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The Truths

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Truths'.
Compiled 1998 through to 2012

Songee: I come to meet you "The People" in many places and many walks of Life's Journey.
These are some of my words. My Council to you to bring you hope and Peace to your Soul.

Give your life to Oneness
Now - this is where, when you put your life over to Oneness that this becomes different. Because then, you find that you can stand still for a moment, and you can take inside of you the deep Breath of Life, down into your middle self ...
And you take this breath down inside of you, hold it inside for a few moments, and then say, "Oneness, I do these tasks for you, my life is yours". And then you breathe out. And then you'll find that the power and the energy to do the tasks to their completion - to your satisfaction - will be there for you. This will work for you every single time you do it.
So, do you understand? Because, when you do this thing, you cease ... you cease to have to struggle by yourself any longer. Also, you begin to start to make very, very big changes in your Destiny Path. Now, I have given to you many, many, many, many times that you choose your life before you come. When you get here, there's no choice, I give you this, you know this thing.
Ref no 19990923

Give all the life in Oneness
Because Oneness needs to have all your life, not just the best bits, you understand? And you need Oneness in all of your life, not just the worst bits. You need Oneness there in your happy times. Oneness loves to share your happy times. So when you are sad, mayhap you say, "Oneness, please help I, I need your help so much". And you get the help. And then you have a beautiful, glorious time, and you say, "My, that was beautiful, that was glorious, what's next?" How often do you stand for a moment in stillness and say, "Glory be to Oneness for this beautiful time, thank you".
And then say, "What's next!"
Ref no 19990923

Achieving Forgiveness
Now I'm going to give you an advanced lesson - just as I have given you advanced less on karma in order to break the law of karma, you must practise forgiveness, and you achieve forgiveness by saying, thank you to all the trials and tribulations that have been part of your life, that have caused you disharmony and grief. You say, thank you to them, and mean it from inside your being.
"Thank you, for the lessons you have taught I. Thank you for teaching I to be strong. Thank you for teaching I how to recognise when this manner of thing is around I, in my life. Thank you. Now, I am armed with this knowledge, I can move forward in my life".
And leave behind any need for karma continuation, because with the thanking, automatically forgiveness is there. When you attempt to forgive for the sake of forgiveness, somewhere down inside of you, a small part of you hangs onto a little bit of resentment and refuses to let go of it. When you come from in here, and you say, my goodness what beautiful lessons I have learned from all of this, thank you, and mean it, that will change, so you can break the law of karma.
Ref no 19990923

Destiny Path
Now, that is the advanced lesson of karma. Now I'm going to give you the advanced lesson on Destiny Paths.
The advanced lesson on Destiny Paths is that you can alter your Destiny Path by one simple thing, and that is by giving your life in its entirety, completely, with love, to Oneness. That your life will be for whatever Oneness needs you to do. Now, this does not mean that you will hear voices telling you to go and tell everybody that they must do the same thing. This is not true. This would be your ego speaking, and it would be the negative power speaking to your ego. You don't attempt to make everybody else do what you see is the right thing to do. They must come to it of their own free will. Free will that was there before they came to the Earth - they will have put it into their writings of the life that this is what they are going to do at a certain point of their life, and the opportunity will be there for them.
And this is the only thing that is - I have to use this word because this is the only one that you will understand - it is the only choice that you have given in your lifetime, that you are allowed to take up, or reject in a lifetime. And I use it to describe this, because it doesn't change your Destiny Path as such. What it does do is that it brings into being the power of the Oneness into your life, so completely that your Destiny Path becomes not as important any more as the tasks that Oneness requires of you. The task of Oneness may be that you are required not to go out this day but to remain in your own home. You don't question it, you just do it, with love and with gladness in your heart, because it will be manifested to you the reason that you have to remain in your own place of living for that day, do you understand?
Ref no 19990923

You don't have to make big showings of it, just be it within yourself, acknowledge it, that everything - your whole being, your whole life. And then there will be no need for you to control anything anymore.
There is no need for it. For when you attempt to control, all you are doing is suppressing - suppressing things that are the potential to happen for your life. So by doing this, you take away the barriers, you take away the restrictions of a fixed Destiny Path that you have come into this life with, into one of infinite possibilities.
Ref no 19990923

Time of death
You will not lose your Earth life until you are meant to lose it.
That will remain true in your Destiny Path.
In the event you have written it into your life that you will lose your life in a certain way, then that is what will happen.
However, it will not happen before its rightful moment either.
Ref no 19990923

Honour the children
You must honour the children that come to you, and the love you have for your children so that you may teach them.
You teach them also by example how to give their lives to Oneness by doing it yourself.
You teach them how to break the law of karma by teaching them how to learn the lessons of forgiveness, and these lessons are not easy lessons, however, they are very simple ones.
They're not easy, because humankinds want to control, and it is necessary that you let go of control in order to learn forgiveness, to learn to say, thank you, and allow forgiveness to be.
And you must let go of control, to give your life, in its entirety, to Oneness. You understand?
Ref no 19990923

Past Lives
The only purpose that going to past life will serve for you is when you need to know something that is going to assist you directly in the life you are living now, and that is perhaps something you have learned from another lifetime.
Does it matter whether you were king or queen or another country, or not? Does it matter whether you were serf?
Only when you can relate, the reason that you have been shown this information. You sometimes will be given a vision into a past life when you do your meditation, and it will be to give you some information that you need to know about the life you are living right now.
So it is for you to work out the puzzle of it, you understand? To just go and seek for the sake of it, some peoples do this thing. Some people do it because they have a great curiosity. There is nothing wrong with it - however, it is not necessary.
Ref no 19990923

High, middle and low self
Your higher self is not the Being that stamps its foot and holds onto things.
Your higher self is not the Being of you that weeps when things don't quite go the way you want them to go.
Your higher self is not the voice that criticizes you and tells you what a dreadful person you are.
Your higher self is not the lack of energy, that is all coming from your low self.
The need to control comes from the low self.
The middle self would like to direct, would like to be in charge - not control, in charge - would like to tell you what to do with your life.
Your middle self will give you all manner of reasonableness for the reasons that you're going to do things and not do things.
So, when you find yourself using this reasonableness of yours, to say how it is you're going to do some fool thing,
ask yourself, middle self, low self, or is it high self?

High self says, "Come: we are light.
Come: walk in the light.
Come: walk with Oneness.
Come: trust.
Come: I can help you to make all things possible".
This is the nature of the high self.
The high self is like a beacon of life that shines.
The high self has its light hidden by the reasonableness of the mind.
And by the spoiled actions of the child, the low self, that wants to dominate and control.
The high self does not do any of these things. The low self part of you can learn to become a middle self.
And the middle self part can learn to become a high self, and it does this by evolving, by growing and expanding itself, by eliminating all the negative aspects of itself, by finding the pure parts of itself. So the child will not be a petulant child, it will be a kind and generous child. It will be sweet, it will be considerate. And in doing so, it will evolve into a more mature version of itself and become a middle self.
You have only to look up the teachings of Kahuna to know this thing - I give you. So you have looking for Kahuna.
Now, the middle self can learn how to be less... less in charge. It can learn how to be a little bit like the child that has fun and lightness to its spirit, to itself.
Ref no 19990923

Confusion is illusion.
There is no such thing as confusion.
Confusion is illusion! Confusion is conflict.
Conflict between a want and a need.
Identify your want; identify your need; get them both on the same side.
There is your clue. When you start to look deep inside yourself and you find your want and your need.
Wanting something to happen will not enable it to take place.
Needing something to happen will make it happen.
However, your wants and needs must marry, must come together and be on the same side.
Confusion is only conflict when these two opposing forces are doing this all the time, and all you get is an impasse, because each is as powerful as the other, and all they do is keep doing this.
Ref no 19990930

Practice the Teaching
When you hear I speaking to you all the time about 'wordings', I not giving you this in idle chit chat.
There is a purpose behind it, there is a big teach behind it. Hearken to it, take it into your hearts and practise it.
Listen to when you use these words of 'think', and 'should', and 'shouldn't'.
Be alert, because they will tell you what is happening inside you.
And when you use the word 'confused', when you hear anybody in your life saying, "I am so confused, I don't know what to do?"
You can say, "Aha, I know what's the matter with you. You are not really confused, you are in conflict. You have got something you want to do and something you need to do, and you can't marry them".
And then you might be able to say to them, "Aha, would you like to solve this situation? This is how you do it. Songee says, you're not confused at all, you have conflict".
Ref no 19990930

The Truths
This is what the teach is for - take the teach, learn it, practise it on yourself and on others most close to you, and then take it out further than that.
Don't just trust the words I'm giving you, practise it.
Show yourself the truth of it.
And it is a truth I'm giving you, and you will find that when you apply these truths they will always work, because they are constant - in the past, the present and the future - they are constant, always, through all cycles of life.
Ref no 19990930

Channelled Healing
We are going to invoke the Power of Light for the purpose of bringing healing energies into your own being and for you to be the channel for those healing energies for the peoples that come to sit with you.
When you do this, you offer yourself in prayer to Oneness, and you say, "Oneness, I would like you to use me as a channel for healing for this Child of the Universe". And ask that nothing of your own physicalities or your own distresses be passed to this one. May it be pure".
Because you all know each other so well, you probably do not need to ask whether you mind being touched, however when you don't know somebody, please observe this politeness to ask them whether they mind you touching their bodies.
And please, Songee brings to you this teach, that although it is more than possible to be channel for healing in the aura and from a distance, when you come together, that is the purpose of this, is to come together, to touch, so that from one humanity to another you are touching with the Dance of Love, the love that has no conditions on it.
No judgments.
Ref no 19990930

Recording the Power of the Word
Now these things bear witness to the Power of the Word, the Power of the Light, of the energy that is being channelled in the meeting, your gatherings at which you are a part, do you understand?
So mayhap you'd like to begin to start writing your own stories about the Gatherings and they can be bought together in one book like the teachings of Jesus.
And then everybody will be able to know how the power works.
How the energy works, that it is coming from Oneness not from the Organism. And Songee is the female part of Oneness, so it is coming from this.
Songee is The Holy Breath that Jesus speak about, is going to come in the time of great crisis when the Earth is going to have many great changes coming upon it.
I keep telling you this, I keep letting you know about this. Eventually it will sink in!
Ref no 19991029

There is, that is it, there is no movement, no flow.
When you have something that is ridged it has a tendency to, when the pressures are put upon it one way or another it will crack!
All you have to do it to look at the earth when Songee move it. When Songee move one bit and another bit, it crack in the middle. Sometimes it open wide, there is nothing that can hold it together, that man makes.
So it is best to be flexible, flowing, strong yet bending, like the willow tree. Ref no 19991029

Go Teach
So look at yourself, look at Your task that you may have set for yourself.
I am not here as Jesus say-ed in his life, "Leave what you do, and come with I".
Songee is not coming to do this, the Breath of Life is not coming for this.
That is not the role, however Jesus is saying to you, and Oneness is saying to you, "Leave what you do and go teach, go tell everybody, go show them. Be an example, a walking example of the teaching, in your life". Do you understand?
Ref no 19991029

Holy Breath speaks through you
Those that walked with Jesus were gifted with a blessing, the blessing was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit that came to them to bring the blessing. Jesus say, "When you come together and you bring the words to others in the name of I, then the Holy Breath will come and speak through you".
That was, at that time, how it was - the blessing of the Holy Spirit, and the blessing of the Holy Spirit was that the Breath of Life would come and speak through them. Also that it would be there to bring healing energies for those who needed it Do you begin to see?
Ref no 19991029

This does not happen because the infinite is the infinite and it is so, everything, that the human mind cannot conceive it in its fixed reality of the earth, do you understand?
So you may have an understanding. You may have a concept and that is as far as you will be able to go at the moment. Because when you have the feeling of being connected with the infinite you do not have feelings of disconnection, you do not have feelings of great hole or a great loss. The opposite is so. You feel the connection with all things.
You feel the earth breathing, you feel the winds blowing, you know the storms are gathering, you feel the sun shining down and you feel the grass growing as though it is you that is growing.
Just like that, just like that, it is so. Just like that.
You will be able to be the fish in the sea and the rivers.
You will be at one with all the creatures.
You will be in their minds and they will be in yours.
Ref no 19991029

If you speak to them and tell them; do not feel compassion, do not have caring, do not have caring about what is happening - you will be wrong!
It is important to have all of it, but to retain - because you acknowledge all that is meant to be.
Remember there is not a Sparrow falls but is not known by The Oneness.
There is no flower picked that is not known, no blade of grass that is plucked that is not known.
Imagine the vastness of it.
When you have the Foundation Stones all of it is cemented together with one Power ...
The Power of Love, Eternal, all Pervading and Everlasting.
Ref no 19900912

In line with the human being, you may be appalled at the abuse of an old lady, mind and body. The Soul of the one who is aware of the Universal Knowledge and of the Cosmic Laws, will extend Love to the perpetrator of the crime on the earth, for the experience.
So the Soul of the one that is left or remains in the body, depending on the crime that has been committed against it.
Remember it has chosen it and (in) return must give love, even if it is only recognised in the Soul. The soul consciousness and the purpose will eventually reach a point where this can occur. Realising, the Violated, will be able to show love and be shining to the one who has perpetrate the crime. At this point they have achieved all. That one will not have to speak of it. It will not have to be known or passed on to others, that others may know that they feel this way. It is a very quiet, very still thing that happens, that the Soul is at peace and lose the hatred that would be the ultimate goal of the soul to reach.
Ref no 19900912

Fear of Self discovery
Those who do not follow meditation, I say to you - You have fear, fear of what you may discover inside of you and though you may deny it sometimes, I say to you, you deny in vain because you have fear.
It is a 'Truth' I give you.
Ref No 1990224

A smile is a light, it shines from within,
its Light shows the way and warms the Souls of others who see it,
... an so, ...
brings strength to your own.

Reflect a little on what you would like to achieve today and how you might best achieve it...
Then GO DO IT.

There is nothing to be done this day!

Not control, because control is not sound.
It comes from the mind - the mind controls, the feelings manage.
That is the difference between control and management.
Anybody want to debate that?

What is it that makes you worry so?
Remember that energy used this way goes around and around in circles, until it wears itself out.
Remember - the answer lies within you, to discover it you must stop going around and around ...
to bring the answer to your awareness.

Reveal the dark corners lurking deep inside yourself, ... to yourself.

Sparkles of light go deep within the Soul,
they touch the dark places within.
The dark places say "Ooch! Ouch! I don't like that. Don't touch me, ... I don't want to know!"
So, ... they try to hide, ...
but you cannot hide from the Light it cannot be.
So acknowledge them, these dark corners,
This includes yourself.

You do not come to the end of learning, you only have to manage it.
Look upon that which is in front of you, and focus your energy upon that, and only that
and you don't look, ALL the way forward.

Remember, that this life that you have at this moment, is the only one that you have got of this nature.
Never again, can this Life come back for you, ... In just this way, ...
and as such, it is very precious, ... very sacred.

Only associate yourself with those of INTEGRITY, those of VALUE,
You do not align yourself with those who are, being used as a doorway by the dark energy.

High hopes placed upon another are not sensible,
they can lead to disillusionment and disappointment.

When you discover how to be responsible for yourself more, you will discover,
you do not need to have these others to be responsible for you, and you will be able to let them go: ...
Not to let them out of your Life, ...
Not to stop Loving,
only to stop depending upon them for YOUR sense of wellbeing.

The Soul will continue until it reaches enlightenment.
You cannot say "You have been doing this for, so many years, it is time you were enlightened!"
They will not 'SEE', just because you say it is so.
The enlightenment must come from within.

Using 'bad words are like attack. They take the Power from another.
The 'bad' words most used by people of the planet in everyday speaking are:

Your Life is here to learn, to move forward to become stronger of Spirit, and more Pure of Soul.
To do that, despite all the tests and trials that do come in your path, all you need to do is entreat the 'Oneness',
and say "Oneness!, I am feeling really bad today. I feel as though my energy is not here anymore, and I understand I am not allowed to take it from others, and this I respect.
However, I greatly need some energy, to take my Soul into the Light,to move forward.
Please, I would have some Light and Power come for this"... . Then all you have to do is wait, and be ready to receive it, ...
very simple.

Try to be aware of all the things around you that cause you to be tired, sad inside you, feeling all alone.
When you are not feeling very light within your Soul, it is difficult to attempt to 'be Positive' in your daily living.
That is a heavy task to try to complete and when you 'TRY' to do that, you make for yourself, the door, not to open.
So instead, hand it over to the Oneness, in all its Glory, all the bad side, all the good side.
He knows it all,
and let the Oneness take for it ...
Oneness will take charge of it for you ...
This may take some practice.

That which you achieve in your physical life, in the physical, with your physical energy, ...
That, is your own, ... and that, you can claim for your own-self.

All those who work in the 'Light', have ... no doing, within their Soul, of bearing bad feeling towards others.
If those in the 'light' cannot set the good example, ... who will?

How can the dark energy influence YOU, on YOUR life path? ...
The dark energy can come inside you, and make big, all the things that you have pushed down inside.
These 'bad things', are, fears, bad feelings, angers, jealousies:
These energies build, and build, however, the 'door' is closed tight.
In the fullness of time, the pressure builds like many bubbles, and soon there is no more room for the bubbles, so the door
BURSTS open, Pouf!! ...
and all the dark things begin to pour out.
So when this happen, the mind of 'then', become damage a little in the process.
The Mental Aura, of That One, become damage.
So for the moment of the earth time that this is happen to them, they are not quite, usual, in the way that they perceive the world about them.
Now this has happen, the door is now open for the dark energy to come in and flood inside and poke around inside and find all those bad things that have been shoved down inside there, and it make them bigger, and make them stronger, until they too start to come out.
Now one more remarkable thing I remind you of, ...
when the 'LIGHT' it shine and it shine on the dark parts of any Being, the dark say
"Ooch, Ouch! I don't want to know" ...
The dark parts, try to hide: However, ... the strangest thing is happening, ... because the 'Light' shinning, ... it won't allow these dark things to hide.
So, all that which is outside 'The One' is trying to make look beautiful for those to perceive it, ... it cannot be done anymore... . The facade, it crumble, then what is there can be seen truly, in the 'Light'. So, it is the beginning of a Healing.

The Earth is female and the water is the male.
Within the Earth is contained a seed and without the water, it does not grow.
Even a small drop of water, will make the seed grow.

Remember, to Forgive and Love, and Entreat the Oneness for understanding and enlightenment.

Keep your own council ...
keep your tongue behind your teeth! ...

The Diva of the plant, can speak with you. Not only the Spirit of those who have gone before. Likewise the animal and the bird, can also speak with you. Also the substance of the planet. The rocks and the earth can speak with you.
If you will but listen, it will give you that which you seek, ... the knowledge that you seek.

All things have a purpose, The spider eats the fly. If you wish to have less flies, let the spider live in your house. Learn to come to know the nature of the creature what wishes to come to live with you... . Then you will become more tolerant of it.

If you open your heart and mind,
you will discover more! ...

This is the time, now, to reclaim
that which has been lost!

The Power within man and the Power within woman.
There is purpose for woman's energy, there is purpose for man's energy, in all things, including the rock and the earth and the water. There is always the struggle between the Light and the Dark. It is no big thing to be angry, to be jealous, to be sad. The bad thing, is what you do with that emotion.
If you are angry and you hit and you hurt someone because you are angry, that is not good, and the Dark One has won. If you are sad and you feel sorry for yourself and you make everyone around you miserable, then that is wrong. The Dark One has you there. If you are jealous and you say bad words to other people against the one you are jealous of, the Dark One has you there too.
So, instead, hand it over to the Oneness, in all its Glory, all the bad side, all the good side. He knows it all, and let the Oneness take for it... . Oneness will take charge of it for you... .
This may take some practice!

It is important to remember that the Channel is NOT the one who makes the decision for Healing.
It is the Oneness that makes the decision.

Sometimes the Soul has chosen a Destiny Path to follow, sometimes it is a Karmic thing.

You chose everything that happens to you;
every little thing you have chosen, ...
even the bits you have changed, you have chosen.
Everything that happens to you;
you have chosen for your learning purpose.

It is only important that you know of a past life, if something can help with the life that you are in now. You only have one life to live at a time. Live it and enjoy it, even the bad times, ... it is all, a richness for the Soul.

FOUNDATION STONES - If they learn Those with humility and I say that with purpose, then they will have learned it well and indeed there is really less that they need to learn... . They can build on it but it is the basic principle of Spirit Goal. The return to the Oneness... .

All Souls must do it to achieve. When you have the Foundation Stones, ALL OF IT, is cemented together with One Power; The Power of Love, ... Eternal, All Pervading and Everlasting.

Sometimes it is necessary with the One of Light, to recognise and respect, that the one of Darkness has chosen this path, allow it to be and keep the distance, and observe. They must go forward to progress. It is only a matter of time. They must go forward eventually.

Remember the 'FOUNDATION STONES', on which all else is built.

Go back to the 'FOUNDATION STONES', apply the knowledge that you have been given and follow it through; and as the cycle which follows, it will come back to the 'Foundation Stones'. If it does not, ... you have missed your way!

The purpose of your life is to learn to overcome adversity in the best way that you can, when you can, and however you can, without causing pain to others.

The things that you have been developing for the better in your life will continue in that way. The things that you have been ignoring, 'putting on a shelf', so that you do not have to face. They will suddenly, be in front of you. You will have to do something about it...

It is time to look at the Path that YOU are on!

In that Destiny Path that you follow you have many stages of learning that you go through. There is a Path that you follow, it is 'The Path of The Christos'.

THE PATH OF THE CHRISTOS - This begins with the conception of the Christ Child; of the 'Messenger' coming to the Mother, telling of the conception of the Christ Child. Where do you imagine YOU are, ... on The Path of The Christos.

THE PATH OF THE CHRISTOS - This pattern is repeated time and time again throughout the life of every person who is living upon this Earth. It happens on the Physical level, on the Emotional level and of the Spiritual level.

A 'Realisation', must come from within. It does not matter, how many people are told, only those who are ready, will reach the realisation from inside and will find 'The Truth' of it.

Test it! Nothing is given that cannot be tested. You must test things, so that you can learn and so you can learn to differentiate between the Truth and untruths. If it is True, it will stand the 'Test of Time', you will be able to apply it now, in the past, and in the future. It will matter not, where you apply it, ... it will remain the same.

Every country, on this Planet, is treading The Path of the Christos!

Do not deny yourself the knowledge that has been given to you, it will enrich your life.

You have the message. Now, what is the gift?
It is the gift of TOLERANCE, MERCY, PATIENCE, ...
look within the message for the gift,
to FIND, to BELIEVE, to have FAITH,
have TRUST.

Your mind is crammed with things, which means it is full to overflowing, so much, that you cannot put everything into its right place for you. Is that correct?
So, look to the Mental plane, then look to The Path of The Christos, and ask, Where are YOU on that path.

Use your FEELING, not your head.

There is more for you to bring into focus. You were a little bit forgetful, that something escape you.
Does your heart not cry?
Let it cry, there is no shame in it,
do not let it slip by you.
You must do it, it will help your HEALING.

So what holds you back?
... FEAR? ...

What is the human doing that is not correct?
Remember, you are human, you make mistake.
It is permitted to make mistake,
you learn from it;
What you do not do, is,
to be foolish!

If you do not have clear purpose then you will not have a clear result!
Ponder on this.

TEACH, and pass on the knowledge and to do that by example of your own process of development.
is an important tool to teach.

Look for the simple things do not make it so difficult.

Using the Power for the benefit of mankind, is the highest IDEAL that you can have.
With that one thing, comes CARING, COMPASSION, MERCY; all of it, in one ideal.

First learn to balance yourself, before you try to balance ALL the world.

It is very simple, very basic, you plant the seed and you water the seed and it grows.

How much of a servant to the Oneness do YOU want to be. Can you give ALL of your life to serve the Oneness, or, only part of it.

It depends, how great your fear is,
how great your LOVE is?

Always remember, that when you have decision to make it is based on the two things; One is Fear, and One is Love.
and use it at different times.
Some things will have more Power for you than other things. As you progress, you will discover that, sometime, that which had 'Great Power' for you, will no longer have Power for you. Then you will know, that it is time for you to move on, to something else.

Learn, that 'Greatness of Spirit'
will only come by FORGIVING!

NO-ONE, is alone in the Darkness!

It is YOU, who do not listen, YOU do not heed it, YOU who put into it what YOU would like it to be!

Learn to read 'the sign' that is given to you. To know what it is that you are given.
Sometimes the answer is given to you in a way that will make you remember it more.

How are they going to make their own decision if you always give them the answer of how to do it? They must decide for themselves how they want to do it.

For what do you search? ...

Do you search to know HOW your life is going. WHERE, is it going, is it going anywhere. Are you going to be a WEALTHY person. Are you going to be a COMFORTABLE person. Are you going on JOURNEY? ? ? ? ...

Prove to yourself, to your own feeling of satisfaction, that something special of a certain nature is happening. Nobody, or no-one, can prove to you. You must prove to yourself, at all times. THIS IS A TRUTH.

First of all, you have to know WHAT you want to learn, WHAT you want to achieve.

Be focused now upon how to achieve the knowledge, rather than have it being proved to you.

Do not allow too much of the jumping about from one thing to another.
There needs to be a little more discipline.

You do not need to be rigid, DO NOT CONTROL,
set guidelines and boundaries only.

Who is saying that you do not change?
What is it that you are doing now?
It begins with the small happening and everything that you learn from your change. You can now go and teach and help others to change also. Even if it is only a little bit.

If you are 'THINKING' about it, put it to one side, until you are ready to FEEL,
for it...

As the Law of Karma says, "If you Do, so will you reap."

Everything that has happened for you in this life, you have chosen, remember that. There is no big hole to gobble you up. There is no shame. There is only knowledge, and wisdom and then Forgiveness will be there for you.
For the 'DEBT' will have been paid in full and then you can go on to something else. It is better to know that one is not going to be paid again unless, you do it all over again.

It is possible to make atonement by sending LOVE, instead, in abundance.

There is now becoming a little gap that separates you from the other. Have you heard the term that the farmer had? "To separate the wheat, from the chaff."

FEAR can come to the child. The fear can be sown inside like a seed ... In this way sometimes the wrong feelings are implanted upon another without the act having to take place.

Birthing is not just making the baby and bringing it into the world, there is more. It can be, from planting the small seed and making it grow to the tree.
More important it is the purpose behind honouring the womankind within you. This is true of Man and Woman.

Womankind have the Power to COMBAT, to CHANGE, to GENTLE, MAKE NEW.

I always say for you, "If you wish to make the change,
speak of what you see, of what you feel and then speak of how you would like it to be, of how you would like to feel, ...
and SO BE IT"

I am offering to you a knowledge of how to be your own Power, to be rich in your own Power of Femaleness. You must make your 'Picture' back to yourself. You cannot make the picture wide to encompass everything. To do so is to make the Power go away from you. In this way, many do this and lose the Power.

The GENTLENESS is stronger than the aggression and can calm the aggression.

It is important now that you FEEL THE POWER OF FEMALENESS and the Femaleness is allows to be strong.

THE LIGHT WILL SHOW THE WAY. The Light will open the door. The Light will make the time for you to complete that which you feel that you need to complete.

Remember to use the Power of the Light. The Light shine from within. The Power of Darkness can have no meaning with the Light shining. If the Light become dim, then you seek out those who will assist you make the Light Bright again.

LISTEN, LEARN TO LISTEN, to the word that is given to you, NOT to make up your own mind of what they are saying to you. If you are unsure, then ask for explanation of where the Light is coming and from where the Destiny lies with the Light.

How many of the word will be remembered, I wonder. How many will be remembered accurately, ... and with TRUTH.

The "Word", was given for you, to guide your Journey, to guide the footstep.

Go back to the information you were given at another time. What happen when you find that information? Do you work past it, or do you remain with it?

Look at the Life of that One who you grieve. Look at the Panorama of the Life. Look at where the Life have touched other, to bring changes for good in the life of others. Look for those places where the Healing presence of that One makes something look new. Look to those parts of that One's Life that assist the procreation of the Light. NOT that of the darkness. All life is mixed with a little gall... .
Some with more some with less. Now, ... it is important to look upon that which that Life has touched with Light, with Goodness and with Grace.

There is to be no more making of these words
Not when speaking unto others, nor when talking to you-self. Remove these words from your life. Make it so, as from your next breath.
You do NOT use the word THINK,
when looking for the word FEEL.
To do so will make learning difficult for you, then, if you do not learn, you do not move forward.

Forgive yourself! If you are not worthy to do something you not be invited to do it.
It is a Truth, if you are not worthy, you are not invited.

Songee: Remember all that you have experienced this night, take with you into your life - the balance and the Healing Light and treasure it.
This is a beginning, an opening for some of you, for others it is a continuance, and yet it also is a beginning of things to come.
Remember that all things go in a cycle as all things in nature.

And when you are in the Winter of your cycle, remember that soon the Spring will come.
And those of you that are in your Spring-time know that ahead of you are times of great workings and diligence so that you can husband all those things that you are going to need for the Winter when it comes again - for just as the seasons turn so will your Winters come again - this is the nature of Life.
In all things, do not ever be despairing because the Winter will always recede when Spring arrives. It is inevitable.
So always remember this thing in your times when you feel that you have no doorways open to you, that you are in your Winter-time.

I leave you now with the healing of these words and the healing energy that you have experienced this night and your journeys,

So Be It


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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