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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sacrifice'
A Teaching from Songee 3rd March 2001

Crystal Light Of Love
Story of the Man and the Conquerors
Dr Sven’s Sacrifice
The Sacred Oak Tree
Making the Sacrifice
Channelling Healing Energies

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On Thursday the 15th March 2001 fifteen people gathered to hear Songee.

Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
Only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

(The Music 'The Tree' is played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: I am here greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: So with this sounding about complete surrender, this is something that peoples find very hard to do. It is very easy to say these wordings, it's not very easy to do them is it, because always behind you in your mind are all the doubts and fears that hold you back. Always there are the things of life that will lead you astray. So this is not an easy path to follow, the path of complete surrender. Is that not so? Do you find it an easy one to do?


Songee: When you are at your most troubled it is natural for you to say to youself, What is it, how is it that this is happening upon I life? What have I to do to make it different? How am I going to correct it? How am I going to fix it? You know? And all these manner of things go through your mind. And you set about doing all the manner of things that you can to do this thing and that thing and so and so on and so forth. And at the end of your living day you say to yourself, Well I didn’t do an awful lot of good, some of it worked and some of it did not.

Sometimes you will be very successful and you will achieve what you set out to do and other times no matter what you do, no matter how you twist and turn and attempt to find the solution you don't seem to be able to find one, is that right? Until sometimes a solution is presented to you that ordinarily you would not take, you would not pass down that path and yet that is the solution.

Now this may seem like a mystery that I am saying to you. Every one of you will have something that come upon you in your life where you say to yourself, I will never do such a thing in this life, I am not ever going to do that in this life. Very brave words especially when the challenge comes to you for you to not do something and you will suffer greatly.

There are aspects of this that I want you to consider. I don't want you to look at right or wrong. I don’t want you to make judgement, only to look at it with open mind and open heart. I am going to give you example, a little story an you like.

Story of the Man and the Conquerors

There is a man and he is living very happily with his family in his village and going about his daily living and he seems he’s happy with his life. And he has very firm views about life and about the spirit and about death and so on and so forth. And he lives his life according to these laws that he has had given to him and some that he has made up for himself and he is a happy person going about his life.

Then low, one day over the hills and into his valley comes some warriors from a distant land and they say to him, I am going to take capture all your village and you are now going to be ruled by a different King that the one you have, and so we have different laws and different ways of being and these are the things that you are now going to do and you are going to behave such and such way - and these warriors you may know as conquerors. And the man in the village says, I will not do that, it is going to go against what I know and what I believe. And so the conqueror say, You will do, you will behave or we are going to take the life of your loved ones. What does the man do?

What does the man do?


Kills the warriors.

Songee: That is one solution, that is one solution. However for the sake of this story we will say that he has not this ability at this point, you know? He is very sure in himself that this is the way to behave and this is the way to be. So he puts his toes into the ground, like the bull, you know. I am not going to do this and the ram does it also. Sticks the toes into the ground. And there is another animal that does this thing also, it is called the Ass. It also sticks its toes into the ground, is that right? Sometimes to its own detriment, these creatures will do this thing.

Some people are called an Ass.

Songee: So what is the man to do? Does he stand by his principles and his beliefs and so on and so forth at the expense of the lives of his loved ones, remember he is not going to be slaughtered, it is only his loved ones who are going to be slaughtered.

Human nature would say that he stood by his family, that’s what human nature would say.

He would sacrifice his beliefs.


Songee: That is right. So this is the important word you have it just right little one. Sacrifice. So it becomes not a giving up of the principles, not a setting aside of the beliefs and the principles - it becomes a sacrifice, one that is made willingly and is offered to Oneness. Oneness I offer this sacrifice to you in all humbleness so that we may continue in this life to serve you in whatever manner you need us to serve you.

So sometimes it is important that you learn when you have to make sacrifice of your principles in order to achieve a greater good and that can be for anything in your life, provided you hand that sacrifice to Oneness, and don't keep it to yourself. When you keep it to yourself it becomes like the thorn in the flesh and it will irritate you and it will become like a sore, you know? Have you heard of this – the thorn in the flesh, a thorn in the side, same thing.

That's right.

Songee: So it becomes the same thing does it not. It become something that will keep reminding you of this deed you have done for the wrong reasons – mayhap - say for the wrong reasons, because unless you give the sacrifice to Oneness then it becomes not the sacrifice at all. It becomes something that has been imposed upon you by somebody else and you will hold a vengeance and heart, in your heart. It would be this heartache. And you will find it very hard to dislodge it.

Can you please give us an example please because that situation you gave illustrates it, but it's quite an extreme. But what can you, please give us an example something that's in the everyday...

Songee: In your life, in everybody's life, there comes a time when you have to make sacrifice. It is part of the cycle of life. It is to do with birth, living and with death, and sacrifice is part of it. It may be that you are sick, it maybe that you are sick in some way. You have a disharmony, a disease, that your peoples in the white coats say to you, Well you have this disease, and the only way that this is going to be help-ed is for you to have this medicine. And you say to them, Oh I will not take this medicine, it goes against all the things I believe in and I, so on and so forth, and I’m not going to take it and that's an end of it. The mens in the white coats shrug their shoulders and say, Well, what can I do for you, you will not take so C’est la vie2 you’ll have to get on with it. And you are being like the man saying I am not going to back down, you have to kill all the family because I’m not going to give in to you. Do you understand?

So sometimes, sometimes you have to say to the mens in the white coats, Well I will certainly give your remedies a trial. I will see how my body reacts to them.

And you do this thing. And then you find whether or not this is going to be for you or not. However in doing so, you are in part making a sacrifice, you are making the sacrifice of youself. So you have to give that sacrifice to Oneness and say, Oneness here am I with this disharmony and this disease and the mens in the white coats have say I have to do this thing and all me inside is saying no I don't want to do it. However it is something that I now feel I need to do, so I give you the sacrifice of all the beliefs and the things that I have inside I give them to you so that I may have a chance at being well once more. Imagine, an you will, that you have something so seriously wrong with you that you are going to die and the mens in the white coats say to you we can give you this substance that will stop you from dying.

Like chemo therapy.

Songee: Anything, anything at all, we can give you something it will stop you from dying, certainly stop you from dying right now. Eventually you are going to die because everybody does you know, that is normal, that is life that is the cycle of life. However you could have some many more years of good life in front of you and you do this thing and take this medicine.

How about blood transfusions?

Songee: Anything, anything at all that is going to prolong your life, what do you do? Some people do not - as I say to you now, this is not a right and wrong, this is not to sit in judgement, this is for you to open your hearts and your minds. We are talking about sacrifice, do you sacrifice your earth life or do you sacrifice your principles to Oneness, does Oneness require you to be a sacrifice on the altar? Is it very different from times past and the different faiths, the different facets of the faiths that were abounding upon the planet many moons past where they would take human life to sacrifice to the Gods. And when they stop with the human sacrifice they sacrifice an animal some innocent creature.

Sacrifice is sacrifice is it not!

Now in your day of living now you do not give up to the Gods or to Oneness or your God who ever it might be in your language, you do not give up the life of a living thing anymore for the most part. There are still some peoples in your planet who do this thing, who do give up the life of a creature. However for this particular story, for you to open your hearts and minds, this is about sacrifice about looking into your hearts and asking yourself how would you be were you called upon to make your sacrifice. And you can be called upon at any moment of your day, any day that is passing with you to give a sacrifice and it might be big one it might be little one.

Sacrifice might be every single day...

Songee: And within the day do you sacrifice sometimes principles, do you have to do this sometimes or do you stand by them and refuse to let go of them. Now, sometimes it is important not to let go of them so as I said, there is no right and no wrong with this I just want you to open your hearts and your minds. Talk about it talk about it...

Staying quiet? What is that?

Songee: ...staying quiet...

Like you're not actually agreeing with them but you can stay quiet, you know.

Songee: So where is the sacrifice do you suppose in this?

Putting your tongue behind your teeth.

That can be a huge sacrifice, you know, a huge one...

Songee: You see there is a sacrifice, putting your tongue behind your teeth.

When you told...

Songee: That is interesting.

With the winds of change.


Being with the winds of change.

People have to find out it is not up to us to tell them what to do because they come to their own realisation in the right time. It’s true.

Songee: It is true. That is very true. So looking at this mental sacrifice when was the last time in your life that you make a sacrifice which you are aware upon?

Don’t know.

Every moment.

Songee: Every moment, so you sacrificing every moment to Oneness is that right?

Well it looks like, but people might not be aware of it.

Songee: Doesn't matter what peoples are aware upon it, its what you are aware upon. This is the most important thing doesn't matter what anybody else sees or doesn't see however do you understand what I’m saying about looking at all the different things. When you have a dilemma in your life, this is the time I’m speaking about mostly, when you have dilemmas, when you have disharmonies, disease in your life what do you do?

Try and fix it like like you said before.

Songee: Attempt to fix it?

Listen to your heart and make the decision and follow Wind of Change.


Songee: And when the wind of change says to you to go against your principles...

But then it gets to trick you.

Songee: That’s the part I want you to open your hearts and minds to.

Well not everyone doesn't...

Maybe it's a good time to question if that principle is all right and you ask your heart and if you find a bad principle then it's easy to change, if you find the principle if it's good for your ? and it's very easy to find your decision.

Songee: So in the case of the man that is in this dilemma...


Songee: ...and he cannot fight back at this point...


Songee: ...what do you suggest?

To walk a little bit to a nice comfortable tree, sit down and then spend some time with his own and examine principles.

Songee: Meanwhile the conquerors are murdering his family.

Before that.


Songee: You understand the dilemma, this person has no time of Earth to make any of these things you're saying. What you're saying is very nice for you to do this in your life now and you may have the time and the space to do it, it may be that you have to make a decision and make it right then and there, what do you do?

What do I love more my family or my principles?

Songee: There is one aspect of this and it has been followed by many peoples throughout your history and that is they have elected to go with their principles and died for their efforts, and in dying for their efforts, they have set an example for others to follow, as I say there is no right no wrong with this, and in setting the example for others to follow they became large in the eyes of the people that came afterwards you know. And those that were attempting to be conquerors found that they have a much larger problem on their hands than just one person saying no. However, it has to be that everybody agrees to do it, so it has to be that the man that says no and looks to the wife and children and says, I’m sorry I will see you in the afterlife. You know.

I feel that if he had said I will kill you if you don't change your principles. Then he'd die for his principle. But saying I'll kill your family, your children and that the man changed because he wouldn't want his family to be killed. He'd rather be killed himself. And that's why a lot of these Apostles and people like that died for their principles but they died because they all getting killed and go into spirit.

Songee: That is right. That is right.

It, when you loose something you know I’ve lost a couple of sons and I know how much... and they have gone into Spirit, you know, and they are with us but the point is you'd prefer to have them here but they are in Spirit.

Songee: That's right. So the sacrifice is more powerful when you are making it by your own self. And you don't sacrifice other peoples or other things because of your beliefs or your principles. That is not perhaps a fair thing to do, is it? Would you say it was a fair thing to do?


Songee: So when you look at the many different times of your life. You have say this thing about in the bloods, the bloods I have not this word - transfusion into the body of somebody else, and somebody may say that they don't want this to happen, they don't believe in it, it is unclean and so on and so forth. And yet were there to be guaranties by the mens in the white coats that there would be cleanness and there would be honouring, they would still say no to this. And sometimes the peoples will sacrifice themself rather than give into this thing, even though they have been promise-ed that it will be clean.

They would sacrifice their children...

Yeah, lot of, most of the time they say it to the kids.

Songee: Sometimes this is, this is the way of it they will even do this. Now they will sacrifice something that is younger than themself, that has not the rational mind or the openness of heart or the experience of life to make that decision for themself, and so this is something for you to ponder upon everybody to ponder upon.

So again there is no right and there is no wrong, it is something that exists in your world and it exists for a reason, it exists to open your hearts and your minds so that you will use your intellect and your intelligence and your intuition, and use your contact with that Energy of Light and of Spirit to find what is the answer for youself?

Not to sit in judgement of those others, only to find the answer for yourself.

I have said to peoples of Earth before in the time passed that supposing you are given information that you have got disharmony disease that is going to take your life, and you say I’m not going to follow this that the white coats peoples say I’m not going to have this thing because it will make I feel worse than if I am not using it.

Where is the fine line when intelligence and the intellect has been given to you as humankinds to develop some of these things, these medicines of earth that you have got to use to help yourself to bring yourself away from these dilemmas and if you refuse to do them and have use of them where is the line between living your life and committing suicide.

Now you're going to die so you've got nothing to lose by taking the medicines have you, and supposing you take the medicines and they don't work and you find you're still going to die then you say, Oneness I gave a sacrifice of the principle to you and I’m willing to come home to you now when you’re ready?

So when you are called upon to make a sacrifice, you need to know, you need to know I am being called upon to make a sacrifice. And you need to know when that moment is upon you, it may not be something as serious as that, I’m only using that because it is something that you can all relate to in your lives.

So withholding yourself from any treatment or anything at all that is going to keep you in your life learning as much as you possibly can, as long as you can possibly learn it, do you do this thing or do you elect to not do it? Sometimes that’s very difficult.

Well, it depends what your Destiny Path is, doesn't it?

Songee: The Destiny Path is there and it is written however part of the Destiny Path is to learn the Lessons of Life and to learn as much as you can upon your life it is also for you to learn how to manage your life and how to be in your life, how to learn to live it, to its fullest capacity?

I find it very interesting that all of us as souls have elected to come into a life on this earth at this particular time with all the developments and things that are taking place to not take advantage of the development, whether they be allopathic medicine or whether it be computers or motor cars or whatever and it seems like a waste of effort to me to actually have a life here with restraints, so my feeling is the take of advantage of what it is all within reason. However even so...

Songee: That's right and then there are peoples who will reject everything to do with this life that you are speaking. They will have nothing to do with machines, they will have nothing to do with the medicines of which you speak and they have living their life for many centuries and will continue to live it so for many centuries to come.

Maybe they live it as a message for us.

Songee: It provides...

We look at these people and we need to sort out ourselves and then we have to learn how not to sit in judgement of these people and how not to say aren’t they terrible, they're not doing this, that and the other thing, so there's a lot of compassion and understanding that they are teaching us to do.

Songee: That is right. And that lesson has to be universal, it has to be for all peoples to learn the lesson also, so that nobody is sitting in judgement of others, you just the acknowledge each others differences. However this notion of sacrifice is not a new one, it has been with humankind's for as long as you have lived on this Earth there has always been a concept that in order to appease the Gods a sacrifice will be made. Now in this era of your time you may consider the sacrifice of human kinds, of animals to be an anathema to you, you will not like it, it will make you feel very ill in your middle self, you would feel as though it was something that was evil you know. So what do you do?

There are, and this is common in all of the facets, you put on your places of worship you take the blooms from the flowers and you put them there to make beautiful. Is that right?

There is your sacrifice, because the flowers are living things, they have come from the earth, they have a life blood in them just as do you and they have been severed from their roots and placed as a beautiful sacrifice to your God. So every time you go to the place of worship and you have this beautiful, beautiful flowers acknowledge their sacrifice on your behalf, the sacrifice of their lives so that you can worship your God.

And the worst place for that is, is when they had a funeral and the flowers yeah, I went one funeral and when into the church, they should be keep the flowers for the grave maybe. Family’s very rich and basically the flowers came on everywhere, flowers everywhere, they came to $2000, but there was a lot of flowers sacrificed for the person that had died.

Songee: This is not an unusual thing. In the many moons past before you have the peoples that you now know they would be buried in the ground and they will be buried with the flowers from the hedgerows in with the body, you know. So don’t believe that you don’t give sacrifice because you do. Don’t say that you cannot live your live your life without a sacrifice. Everything, somewhere in your life you are going to have to make sacrifice, however would you cut off your hair and give it each time you go to worship your God. Would you take the hair from your head and cut it off from its supply of life and give it.

Yes if Oneness needed it.

Songee: Some peoples in different cultures take all the hair off their head as a sacrifice of a demonstration of their sacrifice to their God.

Couldn’t do it every week. They couldn't do it every week.

It wouldn’t grow fast enough.

Then there is others that don’t cut their hair at all.

Songee: That is right that is their sacrifice...

(end of tape)

...type of sacrifice it's for a higher purpose.

Songee: Every sacrifice that you make must be for a higher purpose. There is no point in making a sacrifice just because you want to get something for youself. When you go down this path of making a sacrifice for personal gain you are treading the dark path. So when you make sacrifice for a greater good and a greater energy then you are on the Path of Light. So every time you make a sacrifice, know you are making it to Oneness and be conscious about it, conscious about your effort.

Mothers make sacrifice all the time for their children's so...

Sometimes too much.

Songee: Sometimes too much but however when you look deep into that are they making sacrifice too much or are they not making sacrifice for the right reason. Are they making sacrifice because it keeps the child tied to them, because they have a need inside them to keep that child there so they make the sacrifice. And then when the child wants to move away into life, they say, Oh woe is I, you are going away from I and all the things I have given up for you in this life oh woe is I - is that right?


Songee: This is because the mother have make the sacrifice for the wrong reasons and they need to face up to it...


Songee: is the nature of mothers to give up things of themself for the childrens, this is a natural, natural thing, very natural, however when the time comes for the child to go to fly away then the mother needs to say, Farewell child I have done all I can for you. You know. I’m here when you want anything, I’m here, farewell – and we let the child go and let the child find out what it needs to find out about life, is that right?


Songee: So the mother says, Oneness this is my last sacrifice I give you my child take care of this please, you know, take care watch over my child I can't do it anymore, you do it. How much sacrifice?

That’s a bright idea.

Songee: Yes, that's right. So it becomes Oneness responsibility then to look after the child, his mother has done everything.

It's a huge sacrifice for a mother I feel.

Songee: For some mothers it is, for others it is very hard to let the child go it depends on how difficult the child is living.

Then in the middle of that the mothers who, my mother was everything was well the sacrifices made for children but when it was time for us to go, it was open and then we went and we could go back and to me that, dare I say it, that the normal sort of situation and you know there has to be a lot of mothers like that.

I feel you pay those sacrifices back to your mother if you get, if you're lucky you get a chance when they get older if you're lucky enough to help when they are older and can payback some of that sacrifices that she has done for you.

Songee: That’s right, that's a very interesting observation and that's quite right, so within your learning you learn how to make the sacrifices and to say thank you in your way...

(There is whispering in the background.)

Songee: What of those times when you're in your life and you are wanting to do something in your life and somebody comes to you, your best friend that comes to you, and says to you I would like to do such and such thing and I need you to help I because I can't do it by I-self. You have everything all set to go and do something yourself. What do you do?

Say to Oneness what do you want me to do?

Songee: Ohh... I sense a little fish attempting to wriggle out of the hook, that's a little fish on the hook attempting to wriggle off it.

I like that.

Songee: What do you do?

Well I do, what my friends need to and do it that time, but however that has only been just a very recent occurrence in the last few years, it’s taken a long time to get to this stage.

Songee: Sometimes it depends on how often this has happened of course, and sometimes it may be for you to say well, Well certainly I can helping you however, I need to do this thing for I-self first how urgent is what you doing, how important is it? Can it wait a little while or do we need to do it right now. And then you find out how big you need to make your sacrifice, whether you give up everything that you were going to do for that moment or whether you stay with it and go with this your friend wants to do another time.

Basically it also depends on how big your sacrifice is. Like if it's something quite major, like say perhaps S like her studying efforts, there is so much the next day that you'd finish and friend asked to help you and that you'd have to really look at the situation quite closely because it's not always practical to help them because then you jeopardise, like for me what I’m doing is leading to Oneness so and if I failed that thing, that stuff in my journey so you'd have to look at both situations it's not what's practical to say go with a friend which is what I used to do but now I've got more practical that's how I feel anyway, because that would jeopardise, if you ran off and help them or not you haven't got your assignment and you failed that assignment, so I would have to look at...

Songee: Look at this thing you have just sayed, it is very interesting because when you are working for Oneness and doing something like this for Oneness do you need to be concerned...


Songee: ...because Oneness will show you to do what you need to do...

Can work...

Songee: ...if your friend is really needing you at that moment then yes you make the sacrifice and you go with your friend because love is more important than using rational mind to follow the other thing. And you can say to those that (?) I need it to go and meet with a friend because they were sick, or whatever manner it was an emergency of life, and I am going to do this thing I need you to give I this time and you will find you will be granted it because you are living in a world now where to a certain degree there is flexibility and you are not going to fail, you cannot fail by showing compassion and love...

But you can still find yourself...and then use that can’t lalala…That’s true. I’m not saying that you would do that but there is a possibility.

Songee: When you allow it to be a possibility in your life then certainly it will be one, do you understand. When you don't allow it to be a possibility in your life it will not. You go with your friend and you say everything will be as it is meant to be, I am doing the right thing I am with a friend that needs I that needs the unconditional love just now and the other matter will take care of itself. I will come to that at the fullness of time and whatever will be - so be it.

So we are looking at a big case of attitude here...

Songee: That is right. Is this what you say - attitude - that is right I know that word I have used before, that’s it. You can allow it to be in your life or not allow it to be in your life.

Well, it's just.. That's hard to know...

When we talk about sacrifices. We actually don’t make sacrifice for our real me. Sacrifice is only for our wishfull mind. Our material aspect of us will feel the sacrifice. Our real me will feel joy.

Like a soul higher self aspect.


Wouldn’t be bothered what happens otherwise.


I presume that any calculation and every speculation anything that comes without any feeling about your real yourself it still (?) to some kind of (?). Yeah, it's a lot of feeling what do I feel my friend needs. Not, what, what I think he needs for. It’s about what do I feel and just following that. Tuning into really...

For surely you can sit down and discuss it in depth with your friend and explain to your friend what your own particular circumstances are, and in fully discussing the path, hopefully will become obvious whatever it might be.

It's what happened to me today actually, my friend’s rang up and said, she is up there in (?) and can I spend time with her tonight. First of all she asked what I was doing, I said I was painting and she said, Oh well, I’d like you to come and be with me, and I said, Perhaps I can. And, anyway she would do some things and ring me back, but I felt that I needed to come here and so I said that to her but at the same time, like I was sort of wondering, did I do the right thing, or...

In the moment, if you start to wondering then that the decision is not right.

Well, I’m still feeling right sitting here that’s why I came.

Ok. How do you know? Or how do you feel?


Well I felt I needed to come here that this was more, I knew wasn't desperate where she was coming from, but I knew she just briefly talked to me earlier (?) what was it about. So I decided to come here.

Did you know or did you feel it?

I felt.

Dr Sven’s Sacrifice

Songee: Sometimes you had the luxury to spend time to discuss things, and sometimes you don't.

I give you another little story, there was a man1 from a different place of living to this, many moons ago, and this man was ‘mens in white coat’ – you have doctor. This doctor man was ready to meet with friends and family at the opera and he got himself ready to go after meeting all his patients and looking after them and he got into the transport with the horse and carriage to go to the opera to meet his family, his wife and his friends, who had gone on before him because he was so busy, he couldn't leave at the same time, he had to come along after this.

On the journey to the opera there was a big explosion in a house and he stopped the carriage and got out and he knew that his family was waiting for him at the opera, he knew that they were looking forward to being with him and spending time with him. Then he took off his hat and his cape and he went into the building to see where were the people inside who had been injured, who might need his skills, and while he was in this place there was another explosion and the whole building came down upon him.

What did he sacrifice?

He sacrificed his life, but it was also his duty because he had taken a Hippocratic oath and when you look at duty and you have different perspective.

Songee: Is duty any different to sacrifice when anybody that comes into the field of caring for others they all have to take an oath, it is an oath that requires of them at that moment, a supreme sacrifice and all who are called to this have to make that supreme sacrifice.

And those of you that have not been aware upon it before now, you are aware upon it now, because that sacrifice was made to humanity for you. In the event that you have a great disaster happening in your lives around you then these people are the ones who will be there and they will have to forsake their families.

That is it, that is the sacrifice it has already been made it is not just duty, the duty comes after the sacrifice and the sacrifice keeps on happening. Every time they go from their place of living to care for those that are sick or dying they are making the supreme sacrifice, certainly you have a situation now where they are earning coin of life to do this thing however you ask very many of them and you will find that they will go and do this thing sometimes even though they are not getting coin of life for it, they often will do more that they are being asked to do because of because of, what? Because of what?

Commitment to humanity.

Songee: Commitment to humanity because of the commitment and so on and so forth to beliefs and principles and values that they hold, they will do this thing.

Sometimes it makes people sick while they are doing that.

Songee: Part of the sacrifice is it not? I’m not saying it's always wise I’m saying that it is part of the sacrifice. Was it wise for the man to get out of his coach? He could have ignored it, and sent for somebody else to come to this place and carried on to the opera.

No he couldn’t because he knew that people needed him.

He didn't stop to consider it.

He had the skills, that others may not have as I see it.

Was he a doctor?

Songee: That’s right.

Even an ordinary person would do that, a person without skills would rush in and help people wouldn’t they.

Songee: Some do, some don’t. There is no right or wrong...

A good Samaritan.

Songee: We talking about sacrifice you know.

If you are trained as a soldier then you had made the commitment that you sacrifice because that is your job and it is your duty.

Songee: You are conflicting duty with sacrifice, duty comes after - sacrifice is given at the time of commitment of saying I will do this thing, that it is the sacrifice. The carrying out of it becomes the duty and every time that this is carried out it is a continuance of the sacrifice that was named at the beginning, the promise that was made. Do you to understand what I’m saying?

Yes but the soldiers have the choice of running away.


Songee: Everybody has this that they can do this thing, they can stay or they can run away. Those that are in service to others, they can do just exactly what is there for them to do or they can run away and do no more, just this and no more.

Very often, very often they do more very willingly. Sometimes it is not wise to do things willingly all the time as you well know, because sometimes you can continue to do something, for example when you do something for the child all the time, the child will never learn to do it for themself. And when the time comes for them to go out into the world they won't know how to function. So sometimes it is important not to keep doing something when it is going to be detrimental in the long earth time it goes by, is that right? And with these that you say the man who fights, the soldier, he has to obey orders from somebody who says to him you have to do such and such. And when he is going to honour the promise that he made, to obey those that are giving him the instructions that he must obey them and carry out those instructions unless those instructions are going to go against something deep within himself and then you have conflict, and this is where you find that you have these peoples sometimes who run away because they are in conflict with something within themself.

Is it not an interesting subject? Sacrifice it is making everybody ponder on many things is it not?


Songee: That is the whole purpose of this for you to ponder on things. And ponder on all these different things and come up with all these different ideas and talk about them. It's very good that you're doing this. It's excellent for you to do this thing because it shows that you are absorbing what is being said. It shows that you are pondering on it and taking it inside you and looking for things and this will continue in your days to come it won't stop here. As I say, there's no right and no wrong about it. You can go for long time with all these things, however you must look to yourself also, come back to yourself always because then you will have balance and stability. It will give you the balance, come back to yourself and ask yourself about your own sacrifices, when you do them how you do them, what do you do, when do you do it and so on and so forth. Know yourself, that's what I’m saying for you, know yourself inside, know your capabilities, know your strengths, you know, know your strengths, know your courage.

The Sacred Oak Tree

Remember the song that you had before about the Oak Tree – ‘give me of your strength and courage’ - this is the tree that has been a symbol for many peoples in many lands, of strength and courage, is that not fascinating? It is not simply one place of living that this has this, ah symbology - every tree has a different meaning, has a different...

(Words were offered to help Songee out.)

Songee: make the sacrifice.



Songee: Every tree has a different meaning and a different symbol meaning depending on the it's shape and so on and so forth.

So this will be something that we can be looking for at another meet, mayhap next time we meet Little Mother what have you this possible to do? Is that possible?


Songee: And this can be something that is discussed among youself. However the Oak Tree is a very powerful symbol in your world. It lives for many, many moons, an Oak Tree that is left to its own devices and allowed to mature will live longer than you would - many, many moons longer than you. It will be there for your descendants and the descendants of your descendants, you know.

It will probably there in our next life.

Yeah that’s what I was concerning.

Songee: That’s right they can be there in your next life also waiting for you. Very old and very ancient, with the branches nearly to the ground, and being a home for anybody that wants to go and live there.

So the Oak Tree is very, very revered among many different peoples. It is a tree that is supposed to guard the doorway to the other world you know. So the Oak Tree has very special symbology.

This is how very often the oak was used in some of the tools that we use for magic in times passed by different peoples. You have ah - no I’m not going to do that - the different peoples that have been using the Oak Tree for many moons now believe that the branches go to the heavens and the feets go down to the underworld, to the place below. And that it guards the entrance to the other world so that you might step from this world into the other world.

It has been used for many times in rituals and the ceremonies of magics and so on and so forth. And sometimes even it has been sacrificed.

In the branches of the Oak Tree live another living plant. It is called the Holly, you know the Holly. It grows up in this, in the tree, and it was believed to be the soul of the tree and when this was cut from the branches it was believed that the tree would lose its soul and would wither and die. And indeed when the practise was done for ceremonies, the tree will wither and die. So the tree was made to be a sacrifice for the people for their worship.

All the way through all of your peoples wherever you look, you will find there is somewhere this thing was sacrificed - Druids that's what you want to know. So this peoples did this thing. So you need to look at all this. The peoples used to sacrifice more than trees they would sacrifice human life, they would sacrifice even newborn childrens and this is not a strange occurrence it happens in all cultures that this thing has happened.

However that is going backwards. You might like to go find where all of your scribblings are stored and go and do some reading, it will give you some insight into how people are and have been, and that 'primitive' belief and way of being is still inside everybody. It's still inside of you, so you can use your perchance for sacrifice to follow the Path of Light or you can make it a self serving one and follow the Path of Darkness, is that right? That’s all I’m going to say to you about that subject.

Do you have any questions about it before we move on?

Making the Sacrifice

I do. Where do I start. I was looking at, you know what I said before about the friend and the exam, and when I’m in M Unitech (name of University) at the moment where I just still feel lost, coming to terms with it more and more, but when I drove out of the gates, like helping people doing all this sort of stuff isn't an issue, you know I’d stop the car and give my jacket to - if I needed to - to who ever. However, in there I just feel so lost that do not know which way is up and down. Like sometimes I feel that people want my help but it's been done you know, it's not obvious to me anymore like, I'm sort of focused on my studies, and yet my sacrifice when I went there is to study to become a nurse and so and like, even like tomorrow this girl wants to study with me and do assignments however, I know that I would do better if I went to uncle Malcolm’s and use his computer on my own because I would get more work done. So then looking at that sort of sacrifice I don't know which way to go because she's – they don't sort of speak out to people there - I know deep inside she really wants me to be with her so I'm lost nowadays.

Songee: Could you do not both go to Uncle Malcolm's?

Any time.

I don’t know she's got a, she mightn’t be able to go. She's got responsibility though for a young child so I’m not sure.

Songee: So this one has to make a decision about how to manage the life is that right, so that this can be achieved. And for you to take part in this environment that you are now going to be part of for quite some time you need to learn to adjust, you need to learn to be flexible, is that right?


Songee: There will be something that you have that you can impart and something that she has that she can impart to you.

Can you give her a little support (?) the class nights, time with all this one...

Songee: Is that right?

Yes it is. I worked that out from day one after reading the lectures I worked that out pretty fast. They are nice people its just that I am a bit lost at the moment.

Songee: So when you consider going to be with Uncle Malcolm, instead of being with this person and you say you are sacrificing going to Uncle Malcolm so you could be with this person, were I this person I’d say to you don’t bother go and see Uncle Malcolm. That is not sacrifice, do you understand? You do it with your heart, you do it because this is what you need to do, not because you are going to give up something that you are going to be a little resentful having to give up, understand.

This is it, and as Little Mother says it comes a little bit to this thing of attitude that you have to have. So you go and be with the right reasons, you make the sacrifice for the right reasons and in the right manner you make the gift - Oneness where would you like I to be? This person seems to need I, show I how I can best be of service to you and at the same time please help I do get all the knowledge I need for this, you know. You can do this thing, has to be for the right reasons.

You were talking about the Oak Tree, you know, when we were discussing the Oak Tree, on my mind the whole time was about a big Owl, why was that?

Songee: About an owl?

A big Owl yeah.

Songee: Because the owl is one of the symbols of the peoples that you're speaking about, different -within the framework over this peoples, they have different groups of peoples, you know, and each group of people belongs to different animal. One may belong to the boar, one may belong to the deer, one may belong to the owl, one may belong to the wolf, you know, so they been and to the bear. So they belong to the different clans within the structure, the framework of this peoples you know. So mayhap in another life, you belonged to the Owl Clan.

You're speaking of Druids?

Songee: That is right.

Channelling Healing Energies

Mayhap after all this, you would like to make a sacrifice for each other. Perhaps you would like to be channels for healing energy.

Yeah that sounds good.

Songee: Would you like to do that?


Songee: That is the best sacrifice is it not to be a channel for healing energy for somebody, to give and to receive. And that would then it will bring you to the conclusion of your night, will it not? Is that right and you will find yourself then in a nice harmonies way of being is that it.

Sounds good.

Of course, when you do things willingly you don’t, I may not recognise something as a sacrifice because you're doing it willingly...

Songee: That is true it's very interesting you're going to be pondering for a little while I suppose upon this thing that is good that is how it is meant to be. So, are you going to come...

(Everyone is getting ready to channel Healing Energies.)

Somebodies got to be...

Songee: Going to have to sit down and somebody's going to have to stand to be channel and so on and so forth. Those of you that are knowing how to do this thing then you have to stand to be channel.

I’d quite like to receive tonight.

(And everybody is getting organised.)

Songee: Have a sit on this thing.

Now remember what to do that you have to offer yourself in service to be channel for the Healing Energies for this child of the Universe, that nothing of yours is passed to them and nothing of theirs is passed to you, and then when the soundings begin we have the Angels is that right?

Yes they are all ready to run, fly as the case may be.

Songee: So you going to fly the...

People sitting your task is to close your eyes, close your mouths and the commune with your God in whatever way you need to do this thing.

(Everyone becomes involved with the art of Channelled Healing.)

(The Music played was from the CD ‘Atlantis Angelis’ by Patrick Bernhardt. The Second Well Trust only has permission to play one minute of Patrick’s music on our website and more can be found at this link:
Music: ‘Atlantis Angelis’.
And at this link there are some beautiful paintings of scenes of Atlantis to engage your memories while you listen to the music.


1. Man - Songee is referring to Dr Sven who, in spirit, worked with the students of The Second Well Trust for many years. He sent a lot of information to assist many people with their health problems. He was unable to channel through Roberta-Margaret and talk with us as he said he would injure Roberta-Margaret’s vocal cords so instead he usually gave messages to Sally James. Often Roberta-Margaret would travel in spirit to where Dr Sven worked in his laboratory and sometimes he would write her messages on a blackboard and Sally would also help. On several very rare occasions Dr Sven would overshadow Roberta-Margaret during times when she was Channelling Healing Energies but he never spoke to us.
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2. C’est la vie - in Franch ‘That’s Life’
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