to unfold as they are meant to unfold and this is something that as human-kinds you find very difficult to do, most of the time. Because you have this desire within you to make things happen NOW! Instantly - it must be right this minute of this earth-time.

When you have something happening upon your life the instant feeling for you is either to keep it to yourself and not tell anybody at all, to make big secret of it, or - to tell everybody about it.

Somewhere in the middle there is a balance...

The last exciting thing that I had to tell everybody, I told everybody and nobody was interested!

Songee:...the excitement that you feel for your own self for something that you are achieving, sometimes it is not ready for others to hear you.

(Comments and laughter.)

Very obvious.

Songee: That is right, so they don't hear you. You tell them all these things and they do not respond to you. What is this saying to you?

Well many things because...

Songee: Apart from the fact that nobody's listening.

Either I am not suppose to be doing what I feel I'm suppose to be doing and they don't want to tell me at the moment, or they are so involved in their own stuff they can't actually hear anything other than their own stuff, or I picked the wrong moment, or they just weren't ready to hear it, or they are just not interested about anything I do anymore...


Songee: So mayhap it is all of these things at different times with different peoples is that right?

Oh no.

Songee: When did you last have somebody tell you something and you didn't hear what they say to you and later they say to you, I told you this thing, and you say, Well I don't remember it.

It happens to me. (Laughter)

Songee: This is something that human-kinds do. Don't beat yourselves up about it, be aware upon it, don't make it a big thing for you to dig a hole and put yourselves in the ground you know this is not for you to do this thing.

Instead learn to be sensitive to what is happening within your own being. Spirit will give you many pieces of information that you need to have for your life, that will assist you to make contact with your Destiny Path and the decisions that you have made for yourself before you came. And when you take this into your consciousness you begin to do the things that you do very well and that is your start to ponder on it. And you start to wonder whether this thing or that thing can happen and how can it happen and when can it happen and who is going to do this and who is going to do that and where is everything and so on and so forth, and before you know where you are you are all tied up in a great big bundle of knots all about you. You know.

Oh yeah I'm really...

Songee: The secret lies in learning to accept – I have given you this teach before have I not – learn to accept. You have information comes to you, you have knowledge of something you need to do, you make the actions to enable that thing to come to pass as is meant to be. You will find that you will not have obstacles in your way, it will be smoothly happening for you. Understand?

And then you come to the point where you have to begin to tell the World about it. And when you come to tell the World about it you start to look at yourself and all the fears that are inside you. And very often you will use all the fears that are inside you as excuses, as reasonings for not doing something or for doing something. Do you understand?

When you learn to listen to the quietness within you, you will find that the Universe will bless your actions, your words and whatever it is that you are needing to do – all you have to do is ask.

Hm...(?) it up to me.

Songee: When the moment is right your mouth will open and the words will come out. You will not have to worry about all the other considerations because remember that each of you comes to the Earth with your own Destiny Path set in place, no more no less are those that are around you. They must fulfil their Destiny Path as they have set it for themself. They must learn the lessons that they have come to this Earth to learn. And you are not responsible for them learning or not learning their lessons.

So when the moment is right you will find yourself speaking the words according to the Laws of Earth, and according to all the things that you know of Earth, it may seem to be exactly the wrong moment to say these things, do you understand?


Songee: However when the time of Earth is right it will happen and there will be no gainsaying it, it will come. The Power will be there for you to achieve what you need to achieve. And the imbalances that may have occurred because of your words or deeds will be redressed in that moment. They will be bought back into balance.

You have been given a task to do, is that right?


Songee: That task has created within you, the knowledge of that task has created within you, are fears of many things coming to the surface of your life, is that right?


Songee: And in fighting these fears, in attempting to combat them rather than facing them and looking at them, there was created around you an imbalance. The reflection of that imbalance you are seeing in the peoples around you, in your life you know. You are not causing their imbalance you are only seeing a reflection of your own imbalance in themself you know. So when you bring youself back into balance then you will see a reflection of that balance in your peoples around you also.

Making Changes

Remember all things are transient. They move from one space to another, they are never the same. This moment is this moment - Now. It will never come again. Do you understand?

Yes I do.

Songee: So as this moments come and go, a new moments come into being, so the changes will begin to take place - however you have to start with yourself, in here. This is a Truth I give you. It is for all peoples, in all times, in all places – that when you want to make changes around you in your life you must first change what is inside of you.

(Long silence)

Songee: So many times Songee hears the people of the World bewailing and bemoaning their fates – why does this have to happen to I – Songee hears - why is this happening in this life, why do I always have to do this thing, why is it that nobody else can do this thing. And then on the heels of that come the words – Well I am not going to do it anymore, I am not going to be this way anymore, I am not going to do this thing anymore and so on and so forth. Sometimes that is correct the changes that come inside say that you must no longer continue the patterns that you have had before time. Is that right?


Giving and Loving

Songee: However when that part of you that says, Why me – says - Why am I giving love and nobody else is giving it to I, why is it always me giving out. Why is it that nobody seems to give back.

Do you know what this is?

Is it because that person's not giving to themselves?

Songee: In part however what it is, is that...

There is no answer to WHY...

Songee: That is right. And also too, the person is not receiving. They are not receiving. What do you do when you have your bells and you make you bells go sounding to make speaking to somebody else, and the somebody else does not respond... What happens?

Well you wait for awhile and give them a fair chance to pick up the phone and if they are not there well you put down.

Songee: And then what?

You try later.

Songee: Sometimes peoples may make the bells go more than once and other times they say, Well that doesn't matter I not going to bother.

Sometimes you have upon your bells machines that make for you a copy of the voice, is that right? Like you have here, this thing. (Songee is referring to the tape recorder we are using for the meeting.) You have a tape, is it?

That's true.

Songee: And you have this machine and sometimes you can say to the person what you want to say. What happens when the person that you are speaking to does not respond? How do you feel inside?

Depends on the urgency isn't it.

Depowered because your initiative is gone.

Songee: You are giving and giving and giving and the person is not receiving. It is not being received. Sometimes you may speak wordings to people and they may respond to you with wordings back however when you ‘feel' what is behind the wordings you can ‘feel' that their response to you is not coming from the heart mayhap. It has not come from their core being, from their Soul, and so you then know that what you have given is not being received. Is that right?

When words follow our feelings, everybody...

(end of tape)

Songee: ...words, then everybody receives, is that what you are saying.


How many times have you send words out to people with love and have nothing back?


Can't remember.

Don't you get it back in another way.

It might not quite happen instantly, but it does happen.

Some people are just so closed that nothing reaches them. Not open to receive.

But sometimes when you give you get it maybe from somebody else.

Well how come you gave in the first place?

I think they received it but they didn't show it...

Songee: I am speaking about giving to a single person and not receiving back from the single person at this point. Certainly when you give out much love you will get love back from some where even though you may not get it back from that same place at that moment, that is very true however for what I am speaking about I would like you to focus on when you give something to somebody. Sometimes you can speak many words to somebody and they will not heed you, they will not hear what you are saying. They do not hear the teach, they do not hear the council, they do not hear the love, they do not feel it, they do not absorb it, it doesn't touch them. It seems to sit outside of their aura some how.

So how do you get past this thing?

Well I would begin to worry, wonder whether you are really sending the message in the right way.

Songee: Sometimes you have to stop sending and step back from sending. Look at what is happening within yourself, look at what it is that is making you feel as though you must keep sending - what is it that the other person is doing or not doing – that is making for you to respond in this fashion. It doesn't matter what is happening inside the person at the time, what rational you may give it, what your mind may say for it – it doesn't matter what that person may make in their mind and to give excuses and the reasons for the behaviours or not.

When it comes to the answer, the answer is that they are behaving in a fashion that is making you like a puppet on a string, like a marionette, you know. They pull the string and the hand goes up, they pull another string and the mouth opens, they pull some more strings and the marionette comes running.

Is that right?

Time to cut the strings.

You don't stop loving, you don't stop being ready to give however you change how you behave with this one. You stop running like the marionette. You continue to let the love shine, you let the love be known about and yet you keep yourself encapsulated as your own being. For you all have the right to be respected in your own rights and in your own way for who you are, the way you are, and for what it is you are experiencing in this life at this moment of time.

You cannot live the life for another and they cannot live the life for you, so keep loving and be prepared to keep giving only when you give, give when the time is right, give when you feel that the door has opened. Don't attempt to knock and make the door open by force because this will not work.

Story of the Wind and Sun

Have I tell you the story about the Wind and the Sun? I'm sure I have told you this story. Have I Little Shaman told you this story?

I don't remember this story.

Songee: About the power of the Wind and the Sun. It is a very ancient story. About the man-kind walking along and the man is wearing many clothings, these many skins you know, and the Sun and the Wind have an argumentation about who is the most powerful. And the Wind said he is most powerful and the Sun says that he is most powerful. So they decide to have a contest and who is going to make this human-kind shed their skins. It's the same thing about the giving and loving. So the Wind then says, I will show you I am far more strong than you, and begins to blow and blow and blow, you know. And what happens, it gets cold and the rains come and the man is walking along with the skins and he gets hold of them and rucks them up like this because the wind is blowing hard attempting to force him to take the skins off. And because it's cold and because he is feeling as only being battered about and blown about he wraps himself up even tighter. And then the Sun says you had your chance it's my turn now. And the Sun comes out from behind the clouds and he shines and shines and shines and gets brighter and brighter and warmer and warmer. And the man is walking along and he says to himself, Ho it is so warm I can't manage this any longer, and off come all the skins.

You have to be like the sun, you have to shine your radiance out. You don't use the wind of your persuasion, the wind of your voice, the wind of anything of your power to attempt to force something, or to force another to take off the skins you know - to open themself up to you. It won't work. All that will happen is they will do this and wrap up tighter and hide more away from you because you are too violent in your power. So change it, change the way you express your power. Express it with gentleness, with warmth. Shine, let your light shine, let you Soul have its full expression of Light. And this will make the change that you are waiting to have, come to pass.

And if the door doesn't open?

Songee: Then it is not written for it to open. It does not mean that ‘a' door will not open, it simply means that a particular door in not meant to open.

So keep shining, keep letting this love be seen and be felt by others around you all time. You will have moments when you will fall from grace for a little while and forget your lessons and you will go into yourself and say, Oh woe is I, this is terrible, what am I going to do, and so on and so forth. Is that right?


Songee: However come back always to the sun, always come back to the sun.

'The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my nourishment.'1

So what do you do with the pain?

Songee: The pain...

Yes the pain


Songee:...of what?

Giving to family and the door never open.

Songee: You have to do as I'm saying to you. You have to step back because as long as you keep knocking on the door...

I have stopped knocking on the door, so what do I do with the pain? I did step back.

Songee: That's right and then this thing you say that is hurting inside of you, you have to let the Light shine on it for youself. Let that same Light shine on that pain. Let it be illuminated. Allow it to be healed and go from your life, move on in your life, step forth into what is ahead of you, as long as you hold onto this pains inside of you you will remain, in part, stationary in one place. Not all of you, some part of you will go forward and the other part will stay in this place, so you have to free yourself.

Open your hearts and set yourselves free. Only you're opening your heart to Oneness, to Yourself as well as to others.

Any questions about that?

Is the Light...

Songee: The Light is infinite. It is there for all eternity. You are all Beings of Light, you all shine for the Light of Oneness and the Beauty of Oneness. It is only while you are in your physicalities that you are encumbered with your fears and all these many things that get upon your own way. When you learn to let the Light shine within you and then let it shine out and accept what is to come and say - So Be It.

An So Mote It Be.

In your life you will have many irritations. You are going to have many upsings and downsings all over the place. You are going to spin yourselves around and so on and so forth.

This is how you are going to be, because this is how you are you are human-kinds you are not perfect. What I am saying to you is when these times come upon you to remember this teach I'm giving you now that

'All Things are Transient'.

They pass and you can assist them to pass by being like the Sun in the story.

The Breath of Life is the Sun

Practice being like the Sun in the story. All the trials and tribulations that come your way in your daily life are there to test you on your ability to be the Sun in the story. And it will, on many occasions slowly test your patience. Stay with it, and remember that the Sun in not just the Sun in the skies, it is the Sun of the Chi Energy within you - the Life Force that is within you - and it is the Son of Heaven, the consciousness of the Christos that you allow to come into your being that also is, the Son.

So when you say that one word, when you say that thing that I have for you ‘The Breath of Life is the Sun and The Son is my Nourishment' – you are saying all of those things, you are saying the power of the Christos is my nourishment. The Chi Energy is the nourishment, the Son in the Heavens is the nourishment, you know, and then you will learn to become your own suns, letting the light shine.

On the journey of your life sometimes your sun will become dimmed because you will lack physical energy in your body and you will say, My goodness I am like this now, I'm so tired I don't have any energy. And then somebody comes along and says to you, You have to be like a Sun...

Touched by the Sun. (Laughter)

Songee: You look at them and you say, Very funny, you are telling great funnies are you not. Is that right? You say, Don't bother I, go away. Is that it?

Or sometimes you say, What a lot of nonsense. However when you stop and you go into the silence for a moment and you contemplate the words I'm giving you now and these are The Truth I'm giving you, ‘The Truth' not Songee's truth from with-in as I'm speaking it is ‘The Truth', The Truth of Everything.

You remember you remind yourself Songee said ‘All things are Transient.'

This feeling I have right now is going to pass, I hope it passes very quickly however I know it is going to pass. And Songee also say for I to take a breath. To find a quiet place mayhap and to take a Breath of Life. Close the eye, take a breath and go into the middle self and bring that power into your middle self.

Sometimes Organism is very tired sometimes very tired, and also as you forgets to practice the teach.

So does she.

Songee: That is right, very human thing to do is to forget to practice the teach you know. However you all have peoples with you in Spirit who can come and give you kick in the soft place and remind you. (Laughter) And this is what happens somebody comes and gives Organism kick in the soft place and says, What are you doing shilly-shallying about like this, go and do something about it.

Of Course, is the reply.

Oh yeah (Laughter)

Songee: Of course. However it takes a little bit of persuasion...


Songee: ...from the peoples in Spirit to give her a kick in the soft place sometimes.

However when it is listened to, when it is listened to then this can be done – this breathing is done and from one minute being like the flower that is rotting because it has no sustenance and no fluid to keep it alive, you know, there it is up and its face shining and all the energies there and up and doing and going and being and toing and froing. Is that right? And sometimes you may have seen this for yourself, some of you may not, some of you may have seen it. And one minute it looks as though the bottom has dropped out of the world the next minute it looks as though the Heavens have opened their doors and the Sun is shining and that is how it is the Sun is shining. The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Son is a nourishment and that is what has happened. And Breath has been taken.

And when you do this you can find that you will have the strength and the power to be with you through those difficult times, when you are struggling to learn how to step back from some things that you are better to step back from.

Does that make sense to you?

Do you feel it within you self?

The Breath...

I can feel the change when I take the Breath of Life...

Songee: And everybody around you is going every which way...


Songee: What is this thing? That's a foodings.

(Lots of comments and laughter)

When people eat too much of it they go bananas. They go all red with spots all over them or all yellow with spots all over them.

Songee: I don't understand this thing.

It's an expression...

They go mad – they go bananas, they go crazy.

Songee: I don't find the connection between foodings and not being right in your mind.

They look like a banana, it's yellow and it's curved and it's got spots on it, if you leave it arround too long it goes rotten.

Songee: Ah.

People can do that too.

Songee: I will have to accept what you say.


Songee: I have not seen anybody yet turn yellow with brown spots on and go peculiar, not yet. (laughter)

Mayhap this is a new disease that is yet to come to inflict man-kind. Is that right?

(Lots of giggling in the background)

No, it's already here.

Songee: Well when you are finding that everybody around you is in this manner of being you can be a Centre of Stillness, a place of calm amongst the chaos.

Practise it. Practice being a Centre of Calm among the chaos. You will find then that when you are like this that when you are out in your chariots and everybody is being very busy around you that there will be a circle of space around you and your chariot, protecting you from the chaos that is abounding around you.

The Coming of the Spirit of Light

Now, conversely to some of the things that you may believe at this particular time of your Earth you are coming to celebrate the time of the Christ Power, the Christos Power coming into your life, are you not, however at this time it is the time of most vulnerability, the time just before birth. The time when in ancient times and in many different tribes still it is believed that the moment just before birth is the time when the evil spirits will come and invade the child. So many things are taking place around the birth of the child to protect the child from evil spirits, these are the (?) that need these things, you know.

So at this time of your celebrations you need to know that abounding in your world are many Imps of Mischief, many negative energies that are doing His very best to sabotage and to make nonsense of the Spirit of Light that is attempting to come into your life and to renew itself in your life at this time.

How do you combat this...

The same way I've just given you now – you become a centre of stillness, a centre of calm among the chaos and then around you will be the protective energies – like a vortex.

So you need to practise being a centre of calmness. And then when you are a centre of calmness you can then embrace others and bring them in with you into that centre. They will come to you, they will stand near you, they will be with you for a short while, they will replenish themselves from your serenity, from your calmness before they once more go out into the chaos. They won't be aware they are doing this thing, they will simply do it. And those that are the most chaotic will be the ones that will come and find you. And these Souls may have these Souls that ordinarily would not come and seek you, only at this time they will come and seek you, they will come and stand by you, they will come and be where you are so that they can absorb your serenity.

A Time to Offer Love and Support

This is an analogy there D Butterfly isn't here tonight.

Songee: I am aware.

And a, it is time for birth of her as well.

Songee: It is not quite that, that time...

It is a very testing time right now for her and I want to somehow, because she is a very important part of this group, somehow if we could collectively think of and offer her some support...

Songee: So what you are asking is for everybody that is here to offer their love and support to The Butterfly? (Songee is referring to one of the Students.)


Songee: Would you like to do this thing?

Yes we do it, I do it all the time anyway, however every bit helps.

Songee: There is already a core of tranquillity with this one, do you understand?


Songee: There is a presence that is already with this one creating a vortex of power.

(Long silence)

Songee: There is a Soul that is already protecting and guarding and creating this Vortex of Serenity for this one, so that this one can be part of that Vortex of Serenity. Do you understand what I saying to you?

I speaking before time about yourself learning how to be this thing, and now saying to you that there is already a Soul there that is doing this thing. Not incarnate at this time, it is out of the body and not incarnate in the body. So there is already this thing. However this thing that you are asking is a very beautiful thing, is it not. And this is something that together can be done.

Little Mother would you like for the ‘Child of Music' number three and then everybody come and stand and bring your hands together...

Channelling Healing to Little Butterfly

So close your eyes, take inside of you the Breath of Life...

Music: Jeffree Clarkson's music "Peace on Earth", track three begins to play.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)

Say, 'Breath of the Sun, The Breath of Life is the Sun, and the Son is the Nourishment.'

Imagine, an you will, the one that you call Little Butterfly, standing in the midst and standing next to Little Butterfly is another Soul... and with that Soul are the Doorkeepers and Guardian for the Little Butterfly, and with the Soul that is with you...and with this too...there is another - One who Wields the Sword of Light, to fight the powers of darkness...

All around is the Light, glowing bright... inside within is the Little Butterfly and the other Souls are with them and Doorkeepers and Guardians of both.

And as long as there remains truth and integrity chaos will be held at bay.

So breathe the Breath of Life and say to yourself ‘The Breath of Life is the Sun, Son in my Nourishment'.

And send the Sun to this one and then come back soon...

Also too we send the Power of Light and Love to the chaos that is around, to bring peace and balance.

And know that with this thing to go as one to the Soul that is required in one...

So Be It

These two hearts

And go once more, take your place, your seatings.

(Everyone moves away from the circle and sits down again.)

Because the Soul cannot be drawn for one alone, the One who wields the Sword will have to go to do more workings around the Planet before returning where they came from.

(The music continues to play while everyone is sitting back down again.)

Songee: Because the Sword cannot be (?for just one), for the One who Wields the Sword will go have to two more workings around the planet before returning to where they came from.

So remember that at this time you can combat all those energies of chaos around you by finding the Silence, the Peace within you, that part of you that is the tranquillity of peace. And when you do this you can achieve much.

Do you have any questions?

Not fulfilling the Destiny Path

Songee, is it possible to not fulfil your Destiny Path?

Songee: Not to fulfil it?


Songee: The only way that you will not fulfil your Destiny Path is if you take your own life. And one other way - when you refuse to learn the lessons that you have set for yourself, your lessons will keep being repeated upon your life until such time as you learn them. Sometimes they become too much, the people said they are not going to bother learning them, so they become like that – they don't progress until they come back to another life.

It is good to say to yourself that everything upon your life is a lesson, everything is a test, everything is something for you to learn from and get on and do it. Don't ‘try' to do it, get on and do it. Do your very best with everything. And when it doesn't always work out for you learn from that too, and say thank you for it. Learn the lessons it has given you because that is part of the things that you have arranged as well.

Most importantly enjoy the journey, you won't have it again not this one, it will never come to you again, not in quite this way with the same Souls in the same bodies coming from the same parents, with the same things that have happened upon the life to make them into the beings that they are that you know now. This will never come to you again, this moment will pass and it will never return.

All things are transient.

Songee if you take your life do you have to come straight back and learn the lesson.

Songee: Not necessarily, sometimes the Soul will not come back straight away other times it might. Soul will come back to fulfil the part of its life, that it did not complete in that life, where it took its own life.

So mayhap you say to yourself somebody is going to live for three score year and ten years, you know, of your earth life and they come along and they take it after two score, then they have to go the last score and ten in another life. Sometimes they will come back and have their life and then go away from it, sometimes they will come back and they will have that part of their life and then their new life will begin straight after that, so they will have a new life beginning. And it will be just like that a new life beginning, everything that was before will not be anymore, new things will begin to come into the life. A whole new way of being of conceiving life and perceiving life will come to be.

Is it also written for someone, that that person will take his or her life...

(end of tape)

Not Fulfilling the Destiny Path - continues

Songee: surmount the obstacles of the life that causes them to come to the decision to take their life. They can be assisted to change within their being to assist them to find something in their life that they have power over so that they have something to look forward to in their life and that part will be written, that they will be redeemed. They will be reclaimed for life.

Sometimes the Soul is so angry, and so determined that it does not want to be on the Earth any longer that it will fight all the Powers of Light and all those beings that are in Spirit, and all the beings of Light that are around them in their life that love them and complete their deed.

So at the end that's Soul's decision to take the body away.

Songee: That is right. Soul says I don't want to do this anymore, I'm fed up with it, I don't want to do it, I'm not going to stay here, I'm going to go away. And sometimes when they do this thing, they are successful and they go back to Spirit, and when they go back to Spirit they look back and they say, Oh my goodness had I'd a stayed in that life look what would have happened, it wouldn't have been so bad for so very long. It would have improved and got better.

Or mayhap they have to say, Well it wouldn't have got very much better however I would have paid all back that Karma, now I've got to come to it all over again.


So when it gets back to Spirit, goes back to enlightenment, it also has to face the truth of its having betrayed the Souls that it agreed to come into the life with, for when you come into a life you agree with the other Souls that you are going to come into that life with them, to meet them, to have a relationships with them, to join with them for whatever task it is you come together to do and when one of you elects to go back to Spirit before the task is completed the one that is left behind, or the few that are left behind feel as though they have been betrayed, and they have great pain from it because they have attempted to honour their part of the destiny and the other has said, Well I don't want to be here so I'm going, I don't care about what you have promised them, or what you have agreed upon, I'm going to go.

Such it is when anybody or anything comes into your life and betrays you in this way. And leaves you feeling as though you have been betrayed so you know then that you are on which part of the Christos - The Path of the Christos2 – you are at the time of the Betrayal and then following that will come the time of the trials and the time of the Crucifixion followed by the time in the Tomb, followed by the Resurrection and then followed by the Ascension. And you know that your Path of Life is going to take this course. It also means that your Destiny Path has taken a great knock because you are not able to fulfil that part of your Destiny Path any longer. So there is a hole in your Destiny Path for awhile.

Rewriting the hole in the Destiny Path

So while you are asleep and in the dream state you have to go back to Akashic Records3 and you have to set it straight. You have to rewrite it for that part of your life, that is the only part of your life that is not written is for somebody to come and take their life, for you to not be able to honour your commitment to them on the Earth. So for some peoples it is a time of a new birth, a new beginning, a new start in such a manner of things come into the life because it changes things, it changes the commitment, it changes the promise.

This I have not spoken to you about before time.

Can we reincarnate in another dimension

Songee can you die and then come alive on another dimension?

Songee: Die from this physical body?

Am, trying to...

Songee: You can go and be reincarnated in another dimension, certainly. Many of the Beings of Light have come from the other dimensions to this one to help to bring you forward in your life so there are many Souls that come from the other dimensions already to this Earth to help to bring you forward in your life, bring you teach. You understand?


How Many Earth Years

Songee you specifically said three score year and ten. I take it that if you are older than three score and ten you have actually fulfilled your time and waiting to be...

Songee: Not necessarily. This is a time that has been given to illustrate a passage of time.

Many moons ago peoples lived for very long earth time – one hundred year, one hundred fifty year, two hundred year. Some even to three hundred year. The ability to do this thing was lost and has been lost to human-kind very slowly over the course of your evolution, you have grown in more knowledge and in more expansion of your awareness and the price you have had to pay for that is that you have increased the amount of disharmonies within the body that will wear it down and break it down. So at the period of the earth time, some moons past, it became apparent that to live three score year and ten was a very rich thing to be able to achieve. Many human-kinds lost their life before two score year because of battles and disharmonies and disease, you know. Now you have knowledge that has been given to you to extend your physicalities beyond three score year and ten once more.

The difference between this now and how it was before is that before it was achieved with serenity and now it is achieved in part, with substances that you have discovered for prolong life. The greatest power that will prolong your life is inner peace, acceptance, love – all the things I come to teach you. And then you have to take into consideration whether or not you have arranged for yourself to live to three hundred earth years of not. Is that right?

Some peoples have arranged to live for very many earth years and some peoples have not.

Songee how much is a score?

Twenty years.

Songee: There you are. (Songee takes a deep breath and then breaths out.) Breathe you are beginning to slide down the hole. Breathe. I can see all your little lights are starting to wink and blink and starting to go to the land of sleepings - breathe, take a deep Breath of Life.

What is the purpose of sleep for us?


For as the body...(?) ...anything else.

Songee: It gives you the opportunity to go on the dream spirals and to journey to those places that you need to go. It is nourishment for the Soul as well as nourishment for the body however having sayed for that it is possible for your bodies to survive on very little sleepings. You can sit and do the breathing that I'm showing you each time I come and teach you and that will be the same for you as going for a long sleep. You can replenish your body like that by taking the deep Breath of Life.

Oh I hope we can sleep as well Songee, when we can't sleep.

Songee: Certainly however when you do this thing you have to take inside of you the deep Breath of Life and groan it out, big wide mouth and ahhhh letting it out like that as you are lying on your bed. Make yourself sound like a Great She Bear, and growl out the sounding, the Breath of Life in and breathing it out. By the time you have done about four of these you will be in the dream spirals however you must do them correctly.

What about your earth time?

All gone.

Songee: That's right.

Time for I to leave you now. Perhaps I could leave you with a sounding - The Child of Music number four. And then you can all sing and dance and you can be as one together. And there are many of you that have not been able to be with you this night, not just Little Butterfly, many others also and to those also the Blessing of Light to go to them, all the peoples that have been to visit with Songee, over the past earth year and before that and before that again and so on and so forth.

The Blessings of Light to go to all those Souls and the Blessing of Light to go also to you for this time to share and be as one together in the Light of the Christos.

So Be It.

So Be It


1. 'The Breath of Life' - Teaching at this link
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3. 'The Akashic Records' - Teaching at this link
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