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Songee speaks about A Truth

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'A truth'.

SONGEE has been talking with Her students at a SONGEE Gathering which was held in Auckland.

Songee: And so, Oneness, through the agency of other peoples in spirit, through the energies of your acceptance and a love, it allows those peoples to come and to receive the words of encouragement, of enlightenment, of love, of things that will bring them nurturing and succor to their heart.

And it is this acceptance, that is a very important part of the development of all Soul's that are moving towards the Light. Most Soul's become into this working that you are discovering now, out of curiosity and this is not wrong. This is natural, this is normal pattern, of progression. You go through your life and many things happen upon this life. Many things to make you curious.

Ho that is a very, (Songee is speaking to spirit) Ah yes I remember when you wrote it. About the little girl who goes into the magical kingdom and discovers many wondrous things and finds that things are very curious indeed. And this is a very important word, you might like to put it down and look at it in your book of words. Curious. So Curiosity is something that humankind have and Oneness, Oh Oneness loves curiosity. Because it is this curiosity that is going to bring you back to Oneness. So Oneness feeds the curiosity, and sends the Soul's of light to help you, and to help you to discover what-ever it is you need to have, satisfied, within your curiosity.

Now sometimes, you may be curious about something and you may have some information from this place and information from that place, information this other place and before you know where you are you got all of this information and you say PHOO its all different, what do I do with it all. How do I manage all of this? What do you do with all so many different things?

Just leave it alone.

Songee: You look for the thread of truth that runs through all of it. Forget about all the little bits of weeds that are all wrapped around it and look for the true vine of knowledge, as it grows. Now remember the truth. Truth stands the test of time. If it is true a hundred of your earth years past, it is true now, and it will be true in one hundred of your earth years to come.

Now this is not to do with your personal truth. Your personal truth is not A TRUTH. I am very sorry to disappoint, some of you. This is not The Truth. Your personal truth is something that you have learned about, in this lifetime. Something that you need to adhere to for a particular part of your awareness and your development at this particular time. You understand? And it is important for your life destiny path and your karma and everything else, that you learn to honour your personal truth. Even sometimes at the risk of stepping on the toes of others.

So... What might you call a personal truth?

(A Student replies,) Something that you believe, what you believe is correct and you say that it is correct to what you feel it is, to you." And laughs as she is having difficulty explaining her truth.

Songee: Very good. How would it be, that in your life peoples that you encounter, very often, are not courteous or honourable towards you as a human being, as an individual? No matter what the situation, big situation, middle size, little one. You can put a measure against how you feel, when, this, dishonouring of your being happens to you. And you can make it from number one, that is very small to perhaps one hundred and one, that is very large, and somewhere in between you might like to place how you feel. Oh that is a very big scale however, womankind is very complex and needs a big scale of measurement. So, when someone is not honouring you and your being, what do you do most of the time?

Be quiet, say nothing.

Songee: You don't say anything. Now, sometimes perhaps this is, the correct thing to do because you, perhaps have a sensing that the person themself is not very happy and perhaps they are, struggling with something within their own being so you allow them, out of love to have a little bit of grace. Do you not like that word? And the group expressed that they did. So you give them some grace. However when they persist in repeating the behaviours and the wordings and the way that they are about you and the way that they treat you, or dishonour you, then there comes a moment when you have to say, NO MORE. You not to do this any more and then you have to tell them what it is they are doing. You cannot just say no, you are not to do that, because they did not know what 'that' is, because they are not aware of it. They have been doing it for so long, they have become the habit of it. You understand? So you have to teach. It is very difficult. It is very unsettling, both for you and the other person. You understand?

Now this is The Truth, that you are going to give to them. Your Personal Truth. And you say now "I have to tell you this, you have just done, ... you have just said, ... and when you did ... and when you said it ... makes me feel, how-so-ever ... and you say it!! And you say to them, "I am not going to allow you to take that tone, attitude and manner with I any more. So be cautioned, that every time you begin this behaviours I am going to tell you, no, or I will tell you something about, not allowing you to behave this way, and treat me in this manner any more." And this is a Truth. A Personal Truth. You understand?

Is that where the saying comes, it goes against my grain, it goes against the grain, the grain of truth?

Songee: It is a fashion of this, when, you, go against your natural inclination, only you have to be able to learn how to deliver your truth without throwing it like a missile, I'm liking that word, into the face of the other person, because that is going to hurt. It matters not how much hurt the other has given to you. When you are learning to walk in the Light you are also learning forgiveness and love. Love that is compassion, however you also temper it with firmness and correctness of being. And honesty, most important, honesty. To maintain your integrity as a human being, to maintain your integrity of your Soul you owe, yourself, honesty. And when you give yourself honesty then you must give honesty to others. Now, because your personal truth maybe something now at this time of your life, it maybe that you personal truth is born out of your own insecurities, your own fears, your own self doubts, you understand? And because, of this, it is not A TRUTH because as you pass through your life and you learn to loose and drop away some of your insecurities and your fears. So you change and become different and as you become different so do your truth change and become different.

It may be, that your have an aversion to one of my children. Who are my children? (This idea must have passed through many of the minds of the student's present.) OH MY GOODNESS! all living things are my children. The creatures of the ocean, of the land, of the sky, all are my creatures, all my babies. Maybe you do not like one of them, very much. You have an aversion to them. And you give yourself all kind of manner of reasoning for this aversion. Maybe you are frightened because it has big teeth and it might bite you. Because you know that this sort of creature have bitten other peoples. It might be the one that swims in the oceans and comes up and it gobbles you. (Songee made the appropriate hand and arm movement to express this.) So you say "Oh I don't like that creature. It is not a nice creature, I don't want to have anything to do with it." Maybe the creature that is half land and half water, that slides in and out and its got a BIG mouth that goes like this, (Songee snaps the arms and hands closed) and snaps you up. You say, "I don't like that creature because it has a big mouth and big sharp teeth." It matters not what manner of fear that you have. As you grow and you learn and you become enlightened and you gain wisdom and you learn how to acknowledge all living things as part of Oneness, so you will find that you do not have this aversion to this creature. You still may not, like, to look upon its visage. It may not be very pleasant to your eye, however you might also, acknowledge that, you would respect, that it has got very large teeth and that its instincts are to eat things that move across its path, because it has to feed to live. However you can learn to respect and love it, in all its magnificent strength and power and beauty. And I say Beauty because even the most unprepossessing creature of this planet has a beauty about it. No matter what you might feel at this moment.

Some peoples don't like my babies that swim in the earth, like this, (Songee makes undulating arm movements, like that of a snake) on the surface of the earth and go down into tunnels. The little snakes, you don't like them, they are frightened of them. Because, it was given in one of the facets of this planet that this creature comes from the dark side of life. However this is not so. In all cultures, many other cultures of the planet, they acknowledge the power of the serpent. Not as darkness but as wisdom. Of strength, power, light. They may acknowledge that it has sharp teeth and it has poison inside that can kill however, they respect it. They don't be frightened of it. And they communicate with the creatures and the Buddha is one of those enlightened Souls who learned to communicate with all creatures of the planet, not just with mankind.

All life was revered and was given glory and so it needs to be with all of mankind however that is a long way from manifesting because too many of mankind lost in their own fears. How many of you do not like, the little creatures with the whifferly nose and the long tail? They got little whifferly noses have they not? We have a Little Mouse here. Did you know we have a Little Mouse, a little field mouse. You have a look. The little field mouse has got a little whifferly face with little whifferly whiskers.

Ops my tail. (The student in question picks up her tail and puts it neatly around her legs.)

Songee: You must be very careful not to trip over your tail. Many peoples upon the earth are not happy to be in the vicinity of this little creatures. They are frightened, of what? Of what are they frightened?

They might get bitten.

Songee: What would they bite for?

I don't know.

Songee: Imagine yourself being a little mouse with a little whifferly face, what would you bite somebody, a great big giant for?

Be silly wouldn't it.

Songee: What would you do it for? You do it because you are frightened because you are cornered and because your life was in danger and the only way you can fight this is with your mouth and with you hands. Is this not so?

That's true.

Songee: So imagine this great big giant coming and reaching down out of the sky for you. Ho imagine, if you would, the sky peoples coming down in their big craft, down to the planet and they are very big, peoples and they come out and they are standing over above you so much they are like the big trees. And they say "Oh look at that little one down there, isn't it sweet. I would like to pick it up", and this little thing that is so sweet looks up in absolute terror and says "Oh my goodness, is going to destroy I." So it gets out a weapon and stabs at the hand that comes to pick it up. Cause it would bite if you put it in a corner. What you don't do, is you don't make a corner for the little ones to be caught inside.

Be reverent of all life, of all things and then you will learn to be reverent of your own life, your own being. So, don't set out the cheese on the trap too soon, this one might not like to take it. So and when you look at all these creatures, look at them with your eyes open wide and learn as much about them as you can. Doesn't matter when at the end of that learning you still say, "My goodness it is still an ugly creature to my eye, I don't particularly want to be near it." That's all right, perhaps it doesn't want to be near you either. Perhaps to them they see you and you are not very pretty to them. So it matters not how you perceive it, provided you do it the honour of learning about it. And not fearing it because of lack of knowledge.

Ah and this brings me to, just about the conclusion of this night of speaking because this is what I am here to tell you and that is how you must honour all things, so that you do not be a-feared of them. Knowledge, goes a long way towards dispelling fear. When you are frightened of something do not run away from it. You hear this little ones? (Songee talks to the young children in the class.) When you are frightened of something do not run away from it. Open your eyes, make sure you are safe and then study it. Learn about it. Learn everything you can about it. Apply this, because this, that I'm giving you is A Truth which is different from a personal truth. This is A Truth. Knowledge goes a long way to dispersing fear. When you learn about something, then you learn not to fear it. You learn to respect it. You learn to honour it. You may not learn to like it however you can love it because it is part of the creation of Oneness.

Reference no 19980501


© 2008 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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