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Roberta-Margaret's experience as a Full Trance Channel

At a Public Meeting Roberta-Margaret is talking to new comers about her experience of Full Trance Channelling.

Roberta-Margaret - deep trance channelRoberta-Margaret deep trance channel

"We are talking about trance stuff. You know the different depths of trance or the different levels of communication between ourselves and spirit? We have the one where we are conscious and they come and talk to us and we can hear them and see them or whatever depending on what our gift is and we are quite conscious about that and then there is the one where we maybe get a little bit more spacey and we start to sort of you know looking beyond and that's kind of going a bit deeper.

You have the overshadowing which is where you are sitting in a group or in a meeting like that and you can feel the energy of the spirit people coming and overshadowing, coming into your aura and into your own light and if you are looking at someone else sometimes you can see that happening to them you can see the shape of their faces change and the shadows on their face alter and change shape and there is a person, a totally different person and some people see it for a split second and some people see it and can hold it for a long time and that again depends on your gift and how well developed that gift is. Also too the person that the spirit energy is coming, using it depends to on their gift and how well able they are to be a channel for that to happen. Some people do it quite unconsciously and unknowingly."

Yes I've seen that.

"And other times again they are not consciously doing any channelling they are just focusing on the fact the something is going on and then these people will come in. We have had loved ones present themselves and overshadow and things like that in between me coming back and my doorkeeper or guardian going. We would only do that with permission of my doorkeeper and guardian. So I have very strict rules and they abide by those rules. And they help me with that.

Now the next stage on from that is, that's probably the beginning of a semi-trance. Then you have the semi-trance again which goes in a little bit deeper again where you are aware of everything that is going on around you in the room. You can go into semi-trance when you are doing meditations and you can take that to whichever deeper level you need to go and when you come back you will have very good memories of what you have done on your journeys of where you have been but it's been well managed all the way through. You know exactly what has been going on.

Deep trance channelling is different. You conscious mind is totally separated from the unconscious. You are just not there. Spiritually you are absent, you go and the energy that is going to work with you will come through, or a spirit person will come and work through you and you are totally absent. And that is deep trance. And that is what I do.

So when I go from here I am out there doing rescue work or sitting on top of a mountain or whatever I get to do. And here is the reality that you people are experiencing but this is not my reality. My reality is what I am doing out there. So when I come back my reality is not related to anything that has happened here at all. So I can not relate to anything you might say to me on a personal level. If you tell me that you experienced something I would listen and I am very pleased to get feedback about any energies you've seen, any spirit person you might have seen, any overshadowings that might have happened or occurred, I am pleased to hear all that, I'm really delighted. I can't give you any feedback on information you have been given on the night because I am not here, I am not privy to that. And I only get it second hand if I listen to the tape or I hear usually a condensed version from Christene. She gives me a condensed version at the end of the night about what's happened and even then I don't always remember it because I'm still sort of bringing my bits and pieces back together. So, that is really what happens to me when I go away.

OK. Is that what you are familiar with?"


"Are you familiar with that? Are you all right with that Bright? That's what happens to me and as I have explained before, because I am a very human person and I make mistakes and do things same as anyone else. And when I come back from my trips, sometimes it depends on how well they manage me bringing me back, sometimes Sally is a bit impatient with me. If I am busy doing something she says you got to go back now, and I say I'll just finish this, and she says no go now. She will push me, and she will say no, no, no, go now. And she will go like that (pushing motion) and I will come in with a crash, I will crash land. And I'm afraid the first word out of my mouth can often be a very bad word. So please excuse me before I even get there because it doesn't happen all the time."

Sally came to Roberta-Margaret as a rescued Soul many years ago and they began work together with Sally being a Helper and now is a Guide actively assisting Roberta-Margaret in her everyday life.

SONGEE speaks about Her Channel

Songee is finishing up the one our The Second Well Trust's special Gatherings and one of our Guests says to Songee, "I can see your eyes!"

Songee: That is I. I am speaking to you, I am Songee. The physical body that you have, that I am speaking and using at this time I call, The Organism. Because that is what it is. An Organism, a piece of nature, made up of flesh and blood and bone, nerves and sinew and it has a resident Soul. As do you and the resident Soul has gone away and Songee has come to speak.

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