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Sally - Vibrations

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sally - Vibrations'
Words from Sally, 23rd September 1993


Music and Aromas
Indian Music and Incense

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

A general discussion was being held among the pupils on different subjects. The Channel was sitting quietly started to jump about and a young cockney voice shouted out...

"Hello me old cockers". (The pupils immediately recognised Sally's voice.)

Sally was a twelve year old girl from the 'East End' in London England when she passed into Spirit in the year 1825. She had been a street urchin and had a 'gang' of six other street urchins most of whom were younger than herself. They had a difficult life, starving, begging and sleeping in wooden crates under the bridges on the River Thames.

One day an urchin tried to steal a gentleman's watch. During the ensuing struggle Nat, one of Sally's friends killed the gentleman. As everyone scattered Sally was caught and blamed for the killing, although she was innocent she was convicted and hanged.

In the year 1977 she came through as a Spirit 'Rescue' to a Circle in Auckland New Zealand where she has been a Spirit 'Helper' ever since to the Channel. Her accent never changed but her vocabulary has been modified greatly. When she gets excited at times she comes out with some choice words. Suddenly she may stop speaking and apologises then continues to speak properly. She says that Spirit friends gives her a clip with a newspaper if she does not speak proper like or is naughty.

Sally: I've got to come and sort of 'Baby sit' haven't I?

Hello Sally. Did you enjoy Monday nights circle?

Sally: Of course, what a silly question ain't it.

lt was most instructive.

Sally: Here did you understand what She was on about? (Speaking about the Earth Mother, Songee who had been explaining about the Power in the different notes in music).

Yes, we did.

Music and Aromas

Sally: It ain't half clever when you look at it from this side you know. It's real exciting you see because all them single notes have got all their own colours and all. and when you get right into it Ooh! it ain't half beautiful. (Sally speaks to someone who is in Spirit beside her) Oh! ain't I supposed to tell them that yet. Oh dear, I'm sorry.

Sally speaks to the pupils - I'm awful sorry I'm not supposed to tell you that but it's too late now I've told them, no harm done. Oh, alright, they say that I can tell you the rest of it and all.

Right, well all them notes all got a different smell and all.

That's strange.

Sally: Why is it strange?

I didn't know about that.

Sally: Of course you bleedin know I've just bleedin told you haven't cooa!

Will we be able to see it in this lifetime?

Sally: Oh, I don't know, if you practice it, I suppose. I guess that is what you are here for ain't it?

We are learning that the oils, the essential oils being brought in are therapeutic, is that right?


Sally: All the different 'Pongs', oh, yea that's right yea. We gotta sort of select them yea. That's my job over here. I gotta work out all the colours what got to go with the different vibrations of every one of your different sort of meetings, because every single one of your meetings has a different vibration see. I got to adjust all the colours to go with all the different vibrations, its good fun.

That's really interesting.

Sally: It is, very technical.

Does that mean that you are controlling our feelings with all these colours and vibrations?

Sally: No, not really, you're doing your own thing and thinking things and feeling things and every now and again it gets out of kilter see. That's where I have to put colour in to make it alright again see. Good fun! I like doing it, that's my job.

You're like an artist then.

Sally: That's right painting all them colours and making things peaceful again. Except sometimes I have to paint a colour to make someone a little 'toey'.

What was that word you used Sally?

Sally: Toey.

Edgy, agitated.

Why do you have to do that?

Sally: lf I don't do that they won't learn nothing see, they sort of stick it underneath something and hide it so that they don't have to look at it, see.

Tuck away their feelings and don't face them.

Sally: Yea, that's right. So I have to change the colour just a tiny little hit just to help them along a little bit.

What if you give them too much colour?

Sally: Oh, I don't do that I'm very good at my job, I don't make them sort of mistakes. I ain't allowed to, I'd get into terrible trouble Coo. Well anyway, getting back to what I was telling you about the different colours and pongs. They are awfully nice they don't half go well together.

So what you have got to do see, hold on... do you like that Indian music, its real strange, all over the place?

Indian Music and Incense

I felt that the part of the music we just heard was Indian music.

Sally: 0h, that ain't anything like it, that Indian music is different again see.

lt made me think of the snake charmers.

Sally: Ooh yea, well what you have got to do see, you got to forget about... you see... to them over there your music over here is a bit odd. They don't like it very much because it don't sound right to them because they have got used to their kind of music that they listen to all the time, see.

It's not just music that they are playing like in religious ceremonies and things. The music that they play, all over the place, because they don't listen to that, it's not listening to that it's because they are feeling the music. They are getting the colours in and all the pongs too, see.

They are getting the vibration.

Sally: That's the word.

The incense and the smells that they have arc especially for them.

Sally: Yea that's right, they have different pongs for different things.

I have incense at home that I was going to bring to the Circle to use. Would that be acceptable?

Sally: You got to be a bit careful with that stuff. If you put the wrong pong on with the wrong music, then you are going to have a bit of... you are not going to feel right, you are gonna feel funny. It does some terrible things to you. Didn't you know that?


Sally: asks her friends in Spirit - Am I supposed to say that and all, Ooh alright. They are letting me go on, it's alright.

How are we to get this knowledge?

Sally: This is it you see, they learn it. It ain't been taught to people over here, it's been taught to them since they have been little tiny ones they are taught it. Also too when they are born, they are born into a house where there are pongs going on all the time. So they are used to it right from before they are born even. They know what the pongs are because they smell them.

Does anything happen if you just burn an incense stick?

Sally: If you burn an incense stick just at home one of them things that give off that nice pong. Well yea, its gonna do things to you... subtle, its subtle. What it does is that it is very subtle. It's the only word that I can give it. You don't know what's in the head going on, but it does it anyway. You don't sort of sit down and wonder to yourself, I'm going to let this smell do this and this to me, because it won't do it, it will do what it meant to do, see. Every pong is meant to do something different.

If we are doing our meditation at home with music and learning our breathing. Is there a smell that we should buy or a special incense that we should use?

Sally: It's a bit tricky ain't it because if you are going to do that you have to get the right pong to go with the right music. So you are better off if you have your pong and sniff your pong when you are doing something else. Then put your music on separate to having your pong, until you learn what pong goes with what music. Otherwise you won't come smelling like roses. You come smelling a hell of a lot worse.

They've been using it in the Catholic churches for a very long time.

Sally: Don't forget they have hundreds and hundreds of years of practice at it haven't they? It's all the same bleeding pong anyhow they don't change their pong in their services. They have one pong for their services, special prayers for people what's died they have another pong. In fact they have a series of pongs that they put around, they might have three.

Are they correct?

Sally: Of course they are correct, because the priests that are doing it have been trained to use the right pong for the right purpose see.

We are getting a lot of information tonight.

Sally: Well I know about this see because it is my job. I bet you can talk good about your job too. (Speaking to her friends in Spirit)... Alright, I've done that I won't tell them nothing about that, we will wait for it to happen.

I've always been interested in this subject and now Sally has answered all my questions.

Sally: Just don't try putting it on with your music. You can do your meditation with your pong but if you want to put your pong to music I... you don't do it. Well it's better not to at the moment. If you want to try it, you'll find out the old way what pong goes with what music won't you. If you don't feel so good afterwards, if you feel sort of, you know, down in deep. You know it was not the right sort of thing. Sometimes you can do it and... 0h boy! you can feel as though someone hits you over the head with a cosh or something.

(Pupil speaks about another pupil) - She is not listening, she has gone out or something.

Sally: She has ought to be listening. You have to go home in a minute ain't ya.

Yes it's about our time to finish.

Sally: I'm just saying that you ain't supposed to go over your time because it is discipline. People who are coming through, people who are giving this information must come through at the right time so that they can give it and everybody will be interested in the right time.

It doesn't matter if it happens once but if it keeps happening it is a problem because it means you ain't being disciplined and it means people what's in Spirit ain't honouring the bargain what they have made with the person that they are coming through see. So you got to have some balance there otherwise you will get everything out of kilter and I'll tell you what, it doesn't half make a lot of extra bleeding work for me with all the colours and things.

Anyway it's alright no harm done.

Alright I'm going now Ta..Ra.

Reference no 19930923facet26


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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