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Confidence and Trust - Journey Four
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Songee says, So we have to journey once more, do we not. So take inside of you a deep breath of life, down into your middle self and let us step upon the spiral and journey the spiral once more, letting go of all the matters of your life, putting them all to one side, unburdening yourself and setting everything down. Those things that you need for earth life you can pick up on your way back. The other things they can disappear. As you travel the spiral ever closer towards the center until you come to the center and there you pause for a moment and contemplate what it is that is going to come next and that is to step from this place of the spiral into a new place of being.

You are going to go now from the spiral, take one step into the void. Trust and lo, you find yourself standing once more in the brilliant sunshine on the side of the great mountain. All around you is the beautiful green of the meadow, high up in the mountain side. And there, near the sleeping rock is the mother bear and the two baby bear cubs.

The mother bear is often called The Great She-Bear and the little boy cub is called the Little-Bear and the little sister is known as the Little She-Bear. And before time the Little-Bear had been talking to his mother and sister about travelling the winds with Brother Eagle, has he not? And has shared all that beautiful flying and all the manner of things that he has learned and seen in his journey. And the Great She-Bear agrees with him that this is indeed something that he has done, that is to travel with the Great Brother Eagle to the skies. The Little She-Bear is a little jealous because she wants to go and travel with the Great Eagle in the skies and is very upset because she was asleep.

However that was the story before. It is now time to move on.

So let us go a little closer now and see and hear what transpires next.

The Great She-Bear yawns and stretches herself. And she gets to her feet and shakes herself from the tip of her nose all the way down her body to the end of her little tail and then she bends her face forward and she washes her daughter and then she bends it forwards and washes her son.

Now she says, "It is time for us to move on a little further. Come with I, I show you some more of your home." And with this she sets off down the mountain towards the trees that are beginning to grow a little way below them on the mountain side. A great forest of trees that goes all the way down to the valley below.

"Come along," she says to them, calling over her shoulder to them. And the Little-Bear cub and the Little She-Bear jump about and fall over and roll about and them they bound after her as fast as their little legs will take them.

"Not so fast," says the Great She-Bear, "because you can fall over your nose and you will roll down the hill. The Little-Bear cub is so full of himself because he has been flying with the Great Eagle in the skies.

So he bounces about and jumps up on his back legs and says to the Butterfly, "I have been flying like you. I have been flying with the Great Eagle in the skies." And the Butterfly just flies around his nose and sits just on the end of his nose. And the Little-Bear cub sits down, plomp on his bottom and he looks at this thing sitting on the end of his nose and his eyes are crossed as he looks at this. And the little Butterfly creepys along his nose towards his eyes. And the Little-Bear cub stayed very still and very quiet and watches.

And then as he's watching he says very quietly, "Muma what is this? It is tickling my nose."

"Ah," says the Great She-Bear, "that is called a butterfly. It is a little insect and it flies about and lays its eggs and they grow into little caterpillars. Little things with little legs. They are very tasty only you don't eat this one because it has to go and make babies for us."


"Oh," says the Little-Bear cub, and then he gets a little tickle in his nose and he whiffles the end of it.

And then it tickles some more and he whiffles it again. And then all of a sudden "AACHOO!!!". Out comes the explosion from his nose. And the little Butterfly leaps up into the air and flies off.

The Little-Bear cub sits there and watches her go and then gets up, and shakes his head and snorts down his nose, "Shhhh" and then starts to follow the Great She-bear and the Little She-Bear, because they are a little way ahead of him now.

So he bounds along after, soon he overtakes and goes in front. The Little She-Bear only bounces a little way in front. She never goes too far from her mother, you know. And the Little-Bear cub bounces along and he reaches the great trees first.

"I got here first," he says "I got here first." And he bounds through the trees and around an especially large tree and skids to a halt, all four feets are digging into the soil. And he sits back on his bottom once more. This Little-Bear cub spends a lot of time on his bottom, you know. And there in front of him, looking at him very sternly, is a creature with a long pointed nose and great pointed ears and very, very strong bright eyes, a big body and a great bushy tail coming up over the top and long legs and is a funny colour, like the sky when it is going to rain. And the eyes have got a glow in them, they have got a light around the outside of the darkness inside. And he is so surprised.

"What are you?" he says. And the creature looks at him and is very silent.

And the Little-Bear cub begins to get a little nervous and says again, "What manner of creature are you?"

The creature does not answer, instead he just sits down on his be-hind and adjusts his two front feets in front of him and puts his head a little on one side and studies the Little-Bear cub very carefully.

And then the great She-Bear and the Little She-Bear cub come along and they come round the side of the great tree.

"AH Ha!" says the Great She-Bear. "There you are. Thank you Brother Wolf," she says, "For taking care of my son."

"You are most welcome," said the Wolf, for such is who he is, Brother Wolf.

He says, "Your son, Great She-Bear, is going to get into much mischief in his life. I can see this already."

"Indeed he is," said the Great She-Bear, "Would you care to accompany us for a little while, we are going to walk through the forest."

"Certainly I would like to come with you."

By this time the Little-Bear cub has got over his little fright, however he is in great awe of this creature that seems to have so much power about him. His mother is very big and very strong and he feels that he one day will be very big and very strong, yet the power that comes from this creature is different and it also is very powerful and very strong. And there is something about him that the Little-Bear cub can not quite find the answer to within his being, so just for a little while he is silent. OOOh this is quite an achievement for Little¬-Bear cub to be silent.

And as they walked through the forest, all four of them together, out of the side of his eye he watches the wolf and sees how he walks and watches how he places his feets upon the ground. And sees how light he is on his feets. "It is," he says to himself, "as though he in walking upon air. The Eagle flies through the air, this creature walks through the air because he does not make a sound. Not anything. There is no cracking of twigs beneath his feets. There is no rustling, just movement forward, silently." And then he looks at his sister, the Little She-Bear and she is putting her feets forwards and bouncing about and making lots of soundings. Crashings and cracklings and snappings of twigs. And he looks to his mother, the Great She-Bear, she also makes some crackings of twigs and shufflings in the soundings beneath her feet. Not as much perhaps as the Little She-Bear and he watches how she places her feet. She places her large feet very gently, very softly upon the ground and in doing this, watching carefully, the Little-Bear cub says to himself, "I wonder if I can learn to walk on air. I now know what it’s like to fly through the air, I wonder whether I can walk upon air like the Wolf." So he starts putting his feets very carefully down in front of him, one and the other and the back one and so on and so forth. At first he makes cracklings and snappings underneath and then he discovers that he can spread his feet and his toes out and they act like little cushions and they don't make so much soundings when he puts them down onto the ground. However he is still making some soundings and this bothers him. He does not want to make soundings, you understand. He wants to learn how to walk on air and that's when his curiosity gets the better of his silence.

"Brother Wolf," he says, "may I ask you a question?"

And the wolf looks at him and says, "Most certainly you may. What would you like to know, little one?"

"I would like to know," he says, "how you manage to walk on air?" And the Wolf stops in his tracks and he turns and he looks at the Little-Bear cub in astonishment.

"Walk on air," says he.

"Yes," said the Little-Bear cub, "I have been watching you, and I have been watching Muma and sister and they make soundings when they walk through the forest. You do not, so you must be walking on air. The Eagle does not make soundings when he flies through the skies, so he flies on the wind, you must also be walking."

"Ah, you are very observant and very wise for your years," says the Wolf, "Because indeed that is my name. I am known as Windrunner. And I have this name from my people because I run like the wind and like the wind all I leave behind I, is a little swirl of dust as it lifts the leaves up into the air to float gently back down to the ground."

"I would like so much to learn how to do this thing," said the Little-Bear cub.

"Very well," says Windrunner, "I will show you how this is done. Perhaps your sister would also like to learn."

"Oh yes please," said the Little She-Bear, "is that alright Muma?"

"Certainly," says the Great She-Bear, "I would be most happy for you to learn this skill. It is one that I was taught when I a youngster also and this is very valuable to be able to do this thing."

"Well," says Windrunner, "Is it alright if I take you two children along for a walk and teach them?"

"Certainly," says the Great She-Bear, "That will give me some of this beautiful day for me to go and look for some foodings by my own self, in peace."

And so Windrunner takes the two little cubs out through the forest and as he walks along with one on one side of him and one on the other he talks to them about how he manages to walk upon the air.

"I don't really walk on air as you understand it air to be," he says to them.

"Well what do you do?" said the Little-Bear cub.

"I will come to that, you have to listen carefully," says Windrunner. "Come, I show you." And he takes them deep into the forest to a special place where the trees are not so many, where they have grown into a circle around an empty place and in the empty place there is great greenness like in the meadow. And there are flowers growing and it is a special little place.

"Now," says Windrunner, as he takes the two bear cubs into the middle of this beautiful place, "Sit down."

"How can I learn to run like the wind if I'm going to sit down?" said the Little-Bear cub.

Windrunner looks at him and fixes him with his beautiful eyes and he says, "Sit Down! Please." Little-Bear cub immediately sits down on his be-hind. The Little She-Bear has already sat down.

"Now this is what you have to do," says Windrunner to the two little bear cubs, "For you to learn to walk in silence, close your eyes and breathe deeply of the beautiful airs about you and look inside yourself and find that little part of you that is alive inside your body. That special spark of light." And the Little-Bear cub is sitting quiet and his sister is sitting quiet.

And then the Little-Bear cub says, "I can see a little light, is that it? Is that who I am?"

Windrunner and Cubs

"Yes," said Windrunner, "That is who you are. Look deeply now into the light, look closer. Can you see how beautiful and bright that light is?"

"Yeees," said the little bear cubs together.

"Well," said Windrunner, "That is the spirit of you and that is what is going to help you walk to on air." The Little-Bear cub's eyes snap open.

"How is it going to do that?" he says.

Windrunner takes a great breath and sighs and then he snorts down his nose.

"Phhff," he says, "You are very impatient. Close your eye once more and go back and find your light." So back inside goes the Little-Bear cub, inside himself to find the light that is himself.

"Now have you found it?" says Windrunner.

"I have," says the Little-Bear cub.

"So have I," says the Little She-Bear.

"Very good little ones," says Windrunner. "Now when you go walking across the ground you have to imagine that it is your soul, your spirit, your light within that is lifting your physical body, just a fraction off the surface of the earth. Not very much. It doesn’t have to be very high, just a few hairs breath off the floor, so that when your put your footings down you only go as close to the earth as two or three hair breaths. And in the event that you need to push yourself forward you just stick your little claws down into the earth and push. And in this way you will run swiftly and lightly over the surface of the earth. Feel yourself getting lighter so that all you have to do is breathe and then you will be able to move lightly, softly, with no sound."

And Windrunner says to the little bear cubs, "Still with your eyes closed, stand to your feets and begin to walk, keeping your eyes closed. I will not let you fall into anything or bump into anything. And take a step and imagine that your footings are not touching the floor any more than three hair breaths off the floor."

To begin the little bear cubs started to walk. They can feel the grass underneath their feet, tickling their toes. They can feel the coolness of it underneath their feets and their hand paws as they walk through it.

And all the time Windrunner is saying, "See yourself floating and getting lighter, floating, getting lighter. Imagine that you are like the butterfly."

"OOOOh," said the Little-Bear cub, "I know what is that, and it tickled my nose, and it was so light. It walked on my nose and all I felt was a little tickle on my nose."

"Just like that," said the Windrunner. "That is what you do, walk like the butterfly walked on your nose. You walk like that on the grass."

And this practice went on and on and on and then all of a sudden the Little-Bear cub said to himself, "That's strange I didn't feel the grass." And he opens his eyes and he looks down and where he has been walking back and forth across the ground there are tracks where his feet have shuffled through the grass. Yet the last few feets, behind him there is no markings. No flattenings of the grass and he stands where he is and looks at Windrunner who is sitting looking very proud and smiling his great smile so all his teeth show and he says, "Yes Little-Bear cub you have it."

"Oh my," says the Little-Bear cub and he looks round for his sister. She is not so far away on the other side of the great greenness and she also is standing and looking in great amazement behind her and she says, "I have done it, I have done it, I have not left a mark behind I. Look!"

And they are both so excited they bound towards Windrunner, leaving great tracks behind them. Windrunner looks and he laughs and he says, "Well done little ones you now have the idea of what to do however look behind you." And they look behind and they see all the great boundings they have just made.

"Oh my goodness." They both say together and they look up at their teacher and say to him, "Will we always remember how to do this?"

"Oh most certainly," says Windrunner, "You will always remember now, what it is, to walk on air."

And at this point the Great She-Bear comes into the clearing where the grass is and she walks across the grass towards them and as they watch her they see that she leaves no tracks behind her and she also is walking on air.

And this is where we are going to leave them on this part of their journey. We will continue this at another time. So say goodbye now to the Great She-Bear, to the Little-Bear cub and the Little She-Bear and to the special teacher Wolf, known as Windrunner. And we will visit them once more at another earth time.

Farewell to you all now until the next time. And may the blessings of the Oneness be upon all of you and all of those who have been listening and watching as the little bear family unfold their lives to you.


And may you all learn to walk on air. I leave you with the power of this, the power of knowing of how to find your own self within and how to walk upon air yourself, SO BE IT

Now you must gently bring yourself back along the spiral. Step back up from this place, back onto the spiral and begin your journey back home. Gathering all those things that you are going to need for your earth life, as you go, leaving behind all the unnecessary things that you don't need any more. They will be put to good purpose by Oneness, as you journey back now through the spiral back to your own self of your here and now, in your earth life.

So Be It

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