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Sally - Talks about Cloning
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sally - Talks about Cloning'
A Teaching from Sally in 1995


Who Sally is

This channelling has been published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

This took place sometime in 1995. Sally at that time was working with Roberta-Margaret as a helper after she had been rescued and came to talk on many various subjects at that time

Who Sally is

It was an evening of instruction for the members of the Circle and after the meditation, members practiced psychometry, followed by a discussion on the Karma of committing suicide. During this time Sally, a young guide in Spirit came into the Circle through the Channeller. Sally was a young girl of twelve years of age from the east end of London, a cockney and she still has her cockney accent which has been refined a little along with her language. She was hanged in London about the year 1825 when she was twelve years of age. She came to our Circle to be 'Rescued' in 1997 in Auckland New Zealand and has been with the Channel as a helper ever since.

Sally had not come through to speak to us for nearly a year, so it was a very pleasant surprise when she did. She joined in the question and answer session. During the evening a pupil mentioned about cloning people and to clone a sheep. Discussion took place about the acceptance of the practice around the world.


Sally: Just like it is going to be acceptable to make people out of bits of pieces of other people. I don't like that its creepy.

All the pupils agreed with her that they were morally against the practice.

Sally: They are already doing it you know. They have been doing it since...

A long time ago.

Sally: Since you had that big war. After the old Queen died.

Since the first world war?

Sally: That's the one. They've been doing it since then.

Do cloned people have Souls?

Sally: Have you read Facets of the Diamond?

No, I'm buying it tonight. I've ordered one.

Sally: There's a story about cloning in there. No they don't have Souls.

I would be frightened with that.

Sally: There would be no point being frightened about that before the time.

They wouldn't be a complete form would they? When they have no Soul attached?

Sally: They don't have a Soul, no. They will have a personality because, don't forget inside everybody there's a... (Sally pauses to speak to Dr Sven in Spirit.) Oh dear, do I have to go into all that now. Here he goes him and his bleeding blackboard.

(The leader of the Group explains to the pupils that the Doctor writes the information on the blackboard for Sally to read it out.)

Sally: Inside every human being is a pattern that is followed for the formation of cells and tissues and Etc.. Hang on, he's bobulating. I've got to wait a minute... (Sally continues)... When the tissue sample is taken and it is made into another replica of the original being. It carries with it the memory of the original being. However it does not have the benefit of an incarnate Soul. It is as a ollow shell. Oh alright... Hollow, (the Doctor in Spirit made her pronounce the word correctly).

(All the pupils laugh at the prompting.)

Sally: Coo, he ain't half picky, ain't he? There is however around each of the cells that are following the natural protective energy field that you all have a part of your being. This is similar to an electromagnetic field and every atom of the new being is surrounded with this energy. This gives the new being a rudimentary protection. However it is not a Spiritual one. The being will have intelligence and personality similar to the original being.

Hang about he's going to rub out that bit at the top.

O.K. The original being however... there will be seen that there is an instability of emotion.

(Sally says to the Doctor) - How can it have emotion if it ain't got a Spirit? Oh alright, will you shut up he says.

If it has a personality, it will have emotion.

Sally: Emotion, this emotion can swing from cold to hot. (Sally says in a surprised tone.) Oh, I see, Oh yes, Oh from dispassionate to passionate. Oh ain't that clever. I would never have imagined that, would you? Anyway O.K. So as you will understand, the new being will display certain features of the original. However the structure is unstable in most of its development. It does have the capacity however to learn how to be Spiritual. Oh I like that... unless it's a sheep!

(Sally laughs uproariously at the joke.)

Sally: Baa! (She shouts much to the amusement of the pupils.)

Sally: Oh he doesn't half throw some curly ones at me, I like that. (Still laughing.) Unless it's a sheep, however even a sheep has a sense of humour. Because the tissue is coming from an adult being. So their life span is somewhat shorter than the other. (Sally laughs) So hurry up and get your lamb while you can otherwise it won't be there very long eh! You'll miss out on your dinner. That's my bit.

Anything else? (Sally asks the Doctor.) That's it, he ain't got no more.

(The pupils thank Sally for the teaching.)

Sally: Oh, all right then. Somebody else gonna come in so I gotta go.

I felt you around sometimes.

Sally: Well I ain't had no opportunity to come and talk to people for an awful long time. So I asked Her if I could come and say "hello" to everybody. She said yes I could.

You must have done something right.

Sally: Oh She ain't half had on me on the trot you know.

What have you been doing?

Sally: Oh all sorts of things. There is an awful lot of stuff what is having to be done and I've got to get Her (Songee) words over here and I've got to get her (Roberta-Margaret) organised you know and that no mean feat either. (The pupils laugh at Sally's description of the events.)

She needs a kick up the... you know what, she does, that's right. The trouble is, it is a bit difficult from over here you know. If I kick too hard she'll fall over so I've got to be careful how I kick. What I do usually, I give her a hard time.

Anyway I gotta go... alright.

(The pupils thank Sally once more.)

Sally: And I ain't allowed to play tricks on her anymore. I was told that I could come as long as I behave myself.

(Sally usually ties knots in Roberta-Margaret dress or hides her shoes. Little pranks such as that.)

I'm off now, I'll see you again.

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