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The Breath of Life is the Sun

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Breath of Life is the Sun'.
A Teaching from Songee.


The Teaching of The Breath of Life
The Miracles

Songee says - The Breath of Life and I teach you ...

The Teaching of The Breath of Life

As you take your breath in, you take it in to your middle self, into your middle chakra and this chakra here is the Yellow chakra. The Sun Chakra. Is that right? Breathe it into here. (Songee indicate the tummy region.)

And as you breathe in you have a very conscious thing about this process and you say,

"The Breath of Life is the nourishment," you know? This is the nourishment.

"The Breath of Life is the Sun, and the Sun is my nourishment."

So this is how you are going to be. Breathe in, "The Breath of Life the Sun", the Sun is the chakra here, feel it, breathe it in, hold it in. And then out through the mouth, "The Sun is my nourishment."

Allow the energy to go through you to every cell of your body.

Now you have this.

Then rest and then close your eyes once more and go back inside.

Breathe in "The Breath of Life is the Sun," hold it, feel it building warmth, "And the Sun is my nourishment." Breathe out. "The Sun is my nourishment."

And when you do this three or four times you will begin to feel the Sun in your middle self begin to glow like a warm fire. This is the Chi energy that you are building, by breathing in the Breath of Life.

You know about the Chi energy? (Songee turns to ask this of the man who leads the meeting and practices, teaches martial arts.)


Songee: So you bring it is to here and then you send it to all parts of your body, is that right? So that it comes out of your fingers.

So this is Light and this is energy, this is Power, Power manifest.

You have machine, you like to play with machine? (The meeting had been video recorded by one of the members present and it had stopped and Songee asks Her assistant ...)

Yes but not that one.

Songee: So can you feel it now? Are you doing it? No! Some of you stopped! Keep doing it, breathe it in "The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my nourishment". Feel the warmth, feel it in here, a little Sun, breathe it in. Do this before all of your exercises, before you do your standing as a channel for being a healing energy channel. Do it before you do your meditation. Do it before you shout at the little one. (Everyone laughs.) Do it before you shout at the husband. Husband do it before you shout at the wife. (Songee is smiling.) Husband do it before you shout at mother-in-law.

You know all these things, do it, breathe it in. When you are in your workings of your life and the peoples ...

I wish you would just get out of the way (Songee is shooing away in front of Her with the arms.) you are in the way all the time, move out of the way, thank you very much. So it ... I beg your pardon, there are peoples that come and they want to be all around you know, so I have to sometimes find a way through. (It seemed as though Songee had a great feeling of impatience in her voice when She spoke to the spirit people.)

Now you are in your workings and people are making you very angry. (Songee looks very pointedly at several of the people present and they laugh. It appears as though it to them that She is speaking to.) Is that right?


Songee: I know this thing. Make you very angry and very frustrated, is that right? (Much laughter) And you are feel like going like this, you know. (Songee is pulling the hair out.) What you do is you shut your eyes and you take a deep breath in and you say, "The Sun is my nourishment" you know? "The Sun", cut it short, "The Sun is my nourishment". (Songee speaks as though with desperation in Her voice.) The Sun is my nourishment. (People are laughing.) You can do this thing. And take the Breath of Life, "The breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my nourishment."

Now you have a play on words, of course, because The Breath of Life is part of the Trinity, it is also part of the Son who is part of the Trinity.

So The Breath of Life is Oneness Energy. It is the Love and Light and Power of Oneness that you are breathing into youself, and it is the Son, the warmth of Jesus, of the Love teaching of Jesus. The Son is my nourishment, so you have the two fold thing. "The Breath of Life is the Son, The Son is my nourishment."

The Miracles

And when you do this thing, then something miraculous happens because not only do you loose your anger, not only do you loose your frustrations, and, you can look at the person and you can learn to discern what it is that is really bothering them, what it is that is really happening for them. And then when you have the Power of discernment you open your ears and you say, "You look to be very angry, what has happened to you?" And then when all this verbiage comes to you, you open your ears and you listen.

Listen for what is happening underneath you know, like the river that run underneath the rocks, find it see where it is going. This river is in darkness, it needs to come out, and come out like a spring in the Light. Does it not? So you can find out what is happening and ask for the healing energies for them. And then, that is when your little miracles begin to happen around you.

Reference no 20030622


© 2008 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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