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Songee on Meditation

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Songee on Meditation'.
A Teaching from Songee, 2nd April 2002.

After a night of two mediations, the first a guided exercise to develop deeper awareness of our experience the first meditation as a 'lollie pop' and then while we were writing up our experiences of the second meditation Songee had been sitting with us for about 15 minutes before She spoke.

Songee: I am here.

I come to talk to you about Meditation. Meditation allows you to cross through the barriers between life and death. At this time of your life and your development it is time for you to set aside, now, all of your petty angers and jealousies, to put them to one side of, 'No Import' to you.

They do not become you.

By learning to travel between, you will learn how trivial these things are. When in your day they consume you with their magnitude that is when you must be at your most diligent to set them to one side. There is no longer any time for you to indulge in you selves in these things of life.

Your lives are too precious to Oneness, to the Light, to the Power of Light.

Now, this is not to say that you are to ignore these things, certainly you need to acknowledge that they are there, because unless you acknowledge them they will becomes as a festering wound. However you have the Power and the ability to heal.

Physicians heal thyself.

You are all Physicians of the Light. You all hold the Key to the Power of Healing Energies. That Power transcends all other powers.

It is Love.

Love for each other, love for humanity, love for all the creatures that are around you, love for the plants and the living things of your world.

Without love you are as nothing.

Remember this when you are feeling most beset by your petty troubles of your life. I say to you petty troubles because you are, not now, in a position to make those troubles seem larger than they are. You have the Power to transcend them. When you are encompassed in a place of darkness, this is a darkness of you own making not one that you have been thrown into by somebody else, you have the Power to bring the Light into your darkness.

In the event that you do not bring the Light into your darkness you must ask yourself, How is it I am not bringing the Light? Do I perchance need this time to be away in the darkness?" And in the event that you do need to be in the darkness don't complain about it because that is where you have elected to be at the moment. You also have the Power to get out of the darkness when you are ready to do so.

Learn from it. Learn what the darkness is teaching you. Learn what it is that you are having to face. Mayhap it is that too long you have allowed others to be burdens unto you and now it is time for you to remove yourself from those burdens for awhile, for reflection, for contemplation.

Remember this, all things are transient. They will always pass away. Nothing will remain stationary, that is your world of your life, this is a word for you. Nothing stands still in the Universe. Everything is in movement, everything. So when you learn to transcend the barriers between life and death you pass through the barriers into the other world. You pass through and you journey into the other world. You have in your life, around and about you, many things that will give you answers, to the many questions, that you do have.

Everything that can be given unto you has been given, and more. You have the Symbology of Life at your fingertips, all you have to do is become familiar with it, all you have to so is learn about it. One step at a time. You cannot do it all at once however do persist in the learning, do persist in making the journey between life and death. Cross the barriers.

You are a Child of the Universe.

You are a spark of Light that belongs to Oneness.

You cannot get lost in death, you can only be found and you will be found by Oneness, by your spirit people and by the angels. All are there, with you as you journey across the barriers.

The only thing that you need to fear is your own FEAR. The things that hold you back that prevent you from transforming yourselves into the beings that you long to be, are your own fears, you own doubts about yourself. Your distrust and disbelief about youselves and what is possible. Remember that all things are possible especially in spirit. And, that which is made in spirit can be manifest on the earth.

Ponder on it...

Everything that is on the earth around you has been manifest by, someone, somewhere, sometime. And when a large number of you all have the same idea, the same hope and dream, that brings it closer to manifestation.

Many of you be-cry the evils of your world. Those evils have been made possible by those peoples of the earth who have allowed themselves to (?leave/live/believe?) in the spirit realm the idea of those evils, and in doing so have created and manifested them with the assistance of the dark energy on the earth plane.

You have the Power using the meditation process, of manifesting Light Energy on the earth plane.

Ponder on it...

This is a truth I give you. You can put this to anything of your life - you want to manifest something beautiful, good and kind for your life, then do it in the realm of the other world. Live it, breathe it, taste it, hear it, make it real for yourself in the other world. And then you can manifest it on the earth. Is that right?

So meditation is a tool and the journey both, that transcends the barriers of life and death. For death is only a transition between this world of your waking self and the other world of your sleeping self. Every time you go for you sleep at night, to rest your bodies you experience the 'little death', did you know that? It is called the 'little death' because it's not permanent, you do come back to your physical body and spark the Light back into it and get on about your day once more, that is the difference. The 'big death' is the transition from this life to the otherworld and you don't come back to spark the life into the body, and that is the difference. In meditation it is as the 'little death'. It is a waking death and you like to put it that way.

There is nothing to fear about the word Death or the concept of death. It is only a transistionary phase - that is the meaning of the word. So don't be a-feared of it, don't look at it as a word of great doom and gloom because it is not. It is a word that represents transition. Transformation, a changing from one way of being to another and each of you will experience transitions all through your life, your living life.

So that is what I have to give to you about meditations this night. I can of course give you more only that will be for another night, or another time because your earth time is all gone.

END SIDE OF TAPE A few words were lost, Songee was talking about us writing down our questions to ask at another time.

In case you forget you all have your scribing things. So you do this scribings and remember your questions, you won't remember them exactly the same next time unless you write them down now.

So I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with this wisdom and knowledge for you to have in your daily life. And in the event that you are imagining that I may have given you all kick in the soft place, that is exactly what I have done. And it is done with great love for you all because it not beneficial for you to carry on doing things the way you have been doing them. Time for you to have slight adjustment of direction.

Is that right? (Most people agreed with Songee.) Very good. And know that the Love of Oneness is with you always and the Power and the Light is with you always.

So Be It

Reference no 20020402


© 2008 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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