Earth ChangesEarth Changes
To Do With Love

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents the Forth Teaching of the Earth Changes
from The Songee Energy, 14th September 2007

White Eagle and Sally's Visit
The Songee Energy
A question of the Dark Energy
Our Companion Animals as Light Workers
Protection - all around us
The Action of the Dark Energy
How do we know
What do we need to do
Climate and temperature changes
Gaining the knowledge we need to have
The Seeds
The Technology
Psychic abilities
What is happening in Africa
Women maintaining hormone balance
The Dark Skin Races
Questions of Survival
Cubs and Scouts
More on Women maintaining hormone balance
More on women - continues
Accessing Songee's words in the future

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On the 14th September 2007 a Songee Gathering was held in Auckland at Roberta-Margaret's home. There were 5 students present. White Eagle who is Roberta-Margaret's Guardian overshadows Roberta-Margaret's body in preparation for the work to begin.

White Eagle and Sally's Visit

On this occasion White Eagle spoke saying,

Anamushta Aho. We have surprise for you tonight.

Ah, excellent.

White Eagle: Greetings.

This is White Eagle. (He pauses for a moment.)

White Eagle: I will see you later.

White Eagle departs and we are surprised by Sally, Roberta-Margaret's Spirit Guide as she comes into the body and speaking very loudly.

Sally: Oh cor I couldn't wait for him to get out of the way. I had to get him out of the way. Oh he wouldn't go, he wouldn't go, he's so slow (Sally is talking about White Eagle).

Hi Sally. What you come to tell us.

Sally: Nothing. I just wanted to come for some fun.

Oh good alright.

Sally: I like having fun you know. Yeah. (Sally sighs dramatically).

Are you help us with the DVDs and the changing of the discs and things like that. (We are audio and video recording this gathering.)

Sally: Oh yeah well you don't like doing things easy do you though? Oh how many of them are you goin to have? Five, six.


Sally: Six, give me six. I can do six. What already? (Sally is speaking to someone in spirit) Oh Bleeding hell. Sorry. I gotta go now.

Its alright we will see you again some other time.

Sally: Yeah anyway I could have fun with six. Make sure they all go off at different times though eh?

Yes they are different times.

Sally: That is a challenge because I don't work no time see. Alright I'm going, alright I gotta go now. See you later. Well I will be here anyway. Bye bye, tra-ar.

Sally withdraws and The Songee Energy comes to be with us.

The Songee Energy

Songee: Greetings I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: How are you, all?

We are managing, that's about it.

Songee: I see Little One's face, nice for you to come to see, welcome, welcome, welcome, nice, very nice. (Songee is speaking to one of the students who has not been to see Songee for a long while.)

Songee: So what have you for I this time?

A question of the Dark Energy

OK I have a question about the dark energy.

Songee: Oh.

I could start with something more cheerful.

Songee: Oh I can do anything you want, anything at all you want.

I have a friend of mine who is very concerned that her family, friends and all her companion animals are being attacked by the dark energy because she is in service to Oneness and, so that's, we would like information about that, could that be possible and what is the different information about that.

Songee: Oh certainly, certainly. It is very true.


Songee: What else do you want to know?

How do we know when the dark energy is interfering in our lives, what can we do to prevent this from happening?

Songee: Ah the last part is very difficult because sometimes it is written so, and remember that as a Light Worker you are going to have many of these times coming for you because in these Last Days there are going to be needing more people to do workings, you know.

For the dark?

Songee: No for the Light, for the Light. (Songee is laughing) And Dark Energy does not like this at all. It does not conform to his instructions of how to, how to have things. Now before time I have give you information how, at the very End of Days when everything is coming back to normal for you human-kinds, that all in Heaven will be returned also to One, One state. No more Light, no more Dark. All grey, how is that? (Laughter) I make a funny. All will be Light, there will be no Dark however the Earth plane will also be all Light.

At the moment that one is responsible for the Earth and has been given full rein to do whatever him so want to do.

Now part of learning to work in the Light and to work for Oneness Energy is to face the challenges. Wonderful, challenges make you strong, make you powerful, like this. (Songee flexes muscle with both arms.) You know? You can carry anything at all because you are strong. And this is the job of the Dark Energy to help make you strong. He does not see it quite like that at the moment. (Laughter) However that is the purpose of it from Oneness perspective. You will become powerful and strong to resist all the Dark Energy workings.

Our Companion Animals as Light Workers

Now remember that all of your creatures that come to you, come to you with love. And come to you in the Light. You will find that they will protect you and guard you and keep you safe, they are part of your protective shield and especially in these times now, you need that.

The creatures themself are, as have given you before, they are more advanced in their development of themself, so they don't have to come back however some do elect to come back to work with human-kinds. And you have here one Little Wolf that has come back to be with these other little wolves and the family because he needed to come. He is to be Healing Energy Little Wolf. Do you understand?

Is that Aslan the brown one.

Songee: That's correct, that little wolf, you have to keep an eye on him he is a naughty little wolf. He likes to go to explore the big world outside down where the cars go, your chariots you know. So keep him where you can see him. That is your challenge for this day, keep him where you can see him. He has come back from before time to now time to continue working, there is work to be done still and he will perform his duties well because he has done it before. So he knows exactly what to do and how to do it. All the animals are so, all your animals, your birds, everything that you have that lives around and about you that is with you and not with another, so they will protect you. That is their duty to Oneness to do that.

And just before you ask it, it is, it is the Seraphim that oversee all the animals. Somebody was going to ask what happens to them when they die and leave the Earth place, where do they go. Seraphim look after them and let them go where they want to go in the Heavenly Spaces. So.

So Songee if we have only one little animal living with us that is a lot of work for one little animal.

Protection - all around us

Songee: It is indeed however you have trees as well. Standing people and you have the birds all around you. They all do their work. They do their work like a canopy over your home and also the little running things that go along the ground, all doing their work for you, for Oneness to protect you.

Some creatures will come because they have been sent by Dark Energy to cause you discomfort. These creatures are easy lead by the Dark Energy because they have a natural aggression into their little bodies. So these creatures you will find that, ah, the ones that are protecting you will gobble them up, you understand? The ones that are not good will be gobbled up or chased away from your place of living.

You have more question?

Yeah I was just waiting for it to evolve. I am just considering about the effect of family and friends being affected by the Dark Energy because someone is working in the Light.

The Action of the Dark Energy

Songee: It is very serious. It is very serious. Remember that the Life Path has been selected before you come, the people have agreed to be in the life in the manner in which they are in it, with you. So everything is at it is meant to be, you understand?

However the intervention happens at the crucial point, a crisis point to prevent Dark Energy from making it not possible for Songee to come speak to you.


Songee: So it is very rightly important this role that these peoples and animals and other creatures have agreed upon, to do, at this time, because it is a very crucial time now for all of human-kind to move forward and to be part of the Light. And always you will be protected from the Dark Energies.

You cannot have Light without Dark. It is the balance, balancing force of the Universe as it is now. The coming of The End of Days is about that balance changing and the balance of darkness will rise up and the balance of Light will have to hide itself, you know? And then when that has been done as long as is meant to be done then will come back the Light Force once more. And the last time to take back all the Souls into Light. So it is a very, very crucial time for everybody who works in the Light. No-one is alone with this one. All of you need to be vigilant. Not to make your life difficult about it. You have to be normal life. Do your life. Don't be worrying too much about looking back there. (Songee looks over the shoulder behind Her.) Your Doorkeeper and Guardian are there to do that. This is animals and other peoples, when they become sick and it effects, effects you, inside then it makes if difficult for you to focus on what you want to do for Oneness Energy. Do you understand this one?


Songee: And no one person in the Light is alone with this, you all have this. It the more intense the need for you to channel Oneness Energy the higher the stakes, you know? Oneness wants you to win. All the time wants you to win as is destined for you to win.

So is it, would it be a good idea to take more precautions and perhaps to cleanse our properties more regularly with blessed water and things like that? Or I don't know, I am open to suggestions. What can we do?

Songee: Certainly you can do this thing with the water and do the blessing of the house and the land. Whenever you feel that Dark Energy has upped the activity level then do refresh your protective shield around yourself. Help you animals to protect you because they will protect you from anything that comes, sneaks in or finds a way in, and sometime will go outside and stop it from even trying to get to you. So you are safe for your animals to do this.

So how do we know when it is actually happening?

How do we know

Songee: That is difficult for you because you need the discernment. However human-kinds are prone to emotional discharges, and Dark Energy likes that because it can use that to sneak up behind you and whisper in your ear. It is like you are saying, 'Oh welcome, come in my friend.' You don't know you are doing it however that is what happens. And they whisper in your ear until you say, 'No more. Get thee behind me I will not have you here. Go away.' And then you can do some cleansing if you want to do that, cleansing of your property and the things that belong to you, your chariot. Your chariot goes out and in, and out and in. So the chariot, you cleanse your chariot as much as you like.

(Laughter) It's alright, I have one of my cats Webster every time my car comes home he sprays the back of it with urine.

Songee: Oh he is being very, very dutiful.


Songee: Very Dutiful.

What do we need to do

Songee isn't also a place where the Dark Energy has the most fun with us where we, as all human-kinds do, we find things like resentment, bitterness, insecurity, discrimination, um what else self righteousness, arrogance, all of the things that make us feel for the moment very virtuous but actually make us feel really uncomfortable because we know that really this is a kind of dark, defensive miserate (unsure of this word). And when we know what it feels like when we have for example done some of the practises and we have done some healing work and we have done some of the meditations, that is a peaceful space and things like these negative feelings about others and hating others and blaming others for everything, this to me is Dark Energy doing its work in a very, very effective way. In wars and murders and, all these things result from this so surely these are the things that we need to be, become aware of, and go, we have a choice you know we can work with these things and say, 'No we don't have to hate, ok I will consider this for a day I don't really hate my friend. I'm prepared to love my friend'. So when we do that we perhaps make the Dark Energy's work a little harder do we not?

Songee: All that you say is very true, very true, very apt because what is happening is that as you have this in your mind it attract the Dark Energy to you and you have to, as you say, wait a little while. Songee have a good thing for you - put your tongue behind your teeth. Then you cannot say it. And any circumstance that come to you in your life then you have to put your tongue behind your teeth and smile and wait because all things are transient. It will pass. In the event that it does not pass, in the event that it comes up again and again to challenge you then you need to ask yourself, 'How come this keeps coming to challenge I?' So then you have to take a stand and look it in the face and say, 'No, you not going to get your way. So you might as well turn around and give up. Its not going to work, good bye, go away.'

What is that? That is very good. (Songee is speaking with Sally in spirit.) Little One is reminding I of a song that you have, the wordings are about the ..

The Crocodile

Songee: crocodile, that's it.

Crocodile, never smile at a crocodile.

Songee: That's it, very happy song. You learn that song an it will teach you about the Dark Energy. Crocodile is Dark Energy and you learn about it. And it is all those things you say.

We will ask Roberta and she will sing it for you.

What the same, in the same breath if we have somebody that's challenging us in our life, so its, I guess you could put your tongue behind your mouth, when's the appropriate when you have to say stop it then and address your truth?

Songee: When it begins to become a problem for your integrity. Your personal integrity as a worker for the Light.


Songee: In the event that somebody wants to say to you, 'You don't see Spirit. There is no such thing as Spirit.' In the event that you know that you do see Spirit then you have to stand proud and take claim for that. And the other person whatever they want to have in their mind that's their problem. They may say, 'Don't do this, don't do this, don't do this.' And keep at you all the time, 'Don't do this.' And they want to take this out of your life forever. Imagine how happy the Dark Energy would be, oh he would make lots of laughing. So you stand tall and you say, 'No it's time for you to stop now and do something else. Preferably somewhere else.'

Again I am making light of something that is very serious. However you have to be light otherwise you would not survive. You would find that your emotional self would become lost in all of this information. No you do not need to do that. No you don't need to do that. So you make smiling of it and then you can get past and as your companion have say, you don't have to hate your friend, you don't have to you can make a decision for yourself and elect not to hate your friend. And takes great courage because it may be that the Dark Energy is challenging very much through another person in your life and you have to still love. Because that is the thing that defeats the Dark Energy all the time, is love. You want to have him go away, send him lots of love and healing energies from Oneness. He doesn't like it. Very sad.

I often wondered that initially I tell the Dark Energies to go away and surround myself with love towards all those around me and all the rest of it but I initially felt that sending healing energies would actually irritate the situation and I wondered if that in fact would make him more insistent towards me. So I kind of I haven't really gone there with that.

Songee: It is difficult because as you say, he does not like it, he will become more insistent however as a worker for the Light its going to happen anyway. So in the fullness of time you will find that all that healing energy and Light that you send, you have to send it with a genuine heart. You don't send it out of mischief. It you send it out of mischief then you will get a smack back. However you do it with love, genuine love in your heart for this poor angel who has made a big mistake and in the eyes of Heaven has been put into The Pit. However Oneness has got The Plan. And Oneness will see it to its end. So the Beautiful Angel will again become the Beautiful Angel, not now, so don't trust now. However when everything has gone and passed, the Beautiful Angel will return to his place in the Heavens.

Songee could you just pause for a moment while I. We have a system here where I need to change the discs in this machine and we missed parts of what you said last time and that is always a shame.

(The disc was changed in the Camcorder. Songee waits while this takes place.)

Songee: I had better just whisper for you. Shhh.

Ok Thank you very much.

Songee: So, very good. Now what else have you.

Climate and temperature changes

Yes I have another question, and my question is that when all the big changes are happening I would like to know what is going to happen with the climate whether it is going to get colder or warmer or is it going to regulate itself back to as we know it now um, how will it be?

Songee: Everything will be different. Everything will be different. There will be intense heat, intense cold, extremes of this around your Planet. Extremes of everything and peoples will have to adapt as they may, wherever they do find themself. Some places now are very cold, some will become even colder than that and some places will be very, very hot. Not a lot in the middle to begin with. Gradually over you time it will settle so that you get a little bit more in the middle. And you will find your seasons will change.

I'm coming to that (Songee is speaking to Spirit.) Little One would like I to remind you that methods of growing your food. You need to learn to grow your food in the Waters of Life. (Hydroponics) So that you can grow your, your foodings whenever you need foodings. This will be very important to have this skill to grow the foodings. This is how you came when you came in your Craft you had very big, ah very big. That will do, ah very big, that will do. I don't have to say exact how big do I. Very big for foodings for everybody to have fresh foodings. So learn how to do this thing so you can pick your foodings fresh from the Waters of Life, is that right? And you will need to know how to do this correctly so that you will make the most of sunlight and shade because remember you will need to use the natural sunlight to help with this. So you will not have, what is it? (Asking Spirit) That is a flower. Oh she says bulbs and that is a flower.

Vegetables grow from bulbs to, like onions.

No, no she means light bulbs to power generate the sun when we don't have that.

Songee: That's right.

Using like not only the sun energy itself but collecting solar energy to generate its own power as well.

Songee: That's right. Very good.


So what about here then in New Zealand Songee, where we are, this place, the climate here is now pretty much in the middle, will that change?

Songee: It will change all over, everywhere and extremes of climate. First -extremes, very hot, very cold, very hot, very cold.

In the same place?

Songee: That is correct.

I don't really know how to word this. Sorry. So overall like New Zealand we have the medioca type climate, say Australia for example yes it is going to get hot and cold, but is that very, very hot now so is that going to get even hotter whereas here it will get hotter but not as hot as Australia? Or is it going to be globally very much similar?

Songee: What you know now, forget about it.

OK Thank you. That's my question.

Songee: Forget about it. What you have knowing now does not apply to the after-time. Totally different. When you look at how hot and how cold you have to look at climate, you have to look at where are the cold parts, where are the warm parts, where they were before time mayhap they not be there.

Your Earth surface is going to have a lot of shaking and in the shaking some of the axis is going to move, a little. Not much however a little is enough to make everything chaos. So everything will be different. You cannot plan. It will be a day by day by day survival for everybody in the beginning.

So the peoples who are strong will be doing this, day by day by day setting up their own colonies to survive. And then from there it will grow on forwards.

There will be a main, central colony that will arise, that will take over the other colonies and supposed to make them strong. However it is Dark Energy not Light Energy, so those of the Light will work underground. Not like the mole, you do not have to make a burrow under the ground. You simply do not say anything about Oneness. Those of you who are working with Oneness will have the mark on the forehead, already there, you will be able to see it with your unseen eye. You will see it on the other person. In the event they work for the dark force you will see it not there. It won't be there. So you will recognise each other.

However now this day, and tomorrow becomes this day, you do everything you can within your power for this day, that you are in, to learn as much as you can to put it together for others to read, remember I say for you that the reading is going to be very important. The word on, on the paper is going to be very important, the scribing. Do the scribing. Get it there. Make sure that everybody have the scribing.

Gaining the knowledge we need to have

And peoples who know how to make cloth, who know how to make garments to keep warm and shoes for the feet and anything of such nature, Anything to help your survival. Do it now, practise it now. Find people who do it. Encourage them to teach others to do it. And then eventually you will be able to set up your colonies with somebody who does this clothing, somebody who does the shoe, somebody who does the thing for the head, somebody who does something for the vegetable for eating.

Somebody who look after the creatures that you need for your life. These creatures will also need to be harvested for your colonies to have, you will need them. And all done with love. With gentleness of heart, with kindness. Every living thing be it vegetable, or mineral, or anything in between has a connection to Oneness Energy for you.

There are medicines in the ground, in the trees around you. There are medicines in the air, in the water. Learn about them. Know about them. Teach about them. Make it so that you will have this information when you come to that time. Share it out.

Now some people will believe you and some people will not. It is not your job to make them believe you. Don't hit your head upon the wall, you know? All you get is a bad headache. You cannot make other peoples know what you know. Don't even attempt to do it. Teach them the Bear Stories. Teach them how to do meditation, teach them how to exercise their brain. How to do their mind and do their focusing of, on Spirit Energy. To bring healing energies through to the people. Teach them how to do this thing. This is where you will find you will have the greatest need for these things and you start now, this day, and tomorrow which will be now. You understand? So all those things you need to know.

The Seeds

You need to have seeds that are pure, seeds that have not been contaminated. So be very sure that when you gather your seeds that they are pure seeds. That they will be able to carry forward the genetic matrix that it needs to be strong in the days to come. The older the seed, the better. The new seeds that you have on your Earth now have largely been contaminated. You need to find the original seeds from the original plant. So find a plant that is strong and healthy and well, and then use the seed of that one and keep it so that you can start new life. Do you understand this?

And it sounds like a very big thing to do. It is not. Only one thing at a time. Someone select one thing that you want to do and then you put your energy into that. Someone else may say I would like to do this and you put your energy into that and already you have the beginning of your commune. Commune, communal, to come together as one, is that right? To communicate, to share with the whole, so everything gets to be shared with the whole.

Don't worry about what is going to happen in one thousand year of your Earth time. You won't be here. Is that right?


Songee: You don't want to be here. Don't be, don't make your life miserable, worrying about these things. Be aware of them, know what to do and how to do it. Be prepared and then get on with this life that you are living now. Do you understand? Do not let the other thing take over to the exclusion of all else. That is not correct. Do you understand that?

To be moderate in all things is important including this understanding, don't let it become like the big creature with the long trunk, you know? It isn't so big. In one day of your life, you don't have to do everything. Is that right?

Try as we might.

Songee: You don't need to do it, it is not appropriate. Ho I have a new word, ho that is good. You don't have to do it, all of it. One person one thing, another person another thing, another person another thing. It will all come together. Eventually all the technology that you have you will get it back because people already know these things. They have the technology mind, you know this, busy in there (brain) all time and they will make these things work again for the larger peoples of the Planet. It will come back. However the most important...

I have to wait?

Yes please.

(end of tape)

Songee: My goodness.

OK. You're on.

The Technology

Songee: I not know what I was saying to you now.

Sorry Songee. How our technology will come back.

Songee: Oh very good so glad you were listening. That means that I can carry on now. The technology will come back because remember that the technology is here. The people with the minds for the technology are also here, now. And they will be here in the future. So they will be able to recreate the technology. It will take a little while to make it happen however it has been done once before and before and before so it will come again. And you are closer to that part of your learning than you are to that part of you learning. Your skills of survival are here now, you have to bring them forward.

The people of old times of your Planet knew how to survive. They would build a great big building out of the rock and make it stand up tall on a hill top and they would have inside it a whole city of peoples and the doors would be shut at night and opened in the morning. And they all survived inside the city. And this is the same thing that will come back, is this. What is that word? Fortress. That you will be having to live in for safety and for community working.

As the land settles down so it will be able to be propagated again and people who are in their mind and hearts they don't want to do, will go and do that thing. The ones who know how to be husband to animals will do that also. Slowly people will come back to themself and then you will have a mixture of old and new together. Can you imagine that. It little bit of old, a little bit of new, co-existing side by side. So that you can still contact people in another fortress over there. To begin with you will use old methods of communication.

The most ancient one is the drum. You can learn drum signals to drum from one colony to another. To communicate across the distances. Then later you will come back to more technology. In some respects for human life it is going to be a very exciting time. From the prospective of those who work in the Light for Oneness it is a very dangerous time however you can survive it and people will survive it. And the animals will survive it in case you are worried about the animals, they will survive it. Some will be lost, never to return and others will survive.

Remember to do everything with love.

Psychic abilities

Will the Souls that work in the Light be able to come back, reincarnate back onto this Planet with more psychic abilities than what they have ever had before?

Songee: Oh most definitely because they have to come back with the mark on their forehead to say that they are Light Workers and Child of Light. Now remember that as long as they come back to reincarnate, don't forget it is to fill the Guph and then to empty it. So the work of those in Spirit is to reclaim all those Souls from the dark, slowly, more and more and more.

So would we suppose that as the years go on from now more children will be born with fully developed psychic abilities, to be able to see and hear psychically?

Songee: There will be more children born with these gifts only they will have to be trained because don't forget there will be Souls that have come back from the Dark Energy also. Whatever you have to have balance. There still needs to be balance, and always love will win it. Just love, lots and lots of love.

What is happening in Africa

Songee can you explain the fact African, the subcontinent of Africa, so many of the countries in Africa the people in Africa have such a terrible time in the last few years where its now in many areas its likely that forty percent of the children will die because they pick up a disease like AIDS from their parents and now in some areas you have got even worse diseases coming in, failed governments, and terrible situations. It is just interesting because the people in Africa so many of them still hold to their good old beliefs about community of simple things. It just seems very sad that they should have to suffer so much.

Songee: Remember that the Souls come for the lessons of life and they arrange to come where they are going to be born and how, and their parents and everything to do with it. Remember that this is all going to stop. All this will stop. It is the chaos of the Dark Energy. It is the Dark Energy at work in the minds and the hearts of people. Even the most devout person on the Planet who goes on bended knees to Oneness for their life can be used by the Dark Energy in a negative way. They can use that very passion for their deity to cause injury to those around that one. Did you know that?


Songee: Because they are devout and passionate for their deity, whatever it is, does not mean that they are safe from the Dark Energy, they are not. Those that at so focused in such that way, that they do not discern when the Dark Energy is there or in the event they say, 'There is no Dark Energy, it does not exist. It is only I that is the dark energy.' Then they will become a conduit for the Dark Energy. How many times in the history of human-kind have you seen report of people being destroyed by someone who says that they are right in their belief in their Oneness Energy and those people are not, so they have to be killed. How many time in your Earth Life history?

Heaps. Many times.

Songee: And that is an example of Dark Energy using the passion and the exhalation of someone. It is what you speak of before time, arrogance of the individual and the person that is so arrogant is not humble before God. Whatever you call God. You can have any name you like for (that?) energy. It matters not.

So the person who lives next door to you, supposing that they are passionate about whatever deity they have and they say, 'You are bad, you are wrong, you are not to be suffered because you don't believe the same way as I. You are devil person.' And they will call you this name and they themself put themself as righteous person. You know? Dark Energy every bit of it, Dark Energy and they don't know it, they believe themself to be so righteous and they are being used by the Dark Energy.

You need to be able to discern when that is been happening. Can you do that? Are you sure?

Ninety nine percent.

(Disc changed)

Can we just pause for a moment please, sorry about this Songee. It takes awhile for the machine to work. To see you on video like this is just absolutely wonderful, isn't it?

It is.

It really is great.

Songee: I am being very quiet.


Songee: Very quiet.

OK Thank you.

Songee: It is alright now? (Songee takes a big breath and sighs.) I am so pleased. I don't have to whisper anymore.

So what else have you?

I have another question. If I can find it. Here it is.

Songee: Little birds have a way of flying around and getting lost, do they not?

Yes. This is a different subject than what we have been talking about.

Songee: Oh I am so pleased.

Women maintaining hormone balance

This is just as tricky. Many of us mature women have difficulty maintaining a hormone balance that is appropriate for our time of life, for our age and all the other things due to many pollutants, contraceptive practises we have had over the years, exposure to environmental hormones and surgical removal of many of our womanly parts. Would you please suggest ways that we could use to maintain a hormone balance to help us live our lives in a better way?

Songee: Thank you. Little One was interpreting for me all the words. Go back to the beginning. In the beginning there was a man and a woman and the woman she grow, they mate, they make babies. In the fullness of time no more babies. And in the same fullness of time the woman-kinds develop their own way of managing to get through difficult times.

It was recognised that after a woman stops being able to bear a child that she can become very sad. So in the communities they have, the communities of women folk, and they have a head woman as they have a head man. And the head woman looks after the other women in the culture, in their village. She is the Wise One to whom the other women will go for teach, to learn things. As you may imagine there would be many old womens also however only one will be head woman.

Now in these communities the women folk rule the house. The men folks do as they are told. Anything to do with the village then the elders come together to talk about it, mostly the men because they are in charge of protecting the village. So mostly the men although sometimes some women will become warriors also because they do not want to become wife. So they become warrior and don't do wife thing. However they will still be part of the women's circle in the village, you understand? So the older women in the village have the wisdom of the medicines that the women need to get them through this difficult time of their lives. And when everything is in balance that is all that is required.

What has happened in your world of now is that the imbalances of many generations now, of women-kinds have gone away from their knowledge and wisdom. They have lost it. Not forever, they can regain it however they do not need the medicines. The difficulty is in the old methods is that there would be no tampering with the woman's insides.

Yes and no pollutants and no all the oestrogens that we have floating around in our environment now.

Songee: That is correct however in the event that something is to go wrong inside then often times the woman would not survive. She would die. Now you have traded that for what you have now. Do you believe you have made a good trade?

(Laughter.) At least we are still living and carrying our wisdom longer.

Songee: Then you need to be able to bring to the community knowledge of the old ways and the new ways and how to bring them together in harmony so that the child growing up, the young girl growing up to woman-hood gets taught what she needs to know as she comes through to woman-hood because she needs that as she comes into woman-hood and then the middle years. When you are in the middle years and then you go into the crone and you become the crone because you are the Wise One.

It's a great time of life and it is spoilt be our inability to actually function.

Songee: As I am saying to you, in the past of your history of the Planet, the crone was always there and was respected for the knowledge that she have inside of her. And she does not have all these things that you are talking about because only the fit survive. You know?

Those that know how to do it?

Songee: Those who are fit and well will survive, those that are not will slowly melt back to the ethers and go back. Until the stock is built up again and is strong of body and mind, and healthy in all directions, you understand this? There is to be a return to this however it will be at a price. The price will be that human-kinds will have to learn to survive and survival of the fittest is where it will count. This is nature.

It is a natural selection process.

The dark skin races

Songee:This is nature, this is have nature works and it will be back to that. It sounds very cruel. You see much of it in the place that you were talking about, I have not forgotten your question, you see a lot of it in that place you were talking about, is a selection process. However that selection process has become tainted by human-kinds who have put deliberately the diseases for those people.

The plan was to erase those peoples from the Earth to make room for more peoples such as youself.

White people.

With white Skin.

(Other words were spoken not heard.)

Songee: Something like that, so it is not nice to hear this. It is very unpleasant for you to hear it however you did not do it. It is other peoples that have power on your Planet that did do for this. And now it is all out of hand. It has no boundaries, it has no government of itself. It is total chaos. It is Dark Energy at its finest. Not good for the people. Very bad for the people. Many Souls coming to the Earth that had left the Earth by their own hand (Suicide) and need to reincarnate for only a short time, to make up the life before (that they did not live) will come back into that environment, come back, live it, leave it. So it is helping the Light Energy Workers to come back properly into a full life no matter where they come on the Planet, no matter what culture, no matter what faith, the Light Energy Workers will return and they will be everywhere. Do you understand?

So grieve not too much for the little ones because they will be at peace, not in the dust, not in the heat, not with the flies, they will go back and come back to teach. They will be the Enlightened Ones that will come back. In Spirit there is no, no colour of skin. No higher or lower from whatever culture you come, you are not judged on this because you could have life from one culture and go back and come back into this culture. Do you understand? This is the fault in the people's reasoning when they are in power in attempting to get rid of all those Souls of those particular civilisations, because the Soul is not the colour of your skin. The Soul is not the faith that you follow. Do you understand? And because of this you are all One. You are all One. So don't worry about colour of skin, you don't worry about what faith they have, it doesn't matter you are all one peoples and you belong together as one peoples in Spirit and you can be one peoples in Spirit even while you are in physical body which is very exciting because it is strong, it is powerful.

And those Souls that you speak have been, I have not that word, tampered with. Is that one of your words?


Songee: Ah you know that word. They have been tampered with, on purpose to make them sick. Now you have many, many, many people who are coming to this place to do good works, to help the people, to help the little ones, to help those that are lost. To help them to be found again, to give voice to these people who have had their voice taken away from them by bad people. And so those good people go to this place to do this thing and that is as it is meant to be. Because you cannot have all that darkness and not have some Light Workers go there with love. Remember Love is going to conquer it. Not the Dark Energy. As long as those people go to that place with love in their heart they will over come much. They cannot overcome everything, it is too big, to overcome everything.

Remember I say to you long time past now that the original people on the Planet that were here before the space ship came were the dark skinned people. Dark skin, very, very dark. It is their home before it ever was anybody else's. So they are to be protected, to be nurtured, to be loved because they are going to have a lot of the knowledge that you are going to need for survival. They are an example of their communities, their example of their love from their Oneness Energy, their example of their love of their childrens, of each other within their communities. How they deal with each other, good things and bad things. If one person in the community is bad and everybody says, 'That person is bad.' You know? Then that person is bought in front of the whole community to answer for their crimes. And they are then dealt with accordingly, according to the culture and what the laws are of that culture.

Questions of survival

This is going to be very important if you are going to have harmony in the new colonies and you will need all the knowledge that these people do have. How to make your bowl to eat from? What will you use? Do you use the back end of the palm to eat? Do you use something else? Do you fire something in your heating, to make it? Everybody have their own way of making this thing and to make the weapon for hunting. To make the weapon to protect. How to make foodings that will keep for a long time. How to make that work.

Were you to have everything taken away from you now, today, that you know, no more water, no more light that you go like that and it come on. (Songee made a gesture of turning on a light switch.) You know? You do this and your light come for you like the sun. You don't have that, you don't have the water, you don't have what you have for heating up your food.

You have to go back to the beginning of how to make fire. If you have the skill to make fire you will be a very valuable person. Because without fire you cannot warm your food, you cannot cook your food, you cannot keep yourself warm. You cannot keep your hearth warm. And in the extremes of cold and heat you are going to need fire. Fire to boil the water so that it is fresh to drink, to keep yourself healthy inside, you know?

All these many things, lots of things, very exciting. Find out how it all was done before. How these people do it now, how they manage and whether they have been given the fast way to make fire. Some of them will have been given the fast way to make fire. That is not wrong. It is as you are in this life now. However do learn how to make your own fire from the beginning. It is a good skill to have and to teach the little ones as they grow.

There is a thing, what is that thing for the little ones? (Songee is asking spirit.) Ah, that is right little bear cubs. That is it, little bear cubs and they go with the great bear and they learn everything from the Great She-Bear. Is that right? And you have the little cubs coming along behind learning how to do all these things in the world, like they used to be done many years past. Not done so much now. However they are doing these things. There is some, the birds are flying as though they don't know what I am saying.

About the Bear Stories.

Cubs and Scouts

Songee: No this is about the little cubs. The Little One tells I that you have little cubs that you already have little cubs, in the community.

I don't know.

Songee: What is it? Not bear cub.


Songee: Oh That's very good. White Eagle he just say to I 'scout'.

And guides is the girl's way.

Oh right I see.

They learn survival skills or certainly used to.

Songee: Oh that is the little cubs. So this is the thing. How far from the original learning have they come now? You need to find out and ask your question, say, 'Do they learn survival skills because they won't be able to survive unless they are able to make fire. And they won't have that thing to do that thing and make it work'. You know? (Songee flicks the fingers as though lighting a match.) So they need to learn how to do it, the real way of doing it and lots of coconuts.

Will there be the opportunity to collect the necessities for a short time? I am referring to pots and things like that or are we starting from scratch?

Songee: Oh certainly, certainly you can do that, you can collect all those things to have to get you started on your things. However these other things you need to know, is that right?


Songee: Certainly you collect as much as you like. You can be a squirrel.

It will run out though won't it?

Songee: And put everything into a little house. Oh it will all go away because everybody will want to do it. So if you start collecting now you will have plenty to share in the event that you need to share.


Songee: And you going to need to know how to make those things, how to do it, so you need to know how to keep the bee.

Do you see how everybody starts to come like this? (Songee slides the finger of both hands together.) Somebody is a bee keeper, somebody gets the wax and make the candles and so on. And then somebody comes along and eats the honey. Usually the little cub.

I am having a look. (Songee is looking to see if anyone has more questions or things they need to know. She calls this 'Birds flying') To see if there are any more birds flying.

Songee just another question you said the levels, Christene and I went and had a look at the library and we estimated it would come up inner harbour situation, about 50 meters above current sea level. You said it would fall back.

Songee: That is correct it will come up very high to begin with however it will settle back down once the rest of the Planet has managed to settle itself. Water will always find its best level and will find the same level all over your Planet. So it will come up and go back.

So I dare say what you are saying is this settling down and going back part will take time because there will still be changes happening?

Songee: That is correct. It will take a little while for it to settle down.

Right. Is there a level that it will drop back, down to as far as um.

Songee: It won't matter.

Won't matter?

Songee: Don't worry about it. Everything that is wet is not for you. Everything that is dry is for you.


It will be have salt on it so we can't grow.

Songee: You cannot grow on it. Not for a long time. Eventually you could grow on it however you have to have it lie fallow for a long time and the sea to go away from it. And then you can grow animals.

More on women maintaining hormone balance

Songee could I just have a little bit more of your time on C's last question about the, and my question though would be, when the women have had say surgery, operations to take away the womb, to take away all the ways to making the hormones, it is a really difficult life without the hormones. Now there are, there are the men in the white coats make the hormones that women who have had this happen, can take which will make them feel normal again. However they are not very good for you and they can be a little risky with things like the cancer and so forth. Now is this something that someone in that situation would need to weigh up or does Songee feel no the chemicals are not good because sometimes the suffering is very, very bad and there is no other way? What would Songee advise?

Songee: It is always best to go with the simplest remedy. To find a remedy.

It's the challenge to find the remedy.

Songee: It is the remedy that would work the best for the situation. So you find the remedy and you use the remedy for that. Long term it will work. The difficulty in your life now, in the Planet and the life that you live now, here, there are more demands put upon you to function in a certain manner. Now when you come to this in the normal way of things naturally, then in the culture of which I speak before, the crones will assist you through that process through foodings, through medicines, natural medicines and natural foodings, to bring you through that time because they have the wisdom and the knowledge to apply to those disharmonies of the body as it changes from being a child bearing unit to another child bearing unit. Is that all right?

(Disc changed - Songee waited.)

Thank you Songee, very clever.

Songee: Is that alright. This is good fun.

It has to access the disc otherwise it will not record. Thank you Songee.

Songee: Very clever, very technical.

You will find that those womens will have the knowledge to bring you through that time, that difficult time. Now, now.

This is different, that is the natural way.

Songee: You don't have the nature way anymore, you have gone too far away from it.

So what does a person have to do.

Songee: You have to do the very best you can with what you have and what you know in this time and place, and work towards learning how to teach those that come behind you how to go into late women-hood in a correct manner. So you learn to follow the moon cycles. Thirteen moon cycles for women-kind. Not twelve. Thirteen moon cycles for women-kind. Everybody all over your Planet who have ancient culture know this thing and follow that moon culture. Going back to that, learning about that, teaching the little ones about that. It has to come from the oldest to the youngest. So when the woman becomes the crone she becomes the teacher and she teaches the new woman-kinds who are coming through to become crones, she teaches them everything that she's going to need to know when she become a crone because once she becomes the crone she becomes the teacher for the little one. You understand. That's how it works in the societies that I speak to you about.

However in reality, the society we live in now ...

Songee: In your world now of this time that is correct, you don't have that. So in this time you have to prepare peoples for the other time and go with what you know now.

Did you get all of that or did you miss it?

(end of side two)
More on women - continues

So we go with what we know now.

Songee: To go with what you know now is the best you can do.

And then it is not about an individual suffering because they are, they don't, they feel worried about going with what we know now, but there is no alternative because that would be very hard.

At the moment I have a situation, a personal situation where because of hormone imbalance I actually can't function. Well function in a very limited, my brain is OK well sort of, its questionable. However I don't have the ability to do the things I feel I would like to be able to do, to help to teach other people what to do and whatever.

But there is the hormone replacement pills that are available but are...

Songee: You don't have to do those things, you can use other things.

Which is very cost prohibitive Songee. The other things. It cost a lot of money.

They don't work for you though do they?

Songee: Those things of which you speak are still part of your technology of now.

Mm that's true.

Songee: So you are still going with the technology of now and a little bit a technology from before, not correct word is it. (Songee is laughing) There was no technology of which we speak of before time. But that is so. However you understand the import of what I am saying. Finding those things, forming a community of Spirit and of unity of mind and Soul, and of learning, will be part of the 'cure' so that peoples of the same group of age can come together and give each other support and love, always love. Remember love very important. Without the love then the crone can feel isolated and alone and not loved.

How very true.

Songee: And that is not correct. So it is up to the other womens to do the loving, you know? It is not loving like man woman loving, I am not talking about that thing. It is loving because you are both crone, all together crone and you can celebrate it. You know? You have this love. And that will do a lot with the healing energies towards bringing back a balance inside when other things do not work.

So you have the medicines of the Earth and you have love and you have other sisters to call upon for this, for arms about the body.

We can sit and all have our hot flushes together.

Songee: That's correct however remember that everybody, every woman, everywhere has the same thing and in many cultures they do not have these medicine you have got.

But its different when you have the womb taken away. There is not naturally for all the many, many women in the world to go through the process normally is difficult nowadays because we have different psyche, we have different expectations but the women who have had the womb taken away and also the ovaries that produce any of the female hormones it is very hard for them.

Songee: That is correct however I say to you.

There is still a remedy that can help then you feel, herbs.

Songee: The rest are still there for helping, that is correct. However it is better not to have those bits and pieces taken away.

Taken away, absolutely.

Songee: However again it comes down to the survival of the fittest, eventually that will not happen. What happens to the women-kind who cannot squat down on the ground and have her child without man coming to do it for her?

She would have died and her child would have died with her.

Songee: That's right. And so the one with the narrow hip and the big baby inside, the big child inside, would not survive. So you would have together attractions between peoples that are going to be strong and healthy and give birth easily.

Well we selectively breed our animals for those very reasons. Selectively bred them so the weakest is not bred from and the strongest are more ably, physically capable, are bred from. We have done that for years.

Songee: It is the same thing. It is more emotional for human-kinds to face these things than it is for the animal-kinds. The animal-kinds accept it, life is life and death is part of life. Human-kinds do not accept that so well.

So along those lines as well with infertility within women it works along the same lines, those that are healthier will have babies and those who aren't won't have babies?

Songee: You are coming to a part of the evolution of people where that would be hoped for and would be encouraged to be the right way, unfortunately since human-kind have learnt to interfere with the bodies of man and woman this is not so.

Ah thanking you, Little One says look at the people around you when they smile. Look at their teeth. If their teeth are big and white and perfect and have nothing wrong at all. How come they are so prefect? Is it because technology have make them perfect, because in the event that is this technology that has made them perfect, the child will come out with not a perfect mouth. It is cheating because you are not getting what you are looking at. (Laughter) Is that not so? You are not getting what you are looking at, so when you are looking for a mate you are going to look for someone that is beautiful to the eye, to your eye, doesn't have to be to everyone else eye, has to be beautiful to your eye, has to look strong, be strong and this is both for men and women and that is the one you will make the child with. And then the child will come out strong and the teeth as they are meant to be because that one has teeth like that and that one has teeth like that. Not the pretending ones.

(There is much laughter.)


It doesn't matter whether you love them or hate them you are still going to have this perfect child.

Songee: Oh it won't be perfect. Nothing is perfect. You have got to have something that has got a little stitch in the wrong place.

Accessing Songee's words in the future

Songee just a question going back to the time of change that is coming, how do you want the word of Songee to continue through this time so people still have access. Mainly because our forms of communication will be broken. How does that seem?

Songee: In books.

In books. That's right.

Songee: In the books.

Printed word.

Songee: The scribings down onto the paper. Scribings down.

When you get your emails, print them out.

Songee: Lots of scribings and keep them.

We are getting very close to running out of time.

Songee: I am going to be going soon because that very thing, you have no time left.

Now, let me just look. (Songee is looking to see if anyone has any questions or anything else that needs attending to.)

Oh that is alright. Those questions will come for the next time. All is well.

I am going to go now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: And I am going to leave you with the Power of all that knowing. You have a lot of work to do. And look after each other with love.

So Be It

So Be It. Thank you.

(Songee leaves the body and White Eagle once again overshadows in preparation for Roberta-Margaret's return. During her absence Roberta-Margaret had, in spirit, been with a group of people who were working to enhancing the DNA of dolphins so that in the future they would be able to communicate with the humans on this Planet.)

We asked Roberta-Margaret about the Crocodile song and she sang it to us and the words are something like this -

Never smile at a crocodile, never tip your hat, or maybe stop awhile,
Never run, walk away, say goodnight, not good-day, cheerio, but
Never smile at Mr Crocodile.
He may very well be well meet,
Lots of etiquette in your head but there's one special time,
special place to forget
Never smile at a crocodile
Don't be taken in by his welcome grin,
He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin,
So, never smile at Mr Crocodile.

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