White Eagle's Message and Prayers for the People
White Eagle is Guardian to Roberta-Margaret

White Eagle - Guardian to Roberta-MargaretWhite Eagle - Guardian to Roberta-Margaret

The Tasks of the Spiritual Warrior

"As you journey through this life you will encounter many trials, many tests of courage and strength. The Spiritual Warrior must learn to stand tall in spirit power, to go on the vision quest and to find the totem creature that will be a guide on the journey of life. It is through the totem creature that the Doorkeeper and Guardian walking in spirit with you, are able to reach you when you are not listening clearly with your spirit ears. The totem creature is also the voice of your own wisdom that you are tending not to listen to at times. When you are in doubt, the Spiritual Warrior will heed the messages from the Totem animal and prosper in the task.

When you are able to hear them, your Doorkeeper and Guardian spirit will come to speak with you and guide you in your duties and tasks of this life. Any words or teachings that you hear that are hurtful like arrows being shot from a bow. Or words that land like the tomahawk on the head or the body, wounding the soul with the pain of belittling are NOT from your Doorkeeper or Guardian souls. They may be from your own unconsciousness that has learned to make small of itself. It may be that the words are being whispered into your head and ears by the dark energy that plays upon your internal fears.

It is the task of the Spiritual Warrior to learn to discern the truth between these things. The trial of the vision quest will assist you to learn the difference between the two: -

  • Give youself only to the Great Sky Father and Earth Mother - the power of Oneness. Then you will find that you will walk the Red Road with a greater sureness of foot than you would otherwise.
  • Make your life over in its entirety to the Power of the Oneness and let your Doorkeeper and Guardian assist you to walk your path with Love and Compassion.
  • Never speak with a forked tongue; always speak the truth no matter how hard it may be. Always stay true to yourself, by staying true to your truth.
  • Never sit in judgement upon others lest they sit in judgement upon you.
  • Never allow yourself to make assumptions or presumptions about another or a situation for along this road are the ambushes of your enemies - Disappointment, Jealousy, Greed, and Hatred.
  • Carry with you only those tools that are going to assist you upon your journey of self-discovery. Learn to let go of all unwanted or un-needed fears or self-doubt.
  • Give honouring to all living things and to the earth, plants and rocks. Take nothing that you have not first asked for from the Great Sky Father and Earth Mother.
  • Give thanks to the creatures that give their lives for you that you may nourish your bodies.
  • Give thanks to the plants and fruits that give their lives that you may nourish your bodies.
  • Give thanks to the waters of the earth, the Waters of Life, that they may continue to be pure and clean to nourish your bodies and those of the Plant People, the Tall Standing People, and the creatures that share this bounty with you.
  • Give thanks to the wind that comes to blow away the leaves, and blow away the cobwebs of your self-illusion and delusion.
  • Smile in the face of adversity and demonstrate your courage at all times. Courage comes in many forms. When the warrior must face great physical, emotional or spiritual danger and have to find the courage to stand ground and fight the enemy. Sometimes, courage is turning away from a person of situation that for the moment may seem stronger than the warrior. This then gives time for reflection. Whether to continue the fight for the protection of the integrity of the self or others or whether the pursuit of the fight is for the aggrandisement of the self, or for some other not very worthy purpose?

This last one is a most important task that the soul will undertake on its journey of life. This last task will teach the warrior to come to know without doubt about themself. Sometimes there are people that will come with Honeyed tones and tongues of a serpent. They will twist the words around until the warrior begins to believe that it may be good to fight for a cause in the name of "the People". The warrior may become convinced that the path is right. May even convince themselves that bloodshed will bring the results that are wanted. NO!
Violence of Mind,
Violence of Deed,
Violence of Emotion, these play no part in the journey of the Spiritual Warrior.

Anything that comes into your mind whether by your own reasoning or by the reasoning of another that prompts you to take an action or deed that will create a violence is not of the Light.

When the Spiritual Warrior is fighting the Dark energies, then the warrior must insist on a firm course of rightness, one that prevents the further advancement of the dark energy into the world where it may cause increasing harm and damage.

The Shaman does not allow the pupil to bring continued harm to those around through repeated ignoring of the teaching that has been given, and refusal to honour the truth and responsibility of their training. In these instances the Shaman must maintain the path of the Spiritual Warrior and withdraw themself from the situation, and remove the offender from the situation by firm action, keeping to the laws of the tribe, and the laws of spirit. The Shaman would then withdraw support to the one who does not learn and take to themself a new pupil, one who is willing to learn the disciplines and teachings and in turn to pass them on to others in a similar manner. In this way the path of the warrior remains true and clear of deceit.

The path of the Spiritual Warrior is not an easy one, yet it must be undertaken by all of those who would come to train to become Shaman.

Who are Shaman?

These souls are any who would walk the path of the Spiritual Warrior and bring the teachings, wisdom and knowledge of the Sky Father, Earth Mother, and all around to the tribe or people of the villages. Bringing the gift of Healing and speaking the ancestors messages to the people. To do this there needs to be training, and discipline. Training to give the information and the knowledge, and Discipline, to give the wisdom of how and when to apply that knowledge and information. The path of the Spiritual Warrior is one that requires more than a "gift" of spirit. It requires spiritual integrity, lack of fear, recognition of the internal self, recognition of the dark side of the nature of the self, recognition and acceptance of the strengths and weaknesses of the character and a willingness to correct the weaknesses and to enable the weaknesses to become tools to alert the Spiritual Warrior to the need for the particular strength to be used in any situation or battle.

Walk now the path of the Spiritual Warrior with your Guardian and your Doorkeeper in spirit. Go with the Great Spirit and may your journey be blessed."


White Eagle - Guardian to Roberta-Margaret

Prayers From White Eagle

(These opening and closing prayers were given during a three night self development workshop given by White Eagle beginning on the 19th November 1998.)


"Ho Anamushta

We call upon the Power of the Great Father Spirit, and the power of our Earth Mother, to open the power centers of our body so that Brother Wind can move freely through and cleanse.

Letting your feelings, fly out, into Father Sky, to join Brother Eagle to carry your hopes and dreams, through the shinning (sky) and out into the Universe to the Oneness that encompasses all things.

Feel your unity and your oneness in all things and prepare yourselves for the journey along the spiral of discovery, the spiral of enchantment."


"Deep in our hearts we sing the praises of Mother Earth and of Father Sky. Give thanks to all the blessings.

May the Light be bestowed upon us to guide us in our daily lives. Showing us clearly the path on which we need to tread.

May all our prayers go on the wings of Brother Eagle to the Great Father Spirit and to Earth Mother to make it manifest.

And we ask that all our relations and the little people be guarded and kept safe.

Show us what it is that we need to learn, what it is that we need to know in this life.

Ho Anamushta

So Be It

Go with peace."

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