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The Portent of Revelations

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents the First Teaching of the Earth Changes
from The Songee Energy, 25th August 2005.

Words of Earth Changes
The Beginning of the Signs
White Eagle
The Journey of the Feather

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On the 25 August 2005 Roberta-Margaret and Christene were meditating together. At the completion of the meditation Songee channelled through Roberta-Margaret. The tape was set to record.


Greetings Songee.

Words of Earth Changes

Songee: Greetings to you.

I have come because it is imperative that I do so. That which I have to give is, for you to bear witness. I have already pass to you, knowledge about the Red Tide.


Songee: This is coming, the Fifth Seal will be broken and the angels will come and spread the Red Tide. It will happen slowly, not as mankind imagine, one big whoosh. It will be more and more and more. The creatures of the planet will indicate to you the coming of this thing.

I say to you in the words of The Son "Look to the hills from whence comest thy salvation". (Unsure of last 2 words)

You will notice that many creatures will go to the hills. They will seek high ground because the waters of the planet will become as poison when this come to pass. The creatures of the oceans will go into the center where it will be safe for them. They will know the coming and will show the way. The waters of the land will also have a Red Tide, not immediately.

Out of the sky will fall fire. This will happen all over the planet. It will create chaos. Along side of this, is the chaos within mankind themself.

I have say-ed to you before time many moon past, that the time of the new Moon and the Star is coming. It is already being seen and felt around your planet. More is to come.

Those that are hidden will be revealed. Mark this words, well. Because when the time comes you will be able to reveal these words, not before. Do not to attempt to put to it a time of Earth. Be only aware and alert to the signs as they come slowly to the planet.

Amongst this will come the prophets. The prophets will come to tell the story of the coming of the Messiah. Believe them not. The time is not yet. The Lamb is not yet ready to return, and when the Lamb comes He will come roaring as a lion, not as a lamb. Be aware upon these things for many peoples will be speaking of them in time to come. Certainly there have been upon the Earth in times past many vauntings of the story.

Many peoples have believe-ed that the end of the world is about to happen. The World is not going to end, this is the comfort I bring to you. There will not be an end to the planet.

There will be a change and there will be changes to humankinds. All these things will come to pass.

The Beginning of the Signs

The beginning of the signs will come because you will see that the land will begin to disappear as the waters rise. Very slowly, already it is happening as I gave to you many moons past. The discovery of other planets in your own Solar System were part of this.

Up to now there has been no mention by your governments about the peoples of the skies. When the time is right the peoples of the skies will come and will bring, salvation. For they will come from beyond the hills, look to the hills, (Songee indicated to the North.) And they will manifest as very bright light and will confound many.

These words I give to you, now, will not come to pass immediately however the warning and the wordings need to be given now.

It is not going to be a very comfortable time for human-kinds, and yet it is written that it shall be so. Those who follow the path of righteousness, will find, that they will be save-ed. In the event that those that are righteous have to hide their righteousness in the face of evil then seek the power of Oneness to protect, for it is not a sin to deceive the deceiver. You understand?


Songee: And remember that all of the beings are creatures and are precious to Oneness including the dark one.


Songee: Everything has a purpose to it and a meaning for it. It is almost time. Not quite yet. Slowly and the words of Songee will come more to the people. They are not ready yet to hear. I give you three years Earth time, slowly, increasing over this time.

(Songee is smiling.) I knew you would have it all worked out.

Songee: It has been done before and shall be done again. That is all.


So I go now and I leave you with the Power of this knowing, not to make your heart sore, not to make your mind be conflicted, simply to be a vessel for the knowledge for future time.


Thank you Songee.

(Songee leaves and White Eagle comes to overshadow.)

The Journey of the Feather

(White Eagle was Roberta_Magaret's Guardian presenting in his past lifetime persona as a Native American Shaman.)

White Eagle says: Anamushta Aho

White Eagle: Together we walk the Red Road. Along the way we pick the Feather and do the Journey of that Feather as we walk towards an unknown destination. This is the path of the Warrior to walk this Red Road and not to know the end of it.

Along the way you will stumble and fall, you will pick yourself up and move along further, always there is another by your side.

Are you talking about the spirit people by my side or somebody else?

White Eagle: This I'm giving for all.

Ah right.

White Eagle: The Red Road all must walk. Some walk it with knowledge, some do not. Some are poor warriors, they imagine they are big warriors.

The Red Road leads across the lands, past the buffalo on the great plains, out to the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain we rest, we gather our strength for the climb. The top of the mountain is hidden in the mist so the destination of the Red Road is not known. Too many times people worry about the destination and forget to look upon that which is around them on the journey.

Sometimes the Journey of the Feather is arduous and painful and other times you will soar like the eagle in the skies. Even the eagle must come to rest at some point of the journey and so you will need to come to rest, to gather your strength and be ready to walk further forward in your journey.

As you walk across the plains you will encounter the wild horses of the plains, racing like the wind. As you watch them let your spirit join them in the freedom and the joy of their running. Fear not for they are sure of foot, they will not stumble or fall, their gift of fleetness of foot and surety, you will be able to bring to yourself, to your heart. This will strengthen you for the rest of the journey on the Red Road.

The Rivers of Life bisect the great plains, bringing life, bringing wisdom so that plants will grow to bring nourishment along the way. When you encounter this Rivers of Life, rest awhile by their shores, plant the seeds that you need for the plant you need to grow and then when the time is right gather to you nourishment of those plants that you have sown. When you have them then it will be time to move on once more on the Red Road.

Also on the plains amongst the foothill of the great mountains you will find the buffalo. The buffalo will come to you, will bring you messages of strength, of what to do next, of how to defeat your enemies. They are the Power that you need to gather for yourself on this journey. They are the collective energies of the Mother with their adult males and females and young among them. Thank them for their gifts and continue along the Red Road.

As you move further up the mountain through the foot hills and into the mountain you may encounter many other creatures, each one will bring you a gift to assist you with your journey. Each time one is given to you give thanks to the creature and to the Mother and to the Great Father. All this carry with you as you journey the Red Road. For some of the burdens will be heavy, at those times that is when the Warrior comes to carry the burden for you, so that it is not so heavy. The Warrior comes from the light, and takes upon his shoulders your burdens, and no matter how much you may grumble (Smiling) and shout, and cry, and bemoan your fate, the Warrior will always walk with you as you go on your journey on the Red Road.

The Journey of the Feather is a spiritual journey that you encounter as you journey the Red Road. It is that which shows you your strengthen and weaknesses. That which you need to learn about yourself. Only those with great courage will pick up the feather and walk with it. This will happen in the physical plane when you encounter a feather from one of the birds of the sky and it will be at your feet. And without anything in your mind you will pick it up, know then that you begin the Journey of that Feather. When it is done then it will disappear. So until the next feather the journey of the Red Road will comfort and peace. The feather always bring a challenge to the spirit, so be aware as a warrior that when you pick it up it is already too late.

White Eagle is smiling and there is laughter.

There it is, in your hand, you have begun your Journey of the Feather. When the Journey of the Feather is done you will know. It usual that the feather will disappear. In the event that it does not, then, you need to burn it. You burn it with sage and some salt from the Earth and ask for your prayers to go with the smoke to the Great Father. And when it is done you send the ashes into the wind so that they will go back to the Earth Mother as they fall once more back to the Earth.

That is all.

Thank you.

Now I will go. Anamushta Aho. Peace be with you.

Thank you. (White Eagle departs.)

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