Copyright and Other Subjects

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Copyright and Other Subjects'.
A Teaching from Songee, 29th October 1999.


The Power of the Word taken to the People
Songee's Human Channel
Being Flexible
The Second Well Trust
Hearing the Word
Honouring the Destiny Path
The Concept of Infinity
Special Spirit Names

This night the Frankincense aroma was used to assist creating the ambience in the room. Roberta-Margaret offers herself as a channel and while the music is playing Songee comes to be with us.

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you. So what have you for I?


I have a question, quite an important question. Because this situation has been going on for some time and I feel that we really need some guidance with it now and its about the copyright for all the Trust teachings, all the Trust work that we do, tapes everything and this question has come up again this week, and it was mentioned to us a couple of weeks ago and I know that Robert-Margareta has been doing quite a lot of considering about it and I wondered what ideas you had about it.

Songee: First of all I need to have a look, inside. Ah! First of all, that which is of the Earth must be honoured ...

That's right.

Songee: ... And that which is of Heaven must be honoured. This is never been an easy path to walk. However the rules are very simple as all the rules of Heaven are. The words of Songee, of Spirit, of Oneness that come to the people, come to the people of the planet, you know? Anything at all that requires your earth skills of life to help for these things to come to pass, belong to Earth. So all you have to do is to discover for yourself where it is that is the boundary between the two.

This is a difficulty I personally have, where this line is. Because the basic purpose of the copyright thing, and it is world wide is that it gives the person who originates something a right to earn money from this thing that they put out and its, 'cos its, I'm really ... aware of where other people have taken something of somebody's and used it for their own gain rather than the person who originates it having the ability and means to use this gift or whatever is their drawing, music whatever it be, words. So they may earn, they get the message out there, one, but also to be able to gain an income from it because they put their energy into it.

Songee: So you are saying that the gifts of life are entitled to have the Coin of Life without somebody stealing it.


Songee: And that is true and Songee says that this is the law of the Universe. It is so. Honour the earth laws. So how do you define the difference between Heaven's law's and Earth's laws, this is often the difficulty, is it not?

May I speak? It seems to me that what Songee says is the property of Songee and only Songee can hold the copyright, that copyright can not be held by a third party, as I see it.

I feel that, and I hope you will correct me if I am not right here, I feel that the word of Songee belongs to everybody.

But only the copyright can be held by Songee because Songee is the originator and the owner of the material, not the third parties that are spreading the material

Songee: This is very good to discuss it like this because it makes your awareness come up to the surface, it makes you look at many different things, so please continue, now.

So I see that where you look at, and I have never considered this before 15 seconds ago, however if you were channeling and you were channeling a story into your magazine then the copyright would belong to you or Roberta or to whoever has put that on paper. But when the words come from elsewhere the ownership of the words rests with where they come from which means that they, is the bible copyright for instance?


I don't believe it is, but that would be the first point to discover.

Songee: I am just going to say to you, who owns The Words of Jesus? (Songee pronounces Jesus name as Hay-eus, and always says this word in this manner. When questioned about this some years later Songee explained it was so the people of other parts of the Planet would recognise who was being spoken about. The Words and The Book of Words is the Bible.)

I don't believe it is copyright.


Songee: You will discover that the words of Jesus although they belong to all humanity they are taken by many and they have been altered and changed to suit the minds and the hearts of those that needed to change them for themself, so that instead of you having a true rendition of events that took place on the planet at the time of this One walking the earth, you do not, now, you only have some of it. There are large tracts of it that you do not have access to. They have been kept from you and remain hidden deep within the bowels of the earth, guarded jealously by those that would rule mankind with their words.

Now what Songee would like is for Songee's word to be for all human kinds. To this end Songee has already sayed many moons past that not one word of the saying is to be altered, no matter how, sometimes, incomprehensible it may seem to people who listen of read those scribings.

Having spent four hours proof reading a transcription tape today, I understand this!

Songee: Because look at the word that was given of the Prayer to The Father. The words that were given, although they were simple for the peoples of the time, the power and the import of them had been lost to a large degree because people have from that time to this, lost the understanding within their Soul of the meaning of the words. They go to their gatherings and they say the words of this and they know not the feeling inside because their power behind the words had been diminished.

Now, many, many moons past the word of these were written in a language that is not of your time. It was written in an ancient language that you know as, in part to make it simple, in Hebrew. It is not Hebrew it is another form of it. When you make your studies you will find out what it is. So it is, just as language is now, do not resemble languages of one hundred earth year past very closely, so the language of all those many moons past even in that language have changed a little, you understand? Because people have altered how they say things, they have shortened words and so on and so forth. So in the progress along through time many things have been altered and changed. Then there came those of what was part of the new world where the peoples came many moons after that One had left, walking on the earth, and they transcribe the word from the Hebrew to another language, you understand? In doing this they change certain word because in their language they did not have an exact replica of the meaning of word, so it get changed a little, not much.

And if that happened to three quarters of the words in each sentence, it would change the whole concept of the thing.

Songee: And it doesn't change so very much, what happens it looses the power. It, the meaning of the word is still there however the power behind it is diminished a little. Now, when you look at man-kind's perchance for changing the stories to suit themself, this is how it is that Songee have say that not one word is to be changed, even when sometimes I trip over the tongue and say two word together and make it sound very strange to your ear. Don't change it. It does not be important in that sense that there is two words come together, what is important is that in not changing anything there is, then not the temptation to change the most important parts, to make them sound better, you know? Human kind have this way of doing things, of wanting to make things sound better, to be better in their eyes, in their concept. It may not necessarily be better just that is how they vision it.

So the word of Songee belong to the people. Songee say that the people please, take the word and learn from it. Pass the word onto others who also need to learn, however you must not take the Coin of Life for it. The Coin of Life belongs to the Trust. (The Second Well Trust.) The Trust is the foundation, the hive, to which all the little worker bees can come at some point and join and share with each other.

This concept is going to take some little earth time to grow. It is very slow. The resistance in human kind lies in their desire to control everything. Now, when you honour earth law and you do this thing you do not have to be a-feared of greedy people, (Kirsty the Collie dog gives her comment into the conversation and Songee smiles at her.) because then you have the law of the land to protect you, do you not?

Because currently it is written that the copyright is, belongs to Roberta-Margaret and the Second Well Trust and the year, this year, whenever the piece is written ...

Songee: The reason for this is because occurring to earth law Songee is an dis-incarnate energy and cannot own anything of the earth, that is how it is.

And then there is a second part that you guys are currently doing which says that people may copy, like for example a tape and pass it on as long as they don't earn any money from it along those lines. It's worded better than that.

Songee has worded it better than that.

That just a clause, a reprographic clause. However there are two other aspects here, one is the material you are giving us more than 50 years old? (Everyone including Songee laughs.)

Because its not subject to copyright if it is.

No its based on the day when She does it

OK well they have copyright on earth for 50 years. Then it expires.

What I've noticed that some countries do, is they put like say it was delivered in 1991 for example and this year being 1999 they make it each year.

They can do that, they can extend it. That's why so much music is being re-issued because

Songee: Oh this speakings I give to you is as old as time, and more.

Well in the form that you present it, you may get it copyrighted.

You could put an infinity sign next to it.

Well done ...

Songee: It has already been written that, and it is already part of earth law, that spirit being does not hold this right of earth because they are dis-carnate. They have no body and although Songee is not 'spirit being' Songee is not incarnate.

What happened to the channel, whose name escapes me that did a lot of channeling around the late 1890s to the early 1900s.

Eagar Case?

Yes ...

Songee: The copyright would belong to that one, not to the ones who are coming through. You have to honour earth law. So it is very simple, when you use your gift of inspiration it belongs to the earth channel of that inspiration, not to the spirit being that brings that word to the Earth and yet there needs to be an honouring ...


Songee: ... so there would be for example for you, White Eagle would give you wordings and it is given to you, 'White Eagle wordings about such and such thing ... channeled by the organism'. And so it is that the earth law is then honoured and spirit law is also honoured.

One of the difficulties I have with that is that I'm not always 100% sure of who sent this information through in the first place and yet I want to honour that source when ...

Songee: Then just put it down as A-Non-E-mouse (We laugh and there are many comments about this.) Copyright to you! You could also perhaps say, suspected it is channeled from ...

Talk about covering your back.

Songee: You can put it however you like, provided you honour your earth which says you are the channel for the information. That is all you are doing.

So just getting back to the Trust sort of thing its OK to word it and to keep the copyright as it currently is in that respect, in the working of what is happening at the moment?

Songee: That is, that is correct however where you place it may need to be very carefully considered with certain aspects. Some things you will need to always place it at the end and at the beginning to let people know, not in short words, in long word!

To say - 'Songee says that these word come from Oneness, of Songee to the people of the Earth, for teaching, for people to learn, to grow, to come into the Light. And you desire to tell You friends all about this word, please do so. Please show them the word of Songee. Let them see The Word. It may be that you need to copy it or to take a copy to gift to them. All that is asked perhaps, is that in the event that this takes place mayhap, somewhere, someone will consider sending a donation to the Trust to make it possible for more wordings to come out for more peoples.' You know?

Thank you.

Songee: Because - 'And they need to have this very clearly, because upon the Earth there is a requirement for people to pay their way through life with the Coin of Life. Spirit does not require coin of life however, and you desire to hear more of the word of Songee then the coin of life needs to go to the fund, the central fund of the Trust to make this possible. Not to individuals, this is so that all mankind may benefit'.

Who owns the words of Jesus? (Pronounced Hay-zeus.)

I do not know who Hay-zeus is so I have no idea.

Songee: Jesus.

Oh right. I didn't know that. Do you want me to get the bible and out of curiosity what that says? I know where it is.

Songee: You have many different copies of this word.

You need to look at the St James version.

I don't believe there is that in the house.

Songee: It doesn't matter, the wordings belong to the people.

Yes but that was re-written in a relatively modern point in time, so there may be a precedence there.

Songee: Every time that this wordings is put into a new book who takes the Coin of Life for it?

Where does the Coin of Life go?

To some religious peoples who back up the book, the publishers...

Its all those who produce it, there's the writer, the printer, the people who do the art work film plates in the middle, and the people who publish it and distribute it and the people who sell it. All those people take a part of it.

Songee: And they all take the Coin of Life for it, do they not?

They do.

Songee: This is no different. The word of Songee is no different to this and yet this wording goes out to all mankind. This is how the word of Songee is to be. To be gathered together into one place and go out to the peoples. Write your stories. How did this come to pass, this book?

Which book, the bible book?

Songee: That is so, how did it come to pass? What is it?

Well it is a collection of stories of the apostles and those sort of people. They are not all apostles, whoever anyway ...

Songee: It is a history, a history of a peoples, of a time.

It says here 1st published in 1958 copyright 1947 and the Westminster version of the sacred scriptures is vested in Philip Caramin S J, and all other materials specially written and designed for this bible is copyright to George Rainbird 1958. And then it goes on the list the publisher.

They may be nominees of course.

So its copy written to people who actually were involved in the content of getting it together.

Songee: So even the words of Jesus have this on it which is what I say to you before, who has this! Because somebody has, in the beginning it was the group of individuals that were spreading the word to the peoples of the lands ...

The disciples.

The Power of the Word taken to the People

Songee: That is so. Except there was not this wording that you have, this, this was not in power at that earth time, in that fashion. And they took the word out into the world, to all the peoples where ever they went, they spoke it. They held gatherings, in people's houses where one or another would come and speak of the life and the energy and the miracles that occurred with that One, you know?

Now how often do you sit down and write about your experience of a Songee Gathering? How you feel about it? That when you came to the Gathering you tell the story according to you and each one of you tell the story of it according to you, you understand? Everyone of you will see this from a different prospective because you are all different. It does not mean that it is not valid, only different. Then you have the story where somebody comes meets with Songee. They have in their life not so very good things happening and with speaking and being with Songee for awhile and with the healing that is channeled through, the next time they come to the meeting they are able to give a rendition of the changes that have occurred in their life.

Now these things bear witness to the Power of the Word, the Power of the Light, of the energy that is being channeled in the meeting, your gatherings at which you are a part, do you understand? So mayhap you'd like to begin to start writing your own stories about the Gatherings and they can be bought together in one book like the teachings of Jesus.

And then everybody will be able to know how the power works. How the energy works, that it is coming from Oneness not from the Organism. And Songee is the female part of Oneness, so it is coming from this. Songee is The Holy Breath that Jesus speak about, is going to come in the time of great crisis when the Earth is going to have many great changes coming upon it. I keep telling you this, I keep letting you know about this. Eventually it will sink in! (Some of the people laugh at this comment.)

Songee's Human Channel

It doesn't matter how human the channel is ...

She has been very human this week!

Songee: There is a human life that is being honoured, in all manner of ways. (Songee is smiling.) That is not Songee.

Its not me either, thank goodness.

Songee: It only serves to give ... (Kirsty, the dog makes her comment very loudly and everyone including Songee laughs.) Thank you. (Songee says this to the dog.)

She is pleased as well.

Songee: It only serves to give the difference between the two energies, you understand? It only emphasizes the difference between the two energies. Peoples will then say, "How is it that this word of great wisdom, can come (Songee is laughing as are most of the others present) from somebody that is such a way."

So human!

Songee: That is so human. Remember the word of Songee does not come when the person is in the body, not in this way, not as I'm speaking with you now. It comes only this way when the Soul has been removed. Sometimes, I might add, with great difficulty! Depends how stubborn it is being.

So does this answer your questions, a little more?

It clarifies it very well and its given us words to put in place of some of the very stern words that I felt that we are using at the moment.

Songee: The words that you have before were suffice unto the day, however part of your experience of life is to experience changes ...

And to go through all this stuff that we have just been through the last month about copyright.


Songee: It raises the awareness and remember that everything that has gone before has been a preparation for what is to come. This is still a preparation phase, I have that word right, so you know that there is not a completion yet. And even when there is 'The Emergence' to the world, more - there will be still sometimes small changes needing to take place because to remain static in one place is not possible.

Being Flexible

It doesn't make it very flexible either.

Songee: There is, that is it, there is no movement, no flow. When you have something that is ridged it has a tendency to, when the pressures are put upon it one way or another it will crack!

All you have to do it to look at the earth when Songee move it. When Songee move one bit and another bit, it crack in the middle. Sometimes it open wide, there is nothing that can hold it together, that man makes. So it is best to be flexible, flowing, strong yet bending, like the willow tree. The willow tree it bends and it sways, like so (Songee is demonstrating this with the arms and the whole body.) does it not? When you take the wood of it, branches you can make things ...

We weave baskets from it.

Songee: That is so, you can make things with it because it ...

END OF SIDE OF TAPE When the tape stops Songee most times says She will wait for it to be changed and often repeats the last sentence of what She had been saying before it stopped.

Thank you.

Songee: So I had better repeat that, had I not? That it is going to be bending into whatever shape you are wanting it to be, or a style for it to be.

It bends with the winds of change.

Songee: That is so, and that is how human kinds need to be. For the most part human kinds enjoy being fixed in one way because its comfortable. And you don't have to be worried about what is around the next corner. However that is not the function of your life. The function of your life is for you to grow, to expand and to develop yourself and sometimes there are those that resist this with great vigor. In the resisting often they get very tired (Songee is looking at those students in the meeting who do this) and sometimes they don't just get tired, they get angry, do they not? Aren't you? (Laughter)

So with this resistance you can see there is no flexibility. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, "Oneness I may be very a-feared of this change however I accept it so guide my footstep along the path." Acknowledge your fear because when you acknowledge it, it ceases to have power over you. Did you know that? Perhaps you know it with your head and you don't practice it, so you not know yet with your heart. That is the most important thing, to know it with your heart.

The Second Well Trust

Perhaps it is going to be sensible to let the peoples of the earth know what is this TRUST that is of the earth and yet belongs to all the peoples. Perhaps it is now, ready for the peoples of the Earth to hear that the Trust belongs to them.

The words of Songee belong to the Trust, Songee is the Trust, not the Organism, not the other peoples. Songee is the Trust, Songee belongs to the people, you understand? The Organism doesn't belong to the people. (The term Organism Songee uses to refer to Roberta-Margaret who is Songee's channel.) Not all the time, Songee does. The words of Songee belong to the people. So the people can come to the Trust and say, "Hello friend, I would like to come and join you and share with you the knowledge and the teaching. I would like to share it with other peoples also." Sometimes the other peoples cannot come to place of the Gathering so the words of Songee can go out to the other peoples. You have in your world now, the ability to do this thing.

Hearing the word

Many moons past in the time of Jesus the peoples came from many miles, to come and listen and to hear because that was the way of it, in that, that place. When you look at your world and you look at the many things that are transpiring upon it, the many energies of Light that are working through many different peoples. Many peoples will gather in one place, very often when they come to listen out of curiosity. The other way is for peoples to come because they have been given knowledge by another of some great event that transpires at the place with somebody, you understand? Special happenings that cannot be explained by human kinds, you know these things? You have name of them as 'miracles' however they come to these places of miracles and they come, how, what draws them to this?

What draws the peoples to the events?

Songee: That is so.

Spirit people bring them.

Songee: Let us look at little more closely to home. Let us look at the individual living the earth life. They are going through their earth life, they have many things that trouble them in their life. Many great disharmonies, many great worries. Whether of their physical health, mental health, spiritual health, they have all these difficulties, sometimes fiscal health. So they come to the place of miracles and they speak in prayer to Oneness and ask Oneness or the manifestation that has shown itself of Oneness whether it is the Holy Mother - Songee is not the Holy Mother; know this thing - and it could be Jesus. However they come to speak to this to ask for benefits for their life, to confess to this energy their deep fears. All the things that are deep in side. Some do not even look so far, they just come and they weep for all the pain they have inside and they cannot make sense of it. (Kirsty speaks her words again in her own way, as though she understands this pain in people and Songee smiles at her.) They come to experience a miracle.

Now I say for you, what did you experience at a Songee Gatherings when you are sitting and listening and you hearing wordings that go deep into your Soul. That bring out inside you all those things that are hurting you deep inside, that bring them out into the light of day and the Light of Oneness.

What these, if not miracles?

So they are happening right under your very nose. They are happening to you, to others around you, people come and experience and go away. Already there are whisperings happening out among the people. Already there are sayings between people, you know this not, I am telling you now so that you know it. That although you may only see somebody one of your earth time for visit, that one time is enough (Songee is talking about the people who come to the Gatherings) because they go away and they experience their miracle and because they are human and because they doubt, they say, "That was very wonderful, what a wonderful experience, however I am not very sure about this. I don't quite understand it." And because they don't understand and because they are so full of fear they don't all time return straight away. It doesn't lessen the miracle. Do you understand?

You are fortunate because you have faced your fears inside you. You are looking at all your fears and learning what they are. You are learning about your spirit self. You are learning how to find yourself and bring yourself into the World of Light. And how to function on the, a day to day, to day, flow in your life. Are you not? And the journey is not simple, it is not easy, all time easy, nobody said it was going to be, certainly not Songee! Your journey of self discovery is always a testing time for you.

However those that went to walk with Jesus also had to endure their testing time. Some came and stayed and some drifted away. Eventually many came however there were always just a few that were there all time, watching, listening, learning, growing, so that when the time of Earth came for the events to come to pass that were meant to come to pass they would be able to go out into the world and be a witness to others of what they had been seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, knowing in their being, you understand?

So look at yourself, look at Your task that you may have set for yourself. I am not here as Jesus sayed in his life, "Leave what you do, and come with I." Songee is not coming to do this, the Breath of Life is not coming for this. That is not the role, however Jesus is saying to you, and Oneness is saying to you, 'Leave what you do and go teach, go tell everybody, go show them. Be an example, a walking example of the teaching, in your life." Do you understand?

And as you begin to start to get an understanding of this and the feeling of this so you will be shown more, by your own people in spirit they will show you. They will show you in dreams, in meditations. Sometimes you might be contemplating the hole in your belly while you are washing it and you will be given some knowledge of something that is part of this. It will come to you, it will be like a flash of light going on inside your head and in front of your eyes. Everything around you will light up for a second of earth time and you will know without any doubt that the information you have just received is part of the pattern of things that Songee is now referring to. These are called flashes of 'Insight' and when they come they are very brilliant. They are not bright ideas, they are just brilliant flashes of insight.

I have always blamed all my bright ideas on spirit! (Much laughter went with this statement.)

Songee: I come to that in a moment.

So are you going to be disciple to Jesus? And to Oneness? If so you need to look into your heart and you need to have communion 'with' Oneness, do you not? Not with Songee. Songee has no need for you to do this thing however the wordings that are given are not to be changed because they are the same teach that were given before, about kindness and love to each other, to all creatures. To be open, to be channels for healing energies for all who come to you, to learn the correct way to be that channel for the healing energies.

Those that walked with Jesus were gifted with a blessing, the blessing was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit that came to them to bring the blessing. Jesus say, "When you come together and you bring the words to others in the name of I, then the Holy Breath will come and speak through you."

Through you or to you?

Songee: Through you.

Like you were the channel of it.

Songee: That was, at that time, how it was - the blessing of the Holy Spirit, and the blessing of the Holy Spirit was that the Breath of Life would come and speak through them. Also that it would be there to bring healing energies for those who needed it ... Do you begin to see?

I believe so.

Songee: Are you beginning to get just a little glimpse of what I am saying for you now?

Honouring the Destiny Path

I'd like to ask a question which ties in with what you are saying that when a meeting is finished normally we are either invited, instructed or suggested that we now go forth and honour your earth life. I'd like you for me to expand on that please .

Songee: What is it that you don't understand about that?

Well I see things around me that aren't an honouring of earth life. Perhaps you can define what standard earth life is going to be on.

Songee: When you come to the earth, you came to the earth with certain tasks that you set for yourself on this destiny path that you walk, you know? It is your destiny path that you are going forth to honour, you understand? So when Songee and others say, "To go forth and honour your earth life", it is that you may have around you certain parts of your earth life that you have to be responsible for. It may be children, it may be partners of life, it may be other things, it may be filling your belly, it may be taking care of youself so that you don't get too tired, you know? It may be any manner of these things, it is this to which is being referred, not to worrying about other people's earth life, only the part of your own destiny.

But you don't know the path of your own destiny.

Songee: By bringing yourself with your consciousness into your physicality of your being and becoming at one with yourself, you then can separate yourself when you - this is part of when you are learning, you understand? You can separated yourself from the intense moments of learning from spirit that you are in and you come into the body and then you go forth and you take care of yourself. When you go to drive your chariot you make certain that you are back inside your body, that your mind is not too much remaining with everything that you have been doing and it is focused on the task of driving your chariot, you understand?

To that point, yes.

Songee: So what it is when you are given this wordings to go and honour your earth life, this is it. You are going to honour YOUR earth life, not everybody else's, yours. So what ever that means that you have to do and you do it by putting one foot in front of the other and knowing what your next task is of this life and doing it. It is for everybody to do this thing.

For example not just at this gathering but at other gatherings sometimes people come together in their gatherings, where they are coming only once to hear the teaching of Jesus, you know these gatherings that take place and they come together one day of their earth, their earth time, of their seven day cycle, you understand?

Church on Sunday!

Songee: That is so. They come together for the one gathering and the rest of the time they are supposed to be honouring their earth life. So they do. They only come together and they only give their energies at that moment. Now what is being shown for you is that although you do this thing, when you are beginning to learn how to walk this Path of Light, part of that honouring is to take the teachings into your earth life as part of your walkings with that earth life. Now, you are not perfect being, (Songee is laughing) while you are in physical bodies, I hate to disappoint you ...

It's a shock! (Everyone is laughing)

Songee: ... however you are not so, (Songee is still laughing) you are going to make mistake and so are other peoples. They are not going to be all time perfect to walking in this Path of Light. They can only do their very best as they go along. They learn a bit more, they start to practice it. Learn a bit more, practice a bit more, you understand? And this is honouring the earth life, because you have set the task for yourself to come and hear the teachings, to take them into yourself and then to bring them into your earth life, or you would not be here.

Those that are not here are not, not destined at the moment to have this as part of their honouring of their earth life or they would be here. As peoples come and peoples go, the times that peoples come, that is saying that they have come because they need to hear that teach at that moment, to take away and to bring it into their earth life and to walk with it for awhile. And that is their honouring of it. And because they are human they will, and because they are full of fear, they will do it better or not so better, you understand?

So everybody is walking their own path and everybody has their own destiny to fulfill and all that you are doing at the end of your meet is to remind yourself to go forth and honour it the best way you can. Take all that you have been taught, all that you have discovered for yourself about yourself and know that all those things that you have discovered are just the beginning.

There is more. There is a lot more for you to learn about yourself. Learning how peoples see themselves, how you see yourself, how you are with other people, how other people are with each other. Just look at your own self. Look at how you used to be and how you are now. You have taken many of the teaching and you are walking with them in your earth life. You are honouring them in your earth life. Some of them you do very well, some of them perhaps not so well, sometimes you forget them. This is quite usual for human-kinds it is part of the human condition. And it is part of the human condition to not be perfect.

Unless you have written into you destiny path that you will come to be a great seer. That you will sit and contemplate the Universe and learn how to do this thing from being a small child until you pass back into spirit and these are great seers of your planet that will do this thing. However they don't have families. They don't have to earn the Coin of Life to eat, to put clothes on their back, do they? Something is always there for them because they belong to something that will give them all these requirements of their life. And some go away from humanity and sit and do this thing by their own self and hide themself away from the world altogether and lock themselves up in caves in the mountains. And they become great seers, great receptacles of Universal and Spiritual knowledge. And because they have the ability they can communicate with others from their great high place however they do not mix with humanity. And they are doing this because this is what they have written for their earth life, so they are honouring the earth life.

It is another way of saying, to honour your destiny path. Go from this place and honour your destiny path. It is time to come out of the class room and into, (Some are already starting to laugh because they have heard Songee say this before) I am going to make a funny, into what you call the 'real world'!

So how do you get to have a glimpse of what your destiny path is?

Songee: By practicing your mediations, by writing down all your dreamings and as you learn to go and visit the Akashic records then you start to bring back memories of those journeys and those seeings and those findings. And as you find out what they are, you will find the messages therein. You will find that your messages of your brain, your physical brain will interpret those messages sometimes in symbols. So it is important to have knowledge of symbols as well as the meanings of something that you are viewing of your life that is yet to happen. I have not word for this ... (Songee is asking this of the Spirit people) Thanking you, precognition of your own life can be gained from the Akashic record, however because your earth mind resists the knowledge very often, it will, Ah, change it into something else, into symbols that, Ah, relate to what it is you need to know. Do you understand?

Are you suggesting that, it is not a correct analysis?

Songee: No. When you come back from your visit, your earth brain, your physicality will interpret the information that your Soul has gathered and brought to the earth, in the form of symbols.

I give you simple example. It may be that you are contemplating something so you go to view the Akashic record in your dream, in your sleep. And with the Akashic records say to you, "Oh dear, don't, you are not going to go down that path, you going are going to go down this other path. That one is not the one you have written for yourself. This is the one you have written for yourself." So when you come back to the physical body perhaps you cannot remember what it is, the information your Soul has, so you Souls has to give the information to your conscientiousness somehow. So it gives you a memory, a remembering of one door shutting, another one opening with a light behind it. And it may show you what is in the light, you understand?

I haven't seen any lights lately, that's the problem.


Songee: I am giving you an example of symbols. You need to go beyond and be flexible in the viewing and the understanding so that everything is - has different meanings, is meanings contained within the different things. Now, when you do your pictures, you know when you do your beautiful pictures? When you do this everybody makes with the colours what ever it is they need to make to express whatever it is they are feeling inside or what they feel they have seen in their journey, you understand?

When you come back from your sleepings, (Kirsty, the dog, make a groaning sort of noise into Songee's conversation.) I am about to say that, (Songee says to Kirsty) you can, instead of scribing down, you can do your beautiful paintings, instead. And then when you go to look at them and you have a look at what is in them, it maybe that you have a river, it maybe that you have trees, it may be that you believe you have retained the memory of a seeing of the earth life. Something that you have visited or been in your earth traveling, your excursions, you know? In part that is true, you are seeing a memory of those excursions however you are being shown those memories of those excursions by your spirit using them as symbols to tell you a message about something that you need to take notice of.

You all know what a tree look like, do you not? If you don't you are very strange. (Laughter.) So when your spirit want to say to you, for example, "Stand tall and proud like the Oak tree". You may come back from your journeyings and you have a picture of a river with a beautiful oak tree standing next to it. The river is the River of Life, this is your life. The Oak tree is the strength and the power. It is saying that you are to have this power in your life, you understand? Do you understand?

So when you start now to do your next part of your journeys this is to learn about the symbols, to learn how they are in your life. So scribe down as much as you can ...

(The Maltese puppy Colin has been making small barks for the last 60 seconds. One of the students has been attempting to distract him to no avail and eventually Songee takes notice of him.) Give to I. I have, this is a very, very interesting child. (Songee is talking about Colin.) Because, Good day to you, little wolf, how are you? This one wants to join in with you, wants to share everything and wants to see all the spirit people. There you are, say hello to them all. (Songee is holding Colin up in the air and pointing him in various directions.) There's one down there. Say hello to that one, so. Are you alright now?

... So you have to look at all the symbols. Look at all of them and find out what they mean. This is part of the studying and the growing that you can do for yourself. Just as you can learn to know what is the meaning behind numbers, just as you have been learning what is the meaning behind colours and sounds, have you not? And smells, beautiful smells, so all these things you have been learning...

(Someone is laughing while Songee says this.) I'll tell you what I have been dreaming about. I have this reoccurring dream about toilets. And I have done a lot of research of it but every situation with them is different I can't figure out what this is suppose to be telling me. I know I have got on going bowel problems. The last dream was in this house and all these toilets were there but they were for children. They were little toilets like they have in schools for children. What on earth are all these toilets for?

Songee: And what did you discover about the meaning of this receptacle?

I haven't. I have discovered lots of things about toilets but nothing that really gives me any great clues to how this is important and a part of my journey.

Songee: The fact that it is coming back to you again and again is because there is something there that you need to know.

That's right.

Songee: There, over there, there is somebody, you see that one there (Songee is continuing to show Colin the spirit people) are you alright now? So ...

So this is a symbol in my dreams that I don't understand.

Songee: That is so. You may be in danger of flushing away things that you don't, Ah that you don't need to flush away. And it may be that you have things you need to get rid of. Many things! Perhaps, that you, lots of little things, that you need to get rid of. And remember that things that are inside you that are having to be got rid of, that is the reason that you have to look at this. Also to there are other aspects of it. No one thing is the answer. Everything is multi faceted, you know? Ah when you have a tree it can mean many different things. A tree alone means one thing. A tree in a great forest, with many other trees means something else, is that not so?

They make good toilets, do they not? (Songee says this to Colin.) Little wolves like the trees for toilets, you know?

So, this little one, while is here is channel for healing energies, did you know? And the healing is coming out of the little hands here to all of you. See this way. (Songee is holding Colin up in one hand so that his front paws are facing out to the group of people.) Out of there to all of you.

I've got this cat laying on my sore tummy

Songee: The creatures are wonderful to bring healing to you all. They will always bring love and healing to you. So...

How come when I give it to my cat, our cat it runs away sometimes?

Songee: Because it tickles. Its like tickling them underneath their arms and it makes them have a funny so they go away. This one is different. This one likes it, likes being the channel for it. Enjoys it greatly and is fascinated by all the spirit people. It that not so, little one? That is so, is it not, Little wolf? (Colin is gazing into the face from where Songee's voice comes and he looks as though he is melting with every word Songee speaks to him.) So, there are some more up there, see those ones up there? Did you see them all?

Mary - The Holy Mother

When you said that you were not the Holy Mother, what's the difference?

Songee: The mother, the Holy Mother is the one who was of the physical place who gave birth to Jesus.


Oh alright, OK.

Songee: Songee has never had physical form. Has never been incarnate in a physical body. This is how I say to you, Songee is not the Holy Mother.

END OF TAPE SIDE TWO Some words were lost when the tape was turned.

The Concept of Infinity

Songee: Oh you don't need to that, Songee can give you this. You just have to go to sleep and travel to the Akashic records. All are kept there for you to view. All your past lives and the one you have now are keep in this place of being. Everybody's. To understand this you are going to have to stretch yourself out, away from what you conceive at the moment about boundaries because in spirit of course there are no boundaries anywhere. Are there? So when you walk through a door of something that seems to be small from the outside, you can walk through and find yourself a whole different vista, in front of you - mountains, rivers, oceans. You may find yourself in a city. You may find yourself walking through the city and coming to a building that contains within it, books. So you walk through that door and you find that this building is far bigger even than the city and yet from the outside it looks like an ordinary building because your brain, your physical brain is totally set in this way. Because the concept of infinity is so expansive the human brain cannot accept it on the physical plane, you understand? It can accept the knowing of the concept of infinity however to feel the concept of infinity inside and to see it with the Soul eyes is very rare. It doesn't happen. There can be a sense of it, a feeling of just a portion of it that can come to the physical brain however that is all.

To be able to know and experience the full concept of infinity vary, most of the time you need to be out of your body. To be, an example would be when the physicality is sitting in this place of being, you know? And all around is the, I use you other funny word again, the 'reality' of this physical happening around and about you and then, at the same moment, the spirit is a little out of the body and is connected with the infinite. And the eye of the mind can see and the physicality can feel places and events in another place of being, in the physical plane, happening at that moment and in time to come and then to go at the same moment to leave that form and go beyond again and to be part of the infinite. And to bring the feeling and the knowing and bring it back into the physicality.

This does not happen because the infinite is the infinite and it is so, everything, that the human mind cannot conceive it in its fixed reality of the earth, do you understand? So you may have an understanding. You may have a concept and that is as far as you will be able to go at the moment. Because when you have the feeling of being connected with the infinite you do not have feelings of disconnection, you do not have feelings of great hole or a great loss. The opposite is so. You feel the connection with all things. You feel the earth breathing, you feel the winds blowing, you know the storms are gathering, you feel the sun shining down and you feel the grass growing as though it is you that is growing.

Just like that, just like that, it is so. Just like that.

You will be able to be the fish in the sea and the rivers. You will be at one with all the creatures.

You will be in their minds and they will be in yours. You will be at one with them, like this one. (Songee is referring to Colin.) At one.

And the infinite is so much more. So very much more than words can give you. You are all part of the infinite in everything that you do. All the lives that you have, all the many lives that you have, are all part of the infinite. And there will be more lives to come yet and just remember always do your very best with the one you have got because you won't have this one ever again. Thank goodness say somebody. Just learn as much as you can, honour it as much as you can. That is the very best you can do.

Now, we were talking about something before were we not, Little Mother?

Bright Ideas

Bright ideas ...

Songee: Bright ideas, that giving to spirit, the honouring of this. And what I am going to say for you is, when you have these bright ideas who is, who is got the power of this ideas?

I believe it is mine because basically its my responsibility. If I act on the idea then its my responsibility.

Songee: That is so. So it doesn't matter where the idea comes from.

This is how I discern spirit. The bright ideas are theirs, the rubbish is mine. (This is said with laughter.)

Songee: You may believe that, don't, don't forget that you do also have your own ideas.

Yes, yes I know.

Songee: The only difference is, is that spirit can see where the idea is going to lead, you do not. That is the only difference.

That's an interesting theory. I did not mean that as a pun.

Songee: So when you get an idea, say, Thank you, and own it for your own. Thank you, I'll have that. That's a very good one. Thank you for sharing it. Your peoples in spirit are there to come to bring to you what it is that you need to know to move you forward in this earth life. To help you honour it. You are not giving yourself away, your power to this. You are immersing yourself in the fullness of power of Oneness. There is a difference. Those that are a-feared to give themselves to Oneness will always fight and seek to be in control and will always resist, until the inevitable happens and the barriers are broken down and then they have say, "Ahh, alright I give in". And then you will find that more bright ideas will come to you, that you will be able to manifest, so.

So do you sit and wait for a bright idea or ...

Songee: Oh no! ...

... do you act on what you believe the true ...?

Songee: You move through your life doing the very best you can with what information you have got at the moment and in the event that you are not moving in a correct way you will be stopped. Something will come along to stop you, to trip you up, to delay your progress somewhere, until the moment is right. However you must keep asking to keep your feets on the path, to keep the light coming for you to shine in front of you to show you the way. Keep asking. When something stops you, you say, "Ah ha I must be meant to stop here, so you better show me what is my next step, where is it I'm meant to go." It may be that you have to wait and be patient and you will get a feeling that you have to wait for a moment. The time is not right of the earth, you know? And you ask, you have to honour that. That is part of the destiny path, to wait.

Are you going to ask your question, or not? (Songee says this to one of the people in the meeting.)

I can't remember what it is now. I get so side tracked. I forgot.


Songee: I am listening.

Special Spirit Names

You know how last week you were talking about those names?

Spirit names.

Songee: Spirit names.

Would mine be like Shaman or something?

Songee: Oh that is just Songee's and White Eagle's name for you. That is the special name that is White Eagle have for you and so Songee has the same one for you. Just as your mother is, sometimes Little Rabbit and sometimes Little Robin. It depends on what frame of mind she's in. That is, that is the special names. That is not your spirit name and it is not your totem. To find those you have to seek them yourself. You just ask and eventually one day when you are ready you will be shown it. Everybody has their own spirit name. Don't they? (Songee is talking to the puppy.)

His name is Colin.

Songee: That is true.

And that is his spirit name.

Songee: That is his spirit name. And not very many people have honour his spirit name.

We call him Colly-wobbles.

Songee: How is your earth time?

Running out, I would imagine.

9. 31 PM (Laughter at Songee's acute sense of timing.)

Songee: Time for Songee to leave you. Is that not so? Don't forget to practice among yourself the gift of channeling healing energies and you so need it. This is where the energies are. (Kirsty, the collie dog makes a noise very loudly.) That is so. They are always here for you to practice.

Are you ready? (To Colin.) You got to wake up now. You going to wake up, come along, wake up. That's better. Now together, the little one and I we are going to go, or I am going to go. I will leave the little one with you.

Roberta would be most unhappy if he disappeared.

Songee: However, together we are going to leave you with the Power. You understand? So, let me get your hands, that is better because we are going to do this. (Songee holds Colin is such a way that his front paws are facing out towards the people.)

And I leave you with the power, the Power of Life. The Power of Knowing, the Power of Discovery, the exciting discoveries of your life. There and we share this power with you.


Go and play now.

Songee puts Colin down onto the floor and slowly Songee fades back from Her overshadowing of Roberta-Margaret and eventually she returns to be with us.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart