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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents the Second Teaching of the Earth Changes
from The Songee Energy, 11th July 2007

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The Word of the Teaching
Roberta-Margaret's Life Path
The Time of the Apocalypse
The Antichrist
The Time of the Earth Changes
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On the 11th August 2007 two students meet with Songee. The Gathering was at Roberta-Margaret's Home in Auckland. Roberta-Margaret offered herself as a Channel to the Songee Energy. It had been some years since a channelling with Songee has been held because Roberta-Margaret had been diagnosed with cancer.

Songee Work

What I would really like to know Songee is what you want us to do, with the Trust, with the Channelling?

Songee: Songee is here for everybody, whenever anybody is need, Songee speak. It was given, long time past now, that your time was short. Unfortunately, not many people understand the meaning of 'short'. Because in Spirit of course there is no time, and interpretation on Earth is very different to Spirit, so 'soon' can be many moons, and 'short' can be many moons.

How many moons, how many years have we got Songee?

Songee: Three.

(Three more years of Songee manifesting to bring teachings.)

Three. OK.

Songee: You will find that it is decreasing in availability for Songee to access the channel for speaking. Songee, already knowing this, have given information before time because this was coming. So it is set in place already that the time was short, that information you now have is what for, is short.


Songee: Now you know.

How short, short is!

Songee: Now you know what for is short.

Yes, yes three years. Maybe.

Songee: Passing time has revealed the short. All is as it is meant to be. Those that will have access to information will be able to learn from that information. The information Songee give for you has been given over and over and over again and is still being given. The inspiration of the Word is being given even now to other peoples. Other beings in Spirit are coming forward to do the work, to come and give the speakings. So the movement that was begun is now unfolding. It matters not what name is attached to it, it is this, it is the Word that is important.

The Word of the Teaching

When Jesus came to you and gave you the knowledge of the Word, the Word of God, the Word of the teaching, everything is the Word. And much puzzlement has gone before about what is this marvellous Word that is so magical, that when one says and speaks this Word all is made right. And yet you all have it. It is inside of you. That Word is inside of you. It is a Word of Spirit, it is the Word of Oneness, it is powerful and when it is uttered from the heart then all is made well according to the Laws, not according to the wants. You understand.

It is written that all is said before, and you walk that path. Sometimes you have written into your path that you will step off it to go in a different direction for a while. All time it will always be to come back to the path because that is the path that was set, this is a ... what is this - (Songee asks Spirit for a Word) diversion. Something else to be learned.

So here we have Organism on the path and yourself on the path. Everybody on the path and every so often you have allowed for yourself to go off the path and then to come back onto it. Now we have come back onto it. It is as simple as that. This is all that is required. It is not difficult. It is very simple. It is only difficult in the minds of humankinds that, how, when, where and so on and so forth. When you make it simple, all time, many time, have I said to you ...

Keep it simple.

Songee: Make it simple. This is a truth I give you. So, it does not change. Same then, same now. Same two year time, Earth time. So - simple, make it simple.

I wondered if it was appropriate for, because Roberta is how she is, whether it would be appropriate for just a few people to gather here to either ask questions of you or to hear teachings, whether that was an appropriate thing to do and then transcribe them and put them up on the website so everyone has access to it.

Songee: That is simple.


Songee: So it is not prohibitive. I have this Word given to I, it is beautiful Word, not prohibitive, I like it. It is not against law. So it can happen. It is not going to make more sick the body of the Organism. It cannot, because the Energy is bringing in is too powerful to make it more sick. It will make it little better. So it is good to do.

To do the channelling. OK

Songee: And certainly the work is not complete, there is more yet to come.

There is another chapter of the Bear Story for a start.

Songee: Of course there is, more to come of Little Bear. And that will be, and Journeying the Spirals and so on and so forth. Many of those can come to pass.

So this can happen, again. The difficulty only is for Organism only to sit, and then Songee can come and talk with you. You know that Songee can come and talk with you any time you want. I have said this to you many times. It is never ever been no, it is always yes. It is, 'can happen'. Not for Organism always possible. Sometimes the energies of the body, and the Spirit, and the mind are not synchronised, another word, is nice word. Not synchronised. So now we are beginning to get synchronisation back and now we can more forward again.


Roberta-Margaret's Life Path

Is there any way that we can ease the journey for Roberta in a way that isn't currently being attempted? Is there any, for her.

Songee: No. It is all being unfolding as it is meant to be unfolding. There is a journey and a journey requires - I had word of 'presentation', is not correct word for this. The Soul has to be present for the journey to be delivered, delivered, moved through so the journey that the Soul is upon must move through the journey themself, no-one else can do it. Those that have agreed to come and assist will come and assist at the points. When something is not working, it is not working because it is not meant to work yet. It is because there is something that the Soul has to do first within itself to make a change before that something can come to be. This is truth, this is a truth I give you. It is for everybody not just for Organism, it is for everybody. You experience difficulties where things don't come as you would like them to come. You want them to come now and you get very cross when they don't.

Sometimes you have an emotion that you can't go past and you wonder, 'How can I go past this emotion, I want to be free from it'. And until you find out, how to be free from it, you don't move forward. Other things don't come into your life because you have to do this thing first. You understand. You cannot take the next step until you have fixed this step, because that step is broken you know, and if you want to climb up something and something is broken first you have to make it safe, then you can tread upon it and move up. Supposing you are treading on these steps up and if you are on a smooth path, then this part would be like little stones and you go to put your foot on it and it slide away underneath you. So you need to make that safe for you to walk and then you can walk your walk and journey forward toward whatever destination you are going to. And everybody is going to the same one.


Songee: Everybody is going back to Oneness, so everybody is going to the same place.

And we take as many with us as we can get.

The Time of the Apocalypse

It is very important now that peoples of the Earth understand that you have reached the time of Apocalypse. I have said this to you before.

Yes, yes. And it is still happening ...

Songee: And it is in the process, not something that is going to happen like that, it has been processing now for 34 of your Earth years, work it backwards for yourself. You will find the beginning of the changes at that time. That is when the changes began to form themself. That is when the Antichrist came to the Earth. And the Antichrist is bringing the negative energies to bear upon the peoples of the Earth. Naturally there has to be counter balance so there are great many peoples who are working diligently to counter balance this.

Do not be a feared because all is not lost. If you listen to the Words in the Book of Words that you have, even though humankinds have changed some of those Words over the many centuries of your Earth time, the Words, at the core, hold the truth.

There will be destruction, famine, earth quakes, bad winds. You are going to have such experiences of this that it will devastate all on the surface of this Earth and below. It is already starting, it is not able now to be stopped, although people are making soundings from their mouths that they will do so and so and so and so to stop. It is not going to stop the progress of this journey.

This Planet with its burden of life is walking a path, you know? It is coming now unto its crucifixion time. You might say to yourself, 'What about all the other wars and fightings and so on and so forth, that have happened in the past? What is this? This is all negative.' However the difference is that the burden that the Planet carries now is far greater and the imbalance within the structure of the Earth caused by the people on it making holes in it, blowing things up, using things that are making your air thin, changing everything. This is an inevitable part of your journey forward and remember in the book of Revelation it say everything that will come to pass. Remember also so that you do not despair or go into hopelessness that the Master Soul will return to the Earth after the Antichrist has been ruling for one thousand of your Earth years. The Antichrist rules for one thousand of your Earth years.

The Anti-Christ

And is the Antichrist the dark energy?

Songee: That is the manifestation of the dark energy it its physical form, as was Jesus the manifestation of Oneness - Mother and Father in Light.

So you have this soul that is creating this, is a channel for this imbalance you know. And this, this channel is using other people to move and push forward the attack. Those that are weak will be very readily used.


However I bring you back to that which I am saying to you, Jesus will come once more and this time He will come as a lion, not as a lamb. You understand.

Right. Yes I understand.

Songee: He comes as a lion, not as a lamb. He came as a lamb to be sacrificed to the greater good of others. This time He comes as the Powerful Lion, The King of his Province (Songee pronounced this Word in the French way). The King, and He will be The King, again for the Earth. And then will come the resurrections and the time of everlasting peace.

This seems impossible with the minds of people that are living now. That vision is too far away for them to hold it in their mind. They will only see despair, hopelessness. However, remember that these Souls came at this time of the Earth development to learn these lessons, to find out these truths and to see if they are powerful enough in their Soul to endure. Do they have the strength to endure? The power of their faith and trust in Spirit Energy, Oneness Energy, do they have it?

Now it does not matter to what faith they belong. All is One. Oneness recognises all the faiths of all human-kinds, no matter how they express it. Those that have come to an understanding and acceptance of Jesus are only one part of the community of the people of Earth. The difference is that those that go and join the community of Jesus in their hearts, does not matter if they go to the buildings or with other peoples if they have Jesus in their hearts.

When the time comes for the Beast (dark energy, Satan), to be numbered those that follow the Beast will be numbered and will be marked, so (Songee is using the fingers of the left hand making signs on the right wrist). And those who are with Jesus will be marked so (Songee indicates a mark on the forehead). And those who have the marks of Jesus will know each other by the marks. Those the follow the Beast will not be able to see the marks of Jesus. You understand? And all the peoples that belong with Jesus and Oneness will be One all over the world and they will be there to do whatever needs to be done to hold firm the Light Energy for the Earth until Jesus comes once more.

Songee can I just clarify if it was 34 years ago that the Antichrist came and there will be a thousand years of darkness and we are talking about holding the Light for the next 976 years, or whatever against this despair, devastation to the point that and I think you said something, sorry think, you said about devastation, devastation all on the surface of the Earth. Almost as if it sounds that very few people will be left.

The Souls will survive.

The Souls will survive.

Songee: There will be people survive, physically people will survive. Many will not. However that does not matter because their Souls continue, and the ones that have survived will continue to have little ones, and those Souls that did not survive can return as little ones and continue with the work. The Souls are chosen to come and the Souls do choose themself to come and I'm saying that they choose because in Spirit this is the right thing to do. So they always do the right thing - an isn't that the most damnable thing for you of Earth, that when you come to Earth you find yourself still doing it? Is that not so! Ha! It is a joke, I making funny.

When will the time of the Earth's crucifixion actually be? How many years will that be?

Songee: It is in process now.

Yes I know but when will the peak of it be?

In our lives?

The Time of The Earth Changes

Songee: Oh Earth time, you wanting Earth time? About 6 years, 8 years.

Right thank you.

Songee: Will become - that is when consciousness of the dilemma will become apparent world wide and everybody will throw up their hands and say, 'Oh my God we are so sorry, save us!' And its already too late.

Its already too late.

Songee: It's already too late now. Unfortunately for the little ones that are now it is going to be very hard when they come to that point. You look now at the devastation in many places where the little ones are gone and your hearts, they beat slow. Songee has the hand over the heart and the voice is full of sadness) And the tears can come because of the little ones. It is not wrong to know that compassion; however, keep your mind firm. Even though you have compassion, keep your mind firm and know that the Soul walked the journey knowing it was going to come to that end and has returned to where it is meant to be. Even unto the smallest, of the small. Remember that, hold that in your heart with the compassion and know that they are safe and they are well and they are not denied anything. It is what they have arranged to do. They come to bring a lesson to the Earth. They come to show the people of the Earth what this evil is. To put a face to it. So they are coming, they are Beings of Light who are coming to say to the world, 'Look at the evil that is being done around and about here'.

And it is evil being done from both sides. The ones who are coming to say, 'We are coming to make it better' and from those who are saying, 'You are not making it any better, you are making it worse' and from the people who say, 'We don't want either of you to come, we want to be by ourself'.

(There was a personal discussion about individual progress of the people present, on the path, according to The Plan.)

Songee: Oh I like that, very good. 'Work in progress' is I give for you, this from Little One (Songee is referring to Sally a Spirit Guide who assists Songee and the Channel), what are you doing here? Oh very good, that's alright. She has left Organism with a tribe to play music and dance, so she has come back to hear what we are saying to you. Yes you go and get her when I say.

Oneness Plan

So The Plan is in progress, The Plan is moving along, there are no hitches in the Plan, it is smoothly doing all as it is meant to do. What you have to do is be prepared, be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, Spiritually. To be powerful. To be as powerful as you can be. To be as safe as you can be in the days to come. Ensure that you have clothing, food, light, heat and a means of communicating with other peoples. No better way than with the drum. The drum can be heard for many miles especially an you play it at night. You can learn drum signal. You can signal to each other where-ever you may be in your groups of sanctuary. So those that work in the Light will always be able to be in touch with each other.

There will come to pass people who will attempt to pretend to be beings of Light. They do this by engaging your energies into a path that at first appears to be blessed by Oneness and Jesus and then when you are involved you find for yourself that it is not Jewish. (We establish later that Songee means kosher)

(end of side one)

There was a question submitted for Songee - How do volcanoes work.

OK now the volcanoes Songee.

Songee: To know how volcanoes work. Do you want the short answer or long answer?

I would prefer the short answer.

Songee: Short answer is the magma in the Earth gets very hot, extremely hot and at the same time the plates of the Earth shift and so the magma gets pushed up and up and up. On the outside you start to see little rocks falling down, you start to see some plants around the top beginning to start to look sad and coming to the end of their life and you see these things happening. Sometimes underground you will feel the little rumblings happening underground, this can go on for many moons and nothing happen.

And gradually this will build up and build up. It is pressure from down inside the Earth that pushes the magma up the tunnel, the funnel of the volcano, and until it finds an exit point and then it goes out co-boom, like that (Songee makes big arm movements).

So she was considering from a Spiritual aspect, from maybe from Your personal aspect, as the Energy of what Songee does best.

Songee: Songee have use Organism and others many times to clear the pathways for the blood of the Earth to flow. Sometimes as in the body of the human and the animal kinds upon the kingdoms of this Planet, the workings inside get blocked passages. When your body has blocked passages it cannot work well. If you block the pathway to the mouth, you cannot eat or drink, if you block the pathway to the bladder, you cannot pass water. Most important of all you block the pathway to your waste products and everything inside the body goes - how does it go?

Toxic. Poisoned.

Songee: It becomes poisoned and toxic and the eyes cross and person falls over. So the most important thing that you can do for your body, to keep it healthy, is to keep your pipes free. The most important thing that Songee can do for the Earth is to keep its pipes free, so that there is flowings all the time through the pipes and that when there is blockage so that the pressure does not build up too much, peoples can go down inside in Spirit and clear the blockages and many times this task is done by people with their Doorkeeper and Guardian and they clean the pipes. And you can ask for more people to do this, you can ask for this as part of the healing of your Planet and this will take place. Will not change the journey of the plates of the Earth moving across each other, it does not change that.

The Planet, this Planet is a living creature. It is alive, it only happens to have soil and rocks and insects and things living on it. Inside it is like a sleeping dragon, all curled up and asleep and the time is coming when the dragon will awake and there will be, you'll know when it happen because there will not be just one go up in the air - there will be many all over the Planet. You will know as a sign that you are coming into a very important stage of the apocalyptic stage that the energies of darkness are becoming more powerful. So those that are attempting to unblock the pipes, you have the dark energy blocking them and so it will happen that there will be more of these things come to pass.

Songee tell you about the one where the people go to the snow and said, 'Don't go down there to the snow this year because I'm going to make it go up'.

That's Ruapehu.

Songee: And it did, did it not?


Songee: So the warnings can be given and people can protect themself and stay safe.

How to Manage the Earth Changes

Many years ago, Songee, a few years ago Songee spoke about New Zealand perhaps not suffering quite as badly as some of the other countries of the world in the great Tempest. Is this still the case?

Songee: Oh Certainly. You have to be - ah what have I, give I some Wordings (Songee is speaing with Spirit) for this. You have to be living where you are now and in high ground and up this part of the land, the land from where the ...

The north part of the North Island.

Songee: That is correct. There are some hills (We could suppose Songee means the Bombay Hills south of Auckland) and on the other side of the hills is flatness, that is all going to go away. Your hills will become cliffs. Do you understand, they will become the cliffs.

We need boats.

Songee: Some of the land will be diminished and the part that is now the top part of this island will be separated from this part however you will still be able to get to each other. You will, ways and means will be found to get to each other. That part is going to go. (Songee is indicating to the South of where She is in Roberta-Margaret's body.)

You have spoken of this before.

It also seems to me that if there are just going to be some small pieces of land that are obviously safe, then a lot of people will come on boats with guns and try to get onto your piece of land. Many people perhaps from Asia, or from countries where a great deal of flat lands, and the flat land all becomes under water.

Songee: These are all the things that worry the mind.


Songee: These are the things that cause the worry, the despair and the fear. Songee does not give you this information for you to dive into that pool. Don't dive into that pool because it won't effect you.

You just do what-ever you need to do when the time comes.

Songee: Everything has to be done as it is meant to be done when the time arrives. Don't worry about that. Supposing somebody come, you deal with it. And the lesson for Earth is to learn to recognise the peoples who have the mark of Jesus. And you gather together where-ever you can because you all have the mark of Jesus, and that doesn't matter what you are, what your ancestry was, what your culture is, you will have those from different cultures, different backgrounds, different faiths who will all carry the mark of Jesus.

And the people that are at the moment preaching to the world that you have to belong to this group in order to survive the Apocalypse and the Words of the Revelations, they are incorrect because in among them are non-believers, and non-believers will end up - they will go and be marked by the Beast. They will carry a physical mark on the skin, branded onto their skin. The people that follow Jesus will not have this mark, they will have a mark upon their brow that says that they belong to Jesus. That mark is this one (Songee marks a mark with the finger in the shape of a cross on the Channels forehead). I have put it on many of you already. You have it on you already and it shines in the dark, and when the darkness comes other people will find you because you have the Light, the beacon shining from your forehead. Its very simple. Very simple, very gentle, and there will be people who will give their life for Jesus. And they will join with those that have gone before and the army is building.

The army of Light is building. It is very big. And you need assistance with your things of Earth now, you can call upon the Army of Light, they are there to assist you. They have at their head they have the Angels and Arch-angels at their head to be their generals and to be their leaders. And then there are the Seraphim who also bring their energies of Light and Power to those Beings of Light.

Everything needs to be put in place now, for later for when it is needed to be. All the Words of Songee need to be in every form possible that you can have, because the Antichrist is going to want to destroy every Word of truth that has ever been spoken, will want to destroy all the beautiful things that have been created by artists of great standing and Spirituality, that bring light to people's hearts. You understand? These things the Antichrist will want to wipe away forever.

The workings of the Antichrist are the opposite of Oneness. They are not simple. They are not straight forward. They are devious. They hide themselves in disguises. Many disguises. And you cannot be forever wondering, 'Is this person wearing a disguise, is this person wearing a disguise, or maybe I not talk to this one, they might have a disguise.' That way you will go mad. Your mind will not be able to manage it and you will go mad. So you believe everybody as they come to you. In the event that any one is not Jewish, then they (There is laughter) what have I say?

Kosher. Much laughter now.

Songee: Ah Sorry.

Its lovely. This could go down in the annuals as any one of Songee's chestnuts.

Same conceptual framework.

Songee: So if they are not kosher, Jewish, then they will be revealed in all their glory, or lack of it. And some people will simply be deluded people and some people will be driven by the negative energy. And most of the time, because you work in the Light you will sense those people before they do too much damage anyway, so there is nothing to worry about.

That will give people the confidence that they can get through whatever is to come. That is right and that will remind them that Jesus will come back as a lion. And you are practising to be part of the roaring when the lion comes. Is that right?

Yes. I wonder where the lion will be born?

Songee: The lion does not be born, the lion will manifest entire in adult form.

That will be an amazing thing.

(Personal conversation.)

Songee: So I will leave you with the Power of this knowing and this beautiful meeting once more, and to know that you can have many more. It is the beginning now we are back on this path for this to continue. The diversion path has done what it is meant to do so now we continue on the path, is that right?

So I leave you with the Power of this and the Power of the knowledge of all this for you to hold in your hearts and the times that you may doubt it. Remember it is a truth and remember that the truth does not fade away.

Very well, Little One you can go and find Organism. What is it? Oh she's not where you left her, well go and find her, you will find her. I will leave you now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: So Be It

So Be It

Roberta-Margaret returned.

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