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Songee's words are practical, life enhancing teachings that assist us in our personal development, in our relationships, raising our children and managing ourselves at work and socially.

Songee's Dialogue 1990 - 2003

Songee's Dialogue are teachings that have audio and audio downloads available.
We invite you to play, download and share these audio files, with the understanding that copyright remains the property of The Second Well Trust and the copyright of the music remains with the artist.

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Healing Energies - 20000210
  Crystal Light Of Love - Seeing Spirit - How did Life begin - When will we use all our brain - Am I a Teacher - Songee's Teachings - 'The Words' teaching - How to stop giving your power away - A coming flurry of Dark Energy - When Something is taken from our Home - Harm to Ourselves - Oneness Desires - A Dream about Sea Horses - And Moths - Grief of leaving the Land - Channelled Healing
Suicide - 20000224
  Crystal Light Of Love - The Accident - Having Faith - It was written that Songee would come - Suicide - Helping Others - Managing Energy - Coming back to those that take their life - Changing Vibrational Energy - Abortion - Euthanasia
Finding Ourselves - 20000302
  Crystal Light of Love - Dancing to 'There Was a Dream' - Unconditional Love - Childrens killing and murdering other Childrens! - The Illusion of Youth - Finding the Question! - Songee - I am The Holy Breath - Being a channel for Spirit Speaking - Discerning the Truth coming from Spirit - Chakras - People from the Stars - Looking Inside - Opening Spirit Eyes - Finding the Silence
Discerning the Truth from the Lies - 20000330
  Roberta-Margaret explains her experiences while deep trance channelling - Crystal Light of Love - Listening to the Music - 'Songee is The Holy Breath' - Discerning the Truth from the Lies - Learning the Gift of Discernment - The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Son is my nourishment - The Question? - The Waters of Life - Abraham's relationship with the Creator - Blessing the Waters of Life - Songee Channelling Healing Energies - Who is the Spirit Person With Me? - The Frequencies of Homeopathic Remedies Matching the Body - Finding the Spirit with me - The Message from Spirit - Intercension - A Babies' previous form from their past life
Service to Oneness - 20000413
  Roberta-Margaret - Crystal Light of Love - Offering your life to Oneness - Songee's Name - Is My Cat Sick - The People of this Land - Giving and Receiving - Effect of the alignment of the Planets - Supposings - Control - The Manifesting of Songee
Reincarnation - 20000420
  Crystal Light of Love - Reincarnation - Accessing information from Akashic Records - The Story of Mrs Robinson - The Path of the Christos - Forgiveness - Meditation Ancestors - The Song of the Earth - Head Noises from taking Damaging substances - Fantail Messengers of Spirit - How Often do we reincarnate? - Meditation Another Life Time - Meditation of Forgiving
The Pain of Easter - 20000427
  Destiny Path - Prophecy - Relating to The Path of the Christos - Human-kind Interfering with the Law of Nature - Battles between the Heavens and the Earth - The Bear Stories - How to Make Choices! - Using the Examples of Courage - The Rim and the Hub - Becoming a Warrior - Channelled Healing
Down-Side-Up - 20000511
  Crystal Light of Love - Welcome Prayer for this Place of Sanctity - The Great-She-Bear Stories - Reincarnation - Down-side-up - The Darkness - Looking at Ourselves - Others Change by our Example - The Hand of Peace - Substances we take into our bodies - Scarring our Auras - Food Sensitivities - Radiation - Honouring the Food we Eat - The Body Managing Illnesses - DNA of the Soul - Ecstasy Meditation
Dimensions - 20000525
  Dancing the Healing Energies - Earth Changes - Different Dimensions - Dimension of Fairy - Being Strong in our Power - The Dimensional Yous - Evolved Souls in the 7th Dimension - Moonstone - Is visualisation the same as Meditation - Apport - Do Angels have Souls? - In the Beginning...
Being Humble - 20000601
  Roberta-Margaret speaking - Crystal Light of Love - Lessons from Past Lives - The Bermuda Triangle - Unconditional Love - Being Humble - The Songee Energy - Working for Oneness - Meditation - Oneness Connection - The Insect - Bear Story Drawing - Dreams - Meditation - Gift from Oneness
Spirit Made Manifest - 20001123
  Roberta-Margaret Introduction: Questions from new guests, Spirit people who work with Roberta-Margaret, Conscious Channelling, Full trance channelling, What is the Songee Energy, Spirit people who come to help us, Free will, Living with spirit, Names of spirit people, The Songee Energy and Her expression, Work Roberta-Margaret does while away in spirit.
The Crystal Light of Love - Songee - Manifestation of Tao - Songee Manifesting into a Physicality - A Truth - The Plan - Evil Whispers in your ear - The Breath of Life - Saving a Soul from Darkness - Oneness Cares for each of us - Forgiveness and the Law of Karma
Bringing the Word of Oneness - 20001130
  Roberta-Margaret's work while in full trance channelling - The Crystal Light of Love - The different Faiths of the Planet - The Moslem Religion - Symbol of the Moth - The Path of Islam - The Faith of The Christos - Being in service to Oneness - Bringing the Word of Oneness - The State of Human-kind - Free will and coincidence - Who owns the planet - Spiritual connections to the land and others - Letting Go
Songee at Stratford - 20030622
  Roberta-Margaret Introduction - The Quest of love in Life - Arranging Destiny Path while in Spirit - The Doorkeepers and Guardians - Suffering - The Christ Power - Loving One Another - Instant Healing - The Fall from Grace - The Task of the Souls - The Voice of Truth - Channel for Healing Energies - The Holy Breath - The Breath of life - The Breath of Life is the Sun - The Miracles - Conflict - Singing with Jeffree Clarkson
More Songee Teachings
The Songee Energy - Teachings Songee Teachings 1990 - 1995
The Songee Energy - Teachings Songee Teachings 1996 - 1999
The Songee Energy - Teachings Songee Teachings 2000 - 2003
The Songee Energy - Dialogue Songee Dialogue 1990 - 2003

Songee's Chestnuts
From the teachings there have emerged what Songee has called Her Chestnuts. These are Her favourite life changing wisdoms that She has given time and time again.

The Foundation Stones are basic knowledge for each Soul that comes to live a lifetime on this planet.

To learn how to Channel Healing Energies can empower us in times of great difficulty when our loved ones are suffering.

To take up the challenge of changing our vocabulary can have an enormous effect on ourselves and everyone around us.

Songee's Truths hold the keys to managing change.

Songee's stories of The Great She Bear hold revelations of life in their simple words of wisdom and while considered children's stories they are for the child within each and everyone of us regardless of our age.

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The Foundation Stones
  Foundation Stones
  Kameni Temeljci
  The Words
  Second Teaching of the Words
Breath of Life is the Sun
Channelled Healing
  Introduction to Channelled Healing
  Songee Teaching of Channelled Healing
My Father's Prayer
  The Lords Prayer
  My Father's Prayer
Prayer for the Shower
  Molitva Posvecenja
Silence & Meditation
  Path to Silence
  Songee on Meditation
  The Oak Tree Mediation
Crystal Light of Love
Songee's Truths
  Songee speaks about
A Truth
  The Truths
Songee's Gems & Poems
The Great She Bear Stories
  In the Womb of the Mother
Book 1
  Journey to find Food
Book 2
  Souls Flight
Book 3
  Confidence and Trust
Book 4
  Finding the Light
Book 5
  Respect, Caution and Hidden Secrets
Book 6
  Discovering the Gifts
Book 7
  Journey to the Mother's Womb
Book 8
  The Power of Love and Faith
Book 9
  Ancient Wisdom
Book 10
  The Messenger
Book 11
  The Lessons of the Shivering Stones
Book 12
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