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The Knowledge of Survival

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents the Fifth Teaching of the Earth Changes
from The Songee Energy, 14th October 2007

Question of Bird Flu
Walking on Air
The Holy Breath
The Antichrist
Renouncing the Dark Energy
Preparing for Survival
Demonic Leadership

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On the 12th October 2007 a Songee Gathering was held in Auckland at Roberta-Margaret's home. There were 4 students present. White Eagle, Roberta-Margaret's Guardian overshadows Roberta-Margaret's body in preparation for the Songee Energy to channel through.


Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

Greetings Songee. (There is a long silence.)

Songee: So what have you for I this day?

Just to sit here and bathe in Your Energies. There are always lots of questions.

Songee: Where would you like to begin?

Question of Bird Flu

Well first of all we have questions from our friend that lives on far away shores and he has a number of questions. First of all he wonders whether or not we are going to be inflicted with the devastation of the disease that's been called Bird Flu? He seemed to consider that it was suppose to come last year and it hasn't so he wonders whether its going to come...

Songee: It does not have to come anywhere at all. If the peoples of Light join together they can resist it and say, 'No, not for this land'. And it is very powerful to be able to do this thing. It does not preclude those who walk in darkness, who live in fear. As always remember that the things that you live in fear of, are most likely to come to pass. Those that you can, in your great harmony within you, say 'It is not to be', then it will not be.

OK! There we are, we have fixed that one. The other thing is too is that he is offering to translate the Bear Stories into his language of the country he lives in, how do you feel about that?

Songee: There will be no great difficulty to make into another language for this thing.

OK. So does that mean that it is going to happen or not?

Songee: It may occur if this one wishes to do it.

OK. I shall pass that information on.

Walking on Air

Songee: The truths within and the messages of the stories are universal. They are for all to hear and to know and enjoy. All the little messages in the stories that I have given you, are for People of Light to teach their little ones and themself about how to do this thing. The hardest thing for people to learn is how to walk on air. They do not know how to walk on air. However it can be done. And this is so that when you walk you leave not footprint behind you. So that none may know of your passing. It will become a very essential gift to have in times to come, so that you can avoid those that you do not wish to be apprehended by.

We have information on our television, I don't know if it is still happening now, but it was about an ecological footprint, wasn't it? Did you see it? So that we don't leave rubbish behind us and toxic waste behind us and use as little of power and energy as we possibly can and they called that a footprint, not leaving their footprint behind. So we include that and we include our own, what? Physical, emotional, psychic footprint as well? Is that what you are meaning?

Songee: I am speaking about physical...

Physical well, so that when you walking on a surface of the Mother, that will show your feet when you pass, you will not show your feet. This can be done.

There are people who have been known who leave bad smells behind them and I don't actually mean smells but to leave a bad taste behind them where they have spoken in such a way that that has happened, so there is that level as well I suppose?

Songee: That is correct.

It seems to me again though Songee that you are talking about the time when you say that the People of the Light will be persecuted, and need to be in hiding.


Songee: That is correct. At the time when you need to be circumspect and that time will come. When...when Jesus left the Earth and returned to the spirit, those that were left behind, to form the gathering of those people, had to hide. They had to hide their belief. Also you have in your time a great leader of spirituality that has had to go away and hide from his own country because of invading countries coming in and persecuting those who followed that Facet of the Diamond. Do you not?

Yes I am trying to work out who that was.


That was Tibet of course.

Songee: That is correct.


Songee: So it is not a new thing for humanity to face these things. In the time of the Earth when countries came to war together, the people that you know as the Jews, the same people that were descendants of those of Jesus' time, they also had to take their worship and hide it for a time because others would have persecuted them even more were they discovered. People in a different time who wanted to follow the path of Jesus in a particular way and did not meet the requirements of the day of that government, left the continent that you know as France to go out across the waters to first to England then to the New Lands. What is the name for this? (Songee is asking Spirit.) Huguenot.

So in your history you have many many examples of this where the Dark Energy wants to squash down that of the Light. It does not mean that each one of the Light is THE Light. All of those are The Light, you understand? They are all parts of the Diamond. Different Facets of the Diamond. So it matters not whether you are Jew, or Christian or Buddhist or if you are Hindu, or if you are Huguenot, or if you are some other Light Force - you belong to the Facet of the Diamond, because all are coming to Oneness in their own way.

So no-one is wrong and no-one is all right. You understand? There is value in all that each has for themself. It is for the individual peoples of the World to find their own way to Oneness.

The Holy Breath

Songee have come at this time because it was written that the Holy Breath would come and Breathe upon the Waters of the Earth and Breathe upon mankind and raise the awareness so that you would know that you are on the path of the final days. It was written so. So Be It.

And part of that is to bring answers to your questions and to give you information to assist you to move forward in strength and in power within yourself. Not to be afeared within yourself. You do whatever you need to do for yourself now, and enjoy all that is around and about you, now. Everything that is around you is very precious now. Enjoy it, rejoice in it. Do not labour and give yourself no time for lightness of spirit.

The messages that I have given you, dire though they sound and seem, and many will not hear them. Many will hear them and discount them and that is as it will be. This is nature's way of levelling out excess, do you understand?

The Antichrist

Yes except for the rise of the Antichrist. I don't see that that is Nature's way of living.

Songee: I haven't got to that yet.

Sorry. (Laughter)

Songee: That is something that has been written before time to take place. You have before in your earth life, you have had leaders rise up in your world. Leaders of great determination that they will follow their dictates and they do not care whomsoever they hurt or harm in the process, right to the point where all rights of human life are taken from those that they dictate to. Do you understand? You know this very well.

These beings, these people are part of the campaign of the Antichrist. They are human souls that are born and then they are possessed of a demon that leads that one to these greater atrocities on your world. These demons are forerunners of the Antichrist. You can count on your fingers through your history of your Planet how many demons you have had and still have, leading your world.

How many organisations in your world are fighting these demons who say, 'This is how it is going to be in this country and no-one else is going to say different. If I want to take life,' says the demon, 'then I will order it and I will take life no matter how big or how small that life is, because I am in charge of everything and I say what happens to everybody.' And those people become prisoners, prisoners in their own land, and they cannot move or speak their truth for fear of retribution from their demon king. And it is still happening.

Very much so.

Renouncing the Dark Energy

Songee: So recognise it where it is happening. Recognise these demon kings. See through the physical form to the demon inside and renounce him. Wherever you find a demon you must renounce it. That is your job as a Worker of the Light. An you renounce it with every part of your being. Your Immortal Soul will be saved. The demon cannot harm your Immortal Soul and your Immortal Soul belongs to Oneness. So do not be a-feared to challenge the demons when you find them and know that when you find them all you have to say, Oh thank you very much. Little One say to I that you have your - you have peoples that you have - policemen, and she say that they call for 'back-up'. So she say to I, to say to you, 'Call for 'back-up'' when you go front the demon. Because then all of Heaven's Hosts will come and stand behind you and the demon will look and go, 'Oh dear I had better go.'

So how do we actually do this? How do we actually renounce a demon? Ok. We don't get to meet these people that have the demons managing their lives.

Songee: Oh you do, you do meet them, however sometimes they are very sly and you don't recognise them.

No I don't.

Songee: When you recognise one, if you do not feel that it is for you to do this thing then find somebody who can do it.

I'm quite prepared to do it and have done it in the past but I'm not quite sure that people would understand what it is that they are supposed, expected to do.

Songee: Anybody that is in the life, that is in charge of other peoples, that uses bad ways to bring about hurt or harm to other people in order to promote themselves. These people will have a demon inside them urging them on.

Remember that you have - you have Satan who is the fallen one - the fallen angel. Satan means enemy. So at the moment, for now, he is the enemy.

Beneath him he has his cohorts, and he has his lesser demons. Individual peoples will be possessed of lesser demons. So they do mischief and harm to a certain degree and no more before they are discovered and banished. However in that time they can cause a lot of grief and harm to the peoples of the Earth.

The cohorts are different, they are put in places of government and they are people who become leaders of governmental departments around your Planet. These are the ones that you have to banish as well. And you banish them in your mind and in your heart and when you see them, on your picture (television) you may see them.

As soon as you see them and you recognise them, you say, 'You are one of Satan's cohorts, I banish thee in the name of Jesus, begone now.' And order that demon to be gone. Enough people do this the demon cannot stay in the Light because every time you do this (Songee points the finger which is sending the energies of Light) there is Light coming from you and they cannot manage it. They will fight, they will become nasty, their true colours will show themself before they will be finally have to go.

And the flesh that covers the body that the demon inhabits is of no importance. The Soul that goes with the flesh belongs to Oneness. Always it belongs to Oneness it is not in thrall to the Dark Energy. It has been subjugated by the Dark Energy because it was weak. However it cannot be taken away by the Dark Energy.

I see more questions coming up now.

So what happens to all those Souls?

They have to face when they go back to Spirit, they have to face their weaknesses. They have to acknowledge their weaknesses and find a way to do penance for that. They select their own penance. They select the tools that they will need to give them the strength to endure that penance and then they have another life.

Can I ask a question now? So am I right in you're saying that there are some beings, some human beings that no matter how much healing we were to send them, no matter how much prayer, no mater how much love, they cannot be redeemed in this life?

Songee: That is correct. However all the healing and energies and things will redeem them in the next life. So you don't lose it, nothing is wasted. The Soul belongs to God, so all that energy will go to the Soul to give it the power to go look at itself and look at the weakness.

Now this is a different Soul I speak of to the one that goes into the Pit. Do not confuse the two. You have a good Soul that is born to the Earth who has weaknesses, becomes enamoured of greed etc, etc, and is an easy target for the Minions of Darkness and the work of the minions of darkness is to cause chaos, disorder, disharmony, depowerment. Oh thank you I like that word - disenfranchisement. Oh I like that word, very nice. And that is their job to do that, just as it is the angel's job to come along and undo all that.

And remember as I say to you that you are the Miracle Workers that come along and enable all this to be undone. So you are still working for the person, for their Immortal Soul. You save their Immortal Soul with prayer, with your wishes of love and Light. And in the event they do not turn before they demise from this life their Soul will certainly turn when it goes back to Spirit.

The Souls that I speak of that go to the Pit, these are Souls that are born out of darkness. They have come out of darkness. They have been born into physical body to cause chaos and disharmony and to give up their life in the event it is called upon them to do so, so that they can cause chaos. These Souls are Souls of the Dominion of Darkness. These Souls go back to the Pit. Any Souls that they recruit, to come and work with them, will go to the Pit.

When they are in the Pit, that Soul may find some enlightenment. When that Souls reaches a point of enlightenment and it cries out, 'Oneness', or God, or Allah or whatever name, 'I realise I have done wrong. I need to come to you.' The plea is heard by Oneness. So one of you, anybody on the Planet who is alive and in a body, when you are asleep ...

(Disc changed)

... you are guided by your people and the angels to go and collect that Soul and bring it back to the Light. So the prayers for the Soul that goes to the Pit are still valid because your prayers that your love will enable them to find that spark within them that makes them cry out to Oneness. 'I need redemption, please bring me home.' You know? So don't stop doing it. Don't give up, keep doing it because you will win in the end.

In the present situation in the country called Burma where the Buddhist monks are being tortured and the whole situation is so terrible, the way that I have been working on, attempting to work with it is to first of all send them the most strengthening healing energy that I can to the Buddhist monks. And also to the military people who are in power, the possibility of enlightenment to see the monks for who they really are and be woken up. That they would wake up. And also to attempt to, well I asking also for protection for the monks and asking also for prohibition on those people who are doing that stuff to them, to say, No, No, No this is not allowed. What can we do, is there anything I can do better than that?

Songee: You have to look at the events that are taking place. Look at the oppressed. The oppressed are Beings of Light who belong to Oneness. They are fighting for Light, for goodness for the country, for the peoples of the country. You have a demon in charge of the country. You have a demon. You have to abolish the demon and its little minions will go with it. So you focus your energy on the demon, of renouncing the demon.


Songee: And sending it away in the name of Jesus.

Thank you.

Songee: It does not matter that these people have got following of Buddha. This is not an issue. Jesus also goes to those of other faith.

Thank you.

Songee: So in the name of Jesus you renounce the demon, and keep renouncing it, and you ask for 'the backup' to come to help you do it.

Thank you.

Songee: And at the same time you ask all those that are helping you to 'back up' to protect the innocent because you have to protect the innocent when you are a Worker of Light you stand between the demon and the innocent. And it is no easy feat to do it because the repercussions to you when the demon finds out is big.

So I would then expect a little bit of trouble on the emotional ...

Songee: You will find that the Dark Energy will also attempt to cause chaos and friction in your life. You have to recognise it and again reject it, 'In Jesus' name - Be-gone'.

Thank you.

Songee: And be patience, because the Beings of Light and your Doorkeeper and Guardian will step forward and help to sort the chaos out. You have to be patient.

Thank you. Otherwise one feels so powerless.

Songee: There is no such thing.

No. Thank you Songee.

Songee: You all have great power and you can use it any time you need to use it. Now is a time to start practising it. Is it not? (There is a long silence.)

There is another question. It is from somewhere else.

I am just wondering how?

Songee: How?

How do I use my power? Other than what I am doing, am I already using my Power?

Songee: You are already using it.

Oh good, so I don't have to worry about it?

Songee: No. I don't know that that is very appropriate Little One (Songee is talking with Sally.) Little One says that sometimes when peoples get very annoyed and frustrated that they say bad words and that they can say bad words to the demon and I say it is not a good idea to do this thing because the bad word is going to give the demon the power to get its little finger inside and hang on. So you don't use it, always use words of power. Words of love, words of direction, not words of weakness.


Many people that I have spoken to recently who have had the information that we have been recently given, go through a process of feeling great anger and as they work to accept and just literally get on with their lives. And even those of us who know that our destiny path is written, already written and the things that we are doing are what we are suppose to be doing, someone said to me last night how futile it all seemed when she felt that she needs to be moving forward and making preparations and doing everything and felt quite angry and frustrated that she wasn't able to do that because obviously the time wasn't right. Many of us have had the example of our grandparents and parents before us that have said what we believe to be the pattern of our own lives and now many of us realise that that's not what going to happen. So there is a lot of anger with that and I have even heard that some people feel as though they have had a death sentence and gone into total denial about it. Now this is a collection of ideas that have come from other people, and we would like some help to recognise these feelings of anger because we are very practised at pushing them all down and denying them completely. And so how to recognise them and then what to do with them? How to be directed into something positive?

Songee: This is how it is that I have said to you that the information I have given you is not there to cause fear for you. It is there for you to have the information to pass it to those who are willing and able to listen to it. It certainly is going to engender all those emotions. It cannot fail to do anything else because that is how it will be received. However you have on your screens, you have information in your books that show you what to do in the event of a disaster.

That's right.

Songee: What happens to all the peoples in the event of a disaster? Everybody in every country all over the world is being given this message by their governments because their governments know that the inevitable is going to happen and they want people to have an empowerment before it happens. There will be those who will dismiss the survival advice and say, 'Oh I don't need to do that, its too much, too much hard work, I am not going to do it'. Some people will say, 'Oh I will do it tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.' And as you know tomorrow never comes.

And there will be people who will set aside their survival in their home and these people will survive. The other people will have to take pot luck because that is what they have written for their life. That is the nature of humankind. You cannot weep for all of humankind before they are saved. You have to weep for them when they have not been saved because you know that there is going to be a proportion of peoples who will not survive. It is inevitable. And your governments know this thing.

Preparing for Survival

So the counselling I am giving you is - be prepared. Know it, get yourself all that you need together where you most need to be for survival. This will help you feel strong. It will help you to feel in charge of what is happening. It will help you to manage the emotional side of what is happening. That is the very best thing that you can do, and assist others who are having difficulty getting it together, to get their survival things together.

So it seems that what you are saying is to identify a place that we know would have access to water, to heat you know as fires to be built, shelter, and water and food and look at things like blankets, clothing, warmth ...

Songee: Together you could arrange to say, 'We will have a place where we can take our dwellings (tents) that we can carry on our back and we will have this place and we will all meet at this place in the event that there is something that happens. In the event we can't we have provision made in our home and provision to escape from our home'. So you might need a boat.

I have thought about that several times, the boat has come into my mind several times ...

Songee: You may need a boat. Remember to make sure that it is tied to your roof.

Yes. It would look very funny.

So you can find it when you need it.

Songee: It is no good it being tied down there, you got to tie it up there to the chimney pot. Big, long cord all the way down. Then it doesn't matter, it won't go away, it's tied to your house.

All the feelings of panic, of fear, these are normal feelings. Do not belittle them they are normal feelings. How you manage them is by doing. You do something to counteract it. You prepare something that will enable you to be safe under circumstances that may become dire. In the event that you are in a place where it does not become dire then ...

(end of side one)

... others can come to you for safety and you will have a nice group of people - I have to wait for you is that right?

Yes please. Thank you very much.

Songee: It's very interesting this, I have not got use to you playing with these two toys.

Yes. Oh you will. (Songee is talking about the changing of the tapes for the audio recording and changing the discs for the camcorder.)

Songee: Because one is going one time and another one is going another time. It would be better if they were going both at the same time, much more useful.

So those that are sitting on the mountain top and they have not had to use their survival things, can see all the little boats come sailing in to where they are with their survival gear in their boat and say, 'Oh we have come to join you.' And you put up your dwellings and you get on with it until the next bit. And eventually all the little bits will all join up to become big bit again.

Don't forget that when the waters come they will come up high and then they will drop down again. So all will not be completely lost. Remember the most important things are hygiene, to stop infection, to stop people becoming sick, to make sure that you have the means to heat your water, make fire. Fire is the most important thing you can have, fire and a shelter for yourself and then after that you can find foodings.

You have to have water though, and it may not rain. Oh no you've got water all around you, it could be dirty couldn't it?

Songee: You can cleanse it. You can put it in a pot and put fire under it and if you are very clever you can put the lid that has the long tube that comes out into another container and that will give you your pure water.

Distilled water.

Songee: You have the knowledge, you have the knowledge. Do it. Be ready. Have it there. Most simple way to manage, have it. Remember big knife, small knife. Something to go chop, chop with. Very important, something to tie things up, very important.

Lights for night, torches and so on.

Songee: If you have things to make fire you can make torch from things around you when you do not have your man-made light. So it will be, ha what is that word? (Songee is asking spirit people) Camping. Flour, sugar, fat, rice, fresh water, some fresh water because you can use the containers later and some foodings.

Our friend overseas said that it will be like in the war years, how they survived during the war years and that they were very skilled at doing that. It would be just like that.

Songee: So mayhap that person can give you some information, first hand how they managed.

How we store things, and learn to store things so they won't go off, to keep thing for a few years. But you are not talking about tomorrow are you Songee? You are talking about several years.

Songee: Oh not tomorrow. Not tomorrow. No not tomorrow.

There is a little time.

Songee: That is right. You have time for another Bear Story first.

Songee I was... it pondered on me about pillaging and the franticness of people. Say there are some people prepared and other people will come - pillaging, stealing, things like that. Getting, um, maybe we spoke of elders all coming together as a unit and figuring how it is going to work and that kind of thing. I do have a concern on how that's going to manage and whether it is going to get quite rough and nasty from people who are freaking out on survival and things like that.

Songee: Certainly there maybe some people who will be like that because they were not prepared. And the people that are prepared are going to have to make decision on whether they are going to open up their hearts and their living space and allow these people to have sanctuary on the condition that they live by the rules of the community that they come in to. In the event that they do not live by the rules then you put them in a boat and send them away.

There has to be a leader for the group, and a leader will emerge for the group. Always there will be one emerge.

And the other thing is, as well, and I guess it is the same thing really where you have to come to a group decision, in the sense of how much provisions you have to provide for how many people. You could have hoards of people come and have enough to supply for the community and you are faced with the dilemma of turning people away.

Songee: However this is only going to be short term because when the waters recede you are going to be able to join up with other groups and you will be able to get into land so that you can start to make dwellings and grow your food.

That is another thing, pack seeds. Put seeds in your survival. All the seeds that you are going to need for foodings.

There is an urgency on my part, and there is also for those that are to be behind to set up communities or to have important role already written - will on some respects a financial part of I - be provided for from Oneness? Will all that stuff to come together? Does that make sense? I know we need to accumulate things and there is so much I can do but other stuff like setting up a more sustainable environment, the whole funds of actually doing all that.

Songee: Forget money. Forget finances. They won't exist.

Yeah I am sort of referring to now, with the urgency that I'm feeling, um there is a now, there's a wanting to get started a wanting to get going, wanting to get moving, set up foodings, buy animals, things like that, or a boat even. Will that come? Or just keep going and if it comes it comes?

Songee: It may not come individually to you. It may come to you collectively.

Right yeah, I'm with you.

Songee: You might find that you will have to be in a collective. Everybody can find a small air-boat, it that right? Air-boat.


Songee: That's the one. You go (Songee blows) and blow it and it goes big. Air-boat, you can find an airboat and it will be small, and then when you need it you go (Blows) and make it big.

It would be easier to get an inflator machine.

No all you need is a foot pump.

Songee: So you need to be able to make your air-boat so you can sail away to another companion with your supplies, safely sail to another companion.

It has been done. It is being done in communities now. It has been done in recent time by communities that have been separated from each other by waters. They get into their boat and they paddle themself to where there is a community. It has been happening on your Planet now, already. Look to these people, look to how they are managing. Certainly at the moment they are getting assistance from governments that assist in the world. Remember when I say to you at this time there will be no governments in the world that can be recognised as the central government. So you will be governing yourselves.

It will sort itself out. It will settle down. It will have stable land for you to live and put your dwellings and grow your crops. It will be a land to survive in. And people will survive and will prosper in their communities. Communities will count themselves fortunate to have a builder, a farmer, a spinner, a weaver. These people will be needed, a plumber, engineer...

A Midwife.

And a Doctor.

Songee: A Midwife and a medicine man or woman. I say not a doctor because so long as a person has knowledge of the natural medicines of the world then you will have someone who will be able to give you medicines for things that ail you, and a Doctor may not. So a medicine man or woman be there doctor or natural medicine person, or both.

It would be a good idea to go to the Dentist soon. (Much laughter) Spend some money to get the teeth fixed.

Or out.

Or out as the case maybe.

Songee: That is good that you laugh at this. It is very good for you to make this laughing about it because although it is a very serious thing you have to keep being light because it isn't going to hit you tomorrow.

Do what you can today for today. And do that each day. Do what you can for today, yes?


Songee: And that is it. Today you might buy, in your shop, some foodings and put them into a special box and put them away. Tomorrow you may buy a flint to make fire and a big knife to make it so. Because there might not be so much dry stuff around, and put that way. The next day you may make contact with someone who is a weaver, the next day you may make contact with someone who knows how to build house.

The next day you may see a manual sewing machine on the side of the road, that's been thrown out by somebody.

Songee: Exactly.

Because you won't be able to use an electric one again.

Can you excuse me for a moment while I change this over.

(Disc changed)

Songee: So these are the things. So ponder for awhile for more of these things.

I am getting there.

Songee: This is very exciting. Oneness did not say that I would have to come and work with machines. (The Video and Tape recorder.) So this is all new. There was not machines many moons past. (Songee has said that She comes every millennium to talk with the people on this Planet. She maybe referring to when She was last here.)

Its recording now. You're on!

Songee: So.

Songee with all the things that I've collected they will not fit in a boat that's the thing. That's where my idealism to a certain degree is to get everything higher so I'm ...

Songee: You don't have to go high now.

I know.

Songee: When you know the time is coming to go high, then you mayhap get to be with other peoples of the collective and you all together go high.

Yeah Yeah.

Songee: That is what I am suggesting to you.

I know what you are saying ...

Songee: Everybody that is here, you are a collective. You can take yourself high at the appointed time. You will know when the appointed time is. I don't have to tell you when the appointed time is. You will do it yourself. You know. You are very, very smart. You are very smart, you know what is happening. You will see things happening around you and you will be alert to everything. And then you simply get yourself to where you all need to be. Mayhap over the course of the next, I - oh Earth time you find yourself your place up high and make the land yours. Don't put anything on it, make it yours. And then you know that you can all go there and nobody can say that you have to go away from there.

It maybe wise to store some fuel, some oil based fuel or early generators and just, before you get all the other things sorted out.

Songee: Who is going to build the generator?

We may find generators cheaply and we can buy them.

Songee: You will have to do all that before. In the event you have to have that in place, before. That is not something you can carry up to your place, after.

My mind keeps coming to the place that I know up north...

Songee: Keep it simple.

... a friend up north who has a place up north at Pakiri, which he has been working on for many years and there is water now, solar heating, living spaces, all those kinds of things and I think it is just to put resources into something and find someone who has already got the land and is already doing it and then add because - he has been working that for 15 years now so I mean it is quite big thing to start from scratch.

Songee: Is it up high enough above the water?

Yeah most of it is, most of it is.

Songee: So there you go. There is a place to meet.

It is a start. I don't need, and there will be others so I find out what other people are doing, many people are doing this Songee. Many people are doing, buying land.

Many people they have got the calling, its everywhere people are coming out with all sorts of wonderful stuff and I'm going ohhh.

Songee: And all you do is join them. Become part of it and in the event that you have joined them and you have given in to it a little bit and you are sharing and you find that it is not for you, then you have still given in to it, you leave it and find one that is more suitable for you. Always give in, when you join something, the best way to find out about something is to join it. You join it, you join it with your heart and give in with your heart. And you leave, if you must leave, you leave without sorrow. And be glad that they have what you have given to them. Do not regret anything that you have given to them because they will have given to you. Remember that, very important. So.

Have you anything else for I?

I haven't no.


Can I ask a question. Many, a long, long time ago I made a comment that I felt that the rain was a blessing and at the time you said you would come back to it and you never did.

Songee: The rain that you have, that comes to water the Earth, to help the plants to grow, to bring you Water of Life, this is a blessing, certainly. When it goes out of balance and you have too much of it, it becomes a curse. If you have no water for awhile and the sun is shining and everybody runs about and plays and enjoys themselves in the sunshine, this is pleasant and enjoyable. When the sun shines and shines and shines and shines and shines, and the crops shrivel up and die and the rivers disappear and the animals die of thirst and the human beings cannot make their crops, there is no water - this is a curse. Do you understand?

So remember too much of anything is not good. You need balance. What was your sounding this day?

Fire Prayer, it was about balance, wasn't it?

Songee: That is right. You need balance. If you do not have balance of things then everything will become a curse, in its own way. And unfortunately the Planet is out of balance. And it is slowly becoming more and more out of balance. The process of being out of balance began a long time ago. And the time to redeem that balance has gone past. The time no longer, it no longer exists. People will still make efforts to bring balance to the Earth. They will continue right up until the last moment to make balance for the Earth. This is not a bad thing because it will get people into the right frame of mind so that after, when the Earth has balanced Herself you will be able to maintain the balance by making sure you don't repeat all the things that were done to put it out of balance. Do you understand? The Earth is going to rebalance Herself because human-kinds cannot do it. And in the process, although there will be many of the Light that will go Home, there will be many demons destroyed also. So it is bringing everything back to balance.

Demonic Leadership

You know that even though there has been a lot of demonic leadership amongst, in Western Countries, I can't help looking to China as one of the most scary ones, still. I wonder if I am being superstitious and judgmental about particularly China but it just, when you were talking before, China, it's...they have so much power, they have so much power to, already to sink the economies of the other countries of the world to, with trade and um also I suppose was the, looking at the situation of Burma and then looking at the situation also in China, the level of oppression is just, it just like black and white. There's no mercy, there is no discussion, it just is, you know people get put to death, it is like the middle ages.

Songee: When you have a surplus of people it is very easy for those who are being governed by the demon energies to have that view point and to behave in such a manner because life is cheap. I am not saying that life is cheap. I do not say that, that is not Songee. However the demon energies see life as cheap and that it is their dominion that is important. Their dictatorship that is important, to control all the peoples so that they can be big and strong and have the power that they want. Remember it is the demons that are ruling and the ordinary peoples of Light escape whenever they can.

Because when Songee speaks about the Antichrist and says that, and at the same time that we can renounce, denounce the demons then there seems to be this incontrovertible fact of the Antichrist coming and ruling for a thousand years. I have to say Songee that that gets right up my nose.

Songee: Of course.

You know and I feel surely the human, you know the collective human spirit, the collective human psyche can say, 'No' or enough people or enough of us can say energetically 'No'.

Songee: That is correct, that is correct. Unfortunately when the Antichrist comes the people are going to believe it is the coming of the Christ.

Oh! Right.

Songee: And they are going to be bemused by him and they will believe him to be the Christ. Those of you that have the knowledge and the wisdom and the sight will see the demon, will know him, will know that he is the Antichrist and will not follow him.

Thank you.

Songee: That is how it is that you will have to go underground.


Songee: Because you will not follow it. You will stand pure, away from it.

So it is going to be about a spiritual tryst, closed inverted commas, frame work, that he is offering, not like a business man or a ...

Songee: Oh a very charismatic, very beautifully speaking, very powerful person who will come and the Antichrist will enter the body and the body will be able to perform healings and miracles like Christ.


Songee: And this man will be worshipped as Jesus returned. People will not know, they will not recognise him for what he is.

It was written that before the coming of the Antichrist that the Holy Breath would come and speak to the people of the Earth to bring to you the teaching so that you would know how to resist the Antichrist.

Those of you that believe in Light, in Oneness, in humanity, that believe in unity and balance, you will be given the teach for you to follow so that when the time comes and the true risen Christ returns, roaring like a lion then the Antichrist will be defeated. And that is the beginning of the new harmonious time for human-kinds. All over the Planet, everywhere, all your faiths, all your beliefs, everything will become again as one, not split into many different parts. It will all come together and marry as one again. And no-one will lose anything by it. Everybody will be one in their Light, love, spirituality.

That is the goal, however there will be a thousand years before that goal comes. You have to live and survive. Teach your childrens about the Light, about spirit energy, about how these things work. That is where you are going to be powerful, and doing it.

Jesus came to be, I have not the word - a landmark for you, to use as a power to protect you and give you unity with Oneness. All the other prophets that come also are there - joining in. They also are at one with Jesus to do this thing, so everybody is working together in the Light.

The Priests (The Buddhist Monks in Burma) that you speak about, they knew that when they began their revolution, that they would be taken away, that they would be removed, because they knew that they were too big a threat to the demon kings. They did it because they believe in what they do, they believe that they have to do this for the rights, for the Light of man-kind and they have done it willingly. Their Light, their humanity and their Light continues on in the Great Army. When the demon king destroys them he only destroys the body, he does not destroy the Spirit. The Spirit rejoins the Armies of Light. And when they are needed to be reborn they will be reborn to keep up the fight with others that survive and go forward.

So there is NOT need for despair. Preparation, some planning, getting to know other peoples who are the same as yourself. Moving in these ways with others and the preparations will take place. And then at the right moment Oneness will uplift all those that are not to stay behind. And that is a different thing entirely.


Songee: You have enough to ponder on for now.

Oh yes.

Songee: I am going to leave you now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: I am going to leave you with the Power of Knowing, I am going to leave you with the Power of Unity and Balance, and for you to find each other and find the goodness in each other so that you can combine your strengths.

So Be It

So be it.


Sally, Roberta-Margaret's spirit guide overshadows Roberta-Margaret and says,

Sally: I gotta say something. I gotta, I gotta, sorry but I gotta say something before, before her comes back. Don't forget your bog-rolls will ya. (Much laughter) You gonna need your bog-rolls. You forgot about them. Gor could you imagine trying to wipe your butt, sorry I'm not allow to say that word - your behind self with something prickly. Errrrrr won't be so good eh? Alright I'm going now. Don't for get your bog-rolls and the stuff what you need to get rid of the stink. Alright I'll see you later. Very important no-body thought about that you know. All oh alright, I said a bad word (Sally puts the hand over the mouth for saying the 'thought' word) You gotta consider everything eh? Alright I'm going now. Bye. Tra-ra.

(Bog-rolls is a word often used for toilet paper. Sally is presenting in a persona of a young cockney child, her last life was on the streets of London.)

Sally leaves everyone laughing at her suggestion.

(White Eagle once again overshadows in preparation for Roberta-Margaret's return. During her absence Roberta-Margaret had, in spirit, been with a group of people who were rescuing people from a plane crash.)

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