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Looking Beyond

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents the Sixth Teaching of the Earth Changes
from The Songee Energy, 14th March 2008

Other People's Knowledge of Earth Changes
Look Beyond
Managing Mountains in our daily life
What the Buddha saw when he became enlightened
Who built the Pyramids?
What are Crop Circles for?
Who is the Antichrist?
Working with Angels and Seraphim
Are we being told lies by Spirit?
Spiritual readings
Working with Doorkeepers and Guardians
Where will north be after the Earth Changes?
The fishes and the bees

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On the 14th March 2008 a Songee Gathering was held in Auckland at Roberta-Margaret's home. There were five people present.
White Eagle, Roberta-Margaret's Guardian overshadows Roberta-Margaret's body in preparation for the Songee Energy to channel through.
The Music played was Emily Burridge's Earth Songs - track 3 Listen to the Kogi Speak. The Insence was Nag Champa.


Greeting Songee.

Songee: Greetings to you. Greetings to all of you.

Other People's Knowledge of Earth Changes

We wait for Little Mother, is that right?

(One member of the group is closing doors, turning the music down and organising the six small dogs who are present on this occasion.)

Songee: I have question for you. The soundings, what did you do when the soundings were there for you? Did you listen? Did you go with it, did you meditate with it? Were you careful to hear the sounding? That is my question for you.

The music that's just been playing?

Songee: That is correct.

I just sat here and waited for you. (Laughter.)

Songee: It is important to listen to the sounding.

To the words.

Songee: That is correct because nothing is given without purpose. These soundings have been made by many people from across your planet. From many different places. This one comes from a group of peoples who have a concept of life, a beginning of life, the living of the life and a warning of the dangers that are coming and these peoples do not live in your society. They do not know what you know.

I give you this because it is to open the eye beyond yourself, your own environment. Go beyond it. Go and listen to the stories of other peoples. You do not have to believe something that Songee say to you, because Songee say it. You can go and test it with other peoples beyond your own environment. Listen to their stories of life. Look at the Beginnings of their stories of life, how they view that life began upon this Earth.

When you have looked at a number of these you will discover for yourself that all of them have the same story. It is told in a different way, however it is the same story. Sometimes they come out of blackness, sometimes they come out from under the Earth, sometimes they remember they come from the stars, sometimes they have come out from under a mountain – all are the Mother. All come from The Mother or from the stars that they call The Mother. Or the time before. Sometimes they don't know what it was so they give it a name. For them, that name represents their Beginning.

In all cultures there is a cycle of life. You begin, you grow, you get older and you come round and you die and go back to Spirit. In some cultures that is it. In other cultures you start again and come round and stop and come again and so on and so forth.

It matters not whether you are somebody from the culture that says, 'Only one life.' Or whether you are from the culture that says, 'Many life.' Because all is the same, you only have 'one life' and that's the one you are in now. It does not matter whether you are going to have many to come, or none to come, you have to do the very best you can with the life you have now.

The reason that peoples have devised the concept of many lives is based on more than one thing. First of all, before Jesus came to the Earth, there was the belief that the life would continue. It would continue into the spirit realm. Many groups of people look to their ancestors - the spirits of those who have gone before them.

Now, when the Soul comes to the Earth it is given an opportunity to do many, many things. The most important is to work for Oneness. The next important is to learn your lessons and to obey what you have set down for your life. And the third thing - that encompasses all - is to remember to love everybody, even your enemies, and that is part of the second one because you cannot separate them up, because sometimes you cannot love your enemies you want to hate them instead. So, all the many things that you look at there.

And then there are people who say, 'You cannot possibly have one life, because look at all the bad people that there are in the world. What happens to those Souls?'

That is correct little wolf. (One of the dogs barked. It appears that the dog has answered Songee's question. There are ongoing noises, little growls, whines and so on from the dogs as they seem to be listening to Songee's words and making comment about them. On other occasions Songee has told us what comment the dog made.)

They have to make reparations somehow - and putting them inside a closed building where they cannot get out, is one solution that the Earth has found. It is the Souls that they cannot entrap. The Souls continue to move forward, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not.

So what has this Soul set for themself for that lifetime? You don't know the whole of it. It maybe that they are paying back their karma of many lifetimes before, and at the same time they are agents for the karma for someone else's life.

Look Beyond

So you cannot sit in judgement upon them. What you can do is to use discernment and Look Beyond. This is the message for you this day – to Look Beyond. Look Beyond youself, look beyond your environment, look beyond what you see in front of you. Look for what is away, behind that, and you will discover that there is always the hidden meaning behind it. There always is something else beyond it.

You have a problem, and it sits like this - a big rock in front of you. Indeed it maybe a veritable mountain. And you look at it and you say, 'Oh my goodness that is a big mountain!' Is that right? And you say to yourself, 'How am I ever going to climb that mountain?'

Well! You have story in your books about a man that once upon a time - oh thank you (Songee is thanking spirit) two mens, two separate stories - and one man he plays a flute, and he gets all the childrens and opens a door and goes into the mountains. Is that right? You have another story where there is a good man who comes along and follows the bad mans. And he watches how they get to hide away, and he hears the magic word, 'Open Sesame'. And the doors open in the wall of rock and they all go inside.

So your problem that is like the mountain, the big rock, look beyond it and you will see that there is a way through. There is a way to get past this problem. It maybe that you grow wings and fly over the top. It maybe you become a mole and you dive underneath and you tunnel your way through. It maybe that you become like the mountain goat and you climb it, and it's not hard because you are a mountain goat. Or you simply stand and look and let this mirage disappear. And it will melt like the snows under the sun and it will go away. And the answer to your problems is that tiny little thing on the other side.


Songee: And you look and you say to yourself, 'That's very small, how is that going to answer that big problem?' However trust in it and go towards it -because that is the truth of the big problem, is this little thing that will make everything different.

Look, I have said for you many times... moment... (Songee is pressing parts of Roberta-Margaret's face) This body is sick. (Roberta-Margaret has had the flu for a couple of weeks.) That is better – now we can proceed.

Managing Mountains in our daily life

Songee: Look into your books of stories from other countries, look all through those the myths and legends of the countries. I have said this before, however it is important for you to do it now, not to dwell on all the other information that I have given you recently because there is never anything that is so dire that you cannot face it.

I know you don't believe I. (Laughter) Because when you are facing the mountain that is all you can see. Is it not? However, remember it is a mirage, it will go away.

The other things of which you know - you cannot change the things that are happening upon your world. It is too late to change. Enjoy every bit of what you have, every day of what you have, every moment of companionship and friendship and partnerships that you have, and love each other. This is what you have to do now. Not worry about what is going to happen or not going to happen. That is only information that you have been given. Information, so that you can bear witness to... go away from this place (Songee is talking to a large blowfly which had come into the room. It can be heard very clearly on the tape and DVD. Songee moves the arms at it.) ...information that you can bear witness to as things begin to move along.

You can say to other people, 'Here is wordings, read it! don't believe I, I am not going to tell you! Read the words that have been given.' Let them find the wordings in the big book (Bible). Do not take upon yourself the responsibility to teach or tell everybody. That is too big. That is making a mountain for yourself. Don't do it! Do you understand?

Live every moment, for it is precious. You will find that you will be sensitive to more and more and more changes coming upon the Earth and that is because you have been given the information and the teaching. It is not given to you to frighten you. It is not given to you for you to panic. It is given to you only to bear witness for other people, so that they will in the end believe and make their own arrangements, their own plannings, their own doings. And you can calmly do your own thing.

In between that, look outside you at the moment. What is beautiful out there? Is the sun shinning? Do you have birds singing, do you have creatures going about their life? Look at the beauty of the life beyond. Do you understand? This is the Teach. Look at the life beyond yourself. And then you will see the beauty, then you will experience the joy and then you will know that all is well.

And remember that there has been life on this planet for many, many, many moons, and there will be life for many, many moons yet to come. Be comforted by that, and know that the purpose of Light is still there and still powerful within each of you and everyone that you teach. If you can teach one person about Light, about how to live their life in love and friendship and joy then you have reached the world because that one person will tell another, and that one person will tell another and so forth. Do you understand?

I have to make well. (Songee is pressing the fingertips onto Roberta-Margaret's head and face.) This is not a well body! This... this is special medicine points you know. I make funny noise now. (Laughter. Songee. Has blocked the nose, so the voice is very nasal.) And it is for making things to go away that you do not want to have there. You understand? You can do this for yourself, and it will go away. They come back - you do again, so the body will... slowly will right itself and you will become a well body once more.

Now have you any questions for I?

Yes we have quite a few questions.

Songee: Oh.

What the Buddha saw when he became Enlightened

We have a lady who lives in Croatia who sent a question quite a long time ago and she wanted to know – What the Buddha saw when he become enlightened- Totally out of context. 'What the Buddha saw when he became enlightened?'

Songee: What did he see?


Songee: Nothing! In the beginning was The Word. There was nothing. Everything was One, so no one thing – nothing! All joined together, one Light in the darkness.

So is the process of becoming enlightened actually having awareness and total understanding of this concept of Oneness?

Songee: It is that and more.

It is sitting in your place of being - your physical body and you go inside yourself. You become aware of all the small things that make up the big thing that is you. And then you go in closer again, and closer again, until you get into the spaces between everything. You understand? You go through all those things, and it is the spaces between all those things - that is the Light.

And when the Buddha sat and contemplated, he discovered all the spaces within himself, and the beauty of those spaces, and the Light. And then he looked at the world, and he was looking beyond – same lesson you know, same lesson – looking beyond the physical of what was there, and so saw the whole planet, and all the living things upon it, and then the whole Universe, all matter in the Universe, and all the spaces between the matter.

That was the Enlightenment. You are slowly getting there with your science.

Your science is slowly proving to you that this has got some substance of truth that I am giving you. So very slowly, your science is beginning to prove that Buddha was right. You understand?

Just as science has proved that you have different rhythms in your body - that equate to highs, middles and lows in your being. You can be high in one of your rhythms and low in another. When they all get to be low, then your body feels very sick and tired and you don't want to be in it. When it is half way, you feel that is pretty good, you are managing quite nicely, and when it goes too high up, you become very jumpy and very nervous, and you have to move fast and do everything fast.

And eventually you have to bring it back down to the middle again.

I need to change one of these discs.

(Disc changed)

Songee: I will wait. What is this one you are doing?

This is the movie. This is the movie.

Songee: The movie?

OK. That's fine thank you.

Songee: Movie?

Moving pictures of Songee manifesting through the Channel.

Songee: So! However Songee is not moving.

Yes you are. The lips are moving, the Channel is moving. You are making the Channel move.

Songee: Ah, not very much.

Enough for it to be a moving picture.

Songee: Ah I will slowly start to understand these things. I will just be able to understand it and then I will be gone.

It will be over.

Who built the Pyramids

Ok next question. Who built the pyramids? Also curious... I will read the whole thing. Cos maybe it is the whole thing. 'I would like to ask the question about who built the pyramids, that is very intriguing. Also I am curious to know what will happen to all the nuclear reactors, toxic chemical plants when the shit hits the fan, so to speak. So when the Earth Changes happens what will happen to these things?'

Songee: First of all a lot of the man made things that have been made that create power will cease to do that. And there will be poison in the Earth.

Ah - the pyramids were made by humankind with assistance. They had assistance from others, and when you look to the history of the peoples of that place and you read the stories of their kings and queens, and you read the stories of how they are made to go to sleep when they are buried, and you look at the masks that were made and you look at how they used to dress –everything - this is the same story I tell before, is look beyond. Look beyond what is in front of you. This thing of the chin (Songee indicates a tube –like shape coming from the chin, as depicted in some male Egyptian Figures.) it is not hair from the face. It is the tube that used to go into the mouth when the body was laying in the space ship. So it got adapted as part of the culture and part of the dress. Look for it, the clues are there for all of you to see. You have only to open your eye and see them, they are there for you.

So who assisted the humans to make the pyramids?

Songee: The ancestors of the people who came down from the clouds with the pipes on their face. And if you look and you go to other cultures that built these great things – the Inca - you have the same thing with this on the chin. (Songee gestures again.) It has... if you look at the pictures and carvings of peoples that have done things, look at what has been put on the land, you will see the clues for you that this was not done by natural means. This is something that was made by man.

Now, in moons gone past, humankind would make their way from one place to another by following a star. You understand? It was not for many, many, many moons that they discovered about north and south as you know it. They did not talk about north or south or west or east. It was – you go to that side where the sun comes up and you go to that side where the sun goes down and any points in between were measured so. This was the point of reference - the sun comes up so, sun goes down so. (Songee gestures the path of the Sun.) And if you facing that way (another gesture) then you are facing the bottom, if you turn that way you can feel and know that you are facing the top of something. You don't know what the top is, you only know that's that way and that is that way. So they used the stars and the sun and the moon for their guidance. The sun comes up so and goes down so. They learned to understand the seasons in which they are living, whether it is summer, or autumn, or winter, or spring, they know when the sun is going to come up at a certain point and go down at a certain point. Go back far enough and they don't even know this. They only know that they are going to travel that way because that's where the animal is, that's where the food is. So they follow the track of the animal.

So human track on the Earth goes like this (Songee moves the arms and fingers to indicate a meandering path) you know? It does not go (straight line) like that. It does not go like that. The only thing that goes like that is something that is high in the sky that can make that happen. Even the Earth when it cracks, although it cracks along a line, it will go out and in and out and in and so forth. You have a look for yourself. However the lines - thank you very much, (Songee is speaking with Spirit) I am told it is called Nasca line. Nasca lines, you go and you go and see. They are a pathway that can be seen from the sky.

I don't understand what these lines are?

Ley lines, energy lines.

Songee: These are lines in the Earth. They are drawn in the Earth and if you look they can only have come by one way, from above because they are too vast to have had ancient man take from this point to that point (gestures) in a straight line. Because human beings - when you go out into big space and you go to walk in a straight line - you walk in a circle, because that is how you are made to be. You walk in a circle, because always you are following the sun.

Are the pyramids... what significance are the pyramids going to have for us in our future life here on the planet, is there any significance? Or are they going to teach us anything or to help us survive?

Songee: Possibly were you to climb to the very top!

You could look and see.

Songee: There is... the significance of these monuments lie in their ancestry, lie in their history, lie in the knowledge that lies beyond the history, and when you understand that, then you will understand the purpose of them and no longer need them, because what has been understood does not need to be replicated.

The Mothership would have had many rooms inside, as a pyramid has many rooms inside - and room where people went to sleep for the long journey was a place that was sealed. And likewise, in the pyramids you have the many rooms and you have the main chamber where in the people's culture their King and Queen is put to sleep to go on their journey to the after-life. They develop a way of making that body so it will not corrupt. They believe that the body will be utilised in the after-life.

Moment, I apologise for this body. (Songee once again presses the fingers into pressure points around Roberta-Margaret's face.) It's getting better you know. It is getting better!

In the after-life, the ship would have been travelling through the stars you see, and the body would have been asleep all the time of the travelling, and then when they come to a place that they are going to seed, then they will wake up the sleepers. And they can wake them up and put them on the ground for seeding the land that they have found. And then more will go to sleep and the journey continues.

So for the peoples of this culture to put their Kings and Queens in such a place with people to keep them company was a perfectly normal thing to do. To some people's eyes and minds, a very cruel thing to do – however, if you understand the beyond, then you can understand what is in front of you. You understand that? And that is the whole purpose of this lesson this day for I to you.

So we begin with the musics of the beyond (The Earth Songs of Emily Buridge) and the befores, and we moved into more beyonds and we are still in beyonds. So what is the next question?

Can I ask one, because it is a bit related to that?

Yes, because the next question is totally different.

What are Crop Circles for?

Songee do you know what crop circles are? Without me explaining.

Songee: This is where there is made seemingly overnight a shape in the ground of, big patterns. This is not man made.

No. Some people say that in the crop circles we are getting clear instructions and diagrams on, on advanced technologies and ways of making energy for free and all sorts of information which is quite plain but everybody is ignoring it. What do you think about that?

Songee: There is no purpose to putting down something that is not understood. The peoples that have that amount of information and ability can walk among you, can come and be as one of you and become one of your scientists and become one who will bring this invention to your planet. They have the ability to change the minds of those around them so that they see what they want them to see. The purpose of this is to let you know that you are not alone. That you have got people watching over you and that you need to be aware of them. They are not hiding themselves. And this is writing to give message that is true, message ...

I have to wait for you now. Is that right?

(end of side one)

This one is much quicker.

Songee: Oh!

All fixed.

Songee: So they are bringing you writing to let you know that they are here and there are similarities in curves and lines that will give you letters that will give you the message they are coming to say. Not necessary advanced technology.

However, the writings are there also inside the walls of your pyramid. So you look – it's same thing you - look beyond. Look beyond and remember that the peoples that are looking over you also are your ancestors. They have been your ancestors for many, many moons. And they are still there, still journeying through the stars and seeding new planets and coming back to see how the ones they have seeded have done. You understand?

Like watching the experiment in the laboratory.

Songee: Oh not quite so ... cold.

No. OK.

Songee: Not quite so cold. Overseeing as parent.

Like a gardener cultivates his crop.

Songee: That is right. Very good! Like a gardener. That is correct and all the things you hear - of bad things - no, no, no! The ones that are your ancestors are not bad, they are not going to do you harm, they are not going to kill you, they are not going to do experiments on you. They are not that, they are not so, you are their children and their grandchildren. And one day you will meet and discover that you are not so very different. And they are watching over you to keep you safe.

What other question?

Who is the Antichrist?

The other question was, 'Who is the Antichrist and when will he become active with his manipulation of the people?' The person is assuming it will start before the Earth Changes otherwise there will be not enough people to dominate at once.

Songee: That is not true. The Antichrist will manifest inside the body of the person that will come and rise up to lead the people after the Chaos. When the Earth Changes are made, there will need to be a leader. That leader will be a human who is taking over and leading the people. However it is a Demon-kind who will be making the way for this one to stand up to be strong. Part way through the reign, and this one will be seen to do miracles as Jesus did, people will believe this one to be Jesus return, and so will follow because miracles will be done, and they are done by the demons which are attached to this one. Part way through the reign the human body will be killed and then it will miraculously come back to life and it will be whole and inside will be the Antichrist. Do you understand?

Like as we understand a walk-in to be. (A walk-in is when the original Soul leaves their body permanently and another Soul and/or spirit form enters and takes up residency.)

Songee: That is correct. So were the Antichrist to leave the body, the body is already dead. It is a shell only. However because the Antichrist knows all things and can do all things and perform all things as did the Christ, however it is coming as Lucifer's child. And is born into a human that is adult.

However, the body that is to come for that - has already been born and the process of life has already begun. That person will remain, not being seen by Earth people until the time comes.

It is not good to dwell on this thing. It is not wise. It is only useful in the event that you are to survive and to be one who is left behind to carry the Torch of Light. And remember the Light will have to go underground. It was underground once before, and it has been underground again, and it will go underground again. It will survive. Things go in cycles, and this is the biggest cycle of them all. That is all.

This person that asked this question has now and just immediately in the past been very, very challenged by the Dark Energy and so they are looking for a way to meet this challenge and to work with it and manage it as best they can.

Songee: The peoples that will fight the Demons of Darkness are learning now how to do that. You learn because you develop your power with the Angels, with your Doorkeeper and Guardian persons, with those in Spirit. There are many people in Spirit who work for the Light. Thousands upon thousands of them! They are all there for you, to help you. All you have to do is call them and they will come to you and stand with their power to your power and say to the demon, 'Be gone!' And you do physically, 'Begone!' (Songee is raising the hands at the Darkness.) Hands out, 'Begone!' And from your hands comes the Power, from your body comes the Power, from all your chakras, out comes the Power.

Working with Angels and Seraphim

And everybody behind you sending the Power through you and by you, and the Angels all coming to help you. Don't underestimate the Angels. Don't underestimate your Seraphim.

Your animals have as their Gods or their leaders - the Seraphim. This is how it is that people believe that their Souls go into animals because they have seen the upright form of the Seraphim with the features of animal and wings of the bird. And they believe that this is human Soul gone into this. No, no, no, no, no... It does not go into that, that is backward, that is not a step forward upward. It doesn't happen. You don't even have a connection for it, because they are their own power.

The Seraphim look after the animals. You want your sick animal to be better? Pray to the Seraphim. Ask the Seraphim to come and take your animal and hold it and make it well. Talk to the Seraphim, because it is the Seraphim who rule your animal, all your birds, all your creatures. Insects are a different story. Someone asked that question. Insect are a different story. The Seraphim still are taking care of the insects, however insects have Over-self and the Over-self is different. It is one energy and it rules the many of those little tiny things that you have, your insects.

So talk to the Seraphim. Talk to the Angels, the Archangels. You have Angels, you have Archangels, talk to them, talk to whomsoever your God is, talk to your Buddha, talk to your Mohammed, talk to... talk to Jesus. All of them will help you. Mohammed was taught by Gabriel! So you have the teachings for those people brought by the Angels from God. Look beyond.

I need to change this again Songee.

(Disc changed)

Songee: Ponder on that for a moment while this is happening because remember I did not have your questions when I came to talk with you. Is that right? Organism did not have your questions, Organism went to get sounding that was told to get this sounding.

So right before you came, before you conceived to come, before you conceived the question - go back beyond. It was all set in place, all set in motion and then here you are and Organism goes and gets told. 'Put this soundings'. And so that soundings you have and now you have the Teach which is Look Beyond. You understand?

The clues, like your mystery stories - you have clues all over the place and its very exciting. If you look you will see all your clues. They have been given to you already. You have the pyramids. You have the mystery of the animals. You have how to rise above all the teaching you have been given that has mayhap made you feel very sad inside for a very long time, your Earth time. In Spirit that has been no time. It has been as though it never was and yet was just, you understand? Because in Spirit there is no spaces between the spaces because spirit is the space. You understand? Spirit is the space between all the matter. And that's where it all happens.

So you already have the pyramids, you already have the questions, you already have the answers. You already have the images, and the stories are already written by other peoples many moons before and now you have another thing which is another lesson of Look Beyond - so look beyond even this day to what came to make this day. You understand?

Are we being told lies by Spirit?

Yes, yes we do but however, its... many people find it difficult to move forward and I have in my mind now that over the years a lot of people have been given a lot of information about things that were going to come to them, or be gifted to them, or happen in their lives, and these things haven't come to pass. And many of us have worked very diligently on how come we have been given this information - I have actually entitled it 'The False Promises' - have been given this information and we have worked at it, and looked at it and we felt that maybe we are being tested, maybe we are being challenged, maybe we are doing whatever, maybe it's dark energy, but we can't understand how our Spirit People would actually tell us lies, what would be the point of that? That seems quite ludicrous to me. Even to test us why would we be told lies?

Songee: You are not being given lies. You are not being tested.

So what is the point, so we go back to just having blind faith and trust in everything?

Songee: No, no. What I want you to do is to look at the lesson of this day - and it is not lies, it is not lies, it is not false promises - and to look beyond that. What is it if there is no lies and your Spirit People have told you the truth? What is left?

Well that it's still meant to happen.

Songee: Look beyond. That is right. You Look beyond – it is still to happen. Is it to happen in this lifetime, is it to happen in the next lifetime? Have you already been granted these things and you don't recognise them?

That definitely happens.

Songee: And this is it. Look beyond what you see or believe you see, look beyond it. If you have to, dive deep into the ocean, go to the bottom, swim your way there! If you have been told that you have the gift of foreseeing, then you have that gift. It maybe that you have it from another lifetime and yet you cannot use it in this lifetime very well.

So what's the point?


Songee: The point is that you have it. It is there, it exists and you can use it. However, you will have determined before you come to this Earth how and when you will use it. Do you understand? You will have determined that before you came, how you would use it. For the best - the best way for you in this life to continue learning the lessons that you need to learn.

Trust in what you know and then look beyond. This is the discernment. Discernment says that you know that salt is a crystal. You know that salt is a crystal, you know that you can use salt in your food, you know that there is salt in the water of the ocean. However what is beyond the salt? When you look very closely at the salt you will see the crystal. You will see that the crystal reflect light. Every single one of those crystals reflects light. So salt is food, it is good for fishes, it stops you from becoming sick when you have it. When you don't have it and you sweat too much, your heart will die, and yet when you go very closely to it, it is a substance of Light.

And then looking beyond that, you look at the stories of people who say, 'So that you don't tempt fate by saying everything is going well so far take a pinch of salt and throw it over your left shoulder, and blind the demon standing there.'


Songee: Not the salt that's going to blind the demon, it's the Light in the salt that is going to blind the demon. You understand?

It's the energy of it.

Songee: Look beyond it, look beyond! You have promises: The Promises, if they have been given by Spirit, they are true.

So we are left to assume they're either still going to happen or they are going to happen in our next life time.

Or they have already happened and I missed it.

Songee: They are already within you. No, not 'missed it'. Don't be so - you are being down to yourself! You have to be up for yourself. You have this gift already and it is used, already used. The difference is that inside the body is the Soul and inside the Soul there is also the personality of the person that you are in this lifetime and the person in this lifetime doesn't want to look beyond, wants to see it now, here, right there, like the mountain!

I have always been impatient.

Songee: This is right. So have many people such as yourself. You are not alone with this, 'I want it now. I have been told I have got it so where is it?'

Where is it!

Songee: Trust that you have it. This is the difficulty, this is your lesson of life. You have to trust you have it. You have got it.

My Doorkeeper tells me this all the time...

Songee: So! Ahhhhh!

'You have all the things you need to know to do the things you need to do.'

Songee: Listen! Listen to the beyond that wordings, listen beyond the wording. (Songee is laughing.)

And hear the irritation.

Songee: Listen beyond it. Listen beyond it. Because you have been told, 'I have been told many times by my Doorkeeper...' So there is this Soul admitting that they can hear their Doorkeeper! So you have it, you have it. You have the gift of hearing your Doorkeeper! That is correct?

Yes. I have no secrets.

Songee: Very good, and so you can hear your Doorkeeper, you can hear your Guardian and it doesn't matter whether you have to go to sleep to hear them or whether you have to meditate or whether you have to go and rub the cat – it doesn't matter. You still will hear them. And when you are making with the colours, then you have got them working with you, and they are helping you. Don't deny them just because you don't want to have them ...

I actually gave that up a few years ago.

(Much laughter.)

Songee: Just because you don't hear them, see them, the same as somebody else, it doesn't mean it's not valid for you. Accept it! It is right for you, this is how it is for you. Don't be sad about it, don't be cross about it, be proud of it!

Ah yes. No I have reached a level of acceptance.

Songee: Because there's lots of people like you that will be saying the same thing and will be wondering, 'Oh I have been told all these lies' and so on and so forth. And they have not been told lies. They have only not looked beyond and not heard their own voice speak, you know?

I felt you would appreciate that one.

Songee: 'I hear my Doorkeeper tell me all the time... and yet on the other hand I can't hear them, I can't see them.'

Oh No, I gave that up, no I gave that up Songee. I did, a few years ago.

Songee: So there are lots of people who will understand this now when I say 'Look Beyond'. Listen to what you are speaking out of your mouth. Look at what you are writing on your page. Look at what you are making with your colours. And enjoy what you have. Have fun with what you have because you have arranged to have it this way, in this lifetime and you certainly have the ability to take it further and you have decided to do that in this lifetime.

Spiritual Readings

Songee: And all that anybody is telling you... if you go to somebody who tells this – what is this? (Songee is asking Spirit and She is looking and pointing at the palm of one hand.) Telling the fortune, telling the fortunes.

Readings. Palm readings.

Songee: And they say, 'Oh you are going to be a great psychic person... Oh, you are going to do this and Oh, you are going to do that.' And you go away and you say, 'Oh that's very exciting. I am going to do all these things.' And then your life go by, life go by and your life go by, and you say, 'That was a lot of nonsense.'

A pinch of salt. Take it all with a pinch of salt.

Songee: There's another way of looking at salt. So you take it with a pinch of salt. However you can also say, 'I accept it - I accept the Spirit People were telling me through that person that this is possible, and I do not put up any barriers to it. However I accept that I have my Life Path to follow.' And be sensible about it.

You will find when you are going to do your Life Path in one way and its not the way that that person described it exactly, remember that when you go to see someone who tells your fortune they are a middle person. They are not going to tell exactly what Spirit say in the same wordings. This is how it is Songee have say to you, 'Don't change the wordings', because although I might say wordings differently to everybody else, its my wordings, not somebody else's wordings, coming to you, not coming to someone else and being, ah, put through holes. What you call it?


Songee: That's it.


Songee: That's very good, I like that. So its not having that happen. Oh thank you Little One. (Songee is talking to Sally, Roberta-Margaret's Spirit Guide who is suppose to be out there working with assisting Roberta-Margaret in spirit.) What have you done? Oh, very good, that's alright. OK that's right, right. Organism is dealing with a airplane crash where lots of people are dying so she is there busy with other peoples, and Little One has come back. She is hiding away and come back. And she has said to I that on your movie ...


Songee: It's this thing. Ah, you have stories, and sometimes you have stories about Spirit People and there is a story the Little One is saying that... ah, she assures me this is not real. She assures me that this is people's making believe. Is that right? Making believe. They are not real Spirit People. They are make to believe, made for you to believe they are Spirit People. And real people, and it's big stories. I don't want to go into all the stories.

However you have people that is representing the storyteller that does the - this thing (Songee points to the palm of the hand referring to a palm reader) and the Sprit People come along and they want to say to the loved one, 'I love you and I'm sorry I did this wrong, and I want you to know that I am sorry and I understand now that I did all this wrong.'

The storyteller that does this thing (Songee is touching the palm of the hand indicating again the reader) hears all this and says, 'Well your loved one is here and want you to know that they are alright and that they love you.' Nothing about the apology, nothing about anything else, all of that is not mentioned, and the person that is listening is crying, upset and so forth. However the real message from Spirit has not been given. It has not been given accurately. Now this maybe because the people who scribe the stories for your, this thing (Songee makes a box with the hands, a television), the people that scribe the stories do not understand how Spirit work and they do not understand that the one who is doing the interpreting must, must be honest and truthful in all things that they relate from Spirit. Unfortunately, you have more of the ones who make believe than you have the ones who are telling you the truth. You understand? The best way for you to know the truth ...

Is to find it out for yourself.

Working with the Doorkeeper and Guardian

Songee: That is correct. Do it yourself, talk to Spirit yourself. Learn about your Doorkeeper, learn about your Guardian, learn who they are, feel them when they come close to you, which side, how they are, how it feels inside your body when they touch you. What happens to you when one of them is utilising your body for something that needs to be done. Do you find that your arm and your hand suddenly, you look at it and it is not your arm and hand anymore. That is because your Guardian or your Spirit Guide or one of your - Doorkeeper has come and making do with this hand. You know? And when they are finished doing it they will leave your hand alone and you will get you hand back. You know?

And sometimes you go to speak and you have words in your mind, and different words come out of your mouth. The words that come out of your mouth are the ones that are meant to be heard. Not the ones that you have in your mind to say. And there is a truth that comes out of the mouth sometimes that is needed to be heard. It maybe that it is not a nice truth. However it is a truth and sometimes from that catalyst everything will change for the better. Things will move and shift and change. It has to.

When the truth is spoken by Doorkeeper or Guardian or your Spirit Guardians that are with you, it will come out. Don't forget, you have teachers in Spirit too. And they will come when your Doorkeeper or Guardian allow them to come through. The Guardian is the one who will let them come if that is what you have written for your life. That at this point of my life I want that, that teacher to come through, so please Doorkeeper Guardian, I write it now before I am born that this one will come through and speak and teach, and then something will change. It maybe that it is an argument with your family! It maybe something small between yourself and a stranger. It maybe some small kindness, it maybe something more forceful. It matters not.

And don't forget the hearing. How many times have you been quietly doing something by yourself and you hear your name called? And you recognise the voice and you turn and you realise that that voice belongs to somebody that is no longer in this world. Or mayhap it belongs to someone who is in this world only they are not in your place of being, they are somewhere else. They have just considered you in their mind and their heart and you have heard the result in your ear, behind you.

Look Beyond because you are all connected. Just as the crystals of the Earth are connected on one side to the others on the other side of the Earth so you are connected to all the people on the other side of your Earth. So how much more are you going to be connected to those that you love whether they are in Spirit or on the Earth.

So don't dismiss things, accept them. Mayhap write them down and put the date, so you can look back on it and remember. When you have those days when you doubt, you can look back and say, 'Well I did do it, I did hear it and I did check it out with this person and ask them and yes they were - they were considering I at that time.' And you write it down and then you have the confirmation that you were right. You weren't just hearing things.

What about you have your... Ahh - listening device, phone, and you phoning each other, and before you pick the phone up, you know who the other one is. That's before you had the scribings down and for you to read it. What about before you had this device people would know you were coming to visit them? And will make allowances in the amount of foodings they prepare because they know visitor is coming. And yet you have not told them that you are going to be there.

You look beyond, go back through your history of your peoples and of your cultures you will find all these things and they will confirm for you all the things that you are doing right. You are doing everything right. Pat yourself on the back. Is that right?

OK I need to change this again.

(Disc changed)

Songee: Have you got anymore questions?

Has anyone else got a question?

Songee: I will fix this. This body is getting better.

She will be pleased. It been nearly two weeks. (Songee is still healing Roberta-Margaret's body.)

Songee: You can do this to yourself, if you have a head that is sore, come around like this with this bits here and go into there and down there and push and if you have this nose is not got air in it you can come down here as you push it there. I make funny noises in this, push into there and it will push unto there and you can push into here and here and into the back part of your there, and up here you can push in there and about half was through you can push. You see and it is all gone. You can do with a push in the back to up in here.

We are ready.

Songee: Are we ready? (Songee has continued working on Roberta-Margaret's face.) We finished playing with our face.

Where will North be after the Earth Changes?

The question was that when after the changes to the Earth, where will North become, which, how far will north go to, you said North will change?

Songee: Ah. North will remain north, the... everything will remain the same except that compared to previous recordings the sun will be coming up still on the East and setting on the West, and where that mid point is of course is North and South. That will not change, that is not going to be any different.

Where will the place on the Planet be that will be considered north?

Songee: It is about three degrees out from where it is now.

Which way?

Songee: That way.

To the East. West?

Songee: To the East. This Planet has already moved one degree, and in the last change moved two degrees all at once. So this Planet has already moved itself before time, to give the structure that you have now.

Is that a long, long time ago?

Songee: Very long time ago. Very, very long time ago. So the sun still rises in the East and sets in the West. And what is in between is North and South and so forth.

It was only when people became aware of technology... is that not a lovely word? It sort of rolls off the tongue... and they discovered - from the sky - about the ice at the top and the ice at the bottom. When you look at your planet from outside, from space, it makes you wonder how you can have a top and a bottom, and remember that is there because of your gravity. And your gravity is there because of your gases - your oxygen and your carbon dioxide mix - and because you are cutting down lots of trees. There is imbalance in the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. This was the beginning of the pattern of changes that everybody shouted about and nobody listened to. And it's still happening and it has already... the pattern was set in place many moons past.

And how many trees do you see being chopped down? Certainly new ones are being replaced to grow, however they are being placed to grow after everything has been chopped down. And they can only do that after everything has been chopped down, because otherwise the big trees would fall on the small trees and crush them.

It is the demand of human-kind for trees that creates this cycle of abuse of trees. And it is too late to stop the spiral. It is already moving too fast for the planet.

(end of side two)

Everybodies – I have to wait again? Oh my goodness! (Songee is laughing)

I am not watching that thing, sometimes I know before it goes.

Yes, Yes.

Songee: And now there is two to watch. And now I don't watch any.

Good, I take care of it.

Songee: So the spiral has already gone too fast for the Earth to keep up. It cannot change that now it is too much, too big to happen, so there will be more dry and more wet as you know. It is Nature. It is what happens when Nature is out of balance and Nature is the most wonderful balancer of all things. You can always guarantee The Mother will balance everything back.

So now this year in the north, everything is very, very, very cold, much colder than it has been for centuries. Freezing temperatures. Well OK Gaia is working it out.

Songee: And that is how you get your weather pattern changes.

So do what you can, save your seeds, save your plants, all the things that you want to keep, keep them safe and put your seeds to sleep so that you can use them another day. Pick all your seeds - not just fruit - pick the flowers and pick the seeds off the trees so that they too can be planted, because you are going to need the trees to give you the oxygen and the carbon dioxide that you need. You have the exchange, you know. And it turns around at sleep time, when it is dark it turns around.

So you must have flowers and you must have trees as well as fruits and foodings.

The Fishes and the Bees

Songee, can I ask a question about the waters when the Change is happening? You say there is going to be a great pollution - how is that going to change the waters, and – the fish and things like that are food resources?

Songee: You won't be able to eat it. Gone. It will be gone. It will come back when the pollution goes it will come back. And there will be places where it will come back faster because the balance is right.

Can I ask about bees as well? Our beautiful buzzy bees.

Songee: Oh the insects, there will always be insects around.

Especially with bees because they are disappearing, the bees are dying.

Songee: Oh the bees are not disappearing. Remember how I say for you about everything has its Over-self? The Over-self will withdraw the creatures until they are needed another time. And insects are the most prolific creatures that you have, and they have survived for millions of your Earth years, of your Moons gone past, and they have survived. Different forms - however they have survived.

What you do not want is the mutations, the mutations that will be aggressive and harmful. You need to talk to the Seraphim. So look beyond what you see and talk to the Seraphim and ask the Seraphim what you need to do for the bees.

Certainly you can keep colonies yourself and keep them pure. And if you talk to the Seraphim they will talk to the Over-self of the colony and then you will have your colony of bees for yourself. Remember to talk to them. Bees are very nosy creatures. They like to know everything that is going on.

It was quite alarming though when I have seen information when they are doing autopsies on bees and they are full of toxins, they have viruses, they have diseases and the population of bees in various countries is almost depleted.

Songee: That is how it will be because when the Changes come not all the creatures that you have as they are now will be there. They will be removed to somewhere else where they are going to survive.

That's what I was feeling when you were talking - that they were taken to places where they can survive.

Songee: That is right.

And do their job and not mutate and be virus and toxin free.

Songee: That is correct. In the mountains, mountains that are pure and clean and untouched by human.

Is that all your questions?

Yes thank you Songee.

Songee: I am going to go now.

I have word that the peoples from the air crash have been arranged so Organism will be coming back.

So I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power and this is very big - The Power to Look Beyond yourself.

So Be It

So Be It

Thank you Songee

(White Eagle once again overshadows the Channel in preparation for Roberta-Margaret's return. During her absence Roberta-Margaret had indeed, in spirit, been working with a group of people who were rescuing people from a plane crash. She had been working with a fire fighter and explained to us how heavy and bulky the equipment was this person was wearing.)

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