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Second Teaching of the Words

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Second Teaching of the Words'.
A Teaching from Songee, 1 January 2000.

CONTENT includes

The Words - Should and Shouldn't
The Word - If
The Word - Why
Using the word No
The Word - Think

This new teaching about The Words, Songee gave during a meeting in January 2000 for the students of The Second Well Trust. This teaching includes the words Think and Why, which were not in the previous teaching, and Should - Shouldn't, If and Try.

Songee: says, I am here.

Greetings Songee I shall just turn the music down a little bit so we can hear what you say.

Songee: Greetings to you. What have you for I this day? What would you like?

Well we were wondering may be you would like to speak the teachings again about 'The Words' for these students of ours to listen to. I know that we have had this teaching many times before however it would be nice to have a new fresh version.

Songee: About the words. Oh my goodness! So Songee come to give people kick in the soft place. Is this it?

This is the one.

Songee: Ha ha. So what is it you needing to know for the peoples now? Let me look. I have a look first. (It would seem that Songee's awareness travels to all the peoples who will be hearing these words.) Ahh. The biggest word that most people's have greatest difficulties with is the word think. However I am going to begin with the words should and shouldn't because they are the easiest ones. It is always sometimes more sensible to begin with the easiest thing is it not and learn to master that first. So to begin with, the words that, I am going to make funny for you.

The words that you should not be using, are -
should, shouldn't,
why, try,
if and but.

The if and but is a little bit more flexible, sometimes than is the other words. The biggest words that you need to concentrate and focus upon are the should and shouldn't, the think, the why and the try. Those are the most important ones. Those are the ones that when You change them in the way of speaking of every day, you will find that it will change things for you, inside of yourself. And as you change inside of yourself so you will change outside of yourself. Peoples that come to hear you will listen to what it is that you have to say where before perhaps they do not hear what you had to say. They make pretense of listening, do they not, to what it is that you are saying and then it becomes apparent after you have finished talking to them that they have not heard a word that you have said to them. It that not so?

That's true.

Songee: Very, very common thing among human-kinds. So let us look first of all the words should and shouldn't.

Whenever these words are used, when anybody uses them at all, they are doing MURDER. I cannot stress it any more strongly. It is an abuse of the person that is on the receiving end of the should and the shouldn't. There is nice way or polite way to tell you this. This is how it is. Every time You use the word should or shouldn't, either to Youself or to somebody else you are abusing them.

Now you have much in your world at the moment where you are teaching each other not to do violence upon each other, are you not? This is a very big change in the way that human-kind are developing themselves. Their attitudes to each other. Their behaviour towards each other, is this not so? And the should and shouldn't are the most important words that you need to loose out of your vocabulary, your ways of speaking with each other in order to stop this abuse, this violence towards each other. When you stop using the words should and shouldn't in your wordings or every day you will, WILL stop the violence.

Now everybody is making great efforts to bring the attention and the awareness of all the peoples of the earth to the need to stop the violence. They tell them all manner of things of how to teach themself, not to do violent things to each other and yet they tell them in the words of violence. They say "You should not hit each other", "Your should not do this". And every should and shouldn't is a blow like so! (Songee is hitting the hand onto the arm of the chair to demonstrate what She is meaning.) Like that. And imagine a great cudgel from a tree, in your hand, much as you might envisage one of the ancient one carrying in times past to kill their prey. And they come upon their prey and the hit their prey over the head with the cudgel so that they can stun it. And this is how human-kinds use the words should and shouldn't.

And You do it to YOUSELF all the time.

You don't just do it to each other, you do to it to your own selfs. I find this very, very bizarre. I do not understand how human-kinds can go around in their living of their lives hitting themselves all the time in such a manner causing so much harm and damage that sometimes it is almost irreparable, you know? And then they say that they love their childrens and how wonderful and beautiful their childrens are and then what do they do? They beat them up with the cudgels of the shoulds and the shouldn't, right from being small childrens, small babes.

This is not loving! This is abuse!

So when ever you hear the word should and shouldn't you are being abused and when ever you use it you are abusing. And that applies to everybody and everything. So you stop using it. You stop being abusive. You stop abusing yourself. You stop abusing other peoples and then you will find that there will be a greater capacity within you to allow love to grow. To allow kindness and forgiveness to grow within you. And as these compassionate things begin to grow within you, so your life will change around you. Because you won't be abusing anybody anymore.

So, so very simple! So, so very simple.

As is most of the things that Songee give for you.

Now, I come to the other word that everybody seems to become very angry about and that is the word think. Peoples for some reason or another, and I am using this word on purpose, is becoming very angry, irate, angry, about being given the teach of NOT to use the word think in their every day wordings. You stop using it in your wordings. I can already feel your consternation and a little of your irritation starting to build because it always does happen even though you may not admit it to yourself right at the moment. I can feel it there.

So, how is it that this feeling is coming? It is coming because you have been taught from being small childrens that you must think. That you must use your brain to reason things out. I am not going to contradict it, that is so. You must use your brain to reason things out however let us look at the word 'Reason'. You do reasoning with your mind, do you not? You so reasoning with your intellect, do you not? However when you go to speak to another about your reasoning, what Songee is saying to you to do is to use words that come from your heart to describe whatever it is that you have been reasoning about.

Simple! So that you are using words of the heart, feelings, not words of the head, of the reason because as is said to you in the words of the Crystal Light of Love which I am assured you will have read by now, (This is information given to all students of The Second Well Trust.) it says "Listen not to the reason, the mind that tells you lies, for further into darkness it will led you astray", because your mind will always find the most reasonable excuse, the most reasonable reason for doing something, or not doing something, or procrastinating about doing something. Ponder on that for a moment and ponder is one of the words that you will hear Songee using a lot because it is a word of feeling. Ponder means that you can sit quietly and meditate for a moment or so upon all the different aspects of something and that when you want to know which is the right one, you put it into your feelings.

You go into your middle self. Down into your middle self and you ask your middle self to give you an opinion of how it feels. And your middle self will tell you the truth. It will show you where you are frightened of something. It will show you where you are assured of something. When you are frightened you will feel inside of you a feeling of, butterflies, flying about inside of you, tickling you in the middles, in your middle self. Or you may feel something stronger. You may feel as though you are going to be sick and loose your dinners. This tells you in very strong way that this is not the right thing. This is, no matter how much your reasoning has told you that it is a good thing to do, your emotion is telling you, "This is not good! Keep away from it! Don't do it!" And then you must listen, this is part of your awareness, this is part of you learning to be sensitive, to learn to be aware of your spirituality. To be aware of your feelings, of your psyche, of how it is functioning and learning to be sensitive to it.

When you sit there and you get upon your horse that is high and you say, "Well I don't see any reason why I should not say the word think." Well that whole thing says it all for you when you look at it closely. You beat yourself up, you smack yourself over the head with your cudgel and then you reason yourself into accepting the abuse that you have just given yourself. I don't find that very sensible. Do you? Perhaps you might like to change it, now! Don't wait, start practicing. Start practicing it straight away from your next breath. So, you might like to consider, another feeling word is consider, carefully about not using the word think.

Now you will find that as you practice you will slip up from time to time. You will say the word think. Just be alert to the fact that you have used this wording and that it means something. What it means is that you have either just say-ed something, had something go through your mind just before you spoke or have been listening to something that someone else has been saying to you that you have doubts about, that you are not sure about, about the validity of it, about the worth of it, about the accuracy of it or some other thing. And doubt equals fear. Doubt equals fear so you are expressing or hearing expressed a small fear. Fear of failure, fear of being in-accurate about something or fear that someone will look on you with bad light, do you understand?

So be aware of this. This is part of your learning to be aware, part of your sensitizing yourself and becoming alert to yourself. You must practice this learning to changing the wordings in your speaking of everyday life is of vital importance to your progression. I cannot stress it any more than that.

Now let us look for a moment at the others two wordings. We wait a moment...

The other two wordings are Try and Why. I will put them around the other way. Why try? And indeed Why try! When somebody says to you, "Well just try and do it." What do you do? You try and do it. Do you succeed? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. More often no. More often you are told to go back and try again until you get it right and to keep trying until you get it right. Songee says, "Don't bother trying to." Throw it out of the window, this trying. Just do it. There is no substitute for just doing something. You can ponder on many ways of doing it before you take action. The trying is not something that is part of your progress. It is a word that you do not need in your language at all. It is a words that you can throw away and never use again for the rest of your earth life and the other ones that may be coming along after it.

So you ponder for a while on all the many things that you feel that you might like to achieve. Ah Ha, here we have success immediately because you are going to achieve something. It may be that you want to make beautiful foodings for yourself that you want to eat, so what do you do? You don't try to make beautiful foodings, do you? Before you do it, you ponder for awhile on all the different things that you want to bring together to make this foodings for yourself, do you not? And when you do this, YOU ARE DOING. You are making a doing happen in your head, in your feelings, because your head gets together all the ingredients and your emotions and your feelings say, "MMMMM yum, yum that's nice." Does it not and then you stand up on your two feets and you walk to your place of makings and you get together all the doings for your foodings, for your yum, yum inside. Is that not so?

And that's how simple it is. You DO something. So the whole process of this is to contemplate, to consider, to bring together the ingredients of something, an idea of something. Transfer it down into your middle self for approval and then you get up and you take an action. So you have a doing. You don't have a trying. You have a doing, you have an action. And then as a result you have an achievement. You will always have an achievement. You will never not have an achievement when you do this. No matter how great or little the achievement is. No matter how 'perfect' the achievement is. It will still be an achievement. Does that make sense Little Mother?

Yes it certainly does.

Songee: So it will make sense to all these other peoples who are needing to hear this also.

That's right.

Songee: I hope so.

Now we come to the next wordings, do we not? Why. Why does all this make sense?

There is no answer.

Songee: Why does it all make sense? Well, I can almost hear everybody attempting to say, why it all make sense. This is a word that is most mis-used in your language. When you say why to someone, immediately they become defensive. They go on the side of defending themselves, their action, their word, their deed, whatever. They are defending immediately. They must defend themself, they must defend and protect their position in life or where ever they are at the moment. So when you are working in the Light, when you are learning to be aware and to not be abusive, you also learn not to use the word why. Because when somebody says to you, "Why did you do that?" You immediately set about attempting to justify in a reasonable way why you did something.

The most beautiful example that I can give you is that of childrens. When you say this word to childrens who have done something that is not very nice or not very good, or not very sensible and you say to them, "Why did you do that?" They will very often, honestly say to you, "I don't know." And give a very blank look from their eyes and their face. They truly do not know why they did something. They have no rational reasoning for why. There is no rational reason for why, ever! Never is there a rational reason! Why... END OF FIRST SIDE OF TAPE

The end of that tape caught up with us.

Songee: So I will go back a few words for you. Why will never give you an answer. It will give you all manner of reasons and reasonings however they are not usually the right answer. So stop using the word why. It doesn't mean its going to go away. It doesn't mean that others peoples are not going to use it. Just don't You use it. Don't ever demand that other peoples justify themselves to you. And then you will have full right to stand tall and not have to justify Youself to them. Does that not sound much better? This does not mean that you do not have to conduct your life with integrity and follow the path of righteousness. That does not excuse you not to do those things however it means that you do not have to give a reason or an excuse to anybody for why you did something. Sometimes you might like to volunteer information that will explain a situation so that there is greater understanding of something. That is not justifying yourself. That is being polite. That is being respectful of the peoples. However you don't have to do it, unless you are meeting the need of respect and honour and integrity. That is a big difference from having to justify yourself just because somebody else demands that you do so.

Sometimes woman-kinds would like to go to meeting of spirit and partners of life don't approve and they say, "Why do you want to do that?" And so the female-kinds have to justify to their partners of life why they want to follow their spirituality.

NO MORE! I say.

And this is the same for man-kinds that have woman-kinds that say why to them. NO MORE! I say. Every living being have a right to follow their path of spirituality, to follow it in whatever manner they feel they need to follow it to come to Oneness in Love, in Light and in compassion. It does not give the right to follow the path in terror, fear or abuse! It does not give you the right to impose any of these things on another being. And it does not give the others beings the right to impose that upon you. In the past many bad things have been done in the name of Jesus. (Songee has said this word as Jesus.) Have they not? There have been murderings done, torturings done and many other destructive and disharmonious and chaotic things have been done by human-kinds to other human-kinds in order to insist on their way of doing things and in order to say that this is the spirituality that you will follow and this is how you will follow it. Songee is not coming to do this. Songee is coming to say to you,

"STOP! You do not hurt each other any more.

STOP being violent to each other by word or deed."

Particularly, Songee coming to show you how to change the Word of violence within your world, within your lives. Please, do your best to start practicing non-violence of speaking with each other from your next breath.

Don't be as those people of old using excuses and reasonings for creating mayhem and chaos, murder and torture to each other. You cannot make any excuses or reasonings or whyings that will excuse you, from not changing your vocabulary.

Now is the time, now is the time to stop the violence, to stop the abuse and it doesn't stop with that person out there,

It stops with YOU, YOU.

Let everybody else take care of themselves, you start making the changes for you in your life, right now and then like the ripples on a pond the effect will spread out to all those people around you and the Light of Oneness will shine from within you and go out to all those many peoples bringing Love, Light and Healing to them.

That is all I am going to say to you. I am going to leave you with the Power now of that Light, of Knowledge and Enlightenment. Take it into your hearts, into your Souls and walk with it from this moment forth.

Go with the Power

Reference no 20000101


© 2008 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

The Words

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