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Sally's Talk on Suicide

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sally's Talk on Suicide'
A Talk from Sally 1995


Sally - how she came to be here
The bad 'Should' word

Sally - how she came to be here

Sally joined the Circle and after the pupils introduced themselves to her a general conversation took place.

The Pupils asked about Sally's life in London as a street urchin. She explained about her gang of children that she used to look after when she was twelve years of age in 1826. Also one of her gang had returned to the physical world again and has been living in New Zealand. She is a Scots lady who came to New Zealand as a young girl and when she was older she came to our Circle and had met Sally in 1995.

The conversation was very interesting to the new members of the Circle. Sally explained what it was like to live in Spirit and then being reincarnated back to the physical life again and the memory of the Spirit life being taken from you, so that you are not tempted to want to go home again before your time was completed.


Sally: You people don't remember nobody because you are back on earth again, so you have all those memories wiped out and you don't have them no more. If you had em you wouldn't want to bleeding stay here. You'd be wanting to go home all the time. It's bad enough when them as come back before their time anyway. You can't have everybody doing it. Nobody would learn nothing.

Leader of the Circle: There is a lot of people doing it now, a lot of young people.

Pupil: Is this suicide that you are talking about?

Sally: You could talk to them and put it right and then you'd get people going around telling you that it is alright to do it because you have already decided that you were going to do it. That is the one thing that you ain't decided to do before you come on to the earth. You don't decide to take your own life. That is not part of the plan.

Pupil: Oh, that's very interesting.

Sally: Didn't you know about that?

Pupil: No.

Sally: I've given you something to ponder on ain't I?

Pupil: There are people who take their own lives and say that I don't want to be here any longer, because they are suffering so much.


Sally: What you're talking about is when somebody makes that choice and are given medicine aren't they. To make the decision to do it and its, it's like all em things what you are given, all the people of the earth are given, to ponder on, to face and look at themselves and decide how they are going to be about it.

Now if you look at that, that - when someone wants to have an abortion and wants to throw away their baby. Well some people come here onto the earth and they have decided that they are going to be faced with this question in their life. About what they will do because over here, we already have some inkling about what people's developments are in their society. See?

Now you have decided before you get here, that you are going to have a baby what is going to come at a difficult time of your life, right? Now this is, I'm talking about when someone making a proper decision to do something about their baby. Not them what lose their baby natural like. That's abortion too, but its natural ain't it, right? Alright.

So you have already arranged to have this situation. So you plan the situation and you plan how it's going to happen and you plan who it's going to happen with, the Soul what's coming to you is already part of it. Right, alright? And then you find yourself in the situation and you have to make what you believe is a choice about what's going to happen.

Now remember that everything you do is a lesson for your Soul. So that when you go back in Spirit you've learned something about yourself in this life, right? Do you understand all that.

So whether you make a decision to keep your baby or not to keep your baby. You've already decided with the Soul what's coming. Now the Soul what's coming might have decided it is only going to come for a brief visit. Maybe it was a Soul what finished its life previous, too soon in another life see. So it's got to come back for a few hours or a few days and then go back home again, see. So it is O.K. for that Soul to come along and be part of this learning thing what your having so it ain't always wrong.

However it ain't always right either, because when you understand what happens when a new baby is born. From the moment of conception, the Spirit what is coming into that little wee body is attached from that second, that very moment that that happens the conception takes place. That Soul becomes part of that flesh.

Now if you have an understanding and knowing of this. Not just the blind belief, an understanding of it. You would never make the decision to not have a baby regardless of how it was going to turn out. Even if it was going to turn out deformed. You would still go ahead. You would still understand the Spiritual connection of it and you would go ahead and honour it.

However people don't do that. They throw their babies away for all sorts of reason. Because they can't cope, because they can't afford it, because it will interfere with their life style or whatever and that's their choice. They imagine that what they have chosen to do. What they have not knowing of is that they chose before they came here they were going to do that. Then they will have to live with that decision and they have to take it back with them when they go back to Spirit. They have to live with it when they get back there an all and work it all out. Then with that understanding they can come back another time. If they are given that same sort of situation again, they can turn around and say, "I'm not going to do it this time. I don't want to do it this time".


Sally: So you see, then you get the person what is given - what you were talking about, where they now are making it a law in your society. That is different from when somebody comes along and says, "I don't like my life anymore I'm going to take myself out of it". This person what you're talking about is saying, "I'm in pain, I'm suffering and I don't want to die with all this pain and suffering, I want to die with dignity. So I want to have the choice of being able to say if I'm going to continue like this or I'm going to say 'bye-bye' to everybody while I still can.

Pupil: Well Sally if the person who takes their life like that, do they have to come back and finish that short time again?

Sally: Oh yeah! of course they do, because they have taken their life. They still have to come back and finish off the bit that they didn't finish. That doesn't change, that's the law, it's the Universal law and it don't change.

The bad 'Should' word

Pupil: That means they might come back as somebody's abortion.

Sally: Yeah, that's what can happen. Or even somebody's baby what dies in the cot.

Pupil: So when people have an abortion, you should bless ...

Sally: You're swearing at me again.

Pupil: Who?

Sally: You are!

The leader of the Circle explains to the new pupil that you are not allowed to say the word 'should'.

Sally: Oh does this lady not know about these bad words?

Leader: No she does not.

Sally: Oh, I'm sorry.

Leader: She's one of the 'Babies'.

Sally: Oh, alright then, I'll forgive you this time, but don't say 'should' at me its swearing.

Leader: Should, Shouldn't, Think.

Pupil: We don't think, we feel.

Sally: Even I'm not allowed to say it.

Pupil: I'm sorry I said the wrong thing. I feel there is nothing wrong with blessing and saying a prayer over all foetus that are aborted. So that the Souls go to God anyway. I don't like them being thrown into furnaces and things.

(There was silence for a few moments as nobody spoke.)

Sally: That was a statement, I didn't have to answer that because that was a statement. It was an opinion, that's fine.


Other Pupil: Well Sally, if anybody commits suicide, what happens about the time that was not finished in that life?

Sally: It must be finished in the next life. Then from that part on for the rest of their life. So they can have that and all.

Pupil: That explains those out of body ... When they nearly die on an operation table and they get sent back.

Sally: That can happen, not all of them is, because of that ... All those experiences what you're talking about is because of that. Although that can be arranged before they come back.

So all the little Souls can come back.

Pupil: Does the time that they have to come back to live out, have to be in the same vein as in the life that they were living?

Sally: They have to honour whatever it was that they would have learned in that last part of their life. If it was a very troubled time, and they wasn't facing up to something in their life. Then they will have to face it in that first part of that new life.

Do you understand what I'm saying? You cannot escape what you gotta do. You can't run away from it. Now there is something - Hang about - Yeah, all right (Sally speaks to someone in Spirit). Yeah, that weren't me ... Oh alright then.

(Sally continues with her answer.) Somebody, somewhere, and I don't quite suss out where, has been saying, that when somebody is going to commit suicide. Before they actually do that, they go into Spirit and have a little counsel with people and including all the family of the loved ones of that person. The person says, "I am not doing very well in this life and I don't want to continue with it, I want to come back home". Then they are supposed to then have the permission of all these people in the counsel to go back to their body and take their life.

Now I don't quite know who brought this about and whose idea it was, but it ain't quite right.

(A number of the pupils mentioned that they never heard of that belief at any time.)

Sally: It ain't quite right, because even if they have a counsel it still don't make no difference to the business that they ain't finishing what they set out to finish and they still got to finish it. If they was going to do this, to put themselves in a life where they was going to have all these troubles managing their life. They would have already arranged before they were born, with the people what they were being born with, that they was going to have this difficult times. That would have already been settled before they was born.

When this person what commits suicide does that deed and they go home. The people what's left are left with the feeling as though they had not completed something and they had let this other person down somehow. It ain't their fault because they ain't let this person down. The person let themself down because they didn't honour their earth life, did they?

However they left a lot of unfinished stuff behind them and the people what was supposed to learn alongside that person by having them in their life. As they move forwards till their natural death don't have it no more so they all have to come back again and honour it.

Pupil: That Doctor that helps them to go over ...

Sally: That is a different situation. It is because that it has been made part of your laws. It has become part of your laws of your society and it is going to go over all of your world. Where it is going to become acceptable for that to happen.

Well, I gotta go now ...

(The pupils thank Sally for coming to be with them and answering their questions.)

Sally: TA-Ra.

Reference no 19950102


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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