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Soul and Spirit

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Soul and Spirit'.
A Teaching from Songee 9th September 2003


White Eagle Speaks
Soul and Spirit
Secret of Connecting the Spirit and the Soul
The Vision
Songee's Word
The Truth
The Breath of Life
We have all been each other
What is Oneness
Different Planes of Existence
The Akashic Records
Hearing the Answer from Spirit
The Prayer becomes Manifest
Sharing the Vision
Ask Oneness Support
The Lessons of Life
An Eye for an Eye or to turn the other Cheek
Manifesting the Vision and the Goal
Healing Meditation

The Aromas used this night were Lavender and Ylang Ylang. The Venue was Roberta-Maraget's home in West Auckland, New Zealand.

Roberta-Margaret began by talking to the newcomers about what is their knowledge of channelling and what happens to her from her prospective when she goes away into spirit when Songee comes to talk to us.

As is usual when Roberta-Margaret offers herself as a channel to the Oneness Energy it appears that the spirit person we know as White Eagle overshadows her physical body. White Eagle then greets the people with his usual words. "Anamushta Aho". White Eagle is Roberta-Margaret's Guardian. On this occasion he continues speaking to the group, inviting them to stand and dance to the music. After the track is complete White Eagle made a shrill noise while the group sat down.

(The tape in the first part is of poor quality and very difficult to hear. It is very probable that some words may have been mis-transcribed, when a word is not heard (?) indicates this.)

White Eagle Speaks

"I am White Eagle come to speak for a short time with you to say soon the Mother will come. Now I speak to you and let you know that what is in your heart is already known. Some of you come because you hurt, you have a pain in here (White Eagle indicates the heart) and this is something that you have need of an answer, this is something given to you.

In the village, the woman will go to the Wise One and speak with her the things that trouble (? in their hearts. The men will come and see the Shaman. Sometimes the Shaman and the Wise Woman would do it together for the betterment of the people. I am telling you because all of you are learning how to be Shaman and Wise Woman for the people of your lives. This is your task, this is your journey (?).

The words that come from the 'Mother of all Things' are to guide you and to help you with your journey. All along your way you'll will find many signs that will assist you on your journey, that is all to being sensitive to each other, sensitive and caring for each for each other's needs.

We are ready, I will see you, I will speak with you again, perhaps next time you will join in the dance."

White Eagle withdraws his presence from overshadowing Roberta-Margaret and within a few seconds the Songee Energy was present with us.


Songee: Greetings to you. I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: So what have you for I tonight? I say first because I have something for you. Not quite what you are looking for and yet what it is you need. Who would like to begin.

I'll turn the heater off. Are you warm enough?


Songee can tell you what overshadowing I see in the aura. (The voice is too faint to hear on the tape. The person goes on to describe the overshadowing she is seeing around Roberta-Margaret's body.)

Songee: You must learn to give more description and learn to draw. Task for you. Learn to put the likeness down in the paper. Is that right. For when you do this then somebody will say, "Ah ha, I know this one." Is that right. So practise, have you had the teach?

I actually have drew the pictures of this man and this man I've seen.

Songee: Very good, so there is no purpose to it to make this likeness and then keep it to youself. Show everybody. Is that right?

Soul and Spirit

Songee there was, once again - and it has come up again and I know we have talked about this before, yet I did not quite really understand. Is the Spirit and the Soul um, I have a fair idea what one is, I may possibly have some sort of idea of what the other is. But I don't really know and I don't know how my feeling is that were I to understand particularly the spirit aspect of ourselves maybe I would realise this.

Songee: The Spirit and the Soul. You have the physicality, the physical body, this is your chariot. You understand, your chariot. This is the thing that you move about in your life. This is the one that you use to express your emotions, your feelings and so on and so forth. Is that right? Now your Soul is that which rides the chariot, you know. It makes it get up and go. The Soul is as though another body within the body, you understand.


Songee: And inside that, is the spirit. The Spirit, the pure essence of Oneness that moves within, that is your essence that belongs to Oneness.

When you leave this planet to go back to spirit, you go with your Soul, your Soul goes away and then leaves the chariot behind. The driver leaves the chariot, you know, and takes with it the Spirit. And when it returns to spirit the Soul essence remains in the ethers. In a form that is recognisable to those of earth that know it.

What we call a persona? Is it that?

Songee: Ah is more for the word you use 'Ghost'. You know, the Ghost, the living essence of the physicality that has returned to spirit. Do you understand?

Yeah, but there is another question mark. We know that spirit will present in different forms from different life times, is this this thing?

Songee: That is correct. It is the Soul that they have inhabited on different lifetimes that they can manifest in that Soul and show itself in that form. It has value mostly when it desires to come to communicate with somebody who remembers it.


Songee: Also it has value when it needs to present itself on the physical plane to manifest. It is the closest thing to physical matter. It is closer than spirit itself. Ponder on it for a moment.

I was just considering, is the there more density of vibration of the Soul than what there is of the spirit, that belongs to Oneness.

Songee: The spirit it is pure energy, it is Light only. The Soul is that part of you that returns to spirit and is there is spirit.

So when the essence of it, the spirit essence of it leaves the Soul, how does the Soul exist?

Songee: It becomes atoms and goes away however the spirit has the power to reconvene it together and reincarnate it into a form once more for its purpose of presenting itself. Only the spirit that have that form is allowed to do this thing, no one else is allow to do this thing.

Has what form? The form of the Soul?

Songee: That is right. Only the spirit that belong to that form of that ...

Oh I understand.

Songee: ...Soul is allowed to reconvene it and bring it back. So you have, you are getting very close to something that many peoples wonder about. You getting very close to it. So you have a spirit of pure light that can manifest a Soul for it to present itself on the physicality, the physical plane. Ponder on it.

You were going to say?

So the spirit is the only thing that doesn't change, that the Soul changes from one life to the other?

Songee: That is right.

So the atoms are rearranged, but they are still the same Soul but it is rearranged?

Songee: The Soul is as the chariot only the chariot of spirit in a different plane of existence and can exist for as long as the spirit desires for it to exist. When the spirit has no long have use for it, then it will cease to exist, the Soul will cease to exist, the spirit will continue. When you talk about Souls, Souls passing, you talk about that time of celebration when the Souls of Earth return to spirit. Souls that are trapped in the earth plane, Souls that are lost, Lost Souls, you know. With those Lost Souls are spirit energy also lost and needing to return to the Light, needing to go back to their source of energy.

So which of these contain the memory that we have of our lives...

The Spirit.

...the spirit?

Songee: The Spirit.

So it was the spirits that fell from Oneness, not the Souls!

Songee: Because there was not incarnate life at that time. It was the spirit that became divided.

Has anybody taken this a step further in their minds? I can see little bits tinkering away there.

No I am not making the quantum leap, it is just there but...

What is the relationship between spirit and Oneness? All is One, yeah.

Songee: Spirit is a part of Oneness.

As well as spirit.

Songee: When speak of the power of Oneness coming to you, you often will hear humankinds say, "The spirit have moved I." You understand? The spirit have moved I. This is the spirit, the pure Light and goodness of Oneness, of your God, moving like the wind across the waters and stirring you. And the Soul is the part of you that is able to interpret the emotions of that, the feelings of that, the reverence of that.

So that is what we need to touch to develop our discernment?

Songee: You need to be in touch with 'You Soul' and to be able to be at one with your spirit so that your Spirit and your soul and your physicality are one while you are incarnate. When you become disincarnate that is it - disincarnate, spirit becomes away from the body and takes the soul with it because they are together, like this, (Songee brings the two hands together and intertwines the fingers) you know, until the spirit decides it is time to leave.

Secret of Connecting to the Spirit and Soul

Well my illusion creates this barrier in this one thing coming together like that and no doubt there is a lot of help from our friend. I get so distressed about not knowing what to do next. About not knowing whether this is right or whether that is right and I have made this great practise of living in the now to the extent that I can't remember what happened anyway. I am at a stage at the moment where I feel as though I'm really quite sick of it and I just don't know whether what I am doing is right or whether I ought to just give that up because that doesn't seem to be opening, the doors don't seem to be opening and I feel sick and I get another headache and I know the reason that all that happens to, but that does not resolve the situation. So what I am attempting to do is be so in touch with what we are talking about and making this One that all that illusionary crap it doesn't matter anymore. And I would like to know that secret of how to do this.

Songee: Very good, because this is something that everybody would like to know also. They need to know what is this secret of what to do. Do you know who have got the answer to this?

Well Oneness will have the answer and you've got the answer.

And you to.

Yes but until I bring it together I don't know what the answer is, to do it?

Songee: There is one among you who have this answer already.


Songee: Apart from Organism who is NOT with you. There is one among you who does have this answer.

It will be the Little One. (Meaning Elroy the little Maltese dog asleep on the chair.)



Songee: No. Would you like to know.

Yes please.

Songee: I am sure that this one would be very surprised themself and yet the answer lies within them. However getting them to share it with you will be very difficult.

African Star! You have the answer.

B has the answer.

Songee: You have the answer to this.

I have no idea.

Songee: Oh yes you do. Yes you do. It is a very simple answer. What do you do when you are troubled? ... What do you do when you are troubled? ... Who do you talk to?

(Long pause as no one speaks.)

Do you talk to God, do you?

Songee: I told you it would be hard to get the words to come out.


Songee: That is right.

What do you say?

To pray. To talk to God.

Oh yes that's right.

Songee: It is all. It is everything. That is your secret. It is not a secret, it is all you need to do. Give it to Oneness. Everything. What happens is that in your life you go and do this and you go and do that, you go and do such and such and so on and so forth, and in the process of doing all this you become trapped by the weight of all these things. And your intellect tells you that you need to do something, you need to be in the now and yet your emotions say to you, "I want the answer now, I want the answer now, I want the answer now, give me, give me, give me." And your intellect says "You can't have the answer now, you are not ready, you are not prepared. You are too weighted down." And certainly in the days of your life that you live it is not an easy matter to go from a place of great burdening to find a place of peace and to sit or stand or lie down in that place and to say, "Now listen Oneness I have got a problem, I need you to FIX it." You know.

I do say that to Oneness, especially the 'fix it' bit.

Songee: That's right. So when it is right so it will be, it will be fix-ed for you. The answer will be given.

Now, when you are working with another peoples on a matter of importance, when you want something to come to a beneficial conclusion, or a satisfactory one for all concerned, what is the most important ingredient of this dish?



Sharing, exchange.


Songee: All those things and more however the most important thing that you need to make it work. Now you have all those are the ingredients you know. Those are all the ingredient of this dish. They would be, how you say, the raw ingredients, you know. However in order for this dish to taste right it needs something.


Songee: That's correct it has to cook, perhaps, and it needs something to get it started so it needs something.

Unconditional things.

Songee: Oh that part of the ingredients, all part of the ingredient.


Songee: It needs heat. Where is the heat, what is the heat? Heat does what?

Moves the ingredients around.

Songee: It creates.

A transformation.

Songee: A transformation, that's right. It changes it. It is as though it has been put in a crucible and it has been warmed up with the heat and it is beginning to change the nature of all the ingredients, begin to alter and change and come together, you know. So that the flavours of all those ingredients come and blend together, you know. However it order for those ingredients to come together and to blend, they need to come together in their correct proportions, do they not? And in order for to come together in their correct proportions you have to have what?

(Someone said something that was not heard.)

The Vision

Songee: Not quite, you have to have a vision, a knowing of what the outcome is meant to be.


Songee: The purpose of it, the goal. So you need to have a unified goal. When you have a unified goal then all the peoples involved in bringing the ingredients to the dish can create the final goal. Is that right?


Songee: And create the final dish, the one that will be shared by all. Is that right? So whether you are two or more ...


Songee: The same goal, the same vision of what the vision, this thing is going to be, When you do this then you are working together side by side and then Oneness says, "Ha at last, you are truly blessed. Now I can fix it." You know. You have peoples of different countries going like this at each other, fight, fight, fight. Do they have the same goal?


Songee: Some may argue that they do. This side wants that piece of land, this side wants that piece of land, same goal.

(Several people spoke at once.)

Songee: You are missing something, they are not desirous of coming together, side by side, the same goal to share, equally, you know, and until they do, this is what will happen. Oneness cannot fix it, Oneness cannot answer the prayers of these people or these people.

So how does unity come on an individual basis?

Songee: Unity comes between individuals.

And Oneness?

Songee: Peoples of different places, of different backgrounds, of different creeds can come together as one and acknowledge each other in love and share as you are doing, and this brings a great peace because Oneness says, "You are bless-ed because you have come together in love and in unity, so I can Fix It for you, for what is happening in your life for your goals of this moment."

Man and wife together, when you have one goal, the man have one goal, the woman have another goal, nothing happens. It may be the man get the goals all the time because the woman does not get to say what her goals are or tradition is. Mayhap it is the other way round, mayhap woman gets all her vision and man does not any. So you see you have to come together and talk to each other about your visions. Your hopes, your dreams, remember your song, the soundings you listen to.

I don't have a husband and I don't have many people around me and at the moment. I am resisting the illusion of the temptation of actually buying people to listen to me, right. Because I don't have people to listen to me even really care about what's happening to me, without discounting what is happening and so how do I achieve this thing as an individual because I don't have people around me. And I seem to spend a lot of time giving and sharing and helping other people and yet this is not happening for me and I know its probably some, bloody stupid thing I'm doing myself that's attracting this not to happen to me but me, but I'm, I'm quite serious about this Songee.

Songee: Very good.

And I don't want this to go on and I don't know what to do about it and I'm at that verge at the moment where do I just keep on going the way I am or do I short track this thing and do the other thing, right and its only because of my obligation and my caring about all the people and those things that I am caring about that I feel, and I use the word on purpose, the responsibility towards them because they are not able to be responsible for themselves, that is holding me here, that is all there is but it is not a very fulfilling, peaceful existence I am in at the moment.

Songee: So you have begun the process, you have begun the process of sharing this feeling, this emotion, this goal, you understand. Now you are in this room with this peoples ...

That's right.

Songee: ... who all come together to profess to have similar goal of one listening to the teach of Songee and to discover truths for themself and here is a very big one, it is time for them to say to you whether or not they also have a similar goal to yours and whether they can meet you with that goal, you understand?

Yes I do, but I see people coming and going, and the great example at the moment is with N, N's going and I felt as though we were actually starting to meet each other, and this has happened so often that the people that I have got close to that I could share information with of where I was at, have gone.

Songee: However this one is not going forever.

I know he will be back, to me this is quite a vital period of time.

Songee: That's right.

So who do I talk to? Who's there to care about and to have understanding at the level that I am at and the things that are concerning me? And my spiritual stuff, you know. At the moment I can't even ask to see You.

Songee: How is that?

Because I feel as though I am going to be turned down, that it is going to be a problem and, and the whole heap of stuff.

Songee: Has that happened for you?

Yes it has.

Songee: On purpose before.

On purpose before. I don't believe it happens on purpose, I believe it is just the situation of the life, of what is happening. I'm sorry I did not want to carry on like this tonight.

Songee: It's better.

It's OK.

I am actually very angry and every now and again I keep slipping into these depressions which is not good because I am loosing it.


Songee: So you need to talk about it with people who do care about you.

That's right and I know people do care about me and I know V does and N does and I'm sure B does even though he is only known me for a short period of time and I know D does because she comes over and helps and stuff. And I haven't known you long enough and you may believe she is a weird lady.

It is good to talk. It is most important to talk.

Songee: And you have this belief that you cannot speak to I and yet you don't open the mouth important enough to say the goal.

Because I feel it is going to be an imposition.

Songee: So you have to put that to one side and ask and talk of the goal, how can two minds come together for a goal when only one mind knows of the goal.

MM That's true.

Songee: So perhaps you might like to consider how you might like to do this thing and change that way of being so that you can enlist the support to help you to find your goal.

Well I know when I speak at least spirit will hear me. So that's good.

Songee: And you are living with this illusion that only spirit do hear you.

(Laughter.) My need is greater than that, Songee.

Songee: There is others that do hear you, including Organism, however sometimes you don't speak, you keep to yourself.

Well I've been practising this habit for many years.

Songee: So now time to break habit. Is that right? Start to come and it will ...

Well there is always the fact that all the burdens come to me, so I feel well people are so burdened with their own stuff, to add mine to it could be the last straw, so I don't say anything.

But everyone thinks like that, that's how...

Songee: This is what happens and everybody gets lost in it. So you mustn't allow this to be anymore, you know.

I'm sure everybody here have some story that they keep it to themself.

Songee: So it takes great courage and fortitude and a mountain, of irritation...

Well this is what drives me, isn't it.

Songee: ...For it to come out.

Well that's the only way it happens, isn't it, I get so damn angry about it.

Songee: Very good. Anger that is constructive is always of benefit, provided it is constructive and it is expressed in a constructive manner as you have done and now it is out in the open.

So I am inviting other peoples that you have shared this with to ponder upon it for a moment within themself and mayhap in their own time, quietly, at some point, they can approach you and say, "I would like to share the goal you have. I would like to be helpful to other peoples and share what you are doing." You know.

OK Songee.

Songee: So that is something I am giving out to peoples of this meet and the wordings of this because remember you are not the only ones who are going to listen for this soundings so there are peoples out there who are also going to benefit from your sharing this and learn how to find the goal and mayhap without your knowing there is already one, two, three, four, five, six peoples who will come to you and say, "I would like to share the goal, the vision." Do you understand?


Songee: Because this is it, the Vision. The Vision of bringing truth to the peoples of Earth, share it among each of the peoples of Earth. You have at your say with this one is going to go away fly in the big bird in the sky, has the same mission and vision as yourself and for you it is hard to part with one who has that vision and is going to do it in another place of living.

To me N feels like the last one, at the moment. Who has been receiving the teachings for so long.

Songee: Now ponder for a moment on these wordings and look around you.

And D.

Songee: That's better. And look around some more. Do not do what you are saying you believe others have done to you. The discounting, you know.

What is that? Oh, Little One (Songee is referring to Sally, one of Roberta-Margaret's spirit guides) say what is I liver chop! You know? Is that is? Do I have it right?

Chopped liver?

Songee: That's it. So this is what Little One say. So you say, "No they are not just chopped liver, they are also peoples who have the same goal and have been attempt to follow it and pass it on."

Songee's Word

Songee: Now when you go from here, this place of gathering who do you tell about Songee Meeting? Who do you tell about what you have learn-ed and how you have found something. Sometimes you may not know quite what it is you have found. You found something. You may not yet have the vision, you may not yet have the goal yet, who do you talk to? Do you keep it to youself?

I write emails to my two friends in Christchurch and tell them all about it.

Songee: And what about the other peoples here, we know how this one who is going on the big bird, we know how this one does this thing, what about everybody else? What about Little Mantis?

Yeah I talk to people about it on other religions.

Songee: And express what your personal experience is?


Songee: And do you talk to them a little of the vision, of telling the truth of the teaching and passing it on so that others can have it for themself.


Songee: So, who else do this thing?

Try to talk to people who don't believe in this at all, it is a bit hard.

Songee: That's right, however you are doing it, you are entering into the vision. You are entering into the vision, the vision of unity, the vision of peace, the vision of truth which is that which Little Mother is speaking about, is that right?

MMM I share the teaching with as many people that stand still long enough to hear it.

Songee: So Little Mother, do you hear what I am saying, for you, that there are people who are here with you this night that are also entering into the vision and all you have to do is to talk about it, to talk about and share with each other how difficult it is, how hard it is to get the people to understand it, the concept, sometimes it is alien to some, strange is it not. Some peoples are very a-feared of the notion of an energy that they may interpret as another spirit person coming and speaking through somebody. All their teachings, all the mores of all their lives have been to say that this is a bad and an evil thing. So they have to go past their fears and this is a very difficult thing for them to do. Even peoples who are very familiar of the Songee Energy sometimes may feel a little nervous about things because they don't quite know what Songee is going to say. Sometimes Songee can be very stern, is that right?

(Laughter.) Yes Songee.

The Truth

Songee: Because I am here to teach, I'm here to give you truth, only truth and I am not here to impose it upon you, remember that, most important. I am not here to impose this upon you. I give it to you freely for you to consider, for you to see where you can apply it in your life and see whether or not it will assist you in your life and how it will assist you to change your life.

The truths are all based in the things you already know, already been taught through many, many moons, through many centuries of your history of your planet.

The Breath of Life, breaths once more across the planet to bring the truth into the hearts and the minds of mankind.

Ponder on it.

The Breath of Life.

The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life breathes on the waters, breathes on the Earth, breathes into the atmosphere and brings life. It stirs the flame. The Breath of Life stirs the flame, the flame within, to get you to feel the stirrings of change within you, to help you to feel The Alchemy, that is the word ...

That is the word.

Songee: ... the alchemy of change within you so that you will grow, and part of that discovery is you prayer, to pray to Oneness. To pray to your God. Those who desirous of it will pray to Jesus. Those who are not, will not. Those who are desirous will pray to other energies of light that they recognise in their teachings.

All is heard. It doesn't matter where you pray to, in this instance provided the goal is the same, you know, the goal is the same. The Bringing of Truth and Light to the Earth, to the People of the Earth, to bring it in unity. Not to discount others who are doing a similar job, or are attempting to bring their version of the Truth and Light to the Earth, to honour it, to respect it, to allow them to be and to have that way of expressing that for themself in this life.

Remember that all humankinds are one. Do you know the reason for this, how I say to you for this? That you are all 'one' no matter what place of this planet you come from, no matter what colour you skin, no matter what place of worship you go, or not go, whether you believe or do not believe, seemingly good and bad alike, you are all One, in the eyes of Oneness. You hear this many times is that right? And yet although you hear it, the concept of it, it is very large is it not. Very large. How is it?

I always felt it was because we had the spirit of Oneness in every single one of us and that's what made us all 'one'.

We have all been Each Other

Songee: That is the spirit that moves within each of you. Also the other aspect is, at any given point of the evolution of this planet you have all been each other, somewhere. You have been man, you have been woman, you have been black, you have been white, you have been yellow, you have been brown, you have been this faith, you have been that faith, you have been some other faith, you have been no faith, you have been good and you have been bad. In all the many life times you have live-ed. So you are truly brothers and sisters under the skin, in your Souls. Your Souls have lived in different bodies, in different lifetimes, in different places with all the experiences of those lifetimes, no matter how long or short.

You have lived, you have laughed, you have loved and you have died, and been reborn.

So how do you mean that we have 'all been each other'? How could we have been each other?

Songee: So when you look into your reflection, what do you see? Physicality.

I see my own physicality.

Songee: Which is?

The physical body.

Songee: What is the skin?

Oh I see ...

Songee: The skin it is fair skin, the hair it is ...

Oh right ...

Fair, more or less.

Songee: The eyes?


Songee: So. And what do you see when you look at another here in this room? What do you see? White skin.

Whatever it is, yeah.

Songee: So in a lifetime before you have been ...

I may have looked like N. (Laughter of the concept that a woman could look like a man and be so handsome.)

Songee: You have also live a lifetime where you have been a different colour of skin. Of course.

Songee: And a different colour of eye, different colour of hair.

So, so do you mean that we have, that each of us have lived lifetimes LIKE the other person, not as the other person. Because two Souls couldn't live the same life.

Songee: That's right, that is what I am saying for you.


Songee: I am saying for you that you have all been each other. You know. That's how I am saying for it and that is what I am saying for you, that you have all been each other. Not the same Souls, same physicality's, similar physicality's, in other lifetimes you know.

Ponder on that one.

You have been your own enemy, perhaps. Hence the turn the other cheek.

In case it is your own! (Laughter)

Songee: Love thy neighbour as you would Youself because you have been your neighbour, before, in another lifetime.

Ponder on it, ponder on the vastness of it and all the many things that it will bring to your mind.

How old is our spirits?

Songee: How old?

Yes, is our spirits.

Songee: There is no age. You have, you have to forget about time. There is no time. In-fin-ite, is infinite.

What is Oneness

What is beyond Oneness?

Songee: What is beyond Oneness! What can be beyond Oneness?


Songee: Everything is Oneness. Everything conceivable, inconceivable.


I am the Alpha and Omega.

Beginning and the End.

All things, everything. Remember that what you are doing now in this place, you are living in a finite existence with a finite imagination. For you to go further you have to set aside this concept of being finite and go to infinite and take that.

Now having said that to you, I also say to you this is the most difficult thing for humankinds to do. It is also one of the most dangerous things for humankinds to do because for your mind and your being that is finite to hold within its knowledge and in its grasp the concept of infinite for any length of time is dangerous to your mind, your physicality, your mind. So there are certain barriers that are put there so that you do not have it immediately at your grasp. You can have a momentary taste of it through meditations, through soul journeys so on and so forth, however you are not allowed to have it and hold it permanently for to do so you would cease to exist. And it may be that you are not yet time for you to cease to exist, you know.

Those that work towards that goal will one day attain that goal and then they also will become infinite. They will return to the source and then they will manifest in the physicality as and when they need to.

Is anyone making another great leap?

Yes I have just made it.

Songee: Very good.

Different Planes of Existence

The um, sometime ago you explained to us about how we have different levels of existence, levels is not the right word, different whatever's of existence and, so, so um, so the Souls somehow would need to be put together for those existences to take place, so does the essence of the spirit also go into those other existences as well? You remember you drew the drawings. I have still got it.

Songee: When you talking about the different levels of planes of existence and this was part of the talk about the different dimensions also was it not? The Souls that exist in the different dimensions are put together as you say by the spirit so that they can be manifest into those, into those souls, and then those souls can show themself to those on that plane. Remember that in the event you have lived that life and left that body, that physicality - whatever it is, in that dimension, you don't go back to that physicality, you can go back to the Soul but you don't go back to the physicality.

So the spirit um manages all of that as one or does it manage all of those as sort of like, I can only consider it like you have a spirit energy and cut it up into little bits and a bit goes there like that?

Songee: No.

So does it as an overview?

Songee: As long as it does not need to be in that dimension the energies of the Soul are ...


Songee: Dissipated. And only were it to return to that plane of existence and desire to reconvene the energies to that form then it would go and do that, however there is no need so it doesn't be.

I was under the impression at the time that all those existences were like a whole lot of different life times going on at one time in different places, managed by one spirit.

Songee: No you have a physicality, it lives its life it leaves its life.

Like I am now?

Songee: That's right, and then goes to the next plane of existence. It can incarnate into the next plane of existence.

While one plane still exists?

Songee: Certainly all the different planes exist simultaneously however you don't have a physicality in this life and that life, not a physicality. You only have one physicality at a time otherwise it would become very, very conflicting.

Well this is how I wondered how it was being managed.

Songee: No it doesn't.

Were you saying that time doesn't exist?

No it doesn't, it is nothing.

Songee: Time doesn't exist. Only on this physicality.

Only in your illusions.

So if we are going to another plane we can look at this physicality, at this existence here like little segments to each life.

Songee: The physicality of the next plane of existence has its own time concept and so on and so forth. Each physicality has its own time concept. The soul and the spirit are not bound by time. Do you understand.

Yes. But I am just saying that if you are in any one plane, the other physicality doesn't exist, you would be looking at this world um and you can see the different lives as little segments as one next to the other because there is no time access each one or any one at your will.

The Akashic Records

Songee: Spirit will go and trace the different aspects of its own life time and this place of learning and research is called the Hall of Akashic Records.

Yes I know of that, this place.

Songee: You would go there for it because it is where everything is written, it is there for you and people access it in whatever manner they need to access it according to their 'now' physicality, their cognition.

Many moons past it mayhap be the Soul go and it would be the ancestors that they would go to meet and the ancestors would teach them and mayhap it was scribed onto parchment, or scribed onto stone or into the earth for them to read or to be painted on the walls of caves. Now you would go and mayhap you would sit and you would push button and you would see pictures moving because this is your concept of how you can access information. So the Soul can access information from the Akashic Records in whatever manner it needs that is appropriate for that Soul. Some like to repeat the journey, they like to go and step into the book or the picture or go through the door into the other place and to discover all the things in that place. This you can do through meditation.

This is like opening the book and each page of the book is one lifetime that you can only look at one at a time because you ...

Songee: Oh no, no that is not so. One book is one lifetime, there are myriads of books in the Akashic Records. Oh I understand that, but once you are reading one book you can't read all of them at the same time.

Songee: There would be no purpose to it. There would be no purpose to it. However the Guardian of the Akashic Records can take you from one life time to another and show you what it is that you need to know. For example you may go to Akashic Record with a question, a burning question in your mind, 'What it the meaning of life and death', you know? So you go and the Guardian of the Akashic Record says, "Oh we got a live one here. Let's take this one."

(Much laughter.)

Songee: "I am going to show you that in this lifetime this is where you discover this about life and death." And then they pull you away and then they say, "That in this lifetime and this is what you discover about life and death and in this life time this is what you discover." And you come out of it and you say, "Oh my goodness I learnt this and learnt this and learnt this. What a wise person I am."

That is providing you can bring it back into this conscious plane here.

Songee: Sometimes it is not necessary to bring it back into the consciousness. It is there, it is in your Soul. Remember your Soul already has spirit within that have lived the experience. All it is, is that you are going to revise it for yourself. To remind youself of it.

The lessons of it will come back to you and when the moment is right you will hear this bell go 'Ting' in your ear and then you will remember something and you will make a connection. It can be as simple as that. You will have what humankinds call inspiration or as some may say, insight. "I had an amazing insight today." Is that right?

What about the dreams too?

Songee: And the dreams are part of it. You are travelling and learning and revisiting and remembering and bringing it all back for yourself and sometimes it comes back in a hodge podge of things and at those moments it is best for you to scribe it all down, which you do. Sometimes you make sense of it, sometimes you don't straight away, you may make sense of it later. And when you don't make sense of it you ask Songee. Is that right?


Songee: Come and ask. And your spirit people they are there to help, they are there to guide you and also to give you scribing when you need them. They don't mind when you shout at them.

Just as well.

Hearing the Answer from Spirit

I think our biggest problem probably is that we can talk to them, we can talk to the one - how can we learn to listen to the answer?

Songee: Very good. African Star how do you know to listen?

I am listening.

Songee: How do you know to listen for the answer that comes from God? How do you know you have the answer come through from God? How do you recognise it?

Is it different for everybody?

Songee: Talk about it. Talk about it. How do you feel when you get your answer from God. When you know you have your answer?

I don't. This has been my ...

It is a problem.

Sometimes we, it's just a feeling that this is when we should do it and you go away and do it that way, maybe it will work, I don't know, and sometimes it doesn't. So when it doesn't you might feel well that wasn't the answer. I didn't really hear it.

Trial and error.

So were you trying to find a solution which will enable us to always find the right answer, whether it is good for us or not, you know.

Apparently there are no short cuts. That is a learning process and unfortunately it does happen as such. The more you tune into it, um I'm discovering that the answer is the one that brings me the most peace is the right one.

But sometimes when you are at a cross road you will think Oh help me God in the right way so I don't have an accident and so you might feel that you have got the answer and you go right, you go right and you have an accident. So what then?

It must have been due to happen then and you accept it and you, you are at peace with what has happened, what is the message.

I think you are right, that's it obviously the answer is that you have to learn from every experience whether it is good or bad. It that right.

The answer comes.

Songee: That is right however African Star was going to say something to you. What were you going to say? That is right. What do you say?


Songee: So do it take a deep breath, close your eyes and let your voice speak what is in your heart. How do you know that the speaking that you have comes from Oneness, how do you know that this is the right thing? How do you know you have found it?

(There is a long pause while we wait for this person to speak. He did say something very softly.)

When you have troubles in your life, what do you do? When you have troubles in your life what do you do?

What do You do? Don't worry about what everyone else does, what do you do?

I pray and I ask God ...

Songee: And ... What do you do next? Do you wait for an answer?


Songee: So you wait for an answer, how long do you wait?

How long do you wait for your answer?

The answer it will come, sometime soon. It will take long. I get in my experience what I'm doing.

Songee: So you get on with your life and you pray and you wait and get on with your life, is that right?


Songee: And then one day the answer it comes, is that right? What happens on that day when the answer comes? How do you know that is the answer? What tells you that that is the answer to your prayer.

OK, if I need to have work and if I get a work and I know that my answer has (?).

The Prayer Becomes Manifest

Songee: Very good, Very good. It becomes manifest, your prayer becomes manifest. You understand. When you pray to Oneness, it comes manifest on the Earth is that right? So you know your prayer has been answered because the manifestation takes place in your life.

While you are waiting for that manifestation to take place you get on with your life, you do everything you have to do, in the best way you know how. Remember most of you, ninety nine point nine percent of you are working blind from birth, so you have to learn to trust your prayers, to learn to trust your connection to Oneness.

Eventually your prayers will be answered, remember everything is written. You have already arranged everything for yourself so you will only have a concept of the goals and the dreams that you wish to aspire to, that you really need to achieve.

So there is no need to ask (?) and this was my theory about continuing to work in the now. My life is written, I have written it what is the point of asking for anything. Can I ask for it to be easier?

Songee: Because you are a living, breathing incarnate Soul.

So do I ask for reassurance?

Songee: You ask for the things that you perceive that you require for your existence on this planet, on this life. You have the vision, you create the vision in your being and bring it here into the vision and this makes it possible for the manifestation to take place.

When you came from your previous life with your partner of life into the life you have now. It needed to go through some transitions. You had to go through transitions, in order for you to reach this goal you had to learn to find the vision. You didn't have the vision initially, you had a concept of the vision of what you would like to achieve, what you would like to be. It has taken all these many moons for it to begin to manifest, and it has manifested, you understand?

Yeah I understand but I don't really know what it was.

Songee: You are living it.


Songee: You are living the manifestation of what you envisaged.

When I was in spirit?

Songee: No. You are living the manifestation of what you envisaged when you were in your before life with your partner of life. In this life.

No I am totally lost.

Songee: In this life.

Yes in this life I was married to a man, then I had the vision during that time?

Songee: You conceived a vision born out of whatever.


Songee: Frustrations, irritations, matters not. It became the trigger for the trigger for the vision to begin to form.

OK now I understand, thank you.

Songee: The energy, the irritations, the anger, ah is the heat that begins the alchemy, you know. This is the positive transformation for one way of being it to another way of being. So you changed your dish from where it was into a new dish and then you changed it some more until you are now living, the vision that you began back then, you understand?


Songee: Now the vision is not finished, remember your visions do not stop. As soon as you reach a place you don't sit there and say, "Ah I am content now."


Songee: That is not the way of human nature, you don't do it. You say, "That is good, that is very good, I have achieved that, I am very happy with that, however I want this bit, now." You know. Everybody is the same, I want this bit now this is the next bit. So you go from goal or vision, to vision to vision. Nothing wrong with that. However in order to do it sometimes you have to enlist the help of Oneness and all the peoples in spirit who can help you to help you to find that vision."

What the next vision is.

Sharing the Vision

Songee: So you may imagine that you are a people alone in the physicality, yet you have... moment. (Songee seemed to be experiencing difficulty with Roberta-Margaret's throat and laid a hand over it.) You have in spirit the people that will share with you the vision that you have set in place, before you come. I make this better in a moment. (Songee is referring to the throat which still does not sound correct.) Remember I say to you that as long as you have two of you to have a vision you can bring it together. The people in spirit will help you with this also. So you can say, "I have this vision, I need somebody to come into the light to help I with the vision." When you have this, Organism will sing to you, to help you with your vision, is that right?

Yes and she did help.

Songee: That's right. At different points along the way you needed other people to help you with the vision. You ask for them, they were sent to you.

One of the miracles of bringing from here to Earth, is to have recognition of the manifestation and how it works and the fact that you need the energies of peoples around you who help you to make those vision come into manifestation. No man is an island, no one works alone.

Ask Oneness Support

You attempt to do by youself, without Oneness support, you fall over. And you find it very hard to get back up. Always ask Oneness for your assistance. Oneness will send your Doorkeeper, your Guardian to you. Your Doorkeeper, your Guardian and your Guides and Helpers will come to you. They will rush around and find the Doorkeeper and Guardian the one that has to come and help you, you know. And this is how it is.

I think I am still lost here because haven't we said before that before we come here we have arranged for everything to happen, that way haven't we?

Songee: That's right, you are quite right and I and only explaining to you how in the blindness of your incarnation how you need to function. How you need to assist the manifestation to take place.

And to see the vision.

Songee: And to assist you to see the vision.

And the realization.

Whether we see it or not whether we have it or not...

This was my argument half and hour ago!

It's going to happen that way anyway.


The Lessons of Life

Songee: That's right, it is going to happen however the Lesson of Life is for you to learn to have the connection with Oneness. To learn to have the vision, to learn to be at One with it. It is a Lesson of Life.

So the actual experience in this life, the only benefit from it is the lesson, nothing else.

Songee: All the many lessons, life itself is a big lesson.


Songee: That is right.

But you are not going to influence the way it is going to happen. You are here just to learn from every experience.

Songee: And to share it. To pass on the knowledge of it. Don't diminish it, it is a very valuable thing that the Soul is learning and passing on and its spirit is having it.

That in itself is going to be a big problem because of people would say, "OK I have had a bad experience, I have been beaten up by someone, how can I learn a lesson from that?" How do I recognise the lesson?

Songee: The lesson is not in the being beaten up by the other, although some might argue about that, some might say they deserve it. However Songee is not saying that. The lesson is in learning forgiveness for the one who has done the beating up. Learning how to forgive it, how to let it pass from the life so that all that is left is the love.

My feeling is learning to moderate and live with our attitude, our attitude and sensation about every single thing that happens, is learning to moderate it so that it remains balanced. And that is quite difficult.

Yes because there is the other concept which says that if you are not going to speak up for yourself you will get beaten up every hour, every minute if you don' t defend yourself. Now defending oneself is that, is that not recognising the love?

You have an answer for your own question.

I really don't know because whether it is to defend yourself during the beating if we take that example, and then when it does happen then you forgive it, is that the way it should work? But you still have the duty to defend yourself when it is happening, the lesson is only learnt after it is finished. It that true or ... or am I right here or not?

Songee: Each Soul's experience of such an act will vary from life to life because they will have for themself the nature of the lesson written into it.

For example, I give you example.

Would you like a drink of water. (Someone is coughing.)

Songee: I don't have to tell you. A child, a child can be very cruel to a child you know?


Songee: And very often you see where groups of childrens will gather together and will subjugate another to a physical beating for no other reason than the other doesn't meet the requirements of the concept of the leader of the pack, is that right?


Songee: So what happens when this is transpiring and you come along and you see this transpiring and you say, "Stop. If you want to beat somebody up beat I up, leave that one alone, that one cannot defend themself." So the pack turns on you and beats you up. And then when you are lying on the ground, you turn and you say to the leader of the pack, "Are you content now? Are you content now you have done this thing?" And when they reply to you mayhap, "Certainly and I shall do it again." And you open your mouth and you say to them, "You do realise you are going to reap the benefits of this." And leave it alone after that and watch him.

This I give you because it is something that comes from the Akashic Record of Organism, (Songee refers to Roberta-Margaret as the Organism) where this event transpire and the leader of the pack manifested the punishment for themself and ever after there was respect for Organism because there was a knowledge that became known among the childrens that this one knew things that they did not. This one was able to be beaten and not fight back and yet punishment would come to the one that transgressed, not because Organism make it be, because Organism have the power to see it and to know it is going to be and ever after no more children beaten up, understand the lesson. Doesn't matter, mayhap there were bumps and bruises and sore things all over Organism, doesn't matter. Do you understand. Because the lesson was power, strength is in Light, is in protecting the innocent...

But Songee this is ...

Songee: ...Without malice.

... Sorry, this is just an example because in reality things are very different quite a lot because the person who is beaten up may be affected for life.

Songee: That is true.

In which case the lesson learnt here does not apply anymore, it maybe there is another lesson.

Songee: That is right. So the lesson differs from Soul to Soul depending on what it is they are desirous of learning at that time in this life time. You cannot guess at what their lesson is. You can only be responsible for the lesson that you learnt from it, any given experience good or bad. Do you understand?


Songee: And because you are working blind you don't know what is around the corner, whether you are going to turn right or left and come to grief or whether you are going to have a great joy on the journey, you know. You don't know that is the very thing that we are discussing because you don't know. Is the right?

I find that absolutely bizarre.

Songee: That you don't know?

Yes that I don't know.

Songee: That is the way it is.

I know that is the way it is, I still find it quite bizarre I sort of feel that had I had have even the knowledge I have now when I was a child um it would have been quite different.

Songee: Of course. Everybody that lives has the same cry, Little Mother. That is right.

In hindsight. I could have done it so much better. I could have lived this stuff so much better.

Songee: You are not alone in this. You are not alone in this.

It seems such a waste.

Songee: So now you have the teach of Songee giving you the truth to pass to others.

So I can say to others, like my mother said to me, "You are going to regret this when you grow up."

And it won't matter to them anyway.

Songee: To teach the child, to teach values, to the child you are talking process of, dynamics of the events, you are talking about, the process of values. You are talking about teaching childrens these things. How to express their anger in a healthy way. How to express their love. How to be moved by the spirit of Oneness to speak the truth that is in their heart, to speak the love that they feel, to speak out against injustice wherever they see it, you know. This is part of what your tasks are in this life, to learn to do this things. There are many tasks. Everybody say, "Songee what is the task I have for this life?" You have many tasks, everybody, and some of you will specialise, thank you, Dr Sven say, "Specialise", in an area you will feel powerful in. It doesn't meant that everything else you have learn-ed is wrong, simply that you are working in this area and this is where it is meant to be for you.

An Eye for an Eye or to Turn the Other Cheek

Songee the um my question is still there unanswered. I still would like to know the truth about, you know turn the other cheek and also an eye for an eye. Most religion think the same thing so what are we to do turn the other cheek or an eye for an eye.

Songee: Well, when we have the discussion before you ask I about the one Jesus, how it is I speak of the one Jesus, is that right?

And in all the different Facets of the Diamond across your planet there are many different ones and some of them as you say they say that if somebody take your eye you take it out their one, is that right. Jesus came to the Earth to be among the people and to teach the new teaching which was "No, two wrongs do not make one right. Somebody put out your eye you don't put out theirs. You know, this is not the right way to do." This one came to teach humankind about loving each other, being kind to each other. Somebody injure you, you don't go and deliberately injure them back.

Whose right is it to take vengeance on another, to avenge another. Some humankinds believe it is their responsibility to avenge somebody. What happens, they take vengeance and the family of that one come and take vengeance on them so the family then takes vengeance on that family and that family takes vengeance on that family and so it goes on for generations after generations after generations. Jesus came to tell peoples, "Stop, don't do this, don't do this anymore." Somebody does this, finite, what did you do that for? How did that come about? How can I understand how this come about? And in the event that you cannot understand it then you have to forgive it. To forgive it you have to look at the lesson of it, the lesson may be they did not know any better. Their minds are set in a certain way. They cannot be any different at this point in their evolution and that is the lesson I have come to learn from this so I will forgive because I understand that this is it. And in the forgiveness it will come, you know. When the understanding come, so the forgiveness comes, so the peace comes. Do you understand?


Songee: It is not easy, not easy. None of these lessons of life that you set for yourself are easy. For if it were easy what would be the point in your coming and doing them. Is that right?

Songee I sometimes say, without love everything dies and with love everything blossoms. Um I feel that you might give me help in saying maybe it correctly, in more depth.

Songee: I feel that you say it very well.

Thank you.

Songee: Don't feel that you need to say it anymore than it says it all. It is for the one that hears it, to make the depth out of it. You don't need to make the depth more than it is.

So love, this is it, the new teaching that came with the one known as Jesus, came to teach love. It does not discount all the teachings of all the other facets, it only says now you need to practise love. Those others things worked and were valid up to this point, from this point forward now you need to practise love. You understand? And when you look at all the different teaching you will find that in the times past many of the teachings were given as laws for people to live their lives by because those were the laws that were required at that time of evolution for the peoples of that time. Do you understand? However you souls are evolving now and coming away from that time, at least they are suppose to be, and evolving into greater expressions of spirituality of Light and Love. That right? So in acknowledging each other, each others visions, sharing those visions, supporting each other, this is a demonstration of the love. This then assists the manifestation of that love on the Earth amongst people, amongst all of you so that you can take it out and share it among other people.

Manifesting The Vision and the Goal

Songee: Remember the vision and the goal and when you have a shared vision and goal you will manifest it. So if you all share the vision and goal from this night is to go forth and to love one another then you will manifest it. Do you understand? You will manifest it in your life and it will become manifest for others in their lives also. They will see it, hear it, feel it, touch it. It doesn't matter how many disagreements you have with each other, provided you hold onto the vision and the goal, the vision and the goal is now real. You know, no matter who you are, I love you.

You are saying that, but ...

Songee: I love you. You know? Man for woman, husband for wife, mother for child, father for child, friend for friend, stranger for stranger.

That is all you can do at this point, this is your evolution, this is where you are now in your evolution to learn how to love and give love to others.

It is time for I to go now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: I am aware that there are among you all, in different degrees energies that are not in balance, that you have energies that are disharmonious to your physicalities.

So I will like Little Mother to make a sounding and just for duration of one sounding for everybody to join your hands together and the healing energies to come to each of you. Hold your hands like this, one up and one down. Right one down, left one up. You got it because you are going to relax. Come, come, all joint together, come closer, that's right bring your seatings, that's right all come together, bring together. That's right. Are we ready?

Healing Meditation

That's right. Listen to the soundings and breathe ... and as you breathe, breathe ... breathe into your body ... Give your troubles to Oneness now, all your physical ailments, release all your troubles, let anguish, everything and anything, give it now to Oneness and in return feel the Breath of Life blowing through your Soul ... As your hands are joined so allow your Souls and your Spirits to be joined so that no matter where you may be in this life always be at one with each other and with Oneness in the power of light and Love.

I leave you now with the power of all the knowing and all the healing energies to be with you and among you for now and for always.

So Be It

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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