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The Formation of The Second Well Trust

"You are to make a Well." said SONGEE The Energy of our Earth Mother. "This well is to be the place where the people of the earth come to find the knowledge that they seek for their lives. Knowledge that will help them to find balance and harmony. To teach them to find the wisdom within and the peace of unconditional love."

So it began ...

The people that had been called to the task set about organising the formation of the Trust. This Trust was to be a foundation for the knowledge and teaching that comes to the people from Songee and other Spirit people and most importantly from ONENESS. The founding of the Trust was a long and lengthy process. In the early years The Trust was run as a charitable business that entailed having a registered Charitable Status, and with a solicitor to make sure that it was all legally worded correctly and could function on all levels of charitability and business. Part of the process was that we needed to have a name for The Trust. However we could not imagine what would be the right name? So we hit on the idea of asking SONGEE Herself what name we were to use?

"THE SECOND WELL" Songee replied.

How curious we felt, how come the 'SECOND WELL'? So again Songee was consulted.

"Because the Book will be the "First Well". Songee replied.

Facets of the Diamond

The book that Songee was referring to was the FACETS OF THE DIAMOND (the Teachings) that was in the process of being compiled and being prepared for printing by one of the members of the founders of The Trust at that time. Songee went on to explain how the funds from the book would form the first part of the information that we would bring to the people. That the 'coin of life' from these books would need to be placed into "The Well". Then when anyone came to The Well for knowledge they would leave behind the coin of life, dip the 'bucket' into The Well and come up with the knowledge that they required for that part of their journey though life. She went on to explain about the vision of the development of THE WELL.

"It will come to pass that there will be a SANCTUARY that will house the many facets of healing. These will be offered to the people of the planet for them to come and share in the giving and receiving of the healing energies. Many peoples of different practices will come to be a part of The Well, and part of the Sanctuary of The Holy Breath.

For that is to be the name of the Sanctuary. People will come to receive the Healing Energies, to Learn about their life, to be taught, to learn how to teach others, to share and to grow in the light of Oneness. All this and more will come to pass. So Be It."

And so it has...

The Trust went on to have two Trustees that were responsible for the management of the Trust. It has had many valuable helpers that have come and gone, to and from its life. The Trust has had much invaluable help from many special people to help it to reach the place where it is now. Without the help and dedicated assistance of the people in its early phase, its 'baby hood' you might say, it would not have survived without the constant efforts and nurturing of those earlier helpers. The Trust thanks them all. Everyone had his or her own special skills and talents that they were able to bring to the formation of the Trust.

Recently, Songee referred to the Trust as a LIVING THING. She spoke about how like a tree it is growing steadily towards the light. Also like a tree it still requires many gardeners to make it grow and for it to stay healthy. The Trust needs more people of talent and skills to assist with the management and sharing of The Teachings. You can join us if you have a mind and heart to do so.

Now in 2009 with Roberta-Margaret's deteriorating health The Trust has refined its focus to doing everything possible to share Songee's Teachings with as many of the Earth's population as we can.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us and to find out about us this way. You may like to contact us and share yourself with us in some way. Please refer our Website to your friends who you feel would also like to visit with us.

Songee is the Trust

Songee says, "Perhaps it is going to be sensible to let the peoples of the Earth know what is this TRUST that is of the earth and yet belongs to all the peoples. Perhaps it is now ready for the peoples of the Earth to hear that the Trust belongs to them. The words of Songee belong to the Trust, Songee is the Trust, not the Organism, not the other peoples. Songee is the Trust, Songee belongs to the people, understand?

The Organism, (The term Organism Songee uses to refer to Roberta Margaret who is Songee's channel.) doesn't belong to the people, not all the time, Songee does.

The words of Songee belong to the people. So the people can come to the Trust and say, "Hello friend, I would like to come and join you and share with you the knowledge and the teaching. I would like to share it with other peoples also. Sometimes the other peoples cannot come to place of the Gathering so the words of Songee can go out to the other peoples. You have in your world now, the ability to do this thing."

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