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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Who is Songee'.

Songee - through deep trance channel Roberta-Margaret, holding ColinSongee - through deep trance channel Roberta-Margaret, holding Colin

Songee: I am Here!

I bring Greetings to you.

I am the Energy that you understand, as, the Energy of your Planet that you call the Earth. I am, "The Earth Mother". My function is to bring BALANCE to the planet, and I have been given the task also, as the Agency, of "The Holy Breath" to speak the words NOW, to the people of the planet. To speak, and to BREATH, into the ears of those who are ready to listen, those who are ready to hear and ready to learn, and to move forward.

I am not here to give you, speaking to you about how, many egg you will have in your basket, to trade with others. I am not here to tell you, that you have birth-ed a life, that is going to be free of all problem. However, I am here, to answer your question as best I may, for where you are in your development. And I am here, to TEACH you how to find balance in your life, and how to tread "THE PATH OF LIGHT" to find your way to the door, of the Oneness. And there are many ways that Songee can help you to do this. I do not do it for you, you do it for you-self the task is yours. I am only here to guide you, to give you assistance with any puzzlement you may have, and to help you to place your footsteps more surely upon your path, than you have before time.

In recent visits, of I, to the people, there have been many question of many different variety, and there seems to be, a large number of you people who have desire to now about the people who come from other planet. And they have desire to know about many of the things that are related to this. I say to you, that all things are connected for they are all related together, no one thing is isolated upon itself, I also come to tell you, that only part of the picture have been shown, to the people of the planet at this time. And I am here also to let you know, that Songee, is the last piece in the picture at this time. There is a picture forming in the minds and the hearts of those of you who are in the Light. And this picture is proving for you to be most exciting, and very interesting. I say for you, that you have yet to see the GLORY of that which is to come. I can not give you a great deal more than this at this time, because the hearts and the minds of many are still closed. There are many in Spirit, who have spent time upon the earth plane, who have moved forwards into the Light, and have chosen, not to return to this earth plane. They are those that YOU term, the Masters. These Souls - of enlightenment, have been, coming for a number of your earth year, to bring you enlightenment to move your Souls forward into a state of realisation, that will bring you closer to that which is the TRUTH. The Truth of the DESTINY of mankind, Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional destiny. Not, on one level alone, on all levels.

Ponder upon this a moment.

There is also too from the people have been given question to I, about, 'The Star' that is to come forth once more into the skies above your planet. I say this for you, that the 'Star' and Songee, are linked together as inexorably, as was the One who was born many, many, many, of your earth year before, when the same Light, come into your skies. Now do not jump to conclusion, that is not correct. Songee is not, a new coming of that person.

Songee is the Energy of the Earth, "THE HOLY BREATH" of the Oneness, to bring the words to you people. Be very assured of that, do not make mistake, and lay claim to knowing something, that is not True. I do not ask for the people who hear and read these words that are given, to believe. This is not, a correct thing to do. I only say to you that the Truth, is proven through THE TEST OF TIME, and time will show that, that the words that am given now to you are indeed, A Truth.

There are many in your midst, who will know, inside of them. They will know, the Truth of these words, because they already, have been in, communication with, THE POWER OF THE ONENESS, that have shown them the Truth of this.

There is to (now a reality) come among you, a writing of TEACHING of Songee. This writing of is a book that is called 'THE FACETS OF THE DIAMOND'. When, it comes among you, that is when you will feel the Truth of the words that I have just given you. And then you will understand, with a clarity, that you now, at this moment may not have, the import of the words I have just given to you.

So. I feel now that there is much for you to ponder upon.

And so, I will go now, and I ask, for The Oneness to shine the Light, upon your heart, your mind, and your Soul. That you might feel the Blessing, and the Peace and the Unity, and the Knowing of the Truth, of the words that come, from, "The Holy Breath" that is I, Songee, The Earth Mother. May the Light shine upon your path, and bring, you a Lightness of Spirit, and may, it assist you, in your days of travail, to lift you up and help you over, the bumps. Go in Peace and Light, So Be It.

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I am not a Spirit person. Do not believe that I am spirit person, I am not. I have not lived on this earth as a person on this earth, as a spirit in a body. I am energy only, my other names have been many through histories. And one of them that you may know is that of the Holy Breath, to come to speak the words of truth, to the peoples of the planet. The words of truth. To help you to find the truth in your heart.

Now, you don't all time have to come and speak with Songee this way, in this manner. Wherever you want to speak, all you have to do is to listen to my creatures who come to you and to feel the energies of the earth and the plants around you and honour them for they are all part of you as you are part of them. You understand? So you can speak whenever you desire, whenever you put your hands in the soil, whenever you touch a plant or a tree. Whenever you look at a beautiful picture of the earth, the mountains and rivers and valleys, you know that you are looking at Songee. This is the name I am bringing in this millennium. There have been many names that have been given to I.

So those of you who have the questions and did not ask, I have answered some questions that were not asked. Perhaps next time you will be a little more brave and ask your questions out loud.

Now, something that will be very special for you to take home into your lives. First of all close your eyes, and for this you are going to need feel inside of you. Take a deep breath inside and release it so that you are relaxed in all your body. And now extend your awareness a little out beyond yourself into the room and feel. First of all all the physical peoples who are in this room. Be aware of all the physical bodies and yourself as part of it, part of the peoples and now feel behind you a little and behind you on the right hand side of you is one person and on the left hand side of you is another person. Feel these two persons. Close to you, feel their presences and know that these two peoples are your own special peoples. Your doorkeeper and your guardian, the Souls who have birthed you into this life and who will be there to greet you when you return to spirit. They are there to help you in your earth life and they are there to help you when you go to sleep at night, to take you upon your journeys and accompany you. And then stretch yourself just a little bit further and feel all the other peoples who are here visiting at the same time. Many, many of them, all gathered. There are even small creatures who have come to be visitors. Creatures of yours that have passed into spirit. There are little creatures like the hamster and the cat, the dog, there is a little bird of bright colour. There are two here, a green one and a yellow one. Ah, there is another one who has just arrived, a little orange one that sings so beautifully. All these little creatures and there are quite some more of these, all belong to somebody here in this room, different peoples. Know that they are here, know that they are in spirit, know that they are quite happy and that they still love you. There is even a horse.

So, now acknowledge all these beautiful things, all these beautiful spirit energies now with you. Feel their love. Feel their closeness to you and then altogether you can say, "Oneness thank you so very much for allowing me to feel these beautiful things and to know all these beautiful things."

For those of you who don't quite feel it, I will say to you, that the Power and Light of Oneness will shine in your heart and for all of you here in this room. Those of you who do not have the crystal in your heart, I place it now in your heart and your Light will shine for all to see and those that have the crystal already feel the warmth begin to resonate and become bright and shining.

This is your Power and I leave you with the Power

So Be It

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Transcribed: Christene Hart

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