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The Crystal Light of Love

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Crystal Light of Love'.
A Teaching from Songee, 11th March 1999.


Songee Teaching of The Crystal Light of Love
The Crystal Light of Love

On the 11th March 1999 at one of the nights of The Second Well Trust's Songee Gatherings Songee gave this talk explaining some very special words that were given to us many years ago. In the last couple of years we have been encouraged to read these words as the opening of our public nights.

The night began as we usually do with Roberta Margaret talking to the visitors about herself including the manner in which she channels and how being a full trance channel affects her perception of the evening when her awareness is outside of our experience.

The Crystal Light of Love poem is read and during this time Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to spiritually leave her body to allow the channeling to take place. A certain piece of music is played, selected by Songee which helps Roberta-Margaret to complete her transition into spirit. The music is often part of the theme of the talk that Songee brings to us that night.

At the end of the gathering there is another piece of the poem which is read to conclude the evening.

Songee usually arrives very quickly and generally waits until the track of music has finished, then speaks, letting us know She has arrived by saying,

"I am here."

The people present greet Songee.

Songee: Greetings to you Little One. (Songee speaks also to one of the children in the group who is the channel's grandson.)

Songee Teaching of The Crystal Light of Love

Songee: Tonight I would like to speak to you about the words. The words that are spoken to you before time, when Songee comes to speak with you. And to do this you would need to hear them once more, a little at a time. So that there can be felt within the deepness of your being and thereby gaining greater understanding and knowledge of them. Who would like to begin to read for the words once more?

Which word? (one of the students asks and another replies,)

The Crystal Light of Love words.

Songee: The light of the crystal, child.

How lovely.

Songee: This one. Would you like some other peoples to make for reading this? (The student who usually reads the poem was considering doing this task.)

Yes definitely, I have got the words here somewhere. Who would like to start reading it? (One of the children took the words to read.)

Songee: We will do it a little bit at a time. Beginning first of all with the name of this wordings. What is it called?

So darkness leaves the land.

Songee: It has a different name to it, what is it called?

The Crystal Light of Love.

Songee: It is called The Crystal Light of Love. How is this do you suppose? It is because inside every Soul there can dwell within you a beautiful crystal that reflects the Light of Oneness. And shines out like a beacon of light for all to feel it and to know it. Notice I do not necessary say to see it, because not all peoples of the earth have the abilities to see it, the light of Spirit. However all human kinds, all living things have the ability to feel and to sense something unseen. And they can feel and sense this light that shines from others. Sometimes of course certain peoples will push away from them the peoples that shine the light. Sometimes out of perversity, sometimes because they are frightened and do not understand. And it is these Souls, that are frightened are the ones of which I am going to speak.

So it begins, does it not Little One, And darkness leaves... read it out.

So darkness leaves the land and light is born and soars heavenwards then dives into the hearts of man kind.

Songee: Now wait. Imagine this, close your eye and imagine. Darkness over the land, now the darkness may be of any manner of things that you can imagine. Wars, strife, jealousies, hatred and all those manner of things. However they are all one thing. They are fear, fear that is manifesting itself in these many different ways. Fears that come from deep inside the individuals and when they come together on mass this fear becomes like a living thing. Now with the healing energies and the light of the crystal comes to those, comes down and strikes the crystal inside and it shines forth. And it lights up the darkness. Now imagine this darkness gathering together and being made to soar up to the heavens for enlightenment. The fear coming up into the light, and bringing change. Read it once more...

So darkness leaves the land...

Songee: So darkness leaves the land...

And soars heavenwards then dives into the hearts of mankind.

Songee: As the darkness leaves the light is born and comes and is passed down into the hearts of... Read on Little One.

The truth of light within the Crystal doth lie to drive away the demons of your Soul.

Songee: Now, the truth of light, within the crystal doth lie to drive away the demons of your Soul. What are the demons of your Soul? All the things that are in your way between you and the light. All those little temptations that you may have to use your energies unwisely. To make others do what you want them to do. The way that you want them to do it. This is all part of it.

Fear. The need to control is born out of FEAR. Fear that lies within the being, how it gets there we will address in a moment. However know it, that inside is the fear. Whenever you find yourself in situations that you are attempting to make happen the way you want them to happen between yourself and another Soul ask yourself, "What are you trying to do? What are you using your power for?" And look at the amount of energy that you are expending to the 'trying' of it! So there's many things involved. 'Tryings' they don't usually function very well, only DOINGS work. And then you have whether it is right or not to do this thing.

So the truth of light within the crystal doth lie. You have a crystal within your own Soul. It is a part of you, gifted to you by Oneness. What else Little One?

Hearken to the words that you hear, the knowing within your heart.

Songee: Hearken to the words that you hear, the knowing within your heart. And what is next?

Hear not the darkness of your mind, for reason it is blind. It leads...

Songee: Leadth...

Leadth you astray and further into darkness. Put aside your reason and the mind that tells you lies and hearken to the light, the crystal light of love for within your heart it lies.

Songee: What does all this mean, do you suppose?

The heart is the light and the mind leads you astray.

Songee: And this is more in matters to do with your interactions with each other. It is not to do with how many cabbage and eggs you have in your bank. It is to do how you speak with each other. How you share your time with each other and remember that your earth live, because you are in human form is of very short duration. The span of life from birth to death for human kinds is very short. There is many who live in other places of the Universe who live for much longer of this than do you. And this is because they have learnt how stretch their physical time to encompass all things. And on your planet there are those things that are part of your planet and part of the earth that have longer spans of life than human kinds do. And although you may consider that these manner of things do not have feelings, they have an awareness that is although different to your own, it is an awareness none the less.

Now the demons of your Soul, this is the most important thing. This is the peoples that have fears inside and it is no sense attempting to tell Songee that you do not have any fears inside you because I know that that is not so. All have fears inside them. Even the small babes in arms have fears inside them. However it is as you move through your life and what you manage to do with these fears, or not do with them that creates the darkness. Fears that are pushed down inside of you become a darkness in the Soul. They become a hidden part of you, a shadow part of your being. Some parts of this you may be able to discover from time to time as you practice learning to know yourself and know your being inside. However there are parts of you that are so deeply buried inside that you have no conscious awareness of them. And it is these parts of you that I am referring to as the DEMONS of your Soul.

As these aspects of your being are the aspects that come to the surface quietly, silently, behind your back and they attack and they whisper in your ear and they encourage you to do things that you would ordinarily not do. Now this aspect of your being is also the aspect of your being that the Dark One can use and enhance and make more. And it is the aspects of your being that are enhanced and create within you the behaviors that are not acceptable sometimes to other peoples. All of the expressions of jealousy, expressions of unreasonableness, expressions of discountings, of belittling, of criticizing, all manner of these things are bought to the surface. This is how they manifest.

And your mind, when you allow yourself the luxury of control, will lead you astray because it will talk to you and give you all manner of reasons as to how it is that you are allowed to do something. How it is that something has come to pass and the word for this JUSTIFICATION. And this often happens where human kinds use their reasons to Justify themselves and their actions. And I say to you, this is how reason leads you further into darkness! So where as you may use your mind to function in the physical world, in a practical fashion, when it comes to management of your heart, of your Soul, of your emotions, of your relationships with each other, you must put it to one side because you cannot reason, love. You cannot reason kindness. You cannot reason feelings of bonding, of unity.

Sometimes you may be aware of great feelings of unity with someone and not understand perhaps how this can possibly be, because this person may be one that you have not yet meet before in the physical world, and only just now meet them. And yet you feel this wonderful, wonderful love. And it is exchanged. You feel the love coming to you as you are giving it out. And it may be that you will never see this one never again after this one encounter. It matters not. What is important is that, that feeling and that connection of love has been made between two Souls. It is very precious and very beautiful and needs to happen more often in everybody's lives. And when you sit and you say with your mind, "But I have only just meet this person and I don't know them and I don't understand how this can happen. I wonder whether it is - although usually it is, I 'think' that I have and..." So on and so forth.

However this is not the truth. The truth lies within the crystal, within your being. The Crystal Light of Love. This is where the truth lies, in here. (Songee touches the heart.) Not up here. (And then touches the head.) In your brain, in your head. When somebody comes and says something un-nice to you, what is your reaction to it?

I get defensive.

You ignore them.

Songee: You ignore them!! And what does that achieve?

They can go and be rude to someone else.

Songee: What a wonderful casual attitude. And what of the person that has been rude, do you ever wonder what is behind it?

Not necessarily.

Songee: And do you have interest.

Not necessarily.

Songee: And there hangs the tail. Because that is where most of human kind have their difficulty and this is how wars begin because nobody wants to know what is going on inside. You don't have to ask, you have only to be loving and kind inside your being. You have only to know and want to know and to not be dismissive of what is happening. Don't dismiss it when someone is not nice to you. It is sensible perhaps to take one step back, within your being and to observe and then channel healing energies to this one. You saying that you get defensive.

Yes just with, you know what people can do.

Songee: So, the defensive action is what? It is this, is it not? (Songee makes signs indicating a person defending themselves by putting the hands out in front to protect.) Now, all of you, feel this thing. Put your hands down by your side and do this. Now feel, close your eye, feel it. Put your hands back down. Do it again. Feel it. What is there?

A wall.

Songee: A barrier, it is a wall. You feeling anger that also can be a barrier. It is a wall. This is it. Now you have this attitude that you speaking of, you walk away. You don't want to know, you are not interested. You understand? This is what is happening. However were you to stay there for a couple of seconds longer. Put your tongue behind your teeth and although you may have done this already (Putting the hands up.) because this is an instinctive reaction of human kinds, you make a special effort to evoke the power of Oneness to come to the crystal inside and you bring down the arms and you do this. (Opening up the body.)

Now when you are standing with this person who is not very nice to you and somebody says something not very nice, you may go like so, may you not? (Closing the body up tight.) You may go like so, is this not right? When you find yourself doing this thing, this is when you have to look, "How is it I am doing this thing? How is it that I am putting this barrier between myself and this person with whom I am speakings?" And then you say to yourself, "Oneness I don't want to be defensive, I would like to send some healing to this person and for my self." And you make the effort to do this and you bring your hands down and open palms upwards. You can be sitting quietly with your hands on your lap in this manner of you may be standing with your hands down by your sides and instead of having your hands this way, you just turn your hands around this way. (Showing the hands in an open palm forward manner.) And you can do it quietly without any great show. Making it so that it is only very small movement and feel the difference.

Now, put your hands back up so, so you are in defense once more. Feel it, and then put your hands down. Ask Oneness, put your hands down by your sides so, and feel the difference. And this is how you manage. This is NOT CONTROL, this is not making another do what you want them to do. You understand? You are asking Oneness for the intercession, the healing energies only. You not asking them to make this person go away. You are not making this person this or that or any other thing. Then when you have done that and only when you have done that, that would be the point when you have waited a few seconds, perhaps bid adieu and turn away and move on.

Not to do this (Putting up the barrier.) And then turn away, not to do this (Close the body up.) Because when you do this the attitude of mind that you have affects what is happening in your aura, your light and it means that the energies within you are being miss-used. Those of you who know about the energies, you are not allowed to do this thing. Did you know that? When you know that you have energies of spirit, of light, of manifesting power that which you call physic energy, you are not allowed to use it against another in a harmful fashion.

To do so is to incur karma, that you will carry through into your next life and as you do, so will be done unto you. That is the law, that is the law of Oneness, the Law of Light and all beings are subject to it. When you do these things without knowledge before you come to the learning of light, you incur karma however it is not as severe because your knowledge is limited. It is limited to the simplicities of your world, of things that are right and wrong.

You are taught as small children, those things that are right to do and wrong to do. You are taught not to steal, not to tell lies and especially to the grown ups, because grownups get very angry when children tell lies to them because they placed a trust that the child will tell the truth. And they have been betrayed. So grownups get very angry.

Indeed human kinds always get angry when trust is betrayed and lies are told, no matter the purpose of this. However on the everyday function of your world these are things that all human kind are taught. And depending upon which tribe you come from you will behave in a certain manner to certain peoples in your tribe and to the peoples of the tribe. However when you start to do the work of the Shaman and you start to make studyings of the workings and how the power functions and how YOU manage it and learn to master it, then you must use it wisely.

You must not ever use it to make others do your bidding, just because you want to do it and because you want something from it. This is where the ego of yourself becoming so large the hat will not fit, only it is not quite so humorous as that, in this instance because it can cause you great damage in your own being. It opens you to the power of darkness to work through you.

Hearken not...

(Another of the young students reads on now.)

Songee: Hearken not...


Songee: Go back to the bit before it about the mind.

Put aside your reason the mind that tells you lies, and Hearken to the light, the Crystal Light of Love, for within your heart it lies. No other can have charge of this only you. Crystal light, so bright, of many hues, piecing through the darkness allowing none to be. Only light crystal light shall be inside of thee.

Songee: That is all just for the moment. So, what the words telling you, are how to defeat this part of your nature. It is showing you how you can master this. How you can become strong in the light and not allow the Dark One to come and manifest its energies through you. In the last times I come to speak with you, you may have been very sleepy about the lessons you were being given, because you believe them to be something to do with the history of the planet and of the earth and of the world and the people in it and how they function to make war upon each other.

And about the Gardeners and the Lords of Chaos. Remember this? So it was not idle curiosity for you to do this looking at things. It is because I wanted you to look deeper into yourselves also. Now, the Lords of Chaos and the Dark One will use the darkness within your Soul, enhance it and cause you to take action and to react to certain things, in certain ways that will promote chaos, that will promote bad attitudes of mind. Attitudes of mind that are damaging, not just to those that you encounter, mostly to yourself.

Is time to change that. To change those attitudes of human kinds, not just for one but for many. Look at your own attitudes of dismissiveness, or jealousies, of angers. Look at where they cause destruction upon your life because you allow them to have "Control" and you allow Oneness to not come through to you.

The Dark One will always use your shadow self to further its own ends. Every time you find yourself saying that it is not something you do, that it cannot happen to you because you are such and such way of being. Be very cautious because this is the beginning of the Dark One whispering in your ear and giving you the illusion that you are a perfect being. This is not a truth. The truth is in your heart there and in your light. Your consciousness is not a perfect being. The Soul is a perfect being. All Souls that walk in the light have a perfectness that shines out for others. Does not mean that their physical self is perfect. It does not mean that the expression of their physical self is always perfect. Sometimes they make tripping over their own feet in the physical world of living, and they bump their nose just the same as every body else do, however behind all that lies the light.

And when you learn to do this workings never use your powers of knowing, you powers of energy that are channel through you, never use them in the wrong way. And when you are in doubt you go into the crystal, not into your mind. This is how it is that Songee comes to teach you and says not to use the work "Think" in your language because when you say "Think" you immediately push your awareness to your head. And when you say the word "Feel" you push your awareness into the crystal, in here. (Songee touches the heart.) So this is the connection between these things.

How many of those peoples from your past histories have used the fears of mankind to make them do what they want them to do, so that they can become great in their own being? I am talking about the Lords of Chaos who have done this thing. The darkness in the Soul is being used and is enhanced and made powerful so that large quantities of people can be affected and taken onto that way of believing and that way of being. It doesn't matter what Facet of the Diamond you follow or you believe, the wordings I give you will resonate truly in some part of you, that you have in your heart. They are not going to conflicts with what you have been given unless that part of your teaching and learning of what you are given has been governed by the same energies.

So you have the peoples of histories that use the one who walked the earth plane that you know as the Jesus, the Master Jesus, is this so? This Soul that walked the planet came to give you love, came to give you unity, came to give you Oneness and some of the earth took this and made the power their own. And the dark energies came and whispered in their ears and encouraged them in such a manner that they looked at other human beings through eyes of fear and eyes of distrust and eyes of avarice. And in doing so managed to perform many atrocities on human kinds.

So when you hear peoples of other facets who are unable to get out of their little corner, of you are wrong and I am right, then you know that they are being whispered to because where there is love there is unity. There is not separateness, there is not bigotry, there is nothing of this nature. There is, "No you are different, I am different," there is only rejoicing and love. Rejoicing that someone has a different way of doing and being and love and respect for that, different way of being and an enjoyment. And perhaps even a sharing of it. It does not mean that you have to embrace everything about them only perhaps to share in it a little, sometimes.

It may be that you may like to join the peoples of the dark races and learn to do their dances and learn about how they live and learn about their peoples and to share a living with them for a short time. Some peoples do this thing and enjoy it. And sometimes those people will come to your place of being and will share your way of being and enjoy. And you can have great enjoyment in sharing your way with them. This is unity. This is love. The sharing of the hearts. Not done to say, "Look how much better I am than you." Not done to say, "I have more than you." This is not humble, this is not a loving. This is also very unkind. This is to say, "You are different, how wonderful. I would like to share your difference by being with you for a little while and enjoy your company. Tell me about yourself about your way of being and perhaps you would like to come and show others from my way of being about your way of being." And then they mayhap they will invite you to do the same with their peoples. And in this manner of way the peoples will get together. And if everybody who walks in the light practices this way of being then you will find the unity will start to spread out more.

Has anybody got any questions about this? (There was no reply from the people present.) So, read on little one, about the light being in the crystal.

Crystal Light so bright of many hues, piecing through the darkness allowing none to be. Only light Crystal Light shall be inside of thee.

Songee: Crystal Light of many hues, what is this? The light of many different facets. This is the Light of Oneness shining through them all. The Light of Truth that shine through all the different facets. Even though the Dark One would like to corrupt the different facets and bring disharmony and mayhem and torture, the crystal light of Oneness shines through and lights it up many different colours and many different beautiful lights. And within the different facets of the diamond are individuals who walk truly in the light and they have no fear of peoples of other facets. They are able to blend with peoples of other facets and hold the principles of their own at the same time. They are not frightened to enter into the places of worship of other peoples and participate in the ways of worship of other peoples. Did you know this, could you go to the tribe of the dark skinned ones and be with the peoples and their shaman as they worship in their way? Not would you do it, could you do it? Look into your Soul... Have you generosity enough in your Soul to be able to do this thing and to mean it and to be in the light at the same time and to feel the spirituality of the peoples that you are with and to know the light of that which they are practicing.

Now this is not to say that there are not some peoples that practice the dark things of spirit. There are so, however in this matter I am speaking only of going to visit with those peoples that are practicing those of light. How do you know the difference! When you are open to Oneness you can feel it. You can feel the light. You can feel when the darkness is attempting to come inside and to corrupt the light. That is how you do it. And you do it by not doing this, (Putting up the defensive hands making a barrier.) by doing this. By embracing, embracing not rejecting and repelling and putting up walls and barriers. Not being dismissive or discounting.

One thing I observed after we did that exercise was that I channeled to that one, I could feel it leaving.

Songee: That is so. That is exactly what happens. It makes this block so the light cannot shine. That is the way to be, always. When somebody, I am going to address this matter because it is important, when somebody uses, I am going to have to use a term that you know, physic energies of themself and they use them incorrectly and it results in an attack on another Soul. Now I say on another Soul because it isn't just the person that is attacked, it is their Soul. What happens is that the energy is released from the first person and it is sent like forked lightening or like bolt from the blue to the one that is to receive it. And the one that receives it, receives it here. (Songee indicates the area in the upper area of the abdomen.) Did you know that?

Yes I do.

Songee: Is it not interesting to know that this is also the seat of the crystal. It is the center point of your being where your energy builds when you do your breathing down into your middle self. It all focuses in here. So when the energy hits, it hits in this chakra. And what happens when you are being attacked by someone who is angry? It is natural to hold on, to close yourself.

Songee: That is so, you either cross yourself and it is possible you may have even said, particularly children will do it, they will go like this. They will bend over in half. They will hold their stomachs and bend over in half. That tells you the amount of pain they are feeling in that chakra. That pain then goes down inside the Soul and becomes a shadow part of the Soul. That is how the fears get to be there. This is how you get that you don't want to expose yourself to people so angry with you. However when you teach the child these things that I am teaching you now and you teach the child not to be a-feared of anger, only to respect it and to bring the energy through to the crystal and send it out. Then when that happens the anger does not have the same effect. It may have impact because sometimes you are not always prepared. However although you may feel the impact of it, the next thing to do is to channel the energies and open up because that is going to clear it before it goes inside and becomes a part of the shadow self. It clears the chakra. It cleanses it. It withdraws out of it all that negative energy that has been sent.

Now there are beings on your planet, and beings in your world that will do this of a purpose with intention in their mind and in their being. And I say, in their mind because they develop the idea in their mind because its been of the mind to do it. And decides and you hear the peoples saying, "I decided that I would do this. I decided that I would do that." And so on and so forth. Sometimes this is done of a purpose. Sometimes it is done without true realization of the damage they are going to do. However it is still done on purpose and this is not right, this is a very big wrong.

When you are talking right and wrong in your physical world, this is right and wrong of your spiritual world and it is far more serious and the debt you have to pay is far more serious that the one you have to pay in the physical world. I give you fair warning of this. Because can you continue in this fashion with the knowledge and it becomes something that you do because you can do it, then you are becoming a minion for the dark and you are no longer working in the light no matter how much you confess to be. And such are the peoples that walk the planet and profess to follow the teachings of the One who came to teach love and they do torture and mayhem in His name. As you are doing the same thing when you do it. You are putting yourself in the same shoes. You are walking in their footsteps.

Don't do it! It will damage your Soul. Don't do it. You know the rights and wrongs of your world. Now you know the rights and wrongs of spirit. Love, honor, teach others the same. Channel love towards those that hurt. You don't have to stay around them once you have opened yourself and channeled for them. Although you must give a little space to breathe before you turn your back. Because, do you know what the because is? Sometimes the most beautiful thing happens and the person that was not nice seems to have a change of heart and will realize they just said and will then make amends with you, or attempt to make amends with you and as a person walking in the light it behooves you to accept it fully in the way they are expressing it. Not to wonder whether or not this is truly true and whether they really mean it and they probably don't so I will accept it to their face and behind their back I will ignore them. That is not right either. That is also tuning two face, is it not? When they apologize to your face, accept it. It matters not whether some moons further forwards they do the same thing. It matters not. We come to that another time. (It seems that Songee is considering that this is another teaching for later.) What is important here to learn what you are doing, how you are doing it, don't be like those peoples of times past in your history that walked the planet, that claimed to walk in the light to bring the teach of love to the people and practiced torture and mayhem on human kinds around them. Don't be like that not even in a small seemingly innocent way, not now you know, not now you have the teaching. When somebody, this is for the little childrens, when somebody comes up to you in your place of playing and they do something unkind to you, don't react back to them in a way that they are looking for you to them. You don't have to look particularly to be their special friend however do open yourself to Oneness, do bring the light through and channel it through to them. And then turn away from them.

Now all of this is addressing situations that are allowing that you have some earth time and space to practice it. You understand? There are situations that you may find yourself in some time to time of your earth life where you are not given the time or the space to practice this and these are the exceptions. Because when this happens you have to wait until all the chaos has completed its cycle. And then when you are alone and you are away from the chaos and you are crying and upset because you are hurting, and you are finding yourself, making recriminations against the one you believe has hurt you unnecessary, uncalled for.

That is when you stop and you look to yourself and you say, "Oneness I would like for you to cleanse me of all of this so that I don't make it a shadow part of myself." And you open yourself, put yourself in that position, open yourself up and ask for the healing energies to cleanse your chakras and to go out from the crystal out to the one that has hurt you. And you have to keep doing it. You have to keep practicing it because human kinds do not do it naturally. They have to practice this thing so that the shadow self will cleanse.

Have you heard a phrase of your earth, among the people of your world and it is words of this nature, 'Healer, heal thyself.' Those of you that would be walking the light, those of you that would be channels for healing energies for light, learn to heal yourself. Learn to heal your shadow self. Ask others that are also part of the light to assist you in the process of healing your shadow self. Helping you to find those parts of you that are shadow selves. Helping you to identify it and being in unity with each other in assisting with the process of this.

Now I am going to come to another area of things that are also part of this. The shadow selves of different human kinds tell them that they are not to have any contact with other human kind. Their beings are frightened of contact with other human beings, for all manner of reasons. And this is where we have this wordings, 'the reasons, the mind that tells you lies, the mind that tells you lies, reason it is blind and leadth you astray and further into darkness.' The hurts inside can be rationalized so that the mind can believe the illusion of the truth. And believe the illusion that contact between human kinds is wrong, is bad, is evil or manner of things. And it is interpreted by the fear inside as this comfort, not being comfortable. When you are feeling this ask yourself, "What is happening to I? What is it that I am doing or not doing? How is it that I cannot be so, with these peoples or this person?" Have you seen how two little wolves come together for the first time? What do they do? They have never meet before, what do they do?

Run up and greet each other.

Songee: Not always.

Are you talking about little wolves, puppies, babies?

Songee: I am talking about any of the little wolves, not the babies. What do they do, what do they learn to do?

They go and sniff each other.

Songee: First of all they stand and they look at each other and they size each other up. Are you bigger than I, am I bigger than you? And then slowly they advance towards each other. And then they will get close enough mayhap to touch noses. However it is not so of all little wolves. It's only those who have learned distrust. Those that have been conditioned to distrust. Those that live amongst love, that has no condition will run up to other wolves and will wag their little tails. And mayhap make a shout of welcome. Is this not so?

So when you bring up the little ones in an environment of love they learn to trust. In amongst the trust you can teach them how to respect that not everybody that they encounter are going to be able to wag tails back. You understand? However you don't stop them and stifle their joy of life and their expression of love, just because of this. Don't encourage them to be ruled by fear. You encourage them to be sensible in the world in which they live, however teach them the power of spirit. When they walk with the power of spirit, in the darkness is light. The shadows are pushed back. They will be able to sense when danger is near and steer away from it. So you don't have to have the great fear within you for them. Do you understand? And you have to learn to trust this process.

Do you go and walk sometime by yourself when the stars are out and the moon is high? In lonely places is great beauty and know that you are under the protection of the Light of Oneness. Or do you deny yourself the joy of this because you are frightened that you might be attacked? Now when you learn to use the power and you learn to open, you open yourself before you move away from your light of your home, and you are sensitive to all vibrations around you. So that when you go to this place of loneliness and beauty you can walk it in peace because your senses are awaken to alert you to any disharmonies there may be. Supposing you are part way on your journey to this place beauty and you sense that it is not so sensible to this at this particular time and you turn around and go back to the lightings of your own home. Because your awareness will be telling you and those in spirit who walk with you, your Doorkeeper and your Guardian will hold you safe. They will give you warning of dangers and your own sensitivities inside you will also give warnings. You have only to learn to listen to it, a very simple trick because most human kind don't bother to listen to it! They often override it and say, "Well I decided that I would better and do it." So you have to teach this also. This discernment so that you always stay safe.

So what makes a person a victim?

Songee: First of all to address that, I am going to have to touch a little on the Law of Karma. In so far as the person themselves has about them, an aura of being the victim and they have possibly acquired this by being one before in an earlier part of their life, you understand? And as they walk through their life, I am speaking now of those that are older, you understand? As they walk through their life they have fear inside them. That fear gives out this pulsing energy and those that would be wrong, that would work evil things are sensitive to it. And they, it is like the beacon of the light which is the crystal of light only the reverse of it, they find it. They are attracted to the dark light of it, understand? And they come towards it, so the person inside is radiating out of here and they are walking and being as this. Living their life as a victim, radiating out this fear, and the others are attracted to it. In order to act upon it some poeples do this.

Now in the matters of the small childs that do become a victim of the negative actions of others, this is karma. This is that the Soul has performed an ill deed to another in a previous incarnation and therefore has arranged to pay back the debt in this by receiving like punishment. Now once this is done it is done however the Souls tend to take the fear of it and bury it and make it a part of the shadow self. And instead of learning and being taught how to open to the light, to cleanse the chakras, to cleanse their being and all of their awareness of this dark happening, they don't get this and they are buried inside and then they grow and they carry it with them and this then becomes a victim for others to be attracted to. And in this manner this will attract those that are going to exploit that fear, that weakness within them. It is not anything that happens in the consciousness, its something that happens from other means.

It won't bite you. (An insect was walking on one of the children.)

It's cool.

Songee: Talk to it, make it your friend and then put it where it is suppose to be. So are there questions? (There were no questions from the people who were present and Songee went on to talk of other things.)

The Crystal Light of Love

So darkness leaves the land and light is born,
And soars heavenwards
Then dives into the hearts of mankind.
The truth of light within the crystal doth lie
To drive away the demons of your soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
The knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind,
For reason, it is blind.
It leadth you astray and further into darkness.
Put aside your reason, the mind that tells you lies
And hearken to the light, the crystal light of love
For within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this, only you.
Crystal light, so bright, of many hues
Piecing through the darkness, allowing none to be,
Only light, crystal light shall be inside of thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle I give to you
And know its truth of crystal light
Remain inside of you...
Be at peace.

. . . And to remember to allow the Crystal light of Love,
To burn bright within your heart,
And may the light of the Oneness
Strike it, and bring forth
Its brilliant colours of Light.
To drive away the Darkness
From your Soul. . . .
Be at Peace.

Reference no 19990311


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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