Introduction to the Earth Changes
Uvod u Zemaljske Promjene

Portent of Revelations - 20050825
Koban Znak Otkrivenja

Preparation for Life - 20070711
Priprema za Zivot

The Miracle Makers - 20070817

To Do With Love - 20070914

The Knowledge of Survival - 20071012
Znanje o Opstanku

Looking Beyond - 20080314


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Introduction to the 2007
Songee Earth Changes Teachings

We, The Second Well Trust are inviting those of you who wish to do so, to send your questions to us at our email address and we shall do our best to reply to them. Songe's teachings are of many varied subjects which we have been receiving for about 15 years. We can refer you to transcripts of Songee's words which will give further information.

In regard to these teachings, the advice we offer is for you to follow Songee's suggestions if you are feeling a need to share this information with others. Songee's words are best given first hand as everyone resonates to the teachings in different ways. Many people may not be ready to hear these teachings and will need guidance from the Oneness Energy to access them were this to be written in their life path.

Please remember that Songee's words are copyright to The Second Well Trust. These include the transcripts; sheet or book form, the audio recordings and the DVDs. Copies are available by donation.

We invite you to make copies and share the Songee Teachings with your friends however please do not rewrite or publish Songee words/pictures/videos on your own website, magazine or similar without permission from the Publisher.

There are a number of transcripts on our website for you to read. Please feel free to guide people to our website so that they may seek for themselves. Songee has always attached much importance that Her words, sentences must not be changed and need to be read first hand.

Songee has expressly asked that we acknowledge all those People and Spirit who have been and are working to bring the words of this "End of Days" information to the peoples of the Planet. And of course the Chapter of the Bible - 'Revelations' which tells of all these future happenings. We recommend that you read it. Recently there has been documentary made of Revelations following different lines of faith and questions regarding this chapter of the Bible. The 2012 Prophecies by Nostradamus and others have been with us for many, many years. We have seen news items of people wearing placards declaring 'The End of the World'. Many movies have been made with various scenarios of the End of the Earth - one of the latest being 'Flood' showing a weather related tidal surge flooding through the Thames basin killing thousands of people. Sometimes it is hard to realise reality with movie fantasy as our sea levels steadily rise and these events are taking place throughout the countries of our planet. Many people have a 'gut' feeling that something serious is happening to the Planet or have feelings about their future they do not understand.

In 2005 August, Songee came to give the first of Her talks on this information. In August 2007, Songee has come again with more details surrounding the information and very importantly the many ways we can prepare ourselves for survival. For years prior to that Songee had always talked about Earth Changes - this volcano erupting, this land going beneath the sea, this land rising up from the sea and so on. Many of the things given have come to pass however many of them are still to happen. Songee has gifted us with many empowering activities we can do to overcome our feelings of helplessness and anger.

Songee said, "That information (2005) is the same as this (The later teaching 11.7.2007) that you have been given. It is part of the same cycle. It can be revealed to people so that people can read about it and know about it. You can put the dates of your Earth time that it was given unto you; however be aware that you also need to state that it is also written in the Book of Words (Bible) and that there are other people on the Planet who also know this information and are attempting to forewarn humankind of this, these coming events. So acknowledge other people's work in this, because Oneness and others are working through many people to bring this information, to protect, to teach, to diminish as much as possible the fear that people may encounter for themself. People don't believe it. 'It is not going to happen, how can all those magnificent structures that people have built disappear in a moment?' And yet you have seen it for yourself. You have seen it happening before your eyes over the last number of Earth years. Structures being pulled down by the Earth and falling into the Earth, is that not so? Everything that mankind has built up, the Earth has pulled down.

There are so many people that are giving out this word and they are all calling it 'The End of Days'. So mayhap you can listen to those that are teaching these things, and find for yourself out of that the same wordings that will reflect the connection with that." SONGEE

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20050825 Portent of Revelations
20070711 Preparation for Life
20070817 The Miracle Makers
20070914 To Do With Love
20071012 The Knowledge of Survival
20080314 Looking Beyond

Copyright of Songee's Teachings

"These words come from Oneness, of Songee to the people of the Earth, for teaching, for people to learn, to grow, to come into the Light.

And you desire to tell You friends all about this word, please do so. Please show them the word of Songee. Let them see the word.

It may be that you need to copy it or to take a copy to gift to them.

All that is asked perhaps is that in the event that this takes place mayhap, somewhere, someone will consider sending a donation to the Trust to make it possible for more wording to come out for more peoples . . ."


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