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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Balance'.
A Teaching from Songee, 25th August 1997.


The Fulcrum
The Pay-off
Rescuing Others
Self Change
Balancing the Emotions
The Hungry Soul
Do I still Love You
Fear of Communication
Who are we
Don't Try - DO
Truth - A Truth and Personal Truth
A Meditation

Incense Aphro - Aroma Frankincense

This transcription is from a public meeting that was called a "Songee Class". Held at The Glenfield Community Centre in Auckland. The meeting was open to the general public and was held approximately every three weeks.

Songee: I am here. So I will not ask you this night, "What have you for !" I have something for you.

Oh good lovely

Songee: And then during the process of this, then, you will have something for I.


Songee: That which I have for you this night, is about, 'BALANCE'. What, to you, is 'balance'?


Songee: And how do you manage 'balance'?

With great difficulty. (laughing)

Yes Mmm we'd love to know!

Songee: Most human kind, manage balance this way. (Songee shows a swinging see-saw.)

Mmm. Yes.


Songee: Very soft. Only some human kind, tend to sit all time at one end of this and tend to go like this (The movement of the see-saw gets stronger.) Do they not?

Bounce down, and push up, bounce down, and push up. They don't come and stand in centre. What is at the centre? ... of something.

Pivot, a balance point.

Songee: And what is the name for this?

The centre.


Songee: Has another name!... FULCRUM.

Ah, yes!

Songee: A fulcrum. See? (Songee makes the two hands touch at the finger tips to make a mountain and then shows with one hand it balance on the tips. The part where it touches is the Fulcrum.)

This is where, ideally you must stand and have your awareness, is on the 'fulcrum'. Not at this end, not at this end, in this place. And you must ensure that all those things that travel out behind you and in front of you, are of equal spacing. Because, and it is not equal spacing, you will have this happening. (Songee shows the big swinging) to this, is this not so? This is the nature of balance, is it not. Now, imagine yourself, standing in your Life. Where in your life, on this board is your balance? ... Feel it, don't 'think' about it, feel where you are. ... Do you want to make for your sound a little softer? (indicating to one of the Teachers to turn the music down a little.)

So where is your balance? Don't all shout at once will you. (Nobody was saying anything.)

Well I'm clawing my way up from falling off the edge this morning!! (Laughter from others.)

At this point of time I'm off centre.

Songee: Now, the trick, you have to be like the circus acrobat, to balance your life. And what you have to do is you have to put one foot one side of the fulcrum, one foot equal distance the other side of the fulcrum, and so you balance. Sometimes you might need to go down a little, sometimes you might need to go down a little this side, and you may have this little swaying motion. This is 'NORMAL' ... It is part of your normal progress. You understand?


Songee: Occasionally, you are fortunate and you have total stillness.

(After Songee has finished this sentence she goes very quiet.) The pupils begin to chuckle.

Then the 'Doctors' prescribe Sepia. (Referring to Spirit Doctors and the practice of Homeopathy)

Songee: And then you start to move again.

That's right.

Songee: Because without some movement, you do not have growth, you do not have progress. You understand. So you balance this way, and in this way, practice it, all through you life until you learn to find the balance. And when at the end of your life, you leave the vehicle that you are using and go back to Spirit, at that moment, you will be Still, and you will be in balance. You understand?

Because at that moment of passing, it is a moment of balance, a moment of stillness. When all things come together, and then there is no more movement.

Now the problem lies, for human-kind, when the balance goes too far one way, because then it has to come back the other way. And it always will go an equal distance, that way, as it has gone this way. (Songee demonstrates again.) It is the law of physics. What if it goes down this side, so much, it must go up that way so much.

That's where you need your wings, so you don't crash it back into the earth.

Songee: And sometimes Human-kind when they come, they make it go v-e-r-y big, so that this side bang on the ground. And when it bang on the ground, what happens?

Get sick ! Hmm.


Songee: You get a jolt! You get hurt. You become jarred all through your body, and it goes all through your soul also. This impact. So then, you have to learn to counterbalance this, motion. So when this happens, and you are standing in the right place on the fulcrum, how can you stop this from taking place? Imagine you are a child standing upon the board, that you are learning to balance this board of life. How do you stop it from bashing down on the ground?

You take the weight of it on the other side, don't you? Usually with our knees!

Songee: What do you do first. Before that even.

You realise that it's going to happen.

Songee: Not quite, there is something that you have to do. 'STOP'

You have to 'STOP', whatever it is, it has to, 'STOP'. So it hits the ground and you Stop. And then you feel and you assess, how you feel. And then you start to take the weight on your knees, and you start to very slowly, push your weight back at the other way, v-e-r-y carefully, until you get it coming back up slowly, never fast, because and you do it very fast, it will go crash down the other side!!! So is you learn this balance, once you have it, your back to a steady rocking. Backwards and forwards little bit only.

So, how do you perceive this 'crashing thing' that happens? What do you have feelings of it?


Songee: You have bad feelings of it? Anybody else. What other feelings might you have?


Songee: So it is bad feelings again, despair!

Your body tells you that you are going more to one side than the other.

Listen to your body!

Illness. Through illness.

Songee: Illness! All these things are all interpreted by you as what?

Feelings again.

Songee: Are they good ones, bad ones?

Not so good ones necessarily.


They're sometimes good.

Songee: So! ...

Sometimes you have to have a crash to get you back on balance don't you?

Songee: That is exactly right. You must sometimes have this big crash, so that you can learn to stop. When you get this lesson, enough times, in your earth life (Some smiling and laughing here from Songee and pupils.) It is to be hoped, does not always follow, it is to be hoped, that you will learn how to interpret as you were saying to feel, before you have this crash, so that you can avoid the big crash. Is that not so?

(General agreement.)

Songee: Now, when you get down into the feeling, how often do you listen to it?


It depends how much fun I'm having at the time. (Some chuckling from other pupil.)

Songee: What happens when you, when you listen to it?

Umm! If I'm having a lot of um, joy, not necessarily fun, but joy. If I'm working in the garden, I'm talking about a physical imbalance. If I'm working in the garden, or I'm doing something else, and I get energy from somewhere, and I can keep going, by the end of the day, I'm out of balance physically, and so therefore I am very irrational, I can be tired, I can be cranky, I can be physically very, um, drained of energy. And then everybody around me becomes out of balance because I'm out of balance. But at the time I'm doing those things its, wonderful! And that's my problem, not recognising, I'm going to get out of balance I'm having such fun at the time.

Songee: So how better might you make it happen? So that others do not have to suffer for YOUR lack of wisdom?

I was hoping that you would give me the answer to that."

Songee: All time, this is what I hear, all time.

Oh well! I have to realise before, I can still have fun, but I have to realise, where I have to sort of balance the fun. It's a bit difficult to recognise it sometimes.

You Identify your limits.

Yes! (big sigh) And when I feel good, my limits, 'sky's the limit'.

That's how it should be.

Songee: What does the 'child' say?

What does the 'child' say? Well!! ...

Songee: The 'child' is out playing, and Mother has said, come home at a certain time for tea, and the child is busy playing and enjoying themself. What does the child say?


No I don't want to do it, I'm having fun.

Songee: The 'child' doesn't know about time. The 'child' continues to enjoy the game. And when the 'child' gets home, Mother is very angry, because the child has been disobedient. And not obeyed the instructions, of the Mother. Now what was the purpose of the Mother, giving the child the instruction in the first place?

Because she knew best!

Songee: Oh it is not, just like that.

Oh she doesn't always know best.

Songee: What was the purpose behind it?

Get home in time for tea.

Or to teach limits.


Teach responsibility, self-responsibility.

Songee: Now look at you own life, look at you own life, and your own childhood. How many times did you disobey your Mother, and not get home in time for tea?

Not very often with my mother.

Never, we weren't children were we?

Songee: So what are you doing now?

Oh I'm going mad!

(Others laugh)

Or having fun!

Doing my best.

Songee: Look of the nature of what happen, when you were a child. How was the discipline imposed upon you? Kindly, with Love, or with criticism? How was it done?

With judgement.

Songee: Which is criticism!

Mmm, Threat. Mmm.

Songee: Criticism! Anything else, anybody get it with Love?

My Mother gave me love!

A combination I would say.

Songee: How do you feel you are in your life now, as a "grown up"?

Aha, (laughing) On that see saw.

Songee: No! How do you feel that you are, when applying yourself to discipline, and to limits for yourself, as a "grown up". Do you overstep your boundaries, like this person, has been speaking of?

Oh no, I'm, I'm either totally disciplined or totally undisciplined. So I've haven't got that balance.

Songee: So how is it that you don't have the balance? Remember you learn these skills when you were a child, from your parent. Which parent give you discipline?

Mostly Mother, my Mother.

Songee: Which parent, say "It doesn't matter, you can do whatever you like?"

I don't think either of my parents said that.

Songee: So how did this imbalance come about, do you understand how it came about?

No, I don't understand how it came about. actually! No, can't say I do.

Songee: So look into your life now, when you find yourself doing something. And you find that it is out of balance. Imagine something that have happen to you recently. What was happening to you at that moment in your time? That cause you to go past your limits. What was the DESIRE?


Songee: Something else! Deeper than that!

Loosing control, probably. Well not loosing control, but, being a bit out of control, (reflective) Yeah!


Songee: Rebellion against what? ... What were you rebelling against? ...



Authority, rules.


Songee: What does authority and rules do?

Restrict you.


It depends what the authority, and what the rules are.

Songee: That is correct, however, you are looking at the moment at some rules and boundaries that have been set down for you by people around you in your life, that you have continued to impose upon yourself, through your life. And now every now and again, you say "Go away with all of you, I'm going to please myself". And you throw away all the boundaries, and you please yourself, and you pay for it.

Neat! (Laugher)

Songee: How is it that you pay for it?

Beat yourself up "saying I wasn't balanced. I lost my balance, which is just guilt".

Songee: Did you need to blow away the boundaries? Of course you did! Boundaries confine, constrict, control, the only boundaries that you need to have interest in, in your life, are ones that are FLEXIBLE. Ones that move, as you breath. As you b.r.e.a.t.h.e 'The Breath of Life", they move with you. They don't control you. They won't hold you in. They don't confine you, and they don't say "You should do this, you should do that, you shouldn't do this, and you shouldn't do that." They say "Do you want to do this, would you like to do this, is it wise, is it safe, have you the time, have you the energy. It is S.E.N.S.I.B.L.E? Is it R.E.A.S.O.N.A.B.L.E that you do all this?...

And suppose you come up with all the answer of yes, for all of those things, then you do it!!


Songee: And enjoy it! Now, you want to have fun, and play in your garden, and you KNOW, that you are going to be sore, and hurting, and painful and tired. Plan for it! You KNOW you are going to be like that, so what you arrange the other end of your day is, for everybody else to take responsibility for themself, so that you can go and sit in hot water and soak your sore bones, after having fun, in the garden.

Yep! I was going to ask you that, because I then come in and I still have to do cooking ...

Songee: Oh no, no, no, no (Pupil continues to elaborate even while Songee is speaking, enumerating the tasks that she has to perform.)

You make arrangements for others to do 'something', and you know you going to feel like that and you want to have the fun. So you CHANGE IT, at the other end of the day. So that you say "I'm not cooking dinner, I'm not taking care of animal, you do animal, you do dinner, I'm going to go soak the old bones.!"

(Laughter) Thank you. Songee what is it that makes me feel that if I have fun that I have to be responsible to and carry on with my other roles?

The Pay-off

Songee: This is the "PAY-OFF" !

"Yeah!" (Laugh) "Yes!"

Songee: You can do this provided, you make a payment, and the payment is, 'Have fun, suffer later'. How did you learn that? You learned it, and you came to learn it, and you have made it part of your life now. Now it is time to say "good-bye" to it.

I'm working on it!

Songee: "Bye Bye, I don't need you anymore. You've served your purpose, you brought me to this point, to this conversation with Songee, now I don't need you anymore. Good-By." Throw it out the window.

Rescuing others

Songee: Other people in your life, look at your behaviour, and how you are with other people, how many times in your day, do you step in, to do something for somebody else?


Songee: Sometimes it is appropriate you do it because the person may not be able to do it for themself. Sometimes more often than not that is not true. The person is well able to, they have become accustomed to having you do it for them.

What happens if you are walking down the path, by the side of a beautiful river. And you are enjoying the sunshine, and the birds singing to you. And all of a sudden you see, somebody, fall off into the river, splosh! And the river is running quite fast, not too fast, quite fast, and the person seems to be having trouble keeping their head above the water. What do you do? Oh my goodness! What do you do!

Jump in!

Songee: And then you get to the person, and they say to you "What did you jump in for, I can swim?"


Songee: So you both climb out, and you both very wet, and you both very disgruntled. Because you have jumped in to save, this person, who turns around to you and says, "I didn't need you to save I, I was fine. I just couldn't find my legs to kick". How often do you do that, in your life, jump in to save the drowning person, and find that they really are not drowning? And then they get up, and they move off, and go off onto their life, and your beautiful walk along the river bank is all spoilt. And nobody say "Thank you" to you.

Sometimes its hard, Songee, when you set up a pattern for yourself, and all the others around you enjoy the pattern, because it means they don't have to take responsibility or even work hard. And then you have to go against the flow of what you want to change. And that's hard.

Songee: That is so. Nobody say it easy, you have to do it though, you have to do it otherwise your life is not your own anymore, and it comes a time in the life of all person, ESPECIALLY womankind, when this must take place. Womankind is very clever, at taking care of people. It is in, it is in your being to do this, it can't help it, it is the way Oneness make you, it is part of you nature. All that you need to do, is to learn to understand it, learn to manage it, and not 'give in' to the 'cries' of others who don't really need you to rescue them from the drowning. They might only need for you to lie down on the bank, and say "Here's my hand, catch it as you come past". Or, "Here's a stick, catch it as you come past" and all they have to do is to 'catch your hand'. And you hold on, and they do work, or between you, TOGETHER, you work, and you can help with this to come to shore. So the responsibility lies with the person in the water, not the person on the bank. I am not talking about situations, where somebody genuinely cannot swim, has no way of getting out of the water, and is in dire need of assistance. That is different, then you jump in boots and all.

I'm glad you said that Songee!

Songee: There are exceptions. Most of the time in your earth life though, you do the other thing, speak for other people, do for other people. It is time to change the pattern. Speak only for yourself. Do not speak for other people. Let them speak for themself. Say ... "I cannot speak for somebody else, I can only speak for myself, and my feelings are this ..." and you say, you understand?

But there's a difference Songee in supporting somebody, where there at, and taking over. Well it sounds simple when I say it, but when you're actually doing it?

Songee: Start by making small changes in your own environment, don't attempt to make changes outside of you. Begin with yourself. Changes all time, begin inside of you. These big changes out here, and then out into the world, don't happen unless, the organism, that is you, is changed first. ...

Spirit energy, cannot change the nature of humankind upon the Planet, just like that. First of all every single cell of human organism life, must LEARN the lessons of SELF-CHANGE. Who!

I see the all lights are going on, beautiful, I like to see that lights a going on, very bright.

Self Change

So ... now you understand! (Songee is pleased to see the students understanding and expresses it in this way.)

My lights went on, but I was going to ask you, how, what changes do you make, so I'm glad you said the lights were on. But how, how, do you know what changes to make? Sounds a very silly question (softly).

Songee: Change, change inside yourself first is what is has to come to change inside yourself. And to find those changes, you must look again, inside yourself to your own dissatisfaction. Look for your dissatisfaction, for disharmony, your imbalance, look for it, when you find it, put a name to it so you can identify what it is. And then put it back into your middle, inside of you, in your feelings, and say to yourself, "Do I really want this to continue in this way? And feel what the answer is. You may feel sick, you may feel like you have lots of little butterfly's flying in your stomach. You may feel cold. Whatever it is make a note of it. Put it down, scribe it down, scribe down the name that you give it, to identify it. Write down also how you feel about it, and then look at it, and ask yourself, "What parts of this can you keep, and what parts of it do you want to discard?" Some parts may be very good, other parts, not so good.

You might like to play in your garden, and enjoy the sunshine, and you might even, to a certain degree enjoy the discomfort of the sore bones, and the sore muscles at the end of the day. It gives a sense of satisfaction, of work well done. Of achievement, of having achieved something productive, and that is always good, that is never bad. The problem lies in what happens after that, how you beat yourself up about it, by allowing others not to have responsibility. So you keep the part that you want, and then you discard the part you don't want. So then you know what you're keeping, so you go onto the next part and you write down what you want to discard. And you say, "Now, suppose I take that away, what am I going to put in its place?" You can't take something away and not put something in its place. For when you do that you are taking an energy, and moving it out, and you are leaving behind a big hole. You cannot do that, you MUST put some energy into that hole. Now you want to put good energy in, not bad energy, so don't replace it with the same mistake, that you're just taking out. Put in a new thing. Doesn't matter if it works, give it a chance to express itself. Do it! So what if it doesn't work!! You take it back, and you do some more scribe, and you come up with another idea. And you present that to yourself. Sooner or later, something will come along that does work.

First of all you might like to say to your people in your life, "I've got a WONDER-FUL gift for you!" You say to them, "Do you know what it is? I'm going to let you cook the dinner tonight"

(Laughter. The last part of Songee's talk elicited a lot of amusement from all those present.)

Ooh that's wonderful.

Songee: "What would you like to have for your meal tonight?"

I don't mind what you have you surprise me. So long as it's not snails!

Songee: And supposing that it is a child that is going to cook the dinner, the child may require some supervision. So when you do this you PLAN, so that your child and you have got the time and the space, to do this project, so that you don't lose temper with each other, so that you don't have angry time, although it might be little grump of the face. However the child, can learn, and then the next time, you can say, "It is your turn for to make for the dinner, you know how to do it now, and I am here, call me, supposing you get stuck." And you do it in stages, you RE-TEACH, and UNTEACH, all those ways that you have been teaching before. Remember, they are learning the bad ways because you have taught it to them. So now you're going to UNTEACH, and you TEACH by example also. By saying sometimes, more frequently, "NO! I'm not going to do it, I would like you to do it this time." You say "NO!" ...

Balancing the Emotions

Songee, can you tell us about balancing ones, emotions? The responsibility of, Mmm, the emotional responses to other people, the battle of the emotions with other people? That sort of thing, relationships!

Songee: What is on your heart? Speak what is on your heart.

Well relationships, Ahhh! close relationships say with partners, husbands, children.

Songee: Choose something. Choose something you want to change.

Something more specific!

Songee: And you do it.

Oooh dear! Umm.

Songee: It's very simple.

Ohh dear! Umm" (Laughter)

Relationship with husband? That's a nice sticky one!

Songee: Now always this very interesting relationship of life pattern.

Oh, very interesting! (laughter) Ohh its very interesting. Umm. Ahhh cheez, how can I put this?

Songee: How it happen?

Phew! When, one's on a spiritual path, OK?

Songee: Who's 'One"?

Who's one? When, when, when. Me "ONE"! Oneself. (laughter) Oneself is on a spiritual path.

Songee: Say "I"

Oh, 'I', all right. Yeah I'm in the 'thinking' mode again aren't I? Umm, When I'm on a spiritual path, and a balancing, achieving that balance, in all sorts of things that I do, and its all not yet on 'automatic'. When I'm at work with the people that I work with, the people that need my support, it's automatic. My life is given freely, I don't have to 'think' about anything. It's just a 99% flow of the way I feel towards the elderly and the sick that I'm working with. When I get home, and I have to deal with children and husband, and responsibilities, then its not on automatic, it is, 'thinking', it is 'trying', it is not being who I am. It is hard work.

Songee: So, how does it come to be hard work, at home? What is happening at home that is different from you work? What is the nature of the people that you are encountering? At work and at home, what is the difference?

At work, Umm the people I encounter are generally, I mean, they helpless. I'm just brainstorming, its not sort of priority brainstorming. Umm, they need me. Umm, but I don't see that consciously, they ... I mean I just really love them! The people that I come into contact with. You know some more than others, but generally, they umm, they appear to me to be, not selfish, even though some are selfish, so its easier for me to give of myself. I'm appreciated!

Songee: And at home you don't feel any of this?

No, I think I've cut my feelings off a lot, at home, for protection.

Songee: You 'Think'?

Oh, sorry. I feel, my feelings, are not, are not, you know, I've put them away. The only one that really can reach my feelings is my dog.

Songee: And what cause you to do this thing?

What, to shut my feelings off? I think many years of experience.

Songee: Of what?

Of, not having my, not having my soul needs met. Not my financial, not my sort of physical, I've never been hungry, not since I've been married. I was when I was young. But its my soul needs that aren't met, at home, that's a tough one for people, if they are living with you.

Songee: So! We look now, and feel what it is that you have done. You have talked about your work, and all the things that you feel good about your work. And when you come to talk about your home, you talked about it. You didn't feel about it, you talked about it. And then you, took yourself even further away, by saying its hard for 'THEM', because you feel that you are this way.

END OF TAPE (The tape recorder stops and a student gets up to turn the tape over. Songee stops speaking when this happens and waits until it is running again.)

Songee: Now to address this, we need to address the phenomena of the hungry soul.

Oh, god!

The Hungry Soul

Songee: The hungry soul. This is true of ninety nine point nine per cent of humankind. You are not alone. However, how can you help yourself not to be hungry at the moment you are DEVOURING your people at work, WHOLE!!

(Laughter) I think they're enjoying it too. I'm doing it for ... (interrupted Songee) Sorry Songee.

Songee: However it is not healthy ..., for you to devour people whole. (Much laughter again.) When you do this although you are giving lots of love, and lots of caring, when you come back to your home, what have you left? What is left? ... What is left? ...

I'm still there but I'm functioning. It's a very functional me.

Songee: Now you come into this life, to learn certain lessons. You have the life partner that you arranged to have. And you have children. Now, your children are entitled to certain aspects of You as a Mother. They are entitled to love without condition, such as you are giving to those that you work with. And, your partner of life, is also entitled to this. Now, are you entitled to it?

Mmm! Yes!

Songee: Of course you are, you are entitled to it, and you don't know how you can have this from those around you in your home life. However in your journey of life, you discovered, almost like a miracle, that here are these people who need you to such a degree, that they can give you this love without condition. Because they are coming to the conclusions of their own earth lives. So they have no need to put conditions on loving you. They have learned all they need to learn from their life and they are preparing to move back to spirit.

So now we come to the tricky part, how do you begin to make the changes NOW, that you perceive need to happen in your home life? I give you example to ponder on. Suppose that, you go home and you say to your life partner "I don't love you."

Do I still Love You

(Songee leaves the pupils to ponder upon this for a moment or two.)

Songee: Suppose you do this? What happens?

He would be very hurt!

Songee: Are you supposing when you do this you are giving 'a truth'?

Well I think he, ops, I feel he...

Songee: Are you giving a Truth?

You say you don't love him, do you love him?

Songee: This is just supposing, that you were to go home and say that as a truth. Feel inside yourself, you must go down inside youself for this, you cannot distance it and put onto your life partner.

It's a hard question to answer!

Songee: This is where the trick in the balance comes in.

Mmmmmm! (musingly)

Songee: So this is your first 'trick'. Identify whether you have still the loving of the life partner! This is not supposing, this is real, answer. Look deep inside yourself and 'feel'.

It will be not all time, straight simple answer. It cannot be, because of where you have found yourself now.

So let us move on from that. You put down, in your scribe, what you feel, and you must write down the 'feel', you cannot write down the 'think', you cannot write down what you 'think' the other person is going to say, feel, do. You don't know! You have no knowing, you have only knowing of how 'you' feel. And you only find that knowing by feeling deep inside of you. You understand?

Mmm, hmm hmm.

Songee: So you scribe it down! And then you go through the process, "How did I arrive at this place, is there still any love there? How much? Were I to take a whole, how much of that whole is still love, and how much is not love anymore? And then you break up the 'not love anymore' into compartments. Compartments of Anger, of Downright Dislike, and anything else that comes to your mind, and your feelings about it. Then you go to the Love aspect, and you look at it, and you say "I love this person, this much, without condition. I can give this person this much love with certain conditions such as take place.
So. And then you take each piece one at a time, put aside first all the ones, of the 'don't like', and look at the ones of the 'do like' the love . And ask yourself, "How can you make those bigger? How can you make them, more? What part of them, do you want to change? And supposing you want to change them, what has to go, out of all these other ones, so these can change? Because it is, it is the negative part of things, that is a block to making the loving part swell into whole. So it may be that you have to begin the basics of the physical living. Change inside yourself. Stop using the words that are going to bind you, and lock you in this place, that you are at this time in. Practice. Practice, practice, practice, practice, more all the time. Teach, those in your life, that you don't want to hear these words come out of their lips also. And if they say to you "That's how you taught us" say "I'm going to un-teach you now, I'm going teach you a new way because I have discovered that this other way is better, and I am learning it, and I am going to teach you also." And this is where you can start to employ something that children have in great capacity, they are 'selectively deaf'!

(much laughter)

Songee: Are they not? When you are not spoken to the way you would like to be spoken to, you 'don't hear it' I'm sorry I didn't hear you did you speak something to I?" And when it is repeated in the same manner without the changes you "Are very sorry I didn't quite catch that!" Eventually, after much stamping of feet, and much blowing of air out of the mouth they will learn the lesson and start to speak in different way as you teaching it new way. And then you begin with the life partner. Now this does not happen, in the blinking of the eye, just like this, it has to mark the passage of time, and you have to be very patient, very diligent, because remember that you are 'un-teaching' a lifetime of things, that not only you have taught, but that generations before you have taught. You learned from your Mother, your Mother learned from her Mother, her Mother learned from her Mother, and so on down back through the generations. And your life partner, learned from his Mother, who learned from his Mother, who learned from, and so on. So all those generations of bad management, have got to be changed, and it does not happen easily or readily. Or comfortably. However it does work, and it is effective! And the change, WILL TAKE PLACE. Is that not so Little Mother?

Yes, yes it does take place. My husband is now asking me to consider things instead of rather than telling me what I should and shouldn't think. Or say, or do, wear, or feel, or behave, or cook, or ...


Well mine doesn't do that sort of thing to me anyway. I'm probably the one that wants to make him more motivated.

Mine isn't even interested.

Songee: What is it that you want to make this one more motivated about?

About, mmm, working towards a more harmonious life. However I now realise, he has his health and his life, apart from you know, our relationship he had his television, his rugby, and now he's got his dog. He's now got a boat. And Ummm.

Songee: All is well with the world of the life partner.

All is well with the world of the life partner! Yes!

Songee: So when do you play together?

Well we don't.

Songee: So. Have you talked about playing together?


Songee: Not recently?

Mmm, I don't know if I really want to play with him anymore.

Songee: How do you know, unless you try?

(Much laughter.)

Sorry, I think I'd like to play with somebody else please.

Don't you play on the boat?

We've only been out three times, and we haven't even left the harbour.

We play different. We play ... We are going to a dance soon, now he will dance one dance, and I will dance another dance. The differences are very, very strong.

Songee: So, do you discuss it? Do you discuss this thing with him?

Ooph!. No, not now we've had too many arguments, and the difference is.

Songee: Ahhh! Before time you were talking. With the knowledge that you had before time, now you can talk with knowledge that you have this time.

Mmm, change it.


Songee: This is called, FLEXIBILITY. Or boundaries, moving with them, allowing them to breath, in and out with you. Unconditional Love, is not giving up on the person.


Fear of Communication

Songee: So it means going back in to the fray once more, and saying "Listen, I need to talk to you. And I feel that this is what, is happening to me." Not 'I think', this is what is happening to 'us'. Not 'I think', that you are doing ... Not, you are doing and I am doing. ... "I need to talk to you about I am feeling at the moment."

I don't know Songee, whether he would understand the 'feeling', because he's a 'thinker'.

Songee: And you are not?

(Much laughter from all.)

Excuse me laughing.

I use the word think a lot, but those who knew me, and you probably know me, know that, that I feel, a lot. I. I. ... I have my feelings are probably gone under wraps through the years.

Songee: And you distance yourself by 'thinking', by using this word, it is FEAR. Hear the fear in your voice, you are frightened to make this conversation, in this way, because you are frightened that you will not be understood.

Mmmm And then I will get angry, and then, he will stand back, and get hurt and fearful, and then he'll ... Whuahhh!! We've done it so many times, that we now. ...

Songee: So you are already, setting the pattern and setting it so that by doing this course now you know exactly how its going to be, so you don't have to do it!



Songee: What is this called "children"?


Songee: It has a special word this. It is not judgement.



Songee: No, a little more.


Songee: What is it the soldiers do?

Fete acompli!

Songee: What the Soldiers do, in times of war, in secret?

In secret?

(Pupils silent for a while then mutter over Songee talking.)

Songee: When they want to spoil the plans of their enemy.


Songee: Ohhh!.

(Much laughter at the realisation of the word Sabotage."


Songee: So look at what you are doing!

It's self protection too!

Songee: Oh, That's lies to you. You are lying to yourself, because you are reasoning, you are using your head and not your feelings.


Songee: Frightened, so you sabotage. Now...

What am I frightened of Songee? No you're asking the questions

Songee: You've already answered it!

What's going to happen?"

Songee: What's going to happen when you say, how you feel.

Oh, ok, right! yeah.

Songee: What is your fear?

Well I. Well I don't actually feel frightened because I've done it so many times, I just can't be bothered any more!

Songee: Ohhhh! That again it is a lie to yourself. You're lying to yourself.

I don't do that, what a dreadful way to be.

Songee: You are lying to yourself. You are hiding behind this. Its an illusion.

I can't see it.

Aren't you afraid, that he may see he doesn't love you, and that would hurt you even more.

He'd probably be relieved!

I don't believe you would be.

(It seems as though one of the pupils has not heard the suggestion properly?)

Songee: What happens when you offer yourself, your feelings to somebody. What are you doing, when you do this thing?

I'm being vulnerable.


You're opening yourself up.

But I can't actually tell him I love him, you know, so ...

Songee: What were you given the words to say? ... Before time, just now? Whatever the feeling is, "This is how I am feeling".


Songee: "My life! My life, with you makes ME FEEL ... this way ..." Now. When you do that your are as you say, opening yourself up, and you are feeling vulnerable. So when you are vulnerable, what are you frightened of.



Being hurt.



Oh, good old rejection!

Its on of my biggest hang ups. (laughter)

Oh, yeah, mine too!!

Songee: Now. Let us go back to the beginning time. How did you learn to be frightened of rejection in your life?


Songee: Oh isn't this very tricky, this how you balance on your board! How did you learn?

(Much giggling going on while Songee is talking)

By being rejected.

Songee: By offering what? What was rejected? What were you offering that was rejected?

Myself! Oh this was before my partner.

I, know that, it was your childhood.


Songee: You were offering LOVE, of yourself, of your being. And what happened when you did this?

Not a lot! Not a lot, I mean, it wasn't a conscious, I mean as a child. I wasn't conscious of offering any love, I just was, so therefore I was...

Songee: What took place, that gave you the feeling of needing to protect yourself?

Just from an early age, being rejected by my Father primarily. And umm, ... Probably by a lot of the family. I'm trying to think! I'm trying to feel. Umm, yeah, probably just not being accepted.

Songee: Now. As a small child what made you believe, that you were not accepted?

What you gave you this idea? The clues!

Oh, the clues...

Songee: This like a mystery tour.

(Chatter obscured the comments here.)

I'm just hoping I'm not hogging the conversation that's all!

Songee: Oh everybody can learn from this.



That's right!

Songee: You are not alone, everybody will learn from it.

Well, my Mother used to tell me that my Father didn't want me, so, because I wasn't a boy. He wanted boys not girls, and here I was. So, that was the main thing.

Songee: And when did this take place?

Oh, I'm not really aware of...

Songee: Example - were you lying in your bed, getting ready for bed and Mummy sitting next to you giving you big cuddles, and hugs and loves, and telling you Father doesn't love you because you were not a boy?

(Ironic laughter)

Songee: What situation would this come to you, this wording, this speaking, when would it come to you, what situations of your life?

I honestly can't remember, but I do feel that it happened when I was in the womb. If I go back that far.

Songee: Come forwards a little.

Come forwards a little! Well when I was born, I suppose, I'm being logical here not feeling.

Songee: Come forwards, and stop with this 'head', start feeling and remember it. You are taking yourself away from where it is because you don't want to look at it. Come back now forwards. What sort of situation were you in, when your Mother say these words to you.?

Well eh, eh. She would be angry!!

Songee: She would be angry with you! So. She was angry with you for some purpose or something, and so she would say words of great CRUELTY, to hurt the child, where it could be hurt the most, in the heart! How did the Mother learn to do this?


Songee: How did the Mother learn to do this?


Songee: And how often do you repeat it, in your life now, and have been for a number of years?

In my life, very, very, very rarely because, I do believe I've done my best to turn the tide of what happened to me. You know, I'm not perfect.

Songee: And what have you done, to compensate!

Gone overboard, done the washing, the cooking, the ironing, the taking the dog for a walk, doing the gardening, doing the painting.

Songee: You 'jumped in the river'.

Oh, the balance was the other way!

I jumped in the river!

Songee: Now who were you rescuing in the river?

Me, I think!

Songee: You were attempting to rescue yourself, from the drowning, and you have spent all of your previous earth life in this time with your life partner, doing this, and it served its purpose well, because it has brought you to this point. However it does not serve any purpose, now, for you to continue it.

Now! Let us look at the progression from this. It means that, that part of you life, now, is what...?

It's finished!

Songee: And what of the knowing that you have in that time, and the way you behaved in that time, what of that?

It's given me a lot of knowledge. Here we go (laughter) I feel it has given me a lot of knowledge, but sometimes 'its as clear a mud'. And then I just have to sit back, and wonder, what have I learned. I've learned a lot.


Songee: A large part of it now is illusion.


Songee: It is illusion, because you no longer need it. So it is like.…. It is like the Soul that leaves the body. Those that are in corporeal body, most of the time cannot see the Soul as it leaves the body. I'm not talking about those few individuals that can. So, it is like a wisp of smoke, something that can be seen through, it is an illusion, it is no longer have substance. Now,… what do you do now?

I feel like I can change my future, because I can now start clearing out 'the mud', and the murky water, and decide what I want. And I've felt like that for a while.

Songee: It's only a case of 'how to do it'.

How to do it? And I always consider the people in my family and the times for them too, that is what I have been doing. So that its harmonious for me, because I've gone against them in the past, and thinking, to do with moving house, and none of them want to make a move 'cause they are very contented in their life, thank you very much! And it is me that wants. ...

Songee: What is it about it, that is making you want to move? Is it physical, or Spiritual.

Physical and Spiritual.

Songee: What would Physical achieve?

Ummm ... For me harmony, in a harmonious environment. I would love to live near water. In a more country environment, more peace. I live in the country and it is dammed hard work!

I love hard work.

(much joint laughter)

I do realise Songee that moving, I'm still going to be taking 'eeny, meeny, miny' with me.

Songee: What you are saying, is very true, and you have to face this because it is not physical move that you are needing, it is the Spiritual move that you need.

"Yeah, yeah!"

Songee: Now you are in a position to achieve a Spiritual move, before time you were not, now you are. Now you have reached it, and to do it. The HOW OF IT, ... Is very simple. Not easy, very simple. You start being responsible only for you! Not for everybody else.

When you see yourself drowning in the river, hold out your hand to yourself don't jump in to save yourself. And when you see others drowning in the river, don't jump in. When somebody has not the clean clothing to wear, do they know where everything is to achieve it?

Send them on their way. Re-teach, begin to re-teach. This is the task that you have before you. To re-teach, in re-teaching these people you will re-teach yourself. You will gain your Spiritual move. You will not gain your Spiritual move, as long as you sit on your tail and complain about what's everybody else is doing. You can only achieve it by un-teaching that which you started.

Ummm!!! We're going to have some fun aren't we?

Songee: Ask Little Mother, and Little Goose, to tell you how much 'fun' it is.

Not an easy job.

It's very painful.

Songee: However, you don't have to battle it upon your own-self. You can have company at the same time as you doing it. Don't have to do it all by your own-self.

But Songee, once we become who we are, then, ... Whew! ... We become, free ...!

Who are we

Songee: And Who are you, do you know who you are, or do you 'think' you know who your are?

(Ironic laugher)

Well I was going to say.

Interesting question.


I was going to say.

Yeah! No there are times when I feel who I am, and that is a Spiritual being, and you know, and they're those soul moments, when yes, that's who I know, and its WONDERFUL!

Songee: And what is this 'Being' going to do, what is the task that this "Being" has? Does it have a task or does is it just flopping around?

No, it does have a higher purpose, and I do feel my higher purpose is with, ... the 'people in the river,' holding out my hand, motivating, teaching, which ever way. Yeah, I do feel that that's right, for me.

Songee: Hold that feeling! Now, hold that feeling fast with both hands, feet, teeth, anything you've got, hold on to it!!


Songee: You must apply it first to yourself!

Mmm OK.

Songee: Hold out the hand to yourself, hold out the higher purpose to yourself, and teach yourself, and then teach those immediately in your environment around you and then, go out here. (Songee demonstrates by holding the hands out wide.)

This is discipline, this is having flexible boundaries, this is BALANCE.

When you drop a pebble in the pool of water, what happens?



Ripple effect.

Songee: Where do they go?



Out to the outside.

Songee: Which way do they go?


In a Circle.


Songee: All around you, they go. So you change this, (Songee touches the hands close to the body.) put the drop in here, and all of this will start to happen. It is magic, the change already is beginning. The change already is taking place, because the drop of knowledge or wisdom, has gone down now into your Soul, and it will begin to spread its magic out.

Umm. I have been working very hard at this for a long time.



I have been feeling, well its been feeling as though I have been working very hard at it for a long time.

Songee: Because you have indeed, you have been 'trying very hard'.

(After much laughter)

Oh I just needed somebody to write me a letter! Tell me what to do.

Songee: So are you going to continue TRYING HARD?


Songee: I am very pleased to hear it.

No, because there is not very much energy left. Thank you Songee.

Don't Try - DO

Songee: It is time to DO. Lose the word from your life, this word TRY. Take it out of your life, send it away into oblivion. Let the dark one have it, it comes from His Thoughts anyway. So, and have the feelings of Oneness, and the DOING of Oneness, the FEELING AND THE DOING OF LIGHT, AND LOVE. And supposing you base everything, that you now do from this point on, from your next breath on, and you retain that knowing that we speak of before. And you apply all of it with Love ... Ohhh, ... What magic we will see! Is that not so? Wonderful magic!

So that is the beginning of how you make for the balance. In this way, this... learning when you crash to bring yourself back, S.L.O.W.L.Y! And then in the 'Stillness' before you begin to rock again, in that moment of 'STILLNESS', that is when the pebble will drop into the pool of your life, and it disturbs the surface, and all the ripples go out, in all direction.

So you talk to your life partner, and you say to your life partner "This is how I feel" and you talk to your children, and you say "I'm not going to do this anymore, I realise I've been making mistake with you, for a lot of your earth life, and I'm not going to do it anymore." And you can say to them, an you so desire, "That you are sorry for it, for having taught them the wrong way, and that now you would like them to learn new way. Because that's how you are going to be with them now, not the old way." This is kindly done.



Songee: And then you go about to DOING IT, not trying to do it. You go about DOING it, practicing it, and when you find yourself not doing it, having the presence and strength of Spirit, to say "Oh my goodness, I'm sorry, I slipped back into my old habits, I will change back to my other ones, forget what I just did because it was wrong."



And Songee, that's when you change the habit, there's a void there because you've changed it and you've replaced it with something else that is more nurturing.

Songee: So when you replace it with something nurturing, there is not void.

So, if I don't do the washing, I can read a book Ahaa!

Songee: You can do whatever you like. You can stand on the roof on your head if you so desire!


I can see her ... The exact opposite.

(Laughter )

Songee: Now. Remember, to balance. Remember... (much hilarity here obscured Songee's words for a moment) One thing at a time, slowly, bring yourself back into balance, bring your way of being, slowly to the others. Don't give them big shock so their boards come crash down on the ground. Because they don't know how to bring themselves into balance. They have not sat and listened to Songee, so they not know this lesson. So you have to be kindly about it, and do it gently, and give them only your Truth. And Love. When you give YOUR TRUTH, you are offering YOUR LOVE.

Truth - A Truth and Personal Truth

Songee: YOUR TRUTH.! Does not mean it is 'A Truth', it is only YOUR TRUTH. Does not make it right or wrong, bad or good, it just is YOUR TRUTH. And as 'Your Truth' it is subject to change.

When Songee say, "I give you a Truth" this is different, this is not subject to change. It is 'A' Truth. All that I have given you now, all that information, ... all of that is 'A TRUTH' . And the reason it is, 'A TRUTH' is because it will 'stand the test of time'. It is just as True, many moons of your earth past, as it is now, as it will be many moons in your earth time to come. And therefore it stands the test of time. and these words are "A TRUTH" The content of them, the teaching of them, the wisdom of them, is "A TRUTH." This is not a 'personal truth'. A personal truth is something that you speak about how you feeling, about what is going on inside of you, and in your life, and how You feel about it, at that particular moment in your earth time, that you are living. As you learn new ways of being, and new ways of doing things, and you move through time, that Truth, your Personal Truth, it will change, as you change. You understand. It is subject to change! Because it is a Personal Truth, it is not "A TRUTH". Understand?

Now that word of Truth, has been making, ... (Songee then talks to her helper in spirit, a young soul called Sally) Ohh I like that word that is beautiful word. Little one comes and says the word of BAMBOOZLED! Oooh is it not beautiful word, I like it, I will use this again. So, Bamboozled, oh I can see it makes the mind all scrambled up, and all the emotional scramble up, like eggs that have been mixed together. Oh it is very clever. And this what is happening, this is what a personal truth is, it is all mixed up. And it can be changed, but 'A TRUTH' will not change ever it will always remain the same. And that is how you learn what 'A Truth' is. Humankind often say "I'm telling you THE TRUTH." And others will say, "How do we know it is A Truth, how do we know this is true that what you are saying?" So, take the Yardstick that I have just given you and put it next to this truth that is person is giving you, and say "Would this content and this wisdom of this Truth, stand the test of time? Could it have been as true many moons past, as they are saying it is now, would be the same in many moons to come. Or might it change?" And when they say, "It is the same." It does not change. It is A TRUTH.

END OF TAPE (The Tape recorder stops and a student gets up to change the tape and Songee speaks to her, saying...)

Songee: While you are standing upon the feet, would you care to make with the music to change? (Songee explains how the CD cover looks by saying...)There is a music there with a beautiful white bird upon it.

So, I feel that now you have done a lot of work, and that you are aware of it or not, you have done a lot of work. Your Spirit, have been doing work even though you have only been listening. And much has been taking place inside of you, that is changing already and you are feeling those changes taking place already. Are you not?


(General agreement)

Songee: And those changes now, will continue, they will not stop. They will continue to change. So. That you have a pleasant time before you go to your bed, to sleep, and go upon your journey's. I take you on a little journey, now.


So close your eye and relax your body.

(The new music starts to play and is 'Forest of Whispering Birds' by Ana and Norval Williamson.)

And listen to the oh so beautiful music,

Take inside of you, the d-e-e-p breath...

And then let it out,

and let out all the things that you have had bothering you,

let them all go away, slide out, into a puddle around you.

All those things that you don't want, let them all slide out into the puddle.

And then this beautiful music will come along like a gentle stream and wash away your little puddle,

and replace it with beautiful shining sparkling silver water.

Feel it washing away...

Focus only on the music, not on anything else around you, ...

Now let your heart open up,

To the beauty of the stream and the birds, and the trees all around you, and the blue sky with the sun shining through, to warm your heart, ...

To comfort you...

And as you rest, and you begin to doze in warm sunlight, so you become lighter than air,

And the sunlight becomes so bright,

That it lifts you up,

Light as a feather,

So that you floating in the beautiful sunlight...

And the light changes,

The light of the Oneness shining down upon you...

Bringing in Warmth and Love,

And Peace to your Soul....

Rest for a while in this beautiful place,

This beautiful place of being...

And as I go and I leave you now,

With this Power, of Light, of Oneness ...

For you to have and to hold to enjoy, for All Eternity...



And only return, when you are ready,

Blessed be all of you and


And Songee leaves and Roberta-Margaret returns...

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© 2008 The Second Well Trust
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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart