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Accepting Life's Challenges

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Accepting Life's Challenges'
A Teaching from Songee 1st Setember 1997

Sally's Visit
Selecting the Question
How does Songee fit inside Organism
Becoming a better Channel
Meeting Life’s Challenges
Changing a Problem into a Challenge
Doubt equals fear
Depression equals suppressed anger
The Making of Pyramids and Sphinx
Crop Circles
Visitors on the Planet
Choosing the Right Path
What is the Question
Who do you Serve
Meditation of Healing

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On the 1st September 1997 the class members had been practicing their channeling skills.
The Aroma oil and Incense was Patchouli.
When the night’s task was completed Sally James overshadowed and spoke through the channel.

Sally's Visit

(The group are talking with Sally.)

You not going to do anything with the shoes tonight!

Sally: Na leave em alone tonight... You all sorted now?

Just about, still too loud.

Sally: It is a bit in’t it. Mind you it does the trick, didn't it? (Talking about the music.)

Yes its very good it gets her off smartly.

Sally: Yes it pushed her off to go and do something. There’s sort of lots of little unfinished bits of things what need to be finished up from some work what was done the other day. (Reference to the work Roberta-Margaret does in spirit while she is full trance channelling.)

There are a few people here who don’t know who this is. This is Sally.

Sally: Oh hello. I’m Sally, it's all right Her's (Songee) coming along in a little while. Yeah, she, she she wanted me to come and say hello to you first see, hello.


Sally: That’s a good start in’t it. Oh...

That’s it is it? Goodbye...

Sally: Bleeding hell you want me to go already? Cor she ain’t very nice is she? I might just stay a bit longer now.

That’s all right, would you like me to ask you a question?

Sally: Oh bleeding hell no I am going now. I don't want answer no questions. I don’t like answering questions, gets a bit complicated you know, in’t it.


Sally: Oh I can see all sorts of questions about over top of people's heads here.

Answer them.

Sally: It’s a little bit sort of well...

Explain what you do.

Sally: What the hell's going on here, you know, that's what I’m getting, what the hells going on here.

Explain who you are, what you do.

Sally: Oh alright then. Well I've done all that before.

Yes but not the several people here that don't know that.

Sally: Oh alright then. Well, I’m Sally see and, do you want me to start at the beginning?

No, no, no, definitely not at the beginning just what you do.

Sally: I look after the colours, is that what you want me to tell them? Yeah, I look after all them colours what you have when you come through and sit and have some Channelled Healing and you doing your work and all sorts of things like that see. It’s like colouring in, colouring in books it is only from the other side. And I get to do it all the time, isn’t it half good fun. I can colour in little bits of this and little bits of that and sometimes I help with the Channelled Healing see and sometimes we have to take bits out of people and we can't leave big holes in them so we've got to stuff something in so we usually stuff all sorts of colours in you see and that fills the hole up. You know like when you're filling a hole up with squidgy stuff...

I like the smell of that. Do you like the smell of that?


Sally: Lovely, in't it? I like the smell of that. Who else likes the smell of that?

Yeah it’s ok.

Sally: Nice in’t it nice smell to it, sort of fresh like in’t. Yeah. I miss all that sort of stuff you know, when you're over in spirit sometimes because you can't get to smell nothing. I don't need to, we don't need to see...

You know what it smells like.

Sally: Don't need to eat nothing, you don't need to smell nothing and there ain't no time.

The only thing you miss is the gin.

Sally: I don't miss Jim.

Oh good.


Sally: Oh, gin ohh yeah, I used to like a drop of gin. I’m not missing it so much now mind.


Sally: What?

You used to not having it?

Sally: Well yeah I suppose so, as the centuries go by you know you sort of don't have the cravings the same cos I’m older than you lot you know.

Are you – question mark.

Sally: I am at the moment arn’t I.

Yeah, you are at the moment.


Sally: Ohh I’m 300 and something years old I am. Well you wouldn't know it to look at me though would you?

You age beautifully.

Sally: Ohh yeah well dare I say it - it's the spirit...

(much laughter)

Sally:'s a good preserver it is.

I reckon.

Sally: Oh, wait up She's ready now, you ready now? Oh do you want me to tell them that? Oh all right then, Her says to tell you that She was a little bit late because She had to go and shake something.

Oh dear.

Sally: What did you just shake? Oh. She said she shook a little bit of the earth over underneath the ocean. Where is it? In that, oh it's lots of little islands and things Pacific – She said Pacific. Not much She said just a little bit. Oh, that's right she also wanted me to come and sort out this physical (Roberta-Margaret body) cos it's a bit of a mess you know, it's in a bit of a pickle, in't it? Sort of all been mucked up it has, but it's feeling a lot better now. Well him over there (Dr Sven) gone and done something and it helped, you see, him and his mate. You don't know about your mate yet, do you? He ain’t talking to me.

No he’s not. Speak to her C, she talking to you.

Sally: You don't know me, do you, don't understand me very good do you?

It’s the Cockney accent that's the problem.

Sally: Oh well, doesn't matter do it it's all worked out for the best in’t it. You did your bit and I’m doing my bit and your mate what works with you has done his bit and all together we sorted her out.

Oh, alright then, oh alright I got to shut up now. I’ve gotta go now, I’ve got shut up, alright. Well I suppose I will meet you again, I don’t know when, sometime I suppose, alright then Ta ra.

(Everyone says good bye to Sally.)


Songee:I am here.

Thank you Songee.

Selecting the Question

Songee: So... what is for tonight? Ah I see this, very good. How do we get to develop, to develop the skills of the spirit. And questions of how can I train myself – it’s very noisy in your world - so we wait a moment. You can tell them that we shake the ground and make it split and swallow all up after this.


Songee: Is it not. We not do nasty things like that we not waste an energy.

(There are people in the room next door making a lot of noise.)

Songee: So how, question is how do I get to be better channel, how do I learn to become a channel.

How do Songee get to be inside Organism? How do we fit?

Ah lots of questions, you too shy to ask them. So I’ll begin with the last one first. There are many other questions I’m not going to get them all out because you already have them in you, in your mind, it is now for you to bring them out as we go along.

How does Songee fit inside Organism

So to explain how does the energy of Songee fit into Organism. The energy of Songee is veeery large, it is the whole of this planet and the energy that is of this planet, so how does it fit into one small little Organism? It is a conundrum is it not? For this to take place, for this to function so that the bits and pieces of Organism do not become - what is this word, ‘fried’, - the man in the white coat is saying is fried...


Songee: that Organism bits and pieces do not become fried – fried.

Yeah fried.

Like an egg in a pan.

Songee: Cooked is the word, cooked is the word.

When Songee is given the task to speak to the people, first of all a form in spirit needed to be constructed out of the energies of the Universe. This form is then possible for some of the energy that is Songee to inhabit and to move and then that form is used to enter into the Organism.

Now, were I to say to you that Organism is like a glass bottle and into that bottle we are going to squeeze some smoke. How much smoke do you imagine you can squeeze into a bottle - quite a large amount, you can squeeze quite a large amount of smoke into a bottle, is that not so? It is the same principle that takes place when Spirit comes in, it is an energy of another nature so it is able to move between the dimension of Spirit and the Earth, it is as though smoke is going into the bottle you understand.

What is the difficulty with this? For those of you who understand the business of how the cells within the body function when you take inside of you the breath down into your lungs how does the oxygen from the air get into your body, to feed your body...

By mouth via nose whichever way we might we should take the air.

Songee: It goes into the blood, how does it get into the blood?

By the process of osmosis.

Songee: That is the word osmosis. What happens is that something in one part of the body, in the blood attracts the oxygen, so you have an attraction, a natural drawing towards it so it draws the oxygen out of the lungs through the tissues, passes through the tissues - it's like magic is it not. Just the same way the spirit energy passes from spirit through into the aura of the person. This is a natural law, so it follows, you understand.

The energy of Songee is working in the same process only the quantity is larger, you understand. So that is how you fit so much of Songee into a little Organism. And remember you are only receiving a little part of Songee, not all of Songee, understand.

Becoming a better Channel

Now the other questions, how do you get to be a better channel. Who wants to know that? So how do you get to be a better channel? What sort of channel are you? What sort of channel are you now?

(Quiet comment)

Songee: How do you channel now? What is it that you do now that you understand to be channelling...


Songee: ...with a Channelled Healing? And when you do this, when you 'stand' to be a channel to be the healing energies what do you feel?

Warm... (One of the younger guest is making a comment.)

Songee: You will have to speak louder, there are some very selfish people making a lot of noise in your world.

(More unheard comments)

Hot hands, cold hands.

Songee: And what else? Do you feel you feel love, do you feel love?


Songee: And who do you feel love for?

Hm, the person that is receiving.

Songee: The person that you are channelling healing for.

It is important also that you develop an understanding of love for the energy that you cannot see, that is your spiritual Father and Mother. On the earth plane, on the earth where you living in your life you have a physical mother and a physical father who gave birth to you in this life, is that not so?

In spirit you have a spiritual Mother and Father of all creation. Ah now your soul has to feel the connection back with that source of energy. Songee is the Mother Energy and you already had some feeling of this, now you have to practise getting the feeling of the Father Energy also to have balance. And the simple way to do this is to give some of your earth time and talk to your Mother and your Father each day about anything at all that comes to your life, all the things that bother you that present a challenge to you in your life.

Now this brings me to a part of something that I would like all of you to have an understanding of and perhaps to view in a different way some aspects of your life. When events take place in your life, what do you call them?

Meeting Life’s Challenges


Songee: Any other things, any other words you might call them, anybody...


Songee: Dramas.



Songee: What other words do you have in your language?

Ups and downs.

Songee: Ups and downs. What about problems?

Problems, yes.

To put it ncely at least.


Songee: Traumas. All these many words that you have to describe things in your life. When they are not so good what do you call them? When they are not so good what is the word that you use most often. You say to your friend I have...

A bad time.

Songee: That is to say I’m having a bad time you are having...

Many times it is a word that is used by humankind to describe bad things, it is one of the words you have been speaking of just before time - problems. You say I have a problem, this is a problem, this is not the problem. Problem – what is problem?

Something that gets in your way or in you know something that you don't want to happen.

Songee: Is it all time this thing?

Probably not.

Something thar affects your emotions.

Songee: It does all of this, what else does it do?

It uses a lot of energy.

Songee: How does it do that?

While I’m focusing on the problem, I’m not thinking about happier things.

Songee: Also too it means that you are viewing it as a difficulty, that you are looking at it as though it is something that is dire, difficult, a problem.

Now Little Robin have the way of it, it changes and instead of it being a problem it becomes a challenge. What is a challenge?

Something to look forward to doing.

Songee: A challenge is something that is going to test your skills, your many, many skills that you all have. It's going to help you to discover what your skills are and how you can best use them to come to a satisfactory conclusion to your challenge.

When you view this supposed problem as a challenge you change it from being a problem to something that resembles an adventure and most humankind love some adventure, it brightens up their life. This is not to say that you spend your life jumping from adventure to adventure to adventure because this will make you very tired also however it does give you opportunity to discover your skills and to practise them and this is the purpose of your living this life.

What did you imagine you came to do, sit on your bottom and twiddle your thumbs. You come to learn lessons and how better to do that than to have challenges presented to you so that you can use your skills to get the better of them.

Ah ha it is being said, what about those times when I can't get the better of them. All you have to do is to look at what it is you are doing and how it is you are viewing your life to discover how it is that you did not get the better of that challenge. You may have given up, you may have lost faith in yourself and your own abilities and your own strengths, you may have overestimated your own abilities and your own strengths and set your goal too high for the situation. You may have needed to approach your challenge from different directions and enlist the support of others to help to come to a better conclusion.

All of these things you may not have done, some you may have done too much of it.

Whenever you get the challenge there needs to be balance in it - acceptance of yourself and acceptance of the challenge.

The first thing is the acceptance of the challenge to say, Oh yes here we are another challenge wonderful how best can I manage it. Not, Oh my goodness this is a great problem and I don't know how I’m going to manage my life, oh it is terrible, oh my goodness, oh what am I going to do. Everybody is against me, nobody is doing helping me.


How many times have you doing this, this other thing where everything is so much a problem that you can’t see how to get through your life.

You’re not very chatty tonight. Will I stop chatting also.

I'm supposed to be, oh I get into a mode of being self pitying things like that I had that. Suppose I still do.

Songee: And what do you do about it?

I go to my reality dose with Margaret. (laughter)

Songee: So...

She gives me my reality dose and I go oh, that's right that's how I’m supposed to deal with that. A nice kick in a soft spot.

Songee: So you get something that was being viewed as a problem feed back to you with some sensibility behind it. What is it with humankind that you cannot find sensibility youself sometimes, what do you feel it is?

Well I feel it's emotions or it's my emotions anyway that get in my way.

Songee: What about anybody else?

Vibrations, negative, fear...

Songee: You feeling it is fear. What does anybody else have to say?

Fear and doubt.

Songee: Fear and doubt, now fear of what?

It depends on what the problem is. Fear of failure...

Songee: And doubt about what?

That you can succeed.

Songee: Doubt in your own abilities. Always when you look at a problem as a problem, you will encounter fear and doubt. Fear that you will not be able to make it clear again and doubt that you have the skills to do it.

Changing a Problem into a Challenge

When you change your problem from a problem, to a challenge immediately it changes in your emotion, a feeling changes in your emotion and all of a sudden, you know, you know that you can find a solution to this challenge, you only have to look and you only have to employ the many skills that you know that you have.

And one of those skills may be in decerning the skills of others who can help you - very simple, you don't have to face the challenge all by yourself you can share it, this is not so, and then you don't use up all this energy, and all this earth time working on this conundrum all by yourself attempting to ‘fix’ it. I get this word from the man in the white coat, he says ‘fix it’ - it is not Songee word.

Problems are for fixing, challenges are for solving - scribe it down.

Doubt equals fear

Now in time past Songee had given little equations for you, doubt equals fear, depression equals...


Songee: ...suppressed anger.

Oh right.

Songee: Little Robin you know better than this.

Yeah true true.

Depression equals suppressed anger

Songee: Depression equals suppressed anger. Anger equals...


Songee: ...depowerment, taking power, losing power, having power stolen from you. Usually stolen from you, never given voluntarily. When you give power voluntarily you do not have depowerment. Anger is caused by depowerment.

Now you have another thing - problems equal?


Songee: No, problems equal...



Songee: Challenges equal...


Songee: Challenges equal solving, problems equal...

Fix it.

Songee: ...‘fix it’.

So these are little equations for you to help you with your life. Whenever you feel these emotions that are coming to you remember these equations. When you are feeling sad and as though everybody, nobody loves you, ask yourself what has happened in the last part of your earth life recent that is just gone past that has made you feel this way because depression is what?


Suppressed anger.

Songee: Suppressed anger, depression, sadness is suppressed anger. So what are you angry about that you believe you cannot show this emotion or that you mistakenly believe you have no right to - this is what you ask yourself, you understand?

Sometimes it's hard to source what it is that you are actually angry about.

Songee: And how do you suppose that is?

Because you've chopped it down and held it down for so long, you've forgotten what it was.

Songee: However, when you come across the emotion it has been brought to the surface by an event that has just happened in your earth life has it not. It has been brought to your attention by something that has happened in your earth life.

It's triggered it...

Songee: This is the word. So you look for that, you look for that, what is it that has happened in your earth life recently - just happening that has made you feel this emotion of sadness equals anger suppressed.

Then you look deeper into yourself and discover where in your life similar events have taken place - similar events - and possibly how many times have these similar events taken place and this will give you a pattern, a pattern that has been set down by you, by those around you, by circumstances that have conditioned you to behave in such a way that you do not allow this emotion to be expressed under these particular conditions. And there will be a pattern. And then you have to start and ask yourself do I want this pattern to continue because were I to allow this pattern to continue I am going to keep feeling sad and depressed, do I want to have this in my life anymore?

Now supposing that you’re too ‘lazy’ - and I use this word of a purpose - supposing you are too lazy to make with the work to learn how to come to terms with this pattern in your life and then set about making the changes. You want somebody to come along and wave the fairy wand and make it all better, ‘fit it’. It is a problem ‘fix it’.

This does not work because it is not a problem, it is a challenge so a challenge requires that you solve it. To solve it, you must employ all your skills, all your knowing. What you don't know you have to employ your skill of discovering and you set about working through the pattern that has led you to this pass in your life.

And that leads you to that other question that was being asked at the beginning - how do I get to be a better channel. You get to be a better channel by working through all your challenges. So does that answer your question?

Talking to the Higher Self

I have a little mouse here hiding. Little Mouse whiffling whiskers at me. Have you seen little mouses whiffling their whiskers? They go, they squeeze their nose and they whiffle through the whiskers up and down.

And when they imagine that you have spoke of them, they hide away again behind something they are not very sure if its safe to come out you know they might get eaten, might get their nose bite off.

So next time you see the little mouse don't go run and chase him, say Oh little mouse I see you whiffling your whiskers. So, and ask him to please go away, a different way out away from your home.

Can you do that with ants as well?

Songee: Oh most certainly you can, you have to talk to the over-self of the ant colony. You can not talk to single Ant.

I feel a bit mean sometimes when I’m squashing them.

(end of tape)

...and you go back to talking about the Ants.

So sometimes they do not heed the warnings that you give to them however you need to address the Higher Self of the Colony, the collective, same with the Bees.


Songee: Talk to the High Self of the Bees. The Wasps are a little difficult they are - how you say – very stubborn, they have different nature to Bee.

Definitely you can see that can't you?

Songee: They are more angry than Bee, the Bee is very gentle. Wasp is not very gentle it's a very angry creature.

Now it is your turn, I’m not going to say anything anymore until you ask.

(whispering in the background)


Why did Dinosaurs die out?

Songee: Why do what die out?


Songee: How did they come to die out?


Songee: Oh my goodness, we have to travel back a long way in time for this.

When these big creatures were walking upon the surface of this Planet everything was very different, mankind did not have the development that they have now and yes mankind did exist only not in the formation that you understand now, they were more like animal than people – we will get into that another time.

There came to this earth a large, a large stone is the best way to describe for you, a large stone, very big, so big that as it come and it strike the surface of the Planet it strike it sufficiently that it move the Planet upon its axis and shifted it. This created changes in the weather upon this Planet and it made it too cold for the creatures that like the warmth to survive and they could not survive in the conditions that came to pass, understand.

Ah there's more questions, there are other questions in the minds of people?

The Making of Pyramids and Sphinx

How did they make the stones for the pyramid and all that they and the sphinx and that. I’m just being very curious about it as I’ve been reading the mythologies, and that sort of stuff.

Songee: The technology for doing this at that time did not come from the people of this Planet, they came from another source.

Now there are two, two stories. The physical time that it would take to make for these structures to come to pass even with many, many humankind to assist the process would have taken far longer earth time than was possible.

I’m not saying these words properly.

We start at the beginning on the inside. On the inside there is the designing of these shapes that are to be built and these shapes must be built partly from the inside out, not as you imagine from the outside in. Do you understand this?

Yeah I do, yeah.

Songee: So for this to take place it would take very great many of peoples for this to come to pass and indeed many great peoples - number of peoples - were used to assist the process, so that it could be seen to be taking place by the efforts of physical beings. The process that was taking place behind that which was being shown to the faces of the people watching was of another nature.

So there was two stories happening - one story it was being shown to the world, to the peoples of the world, that it is done in this manner with all the peoples doing all the lifting and the carrying of the matter that is put together to make it come to pass. Do you understand.

Then there is the hidden story. The hidden story is the beings that have come to assist for this process to take place in secret, coming to assist it. They have technology that you do not have even now, and it is this technology that was brought to assist the process taking place. There is much inside that is not yet been discovered inside these structures and in the fullness of time they will be discovered.

On your Planet, in hidden places of your Planet in structures similar to this, there is evidence of this other beings that have been to your Planet, evidence of their machinery buried beneath the soils of the Planet, beneath the rocks in hidden places.

Now something you may not know - something you may have suspicion of - some of these machineries have already been discovered by the peoples who rule some of this Planet and it have been keep secret from the peoples of the Planet because they do not want, these people, do not want you to know about it, because then you will start to ask questions and start to demand answers, and when too many people start to ask questions and demand answers they can't get rid of all of you.

That’s true.

Songee: They can arrange for one or two to disappear, they cannot arrange for the whole Planet of peoples to disappear. What happens when awareness and consciousness is raised among the peoples of this Planet?

It's a threat to them, isn't it?

Songee: When this happens people start to become aware, they become more conscious of things they ask questions, they treat things more as challenges rather than problems and they start to inquire about things and to question and question. And when answers are given that are reasonable that function in the awareness, function up against the knowledge that they have been allowed to have, then they start to find the pattern and when they start to find the pattern they start to ask even more questions and these people don't want that. These are greedy people they want to rule this Planet and be sovereigns of it. They do not understand there is only one sovereign of the Planet and that is Oneness.

I’ve been finding that I’ve been getting frustrated with that issue.

Songee: What issue?

About people, oh...

Songee:So many.

Ah... I know there is. About people's greediness, and I suppose that's a big, big one in itself, you know, and not being able to...

Songee: You cannot change other people's greediness Little Robin you can only change your own.


Songee: Begin by changing your own greediness. Whenever you experience inside of your moments of greediness and all of you do, and were you to say to yourself I don't have it - you're telling yourself lies. You must start to be truthful to yourself.

Everybody that has living life have moments of greediness it is part of your life, part of your way of being and something for you to learn to master so that you don't have it anymore.

And you teach, you teach the little children in your life as they come to you, how not to be greedy. Sometimes the little children will teach you how not to be greedy. Learn the lesson that is being taught to you no matter whose mouth it comes out of.

Sometimes great wisdom lies in the hearts of the innocent. Heed it when it is spoken from the mouth because it is a great privilege to be a receiver of it, it is a gift that is being given to you, don't brush it to one side as though it is unimportant. Remember that although you have earth years sometimes the child has not been coloured by the experiences that you have had, has not been conditioned yet by experiences that you have had, has not learned some of the bad ways that you have learned and is all time inquisitive and all time views the world as a wonderfully exciting place with new things to discover and learn.

You can all learn by learning to be this way yourself. Reclaim for yourself the freshness of the child within you.

Crop Circles

There are other mysteries around your Planet that have not got answers to them, many. Many times questions have been given to Songee about the marks that are put upon the grasses of the fields and I have given answer to this and I give it again because this is coming up in the mind.

Some of those things that take place are done by mankind. I have told you this before time. Other times it is not done by mankind it is done by those who come from the skies and there is a difference and there is a different energy about it.

No it is not something that comes from the weather, that was in somebody's mind, it is not something that comes just from the weather.

What sort of energies would you suppose would create whorls and eddies of wind sufficiently powerful to create special designs. It is not reasonable, many would like to make it seem reasonable, it is not reasonable.

Ah thanking you. The man in the white coat says ‘blinded by science’, ‘blinded by science’. I like that, very descriptive.

All time when you look for something always look for the human element, always look to see how did the humankind manage to do that because most often it is humankind who is playing games. Sometimes it is natural happening and then you do have the man in the white coats will tell you it is natural happening and when they tell you how it comes to be natural happening you can feel, even though you may not understand the words, you will feel the reasonableness of it. However, when they come to explain something that they truly do not have an answer to and they use all their special words to describe, you will feel inside of you still the confusion because it does not feel right it is not reasonable. That answers another bunch of questions that someone had.

Visitors on the Planet

Are these different people going to stay secret?

Songee: Which ones?

The ones that have put devices on this earth, that have assisted us in the past to build great buildings.

Songee: They have presented themselves and been abused, they have now retreated and will not present themself again until awareness has changed. It is very sad that humankind that rule the Planet are so greedy and so – I have not a word for this - lacking in kindness. The ones who rule the Planet are lacking in kindness and they are greedy, and in, it is this things that rule their lives - power, personal power over others, dominion over others is what rules their life.

The interest of those who come from the skies is not dominion of others, so they have retreated. They are still around, they have not gone away however they are very careful about making contact.

Are they maybe trying a different approach?

Songee: They are not trying anything, they are already doing, they are already doing.

How are they doing it?

They are already part of the human race, they have already mixed with the human race and are creating situations of change, and they don't want to be known, they don't have a desire to be discovered or known of. All they ask is that you accept and assist wherever possible the efforts of enlightenment, the efforts of unity, the efforts of kindliness, of integrity.

Wherever you discover beings active working in these areas of values, support as much as possible. Where you perceive the values of greed, self importance, self gratification, personal power, egotism - you do not support. You understand. And this is how you discern where to give your support with trust, so that you don't have to be afeared of whom you support and the purposes of what it is they are working for. So that you don't have to be afeared that you are going to make mistake and support the wrong energies. And supposing you still have doubt which is your own fear - remember doubt equals fear, that is another equation you haven't got that down - then don't, wait because in the fullness of time those who have the integrity that have the truth will be shown, will be demonstrated by time as time passes they will retain their integrity, they will retain their kindliness.

Choosing the Right Path

It's not easy to do all the time.

Songee: It's not easy to...

To do all the time.

Songee: do all the time.

To step forward blindly with full faith, this is always hard.

Songee: What is being asked of you is not to step forward in blind faith, to step forward in faith that is demonstrated.

When you encounter persons of integrity, goodness, kindliness - not ruled by egotism, personal power, desire for personal gain, you know when you meet these peoples do you not?


Songee:That is not blind faith, you can choose or not to associate with those persons and have them in your life.

(?Very interesting.)

Songee: That is not being blind, that is with your eyes wide open and having the trust and knowing that you will follow the path of those of integrity. No one is saying for you to follow anything blind, that is not very wise, however faith and trust comes from learning to follow the principles that have been given this night.

Sometimes that's easier said than done.

Songee: And what is it that you find difficult about the doing of it?

Initially believing that it's possible.

Songee: That what is possible?

Whatever needs to be done can be done in that fashion or that manner or in that way, and then if I do go through with it my ego steps in and I find that hard to beat down sometimes too.

Songee: What you have to do is to decide for yourself what path are you going to tread. Are you going to tread the Path of Light or the Path of Dark? Are you going to tread the path and speak to your Father and your Mother or are you going to tread the path where you speak to the Evil One and listen to the Evil One?

This is a challenge for all humankind to face at some point of your life, everybody has this challenge in their life. Sometimes many times it comes to you, indeed most of you it comes many times, you are tested on it.

Oh, blessing you. (Someone sneezed)

So this challenge comes to you, do you listen to the little whispers of the Dark Angel? Or do you listen to the songs and the words of the Father and Mother of Light?


Now, now I’d have to say now I will also listen to the to the Father and Mother of Light but sometimes I feel confused which one's which, because they're both sometimes seem to give excellent responses either way, I have to check in my heart which way is for me - being selfish or which way is for the better of who it was intended for.

Songee: Would you like to examine something in particular? Go on, be brave.

Um I believe when I was younger I was given a great gift by some incredibly powerful tutors or mentors in my life and I was easily led astray and abused it and now I've been challenged once, and I believe that I was unpure with what I was using so I was defeated, pretty much I was thrown to the side. Time in my life has come around again, where the challenge is building up and with a little bit more time under my belt, I seem to question it a lot more and try and seek for the better answer.

Songee: This gift that you speak of that you feel that you have abused and so have lost yourself from it is this right?


Songee: How at the time, how did you measure it - your behaviour that is, how did you measure your behaviour?

It started with small things and gradually got bigger and bigger until my conscious was blinded, was pushed aside and I wasn't listening to anyone and I couldn't hear the good voices and it was just more for me, I wanted it all, I wanted to be able to do this not for what it was intended for but to benefit me personally on the spot.

Songee: So there you have the secret of it.

But now I find myself really questioning why, really hard on myself and less confident with just going ahead and doing it.

What is the Question

Songee: So it comes to what I was saying to you before time, every humankind is given this test where you are asking yourself this question and the question - do you know what the question is - sometimes it helps to know what is the question not just have the answer.

Mm I'd like to I’d like to know where, where I, where I went, where the real me went when I went off the tracks and I know he's in there somewhere.

Songee: That that is the answer, that is the answer in part to the question. The real question that you have to ask is - Who do I serve?

Doesn't matter what gifts you have, it doesn't matter how much you have developed them, doesn't matter how clever you are, and you don't know who you serve it leaves the door open for the Dark Angel to come and claim you.

Who do you Serve

Who do you serve?

This is the question and you must be very sure in your heart what is the answer and you have to feel it, live it, breathe it.

The answer - Who do you serve?

You, all of you practise learning how to use your spiritual gifts. You all come to it by different paths, by different teachings. All who want to know how to get and have hold of this power, and power is a very dangerous thing when it is not grounded and fixed with an anchor.

What is the anchor?



Songee: Those are the chains that secure the anchor to you, what is the anchor?


Songee: Very close.

You might say that love is the epitome of the anchor. You have to find your book look it up. Love is the epitome of the anchor, the anchor is your dedication of your Soul in service to The Oneness every day of your life, every second, every moment, every time you take a breath, you remember it, offer it.

Oneness I am yours, I am ‘thy servant’ – thee are not my servant, I am the ‘thy servant’, Oneness all time I would walk in your Light and I am ‘thy servant’. Do with me as you will, not as I will, do with me as you will Oneness every breath - then when you put any of your doubts and your fears about your gift about your abilities, about the path you are upon side by side with this you will be able to discern whether you are indeed a servant of The Oneness or whether you have become so big in your head that your hat does not fit.

Been there.

Songee: And at those moments, you did not say Oneness I am thy servant, you said I am, I am a servant of The Oneness, not Oneness I come to Thee and I am your servant. You did not humble yourself.

So that is the difference, those who work in the Light they humble themself to The Oneness and in doing this, they humble themselves to mankind. This does not mean that they belittle themselves. Do not confuse your wording of belittle with humble, there is difference. Belittle implies that you are less than nothing or lesser than something else. Humbling says I have word I know I have word and I know I have abilities and strengths and weaknesses and all of these I give in service in whatever way they can be of best service.

This is humbleness, this - this is humbleness.

Thank you.

Songee: And when you practise this you will never ever lose sight of yourself again.

And this is a Truth I give you...

Simple too.

Songee: All truth is simple. And you can apply it to all the things that you have encountered of this nature in your past and that you may be encountering now in your life and any that you may encounter in times to come.

Because it is The Truth it stands the Test of Time.

This is another equation - what is truth? Truth equals stands the Test of Time.

Now your time is very short is that not so?

Yes it's getting that way.

Songee:So would you like to have a little snooze?

(end of tape)

Songee: That has the beautiful flower. I wait for you.

(The Music 'Forest of Whispering Birds' played by Ana and Norval Williamson.)
Music: from the album "Forest of Whispering Birds" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Ana and Norval Williamson's music in our dialogue recording.)

Meditation of Healing

Songee:So closing your eye now.
Taking inside of you the deep breath of life.
Breathe it in deep inside of you and hold there it there for a moment. Then breathe it out making it go slow.
Make for your body to be relaxed without any parts of you crossing over the other parts and put your hands in a position of openness.
And feel as the music surrounds you the love gathering and building around you.
And as the love builds up around you allow it to come deep into your heart, to resonate in your heart, to wash away all your hurt, all your feelings of aloneness, all you feelings of isolation and replacing them with the beautiful love of The Oneness feeling your heart overflowing with Light and Love.
As the love overflows it soothes and calms your bruised Soul.
Now the love expands and grows and surrounds every part of you and holds you in its soft gentle warmth like the mother of the child embracing you in great tenderness, great beauty.
And in this place of Light and Love now your heart blossoms like the lotus flower opening up to the warmth of the light of the Oneness, like sparkling twinkling lights moving through your body and your being making you so light that you feel as though you float in the air.
Rest for a while in this beautiful place of light and peace, enjoy it as long as you need to enjoy.
And I will go now and leave you with this power of The Oneness to nurture you in the days to come.

So be It

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