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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Songee Poems and Gems'.


Angels Gather Star Dust
This is Songee
The Rose
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Crystal Power
Love's Comfort
The Mother's Womb


Songee: So now take inside of you a deep Breath of Life that you all know how to do - and listen to the soundings all around you. The beautiful sounds of the waters flowing, bringing the energies of life, cleansing the air, circulating the Light - and as you breathe prepare yourself to experience a story. . .

Far into velvet night
The Soul soars high on Wings of Light
High to the sky, to touch the stars
Who knows how near or yet how far. . .

Now come the Angels with gossamer wings
To gather Star Dust and other things
And taking the Soul down to the Earth
To spread the Star Dust
With a great Earth - so much of it
To spread far and wide -
So much to give and none must hide. .
As sparkling Star Dust sprinkles down
Over every sleeping town
Bringing dreams of Peace and Light
Easing hearts with soft delight
And Star Dust goes to every place
To ease all pain, no matter what the race
To touch the places of the Earth
Where the Mother sometimes suffers. . .

And so the Soul and Angels to
Bring Healing Light to such as you
And in your turn you will fly
On gossamer wings into the sky
And for you this day is done
Time to return and be as One
With the form of this Earth breathe out
May your Soul drift gently like a cloud
Down into your form of day
And may your Soul find a way
When next you slumber in sweet repose
To find the way - to Star Dust and those
Who wait within.

Take inside a deep Breath of Life and come to back to
the sounds of your Earth life around you.


What is this life that flies by?
With feathered wings, it twirls and dips.
Spinning by, it scatters to the wind

All illusion and deceit. Leaving motes
Of rainbow Iight, all crystalline and bright.
To cover the path where there Soul hath trod.

Catch me if you can, as I go spinning by,
My life, my Soul, my destiny, is mine,
To have for Eternities memory.
And crystal motes of rainbow light,
Are my gift to you; Down through time.
And memory is there, ... so all may gain.

So the fleeting life doth pass,
Leaving behind, a legacy, of learning
Of many things, ... and of love


When you look at the cloud,
When you admire a rainbow,
When you look, at, the jewel-like drops
sitting on a web of the spider,
When you look at the beautiful flowers,
Turning their faces, to the light of the sun,
When you hold in your hand,
the creature of you garden, the praying mantis.
And there comes to your home of living,
The little insect that is so fat
You wonder how it could possibly fly with its little wings.
Stripped yellow and black,
Yellow like the beautiful sunshine
and black like the night sky sometimes is, As this little creature comes to you

and brings to you the story,
And shows you where to go to find the nectar,
And the pollen for the rest of the hive
all these things . . . ARE SONGEE . . . and more . . .

The dolphin in the ocean that sings to you, and plays.
The whale who brings to you the song of love and peace,
And the knowledge of how to swim deeply
Into the waters of your soul
. . . and more . . . THIS IS SONGEE

I have been your mother before time
I am your mother now
And I am your mother in time to come
and beyond . . .


In a garden, is a Rose,
Of petals so soft,
So gentle, and brilliant hues.
Upon this flower,
A crystal drop,
A shinning sparkle of dew.
So within each flower,
As it come to light,
Within its heart,
Is the Crystal Light.


Where hopes and dreams, drift through space
To be caught in the webs of dire deceit.
Far away in the land of Dreams, where wishes come true.
Where promises made, are Honoured with Love,
And Integrity sets free, the Goodness of Truth.
So to this space all Souls do come.
To find what each needs to continue the toil.
Then back to Life's body and Destiny too,
With memories, of Dreams, to make them come True.


I leave you with the Power,
And I leave you with the Power of Knowing,
And the Power of Love everlasting.
And as it shine forth from within you,
So the Crystal Light will resonate, . . .
With the sound of Love;
And go out to all those who do not hear, . . .
The Crystal Music,
The Light of Love.


I wrap my Love around you,
To keep you snug and warm.
I throw my mantle o're you,
To keep you from dark harm.
I gently guide your footsteps,
To the doorway of my lodge.
I welcome you to enter in,
Before the fire so warm.
Outside a storm is raging,
The land you would not know,
All the signs are blown away,
So you don't know where to go.

So hearken to my words of Peace,
As quietly you sit.
Let go of all your troubles,
Rest here, for a bit ...
Put your head upon my breast,
Let weariness depart.
Let my Love comfort you,
And bring Healing to your heart.

Then when the storm is passed away,
And sunshine reigns once more,
You'll discover that the way,
Is just beyond my door.
So, ... step out bravely now my dear,
Go forth into the Light,
And Rejoice forever more
As you tread the path of Right.


Flowing waters, gently flow
Through Earth and soil, through roots and rock
Until inside, a chamber deep,
It comes to rest ... Yet not to sleep.
For deep within The Mother's Womb,
Begins again, Life ... full a-new


© 2009 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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