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Songee's words are practical, life enhancing teachings that assist us in our personal development, in our relationships, raising our children and managing ourselves at work and socially.

Songee's Teachings 1990 - 1995

These years saw the beginning of the Songee Energy's manifestation in this millieum when Songee channelled through deep trance channel Roberta-Margaret. The first Songee Gatherings were held with several likeminded people who had met at Spiritualist Church meetings and became friends. These progressed to more formal Group held in the homes of Roberta-Margaret and Charles Ashe where Songee often came to teach.

Many of the Songee Teachings during these years were put together and published as 'The Facets of the Diamond' in 1996.

Songee channelled through for many private 'one on one' consultations and these remain private to those concerned. However we have seen that whenever a new teaching came along for an individual a little while later it would come into the public forum. The Spirit people working with Songee and Roberta-Margaret often came to speak at these meetings and at private consultations.

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Introduction to Songee - 19900101
  Who Songee is and Her purpose in this current manifestation - The Healing Energies
Earthquakes - 19900801
  Changes in the consciousness
Male and Female Energies - 19900909
  A Green Dream - Male and Female Energies - The Crone - Channeling Healing Energies
Lessons of Life - 19900912
  The chosen lesson of ailments and tragedy - The birth of new Souls - Different levels and dimensions - The Foundation Stones - Suicide - Souls of darkness remaining on the earth plane
Cosmic Law - 19900915
  Reasons for Sickness in life - The Souls who come from the darkness - Spirit Life - The Foundation Stones - Souls who remain on the Earth - Using The Foundation Stones
Practising the Lesson - 19910920
  Jumping for Joy - Practicing the lesson
Destiny and Karma - 19900927
  Sister Celestine - Songee - Karma - The Destiny Path - Soul Mate - Testing friends at death - Destiny & Karma - Remembering Songee's words - Recognising the light of the Soul - The dark energy - The Soul enters the body at conception - What are the Poltergeists - The Facets of the Diamond
The Destiny Path - 19901101
Path of the Christos - 19901201
  Practising sensitivity - Path of the Christos - Testing the Truth
Learners - 19910101
Music for Circle - 19910201
Conflict - 19900301
  The Feelings of Conflict - Following the Music
Temple of Osiris - 19910401
David's Message from Peru - 19920701
Commitments - 19930701
  Direction, Purpose, Discipline - Service to your God - Resentment - Purpose - How deep is the commitment - The Dream
Healing - 19930101
  Crown Chakra - Allowing Oneness to send healing energy - Absent Healing - Seeing the Auras
Healing and Teaching - 19930201
  Connecting with Meditation - Excitement and Fear - How to work with Spirit - What do you want? - Is Reiki different than Channelled Healing? - After the work is over - Know your purpose
Karma of Rape - 19930701
Music for the Journeys - 19930729
  Resisting the Meditation - Follow the Music - Being with the Oneness - Practice the breath - To learn, to taste, to smell, to hear - Take a deep breath
Karma and Forgiveness - 19930801
  Emily's Rescue - Another Rescue
Vengeance - 19930901
  Uncovering Fear in Meditation - Do you pay for that bad thought?
Sally - Vibrations - 19930923
  Music and Aromas - Colours - Indian Music and Incense
Mentally Challenged Persons - 19931101
Silver Doe - Songee's Introduction - 19931114
  Songee Introduces Silver Doe - Silver Doe Speaks - Songee: conclusion
Silver Doe: High Shaman - 19931126
Silver Doe: Moon Lodge - Songee: Woman Power - 19931128
  Silver Doe: The Moon Lodge - The Sweat Lodge - Songee: Woman Power - Fear of being a woman - How to be in your own Power
Silver Doe: Gifts - 19931223
Red Indian Land - 19940101
  In Circle - Stealing from the Land - Cloning - The Warriors - Brotherhood of Light
Psychic Operations - 19940101
Journey and the Animals - 199400117
  Look to the Message - Working out the meditation message - Relating the message to the Path of the Christos
Divas - 19940203
  Song from the Diva - Seeking the Knowledge - What is this stone? - Communicating with insects and plants - Imbalance
Journeys - 19940207
  Exploring the Meditation - What reason to develop your Spiritual and Psychic self
Past Life Regression - 19940501
Return to the Knowledge - 19940601
  Songee Introduces Herself
Sally opening the 3rd eye - 19940707
  The Meditation - Dog Medicine
Accident - 19940826
Sally Doorkeepers, Guardians and Spirit - 19941218
  Doorkeepers - Guardians - Guides - Colours - Male or Female lifetimes
Spirit Laws - 19950101
  Cosmic Law
Sally's talk on Suicide - 19950102
  Sally how she came to be here - Suicide - Abortion - Euthanasia - The bad 'Should' word - Suicide
Sally on Cloning - 19950101
  Who is Sally - Cloning
Journey to the Forest - 19950206
  Meditation - Looking at the grief for one who dies soon - Skimming the surface of life - Brilliant Light - The Power to do anything - Looking - The Bad 'Words' - Meditation continued - Forgiving yourself - The Lord's Prayer - Meditation continued - Responsibilities - Circling emotions - Healing Power to troubles places - Scent & Music to go with the Meditation - New Name for a Student - Sally
Spirit Teachings - 19950213
  The High Priestess Magreatha - Songee - Fo Yung Doorkeepers - Emily
My Name is Given - 19950329
Christian Baptism - 19950401
Earth Names - 19950401
  The Nature of the Name
Be - 19950420
  Meditations - Rescues
Sally in Spirit - 19950501
  Sally's life in Spirit - Rescuing Lost Souls - Lost in Spirit - Help from Sally
All Souls Night - 19951030
  Meaning of Halloween - Fear of the lessons of Karma - Not belonging anymore
More Songee Teachings
The Songee Energy - Teachings Songee Teachings 1990 - 1995
The Songee Energy - Teachings Songee Teachings 1996 - 1999
The Songee Energy - Teachings Songee Teachings 2000 - 2003
The Songee Energy - Dialogue Songee Dialogue 1990 - 2003

Songee's Chestnuts
From the teachings there have emerged what Songee has called Her Chestnuts. These are Her favourite life changing wisdoms that She has given time and time again.

The Foundation Stones are basic knowledge for each Soul that comes to live a lifetime on this planet.

To learn how to Channel Healing Energies can empower us in times of great difficulty when our loved ones are suffering.

To take up the challenge of changing our vocabulary can have an enormous effect on ourselves and everyone around us.

Songee's Truths hold the keys to managing change.

Songee's stories of The Great She Bear hold revelations of life in their simple words of wisdom and while considered children's stories they are for the child within each and everyone of us regardless of our age.

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The Foundation Stones
  Foundation Stones
  Kameni Temeljci
  The Words
  Second Teaching of the Words
Breath of Life is the Sun
Channelled Healing
  Introduction to Channelled Healing
  Songee Teaching of Channelled Healing
My Father's Prayer
  The Lords Prayer
  My Father's Prayer
Prayer for the Shower
  Molitva Posvecenja
Silence & Meditation
  Path to Silence
  Songee on Meditation
  The Oak Tree Mediation
Crystal Light of Love
Songee's Truths
  Songee speaks about
A Truth
  The Truths
Songee's Gems & Poems
The Great She Bear Stories
  In the Womb of the Mother
Book 1
  Journey to find Food
Book 2
  Souls Flight
Book 3
  Confidence and Trust
Book 4
  Finding the Light
Book 5
  Respect, Caution and Hidden Secrets
Book 6
  Discovering the Gifts
Book 7
  Journey to the Mother's Womb
Book 8
  The Power of Love and Faith
Book 9
  Ancient Wisdom
Book 10
  The Messenger
Book 11
  The Lessons of the Shivering Stones
Book 12
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