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Songee's words are practical, life enhancing teachings that assist us in our personal development, in our relationships, raising our children and managing ourselves at work and socially.

Songee's Teachings 1990 - 1995

These years saw the beginning of the Songee Energy's manifestation in this millieum when Songee channelled through deep trance channel Roberta-Margaret. The first Songee Gatherings were held with several likeminded people who had met at Spiritualist Church meetings and became friends. These progressed to more formal Group held in the homes of Roberta-Margaret and Charles Ashe where Songee often came to teach.

Many of the Songee Teachings during these years were put together and published as 'The Facets of the Diamond' in 1996.

Songee channelled through for many private 'one on one' consultations and these remain private to those concerned. However we have seen that whenever a new teaching came along for an individual a little while later it would come into the public forum. The Spirit people working with Songee and Roberta-Margaret often came to speak at these meetings and at private consultations.

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