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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents the Third Teaching of the Earth Changes
from The Songee Energy, 17th August 2007

The Correct Spelling of Jesus Name
Question - How to help daughter
Doorkeeper and Guardian and the Other Spirit People
The DISC Recorder
Who is Emmanuel
Symbol of Gold
Doorkeeper and Guardian
Heaven and the many Mansions
Question of Roberta-Margaret's Pain
Question of how to manage the Earth Changes
Bringing the Souls back from the Guph
Sharing this Information
Previous Information Songee gave
How do we prepare for Survival
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On the 17 August 2007 this meeting is held at Roberta-Margaret's home in Auckland. There are four students present. This transcription was taken from the video recording that was made of the meeting as we were unable to make an audio recording. White Eagle overshadows Roberta-Margaret in preparation for Songee to channel through.


Greetings Songee.

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you. So what have you for I this day?

I was going to say welcome to the tea party.

Songee: Oh that is very nice, have you something for I?

Yeah I've got a whole list of something for you.

Songee: Oh for tea?

For tea? Well we have got our tea.

Songee: Have I some tea?

I don't know; you have ice water and lumps of ice.

Songee: Oh that would be very nice.

Songee, I would like to introduce D to you.

Hello Songee.

Songee: Blessed be and welcome. Blessed be everyone, you are most welcome.

Would you like to come and sit up here? (To one of the students who was sitting at the back.)

No I am fine here, I will sit on the outer.

Songee: Oh not, not so much, you imagine so, it is not so. You not see everybody else who is behind you, so you not. You are right in the middle. So don't worry about that little illusion, it is safe to have it. There is many others (Songee is referring to people in Spirit) behind you, waiting to be here and be with you. Now...

Songee, we have a number of questions. First of all we would like to know how to spell Heysus. (Songee pronounces this word differently than we do and in previous transcriptions we have attempted to follow this pronunciation.)

The Correct Spelling of Jesus Name

Songee: Jeysus, it is Jesus is Jeysus it is with the J it is pronounced Jeysus. It is different sound, same spelling, different sound you know, so it is Jesus. Jesus, Jesus it is Ha and Ja at the same time.

Right we felt we better get it right once and for all. It is J e y s u s.


Songee: No, it is Jesus, it is the same spelling pronounced with a...

Like we always spell it.

Songee: That is correct, however the Ja is Jesus, Jesus, say Hay Jesus. So it is... matters not, same difference. It is as saying Michael (Mic-hale), is Michael same spelling Michael is the same spelling for you. Peoples from the part of the planet that have these speakings (Spanish, Latin American, Italian) will know the wording and recognise it. It is for them to be able to make a connection with the Energy of Oneness and Songee Energy also, is to hear something of their own speakings so they will open their mind and their heart and it is good for them to have this in their teach.

Right, OK thank you.

Songee: For all time I am going to come speak in this language (English) of this place, always I am going to come to speak in this language. This is a Universal Language.

I wait.

I don't know how come it's stopped, we have had a few difficulties with this. (The DISC recorder stopped.)

Songee: Perhaps you are backwards going forwards.

Perhaps I am. We give that (a DISC that could have been faulty) away and have a new one.

Songee: It is very simple to do different thing. That is alright, we can continue with our tea party while we wait for you to do what you must do.

Christene how's about we ask some personal questions anyway?

Its OK it just won't even go down.

Songee: That's alright.

We could do that anyway.

Well go on just do it.

Songee: You have the speaking of Jesus and I have given you the answer for that. Now we will do this way.


May I ask a question? Thank you Songee. I would like to ask about my friend who seems to be going through some difficult time of late. We have known her for many years and we love her very much and she seems very angry, very conflicted. Iā€™m hesitant to just walk into her space and say, ā€˜I feel like, you know would you like to talk to me.ā€™ Because I feel she is blaming everything. What is your advice as to how, so what is happening and how can we proceed?

Songee: First of all you need to understand the basis of the thing that is taking place. If you give that (refers to the tape recorder) to Little One behind you she will make it fix.


Songee: This one. (Refers to another student).

Its all yours.

Songee: This will be the basis, is that you understand that within everybody you have emotions or - old fashion word - sin, you understand. I use this word because it is word that people understand. It is not word that Songee use for ā€“ ah - usual teach, however there is written down in your Book of Words (Bible) about the sin of greed, of envy, of jealously and so forth. These things are at play within everybody at different times. This is true for this one, it is the jealousy. There is a jealousy that has been erupting and the person does not know how to manage this situation.

Is it jealousy towards everyone or jealousy to (words not heard).

Songee: That is not something that I am allowed to say for you. This is a private matter for that person. If that person would like to come and speak with Songee I am more than happy to speak with this one. However that understanding that this is the base form of the difficulty, then you know that you can behave in certain manner and the most important thing to remember is it is not your fault. You have done nothing wrong. People around and about have done nothing wrong. It is simply that there is things happening and this one has jealousy about it. This one does not recognise the jealousy, only the irritation and the anger that goes alongside of it. It is emotion that goes back long time to another age within this lifetime. However that one will have to find it for themself.

I am very grateful to you for just explaining the thing about the jealousy, it allows me to understand and compassion is very easy then. Thank you.

Songee: That is right, that is good, always have the compassion.

Anyone else like to ask a question at the moment?

Question - How to help daughter

I have one about my daughter A, I feel that there is something going on with her but I am not very sure whether I can help or is it something she has to do for herself.

Songee: Oh always it is something that they have to do for themself, always. Knowing that there is something that is not - ah - one hundred percent correct you know, then you can as mother, you can say to the child, 'You need to know that as your mother I know that there is something that is not right for you, I do not want to put the nose poking into it for you. However when you are ready to come and talk then I am here for you.'

Thank you.

(Sound of sneezing) It's the cat sneezing.

Songee: She is not well. We give her some energies for her, that is good. (Songee holds an arm up towards the cat and sending healing energies, the cat stops sneezing.) So this is what you do, you let the little ones know these things and then they can come and find you if they wish to do it, otherwise you keep sending lots of love and you can of course invoke for yourself the power of other peoples around you. You have your Doorkeeper and Guardian who can talk to the child's Doorkeeper and Guardian, you can ask for them to guide the child to the best solution for the difficulty. You have all the Angels you can call upon, you have all the peoples that have been recognised and unrecognised by human beings as Saints. There are so many people here all around that you can call upon for assistance in these matters and always you will have answer. And remember to always ask for intercession in Jesus' name because then you know it is going to come.

True thank you.

Songee: And if you are not of this persuasion, you want to ask in the name of another being please do, it matters not. Jesus will still intercede wherever it is needed, you don't have to ask. It is taken up, as - it is there it is for all of humankind no matter what part of the Facet of the Diamond they are following. They don't have to ask in their head, they don't have to ask in their mouth, they only have to follow their own faith. It will happen anyway.


Songee: So do this thing, and you might like to look at the wordings that Little Mother have for the Angels. You will find that very interesting for you and you can read any other matter that will assist you with this thing. Very powerful. Doorkeeper and Guardian to Doorkeeper and Guardian: always go for this, first time, because that is what they are there to do, they are there to come and help you through this life.

Doorkeeper and Guardian's and other spirit people

There is something that you might like to know: did you know that in many different Facets of the Diamond, that these beings that you have as Doorkeeper and Guardian, they are known as Angels in other cultures, other places of worship, and some people will allow that you have two, some will allow that you have five and some will allow that you have seven.

And I am going to put this to you because it is very fascinating for you, because were you to have two angels, Doorkeeper, Guardian, so Organism has Doorkeeper, Guardian - Fo Yung and White Eagle - and then there is the two sisters, two sisters, there is the Doctor (Sven) who comes to work, there is the Little One (Sally) who comes to work and there is the Old One (Emily) who comes to work. So there are seven angels already with Organism if you look at it from that way of looking through the window. Is it clever or not? So it matters not what faith you are. You can have Angels; however recognise your Doorkeeper and Guardian, they are there to help you, to guide you, to protect you, to guide you through the things you do right and the things you do wrong.

Some people say that they are there to write down all the things that you do good, all the things you do bad, to take you back to Oneness and that there is somebody there to walk in front of you to clear your path. However sometimes they don't do it very well because you stub your toes on the boulders as you go over them. And then there are people who are behind you who are there to stop the demons and dark forces coming to get you. Again they can't be doing it too well because you get the whispering in the ear. So sometimes I have to smile at how these interpretations are put to people in the world. It is very interesting is it not? (Songee is smiling.)

The Video Recorder

Have you got difficulties, Little Mother?

Yes. We have given up.

Songee: You have given up!

I shall take it to the special man at the shop and he will make it all better.

Songee: Oh that is very sad. Cannot the Little One fix it? With the other Little One help?


Songee: Oh.

What's happening Songee, is that the DISC is getting curled around the mechanism and it is not flowing as it ought to.

Songee: Oh that is not very good, that is not very safe for it. The poor little thing will get all scrambled up.

Exactly and that's what's happening.

Songee: Oh that's not so happy for it. So mayhap we do something else.

Yes that's right. I am recording this on video so...

Songee: Oh well, then there is something there for you.

Something happening.

Songee: So that is an easy solution, very good.

So what have you now?

Now we were talking about the child and I went on to talk about the Angels, so are you happy with your answer or would you like more?

No. That's fine.

Who is Emmanuel?

Who is Emmanuel?

Songee: Emmanuel is a prophet from the Testament of old. 'Oh Emmanuel.' He is a prophet. He came to, which King? David, to anoint David. Emmanuel was the prophet. You have got the Book of Words. Where have you got it?

I don't know where it is, in the bedroom?

Songee: There is one in this room. (Songee indicates towards the bedroom.)

Is it the big one or another one?

Songee: The small one.

It's probably Bright's one.

Songee: The big one. Which part of the house, Little One? Oh it matters not, we use that one. You will beable to see Emmanuel.

What is that hymn- 'O come, O come, Emmanuel to ransom captive Israel'?

We had a meditation a little while ago and the woman in the song was singing about Emmanuel.

Songee: Whenever you have this question always a safe thing to go and look to the Book of Words. The other Book of Words of course you have a list.

That's right. I don't even know where to start looking. Do you S? We don't know where to start looking. Do you want to have a look? (To Songee)

Songee: You have to look in this part. (Songee is referring to an index.)

This one it didn't have a this part. The big one does.

Songee: Then you have to come into here.

We did not know whether Emmanuel was actually the name of an angel or...

Songee: Emmanuel was a prophet. Start looking to the list. (Songee has handed the bible over to a student who reads through the index.)

This is just the names of the Books of the Bible.

Songee: Look for King David. David.

I haven't got my specs, could you do it?

Um, so what was the purpose of us listening to a CD about a woman singing about Emmanuel? What was the purpose of our meditation?

Songee: So that you would learn about Emmanuel! (Songee is laughing.)

So we would go through this?

Songee: Yes. That is correct. You go and then find the Book of Words. You learn about Emanuel. You learn what he do, you learn how he came to teach and bring the prophet words to people.

So do I scan through till I see the word Emmanuel, or something like that?

Songee: If you look in the Kings, and find David and Goliath, and before that...

Before Chronicles, to Kings

Three hundred, OK..

Songee: So I leave you to do that, now what was the next part of it?

Just that, that was just all I need to know about that. The other thing that we had in a meditation was about we were doing work with the crown chakra and I wondered how gold, how did gold relate to the crown chakra? Because D actually had a meditation where she went into this room that was filled with Angels but everything was gold and I didn't know how that reflected back on what we were doing.

Symbol of Gold

Songee: Gold of course is a symbol of purity. It is the most pure metal that you can have is gold. So the metal of gold gives you the symbol. You have purity, so you are going into an atmosphere and a dwelling, a place, a meeting place that is of purity and it is through the crown chakra that you learn to access all those other areas of being on the other planes where you can go and talk with the Angels, talk with the Akashic Records, you can travel to those places through that chakra.

So going to this place you find the purity, serenity, peace, protection, all these things are of the highest and purest nature that you can have. It is telling you that you are doing the right thing. That you have come to the right place. Were you have gone to a place that was to masquerade as this, it would not be gold. It would be tarnished somehow. You would find the tarnish there and it would not be gold. It would have some other colour that make it not look clean or bright.

Doorkeeper and Guardian

It is very important to develop your trust with your Doorkeeper and your Guardian both, because when you do the exercises that you are doing, you are going to realms beyond your physical being and you need to have complete faith and trust with the people with whom you are working. This gives you the power to do what you need to do. It is the union, the trust and the relationship you develop when you get to know your special Angels. So when you get to know them and know how they feel when they come to talk with you, to be with you, to stand close with you, and you know which one is which, when you come to do this work then you can do it with confidence knowing that they will all time look after you, you understand? This is true for all, it is a truth I give you, because it is for all of humankind to know this thing.

It doesn't matter how you name these two. I have given the choice Doorkeeper, Guardian, you call them how-so-ever you desire to call them. Get to know them, get to know their identity that they wish to work with you in this lifetime.

Heaven and the many Mansions

When you learn about the place that many peoples call Heaven, you will learn about more to do with the different levels of awareness and development of Heaven. There is more than one place within Heaven. Jesus say to you, 'In my Father's House there are many mansions.' Is that correct? And that is Heaven. That was a description that Jesus gave to people to give them a small glimpse of the vastness and beauty of Heaven, so that on the Earth plane humankinds can conceive a mansion and what a mansion is for them in this lifetime.

That a mansion is a great house of great standing, is it not? It is magnificent and inside it has great rooms with high ceilings and many lights and many people and servants in this place to make the mansion work and the man and the woman who own this place who are there, who are the Master and Mistress of the mansion, oh they are grand people are they not?

So, the Earth people - the people who are still in their bodies of Earth, that is what I mean to say - can understand with a visual image that when Jesus said, 'In my Father's House' and they see this small house made out of mud with a thatch on the roof, small house. 'In my Father's House there are many mansions,' so the human mind says, 'This must be incredibly beautiful to go into this small house and open the door and see beyond mansion after mansion after mansion after mansion. What an incredibly beautiful place must this Heaven be!'

So Jesus was giving people a key to a door to open, to look a little into Heaven. Of course you know that there is more to Heaven than buildings. It is not solid buildings as you know solid buildings.

Oh very good, thank you very much Little One (Songee is talking to Sally, Roberta-Margaret's Spirit Guide), that is very exciting! I will use that. Little One say to I that in your life time you have a, on your... tell me what this is? (Songee turns again to Sally in spirit.) A device for watching moving pictures, you have - what is it?

(Disc changed - Some words are lost during the changeover. It seemed that Sally was giving information about the television series of Dr Who and the Tardis, where people go into a normal blue police box that was seen on the streets in England and inside it is this large place containing many exotic things, and in it they can travel to distance places.)

It seemed that Sally was giving information about the television series of Dr Who and the Tardis, where people go into a normal blue police box that was seen on the streets in England and inside it is this large place containing many exotic things, and in it they can travel to distance places.

Songee: Isn't that exciting? So exciting!

So what now?

What now?

Question of Roberta-Margaret's Pain

I've got a question. I have been concerned about Roberta's pain, Organism's. In the knowledge of managing pain through drugs nowadays, most people who have cancer can have medication that means that they do not suffer pain. Because Roberta has allergies she cannot have that medication and so even though she's in great pain the drugs are not available it seems to help her. This seems very sad. Can you suggest anything that... I feel we need to work harder to get the medical people to look harder in their boxes to find the remedies that will help her not to have pain.

Songee: When you look at the process that take place in people's lives about the teaching and learning that is to take place, looking at Organism process, step back. Now when you know that everybody in the Planet, everybody, everything is going to go through the Path of Jesus, so always there is going to come to the crucifixion, so the crucifixion lasts for a certain length of time.

Now imagine that the crucifixion process happens and then there is the time in the tomb, the resurrection, the birth and everything happens in seconds, minutes, cycles, going cycle, going cycle, going cycle, going cycle, all the time. It appears as though it is one continuous pain. In the middle are little gems of quiet, that is if you stand back you will see that this is what is happening. The cycles are going like this, (Songee is smacking one fist into the other hand in a circular motion to demonstrate the cycles) like this, like this, like this. And will continue so until the death do part. It is a marriage you know. It is a marriage of the Soul with the body. And it is there until death do part. So when the Soul parts from the body and says, 'Farewell' and goes Home to be with other peoples in Spirit, then that is alright because then the body is no longer in pain. And the Soul is not in pain of course. So any time that the Soul can leave the body, for any reason, any purpose of the Earth, then that leaves the body without pain. So any time that Organism is not here is good.

So the other side of this is the teaching. Organism has come to teach, to teach. What is this process teaching everybody around and about as well as Organism themself? What about the teaching of the doctor, of the nurse? Organism already has been given information to nurse that this medication cannot be used in this manner because it does not work that way, it is not how the people who have been given the gift to make it come and manifest it intended it to be used. So Organism was able to say, 'No, this is not right, you cannot do that with this because it works this way, not the way you imagine it, it works this way. So you cannot do one and half and pieces of this and pieces of that, you cannot do that, it will not work. Otherwise you have time when there is not enough medication.' So that information was given with great authority to the doctor and the nurse who did not know this information.

So here is teach, so the process is a part of a teach as well as a learning. And it teaches other things...

Still doing the work.

Songee: Of course the work continues until death. It does not stop until death and then it does not stop because there is already work ready.

The people, just in case you are wondering, the people of Earth who have much knowledge and information and such gifts as you have seen in your life time are being recalled. They are going to be needed and some will be needed to come back to be reborn and some will be needed to do work on the other side.

This one will not reborn, this one will be working from the other side, will be manifesting with other Angels and doing work. There will be manifestations, not rebirth. And this will happen with other people who have the same gifts, will be doing the same work and some of them. Oneness has already said, 'You will come back because I am going to want you there'.

Many people are going to leave this Planet with this disease because it is the disease of this time. It is very swift for the most part, and it is very effective for the teach. So it is used very, very usefully to bring to people awareness, and to bring compassion and love and healing to many people, because sometimes although the healing of the Organism has not happened, it is the healing of others that do take place, and also the manifestation of miracles, all the time. Oh it is so exciting for everybody!

And our hearts break open too.

To me is has just been one total long nightmare. Whenever I believe it can't possibly get any worse, it bloody does, every time. It always gets worse.

Songee: That's right, because the cycle is going, and going and going. And each time the circle goes it gets a little worse each time.

It must be great for the person that's doing it but from my perspective it just, there is nothing I can do, other than channel healing energies.

Songee: What you doing, is beautiful. There is no more else for you to do than what you do: just to be and to love and to be there is to be enough.


Songee: And to keep doing that is enough.

OK because I feel so helpless!

Songee: This is understood, and so it is with many peoples in this situation and this is good learning because you can then say to other peoples who are experiencing this - and you will have other people coming into your life who have this same problem, same difficulty - and you don't go up to them and say to them, 'You look wonderful today.' Because they might be feeling like death inside, and they might want to punch you on the nose for saying you look so good. So you don't say that to them. Learn it, that you look at them, and look in the eye and see the Soul, and see what is in the Soul and read the Soul, not this.

It is like, it is like Jesus Father's house, very humble, it's very small. It is made of clay and it has got thatch on the roof. You understand. It is very humble. It can be easily broken, smashed down very easily. However inside there is a whole Soul that is much bigger than this external visage, you know? So you look inside and you see what is in there. And it maybe, mayhap the Soul is suffering that day. It is in a suffering phase. Recognise it, acknowledge it, that will then assist the Soul to heal that part of that suffering. And it will go away. It does go away, it comes back another day in a different form because it has to.

This is the process of working through.


Now not everybody that do who have this disease will work through their difficulties. Many of them do not. They travel from this plane to the next one and they are still decrying Oneness for their difficulties. The mark of the Soul is that with Organism there is no decrying of Oneness because even though it is not a good process, not a happy one all the time, there are still happy things happening, miracles are happening and you, you are the miracles. So pat yourselves on the back. You are the miracles, you are the conduit through which those miracle of Oneness can work. Aren't you beautiful?

Thank you Songee.

Songee: You are so beautiful and you agreed to do this before you before you came.

Oh yes, yes I remember that.

Songee: And you already agreed to it otherwise you would not be sitting here.


Songee: And the Oneness will always take care of all of you. All of you who are marked, are taken care of. Are there any who are not marked?

Is D marked?

Songee: You would know.

I do know and I believe she is.

Songee: So. Those who are marked will be taken care of and you know how the marking is.

Question of how to manage the Earth Changes

We were pretty devastated by your last talk, and S and I were blessed by hearing the words and having time to assimilate them. Other people have not had that yet, but however that will come. Some of the things that have come up from that is that I know that we can't convince people about what we have heard and that's the truth of it but, not me personally, but a number of people will have the belief of it but they will be living with people who are actually the key to their survival but these people will not have any belief or acceptance of whatever. I am not putting this very well, I'm sure you will understand what I mean. So how do we manage this? How do we... we have the information, we believe in it and we would like to share it, so how do we do that when the time comes for it to be shared?

Songee: How it is to be is that you have the information and you are going to share it. And then when you have shared it then you leave it because Oneness will be taking care of everything. It is all written and set in motion now. It is already taking place.

Did you not witness the amount of disruption of the Earth crust in the last 30 years? The increasing of the disturbances. They are, oh beautiful word I like that (Songee is speaking with Spirit), commensurate with the raising of awareness within the human population of the things they are doing wrong by causing all the different things to be poisoned in the atmosphere and on the Earth. They believe that they can talk about it now and make it change. Certainly they are going to make some wonderful changes, however it is too late for the final conclusion. Because already it is written that this will take place.

Know this, that those who are marked will be taken to be in the Heavenly Hosts. There will be what is called in your Book of Words (Bible) 'The Rapture'. And this is where, can you imagine being in a situation of ecstasy, that is so sublime that it encompasses you so completely to the exclusion of all else, nothing else matters except this beautiful love, light and the feeling that is there?

Now all those that will be taken will experience that. They will not experience fear, danger, pain, suffering, loss, grief or any of those things that your minds encompass now. It will not be that way. You will not be worrying about losing your little ones (our companion animals), losing this loved one, losing that loved one and so on and so forth. That will not be, because all will go as one together. Those that are chosen and have been chosen and agreed to stay behind to keep the foundation of human life going, will have a struggle with life for one thousand Earth years until the Lion (Jesus) returns. And He will return with a roar, not with a bleat, you know?

So these peoples that will - you have to have some peoples behind to make babies.

That's true, so the Soul's can re-incarnate.

Songee: So the Souls can come and re-incarnate. So you have to have people there to re-incarnate.

Bringing the Souls back from the Guph

Now there is two disciplines of understanding for this - I give you both. One is that there are a finite number of Souls that will be born to the Earth. That the Souls will not continue to reincarnate over and over and over again. That there is a finite number of Souls and these Souls belong in the Guph.

That's an interesting word.

What is that?

Songee: The Guph. If you look into the Jewish faith you will discover the Guph. It is where all the Souls are taken care of by the Angels until they come into the birth. And when they come to the birth, two Angels come and birth them, this is in the teach of the Guph, and at the same time the Oneness send a sparrow to come with that Soul, to the Earth. If you remember Jesus say that no sparrow shall fall to the Earth without the Father know it. So no Soul, no sparrow will come to the Earth and fall and die without the Father know it.

Remember that Jesus was an Essene. He had a part of the Jewish faith for His life. He discussed all these things with the Masters of His time when He was here. He was also called The Lord after the order of Melchizedek because He is Melchizedek reborn as Jesus. He is the Master Melchizedek, the Prophet and He was reborn again as Jesus. He has come to the Earth many times to teach and to come, and He has come in different forms. People do not understand this, do not know this. And this is how it is that the Jewish faith believe that Jesus has yet to come. They do not believe He has been yet. They say He is yet to come. In one respect they are correct and another respect they are not correct. It matters not, let them be as they are. All will come to the same place in the end.

The other way of being is that you are a Soul that has lifetimes on the Planet, to learn, to develop, to grow and to pass on your knowledge so that eventually you all come to the place of Unity, of Light and Love and Beauty, One place. And to do this you need to re-incarnate many life times. I am coming to say to you that this is how it has been that the Soul's re-incarnate over many life times.

Now I give you an additional information. You know about what happens to the Souls of darkness. You know how the Souls of darkness fall into the Pit. You know how those Souls in the Pit will remain there until they repent, and when they repent their voice is heard by Oneness. And Oneness dispatch Angel to go and find human Soul that is still incarnate in body, to go down, out of the body, to go down to the Pit and fetch out that Soul. Everybody do this at some point or another in their development. Not matter what lifetime they will do this job, it is an important job. This explains the Guph.

Those Souls down there have to be retrieved because they have to come back to be given to the Angels to be changed back into baby Souls to be put in the Guph. So the finite Souls in the Guph are the ones that have gone into darkness that we are to retrieve yet. So when the Guph is empty, the last Soul has been born, it means there are no more Souls in the Pit.


Songee: No more Souls in the Guph. All are either on the Earth or already taken in the Heaven. And at that point, Oneness will reveal His Final Plan. And all the Hosts of Heaven will be reunited, will be back as One once more, with no division. That is the Goal.

OK. That is what I have always understood The Plan to be. OK.

Songee: So you have the two concepts, two ideas. They are not opposing, they are married together. When you have the information, it is - how is it that you did not know it? It is so simple. Always it is simple, I say to you this all time, it is simple. When the Guph is empty, the Pit is empty. And it is not a bad thing when the last Soul gets reborn from the Guph because it is the last dark Soul that has been retrieved to the Light. Blessed be.

That's right. The dark energy has no workers left.

Songee: And the darkness has no workers left, as you say Little Mother. However, darkness no longer needs them. Because darkness will not exist anymore and all will be reunited.

Because what other people do not know is that you pray for all the Souls of those who have gone to the Pit and you pray for the energies of all those that have become demons. Those are the Angels who have lost their grace and become demons. So you pray with Light and Love and compassion for them also, as well as the people around you. And you pray also for the one you know as Lucifer, who originally was the most powerful Angel in the Heavens, powerful but only one next to Oneness.

So all will be like this again. (Songee puts the arms as though embracing a babe.) The ultimate healing: it is the ultimate healing because originally there was division, there was the split and some Souls fell away from Grace and some were stayed here. And for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime the Souls have been attempting to reclaim those that were lost. It has been the mission of Oneness and the Creation of Mankind to reclaim those that were lost. To re-bring them back to the Light, to rebirth them back to the Light. And that is taking place, it is happening, it is happening as we speak. It is happening now. It has been happening for many, many moons and will continue so until there are no more Souls left in the Guph. However, at the moment the Guph is getting lots of Souls bought back because we have to bring those from the darkness and put them in there, is that right?


So you have many Souls who will lose their life to this dis-ease because that is the one that is going to teach the lesson and finish the life very quickly at this point of your Planet's existence. Remember, in the beginning all sickness come from what? Little Mother?

From the Miasms.

Songee: From - what was it? The first, from stepping out, what was the first thing that they have?

The radiation!

Songee: That's right! What causes this sickness inside peoples?


Songee: Radiation.

And they treat it with radiation.

Songee: And its treated, very good. Now we start to see the sense in it. So what causes, you use the same thing to heal.

Like heals Like.

Songee: Like heals like.

It is our basic philosophy of Homeopathy.

Songee: And it goes right back to that. So in order to heal you have to go back to the beginning. So in the beginning people would have been experiencing this (Songee touches the chest with the hands) as the disharmony of leaving their life, at that point. And then it became more a cluster of other many things from that through the ages. You know? (Songee is making the hands wriggle out to the right like the branching out of a tree and is referring to the advent of all the other miasms that were to taint the human race to the present day.) And it became from this out like so, you know? (Here, Songee makes the hands touch the chest, then stretch out forwards.) Now it is coming like this. (Songee is showing with the hands how it is closing back in as the cycle has been completed.) What they want to feel it the right thing. They will...

(Disc changed, some words were lost as the disc was turned over.)

(Songee has gone back to the question of how we share the information She has given us.)

Sharing this information

Songee: What they want to feel is the right thing. They will decide for...

PART THREE cannot force it upon them. You cannot make them understand and some people it is an impossibility because it matters not where they run to, it will not be in their script of life for them to be remaining here, so something will take them back to Oneness. So don't worry about it. You can't make it something else.

No that's right.

Songee: So don't worry. I know it is shocking news for you. Your mind, your human mind - it's like the people in Jesus' time, they could not be told about Heaven as being a grand place and given all the information of Heaven, because they would not conceive it. To give them the information of this small house becoming many mansions inside was as much as their minds, of that time could hold. You have been given information, however you have been given greater information because your minds are capable of holding that information even though your emotions may spill over about it. That is normal human behaviour, reaction, for the emotions to spill over. And that is good because then you know how other people are going to feel when they hear the information and realise the truth of it.

There are people now around you and about you who already know this information, who have been living with the truth of it for a very long time and they have been attempting to tell people this and this and this. Imagine their frustration. You know now. You know their frustration now, you know their pain now, you know their suffering now, so now you can have compassion for them. And you can say, 'Even though I don't know you, I can't meet you, I know that you are true. I know what you have said is true and my compassion is with you, as it is with all of you who do this thing, who know this thing, who have this information such as I.' And you will then be able to share it with those people.

Share the information?

Songee: You will be able to share it with others as you come in contact with others. You will be able to share it with them. When they talk about the weather being terribly ill for them, say to them, 'Have you noticed how bad it has been getting for so many years?' And then you can introduce the rest of the information slowly and people will begin to start to look for themself. They will panic. They will be frightened because that is human nature, however then they may begin to look to their spirituality because that is the next stage of the development for them to look to their spirituality.

When humankind is faced with ultimate disaster in their own life, when all else has fallen down around them, even the most sceptical will pray to something, even if it is the rock on the ground. They will pray, even though in their minds says they don't believe, they will pray. They will use words that are in your vocabulary that you have, 'Oh my God help me!' That is a prayer. 'Oh my God help me!' And then they all say, 'I don't believe in God. How is it I'm asking God to help me? I have to help I self.' And they will have this conflict for awhile and so on and so forth. You'll imagine the process, you can see it, I don't have to say all of it.

Previous Information Songee gave

Two years ago Songee, you came to me and you gave me information and White Eagle came after and gave information. What would you like me to do with that information?

Songee: That information is the same as this that you have been given. It is part of the same cycle. It can be revealed to people so that people can read about it and know about it. You can put the dates of your Earth time that it was given unto you; however be aware that you also need to state that it is also written in the Book of Words and that there are other people on the Planet who also know this information and are attempting to forewarn human-kind of this, these coming events. So acknowledge other people's work in this, because Oneness and others are working through many people to bring this information, to protect, to teach, to diminish as much as possible the fear that people may encounter for themself. People don't believe it. 'It is not going to happen, how can all those magnificent structures that people have built disappear in a moment?' And yet you have seen it for yourself. You have seen it happening before your eyes over the last number of Earth years. Structures being pulled down by the Earth and falling into the Earth, is that not so? Everything that mankind has built up, the Earth has pulled down.

But it's the beautiful Earth that I grieve for.

Songee: The beautiful Earth is going to be the same, only different shape. The beautiful Earth will still be beautiful Earth, in fact it may be even more beautiful.


Songee: Eventually, of course, you won't need the Earth. You will have no need of it. And then Oneness will decide what will happen to beautiful Earth.

Not even for an adventure, a sojourn?

Songee: Perhaps you could come for holiday! Mayhap Oneness will seed the Planet with more to begin cycle of another Nature. That is Oneness knowledge, not to be known. You can guess in your minds whatever you wish. Know that you will be safe, you will be well cared for. You will be in the Light and that is the most important thing to hold onto. That is your life line for all of you, for you, your children and your children's children, to pass the information down.

Remember that in the Time of Darkness that the people of the Light will have to go underground. However they will have special communication to the Angels, to Oneness because they will know that, will know of the teaching of it. Will have it there, have had it there for centuries of your Earth life and now will have to use it. Now is the time to use it. To bring it into being. All those wonderful people who have come to teach, to be, to bring you this information now is the time to honour them by following the teaching that you've been given. By encompassing all the things that you have been given, that you can use in your, what is that word? (Songee is asking spirit) ar-sen-al, arsenal, arsenal. Oh weaponry, that is it, thank you.


Songee: Weaponry, that is right.

All the tools. (It would seem that Songee may be talking about doing our readings - Runes, I-Ching, Tarot etc, meditation, writing in our journals, communicating with our spirit people especially the Doorkeeper and Guardian, channelling Healing Energies and all the other things that are a part of our spirituality, including all those practises that many people from other Facets of the Diamond have in their various beliefs and cultures.

Songee: That is right. These are your weapons of protection and weapons of might, that you have. Embrace them all to yourself.

How do we prepare for Survival

Songee for those who remain, we talked about that they need to prepare, what do they need to look at?

Songee: What do they need to look at? First of all you look at yourself, your look at your Doorkeeper and Guardian, you look at your powers, your strengths, all the things that you have gathered around you. You look at those that go beyond (the ancestors who are in spirit), you look at your Angels and your Saints and all those people that are there to protect you. All these people here (Songee is indicating those in Spirit who are present in the room) and you gather them all to you and say, 'Now, I know not if I am one who is to remain or if I am one who is to go on, so you guide me to where I am best to be for whatever it is to be.' You understand? So then you will then be guided to where you are best needing to be. Now you have information to go high. Is that right? So you have information to go high, that is good, you go high.

What sort of height are you looking at?

Songee: Ho - not too high. You don't have to climb to the highest mountain. You have in this place, not so far from here you have hills around you. And you climb to the lowest one of those hills. There is one that is in that direction (Songee indicates North West of where She is channelling through from) and it looks our upon the waters of the harbour.

Rangitoto. (This is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf the harbour where Auckland is situated.)

No, no

Songee: Just here.

In the Waitakeres. (These are a range of hills lying to the west of Auckland City.)

Songee: And you look out, up from there out across into your harbour and your city. All that will be water. Where you stand up on the top, will not.


Songee: So does that give you an idea? A perspective?

Yes, I have been attempting to find where the balance is so that I don't get my feet wet.

Songee: Oh everybody's going to get their feet wet. Don't worry about that. You are all going to get your feet wet. Lots of water everywhere. That is how it is going to be, so it is a matter of surviving, doing what you have to do, and don't forget that the people that will go will go because that's what they have arranged to do.

All the people now that are living in your city, they don't know. They will believe that they are safe because they are up high in the building, they don't know that the building is going to go under the water.

So at the foothills of this mount that goes up to where - moment please. (Songee is talking with Spirit.) Little One, (Sally) very good. Little Mother, Little One says it is where you find your readings.

I don't know, I don't understand.

Songee: Book, she says you have book, you have from this place.

The Angel book? No.

Songee: This place of which I speak, Little One says you get book from that place. You have to come to this place that overlook the city. It is a place that you go very often.

Is it where the library is? Is it the Library.

Songee: It is a place of many books.

Right the Library at Westgate. (This is a suburb of West Auckland, in New Zealand.)

Songee: That is right, that place. You look out there and you will see where the water will come.


Songee: And where it will stop. It will splash up high and go back down. You will see it. If you stand up there and look out over the water you will see it, you will feel it. So go to that place and 'feel', and you will feel the water level.

Where it is going to be.

Songee: Where it will be, and then you can say, 'So long as I can see that much (Songee gestures) below me now, I know I am OK here.' Is that alright? Is that...

Right. OK.

Thanks for the assistance, thank you very much.

Songee: That's as good as I can give for you.

(Later we went up to this place and we 'felt' where the water would come to and on the contour maps we were using the site showed to be 60 meters above the present sea level and that the rise would be approx. 50 meters from the current sea level. We must mention that this place is an inner harbour which is protected from the main Pacific Ocean.)

That gives us a height to.

Songee: It gives you a perspective of which to look.

(Someone spoke the words which may have been - Unless you imagine that it's on top of you.)

Songee: Oh you don't need to do that.

Its kinda low.

Songee: It's not - remember that the waters that are going to come are spreading out over the whole Planet, you know? So the level of the water is going to go up.

And then fall away.

Songee: It will come up with tsunami and fall away and then settle down. But the level of the water will come up first, you have got time to - to measure yourself. You have time to measure yourself and to look. Remember when you look, to find somewhere that is not Earth on rock that will...

Wash away.

Songee: That's right. You don't want the...


Songee: ... to come away and take your dwelling with you, down this way like that. That's not good. You will have people who will be dwelling inside caves, who will find it safer to be inside a cave, in the hillside eventually, and you will have many caves in hillsides as used to be many moons past when humankind in its early infancy. You are looking at a lot of big changes and combining that with some of the technology that you have today, because you will still have memory and knowledge of all that technology. So you won't go all the way back to that place, because there will be people who will be able to create something like you know and are familiar with, for communication, for heating, for light so on and so forth. You have many peoples who have many skills who are already planning these things. Find them, get to know who they are, where they are. They will be your allies if you are one who is to remain; you can then tell each other about each other.

So how do we know if we are going to be one who remains?

Songee: You don't. And you are not...

And you are not going to tell us.

I sussed that we don't get to know.

Songee: You are not to know.

We just have to do our best.

Songee: Because you are human kind. You would give up if you believe you are to go. If you are to stay you would go into a turmoil.

No, I wouldn't give up.

Songee: You don't need to know, you don't need to know this information. It is not important for you to know. What is important is that you know of it, that you pass it on and that you communicate with other people. You can begin to do that now. You can do it now.

Which is what I have been doing. Now the website Songee.

Songee: I am talking about the information I have given you before time, you asked about that; I am saying you can share it out, now. I said to you I would come and say to you when to do it. And I would say to you, Now. Now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: So let others know. Don't worry if they say that you have got a squirrel in your mind.

Well S had asked to read this information, I felt I needed to ask first. Yes.

Songee I would still very much like to have a partner of life again before I die. Am I being too picky?

Songee: Have you written it into your script?

I don't know, have I written it into my script?

Songee: I don't know if I am allowed to tell you that.

Oh If you don't know if you are allowed to I certainly don't know!

Songee: I am not allowed to tell you.

OK that's alright. I know, I don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind.

Songee: Your life script is yours to develop and grow and learn and move forward and so on and so forth.

Nothing's written, well is it written? Some people say 'it is written' but others say we make our lives.

Songee: You do make your life. You make your life according to the information that you have at that moment.

Exactly, and that's all written.

Songee: That's all written. So both are right. Never believe because you hear one thing that that is the right thing and everyone else is wrong. As I have said to you right at the beginning, the Facets of the Diamond is what I have come to teach you. And that all the Facets are One Diamond, and they all come to One place. So it matters not what your Facet is, you belong to the Diamond, the Diamond of Oneness. So... (The student bows in honour of Songee's wisdom.) You are welcome.

Changes to the Website

Songee, H and I are going to make some very sweeping changes with the Website and we wondered if you had any direction for us.

Songee: Website - (Songee is asking spirit what this is) computer - Little One, ah, very good. Go along what were you saying now.

We are considering making some changes to how its structured at the moment and we felt that the importance was that people were able to access all Songee's teachings at a press of a button, as it were.

Songee: Very good, very good.

And that everything else that was extraneous could just sort of drop off the other end.

Songee: That is very good.


Songee: It is important now to get this information to people so that they can function. They need to function. Keep the information about the Tribulation separate, do not involve it with the previous teachings of Songee. Do not link it for them. Let them link it for themself.

In what respect?

I don't understand that either.

Songee: The information of the Tribulation. And the Rapture.

What is that?

Songee: I have just been speaking to you about it.

Oh right now. So we need to separate that from...?

Songee: Keep it separate from the previous teachings of Songee, from previous meeting.

Oh I see. OK.

Songee: Keep the teachings that I have given you now about - about the Last Days as some people would like to call them, about the Rapture, about the Tribulation and about the Final Coming. Remember, if you start to worry about human kind as a whole, there's going to be one thousand of your Earth years with the dark force ruling, so you've got one thousand years for the Guph to empty. So it is still rebirth, rebirth, rebirth for thousand years yet. Don't worry.

Plenty of time.

Songee: Plenty of time. You will have the movement of the Earth first and then after that there is a thousand years of this getting together, communications, disruptions and so on.

Right OK. Do you understand what we need to do with these transcriptions?

Well I was wondering, Songee, because I need to redesign it so that it functions better than it does and it's more - so it works better and is easy to access the information. Did you want this a link...

(Songee does not seem to be giving her attention to the question.)

She's listening to Spirit.

Songee: I am going to get Little One to come and work with you.

Thank you.

Songee: Because I cannot do this thing. I am not into these, these wires.


Songee: Little One understands the wires because she does all this all the time (Songee is making hand movements above the head, of moving things about) so she will come and assist you with inspiration of this and that and so on and so forth. And now you want to ask I about?

Oneness the first page that people go to did you want a mention of or a link to out to somewhere else to, about the changes that are coming? How did you want us to present this?

Songee: That would be sensible to keep it separate so that people can go to look for it an they desire it. If they don't desire it, they don't go look.

They can go and look at Songee's other teachings.

Songee: Wording... (Songee is asking spirit). You can make different, sorry this is not correct word - differentiation between the teachings of how to live your life and that have gone before, and the questions people have asked and been answered, the Truths. So you have the teaching of the Truths from lessons before. And then you have the teachings that have been given of recent times about the Tribulation and the End Days. This is separate and only for those who wish to go to find it. So to keep that separate.

What would you like to call it from a point of view that would resonate with people who want this information but not with others who do not?

Songee: There are so many people that are giving out this word and they are all calling it 'The End of Days'. So mayhap you can listen to those that are teaching these things, and find for yourself out of that the same wordings that will reflect the connection with that. Do you understand?

Yes I do.

Songee: That way you will be listening to what other people are saying and you will find the thread of Truth, and that is the Truth that you will place on that place for peoples to look for it. So remember that when you talking about Songee teach, you are talking about the Truths I bring you. So you can say the Truths Songee bring you or "Songee say, 'These are the Truths I bring you.'" And you can have Part One and Part Two.

That's fine that is easy to do.

Songee: I don't know, you are going to decide this for youself. I am not giving you an answer complete for this because it is tied up with the learning and the teaching of all of this and the coming to terms of all of this. So that the mind, the heart, the emotions, the psyche and the spirit all together will be in one place with it, and not all over the place. You know?

Thank you.

Songee: So you have that answer there, that is right? That so?

Alright now I need to change this again.

(The disc was changed in the video recorder to disc three.)

Songee: ... the information into your mind and your heart. The information that I have given you this day is very big. It is as big as Heaven itself. So I will offer this to you now with Love and Light and good greetings and say farewell to you because you are going to need your Earth time to put this all together for yourselves.

And keep doing your miracles. You are miracle makers. Keep doing your miracles. You are needed to be miracle makers. Everybody is a miracle maker. This is a Truth I give you. For all of you.

So Be It

So be it

Songee: I leave you with the Power.

Thank you Songee.

(White Eagle overshadows Roberta-Margaret body in preparation for Roberta-Margaret to return which she presently does telling how she had been busy in spirit working with other spirit people diverting the intention of poachers from killing a group of Gorillas.)

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