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The Great She-Bear Stories of Nature

as told by the Songee Energy

The Great She Bear

Meeting with the Two-Legs For a
Journey to the Mother's Womb

'Soul's Journey Eight'

Part One - Part Two

Part One

Songee begins by saying, Are you comfortable Children? Very well then close your eyes and take inside of you the deep breath of life and listen now to the soundings of the peoples of the earth, of the great Shamans as they play their musics to the Earth Mother, deep in the womb of the Mother. And as you breathe deeply and listen to the soundings allow yourself now to step onto the dream spiral, the spiral of the Great She-Bear. And as you travel on the spiral, towards the center, remember all the adventures that have taken place since the beginnings, so long ago in the Womb of the Mother. Now as you come to the end of the spiral, right at the center, prepare yourself to step off into that other world. And as you step into the other world, you step into a place and in front of you are sitting the Great She-Bear, the two little bear cubs and Windrunner, the mighty wolf.

The sun is shining and they are talking about the Little-Bear cubs' journey to see the great Shaman of the two legs. And Windrunner says to the Little-Bear cub that he had been travelling also in the spiral with the Little Bear cub, so he knows where the Little-Bear cub has been and what he has seen.

Now it is time for them to get up once more onto their feets and to begin their journey along once more down the mountainside through the trees, going ever lower down the mountain and so they travel for some time this way always moving downwards. Sometimes they cross the stream and they catch the silver fish for their foodings. Sometimes they find the fruits for themselves. Sometimes they have to lift up the rocks and look underneath and find little wriggling things for themselves to eat.

Always moving downwards, down further on the mountainside.

And then the Great She-Bear says, "It is time for a moment to stop. And you must be very quiet." She says to the little bear cubs.

"Why is that Mama?" said the Little-Bear cub.

"SHHHHH!" says Mama Bear, "Don't shout. You must be very silent otherwise the two legs will find us."

"Oh are we going to see the two-legs?" says the Little-Bear cub.

"I don't want to see the two legs," said the Little She-Bear. "I'm a-frightened of the little two legs and I don't want to see them. You said they will hurt us Mama."

"Well as your brother has been to visit the Great Shaman, then I'm going to take you now, and I'm going to introduce you to him properly."

"How are you going to do that," said the Little-Bear cub. "I saw the Great Shaman on the dream spirals, how is he going to know that you are here, that we are here?"

" Oh," said the Great She-Bear, "The mighty Shaman is very wise in the ways of spirit and in the ways of the Earth. And the Great Shaman honours the ways of the Earth and the ways of the people of the forests, both large and small. This one honours the standing people and all that is beneath the feets and all that is above in the great Heavens where the fire is living that warms the earth and when the star people dwell. This one honours them all including us for we are parts of the peoples of the forest."

"That is so," says Windrunner. "He and I have been friends for many moons, since I was just a small cub, just like you." He says to the little bear cubs. And they are sitting looking at him with their eyes wide open and their mouths wide open in astonishment.

"OHH," says the Little She-Bear. "He sounds like a most wondrous person to meet."

"He certainly is," says the Great She-Bear. "Now come along childrens, come along and we will go to the special meeting place."

So off they go with the Little-Bear cub and the Little She-Bear all chattering away like little magpies wanting to know about this and about that and how does this happen and why does that happen and how - and so on and so forth. And the Great She-Bear just grumbles along and says, "You talk too much. You are making too much soundings."

And Windrunner just goes, "Pfff." Down his nose as they walk along. And as they come to the edge of the forest that is down near the bottom of the mountainside to where the great river winds itself down to the great oceans that the Little-Bear cub only can guess at.

The Great She-Bear and Windrunner say, "Halt." And they stop and in a clearing at the base of the mountainside, there is a group of rocks and boulders and it is surrounded by bushes and standing peoples. And some of the rocks have got beautiful shining things on the surface and some have got shinning things on the bottoms of them as though they have fallen out of the rocks and just landed on the Earth. It is a beautiful magical place and it is very quiet and very still with just the softest of breezes to keep from getting too hot, and beautiful sun shining down.

"OHH," said the Little She-Bear. "This is so beautiful Mama. Are we allowed to go inside?"

"Yes child," says the Great She-Bear. "We are going to step inside in one moment. However first of all, Windrunner would you please do what needs to be done?"

"Certainly Mother," says Windrunner. And with this he steps forwards, remembering to walk on air. And he steps very sedately and very carefully around in a circle in the clearing. He walks around slowly and every now and again he stops and he touches his nose to the ground and then lifts it up to the Heavens and sounds the sound of his people,

"OAOOOOO, OHOOOOO." All the way around the circle he treads till he comes back to the Great She-Bear. And he faces her and placing his behind self up in the air with his beautiful tail curling up and his front hands down on the ground he bows his head towards her and says, "Mother welcome to the sacred place of the Earth Mother. Welcome and thrice welcome." And with this he stands and turns round and walks into the very center of the circle and sits down.

"Come now," says the Great She-Bear to the little bear cubs and you must be polite and sedate and walk on air. You must not leave behind any footsteps for others to find."

And with this the Great She-Bear walks forwards into the circle, into the light and joins Windrunner in the center. And the two little bear cubs, focusing very diligently on what they are doing and a little bit peculiar around their eyes and their little tongues just poking out between their teeth in their concentration, they come to the center, also walking on air. All the way to join Windrunner and Mama.

And they all sit down. "Well," said the Little-Bear cub, "What happens now?"

"SHHH," says the Great She-Bear. "Close your eyes and breathe deeply." And so they do this and then before three heart beats have passed, a shadow passes between them and the sun and the Little-Bear cub opens his eyes and looks up there before him stands the Great Shaman, the two legs in the flesh.

"Oh," he says. "There you are, I didn't hear you coming."

And the Great Shaman lifts his hand in greeting and says, "Welcome people of the forest, welcome, thrice welcome to this holy place." And with this he then sits down upon the ground with his legs crossed and faces them and holds his hands out to the Little-Bear cub. "Come little one," he says, "And sit with I." And the Little-Bear cub is so delighted he wriggles his way, delighted, over to the Great Shaman and rubs his face into the Great Shaman's hands and wriggles his whole body all the way down to the tip of his little short tail.

"Oh," he says, "That feels wonderful, all tingly all down I back."

"Can I have some too?" says the Little She-Bear.

"Certainly," says the Great Shaman. "Come, come closer." And the Little She-Bear very, very shyly steps forward and lets the Great Shaman touch her beautiful head and she looks up at him with the most adoring eyes and says to him, "I didn't know that two legs could be so beautiful."

And he smiles at her and says, "Thank you little one. That is the most beautiful thing that any one has ever say-ed to I. And it is very precious coming from you, one of the people of the forest."

"Will you tell us a story?" says the Little-Bear cub.

"Certainly I will," says the Great Shaman. "However I need to know whether your Mama and Windrunner would like to hear a story also."

"Oh most certainly," they both reply to him.

"Very well," he says. "This is something that we will do. Only for the moment I want you to close you eyes and take a deep Breath of Life and relax you body as though you are going to sleep."

And as they do this the Great Shaman makes a magical pass with the hands to bring sleep to their eyes and peace to their Souls. And they begin their journey on the great spiral.

And this is where we are going to leave them you know and we are going to come back to them to where the Great Shaman is taking them on their journey of discovery another time.

So as you see them sitting in the center of the magic circle and all around them are the beautiful shining stones that have fallen out of the rocks and the beautiful standing peoples guarding them, watching over them keeping them safe in their slumbers. And the Great Shaman sitting with them also guarding and protecting them.

This is how we leave them now and we will return to them another time. So as you recede slowly from this scene, step back once more onto the spiral of the Great She-Bear. Begin your journey back to your own life, remembering all the little things that have happened, all the feelings of discovery from this magic Circle of Life at the bottom of the mountainside. This place of sanctuary and as you come back now into your own earth life bring the memories of the peace of that sanctuary with you. Slowly back now, breathing deeply until you come back into your own earth life.

Take a deep breath when you come back into your bodies. Bring yourself back down and put your feets back down into your socks. I am going to tell the rest of the adventure another time. I can't tell you all of the adventure or otherwise there will not be something to surprise you. Little bits. Each journey has a story, each story has a message for you. Each journey gives you something for your life now. This you will discover for yourself. This was the journey of the Sanctuary.

I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power and the Peace of the Sanctuary to hold in your hearts for the days to comes, for you are going to need it.


White Eagle

Part Two

We will go on the journey, are you comfortable? So close your eyes and we will begin the journey. Taking deep Breath of Life, deep down inside. And as you breath deeply, to prepare yourself to step out once more onto the spiral of the Great She-Bear. Stepping carefully along the spiral - letting go of all the cares of your day, moving ever inwards towards the center until you come to the place of hovering - the place where your pause for a moment - to contemplate what it is you have come to do - to review in your mind and your heart all the journeys of the people of the forest that you have encountered in other stories and to prepare yourself for the continuation of this story. Be prepared now to step forth into the other world. The world of the Great She-Bear and her two little bear cubs and their friend Windrunner.

And they are all gathered together in the sacred clearing with their friend of two legs, the Great Shaman, White Eagle.

The Little-Bear cub looks up into the face of the Great Shaman and says to the Great Shaman, "Where are you going to take us on this journey?"

"Well I have a very special treat for you," says the Great Shaman. "However to experience this treat all of you are going to have to go to sleeps. So closing your eyes and making your body comfortable on the ground, prepare yourself to come and join I on the great spiral of life."

And so the Great She-Bear stretches out on the soft warm grass and the Little She-Bear cuddles up to her middle and the Little-Bear cub lies down on his side and lifts his little hands into the air and lifts up one of his little feets. And looks down-side-up at the Great Shaman with his eyes still wide open looking into his face. And Windrunner turns around three times to flatten the grass and then lies down with his face resting lightly on his hand paws and his beautiful bushy tail spreading out behind him as he stretches out his great strong back legs behind him. And they all take a great sigh as they breathe in the Breath of Life, and let it out - HAAAAAAA.

And the Little-Bear cub finds his eyes becoming very sleepy and very droopy and finds it very difficult to keep them wide open looking at the Great Shaman. And in a little sleepy voice he says, "HOOO when are we going on our journey Great Shaman?"

"Oh in a very short moment," says the Great Shaman. And he comes and kneels down among the creatures of the forest and very lightly touches them between the eyes, each of them, with the palm of his hand. And as he does this the Power of Light shoots out of his hand and into the beings of these beautiful creatures.

"Oh-oh," said Little She-Bear. "That made I feel all tingly all over."

And the Little-Bear cub says, "Oh-oh," he says. "That made I tickle."

The Great Shaman smiles and sits down with his legs crossed and his hands resting lightly upon his legs. And he sits and begins to chant the chants.

"Heya heya. Heya oya. Heya heya heya ol. Aya aya ho ar . . . . . . . . . . ." And as he sings all the creatures begin to slumber. And their little spirits leave their bodies. And the Great Shaman leaves his body sitting quietly now watching over them and he joins them on the Great Spiral of Life.

"Come," he says. "And I will take you on the special journey that I promised you." And he leads them forwards towards the edge of the sacred place where you will remember are all the beautiful stones that have fallen out of the mountainside onto the ground. For they are in the 'other world place' of this 'other world sacred place' and so they are going to visit now in this way.

"Come," he says. And leads the way into the rock itself.

"Oh," says the Little-Bear cub. "This feels very peculiar. How is it that I am not squished by the rocks?"

"Because," says the Great Shaman. "You are in another place, a different space to the one you have been in. And because you are in this different space the matter of your body does not exist and so you are able to pass through the density of other things with ease. And so nothing is a barrier for you. Come," he says and leads them deeper and deeper through the rocks, down and down, farther into the Mother Earth. "I show you the inside of the Mother," he says to them.

"I know all about that," says the Little-Bear cub. "I was born in the Womb of the Mother."

"Certainly you were," says the Great Shaman. "Now I am going to show you some other parts of Her insides." And he takes them deeper and deeper through the rocks and he comes to a place that is still within the rock and all around them is glowing with crystal light that shines like the purple lights of the night sky. And although there is no light from above in this place, their spirit essence is so bright it strikes a light in the crystals around them for that is what they are - beautiful crystals of amethyst.

"Oh," says the Little She-Bear. "Oh what wondrous colours. What beautiful shapes, and all around I."

And the Little-Bear cub says, "We are part of it. We are all together inside."

"You are indeed," says the Great Shaman. "You are all one with the 'Crystals of Light', the 'Crystals of Protection' for such is what they are. The two-legs revere this crystal very much for the healing energies that it brings to them and to those around them - to the land and to the creatures and they like to take from Mother Earth these beautiful Crystals of Light, into their hearts and into their homes of living."

"What do they do that for?" says the Little-Bear cub.

"Because they do not understand fully, little one how to travel the dream spirals and to come into the sacred spaces and to move into the places where the crystals do lie. And so to satisfy their none-learning they need the substance of the earth in their presence in order to appreciate the Power of the Crystals."

And then Windrunner says, "Great Shaman is there any way that this can be made different because when the two-legs take all the crystals from the earth I hear the Earth Mother cry out in pain. Is this so?"

"Certainly that it is quite right," says the Great Shaman. "The Earth Mother does indeed cry out with pain. Not so much because there are diggings into Her, because this She is use to, you know? - however She cries and She weeps because the childrens of Her body are being torn away by force and removed to a different place."

"So how does this come to be changed?" says Windrunner once more.

"Very simply," says the Great Shaman with his beautiful smile. "We teach the young ones how to travel the dream spirals and how to look only for those rocks and stones that the Mother has sent to the surface for those two-legs to pick up and to revere for themselves."

"So it's alright," says Windrunner, "For two-legs to take up the ones that are on the surface?"

"Oh certainly," says the Great Shaman. "For that is the Mother's gift to the World."

The Great She-Bear has been silent and now she goes, "Hurump - And what of all the other things that the Mother has within Her? What of the things that shine like the Sun in the sky, that have the fire of the Heavens within them? What of these rock and what of the other rock that has the light of Sister Moon shining in Her? What of this rock, the two-legs dig this out of the ground also? And sometimes Grrrrrr," she says, "they just destroy the places that I like to go and like to find my foodings and sometimes I've had to move my place of sleeping because they have violated the womb in which I need to sleep and to bear my childrens."

The Great Shaman places his around his arm around the shoulder of the Great She-Bear and he says, "I understand, Ancient Mother, I know and this is one of the things that the two-legs have yet to come to understand. Perhaps between us, all of us together and with the standing people and with the Sky Father and Sky Mother we will be able to do this things and to teach the childrens how to change the way of things just as those that came before taught you and Windrunner and I am now coming to teach your childrens. Come," he says, "and I will show you some more wonders within the Mother's breast." And he takes them now to a place where the stones shine the beautiful light that is pink and warm and soft.

"Oh," says the Little-Bear cub. "This feels warm like my mummy's tummy. All warm and soft and cuddly."

"This is rose quartz," says the Great Shaman. "And it is the colour of Love, so of course it feels warm and cuddly to you." And then he moves on some more and takes them to some other places and some places there are little clusters of bright clear crystals.

"What are these," says the Little-Bear cub. "They have music in them, they are singing."

"These are the Crystals of Light and they are called quartz crystal and they do have the sound of the spheres in them. They carry all the colours of light and they colour everything that they are within reach of with this light, with their brightness, with their joy. And they lift up the Souls of those that have them in their place of dwelling and bring them closer to the Sky Father and Sky Mother."

"And do they sing to the two-legs as they're singing to I?" says the Little-Bear cub.

"Oh," says the Great Shaman. "I am sorry to say that a great number of the peoples do not hear the crystals singing, they only see their beauty and know of the energies that are contained within them - however they do not hear them sing. All the crystals sing, you know, they all have their own Song of Light that they sing continuously to the Oneness celebrating the Power of Light and of Unity, Peace and of Love."

"Oh," says the Little-Bear cub. "They are missing so much, they are such beautiful songs." And then very suddenly he sees something just out of the corner of his eye and he turns around swiftly and looks and there standing near them is a beautiful, wondrous creature all shining bright, another two-legs only different from the Great Shaman. This two-legs has pointed ears and long white hair all the way down to the feets, and has a beautiful slim shape, and where the Great Shaman has big, strong chest, this one has small chest with poky things sticking out. And down the body is beautiful slim shape with a garment of gossamer, bright, shining, covering the body, so delicate, so light and there, as though there is a little breeze blowing and the hair is lifting off the face which has a very mischievous and pointed look to it.

"Oh," says the Little She-Bear. "You are beautiful!"

And the Great She-Bear Grrooowls under her breath and says, "Yes very beautiful and very naughty."

And Windrunner goes up to this beautiful creature and sniffs the feets. And the creature lifts the hands forward for Windrunner to sniff the hand.

"I am a friend," she says, for it is a she. "I am one of beautiful Divas that guard the crystals within the Mother. And I would like you to know little ones so that you not be too sad that when the two-legs come and they pare the little ones from inside the Mother, I come and I repair the damage that is done to Her. I soothe Her hurts and bring Her peace. I touch the broken parts of the childrens as they are taken away so that they also may be healed and be sealed from the damage of their being pulled away from their Mother. And there are many such as I for each of the different crystal all over wherever is the Mother. We all have our work to do and this is what we do."

"Oh," says Little-Bear cub. "Is it going to be alright for us to be here inside the crystals, we won't harm them, will we?"

"No little one," say the beautiful Diva. "You are not hurting the Mother's crystals. You are not hurting Her childrens. You are Her childrens also and you are at this time at one with Her and with them, at one with all things because you are on the Spiral of Life which brings you into Unity and Oneness with all things. So remember this now for when you come back to your journeying into your other life, remember, remember it well."

And with this she steps forward and very lightly kisses each of them between the eyes with a blessing and as she does so all the crystals around them all sing for all that they are worth. And the vibration passes through these beautiful creatures and the Great Shaman and they are transported all the way back to their bodies where they are resting in the sacred place, in the warm sunshine. And as they slip very gently and softly back into themselves, and stretch their arms and legs, and whiffle their noses, and twitch their ears.

And the Great Shaman lifts his arms up to the skies and says, "Great Father Spirit, wondrous Earth Mother we thank you for this blessings of this journey and the learning and the teaching of it. We most humbly take this into our hearts to take with us on the journeys of our lives. So be it." And with this he then stands to his feet and he says then to the creatures, "I am going to leave you now and remember that when you leave this place you must walk on air."

And this is where we leave them now as we watch the Great Shaman as he walks on air away from the sacred place back into the forest as he disappears from view and all the creatures once more take inside of them the deep breath of life and sigh it out - HAAAAAA.

And the Great She-Bear says, "Well children, well Windrunner, come let us continue our journey for we need now to go and find foodings and we need to find something to drink."

And this is where we leave them as we watch them getting to their feets and beginning to walk upon air as they tread across the sacred place. And as they leave the Little-Bear cub is the last one to leave and he looks back to the sacred place and all the beautiful crystals that are on the surface of the Mother. And then he looks down and at his feet winking and blinking brightly in the sunlight is a beautiful, beautiful amethyst.

"Oh," he says. "Thank you Mother." And he picks it up and holds it in his mouth and walks after the others into the great forest.

Now it is time to bring yourselves back along the great spiral of the She-Bear, say farewell now to the sacred place. And you also walk on air as you come out of the sacred place and step once more back onto the dream spiral of the Great She-Bear and begin your journey back along it, bringing with you the memories of this place and your crystal gift. For in taking the journey with the Great Shaman and the Great She-Bear, the two little bear cubs and Windrunner you have also been gifted with a spirit crystal to bring home with you. Treasure it, hold it close to your heart.

And bring yourself now all the way back to your earth life, the one that you left behind so long ago. This life that you are living now, waiting for you to continue your journeying in it. And as you return to your body take another deep Breath of Life in this space and wiggle your toes and wiggle your nose and wiggle your ears and your whiskers and bring yourself all the way back to yourself.

And this is the journey of the Crystal Light of Love. And now I am going to leave you with the Power of this journey and the Power of the Light and the Love of it, to be with you throughout your days of your life.


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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
© 2012 Heather Arnold - Illustrations
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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