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Karmic Responsibilities

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Karmic Responsibilities'.
A Teaching from Songee 11th November 2003


Opening Prayer
Breath of Life Mantra
Karmic Duty
Love will break the Karmic Cycle
Karmic Responsibilities
Honour those who have gone before
Animals come to Teach - They don't have karma
Thank you to the Chicken who laid the egg we eat
Seeing Spirit at the gathering
Does my Mum have a message for me
Questions of Life

This Gathering was held on the 11th November 2003 at Roberta-Margaret's home in Ranui. There were 8 people present. The Aroma oils were Geranium and the Incense Chypre.

Opening Prayer

Roberta-Margaret opens the Gathering by saying,

Close your eyes. Close your eyes, take a deep breath -

Infinite Spirit, Source of all Light and Love, surround us with your loving care and protection. We welcome our Doorkeepers and Guardians to come close to blend your colours with ours. We invite our guides and helpers and all those in spirit who come to teach, be taught or simply to be. And all together as one we entreat the Creator, source of all Light and Love, for love peace harmony and healing. For healing to go everyone who's in this room, to all the people who can't be with us tonight, to all the people whose names are written in the healing books, to the people we have encountered in our daily lives, for those who we are holding close in our hearts. To go to all the different countries in the world, to all these in prisons and sick beds and institutions, may it go to the different countries of the world, to those that govern, so they might govern wisely and well with humanity and mercy. May it go to all the different places of the world where there are floods and famines and for man's inhumanity to man. May it go to all the creatures of the world, those that fly in its air, that live in and on its waters, from the very largest to the very smallest, to the rocks, trees, plants and to the Earth itself, and for all of these things we say thank you and So Be It.

Breath of Life Mantra

Now with the beautiful piece of music I want you to take some deep breaths into the middle, bring it in, remember the mantra,

'The Breath of Life is the Sun, the Son is my nourishment'.

Songee has said this is a two-fold message, it is not just the Sun in the sky, the sun of the middle chakra, it's the Son of Heaven. So where ever your emotions and your emotions rise let that be whatever it means for you. So as you take the breath in, breathe in and you say to yourself, 'The Breath of Life is the Sun', hold it, and as you breathe out 'The Sun is my nourishment'. And for every breath you take allow the fire, the light, the love to grow and blossom in your middle chakra and as it becomes warm let that go out into the parts of your body, every cell in your body. Let it radiate out, like the sun in the sky, and the warmth of Oneness enters this light, let it radiate out. Allow yourself the power of it.

Roberta-Margaret goes into a full trance state and her Guardian White Eagle appears to overshadow for a brief moment and seems to prepare Roberta-Margaret's body for channelling Songee.

Songee: Greetings I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: So what have you for I this night?

There have been two emails from our friend in the UK. And I don't really know what I need to do with them.

Songee: And are there any other matters?

That's all I was going to say.

Songee: What I would like for you to do is for everybody to ponder for a moment on the things that they would like to know, and don't necessarily have to speak of them, only ponder on them for a moment. For as you ponder upon them, they are as birds that fly around your head, and when they come to roost, that is when you are ready for the question to be either spoken, and you wish to speak it, or to have it answered.


And the biggest question that is being shouted very loud is, "Why? Why?"

What a huge question! There is no answer, dear ones, for 'Why'. For when one 'Why' is answered, there is always another, and another, and another. Instead, I would like for you now to look at the question of Why and ponder upon this. How is it, it generates more and more and more? There is never any satisfactory answer to Why. Always there will be somebody who is disappointed in the answer. Always there is somebody who does not like it, whatever the answer is.

Better to reflect upon, 'How'. What happened? What is possible? What is not? Because you are humankinds, you have enquiring minds, so your minds will always be searching. This is how it is meant to be, this is how minds work.

When you look upon the iniquities of the world, the burning question often is - Why? Why did this have to be? Why did this have to happen in such a manner? Where was Oneness when this happened, and so on and so forth. Remember, and I'm going to remind you all now, because in it is strength, in it is courage, in it is your salvation. You are Hope an you like, for better things. And that is, every soul, born into this plane of existence is born for a purpose in life. Every soul comes to fulfil a journey of life.

Sometimes people will agonise for many moons wondering what is that purpose of life. Is that not so? However, it matters not whether you do or you do not. Ultimately, you will reach your destination, whatever that is to be. Before you are coming to this earth, you will arrange for Youself to reap the karma of previous lifetimes. Hold this as knowledge, because it is true, and whatever you do ' as they say in your book of words, the words of Jesus, 'As ye sow, so shall ye reap'. That true? So in the lifetimes before, mayhap, you have lived a life that requires now in this lifetime that you face some of those iniquities. Whatever you may be in this life, and whomsoever you may be in this life, you are your own judgement day. You will make your own judgement upon Youself. Oneness does not make that judgement for you.


When you are return-ed to Spirit, as all souls must return to Spirit, you will discover for yourselves that the power of Oneness that is Youself, within your being, will not deny the truth of the knowledge of your iniquities. In different words, you cannot lie. You cannot hide from the truth.

It is not for one to make judgement on another. It is for each of you to remember only that you will make judgement on youself when you return home, as all souls must.

For those that are left in the Earth plane, it is very difficult, very hard to sometimes to understand the plan of those that are about to leave you and those that have left you. Sometimes you may see the plan after they have departed this plane of existence.

However the biggest lesson for all souls that are born to this plane is manifestly one big lesson. Do you know what it is? You have heard this talking before, I know.

How to love.


Songee: That is right. How to love? How to love. How to love when you are angry, how to love when you are sad. How to love in the face of all the iniquities of the world. How to do that thing. That is the purest thing that you have come to learn. And you will learn it, slowly and in portions, you will learn. Because the trials of life that come to each of you will give for you the testing ground for that love.

And in times of sorrow, you continue to hold love in your heart, howsoever you need or are able to do it, you do it. For when you pray for the souls of those who are departing this life and who have departed this life, pray also for those they have left behind. For those that have been left behind must continue the journey. And when you say your prayers for love, do not discriminate between peoples; this is the lesson of this life. Not an easy one ' a very difficult one, yet. An you don't do this thing, then you will be giving up the gift that the departed one has given you in allowing something to happen in their life. Do you understand what I am saying?

Each life is a gift, a precious gift of light. And as such, each comes to teach another, the way. Nobody is alone, everybody is like it so, I have shown you this beforetime. (Songee is making a linking hand gesture here.) Like so. Everybody's life is linked like this. Where your souls are linked together, you will come to give each other a lesson of life, by the mere gift of your living, of your existence on this earth. Ponder upon it, for a moment, and you will see the beauty of that gift. So when prayers are say-ed for those that have returned home to Spirit, say prayers for those that are left behind.

Karmic Duty

You cannot, make yourself have understanding of another's karmic duty. You know of what I speak karmic duty? Does anybody not understand it? Karmic duty. I'm listening.

(Some guests expressed that they were not sure.)

Songee: You all have a karmic duty. You have your own karma to live, to pass through this life, and you have a karmic duty to others whom you will encounter. Now extend that a little further beyond youself, to other peoples in the world. And perhaps then the picture will begin to form itself for you. You come to fulfil your karmic duty for each other. I give you example.

Many moons ago now, there was one on the earth who came to meet the Songee Energy. This one who came many moons ago left one dark night to return home. On the journey home, this one ran over the body of a woman child in the road, and she died. The one who came to the Songee meet was devastated. Wanting to know, Why? Why has this happened? And then, lo, the spirit of the woman child presented itself to her to say, thank you. "Thank you for fulfilling the karmic debt that I had to have paid, thank you for agreeing before we were born to do this for I." The one who was driving the chariot did not know this one in life. Had no knowledge of this one, and yet, there, seemingly out of nowhere, this happening comes to pass. The karmic debt that is paid is a gift from one humankind to another. It is not always a nice gift, because it always causes great pain to somebody, and sometimes several bodies. It is a necessary part of your evolvement and your understanding of love. In understanding that this was the gift that the one who drove the chariot was giving to this woman child for this life, the soul of the one was eased a little of the pain of this happening. Still there had to be a process of earth, of grief to pass through. That is the usual process, and is not to be denied or pushed away or made small of. It must be honoured, and yet at the same time, honour also this other part of the events that take place.

I speak now another example for you. Organism. (Songee is referring to Roberta-Margaret and always uses this name when speaking about Roberta-Margaret.)

Organism have Partner of Life, who left the earth plane to return to Spirit, most suddenly in the eyes of many people. Not suddenly in the eyes of Organism, because Organism knew that the path of life was coming to a close, because there had been foreknowledge of it.

And yet there is this gift, and there is debt to pay in karma and so on and so forth, and one came into the life of Organism and the partner of life in order to be present at this momentous time. Part of this is karma, owed, and a debt that has to be repaid. The shock of this on the physical plane is very large and very painful. Yet it is not taking away the importance of knowing of the gift. The gift of one who has agreed to be present at the passing of the other. And yet having to live with the knowledge that they could not be in time. And I say, you were not meant to be in time! It was not meant to be that way! You were meant to fulfil your task, and that you did very well. You fulfilled it as you had promised you would fulfil it, before time, before you all came to the earth to this life. It is time now to let go of that part of the grief and acknowledge yourself the gift that you gave. You gave the gift of being the one to bring support, love and comfort at the exact moment it was needed in this life.

And those involved in that situation, all of you brought a gift to repay some of the karma from a previous life that had been given to you. Remember please, karma is not always bad. Sometimes karma is good, you know, you have good and bad. Everybody focus on the bad, and not on the good. Focus a little now on the good.

So, in your times of great grief, look around you and see those that have come to bring you love and succour at the time of your grief, and know that you have arranged before you came to the Earth that you would be there for each other when the soul departed, and the soul departing knew that this would be so ' knew that this was the way it would be.

Not everybody is like Organism and knows it in the mind, in the consciousness, you know. However, the soul ' the truth is in the soul, and the soul knows it, and is ready, so that when it passes into Spirit, it is already free. It is already at peace. It is already prepared for the next part of its journey. Do you understand?

I don't know who was prepared, the person who passed on, or the person who was left behind.

Songee: The person who passes on is all prepared by the time they move into Spirit.

That's good for them.

Songee: That is right. And this is how I say, that when you say your prayers you don't say them all the time only for the ones who have departed, you say also for the ones who have been left behind. For the ones who have been left behind are the ones who need those prayers the most.

That's right for they are still suffering.

Songee: That's right. Because the suffering is there. However, your suffering can be made shorter with knowledge and understanding. It does not have to be a burden that you carry all of your life and back into eternity. Do you understand?

This is the purpose of life, to learn these things, to learn of love.

To give and receive forgiveness. For the one who has agreed to be the instrument of karmic deliverance. Note my words. For the one who has agreed to be the instrument of karmic deliverance.

Does that not, though, perpetuate the circle of karma?

Songee: Not when it has been agreed upon before coming to the earth plane, because you are agreeing to be present at the time it is require-ed, so that you were be give-ed the gift. And as such, this is your gift, from your soul, to the soul of your friend from Spirit. Remember in Spirit, you are all one, you are connected together, so you are helping your friend to fulfil something. And your friend will say, thank you. And in doing so, you are absolved from whatever ' I'm going to use your old-fashioned word ' your sin of the karmic debt. You understand?

Love will break the Karmic Cycle

Love will break the karmic cycle. Love will break the karmic cycle. It is the only thing that will break it. Jesus came to teach you this, to say, 'I am the way, the Truth and the Light'. You know? Follow ' for this is the path, this is the path of Love that will break the karmic cycle. To live with recriminations, with remorse, with self chastisement, to berate yourself for what you may or may not have done or believe you may not have done, is dishonouring the original gift of love. Do you understand what it is I say to you?

(One guest starts to ask a question, then there is a comment from guest that he does not understand.)

Songee: You don't understand? Which part?

The last sentence.

Songee: About dishonouring? About dishonouring the gift?

Yeah, that's right.

Songee: (Speaking to the other guest) And what were you going to say?

My question was going to be, if we choose to bless and thank the person who has done this ' what seems to be a terrible deed to us ' in the same way that Mahatma Ghandi blessed his assassin ' do we then help to liberate them, and if we continue ' if we choose to continue to condemn that person, does it then have an effect on them of binding them in a karmic sense?

Songee: You have a very...

END OF TAPE SIDE ONE (As tape is turned over here, some words are missed)

...You have it almost right, but not quite. You have to turn it around. It is not simply the other that is freed, it is yourself. You free yourself from the karmic debt, so that you are no longer responsible for the karmic debt of being the instrument. You came to be an instrument only, not to do something, you know, on purpose. Now, I'm going to come to this ' one moment.

We come to the matter of purpose in the moment because when these things transpire, you say the prayers for those that transgress, that do the deed, that is harmful to you, or to somebody else. And in doing so, you free your own spirit from the karmic debt. You also give energy for that spirit to enable them to find the truth for themselves when they return Home to Spirit themself. So that in the fullness of time, or no-time, as it is in Spirit, they will come to understand what it was they have agreed to do.

Did they agree to come to be the instrument? Or, was it a karmic debt being paid? Note the two distinctions. The instrument of karmic debt is one, repaying karmic debt from another lifetime is another. Two different things, and yet inextricably woven together.

So this is where intent and purpose comes into it. A soul is born to the earth, and grows and lives its life. It becomes embroiled, in, life, in all the different machinations of life ' is that right? Everybody ' you all do it! You're all involved in life!

Ponder for a moment. What did you do this day, when you got up from your sleepings? What did you have go through your mind? What was it that you did next? What followed on from that? And so on, and so on, and so on. Do you understand? You were embroiled in your life in the daily aspects of your living of this life, that's how you are meant to be. This is what you're here to do, is it not? To live your life, to do it the very best that you can in the very best way that you can. You cannot change that. That's what you're here to do.

The largest portion of all of you is meant to be doing this.

And even those elite few who, for whatever reason, they seem to be (fine?) in their minds and their hearts, and perhaps take themselves away from the toils of people's lives, and away from humanity and go and sit in the mountains. They are still embroiled in their life ' every moment of their existence.

Whether they spend it in the consciousness or the unconsciousness, they are still embroiled in their life. Do you understand? It is as as you are, this is how you are.

And yet you come to also pay your karma.

Little Mother. At the moment you care for an old one, that you love with all your heart. You are giving to the old one all the manner of things that you feel the old one is deserving and needing of for this life.

That's right.

Songee: And in doing this, you are repaying karma. You are giving back that which you have receive-ed yourself.

From him.

Songee: That's right. This is the positive karma, you know, not the negative karma.

Like, when he used to do our lunches, and he'd give us hard-boiled eggs, and he drew funny faces on the eggs with a biro. A million things, of memories, that everybody has about somebody else.

Honour those who have gone before

Songee: That's right. This is what I want you to do now. Is, honour those memories of those that have gone before you. Honour them ' honour your ancestors, honour them. Honour all the good things they do for you, and have done for you. Don't shy away from the gift of life that they gave to you.

Now by this, I'm not saying the life of producing you into this life, although certainly that is part of it. The gift of life of their existence, the agreement with you to be here in this life for you, so that you can fulfil your destiny, so that you can fulfil your karmic progress.

There is another phrase for you to add to the rest. Karmic progress. You know? As you progress from one life to the next, so you progress through your karmic responsibilities. Is that not a better word than debt? Karmic responsibilities.

Sounds like lessons for the grownups!

Karmic Responsibilities

Songee: (much laughter) Let us make a new way of this, and tell everybody from now on, we are not going to speak of karmic debt, we are going to refer to karmic responsibilities, how is that? And start a new trend for the rest of the world to follow! You can do that. Start teaching people ' karmic responsibilities. That will make a few people sit up and take notice because they don't like responsibilities. They like to run away from responsibilities, and hide from them, however, with karma you cannot hide, you cannot run away, you cannot avoid that which is written, that which is inevitable.

Because you have written it ' you know? You have written it, you have arranged it, you have seen this is how it will be in this life. 'I will experience this thing ' I will feel all the emotion that is to do with this event, I will live it, I will not hide from it, I will face the responsibility of it, and I will win through with love.' And the one that has been part of giving you that gift will rejoice with you, from Spirit. Does that answer your question ' a little?

What about those who are not responsible?

Songee: How do you mean, not responsible?

You are talking about not responsibility.

Songee: Everybody is responsible for their own karma. Only some people like to see if they can run away from it.

What happens to those people who run away?

Songee: They can't run away. They cannot run away. It will jump up and bite them on the nose.

My husband ran away from the responsibility to return to the kids...

Songee: Before you come to the earth, you will have decided together that this is how you will do this thing. You will live through the strain, the grief and everything else that goes with it because this is your karmic responsibility to live through that. It is painful. It is not nice. It is very, very painful, and distressing. And through it all, somewhere in the growing, as you grow through this time, you will learn to continue to love. To send love, to say, 'Thank you, I have learned much from this, you have taught I much. And this frees your soul from the karmic debt. In the event that you do not do this, and you continue to hold grievances, to be angry, to make judgements and say bad things, then you will find that you will not free your soul. Certainly, you will go through process of this. However, at the end of the process, you need to come out of it free. Free. Free of the debt of karma, and the only way to do that is to keep loving and giving love from the heart, and saying, 'Thank you. I'm learning from this, thank you. I'm becoming a very strong person from this, thank you.' And all the time, you ask Oneness and Jesus, 'Please help I to have the strength and the power to survive this trial that I am undergoing. With your help, with your love, with your guidance, with your power, I will win through, with love.' Do you understand?


Songee: So, you become free. You don't have to be responsible for the other, the other has to be responsible for themself. They can attempt to run away, or not.

Now, don't forget, you have arranged this before you come. So you say, 'Thank you for the lessons, thank you for everything'. And ask for yourself to have a new life, a new beginning, a new start, so that your grieving time ' instead of it being like so (Songee makes a gesture depicting a long time), so many years ' it will become like so (Songee makes a gesture showing a short time), perhaps only a matter of moons. Do you understand?

You don't deny the process, let the process happen.

How does this relate to karmic responsibility to other worlds ' animal world ' with our family pets?

Animals come to Teach - They don't have karma

Songee: Aaah. That is a little different. Because the animals of your life come to be with you to teach you, and they come as evolved souls. They are more evolved, in some respects, than youself. They come to give you love without condition. They love you even when you are not nice to them. They love you even when you shout at them, when you smack them, when you do this, when you do that, when you have bad ideas about them, and believe me, they know what is going on in your head. They read it, they know what is there. And yet, still they love you. You know? They still love you.

And here comes that big word again ' 'Why?'

So, I don't answer Why. I tell you that they come to you, to be in your life, to teach you. They come to bring you a lesson. When the time of giving you their lesson is done, when their time to spend with you is done, they return to Spirit.

So do you have a choice? Agreement? As well, like... ?

Songee: Oooh, that is not quite it. They are like, how say for this, they are more like the peoples of Spirit that you call Angels, you know? They are spirits that are incarnate on the Earth that come to bring you companionship, love, friendship, to teach you. To teach you something. And when their time is done, they move on. Some animals only come for a short time, and have to go back Home. You know this thing. You know how it is. Some animals come into the life of a humankind who make bad treatment of them, who are cruel to them and treat them with great disrespect. And again, comes up this word, 'Why?'

Because their souls are pure. They come to teach. And in their shorter lives, their short painful lives, sometimes, they will teach others about compassion. About patience. About how to speak out against iniquities. How to find their voices. You know? Peoples that mayhap would not intervene for a human being will intervene for a poor innocent creature. You know? And in doing so, they learn how to find their voice. So animals come to teach, to live the life, to give the gift and to move on. And then they are reborn, and they do it all over again.

Any problems with their karma?

Songee: They don't have karma. They don't have karma like you have karma. They live their life. They fulfil it as they are meant to fulfil it and they move on. The dogs that bite, that cause harm to peoples, what do they teach? They are not evil, they are not 'hounds from hell', you know, they are creatures of Oneness and they come to fulfil a purpose. What purpose would you imagine that would be?

Most dogs that behave like that have been taught to behave like that by their owners.

Songee: That is partly true. Some of them have been created by humankinds, to have certain predilections towards violence in their nature. And they are a reflection of the predilection of violence within humankind. They are here to teach a lesson. Look at this animal. Look at humankind and say, 'Well, what have we created here?' And all of you are responsible for that creation.

What about...

Songee: In part. Not in deed, in essence ' you understand what I'm saying. It is in essence, because those with kind heart would not deliberately create such a creature. However, in condoning, you are allowing it to continue.

I'm sorry, it's just that having been a dog breeder for 35 years, I can see traits in families coming down. And the one that's on my mind is one that I have to look out all the time. It's not something that I have taught, or something that I have wished to be, but I have had the great-grandmother, the grandmother, the mother, the daughter and so on, all these little bitches, that their greatest joy in life when a stranger comes onto the property is they get up and nip them on the bottom with their teeth. And they don't do it to me because I put my heel up to clock them in the chest!

So it has to be a genetic trait, something that goes along their inheritance as well.

Songee: That is right.

Bring down pompous people.

Songee: That is right. So also too, this is interesting, so I make you look now a little deeper. When you are attracted to an animal, or an animal is attracted to come into your life...

Or a breed.

Songee:... that too. It can be a breed, it can be simply the animal itself, you know. When it is attracted to you, you are attracted to have it in your life, look at the characteristics of that creature. Look at its genetic pattern, an you will, and ask yourself, when do you jump up and bite people in the behindself?

Maybe I don't but I wish to!

Songee: When do you make mayhem and jump all over everything and make chaos with your energies? You know. Look at the creature. They are here to teach you something about yourself!

Well, I admire their courage!

Songee: So, you admire their courage, you are saying, this courage is also in I. Is that right?


What about the feline? The feline. We talk about the little wolves. What about the feline? What characteristics of the feline in your lives have you got? Remember they are attracted to you, and they are attracted to them. They like to eat the rats.

A nice, succulent little mouse...

I actually quite admire how disdainful they are. It would be lovely to behave like that.

Songee: Ahhh!

They don't really care. They don't really care. And if you didn't feed them, well they'd just go next door. Somebody would feed them. They're disdainful.

Songee: Is that true?

Maybe it's the wrong word. Maybe 'aloofness' or...

Songee: So look to yourself. Look to yourself. Look at when you employ those characteristics, and how you employ those characteristics. Because you do! It doesn't mean that you wish you had them, you have them! And it's how you use them and how often you use them.

What of the compassion that the creature shows you? How it rubs itself round you and says, 'I love you so much', and this is not at meal time. This is in between meal time.

In anticipation of meal time! Do you have cats? Do you have a cat?

(Another guest) I've got a dog, just recently.

Well, we're talking about cats.

(A cat starts to make a loud mewing...)

Songee: And there is one that is wanting to be speaking with you now, coming to speak with you, so mayhap you need to let this one come and speak with you.

She has been wanting to come in all night.

Songee: She is coming to speak with you, and will tell you all about it because this one comes when there is tears. This one comes to bring comfort and love when there is tears.

(This is Misty the grey one of Roberta-Margaret's cats) Always. Because the love and the compassion in this creature is enormous. And comes to bring you comfort and joy for your heart. So when your heart is bleeding with tears, this one will come. Always. Always knows and will always come. And you try to keep it out! It will not be denied entrance to come to you.

So. Let the creature give you love, let the creature give you compassion, and know that it is reflecting to you your own love, your own compassion, that you have. Do you understand? This is creatures ' the ones you have living in your life.

What about the ones that go outside, that live outside and peck on the ground and give you foodings?

The chickens.

Thank you to the Chicken who laid the egg we eat

Songee: That's right. They give you their foodings for you. Is that right? You eat their eggs.

We eat them too.

Songee: The potential of their babies. It sounds terrible, does it not? And yet, they are there, and when you do have their foodings from them, remember to say, 'Thank you. Thank you for giving the foodings to I.' You say, 'Thank you' to Oneness, certainly, for the gift of the foodings in your life. Say thank you also to the creature that gave up its life so that you might eat. So that you might have nourishment for your body. And that goes for your vegetables, and your fruits. Don't forget them also, for they are giving up their life so that you will survive. Is that right? And the reproduction of their seeds.

Songee: That's right. So all things, you say, 'Thank you' to them, for their gift of life to you. And this is the small version of saying 'Thank you' to those around you for the gift of life that they give to you in their existence in your life.

So you look now to each other, and just look at each other in the eyes, and the face, and look deep into the soul of each other, and say, 'You are my friend. Is this not wonderful? Thank you for being here in this life, at this moment, of this life, now, when I need you, at this time.' And you can say that to each other. Do it. Do it. Go to each other, get up onto your feet, go and tell each other, talk to each other. This is it. How do you all come to be in one room?

(Sound of guests talking to each other.)

Songee: And all of you from so many different places of the world. And yet, here you are, all in one room. Miracle!

It's not a coincidence!

Songee: That's right! You agreed to do this. So what I would like for you to do now is to give thanks to Oneness for the celebration of the love between you all. For that is the greatest gift that you can give each other, is the love, is it not?

Now I am not going to make this a long talking tonight, for you have things that you need to talk among yourself and to share among yourself, so I'm going to be leaving you very soon. Before I go, have you anything you would like to ask I?

Seeing Spirit at the gathering

Songee, I've seen some people sitting around and they have white, like over their head and their body. What could that be? There look to be about five or six of them, sitting around.

Songee: There are more than that.

That's what I can see.

Songee: There are many people who come to spend time here, Little Mantis. They are from the Brotherhood of Light, all of them. Some of them come and they wear this garb because they have worn this garb in the lifetime before and elect to use it to present themself in this form to you. There are many, many here, all part of the Brotherhood of Light. And all in many different garb.

Make note of them, see them, acknowledge them. That is all you need to do.

Does my mum have any message for me

Does my Mum have a message for me?

Songee: Moment please. (The person spoke again.) Moment please...

This one says that she is well, is at peace. She says that she is with another who has gone before, from your family and there is a small child that went before, from your family, that is also there. Do you know of this?

I don't know the child.

Songee: It is one that this, it is one of this, that your mother have not produce. You understand.

One she miscarried.

Songee: Not produce.

Yeah I understand but I didn't know what...

Songee: I'm telling you. It was male child and did not produce and it is with the mother now.

Did they give . . . (words not understood)

Songee: This one knows of the love in your heart. This one is mother and loves all the time and is content with that and knows of the love in your heart. The pain will pass and you have to forgive. She is saying to give you, in a gift of Light, one of the lilies for you to have. She says that you will know what this is. And if you don't understand now you will understand.

What is the lily?

Songee: It is a white lily, a flower. You understand?

Have I done anything wrong to the person who has lilies?

Songee: Have you done anything wrong? No. She is giving you a gift of this flower and she says that its meaning will be made clear to you.

Oh in the future?

Songee: In the fullness of time you will come to understand it.

OK. Thank you Songee.

Songee: And she gives you peace, like so.

Questions of Life

Songee I have a question, and I realise its late so it is a very brief one. I have a difficulty with a person whose sharing my house. It is better for me to be more, to be firmer or is it the right thing to be more open, and loving and generous? I seem not to be clear about which way to be.

Songee: First of all you have to ask yourself how did this come about? What is it that you have done or not done that has permitted this to come to pass. Is it time now to sit down and to say, 'Look we need some new ground rules, time for us both to make new ground rules and to discuss things.' In the event it goes well, then you will solve your difficulties. In the event it doesn't then you will find somebody else to come live with you.

This is very good advice, thank you very much.

Songee: That is the short answer.

That's wonderful. Thank you very much.

Songee: Now Little Mother to make for the two soundings for people to listen and to ponder and to give thanks to Oneness for the time and the love you have spending together.

So this is a special time now for you all to join together in your hearts and to be One together, in Love, in harmony, is that right?

(Music begins to play.)

And as you listen to the soundings, close your eyes and I will be gone when the soundings have finished. White Eagle will come after I briefly, and then Organism will return to you.

Feel the Love that comes from Oneness as you breathe in, breathe in the Breath of Life, allow it to bring you the peace that your Soul craves.

And I will go and leave you the Healing, Light and Love to permeate your being, to give you strength for each day of your life, and to help you to learn the truth that I have given unto you this night.


White Eagle, Roberta-Margaret's guardian over shadows her body and says,

Anamushta Aho, peace be with you.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
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