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There have been many teachings from The Songee Energy over the 15 years She has manifested through Her channel Roberta-Margaret.

These Teachings are 'life changing' as knowledge assists us to work through the problems and difficulties of our daily life. Songee's Teachings bring practical day to day solutions through understanding. As we use these tools to develop our personal and spiritual growth, we become the example of our growing awareness to our spirituality. Our lessons learnt may then guide others in their development.

It is this Knowledge that Songee has gifted to us.

The Songee Energy appears to speak in an old Worldly type of language and uses words that we would not consider to be 'right' in modern day English. We have found that these different words and way of speech that Songee uses has a certain charm and because of their difference they stand out and make emphases that otherwise would not be noticed.

Songee often adds an ED - eg for lived, She will say Live-ed or receive-ed in two syllables.

Songee says Youself instead of yourself, or You instead of your and by this it seems She places a definite emphases as though to stress it personally.

Songee uses the word AN - eg An you like or An you will. It changes and places more meaning than If you like. The word If is suggested by Songee to be a word we need to use with caution as it can imply a wishful sentiment. An may mean this is an idea or a possibility about what you may do.
However Songee knows what we will do with the information we are receiving and how we will act according to our current attitudes, often not in our best interests.

The Songee Energy manifestation has been very animated and passionate. Songee's use of Her full trance channel Roberta-Margaret, has bought the Power and the expression of the Teachings to life.

Songee has explained that She creates a spiritual shape which She uses to overshadow Roberta-Margaret's physical form and Songee manifests a small part of Her Energy into this when She comes to communicate with us. The Songee Energy is enormous, beyond our comprehension and precautions need to be made to safeguard the frail human body of Her channel.

Even so the Songee's energies are very high and can effect the electrical equipment we use. Songee understands this and has in recent years assisted us to maintain a good quality of recordings even to telling us when we have forgotten to turn the recorder on! Songee most often says She will wait when the tape stops and needs turning over, sometimes She says it before the tape actually stops! And then often carries on with the same sentence as though the break had not happened even though dialogue may have happened between Her and the Assistant. In 2007 we began using a Camcorder which interested Songee greatly. Songee found it difficult to understand how we could make a moving picture of Her when She was not moving. These are examples of how the Songee Energy has learned to communicate with us in this millieum. Songee tells us She manifests every 1000 years to bring teachings to humanity.

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